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Jacob Roloff Social Media Discussion

Out of popular demand because people are interested in talking about the social media activity of Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend, Isabel; This item is the place to discuss your opinion on their social media activity rather than in the episode reviews:

Jacob currently lives with his girlfriend Isabel, in Arcata, California.

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On July 6, 2016, Jacob posted an Instagram picture with a caption explaining why he is not on the show anymore and rather scathing and blunt analysis of the show. He vows to never be on TV again.


I get comments on here all the time about how people 'miss me on the show' or telling me I should 'do a few more episodes' with the family; I'm posting this to say that that will never happen. For the sake of 'the episode' and ratings I've seen a lot of STORYLINES drawn up (loosely) about our lives, and when I was standing here, behind the scenes and watching it from an outside perspective I just couldn't stop laughing. Laughing at how hard the producers have to try to get us to follow the talking points, and at how ridiculous the talking points are.
To misquote Chomsky, "the primary objective of any system is to preserve the integrity of that system", meaning, the primary objective I have felt and observed over the years of the 'crew' is to preserve their job and preserve the ratings, which is up to you to be right or wrong. That's not to say they are all soulless corporate shills or something, there are and have been good people involved but that doesn't negate the fact that they do have their own personal agenda. For me, noticing how the agenda of the crew doesn't work well with the health & happiness of our family is what made me decide quite a while ago that I would not be a part of it as soon as I was able.
All in all I appreciate people wanting me to 'be with the family' for a few more episodes, but the family that is filmed is not my family. They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself. As soon as the cameras drop however, its almost like they never played the part. 20 minutes after this picture was taken we all, plus friends, had a campfire late into the night. So, I am with my family and I love them I'm just here to say you'll never see that from me on TV again.
(This picture is from a few months ago)

Here are some of the notable comments:

  • mollyjoroloff🏻 well said. I know I've taken a different approach than you but man, I can respect this

  • It's generating a lot of fan comments. As is usually the case, the only comments Jacob responds to is the negative ones (the majority of the fan comments are praising Jacob for being wise).  Although Jacob deletes negative comments and bans posters for commenting things he doesn't like, here's a few:

  • sarasota1971 @beaglemom33
  • I agree with you so much take your face off the opening credits and he will miss the money. He seems like a spoiled brat Always acted like one ever since it started

  • Beaglemom33 @sarasota1971 thanks!! It's his right to not appear but to jeopardize his family for a stupid comment on social media is just selfish.

  •  Jacobroloff45 @Beaglemom33 @sarasota1971
  • there is no money to be missed. I haven't and still don't get 'royalty checks' from a simple 20 second intro. And your phantom idea of jeopardization is just that, phantom. You don't need to comment here anymore; who knows, maybe there is a blog out there made for just that sort of speculation and assuredness.

  • izzygarretonI'm so proud of the change I've seen in you. You started out with so much anger, and now you have nothing but love in you. I feel blessed to be a part of this beautiful family and a part of your life. You have showed me so much. TV is fake but the people on it are definitely not, they all have their own stories and lives that are so much more important than the TV version. ❤️

  • izzygarretonBefore you write a comment, out yourself in a 6 year old's shoes who had no choice in the matter. Not everyone responds well to fame - Kylie Jenner has openly said she HATES the fame. She also had no choice in the matter. Jacob has turned into an amazing man, your opinion on THAT fact alone just has no place here.

  • Tablefor05 So does your family enjoy portraying people that they are not for the sake of a paycheck? Glad you know what you want.

  • MrsMartell12_02
  • Like how do you tavel and afford a no job? Do you work or is it t.v. money? In which case would be highly hypocritical and if you hate it all which i get i could never be on t.v..then why a couple months ago were you fighting for money? Why not just let it go and move in from what you dislike so much instead of accepting fake money..u know? @jacobroloff45

  • Anabana89
  • Yea but he enjoyed all those family vacations paid by TV $$ & now living in CA with his GF on TV $$ your funny
  • txmom2011 Bet you still use that tv money though. Stop throwing your family under the bus. What ya gonna do when the well runs dry. Pompous ass

  • MrsMartell12_02
  • I too feel like he really loved and supported his family he wouldn't be throwing them under the bus like does it make them feel?

  • ashleykashmir
  • I debated whether or not to comment. I get filming may not be your cup of tea (for whatever reason; money discrepancies, being 'fake' or scripted, any reason really).. But to publicly post something like this and put your family's paycheck on the line shows some true character. If people think the show is fake or scripted, don't you think people would stop watching? You want everyone to think you're the good guy just trying to stay wholesome.. And live the 'real roloff life'. When I think in reality, you're just bitter that you bailed and aren't getting the same paycheck everyone else is. Young and dumb, I'm sure money got in the way when it came to getting paid when you turned 18 and since it didn't turn out how you wanted, you through a fit and decided not to film again. I sure do hope you're as close with your family as you say because everyone deserves that. But what people don't deserve is you trying to ruin a good thing for them.

  • Jacobroloff45
  • @ashleykashmir shoulda decided not to comment .. You can 'think' all you want about my life but you'll never truly know unless it comes from my mouth. The world puts people in a mind of distrust, I get it, but you can hypothesize in private. Salaam


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Ashley said...

Thank you Spirit.

I'll start!

Although I'm not a Jacob hater, I gotta admit Jacob's latest Instagram caption about being contacted by Alan Watts' son really did annoy me and I'll explain why.

I had heard of this book for a while but never caved into reading it for some reason until now, and wow. I usually don't read novels but every time I do they remind me why I should.
I read this book about self-exploration and questioning the fundamentals of existence right as I'm on the same path, and on any path, you doubt your correctness at least for a minute.
Recently I have been having thoughts of anxiety and doubt about what I should 'do', and then I was reached out to by a woman who works with Alan Watts' son. I couldn't even believe it; then Mark Watts sent ME an email with 39 separate recordings from his dad's lectures, also telling me I should come visit the Alan Watts Mountain Center, which I'm absolutely going to do; only 4 hours away from where we live. I was so reassured in the path I'm on, and still in a little disbelief at the serendipity of it all. Now I've got 10 hours of audio to listen to, straight from the source.
This book is incredible. ..I say that about a lot of books though I suppose. Reading is incredible. Timeless portals to another's ideas; I'm hooked.
Siddartha by Hermann Hesse

The thing that annoys me goes back to the "golden rule". I guess some people call it karma but it is really about treating people how you want to be treated.

And it annoys the hell out of me when someone gets treated much better than they treat other people.

Jacob is rude to most people. He is dismissive and is fond of saying everyone is irrelevant. Whether people are asking him a question out of curiosity or simply trying to have a discussion and present a differing opinion or yes, even criticism, Jacob is usually rude and dismissive. He is quite blunt in saying no one else matters. Compliments or criticism, he doesn't care because you don't matter to him.

Yet Jacob has great respect for Alan Watts.

Some kind soul, a lady that knows his son did something she had no obligation to do, reached out to him just because she heard he likes Alan Watts. And then his son, personally contacts Jacob and sends him hours of lectures and gives him a personal invite.

And before anyone calls me jealous, I barely even knew who Alan Watts was. I needed to google him when I saw Jacob start talking about him.

But it annoys me because it's an example of people extending kindness to Jacob, going out of their way to be nice to Jacob, because of his celebrity (that's how they knew him and I'm sure his son is not extending these invites to everybody on twitter).

Does Jacob do anything like this to others? The answer is no obviously. He expresses disdain and annoyance. But when it comes to the people he likes, they shower him with kindness and unselfishness.

Jocelynn said...

Ashley, sadly that's the way it is with most "celebrities". That's why the majority of anyone with any degree of celebrity usually suck as people. They are used to people just being nice to them and think it must be due to the fact that they are just that awesome, why wouldn't people just do nice things for them?

Rap541 said...

Ashley, Jocelynn...

I'm not defending Jacob in any way with what I am about to say. I just dislike the notion that it's inconceivable that nice people exist and do nice things for others with no ulterior motives, and that Jacob Roloff is so famous that people run to kiss his ass.

Would you say that I am a Roloff? Or famous? Because I am not. I really am not and the story I am about to relate is about someone - two someones actually being super nice to me who had no ulterior motive.

This dates me but growing up, in a village north of Ithaca, NY, I as a young teen had a paper route. One of my many customers was an astronomy professor at Cornell. He and I used to talk about how I was doing in school, and would I consider astronomy as a future and this was awesome because it was nice to have an adult take an interest. One day, as I was collecting money for the paper, he asked me what I was reading. I was reading Contact, by Dr. Carl Sagan, and I had recently been introduced to his videos on science and I probably went on for a good twenty minutes on how cool D. Carl Sagan, of Cornell University, was, and how awesome his book was.

I realize now that this astronomy professor friend didn't share my enthusiasm for his colleague for professional reasons, but he was pleasant, and suggested some other books etc etc. Two weeks later, I'm back for more paper route money, and my professor friend invites me into his study as always and... There is Dr. Carl Sagan, who was gracious and eloquent and who gave me an autographed book and spent about an hour chatting me up on the sciences and what was I going to contribute and what did I think of this and that....

Now Dr. Sagan (and my professor friend who was probably the real orchestrator of this) had absolutely nothing to gain by doing something nice for someone who wasn't famous and who's only claim to fame was being a teenager with a paper route.

I can cite numerous examples just like the one Jacob wrote about where the child of an author, or the author themselves, or a wife or family member, is simply so pleased that someone is enjoying the work that they spontaneously share. I'm willing to bet, looking at the material, that the family of Alan Watts doesn't hear praise for him from the millennial crowd all that often.

Does Jacob reciprocate these favors? Maybe but frankly a) I doubt anyone would believe him if he wrote about it and anyone who wrote about it for him would be called a liar here and b) I don't know what Jacob would have to offer someone who *wasn't* a fan of the show and I doubt he'd do something nice FOR a fan of the show since fans of the show historical consider him "THE CRAP SON WHO WE WISH WOULD DIE SO WE CAN ALL LAUGH WITH GLEE".

I sense this topic will explode because way too many people have this opinion "I hate Jacob so I can say or wish whatever shitty thing I want and I am still super awesome! But if Jacob responds to my wishing he dies in a fire with anger, HE'S A MONSTER WHO PROVES MY POINT!" so kids, have at it, but really do remember, you're basically judging him for the same behavior you indulge in.

Happy said...

All it should take is half a brain and the ability to read online comments sections to get an idea of why Jacob might come off as rude to people.

Brenden said...

Jacob walks over Isabel all the time. It doesn't matter, she'll never leave him cause of his tiny celebrity. It's funny because it happens over and over. It's really pathetic if you ask me.

Ashley said...

@Happy, in all honesty, Jacob came off as rude to people who would be considered "genuine" fans. Many "fans" expressed that in response to Jacob's often rude responses to them.

Jacob receives positive comments to his Instagram posts from "fans" complimenting him for his post. But as Jacob once wrote, he doesn't care what anyone says. Sometimes those fans complimenting Jacob shares a story or asks a follow up question. I honestly don't recall Jacob responding with kindness to ANY of those people. There's only one person on twitter that Jacob seems to interact with who showers him with compliments. I figured there must be a reason why Jacob responds to this person while ignoring everyone else and I was right. It's a person named Jack. My Google sleuthing skills led me to discover that he is a Producer in Hollywood.

When you consider that's like the only person Jacob is nice to on twitter and that person is a millionaire Hollywood kind of seals my point. The one person he is nice to is a millionaire with Hollywood connection. I actually think that makes Jacob more of a jerk, lol. I will shun all you little people who are annoying insignificant gnats who elevated me to a level of celebrity that a Hollywood producer and family of authors want to befriend me!

Rap, your story is cool and very nice of the professor, but there was a bit of a personal connection to your story since he actually knew you and I'm not saying there are no acts of human kindness ever in the history of the world.

But I honestly don't think Jacob is the only person on twitter who has tweeted about Alan Watts. He does have an "Alan Watt's Mountain Center" so there must be some interest. I find it very doubtful that his son is emailing non reality TV show stars with hours of lectures and extending them personal invitations to visit.

"Does Jacob reciprocate these favors? Maybe but frankly a) I doubt anyone would believe him if he wrote about it and anyone who wrote about it for him would be called a liar her"

True, it's not impossible he is somehow an awesome guy displaying amazing acts of kindness and somehow making people's days by privately emailing them somehow, but I think that is highly unlikely since I've seen him repeatedly ignore people's kind and reasonable follow up questions or stories.

And again, there are plenty of fans who are very respectful of Jacob and praise him for his Instagram or twitter posts. I'm not asking him to extend acts of kindness to the "wishing he dies in a fire" group.

Rap541 said...

Ashley, my point was more that it gets irritating to see "Someone did something nice for Jacob, the only answer is that they want to kiss his ass because he's such a celebrity, people are lining up to bow and kneel before him in hopes of being friends with a Roloff!" constantly thrown out.

Alan Watts died in 1973. His son is a man born in the 1950s and is in his sixties. He was probably pleased that his rather forgotten father has a fan out there and wanted to be nice. I DOUBT VERY MUCH that he is so enamored of Little People Big World that he has just been waiting and hoping for an "in" with Jacob because he wants to be friends with a reality show 19 year old. I mean really, do people realize this guy wrote about zen Buddhism?

If you look at the website, you'll see that the center is mostly wishful thinking right now. This sounds like someone heard a young person had an interest and reached out. It seems unlikely in the extreme that there's so many people hanging around on twitter waiting to scramble to see who can do favors in hopes of winning Jacob's favor.

That's what I am tired of - the "Jacob is using his fame to get stuff" attitude when its patently clear that most people into Zen philosophy won't be impressed with Jacob's miniscule fame and the notion that anyone who does something nice for him must be wanted to put their lips on his ass to kiss it because he's SO famous.

I mean really, if this is how fans react to Jacob - desperate to do favors for him... then why aren't there groupies camping outside Jeremy's rental, screaming around the barriacades how blessed they would be if he would let them suck his cock?

Rita said...

Ashley, I totally agree. I think it is because Jacob thinks he's so much better than everyone.

Before I ever said one negative word about Jacob, he blocked me on twitter all because I pressed "follow".

What you're saying is so true. What if the son or the friend blocked Jacob because he said he was a fan of Alan Watts?

Oceanlover said...

Oh for Pete's sake!!

Maybe Allen Watt's son reached out to Jacob because of all the judgmental, hateful crap that is spewed all over the internet from stalkers like you! Over people you do not really know! Maybe they thought the could use some kindness for a change!

Why on earth do you care so much what Jacob and Isabel do, like, live, talk about, etc? Why does it make any difference to you at all?

Live and let live. My goodness. Back off and worry about your own damn self and how you treat others (as in judging and persecuting)

Alyssa said...

I've been a fan of the show mostly in the beginning. If you don't think Jacobs a terrible person you're frankly an idiot. Watch early episodes, Jacobs been a brat his whole life. Only recently when he realized it's not just this blog but basically every blog/news site that thinks he's a brat did he think to himself hmm I better treat my mother who I just tried to extort better. Now like I predicted he's been isolated so long and his ego has grown so big that he basically thinks he's a genius now- LOL.

Rap541 said...

What if the son or the friend blocked Jacob because he said he was a fan of Alan Watts?

He might simply move on.

Or he might spend the few *years* crying to all who will how incredibly cruel Alan Watts was to him in blocking him.

Under the rules of "it happened years ago and I have every right to be enraged" thenn you do understand that much like how you will ALWAYS BE ENRAGED over the slight Jacob dealt you in blocking you, no matter how much time has passed, it happened, you've made your loud public judgement and will always be mad over it... then this applies to the other Roloffs as well.

Jeremy is a racist. He will always be an ugly small minded idiot who thinks calling people niggers and faggots is hilarious. ALWAYS. He did it, it happened, and every person who is enraged has every right to ALWAYS be enraged. There is no forgiveness, there is no "it happened when he was young" or "he was a kid". The rule here for Jacob is NO EXCUSES and therefore the rule for all the Roloffs is NO EXCUSES. You know what I remember about the National Enquirer incident? Its that numerous people claiming to be Jeremy's friends said he found it HILARIOUS and he didn't give a damn what people thought of what he did.

So if those are the rules we are playing by - Jacob blocked you and can never be forgiven, Jacob rolled his eyes and is forever damned, then Jeremy is forever a racist douche who thinks its hilarious to be labeled a racist.

Kelly said...

The really hilarious part of Jacob's post is him saying when he had anxiety about the path for his life, but not he feels content with the path he is on.

What path?!?!?!?

He does nothing. Yeah yea, once in a while there is a random Anon who lies and tries to convince people Jacob is working long days at a mysterious job, but anyone that isn't an idiot knows that isn't truth.

It's like the unemployed son of a billionaire saying he's happy with how his life is headed. Jacob does nothing, he's accomplished nothing except is known for being a spoiled brat who whined about the vehicle that provided him with the riches he was willing to trash his family over.

Kaitlyn said...

Jacob is a crappy person. There is no way around it. Someone said it best, he doesn't treat others how he expects to be treated because his ego is so massive and out of control.

Ashley said...

I think this one is going to garner attention again as he really rips into the show!

Brandon said...

I think it is rather apparent and very typical Roloff, that all of Jacob's anger is directed at the "crew".

And none at the Roloffs themselves.

He is saying that the entire family fake it for TV, pretend to be someone they aren't all for the sake of a paycheck.

Hey Jacob, why not any scorn directed at your family?

Evil crew for doing what they have to do to earn a living, but no blame on the sacred Roloffs for doing the same thing, except even worse, because they are the ones who are being fake.

Greg said...

Yeah, it wasn't Jacob's intention (because we all know a Roloff never thinks a Roloff does wrong) but yeah he's basically outing the family as sell outs and slaves to money.

Funny to see Molly comment and agree when she is getting paid to be apart of the farce. What a bunch of money grubbing losers.

Eli said...

Boo Hoo I hate the show, but I'll extort the money from the show that supports my entire life.

Maggie said...

Isabel's desperate attempt to suck up to the Roloffs is hard to take.

How can she say "TV is fake but the people on it are definitely not`, when as per Jacob, they are the ones BEING A FRAUD. Pretending to be someone they aren't, all because they want the money.

And so does Jacob. If he didn't he wouldn't have whined about being "fucked out my money" that he so desperately wants although he hates the show so much. What a hypocrite

Christine said...

MrsMartell's comment is on point.

"Like how do you tavel and afford a no job? Do you work or is it t.v. money? In which case would be highly hypocritical and if you hate it all which i get i could never be on t.v..then why a couple months ago were you fighting for money? Why not just let it go and move in from what you dislike so much instead of accepting fake money..u know?"

Denise said...

The word that best describes Jacob is "pompous".

Troy said...

Yep, no blame to the Roloffs. Just the producers. But Jacob wants his money damnnit!

Glad to hear that he respects his family for being so phony.

Peter said...

Although I see his point in some aspects, he is just so God damn obnoxious and arrogant.

But I'm sure that's all the fault of the boom mic guy on the crew too!

Connor said...

"Boo Hoo I hate the show, but I'll extort the money from the show that supports my entire life."

Precisely Eli. He's biggest crybaby I've ever seen. Everyone else is to blame for everything while he sees himself as this blameless genius who has been brutally victimized.

Poor Jacob, forever the victim.

Vicky said...

Really cowardly of Jacob to blame the "crew" and not his family. Roloffs get a pass as always.

Wendy said...

Funny that Isabel tries portray Jacob as being "full of love".

Hatred oozes from every word Jacob types. He directs it at the convenient target of that particular moment.

Rita said...

"the majority of the fan comments are praising Jacob for being wise"

Hard to tell. Jacob and Isabel are deleting a ton of comments. I've read the comments, refreshed the page, see Isabel commented to someone complimenting her and then the critical comments have been deleted.

Sarah said...

So when the sheep comment on Jacob's picture that he's so awesome for not being fake...what does that say about the family that he loves so much?

If you think Jacob has so much integrity for not being apart of a fake show and pretending to be someone he's not, how can you have any respect for the rest of the Roloffs for doing exactly that?

Ashley said...

Brandon, other people are noticing that too. One of the comments Jacob hasn't deleted that yet makes that point.

"I like you and it's commendable of you not to want to be on the show but you kind of just threw your family under the bus with this one. No one is forcing them to be on the show (unless they're obliged to do so under contract) but they are going along with these now revealed-to-be fake storylines so it's clearly all about money for them too, not just the crew."

The crew are the evil ones and the Roloffs are the pure innocent ones having their lives destroyed by the crew who are forcing them to be frauds? Come on Jacob.

Timothy said...

That's my opinion too.
Jacob's rant is very one-sided. The crew is all about money. What about the Roloffs for engaging in the fakery? They do it for money.

Why shame the crew for making a living yet paint the Roloffs as vicitms?

Taylor said...

For a moocher who doesn't work, Jacob has a huge chip on his shoulder.

Hillary said...

How can anyone read what Jacob writes and not conclude that Jacob is a huge asshole? He is the definition of obnoxious brat.

Eric said...

Would love to know what the 'crew' thinks of this asshole.

Shelby said...

How can anyone not hate Jacob's guts? He throws his family under the bus and basically says they are fake and slaves to money. He bashes the people who work as part of the crew, who are just doing their job and who I'm sure are not bad people. Nobody forced the Roloffs to film, especially not now.

He is SUCH a jerk when he replies to people.

And like lots of people have said, he hates the show so much, but that's what he's living off.

Lindsay said...

Wow. Spoiled brat.

Amber Waves said...

I can't believe the negativity here. Jacob is so right. Those people on TV whom we all think we know like they're our own friends or neighbors are just a bunch of characters following story lines and being fed lines. Jake's just putting the truth out there. He's been on the inside, which was his parents' choice and they obviously didn't have his best interest or Molly's at heart, and now he's on the outside by choice.

Give the kid a break! He's an intelligent young man and he has matured a lot.

Don't you guys think it's pretty sad that the family moment in the photo Jake published was being observed by, what, six crew members with cameras, boom mics, and huge lights? How would you like to be a kid growing up with those virtual strangers in your life, watching your every move?

I have a friend whose nephew worked in the crew the first couple seasons and then left. He thought it was getting sad in how the family was being manipulated to follow story lines.

You know, don't shoot the messenger (Jacob) just because what he says interferes with what you want to believe of the people you see on television.

Jocelynn said...

Come on, Amber. Roloffs being manipulated by the bad bad crew. They are willing partners in the facade because they love the money.

I don't think people disagree with Jacob that it's fake. I take issue with how he rationalizes that it's ok for the Roloffs to pretend at the flick of a switch, yet the entire blame is on the producers and crew.

Very hypocritical of Molly to agree with jacob when she is still on the show pretending.
The Roloffs aren't filming out of the kindness of their hearts. Stop acting like they are the victims. They are frauds. Every member of the family desrves Jacob's scorn as much as the soulless crew as they all have the choice and they've all chosen money.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I think a huge part of the problem is that even if Jacob said "I renounce all other gods but Christ" - people here would find something to pick at.

For example, I agree that his Instagram comment is not a scathing criticism of his family but I genuinely question why anyone would expect that. Having been a member of a family myself (and having seen this argument used to rationalize all sorts of behavior from other Roloffs) the truth is, we tend to go easier in public on our families. Frankly, I thought this was a rather subtle criticism of his family for being willing to participate in the farce.

He says he has no plans to be on future shows. I suspect we'll see him in the "Molly graduates" episode and that's about it (and I suspect that's the last time we'll see Molly) and really, isn't that what a lot of you wanted? And if his family continues to support him monetarily.... isn't that their choice at this point? he's not a little boy, his parents don't have to provide him anything anymore.

Timothy said...

@Jocelynn, I couldn't agree more.

The lack of judgment Jacob has for his family and the complete shift of blame to the "crew" is rather alarming. Isabel as well, since she's posting about what awesome people the Roloffs are.

All of the Roloffs are choosing to participate because they love the money and attention. Don't give me this crap that they are being manipulated. They are grown ass adults choosing to make being a "reality star" their career.

Furthermore, I've seen Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Zach all get asked how "real" or true their personalities are that viewers see on the show and they say they are real.

Of course Jacob doesn't have any critical views of the Roloffs for lying about it. The lack of accountability for the Roloffs is disturbing

Rap541 said...

Why shame the crew for making a living yet paint the Roloffs as vicitms?

Because there would be no show if TLC didn't want it? By themselves the Roloffs can't make the show? The production staff provides the treats and the money that kept his parents going back for years and years even as their marriage fell apart?

I also strongly suspect that if Jacob did pin anything on his parents, he'd be vilified for making a public judgement of them....

Hey Connor, weren't crying like a little bitch how you were so emotionally invested in Jacob that you needed, you pratted about quite a lot how you NEEDED to have him clarify if he meant the show or his parents... yet now that he does clarify... huh, you're still a crying little bitch obsessed with your boyfriend Jacob... you do have quite the thing for him... ;)

Pamela said...

If Jacob is so disgusted by the show, why is he still on the opening credits? You know why my picture and name isn't on the opening credits (beyond the obvious)? Because they do no have my permission. I think Jacob wants to be on the credit so people don't forget about him and he can continue using his rebel celebrity for personal gain like how the Watts family contacted him.

Maria said...

If Jacob had character he would want nothing to do with the money from the show. Instead he needs it to live his spoiled lifestyle.

Leigh said...

Jacob is a massive hypocrite. Without his family (willingly) doing the show they would not even have the Farm. Does genius boy ever stop to think of that? But he loves to romp around the farm. He get out of his six year old mentality and start thinking about things from an adult perspective.

Paula said...

"And if his family continues to support him monetarily.... isn't that their choice at this point? he's not a little boy, his parents don't have to provide him anything anymore."

Why do you refuse to blame Jacob?? It is so wrong to bash an entity and the people involved in that entity when you are being supported by that entity and the people who are apart of that entity.

PJ said...

I'm confused. What are you trying to blame Jacob for now? For telling the truth? For finally saying that he's not involved with LPBW any more? For allowing his parents to use a tiny clip of when he was on the show?
Or because you've been lying about him all this time and have been outed as the nasty liars you christians are?

Katie said...

Jacob is so rude to people and so full of himself. His ego is seriously out of control.

People can and should judge Jacob based on how he acts and what he says. He's a spoiled hypocritical brat who is destined to go through his whole live playing the victim card.

Rap541 said...

Paula - if he doesn't like the entity, it stands to reason he won't be praising it. If Mom and Dad Roloff can't be bothered to cut him off for his insolence... why are you letting them off the hook?

If you genuinely believe that is how Jacob supports himself, then you are assigning NO BLAME to Matt and Amy Roloff who continue to let him bash them with no consequences. Jacob is able to irritate you because his parents refuse to cut him off from the money.

I don't really care enough on this topic to blame Jacob, but I find it incredibly hilarious that NONE of the Christian crowd that you are a part of make any effort to note that Matt is a poor example of a Christian man and a Christian father as he openly lies about Jacob, per you and does so for money, and allows his son to publically take a great big shit on him.

Paula - can you even say Matt is wrong? That you don't support Matt and will give him a consequence - a refusal to watch his show and endorse his behavior? Or will you emulate Matt and not do anything but continue to insist Matt have no consequences for his poor parenting, complete with your insistence that he's somehow the victim of blackmail that he openly condones?

Jacob is an adult. If Matt and Amy don't want to support him, they don't have to and there's not much criticism to be had if they decided to cut him off monetarily. They aren't his victims, they are openly helping him behave this way.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Jacob doesn't make his social media private if he doesn't want any part of the show or the fans. He seems to care a lot about what people think but pretends he doesn't.

Kelly said...

"I wonder why Jacob doesn't make his social media private if he doesn't want any part of the show or the fans. He seems to care a lot about what people think but pretends he doesn't."

That's a great point. He says he doesn't care what anyone says and he is so arrogant about how anybody is a fool if someone forms an opinion of him, so why post at all? He thinks he's so much better than everybody else, why even post in the first place?

DJ said...

"Matt allows his son to publically take a great big shit on him."

Jacob was intentionally very easy on his family and put the entire onus on the producers and crew. It was the crew that Jacob was shitting on.

Noah said...

Jacob has openly stated that he loves the fame. Honestly I've never seen so many bad qualities in one person. But frankly it all comes down to Jacob being an idiot. Didn't graduate high school. The school's he attended were the poorest in the county to accommodate Jacobs laziness. He thinks he's a genius (yes seriously) because he reads Twitter and his little books. Only an idiot has an ego so large. What's disturbing is he's always been this way from episode 1. He was literally born this way.

Rap541 said...

DJ - A lot of the ranters here genuinely believe Jacob is *blackmailing* Matt even though they also insist Matt is not guilty of any wrongdoing and that Matt is paying Jacob off in order to keep Jacob silent about all well, what they insist are lies.

I agree, he could have been harsher, but I don't think this is the "and my family did nothing wrong by agreeing to continue to be exploited by these mean people" statement some people here think it is.

If Jacob is getting his living from Matt handing him money from the show, then Matt is supporting his adult son as his adult son bitches publically about Matt's choices. That's Matt opening wide to eat shit from his son since Matt continues to pay for Jacob's lifestyle choices, per so many here. If you genuinely believe Matt and Amy are providing Jacob money to live on from the show... then yes, they are paying him to shit on them and they choose to do so. And I am tired of hearing how they can't do anything but LIE how they love and support him, and provide *blackmail* money that isn't even stopping him from mouthing off - if Matt and Amy are that afraid of Jacob, that they tremble and shake and say "No no no Jacob is our son and we love him and will continue to pay his way and badmouths us" then frankly they are on the hook for not cutting the little satan off. I mean really, what are they paying blackmail money for at this point? So they can be Jacob's victims publically?

DJ said...

I don't think the issue is whether Matt is to blame for Jacob's rant and still supporting him or not coming out against him.

It's Jacob's misdirected and egotistical anger.

The "we're being manipulated". The 'the crew tries so hard to get my family to follow fake storylines'. The 'as soon as the cameras are off, I have a great time with my awesome family!'

If he thinks it's so awful and damaging to "play a Roloff character" why not blame the sellouts who will lie and act and deceive all for the money instead of getting a real job.

Troy said...

I think most people know reality tv is scripted and fake. Jacob doesn't need to be so holier than thou condescending.

Rap541 said...

If he thinks it's so awful and damaging to "play a Roloff character" why not blame the sellouts who will lie and act and deceive all for the money instead of getting a real job.

Dj, the serious, not trying to bait you answer is this. Despite the choices his parents made, Jacob probably still loves them because they're his parents and may be in some denial over their role in forcing the family onto tv. He may not want to cut ties with them.

I'm not sure why you find this "egotistical" (I agree his anger toward the crew is misplaced and frankly I think it's subtle but clear that he's not happy the family continues to do the show) He quit the show, people ask him when he will be back, he explains why he doesn't plan to do more episodes without calling his parents terrible people

But I stand by my earlier comment - if people are angry that Jacob is speaking out against the show while "living off it" then it has to be acknowledged that Matt and Amy Roloff are the ones bankrolling the thing that offends you. And they don't have to. Jacob is an adult and his parents do not have to bankroll him. If they do, it's by choice - and it certainly isn't being done to keep his mouth shut.

Ryan Velasco said...

They get paid money to show their lives on TV. Who would go on TV and show your private life for free? Of course they get paid and they embellish a "story". He is right.

Olivia said...

The talking points and script pay for every thing Jacob has enjoyed. I swear he has the mentality of a 5 year old in a temper tantrum.

Lauren said...

If Jacob was nothing to do with the show, why doesn't he pout in the corner and stop whining about the show. I agree if he ddidn't want attention he would turn his twitter and instagram private.

He's probably just bitter that the rest of them got their check and he didn't.

Rap541 said...

The talking points and script pay for every thing Jacob has enjoyed. I swear he has the mentality of a 5 year old in a temper tantrum.

He's probably just bitter that the rest of them got their check and he didn't.

Guys, pick an argument. Seriously. Either you're bitching that he still gets paid money from the show (by his parents) or you insisting he's pissed that he isn't getting paid.

It's one or the other.

Connor said...

Rap, your childish insults are incredibly ill timed.

Jacob is a spoiled, arrogant brat who blames everyone else for so he can be a victim. He thinks he is so's mind blowing. Bashing the crew when he so embarrassingly whined about being fucked out of his money that he thinks he deserves. Maybe he should be thanking the crew and producers instead of bashing them. And yeah like others have said, it's massively hypocritical from him to say all that and then say he had a great time with his family after they faked it for the camera that he is supposedly so disgusted by.

By the way, I have (and a lot of other people here) have had no problem criticizing the rest of the Roloffs for not bashing Jacob and for putting up with his bullshit. All your points about that are completely nullified because people have criticized the rest of the Roloffs for not standing up to Jacob.

But that just makes a typical spoiled lazy brat. Like I've been posting about for a long time, the part that makes him a real piece of scum is that he tries to brew up hatred against police officers. All of his retweets and quotes of the hate group "Black Lives Matter" and all of the misinformation he retweets in attempt to stir up hatred towards cops.

Make no mistake, the hatred that people like Jacob have kept stirring leads to a mentality and mindset that lead to the murder of 5 brave police officers last night.

I wonder if Jacob will recognize that all these brave protesters went running the other way as fast as they could while the police run towards the danger. But scumbags like Jacob pay that no mind and continue to fuel hatred against the police.

He's a disgusting person. I'd like to spit on him if I could.

Angela said...

Well said Connor.

Many of us are VERY disappointed that the rest of the Roloffs have not spoken out against Jacob and continue to let him reap the benefits that the show provides. He sure does seem to love coming back to the farm for those campfires. Has the idiot thought that if the show wasn't still going they might not be able to afford it?

I'd like to see the crew speak out against Jacob but they probably bound by confidentiality agreements. How disrespectful.

Rap541 said...

Connor, then criticize them.

I'd love to know how much you hate Matt Roloff, I'd love to see you call for consequences to the Roloffs for their constant lies, their own bashing of cops - read back about Matt's DUI, Connor, and tell us all how you feel about Matt shitting on cops, etc etc etc.

Also Connor, I think actual video tape of a cope holding a guy down and killing someone is what fueled this particular shooting. Do you think THAT was brave? Come one Connor, stand up and tell us how proud you are of that video. Does your cop daddy know how you spend your time obsessing about Jacob Roloff? :)

Angela - when it's Jacob he's a sinner you hate and want to be punished.

When its the other Roloffs, you have to be forced to admit you're "disapoointed" with their same sin. Jacob lies, he's an awful monster, Matt Roloff lies, you... "disappointed".

Matt sins, Jeremy sins, you are "disapoointed"

Jacob sins, you are ENRAGED AND DEMANDING HIS PUNISHMENT, so tell us, Angela, since you're so fair, how should the Roloffs be *punished* for their lies? Come on... you know they are lying about Jacob, lies are sins, and you're pretty proud as punch to tell us how Jacob should be punished so don't weasel out now with a prissy "only God may judge" - if only God may judge then you as a Christian need to silence yourself, or admit with any every judgement you are willfully sinning against God.

How about it? Willing to tell us what the Roloffs deserve for their lies? I bet not :)

Marlene said...

Jacob is a spoiled brat who blames eveybody but himself for his problems.

Debbie said...

@Connor, kudos to you. Texas Govenor Dan Patrick just made the exact points you made about hypocrites fleeing and blame on those projecting hate the police on twitter. God bless you and Mr. Patrick.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - why are the protestors at fault for being frightened when shots were fired? The point of their protesting is that they are *tired of getting shot* for nothing.

Debbie? Or hey, how about you, brave Connor? Hey Connor, have you volunteered to be a policeman yet? Since you're brave enough to bitch on a website?

Oh and when you get pissy, please do remember, I volunteered for the Army and served in a war so unlike some of you, a) I walked the walk instead puffing myself up over what my daddy does for a living, and b) having had that experience, I understand that wearing a uniform does not grant you special powers or superior morality.

PJ said...

Interesting that instead of mourning the fallen officers or studying for the police academy you are here bitching about Jacob. You need mental health help and someone to teach you priorities.

KayBeezy said...

I don't understand why interpreting Jacob is so black and white. Like most situations there are areas of gray. He was forced to be on a show and have his childhood showcased or parts of it manufactured for TV. It is clear he's not happy about that and has chosen to be off of the show. And because of that he should refuse all money his family was paid for it...? I don't understand that reasoning at all. He did the "work" as a child and there should have been some compensation for that. Why should he have to give that up because he doesn't believe in participating as an adult? He shouldn't get paid a salary now, obviously, but he should have earned money from his time on the show and he should have access to that. Accepting money he earned doesn't make him a hypocrite. I don't even think accepting gifts or assistance from his parents makes him a hypocrite.

Interpreting the world and situations without any consideration for the nuances of life and just attaching "bad" or "good" to things is so dangerous. Not everything Jacob does is bad. or good. Not everything Jeremy does is good. or bad. Nothing and no one is that black and white. Recognize shades of gray, people.

This myopic conversation on a LPBW discussion board, so small in itself, seems so much more important in the context of what's taken place in the last few days. Or maybe that's just me trying to sound intellectual like Jacob.

Janet said...

Connor is right on the money.

Why would anybody think you have to be a police office to support the police?? Some people have severe comprehension problems.

Connor's and the LT Gov point is don't stir up hatred against the police. Black Lives Matter is a hate group and Jacob retweets messages from a hate group. I just saw a black man on CNN defending Black Lives Matter, trying to say they weren't encouraging violence against police and then they played the clip from the rally a year ago when the crowd was chanting "What do we want?? Dead cops! What do we want? Dead cops!"

It is also hypocritical for people to protest against the police and then immediately run and expect the police to defend them and turn into the danger. If you think the police are so bad, don't call them to protect you. But that's what people do. Do you think Jacob would call the police if he thought he was in danger? But he can be a tough guy on twitter with his retweets of police hating messages.

Janet said...

"I don't even think accepting gifts or assistance from his parents makes him a hypocrite."

It definitely does! What a ridiculous statement! His parents gifts or assistance are because they have the show as their source of income. He is bashing the show and the people involved in the production of the show. But he is gladly living off and benefiting from the benefits of the show. If his parents didn't have the show, he wouldn't be getting gifts or spending time at the farm. Don't complain about the show and bash the people involved if you (or the people you depend on) count on it to support you.

Abby said...

Kaybreezy, the point that people take issue with about Jacob being so damn insistent about getting his money from the show was that he complained the entire time and was barely on the show. And now he calls the show evil and attacks the people who are making a living working on the show. Imagine being a camera man or microphone operating and having Jacob on the internet telling the world that you are devious evil monster ruining his innocent family.

But back to jacob and his money. If the show is so evil and wrong, you shouldn't be crying about getting money from it. And people wouldn't feel this way, if he wasn't constantly complaining. He wasn't on the show very much for the last 3 or 4 years, but I'm sure he was getting paid. He wants to get paid for hiding in his room and avoiding filming?

Janet, you just took the words out of my mouth. Totally hypocritical for Jacob to rant like this if he's accepting gifts and support from his family who are able to support him because of the show.

Oh the show is so bad but I'd be in a world of trouble without it because I might need to actually get a real job instead of getting high!

Rap541 said...

His parents gifts or assistance are because they have the show as their source of income.

Janet - do his parents bear any responsibility in handing over money to him?

You're clearly enraged that Jacob lives off the show. At this point, he's not getting a check for doing episodes since he's not doing episodes. If you don't believe he's working (and I sense you don't) then Matt Roloff is funding all this free time Jacob has to piss you off... and Jacob is an adult so that DOESN'T have to happen.

Aren't you *enraged* that Matt poses as a Christian and willingly funds this abuse? Shouldn't Matt and Amy be stopped? Jeremy and Auj don't say boo either! Shouldn't these two be taken to task publically (as you take Jacob to task publically) over their shameful bad behavior that offends Christ?

Or are you just mildly disappointed and will continue to support LPBW?

Rap541 said...

Kaybeezy - unfortunately there's any number of people here who are so obsessed with their rage that anything other than "I HATE JACOB AND WANT HIM TO DIE IN JESUS'S NAME I PRAY EVERY DAY" is viewed as "supporting the brat".

It's perfectly reasonable for him to expect or have expected money from when he worked on the show as a child to be kept for him - that's basic capitalism. Some people here just despise the guy so much that it's viewed as awful that he may have forced his parents to cough up the money.

Likewise his refusal to be on the show now that he's old enough to say no. For all the caterwauling people do, you'd think he was the most popular person on the show and that they wanted to see him. He doesn't want to do it, and considering the miserable divorce and the fact that his every twitter is awaited and greeted with "I HATE JACOB AND WANT HIM TO DIE" - I can see why the show lost it's luster.

You know how Matt and Amy could force his hand? They could cut him off (if they're actually funding him now) He's an adult, and he doesn't want to do the show. And since he's not on the show, the only contact these people have with him is intentionally seeking out his twitter and instragram so they can continue to bitch and moan.

Rebecca said...

In my opinion, Jacob is very ungrateful to the opportunity his family and the show gave him to experience things he would never have experienced and to make money an easy way.

Does Jacob ever stop to think what his life would have been like if it wasn't for the show? He wouldn't have grown up on the farm he loves so much. He would have been forced to get a part time job at 15/16/17 at McDonalds or Subway or a similar place like others teenagers. Considering he's an adult now and still doesn't work, I think I can say with confidence that he wouldn't have liked that very much.

I think he would have been whining about all that and would have blamed the family for turning down that opportunity and all that it provided.

Some people are just born to see themselves as victims and moan no matter what happens. Jacob is one of those people.

Michelle said...

I think Jacob is having another temper tantrum. Probably didn't get his way about something and this is what he does when he's having a tantrum.

Cindy said...

I think the real question that should be asked is if Jacob doesn't want the spotlight, why does he keep seeking attention?

He knows very well when he makes public social media posts about the show that it's going to get attention.

It's fine if he doesn't want to do the show, but if he truly doesn't want attention, he could easily accomplish that by stop posting about it and turning his social media private.

But then he wouldn't get freebies from the people he wants to impress like the friends of Alan Watts' son.

Rap541 said...

But then he wouldn't get freebies from the people he wants to impress like the friends of Alan Watts' son.

Please define the monetary value of the freebie received from the son of Alan Watts... since you think Jacob has received something of significant monetary value because he was on Little People Big World.

Cindy - do you even know who Alan Watts was? Do you understand that he is dead and has no need to kiss a reality show whore's ass? Do you understand that Mark Watts is a 6oish year old man with actually less fame than his father who probably made a nice gesture to Jacob because it's rare these days for a millennial to be interested in zen Buddhism and philosophy?

Without knowing any of the parties, are you willing to commit publically that you are absolutely certain that Mark Watts reached out to Jacob Roloff because he's such a big fan, he wanted to kiss Jacob's ass?

As for the first part of your comment - are you all now insisting you can't possibly simply ignore his twitter and instragram and not give him an audience? Lil hint - the only way you see his twitter or Instagram is if you go to it. It's not like he's on tv and it's not like you are forced to read his online chittering. Trust me - if you think he's attention seeking, then you are absolutely doing exactly what he wants.

Cindy said...

"Please define the monetary value of the freebie received from the son of Alan Watts... since you think Jacob has received something of significant monetary value because he was on Little People Big World"

Alan Watts was a philosopher, author and speaker.
As per Jacob, he was "given" hours of Watts' lectures. Are the books free, Rap? Do others pay to read/hear Watts? Is their a fee for the Museum? Jacob didn't mention that his son invited him so he could pay?

Don't be naive. The friend of Mark Watts hooked them up because she knew of Jacob from LPBW. I looked at her twitter, and did not see her leave any similar messages (please private message me) to any twitter users other than Jacob Roloff. Jacob is not the only person in the twitter universe to type Alan Watts' name in a tweet.

Therefore, Jacob is getting something he wants, for free, because of LPBW. Maybe Jacob should thank the LPBW crew for that?

I know of Jacob from LPBW. I like to know what people are doing themselves. I follow all of the political candidates although there are some I despise. I follow them to be informed.

He is attention seeking and I will look at whoever's twitter account I want and comment my opinion on what they're doing, so you can stuff it up your nose and stop trying to control people all in an effort to protect Jacob from criticism.

KayBeezy said...

Seriously... some of y'all exhaust me. The fact that there are people who get so angry about this and refuse to afford Jacob any amount of latitude for growing up on TV (which I'm pretty sure none of us have experienced first hand) is really pretty sad. That doesn't mean agree with everything he says or does. But just try a little to understand where he might be coming from. If this is how angry and closed minded people are about a person on a silly little show I can't imagine how you interact with people you actually know.

I see it this way... He didn't choose the show but he was on it. His family was on it and made some money. They still make some money. He's been critical of the show and his experience (I think blaming the crew was a questionable move). But his family still chooses to participate and they may (or may not) give him gifts or money and he accepts it. Your true and actual opinion is that he should never accept anything from his parents again because it is tainted money? It's reality TV- not blood diamonds. He still loves and interacts with his family. Should he never go to the farm? Because.. you know.. tainted. If his parents buy him a birthday present should he ask them to see the books and make sure it was purchased with pumpkin money and not TLC money? But the pumpkin season is arguably so successful because of the show. How far does he need to take this without being labeled a hypocrite?

I think Jacob should be allowed to express how he feels about his childhood and the show is a big part of that. I have expressed concerns about my childhood, some of the decisions my parents made and the way they lived their lives. I didn't cut them out. That's pretty normal, actually. And... wait for it... he MIGHT have conflicting feelings about it. He might be upset about some of the way his childhood went but also enjoyed a lot of it. He might resent having people comment on so much of his life. But he might also like some of the attention. He's a real person. Not a cartoon.

I might agree with the Jacob is a hypocrite thing if he signed on for another season but he didn't. To expect him to completely remove himself from his family and anything they have because it was earned with TLC money is kinda crazy. And wholly impractical.

Rap541 said...

Oh Cindy - I suggest you actually took at the Alan Watts Mountain Center website... its currently under construction and has been for some time.

And look - in three seconds of searching....

There's HOURS of free lectures there. There's also hours of lectures on youtube so no, Cindy, Jacob isn't being given something that others are forced to pay for.

The issue not whether you have the right to look at his twitter and Instagram, Cindy, it's whether you have the right to intentionally seek it out and then claim he's seeking attention from you. You went looking for it, how is that Jacob seeking your attention? I personally find it amusing that you are too lack witted to understand that if you are giving him attention - and you most certainly are - then you are giving Jacob exactly what he wants and are his little dancing puppet.

I duly note that you are unwilling to swear you are absolutely certain that Mark Watts reached out to Jacob because he's such a LPBW fan he wanted to kiss Jacob's ass. Why won't you say you are absolutely certain you are right?

Rap541 said...

Cindy - in case it's not clear... if you are intentionally seeking Jacob's twitter and instragram out to "be informed" then you look like an idiot when you insist he's seeking your attention.

DO you get that? If you go looking for it, then you can't accuse him of shoving it in your face?

Or do I have to do the Christian "SHOVE IT UP YOUR NOSE CINDY"?

Cindy? Is this something that needs to be SHOVED UP YOUR NOSE? Are you that slow? :)Because I CAN SHOVE IT UP YOUR NOSE if I need to... I CAN ALSO RUB YOUR NOSE IN YOUR OWN DOG DIRT if that's the only way to get thru to you that you're making a false argument when you snot about how you can seek out whoever's website or twitter you want but if it offends you then they were "seeking your attention and SHOVING IT UP YOUR NOSE"

sscooter43 said...

"On July 6, 2016, Jacob posted an Instagram picture with a caption explaining why he is not on the show anymore and rather scathing and blunt analysis of the show. He vows to never be on TV again."

I am not a Jacob fan (he can come off as a rude and selfish person). But his post on Instagram on why he won't be on the show anymore was respectful or at the very least, he was not as disrespectful as I thought he would be.

He, as an adult, has every right not to be on the show. I just hope his family respects his decision and he continues to refuse to be on the show in a respectful manner.

Cindy said...

Well Rap, I couldn't disagree with you more. I think you're fooling yourself if you don't think Alan Watts is a popular figure today.

I did a twitter search after my post and there were pages and pages of references in the last 24 hours from fans of Alan Watts.

Again, do you think every one of those people were contacted by Mark Watt's friend and then by Mark Watts himself?

Is Mark Watts emailing all of those people as he did with Jacob Roloff from LPBW? Is that your position Rap? That Mark Watts emails everybody who praises his father on twitter?

Natalie said...

@Sscooter Respectful? He completely vilified the crew and producers and painted them as money hungry zombies who are destroying his innocent family.

He also indirectly outed his family as being deceitful fakes.

Read Audrey's post about Jeremy and Jeremy's blog about integrity. Audrey wrote that Jeremy:

"I am proud to say that my husband is a man of integrity. He is the man he proclaims to be in public, in private. In the face of hardship, hate, and hassles, he stands firm. Proud of you babe."

Is that a response to people calling Jeremy a fake because of Jacob's post where he says Jeremy pretends to be someone he isn't and the moment the camera went down, he was a completely different person?

Audrey says Jeremy is the person he proclaims to be.

Pamela said...

Well said Natalie.
Sscooter, he's calling his family phonies. That's not respectful. Jacob has every right to not be on the show. He doesn't need to bash the people involved. He can just not be on the show.

Cindy is absolutely right. Jacob knows when he makes these long Instagram caption posts that it's going to get attention from this blog, from Starcasm, from RadarOnline and depending on how outrageous it is, maybe even TMZ and then the mainstream stuff. It's attention seeking.

He could just turn his twitter/instragram off and go on with his life.

Rap541 said...

I think only Mark Watts can answer that - if you're that curious, why don't you ask him?

As for Alan Watts's popularity - did you know who he was? And do you think he's more popular than say, Matt Roloff? I notice you have no comment on how the Alan Watts Mountain Center is currently underconstruction or that there's tons of lectures available for free ... I mean you were SO MAD THAT JACOB GOT SOMETHING OF MONETARY VALUE! Isn't right, Cindy?

I also note that if you're intentionally seeking out Jacob's Instagram to keep yourself informed, you don't get to bitch he's attention seeking. You are looking for something to bitch about, you don't get to complain that when you intentionally go to his Instagram, that he's forcing himself in your face.

Well, I mean, you *can* continue to complain but you just make yourself look like an idiot. "I'm Cindy, I hate Jacob Roloff so much I seek out his internet postings and then I INSIST he's seeking MY ATTENTION!"

Rap541 said...

Pamela - they are phonies. You've seen that over and over again on the show. On the show for YEARS Matt and Amy said their marriage was fine. Hell, Matt was smugly noting in 2010 how he and Amy were doing so much better than the Gosselins... only now we have Matt on record saying that indeed, there were serious problems.

That's being phony.

Amber Waves said...

I agree with what Jacob said. You guys, he's not really blaming the "crew" that comes to film. I think he means the entire production staff from the top on down. LPBW went off the air a few years ago and was brought back for a few specials. Then the Duggar scandal hit and all of a sudden the Roloffs are back in full force. It's obvious that TLC needed to fill a void and hold on to the old viewers of the Duggars and Roloffs.

If you read between the lines, Jacob's also criticizing his family for continuing to go along with the farce for money. But it's their living now and it's not his, and he seems to understand that.

Of course he's in the opening credits. How weird would it be for them to not show his face. Everyone would then be ranting that he's so full of himself that he won't even, out of respect for his family, show himself as a member of the family. What are they supposed to say in the credits "TWO of them are average size and only one is little"?

Amy and Matt are the greedy money-grubbing fools for playing along with the "we're one big, happy family" charade. And they're not man or woman enough to admit that's what they're doing. In those lame-ass interviews and on that stupid fan show they say things like "Jacob's off doing his own thing," blah, blah, blah. They don't have the nerve enough to respect his point of view and say he doesn't want to be a part of the farce any longer because it would make them look bad.

Amber Waves said...

If you think what Jacob is saying is disrespectful, how disrespectful is it for the family to make money off of lies and deceits?

To Rap541's point, they lied for years that their marriage was fine. In fact, do you all recall that they renewed their vows in the Wedding Barn season just a couple years ago? That's as phony as it gets.

They had an entire season in which they bought property, turned the barn into a "wedding barn" to be able to write it off as a business expense (the business no longer exists), and film it so it's part of their income on the show. Then they go so far as to renew their vows on TV. Isn't that exactly what Jacob is referring to? Being presented with story lines and even dialogue?

Their delivery these days is so bad it's hilarious. You can tell it's phony:
"What's up, Matt?" Amy asks as she walks into the office, where a camera is waiting and filming.
"Nothing. What's up with you?" Matt replies.
"I was thinking about..." Fill in the blank. It's always some new, lame thing that was drawn up by others.

I think the boys too got married when they did so the weddings could be part of the show and paid for by TLC. Talk about phony!

Rap Moffett said...

They had an entire season in which they bought property, turned the barn into a "wedding barn" to be able to write it off as a business expense (the business no longer exists),

The business never existed. No one ever paid the Roloffs for their wedding venue. The Roloffs never booked a wedding. There was no "wedding venue business", it was all for the cameras.

Then they go so far as to renew their vows on TV.

And I seem to recall the Christian crowd pratting how I needed to respect that. Hey Christians, tell me again how Matt is such an awesome Christian? Matt lies, in jesus's name praise him! Matt leaves his wife! Let us all follow Matt's example! When Matt Roloff publically uses the show to bitch about his wife, he's so damn Christlike!

Right Christians? Matt's behavior has been that of a Christian! Am I right?

WHat I personally love these days is how Jeremy gets on the show and tells the world how disappointed he is in his parents - whatever happened to respect your mother and father?

Oh right - whatever shitty thing Jeremy does is Christlike.

I think the boys too got married when they did so the weddings could be part of the show and paid for by TLC. Talk about phony!

They obviously set the wedding schedules to maximize filming and profit.

Michelle said...

"If you think what Jacob is saying is disrespectful, how disrespectful is it for the family to make money off of lies and deceits?"

Amber, why are you giving Jacob a free pass? If he thinks the show is so awful and it's so awful to deceive and play a character, why is he happily playing campfire time with the phonies?

"Of course he's in the opening credits. How weird would it be for them to not show his face."

If he wants nothing to do with the show and is bashing it in Instagram posts, why is he allowing it? It seems very hypocritical. I'm not buying that the reason is because Jacob is concerned with how awkward it would be for the producers to do their though he cares about creating problems for the show when he's bashing it like this.

Jacob is the one who used the word "crew". That includes everyone involved in production of the show.

Rap541 said...

If he wants nothing to do with the show and is bashing it in Instagram posts, why is he allowing it?

Perhaps he does love his family enough to not force the question? Is that BEYOND REASON?

Greg said...

Jacob is one of the most passive aggressive people there is.

Amber, why doesn't Jacob name names? Who is he pissed at? Obviously it's not at his family because is cool with hanging out with them seconds after they fake it for the cameras.

Is it Nicholas Caprio that Jacob tweets with occasionally? Is it Joseph Freed? Is it the old producers, Eric Streit? Whatever happened to Chris Cardamone? Remember there was a time when he was very involved with Jacob.

Jacob is a coward when it comes to that. He likes to bash people, but never wants to name them. Say he's fucked out of his money, but doesn't want to name anybody. Say thanking God for nice wedding weather is stupid, but doesn't want to name Audrey so he can deny it liar.

If he's going to make posts like that, he should have the guts to name who he's pissed at specifically.

Megan said...

Amber, if Jacob is so offended at the lies, why does he rely on it to support the people who support him?

Vicky said...

"there is no money to be missed. I haven't and still don't get 'royalty checks' from a simple 20 second intro"

Can one of you Jacob defenders, answer if that is true, how does Jacob support himself? I don't believe the Anons or lying Isabel who try to say Jacob is working because he might have worked a couple of days with her dad's construction company.

How does he pay rent? Pay for his insurance? Pay for gas? Food? His drug habits? Cell phone? Dog food? How long does he plan to live off the money he got from when he was a kid?

From what I've heard, the dispute was because it was in a trust until he was 25 and Matt and Amy didn't want to give it to him while he was still immature and blowing it on drugs. Then he threw his temper tantrum and got his way.

Michelle said...

"Perhaps he does love his family enough to not force the question? Is that BEYOND REASON?"

That makes so sense. You're implying he is so considerate of his family that he doesn't want viewers to wonder "Why isn't Jacob in the credits" yet he goes on Instagram and calls the whole thing fake and says they are complete frauds.

He cares about causing problems for his family or he doesn't? Which is it?

Rap541 said...

Persoanlly, Michelle - I don't really care that much but is it beyond reason that the answer here isn't black and white?

Jacob is in the credits so his parents can deflect the difficult questions. He is still unhappy that his family is merrily displaying a fake persona for money. Is it really that hard both things might be true?

Rap541 said...

From what I've heard, the dispute was because it was in a trust until he was 25 and Matt and Amy didn't want to give it to him while he was still immature and blowing it on drugs. Then he threw his temper tantrum and got his way.

This is actually an example of how constantly repeating rumors doesn't help.

Vicky, this version of events occurred here. It's your fellow posters, possibly even you, who have insisted that this is true.

Jacob never mentioned a trust. The Roloffs never mentioned a trust - despite how publically stating that Jacob's money was put in a trust fund would have exonerated them against his charges that he was never paid. The Roloffs have never spoken about this at all so no, the Roloffs never said "its in trust until he is 25 and we are worried he will blow it on drugs".

All that ever actually happened was that Jacob tweeted about being fucked out of the money he earned. TMZ picked it up. Then Jacob was spotted visiting Amy. Everything else, the trust fund, Matt and Amy worried about his drug use, Jacob blackmailing them even though they really did save his wages for him and can easily prove he lies... this is all a weird little repeated fantasy on the part of some of the people here that can't be proven.

BigBrother said...

Regarding a trust fund set aside by TLC for the children when they were minors appearing on the show, it is in fact proven within the now publically-accessible divorce settlement. Amounts aren't mentioned, nor is the exact age at which the now-adult offspring can fully gain control over the money earned when they were minors declared, but at the bottom of page 10 (line 21) in the document published by an entertainment website under item 10, section A of the general judgement, titled 'CHILDREN'S ASSETS AND VEHICLE',

"The children have custodial accounts established for their benefit. Husband and/or Wife shall continue to act as trustee for and manager of these accounts respectively, provided, before the funds can be disbursed on behalf of a child,
Husband and Wife must mutually agree on the use of these funds. Each party shall be provided, upon reasonable request, an accounting of and statement of the funds in such accounts. Neither party shall unreasonably withhold consent for use of these funds for qualifying expenses."

To me it's pretty clear that Jacob wanted some of that trust fund money to spend on something and was rsfused by Matt and/or Amy, which led to his angry tweet about getting f*cked out of money he earned from being on the show. Details of the exact situation are only known by the family, but the existence of a 'custodial account' is legally documented in the divorce settlement for the children involved in the filming of Little People Big World when they were minors. This pretty much echoes what TMZ's writer speculated on the subject in the article there that followed the tweet when suggesting TLC's policy for minors involved in its reality shows.

Rap541 said...

Ah, but BigBrother, why won't someone with an actual name at TLC confirm this policy? This policy that clearly was NOT in place in 2008 (5 years after LPBW premiered) because it was conceded in the Gosselin divorce that they were not required by TLC to put aside any money for the kids in trust?

And why would Matt and Amy rather be those scumbags who fucked their kid out of money rather than simply say "Jacob has a trust fund"? Because they prefer the idea of being considered shitty thieves?

My thought - since Matt and Amy clearly didn't care about the drug use in the home to ever do anything - everyone does remember that Matt was clearly reading his son's online comments and had to have known his son was sixteen smoking pot and fucking his girl in the marital home= is that they balked at letting him have access to it at the same age they did the other kids because he was loudly talking about not doing the show. So they said no, and he made it public and they decided it was better to let him have it than refuse it, and force him to be on the show.

Don't try to sell Matt and Amy were so worried about the pot smoking - he started it when he was living under their roof and they did *nothing* but openly condone it.

NoMoneyForYou! said...

Just to make a small BUT CRITICAL correction to BigBrother's comment...there is NO evidence that these trust funds were established or required by TLC. Oregon law does not require money to be set aside in a trust fund (or any other kind of account) on behalf of minors participating in a reality show. If TLC has a policy that requires money to be distributed into a trust account for any minors participating in reality show they produce, let's see the evidence. If Matt and Amy voluntarily put some money aside for each of the kids from their TLC payments, then good for them. The kids clearly deserved it. But to give TLC credit for this is overreaching.

Lauren said...

I find it funny Jacob is on Instagram bragging that it was his goal to read 12 books this year and he's on his 19th. Kind of easy to have lots of free time when you don't work and have no responsibility and do nothing all day.

Ashley said...

Lauren, what I find interesting is the negative comments against Jacob seem to be increasing (and I'm not just talking on Spiritswander).

Whenever there's an article on the tabloid sites about Jacob most of the comments are negative about him.

But now there's a lot more negative comments on his Instagram posts. It is hard to tell because Jacob deletes a lot, but I've seen a lot on the reading post that you mentioned.

Half of the negative comments are from Christians disappointed that he's not a Christian and saying he needs God and a Bible. Some are upset that he puts his family and the show down in his rants. The other half of the negative comments are just like Lauren's, that reading that much is the joys of having no job.

I do have to say, I find the defenses, here and there of "How do you know Jacob doesn't have a job" to be pretty pathetic. I think it's obvious he doesn't. I believe Isabel that when they were Oregon Jacob might have worked a day or two with her dad, but the mere fact that she used that to vaguely suggest Jacob does work, kind of strengthens the argument that he doesn't.

Megan said...

If Jacob is so honest and his reasoning for his tantrum against the show was "People were asking why I'm not on the show and I have to answer", why doesn't he answer "Do you have a job? What are you doing with your life?

He's living as a lazy bum. That's the truth. By all accounts they are living off the money Isabel got from her mother's death and the money Jacob's parents provided for him by doing the show (which is another reason why Jacob should shut up about the show being so wrong, that's what he's living off).

PJ said...

If the reason for leaving the show is to regain his privacy Jacob won't answer questions about his life now, and he shouldn't it's no longer anyone's business.
Megan unless you have actual, first hand knowledge stop perpetuating the "christian" lies.

Rap541 said...

I find it funny Jacob is on Instagram bragging that it was his goal to read 12 books this year and he's on his 19th. Kind of easy to have lots of free time when you don't work and have no responsibility and do nothing all day.

I work full time and am taking some continuing education courses. That said, I am on book 47 for the year. I'd call Jacob pretty far behind.

(waits to hear how that's defending him)

Kind of easy to have lots of free time when you don't work and have no responsibility and do nothing all day.

Agreed. Jacob is just like Brothers Jeremy and Zach... and please don't insist it's a compliment. What does Zach do? What does Jeremy do? You all whine that when Jacob was on the show, that wasn't working... So it's not working when Jeremy and Zach are on the show riding ATVs and goofing in Hawaii now is it? Is it? Please tell me how Jeremy earned the farm that he so openly covets that he insists constantly that it be given to him. Given. Not sold to. Jeremy thinks he has earned the farm

What *responsibilities* do the twins have? At last check the only thing Audrey trusts Jeremy to do on his own is order pictures and he screwed that up. She doesn't even trust him to eat lunch with a female friend without whipping his dick out and fucking that friend. That's how little Audrey trusts Jeremy with any responsibility and that's why she defines her marriage as a battle.

Back on point - you guys used to defend Jweremy being jobless at 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, because he was a *boy* who needed to play. Suggestions about Jeremy finding a job were met with "that's now how it is these days". Well, what is the big boy doing now? Other than hiking and vacationing, and bitching how he's owed a 1.4 million dollar piece of property. Has Jeremy ever worked more than a weekend for anyone other than his daddy? If anything Jacob is emulating Jeremy's less than shining example of doing nothing and expecting handouts from Mom and Dad.

Oh, and for those who bitch - Jeremy is a 26 year old man - you all insist he's very talented and gifted so why does Jeremy need to wait for Matt to give him anything? Why can't Jeremy just SHINE and SUCCEED? I mean, you insist he will... when will that be happening? I mean, his baby brain is all growed up now, you can't keep insisting this 26 year old man is really a lil baby boy since "your brain doesn't fully form until you're 25" and he's well past it now, now Jeremy has an adult brain and is accountable as an adult (and you'll note btw that I don't use the "your brain doesn't fully form until 25" excuse for Jacob because it's basically ridiculous, and also because all you hypocrits refuse to see the idiocy of "JACOB MUST OWN HIS ACTIONS!!" vs "oh come on, Jeremy was 21 when he was abusing cats, you know, the brain doesn't fully mature until you're 25")

Jeremy is an adult. So is Jacob. So is Zach. And they all live off the show. And they all are piddling their lives away.

Rap541 said...

and the money Jacob's parents provided for him by doing the show (which is another reason why Jacob should shut up about the show being so wrong, that's what he's living off).

Just to make a reasonable argument and then you can get back to your hate.

You guys do understand that Jacob was filmed from the age of eight and didn't volunteer or receive any real choice in being on the show, right? You all act like a child's role in reality tv is to do as their told and mom and dad have all the rights. So let me put it in terms that might make you think (or not)

You're acting like if someone is under eighteen and used for profit - and that is what we're talking about - that once they turn eighteen, it's too bad so sad, you were a child and we used you and now fuck off. Matt and Amy made a LOT of money off that show and their children - all of their children. If they sell the farm will you think Jeremy in getting nothing is being treated fairly? After all the money that was earned by underage Jeremy that went into improvements on the property? If you think Jeremy deserves compensation for his work on the show while underage, then you have to agree Jacob is also due compensation.

Ashley said...

PJ, I strongly disagree. I think the reason why Jacob doesn't answer is because he doesn't and he is well aware how it looks to have no job.

If he doesn't have a job (or if he does and secretly is hiding this job that he doesn't want anyone to know about) then accept the consequences that people are going to look at him as a lazy 20 year old with no job that bitches about the show but is living off that money.

The part that annoys me is the "you don't know he doesn't have a job" which is one of those lame and false distraction statements. I remember reading things like that from Jeremy defenders against the racist and homophobic slurs. Show me it! Well, it's been deleted turned private. Then it's not true! Until people then provided the proof and the truth came out that it was correct.

If he doesn't have a job then he needs to take the arrows of criticisms that he's a lazy guy. I don't think it would annoy people so much if Jacob didn't come off as so arrogant and condescending.

Rap541 said...

Ashley I won't speak for PJ but I will say this. I don't really give a shit if Jacob works or not - the money will run out eventually. Where I get annoyed is that Jacob is accomplishing as much as his older brothers did at this age and when Jeremy was nineteen and I asked whyhe wasn't working, I got shit on for daring to suggest something was wrong with it. I was told "THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS NOW" - as though it's now unexpected for someone who is an adult to get a job. As Jeremy and Zach piddled away YEARS on goofing around and frankly continue to piddle around, I am continuing told how Jeremy by not working and openly shitting on people who have to work is walking in Christ's footsteps. So when I see the outrage over Jacob not working while Jeremy gets to smarm at a single mother how he thinks he's right and she's just a stupid workaholic... I tire of the double standard.

They're all living off the show. they're all lazy. My god, Christians here call me names for daring to suggest that if Jeremy wants a farm, then perhaps instead of waiting until Daddy gives up, Jeremy as an able bodied man could actually *get a job* and earn a farm. Oh no, that's just too much. Oarticularly when Jeremy arrogantly and condescendingly shits on people who aren't supported by their parents and a reality show.

You know what I'd like to see? Jeremy and Auj's marriage when they both have to work 8 hours a day and don't get any treats or special trips unless they pay for them with their own money.

Ashley said...

"Dale Partridge (self made millionaire)"

Claire, people like Dale Partridge really get to me. He sells himself as a Christian preacher. But yes, you are right, he shouts from the rooftops that he's a millionaire. I read one of his blog entries where he was saying the important thing in life is to be an entrepreneur and the thing about it is you try to make the most money possible while putting in the least amount of hours.

People like Dale Partridge (and there's a whole bunch like them, basically all of Audrey and Jeremy's circle of speaking preachers) are the reason I could never be a Christian.

Really, all these people claiming to have so much knowledge of God and all that is really important to them is making the most money possible. I've come to the realization that God is just a tool to all these people to make money. It's like the adult version of a little kid selling lemonade. Instead of making money off lemonade, these people make money off God.

Ashley said...

Rap, I totally agree that Jacob is the same as Jeremy and Zach (although as far as I know Zach at least works at the indoor soccer place which scores points with me)/

But don't you think it is just a little bit hypocritical for Jacob to go on rants about how wrong the show is when that is the money that he's living off? How does he pay rent? How does he pay for gas, food, weed, dog food, the hydro bills (unless Isabel is paying it all). It's all because of the money he got from the show.

I understand he didn't have a choice when he was a kid, but to me, it is a little bit hypocritical to rail against the show and then try to convey that you are so happy with your life now, which doesn't include working or responsibility....when the reason for that is...the TV show.

Rap541 said...

o be honest Ashley - part of my problem is that I *was verbally shit on and reviled* for saying the exact same thing about Jeremy at 19. That I was wrong, that he was a kid, that he should be granted grace because he was a child, and didn't know better and had an unformed lil baby brain so NOTHING could be expected of him until his brain fully formed and anyone who criticized a 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 year old for not working, slacking off, and being an all around unpleasant shit was a monster.

So when Jacob is mouthing off how nice it is that he can read books and not work, why aren't the Christians and assholes here shitting on *you* for being a monster? Jacob is only 19, so why is he an adult while ppor lil Baby Brains Jer needs a kiss and a cuddle and a "people are so mean!" when he's throwing cats?

They're all hypocrits, I'/m just tired of people insisting Jeremy Jesus isn't a hypocrite for the same bitchly behavior Jacob obviously learned from him.

Also - if he did "blackmail" his parents into giving him his earnings from when he filmed as a kid, or got some money from the show when he was forced to do it - why is it wrong for him to take it to live on? I mean, you'll forgive me but wouldn't people call him a dumbass if he didn't keep it? He did earn it - regardless of the "OMG ITS NOT A JOB! UNLESS ITS JEREMY!" assholery we often see here, the reality is that Jacob earned that money every time some dickwad here called him, at ten years of age, a slutty gay skank that Matt should let Jeremy whip with a belt until the gay came out. Seriously look at some of the older threads here.

Oh, and if anyone wants to play the "Baby Brains Jer was WALKING WITH JESUS" games then just say Jesus thinks throwing cats, drinking and smoking pot and not working are values and that Jeremy was DISPLAYING CHHRISTIAN VALUES when he sits on his marital blog (that his wife obviously runs) and snots how people who don't make time to Sabbath like Jer - and lets remember, to Jeremy, *fucking his wife* is Jesus Worship, as is whatever his little heart desires in the way of goofing off, not actual church attendance or doing anything that isn't pleasant and fun for poor Lil Baby Brains Boy Jer, is right to tell people who need to work that they're workaholics.

And yes, the take away from this episode is that Auj is the one doing the actual work here. Which to be fair, doesn't surprise me. I am beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that five years from now, when Audrey is still working and Jeremy is still playing, that she might get tired of it.

Yawn said...

Ashley, here's a different way to think about it. When someone wins a lawsuit and is awarded damages, or receives an insurance settlement because of an injury, that money is compensation for their injury or loss. Jacob is being compensated for providing his childhood as part of the previous shows. He doesn't receive money from the current show. And before you start with "What a great childhood he had, blah, blah, blah...," that's irrelevant. He is receiving payment (as the other three children also have) for his prior participation. He gets to spend that money any way he chooses. Just like some people don't enjoy their job, but still get to cash their paycheck, Jacob doesn't have to like the show to be entitled to be paid for being a part of it.

Janet said...

Yawn, Jacob did have a great childhood.

If he would get out of his ever present victim mode and looked around at what most kids grow up with, Jacob had the luxury of experiences things most kids only dream of.

His parents made the decision that was best for the family. Without the show it is unlikely they would have been able to afford the farm. Remember before the show they needed to borrow money from Amy's parents to pay for Zach's dental work.

They made the decision they thought was best for the family. Let them grow up on a cool farm and provide their kids with experiences they would otherwise never go to or see.

It's dreadful you compare it do being awarded damages from a lawsuit. Shame on Jacob for all his negativity towards the show.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the Roloffs never did the show and therefore never had the luxuries or awesome vacations Jacob has known, Jacob would be whining that his parents were poor. He would still be a whiner, we just wouldn't know who he was.

Rap541 said...

Yawn, Jacob did have a great childhood.

Jacob had a childhood where he was periodically lavished with treats and otherwise ignored while his older brothers were treated as princes and allowed to pummel him on camera, as were their friends. The entire household swung around what treats Jeremy wanted. On at least one occasion, Jacob was seriously injured due to his parents choice to display him on camera. Fans constantly called 9 year old Jacob a faggot on line because *gasp* he liked stuffed animals. As a very young child, he was subjected to the verbal abuse of fans. When he was 11 and going on, his parents repeatedly pounded it home verbally on camera that since Zach and Jer were finishing high school, they were done parenting - and they were pretty true to their words in not giving two shits. Since about age ten, when it became clear he was a handsome kid and therefore competition for Jeremy, the Jeremy fanbase has repeatedly called him all sorts of vile names - gay, slutty, evil, demonic.

He didn't volunteer for the show, his parents made him do it. He deserves the compensation. Any argument against it is ridiculous because at the end of the day, if Jacob needs to be the dutiful child and not get a check, then Jeremy and Zach need to start repaying their parents as well.

Remember before the show they needed to borrow money from Amy's parents to pay for Zach's dental work.

Yup, because Matt and Amy had more kids than they could afford, and Matt didn't want to work to support him so he put his kids to work on camera so THEY could support his early retirement. Those kids were 8, 11, and 14, and THEY were the show attraction and THEY earned the money that got Matt and Amy all the treats. That's why Jacob deserves compensation for the years he was on the show - it was his parents job to support him and instead they used their kids to earn a living.

Happy said...

Someone thinks that Jacob's childhood looked fun on tv, so they think Jacob must necessarily agree.

Ecossais said...

"Jacob did have a great childhood"
Janet are you stupid? All the worldly goods do not make up for being unloved and unwanted by his parents, being on a TV show and being bullied by his brothers is NOT a great childhood.

His parents made a decision that money and fame was more important.

Emily said...

Who thinks Jacob's girlfriend Isabel is bi-polar? One minute she's all everything is roses and puppy dogs. Life is so amazing!!! How did I get so lucky!!! It's amazing how wonderful life is!!! And then the next she's all 'Fuck this this life, I want to be worth it!'

One minute she's suggesting people from high school were lying when they said she was a mean spirited bully. Now she's all 'I want to apologize to everyone in my past for being such a horrible person back then!'

Is she bi-polar? That's a serious question.

Kelly said...

@Emily, I don't think Isabel is bi polar. I think she's a drama queen. A lot of her tweets and captions about how awesome her life is and how everybody she is with is the most amazing person ever is her usual thing of trying to impress whoever she is around and whoever she wants to like her at that moment.

Erin said...

Yeah Emily, because life isn't always different day to day and people's moods are always consistent. People never change and having different emotions are bad.

You're an idiot. Shut up and stop being jealous of Isabel for being a badass bitch.

Emily said...

Erin, it's not normal to go go from one extreme to the other as often as Isabel does.

Kaitlyn said...

Emily, it's ok. Now Isabel loves life again.

But seriously she seems like the typical person on social media who is desperate to convonce everyone their lives are perfect. And then has occasional bursts of truth when she can't hold up the facade.

Rap541 said...

Emily - where did you get your degree in psychiatry? Have you met Isabel in person or are you diagnosing her off her tweets? Have you provided therapy to Isabel in a professional setting? I ask because if you were her doctor, providing treatment, then you're breaking the law by discussing her medical care without her permission and if you aren't her doctor, or a doctor at all, then you're not qualified to say "Isabel is bipolar".

This isn't to "defend" Isabel, btw. It's just annoying to see people diagnose mental illness from on line posting when it's much more difficult in real life.

I mean look at some of the posts here and ask yourself what the diagnosis should be "I hope Jacob gets hurt!" or "God spoke to me and told me Jacob is evil" and on and on. Do you really want to go there? Really?

Paula said...

""Fame" changes people in the worst ways, man."

How many famous people does Isabel know outside of the Roloffs?

It's very irresponsible and disrespectful for Isabel to tweet things like this. This better not be some vague insult direct towards Jeremy and Audrey, because if it is, Isabel should just get off social media and stop being Jacob's enabler in attacking the good Christian Roloffs.

Emily said...

Rap541, did you even read my post?

I am asking a question.

"Who thinks Jacob's girlfriend Isabel is bi-polar? One minute she's all everything is roses and puppy dogs. Life is so amazing!!! How did I get so lucky!!! It's amazing how wonderful life is!!! And then the next she's all 'Fuck this this life, I want to be worth it!'....Is she bi-polar? That's a serious question".

When somebody displays extreme behavior that contradicts their early statements of emotion, asking/wondering if that person is bi polar is a reasonable question.

Kelly said...

"Jacob is the biggest baby I've ever met "

Finally, something Isabel tweets that I can agree with. He's an awful person. A jerk in every way.

Rap541 said...

Are you a doctor, Emily? Did you read my post? Because you're clearly attempting to passive aggressively say Isobel has a mental illness.

So since you're the expert - what do YOU think, Emily?

Don't imply or ask others - you are very clear you think she is exhibiting extreme behavior that is so unusual you are wondering publically if she has a diagnosed mental disorder. Please outline her extreme behavior that makes you think she is mentally ill.

Also please tell us what you are basing your public diagnosis on? Have you met her in person? I suspect, strongly, by your passive aggressive "did you read my post because *I* am just asking a question!" that no, you're not a doctor, and yes, you're basing your public "Is she mentally ill??? OMG IS SHE CRAZY? WHO ELSE THINKS SHE'S CRAZY!" opinion on well.. some tweets.

Would you like a diagnosis formed based on your posts? :) In case its not clear, Emily, I am asking you if you'd like your posts picked apart and then have us all take a vote on what mental illness you have? Would you like that?

Have I mentioned how high school bitchy you seem?

Happy said...

If someone's emotions change, and I think their emotions change more frequently than they should, they may be bi-polar.

Set Abominae said...


If you were emotionally/psychologically abused and taken advantage of by a lousy father and ignored by a rotten mother you'd probably be a pretty miserable person who suspects everyone and trusts few too.

Johnny Reb said...

Almost 30 years ago there was a TV show called Rescue 911 that I consider to have been the first "reality show" because it featured re-enactments of real emergency events that included the use of actual 991 dispatch tapes, it ran for 7 seasons from 1989 to 1996.

The difference between that show and this one is very stark in that it (Rescue 911) was actually an informational educational entertainment program that taught people basic life saving first aid and cpr techniques (it was credited with saving over 300 lives by the time it went off the air) and it never tried to be what it wasn't even when its ratings were slipping and it got bounced around on its parent networks broadcast schedule, while this show tries so desperately to be something that it hasn't been in almost a decade and won't die no matter how much of a rotted carcas it has become.

Laura said...

I hope everyone saw Gmompeggie's message to Jacob on instagram. It was a heartfelt message of love and caring.

"Be careful what you are reading which is listening to. New Age is very demonic and anything that doesn't put God first and the Word of God is not of HIM. We are in last days and it is so important for us to seek HIM and what He has for us not wasting our time on useless thoughts and opinions. Becareful. With your parents divorced right now it would be so very important for you to embrace Jesus and baptism in Holy Spirit and be that on fire for Him that would possibly attract your parents back towards HIM. Possibly."

What does Jacob do? Mock her on twitter. He doesn't have the decency to respond to her directly and thank her for her concern.

He is so obnoxious and offensive.

Rap541 said...

Did he ask her for her advice?

If a fan approached Jeremy and gave Jeremy advice that he didn't ask for or agree with, would you say Jeremy was wrong to mock that person?

At last check, if Precious Jer is even approached/spoken to and that attention is unwanted... then whoever dared sully him is fat, ugly. probably gay, and totally deserving of Jeremy's scorn.

PJ said...

I'm glad Jacob mocked his empty headed grannie in public. That is the most ignorant statement I've ever heard. Except for some of the garbage on here.

Brenda said...

Dude. It wasn't his grandma. His grandma is 'hunyrol' on Instagram.

You guys are serious NUT JOBS

Ecossais said...

Peggy is really out there.
So Jacob "getting Jesus" might bring his parents back together.
Godsmacked people never cease to amaze me.

Debbie said...

Brenda, that was PJ, and PJ is not a Christian. PJ is a Jacob defender and a Jeremy and Audrey hater.

Laura, I couldn't agree more. Jacob is so disrespectful and hateful. Jacob likes to act like he's an intellectual but lacks the basic skills to calmly and civilly discuss important subjects without mocking or insults.

Abby said...

Isabel is tweeting that she is broke and has no money because California is expensive.

My stupid ass used to be like "I'm broke" and have lots of money saved up, now I'm actually broke and wish I was broke like back then haha

I guess that's what I get for moving to one of the more expensive states, and having bills and pursuing my dreams.

Fuck it, don't give up! You're badass

Does it make anyone else wonder just how badly Jacob is using Isabel? Is he leeching off her? It was said that it is ISABEL's house that they're living in.

Is she paying for everything while he gets a free ride using her? I wouldn't be surprise. That seems to be how Jacob operates. Hopefully if that's the case, Isabel smartens up.

pj said...

Again you speak of which you know nothing. You don't like that, unlike you, I don't need some money hungry seminary school drop out to tell me what to think. I don't agree with everything Jacob says but I'm sick to death of the crappy christians complaining because he doesn't need the seminary drop out to tell him what to think. He's at the age when exploring ways different than your family is normal and healthy.

As far as the Golden Couple go they are the ones demonstrating their deficiencies in public. I don't hate them. But I don't worship them and ignore their faults the way your golden calf worshiping cronies do.

Kelly said...

I'm laughing at Isabel's tweet to girls that they "need to find a man that will drive them to the store to get brownie mix at any time of night"....that's easy for "your man" to do when he doesn't have a job. LOL.

Brandon said...

Warning Political Post!

I have to say, I'm disappointed and surprised in Jacob's recent string of retweets which suggest he is voting for Hillary Clinton because she is "the lesser of two evils".

Last night Jacob even retweeted an article called "Why you have a moral obligation to vote for the lesser of two evils" which essentially is a pro Hillary Clinton supporter and anti Trump.

My observations are based on a few things of following Jacob's and Isabel's political posts over the last year or so.

Jacob has posted in the past that there should be more than 2 choices to be President and has posted anti Hillary Clinton things.

They both supported Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is out and a sell out, supporting the party who screwed him (DNC leaks).

Now that Bernie Sanders is out, the candidate left that most fits into Jacob and Isabel's political beliefs (based on what they tweet) is Jill Stein of the Green Party, because really almost everything Bernie Sanders ran on is the Green party platform.

But now Jacob is retweeting articles which essentially say you have a moral obligation to vote Hillary Clinton if you don't like Donald Trump. Vote against someone instead of voting for someone.

If you do that, which is all the more shocking this year coming from Bernie Sanders supporters when there is factual evidence that the DNC sabotaged Bernie's chances and were effectively part of Clinton's campaign, you're voting for a corrupt party who screwed the guy you like!

If Jacob and Isabel vote for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, they can never again complain about the "two party system" or about Clinton when she becomes President.

Don't stupid Americans get it (yes I'm calling Jacob a stupid American)?
Nothing will ever change as long as people like them, who apparently don't like either party, will ever change as long as they keep voting for 1 of the 2 parties.

Momentum for other parties will never build. There will never be a movement to enable the 3rd party candidates to have a fair shot and get into the debates which is huge. The 2 parties control the rules of the debates so they've made it almost impossible for a 3rd party to get a chance to be heard.

That's the point. How is a 3rd party candidate, like Jill Stein, who represents most of Jacob and Isabel's issues and ideals, ever going to get 15% in the polls if lemmings like them "vote for the lesser of 2 evils" and vote for Hillary Clinton, someone they've previously said they despise.

People like them have no one to blame except themselves for the fact nothing ever changes and for the corrupt political system.

Paula said...

Brandon, Jill Stein and the Green Party is a joke. The party of drugs, "climate change", paying blacks for slavery, supports the homosexuals and not making college students pay back hundreds of millions of dollars in loans. They are a left wing whack job party. It's a good thing they are kept down.

For people who believe in American principles and God, the Republican Ticket is the only choice. Donald Trump and Mike Pence. I was a Mike Huckabee and then a Ted Cruz supporter, but now I will support Trump. Mike Pence is a brave Christian Conservative who stood up for religious freedom and showed the gays that Christian beliefs will not be trampled on.

Donald Trump has vowed to stand for the Evangelical Christians and vowed to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court.

On the other side you have crooked Hillary.

There is only one choice. Vote Republican.

Rap541 said...

Mike Pence is a brave Christian Conservative who stood up for religious freedom and showed the gays that Christian beliefs will not be trampled on.

'Pretty sure Mike Pence caved on his Religious Freedom Restoration Act, gutting it after way too many companies threatened to pull jobs from his state over the "if you're religious, you can discriminate" law.

So lets not pretend Mike stands tall in the face of opposition, he crumbled like a crumb cake.

And Donald Trump...You know he's a Democrat, right? More importantly, you know this is all about winning to him? That this is like a giant deal and he'll say whatever it takes to get you to sign on?

Mind you, Hilary is no prize pig either. But let's not pretend that the Donald is going to suddenly ban abortion and homosexuals.

Timothy said...

Brandon, I disagree.

While I'm not a fan of two parties, the smart thing to do IS to vote for the lesser of two evils.

In 2000, the Ralph Nader supporters helped elect George W Bush. If the majority of those voters had gone to Al Gore in Florida, Gore would have won.

A Jill Stein or Gary Johnson have no realistic chance of winning.

If you think Donald Trump is the next Hitler, the best way to stop him is to vote for Clinton.

If you're like some of the Christians here that want a "Christian America" the best chance of having a President that will appoint Judges similar to Scalia that will reverse Roe VS Wade and rule against Gay Marriage, is to vote Trump and the Republican ticket.

Sure it would be better if there were more choices, but the reality is there's only two real choices and it is definitely a choice of two evils because both parties have always been corrupt and controlled.

Also remember that the media is controlled by only a few entities and they have political ties. They will always silence third parties and dissenting voices.

PJ said...

I find myself in the same position Jacob and millions of others are in now. We don't like Hillary but know that by voting third party we will split the liberal vote and we will wind up with Fuhrer Trump and I have no doubt he'll set himself up as dictator for life.
Please look at the 2000 election. Nader split the vote and we wound up with Bush. We cannot risk the same thing happening this time. By comparison Bush was harmless.

Your lot is always calling people here naive. You are not only naive but delusional if you think for one second that Trump will keep any promises. He will wind up doing only what profits the ultra rich. The rest of us don't matter. And if you think Der fuhrer cares about evangelicals or their beliefs your are truly stupid.

Is Hillary dishonest? Probably, most politicians are but at least she's not a daughter groping sociopath.
Please explain why people like you are so anxious to vote against their own best interests?

Paula said...

"But let's not pretend that the Donald is going to suddenly ban abortion and homosexuals"

I believe he will. He did not need to speak in detail about how he will appoint judges that will uphold that constitution and Christian values. A month ago there was even a report that he was asking Ted Cruz for his advice on Supreme Court nominees. That's exactly what we need in our country. The 2016 Republican Platform is wonderful. I am very happy with it and I believe Donald Trump will not abandon the principles of the party that will make him the next President of the United States.

"So lets not pretend Mike stands tall in the face of opposition, he crumbled like a crumb cake"

No, he didn't. If you read what the gays have to say, they were still unhappy with the final version of the bill.

I'm not saying it's easy to stand against the gay agenda and the bully liberals in business and sports (the NFL and NBA should stay out of social issues, they have no room to talk) but Mike Pence did what many others were afraid to do. He stood with Christians against the homosexuals. The gays are still angry with him for standing for religious freedom over their agenda. As Mr. Pence said, he is a Christian first.

Rap541 said...

I believe he will. He did not need to speak in detail about how he will appoint judges that will uphold that constitution and Christian values. A month ago there was even a report that he was asking Ted Cruz for his advice on Supreme Court nominees

Was this before or after he accused Ted Cruz's dad of killing JFK? How Christian was *that*? I mean, I get it, Paula, you're making a silk purse out of a sow's ear because if you supported Huckabee and then Cruz, then you obviously wanted someone nominated that was far more right wing than Trump. He was a Democrat, Paula, he went to Chelsea Clinton's wedding. There are people who genuinely believe his entire candidacy is a plot to get Hilary elected. I half expected him to announce it was a farce at the convention.

No, he didn't. If you read what the gays have to say, they were still unhappy with the final version of the bill

Any time people don't get exactly what they want, they are unhappy, Paula. That said, Mike Pence proudly crumbled on the bill. Here's a quote from an article.

The Indiana amendment prohibits service providers from using the law as a legal defense for refusing to provide goods, services, facilities or accommodations. It also bars discrimination based on race, color, religion, ancestry, age, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or U.S. military service.

The measure exempts churches and affiliated schools, along with nonprofit religious organizations.

House Speaker Brian Bosma said the agreement sends a "very strong statement" that the state will not tolerate discrimination.

The law "cannot be used to discriminate against anyone," he said.

Business leaders, many of whom had opposed the law or canceled travel to the state because of it, called the amendment a good first step but said more work needs to be done. Gay-rights groups noted that Indiana still does not include LGBT people as a protected class in its civil-rights law, but Bosma said lawmakers met with representatives of the gay community and said they believed the new language addressed many of their concerns.

Here's a link.

The entire point of religious freedom laws is to legally allow discrimination. He screwed all the Christians when he gutted the law. He didn't stand with Christians at all, he caved when too many companies made it clear they were going to pull dollars out of the state.

And the NBA and NFL are hardly paragons of virtue but if states are passing discriminatory laws that might affect their employees or customers, then they have every right to make their displeasure known and to move events to states with more customer friendly laws. This all goes back to "actions have consequences" - far too often Christians like yourself simply want your way and get pissy when the result of passing discriminatory laws is that you end up living in a state that no one wants to invest in. Standing on principle can hurt. That's why Auj and Jer quickly shut their mouths and removed every single comment they ever made on their website on how they are against homosexuality. It hurt the money so instead of standing up, the Roloff marrieds *shut up*.

Did you catch the part of the republican convention where Donald Trump spoke about gay rights and how he would protect them and everyone cheered?

Linda said...

Kelly, that's exactly what's wrong with you people. You take Isabel's tweets and do whatever you want with them.

First it was Jacob pays for nothing she's the sugar mama!
Then she says Jacob bought her brownie mix... And then it's "that's easy he doesn't have a job!"

BE CONSISTENT. The Jacob hate is so obnoxious.

Kelly said...

@Linda, LMAO! Brownie mix? Wow. Yes how dare people suggest that it's unfair if the story is that Isabel is paying for the house that Jacob is living in. Hey, he might have (because she said "drives you to the store to buy brownie mix"...didn't even say HE bought it!) but what's next. Are you going to praise Jacob for buy her a 75 cent pack of gum? LMAO

The real point stands. Isabel was trying to portray Jacob as a great boyfriend. Because he drives to the store at all hours of the night to get something. Most girls have boyfriend's who aren't driving to the store at 2am because they need to go to work in the morning. Again, it's easy to do when you don't have a job.

Kelly said...

"Did you catch the part of the republican convention where Donald Trump spoke about gay rights and how he would protect them and everyone cheered?"

That's not what I heard at all.

He said he would protect LGBT from foreign ideology. That means Muslims slaughtering 49 gays.

It's important to remember for all the crying from the left and gay agenda about Christians in America, gays get murdered in countries where Muslims are dominant.

To Paula's point, Trump embraced the Republican platform which is not LGBT friendly, he picked Pence as his VP, and he has promised to appoint conservatives that will overturn the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.

Linda said...

Kelly, your facts aren't even straight. She said "drives to the store" not "drives you".

AND she tweeted it at 10 pm. I'm also pretty sure they live really close to the store? Lol. Most boyfriends stay up past 10 pm even if they work in the morning. They are teenagers.

What she was saying is, he would do anything for her. I know Jeremy probably wouldn't do that for Audrey.

Rap541 said...

Pretty sure Matt Shepard was murdered by two Christian white men. In fact, a quick perusal here:

Indicates that gay people have much more to fear from Christians in the US than Muslims. Also the nutjob in Florida was likely not actually a member of ISIS but was a paranoid straight man (kinda like certain people here who think the second they are alone with a gay person that they will be immediately overpowered and raped) who was maybe struggling with his own sexual identity.

I seem to recall a gay man making a speech at the Republican convention as well....

Guys, I will tell you the problem with Donald Trump. He wants to be liked. He's gonna flip flop all over to be liked.

As for Pence, the point stands - he gutted the religious freedoms law.

Rap541 said...

(peruses the roloff instragrams for the first time in a while)

Well, it's nice to see that Audrey continues her Christian trend of wearing dresses that are literally cut so short one small shift would reveal her no doubt expensive designer panty clad crotch. I had no idea Christian wedding attire now included wearing child sized dresses.

I also find it very very interesting that Audrey and Jeremy, who very much want the farm, and who love and respect Matt the most, are no where to be seen during Matt's surgery and lengthy recovery.

Set Abominae said...


Unsolicited "advice" is unneeded advice...especially when it come from fools and buffoons.

Gail said...

It was very sad to see Peggy Roloff looking very frail and not well. I hope Jacob apologizes to her and Ron for being a disappointment before it is too late.

Rap541 said...

Perhaps Gail, Jacob is waiting for his grandparents to actually say that to him before he apologizes?

I mean, you're speaking with authority now. Where has Peggy Roloff or Ron Roloff said they were disappointed in Jacob? Provide proof please or admit you're just posting hateful gossip.

And I say hateful not because you're as usually bitching about Jacob, but because you're publically putting words in the mouths of Peggy and Ron Roloff. I question, seriously, whether Peggy Roloff would agree with you at all. If you can't that she agrees with *your* sentiment, then you are publically lying about her views. Same with Ron.

Seriously, you profess to be Christian - have you told your pastor about your actions?

Michele d said...

Wow. Some of these comments are incredibly vile. How is that Christ-like? And the amount of casual homophobia is eye-opening. People, there is no "gay agenda" other than them wanting the same rights as straight people--you know, the rights guaranteed to us ALL by our Constitution.

Kelly said...

Michele d, you're ridiculous. First of all the word "homophobia" is a joke. Phobia. I'm not afraid of gay people. I'm a Christian and what they do is morally wrong and against God's plan for humanity. The gay agenda is them pushing their wants onto society and dragging down the moral fabric of society.

I think it speaks VOLUMES when even people that say they're ok with gay marriage, people like JACOB ROLOFF, but he himself is on the record as saying he refuses to be friends and hang out with gay guys.

What does it say when even people who say they aren't bothered by gay marriage, don't want to be in the same room as gays?

Angela said...

I'm glad they haven't introduced Isabel on LPBW but I must admit I didn't even like seeing her on the episode with Molly's graduation. I spotted her because I know who she is from following this blog.

She is a bad influence on people.

I'm really angry at her most recent tweet attacking the brave and truth telling Tomi Lahren from The Blaze.

"Straight up if you agree with this bimbo... Please get away from me hahah"

Who does she think she is calling Tomi a bimbo? Tomi Lahren is a brave Christian young woman that isn't afraid to speak the truth and doesn't care about political correctness. She speaks the truth over being pc.

Everything Tomi said about Jessi Williams racist speech at the BET Awards was 100% on point.

Isabel is calling Tomi a bimbo when it's Isabel who is so stupid it makes my head spin. These white privileged teenage/20 somethings like Jacob and Isabel are a disgrace with them trying to be cool with black people. They don't even realize the blacks they're trying to impress hate them because the blacks are so racist they hate all white people. Even spineless white kids who try to act like they're black or want to impress them.

If Isabel had a brain, she would realize Jessi Williams was INSULTING her! Isabel and Jacob go to rap concerts. Jessi Williams says it's racist for white kids to "steal" and enjoy "black culture". That's the type of racist BS, Tomi Lahren was calling out.

God Bless Tomi Lahren for being brave enough to speak out.

Gail said...

Rap541, I have followed Ron and Peggy Roloffs, listened to some of Peggy's speeches years ago, read Ron's online pieces about the world, politics and America.

They are outstanding Christian.

Ron Roloff once wrote a post on Myspace outlining the challenges facing America and he knew the enemy was Muslims. Americans must preserve the nation as a Christian Nation with Christian values.

Everything Ron and Peg stand for are things that Jacob makes a mockery off. They might be too nice to air their dirty laundry in public and publicly rant on their grandson in public but all you have to do is read and listen to the values Ron and Peggy Roloff stand for to realize Jacob is the opposite of it all. He couldn't be more of a disgrace to them.

Meanwhile, Ron and Peggy are always reaching out to Jeremy and Audrey and vice versa. Jeremy and Audrey cited Ron and Peg as one of their mentor couples for marriage. There is now doubt that Jeremy makes Ron and Peg proud.

Jacob is the exact type of person that lets America down as Ron described years ago.

Denise said...

@Angela, yes I totally agree. It is all the more hypocritical of Isabel considering her pinned tweet is "It takes nothing from you to be kind".

Then she calls Tomi Lahren a bimbo?

Rap541 said...

Gail - that's not what is being asked of you. Can you prove that Peggy and Ron have ever said they are disappointed in Jacob and would like an apology from him?

There is now doubt that Jeremy makes Ron and Peg proud.

That's a hell of a Freudian slip on your part, Gail ;)

ANd yes, we're all well aware thatg Ron Roloff said people who aren't Christian - like that soldier spoken of at the Democratic convention who died for all americans, wshould be stripped of their citizenship and kicked out. Nice to know you agree that veterans of our armed forces should be stripped of their citizenship for not being Christian, even though our constitution allows for religious freedom. What a bigot you are, Gail.

But back to the question I put to you - are you simply gossiping or do you have any ACTUAL PROOF that Ron and Peg are disappointed in Jacob and want an apology?

Rap541 said...

Angela - its duly noted you had nothing to say when it was SHOVED UP YOUR NOSE that Jeremy and Auj are supporting the illegal in their midst - do you have an opinion since you did indeed declare that they were against it and were proven wrong?

Got anything to say? Do you NOW agree with Jeremy and Auj?

Rap541 said...

Btw Gail, in case it's not clear, I don't think Ron or Peggy would thank you, someone who they have never spoken with, who is not a friend, who they don't know socially or professionally, whose only knowledge of them comes from speaking events and articles written years ago - publically stating what you assume to be their opinion of their grandson and making public accusations on their behalf.

Ask your pastor if it's ok for you to do this.

Or you know, willingly swear that you'll gladly be damned to hell if you're wrong. If you're so certain you're right... you should have no problem swearing it, right?

PJ said...

So Ron and NotGranny are phonies? Because they approve of the Golden Couple who are huge phonies that want to be in very gay West Hollywood rather than watching their sister graduate?

Gail said...

Rap541, you are such a twister and master of trying to distract. Your comprehension abilities are the absolute worst.

Never did I say Ron and Peggy have demanded an apology from Jacob. I said Jacob should apologize to them before it is too late because I am very worried about Peggy's health. I am praying for her because seeing her made me very concerned.

Ron and Peggy have in the past written and spoken about the values they believe good people should possess and what a proud American should stand for. They've also written about the dangers that threaten American values. Jacob embodies what they were warning again. Therefore, God has made me realize that Jacob has hurt the hearts of Ron and Peggy for turning out to be a person they cannot be proud of and that is why I hope and pray that Jacob apologizes to them before it is too late.

Rap541 said...

Gail - have Ron or Peggy ever stated they want an apology from their grandson?

If they have not - and they haven't - then it is not *your place* to publically moan in horror how you think Jacob needs to apologize to them "before it's too late".

You are not Peggy's friend. You have absolutely no proof of your public statements. You certainly aren't willing to publically swear you'll willingly go to hell if you're wrong. Yet here you are publically insisting Jacob needs to apologize to his grandparents for... well, we really don't know since neither Peggy or Ron have ever said a disapproving word about Jacob.

You actually have no idea what level of contact Jacob has with his grandparents, so your arrogant pronouncements are just you gossiping and making trouble where it doesn't exist. If Ron and Peggy haven't publically stated they desire an apology from Jacob - and they haven't - then it's not *your place* as someone who has never met all three of the people involved to publically state Jacob needs to apologize.

Again, ask your pastor if you getting on the internet and attempting to make trouble between people you have never met is really Christ blessed. I bet you won't like the answer.

MS said...

So Gail, basically what you're saying is that Jacob should live his life according to his grandparents' beliefs and values rather than independently formulating his own beliefs and opinions and following his own path? And if he doesn't, his grandparents can't possibly be proud of him? And you know all this because "God made you realize it"? Wow, you really are a kook.

PJ said...

Matt just Facebooked how proud he is of ALL his kids.

Michelle said...

PJ, it's a link to TLC's photos of Zach and Tori.

PJ said...

Yes it ws pics of Zach and Tori but he specifically included all his kids.

Oceanlover said...

Wow, what a bunch of awful, hateful comments on here.

All of you folks who claim to be Christian are showing some of the most "un-Christian" like values I have ever seen in my life. Hateful, judgmental, ENVY!!!!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves and Jesus would be, too. Remember not judging others? Disgusting.

Also, why is it so hard for you to conceptualize in your little tiny brains that it is possible to NOT agree with a friend or family member in religion, politics, etc. but you can STILL LOVE them and care about them. AND OH MY GAWD YOU CAN MAINTAIN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM!!!!! Or are you so filled with hate you cannot even manage to pull that together? Because, you know, what it what adults do, in the REAL world. They are his family morons. DUH

And lets not forget our "Constitution", and that we have this thing that allows us to have freedom of religion and the separation of church and state. Did anyone of you brainiacs pay any attention to our laws? On what our nation is based on? The Christian stance on ANYTHING has NO PLACE in our laws, as no religion should. PERIOD. End of story. Your hateful points are MOOT.

Some of your obsessions on this family border on psychotic (speaking of the Jacob hate mongers fanatical religious Right here)

Greg said...

Oceanlover, Jacob IS hypocritical.

He snots about how awful the show is, acts like his family is forced to be apart of it, says they are being 100% fake and playing a character (while telling the audience with interviews that it's their real personalities) and then he happily high fives them as they supposedly change into their real selves as he camp fires with them.

If he doesn't think that shows a lack of character, then he should shut up and stop getting attention for it.

If he does think it's a lack of character, maybe he should put some blame on his family for being so utterly phony and lying to the public when they say they are authentic.

Janet said...

I have to go back to something and say it's ridiculous that anyone would try to compare to Jeremy and Audrey having a little kitten in the car to Jacob (attempting) to drive a truck while having Isabel's full grown dog sitting on his lap!

Jacob could barely see over the dog. I also have to mention that from what I've seen, Moose is a very badly behaved dog and to have that dog distracting the driver by sitting on him, made the situation potentially life threatening.

Brandon said...

Greg, I see Jacob added a disclaimer that he merely hopes Johnson is in the debates "just to shake things up" but he's voting for Clinton.

It's just awful logic to vote a person you don't like a party you think/know is corrupt if you don't like the 2 party system. Those are all sentiments Jacob has tweeted in the past. Yet he has no problem voting for it.

How can you ever expect things to change if you are supporting it? No complaining in the next 4 years about Hillary Clinton, money in politics, corruption or the political system if you're going to be in part responsible for putting it in power.

Paula said...

@Janet, very well said. That is a good point about Moose. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Moose not a pitbull? I'm very disturbed at how irresponsible Jacob and Isabel are as dog owners. Do they even own a leash? I don't think I've ever seen Moose on a leash. Isabel just lets him run around free. It's only a matter of time before he viciously attacks some innocent person and that will not end well not only for the victim but for Isabel and Moose himself. See what happens to dogs who attack bystanders. It's a sad situation.

Rap541 said...

Is there any evidence at all that Moose is a vicious dog? Any at all?

As I recall, Rocky was a bull mastiff and we never saw that dog on a leash and a bull mastiff is a breed bred for fighting. Under the evidence you cite, Matt and Amy Roloff are irresponsible dog owners. Worse, really, as I still recall Matt gleefully noting how hilarious it was that his dog was locked in a room for three days and actually lost weight.

Janet, for the record, I think Jeremy and Audrey, and Jake and Isobel are ALL irresponsible for driving while distracted. I personally hope none of them learn why having a pet roaming the car while driving is a bad idea. Are you willing to state you think driving with a pet on your lap is a good thing if it is a kitty roaming around? I mean please tell us how far you're willing to go to insist whatever Jer and Aud do is awesomesauce for Jesus! :D

Psst Paula - speaking of irresponsible pet owners, do you think its responsible of Audrey to take her cat into places that serve food as she can't bear to leave the cat at home?

E-Mac said...

Pretty sad that Isabel's dog now has a hate club against him! Poor Moose!

Paula said...

Rap541, would you trust Moose - a pitbull, to be around your son or daughter (if you had any).

It's a proven fact that pitbulls are unpredicatable and can't be trusted. I've seen dog owners swear that their dog is harmless only to have it attack someone. Plus, not only is Moose a pitbull, but I think I remember reading Isabel post that he was abused before she adopted him. That only increases the odds of him turning vicious on an innocent person. That should be taken into account and he should be on a leash at all times.

As for Rocky, I never saw Rocky off of the Roloffs property. Isabel and Jacob take their dogs to public beaches and parks.

You're trying to blow what Audrey did out of proportion. How long was Audrey actually in the bar with Pine the kitty? She was travelling with her and only momentarily brought her inside because she didn't want to leave her in a hot car.

I can't believe you're honestly trying to compare a kitten in a car with having a pitbull sit on a teenage driver's lap.

Kelly said...

"Is there any evidence at all that Moose is a vicious dog? Any at all?"

Yes there is. Don't you remember Isabel tweeting about needing to take Moose to the vet because Moose had got into a fight with another dog because he attacked it while they were chasing a ball? He is an aggressive dog.

Rap541 said...

If Moose is a pit bull - which he may not be - they're easily mistaken for a number of other breeds - then I would ask again, do you know Moose is a known vicious dog? Because owners can make any dog mean. And pit bulls were historically known as "nanny dogs" because they were so family friendly and prone to loving kids. You're stating Moose IS a vicious dog so please provide actual facts to that effect and not vague conjecture - rescue dogs are usually well screened before adoption.

Matt himself often talked about Rocky going off property and being fed by neighbors. Also your gripe was about the dog never appearing on a leash not the dog appearing off property. You're *wrong* - Matt has complained about the neighbors feeding his roaming dog - and you're also wrong in somehow assumeing that the Roloffs have the right to open the door and let the dog roam free.

I can't honestly believe you are insisting Audrey has the right to take her kitty cat to places that serve food but I will ask you agaian. Do you believe Audrey has the right to disregard the law and bring her cat into places that serve food rather than leave the cat at home in the house for a few hours? Because that's what you're saying - Audrey has the right to say "I'm Audrey and I don't want to leave my cat at my home unattended for a few hours so fuck the health code"

I can't honestly believe you think a cat roaming in the car the way we saw isn't a distraction. I am perfectly willing to say Jacob and Isobel shouldn't have the dog in the front seat in their laps. Are you AS willing to say that about the cat roaming the front seat? Because honestly Paula, you're the one being unreasonable - I'm openly agreeing the dog shouldnt't be in the front seat. You the one insisting "Oh Jesus Jacob and Isobel are so wrong about the dog but in Your Name, Pine the Kitty Cat is NO DISTRACTION as he climbs about whoever is driving as Auj and Jer want it!"

Seriously Paula, go to the DMV and ask them what they think about any pet roaming free in the front seat and see how Christ Blessed they find it.

Rap541 said...

Can you provide the actual tweet, Kelly? I ask because I didnt' see it.

Also - if that was an actual dog fight and Moose was cited as a vicious dog, there would be actual police documentation. Is there? I'm not Judge Judy but I do know that dog attacks generate actual records that are public. Please cite them.

Kelly said...

Rap, YOU look back if you care that much. I don't. The question was if there was any reason to believe Moose is a vicious dog and I'm just pointing out that Isabel herself said that Moose got into a dog fight with a family friend's dog. If YOU care so much, YOU can spend the time searching her twitter for it (and knowing Isabel, she probably deleted it).

I'm just putting the information out there for people who are objective. Paula and Janet have a point.

PJ said...

Kelly, Paula,
You obviously know nothing about Pits. They are lovely dogs if (like every other breed) they are raised with love and kindness. We have 3 where I live and I would let Clone move in in a second, he loves my shih tsu. The other two are young and undisciplined, too big to be safe but not mean. My former vet had a 110# pit named Bill. They moved where there were dirt trails. The neighborhood was new and there was a coyote killing the small pets. One night Bill goes for a walk with dad and here comes the coyote. They fight, Bill chases the coyote. Dad goes chasing after his 8 year old dog with arthritis. He finds the coyote dead but no Bill. Dad goes home and gets his truck, drives all over the trails, no Bill. Dad heads home and there is Bill headed for home. After being cleaned up Bill went and gave the orphan kitten he was I could go on but you won't change your mind because you slavishly believe the crap the media spouts. By the way, any dog, no matter how good with people will fight with another animal.
Jacob really should restrain Moose for the dogs own safety.

J45 said...

Kelly, Rap — I remember the tweet. It was a year ago. I think it was in response to someone tweeting her (which would be near-impossible to find). But frankly, it was a year ago … I don't see why you expect Rap to go digging for this ridiculous tweet.

I remember by the way the tweet sounded, it seemed like Moose was BEING attacked (bitten) not Moose attacking another dog. And Isabel said something like "Some dogs just don't get along. There's no hard feelings between the owners."

And Kelly, anyone who's had a dog before would know that some dogs really *don't* get along and there's nothing you can do about it. It isn't always due to poor training. And laughably small dogs can be vicious, too. Pitbulls aren't the only dog-on-dog attack offenders. There are many lovely pitbulls, and some not-so-lovely dogs whose breed has a good reputation.

Rap541 said...

Btw its kind of hilarious you're suggesting I'm not objective. I'm the one currently saying pets shouldn't be in your lap while driving, whether its Jacob and Isobel or Jeremy and Auj.

It's only a matter of time before he viciously attacks some innocent person and that will not end well not only for the victim but for Isabel and Moose himself

How is Paula being objective here, Kelly? Is there any indication that Moose has ever done anything like this? Viciously and randomly bitten a person due to well... being owned by Isobel? And if you genuinely want to put information out there then people are going to ask you where you got it so perhaps you should calm down. I'm actually willing to hear about these vicious attacks you're claiming have happened.

Rap541 said...

Also Paula? Since you're insisting Matt is a responsible pet owner, I trust you're willing to say he was responsible when he left on vacation without knowing where his dog was for days and you agree with him that it's *funny* that the dog was locked in a room for three days and visibly lost weight from the ordeal?

Because that's yet another reason why I cite Matt and Amy as irresponsible pet owners. And there's Jeremy at 21 smiling like a douche and taking pictures as his buddy Mueller throws the pet cat.

Paula, was that a responsible pet owner? Or a nasty asshole? Or was Jer-Bear walking in Jesus's footsteps then so merrily enjoying the cat abuse was clean Christian fun? And of course, at 21, Jermey was still a baby brained little boy, as blameless and innocent as a baby because he just wasn't adult enough to know better?

PJ said...

Matt posted a really sweet picture with Jacob praising him and Isobel (who took the photo) for the great people they are.

Greg said...

PJ, Jacob must be after more money.

Seriously, Jacob is such a phony, hypocrite and two-faced fool. It doesn't make Matt look good either.

Let's look at the facts from what JACOB has said.

He said he was being "f*cked out of money". I know Jacob and his defenders try to cowardly suggest because he was vague and refused to explain his comments after his attention seeking tweet, that he didn't say it was his parents, and maybe he was only mad at TLC (highly doubtful TLC would be in the position to screw him out of money) most reasonable people conclude that he meant his parents.

In ranting about the issue of kids being on reality TV shows, he said parents use their kids for ratings and money. Therefore, he's saying Matt and Amy used him because they cared more about ratings.

He has said LPBW is completely fake. Matt and Amy are executive producers.

He said the Roloffs are playing characters are noting like what they portray on the show. Matt and Amy have said during interviews that what viewers see of their personalities is real and authentic.

No, I don't see a picture on Matt's social media of Jacob and Matt and think "how sweet".

I think what a bunch of hypocritical users.

If you believe Jacob, Matt is a scumbag who would steal from his own kid, force him to be on a show he hated, lie about it in public, and is complete fraud who is pretending to be someone he's not while all the time telling the public he's real...yet Jacob will pose for pictures smiling with daddy knowing it's intended for that audience.

Jacob has absolutely no character or integrity. Either shut up and stop making comments for attention seeking purposes or stand behind those opinions and let the people involved deal with the consequences.

The Roloffs are a bunch of shitty people all around. Jacob, the son who will throw his family under the bus...multiple times, but he likes running around the farm, so he will always be there to pose for smiling picture on your Facebook Fan Page and Matt who will do anything for money and PR image so he will let his son shit on him as long as he gets the smiling happy father son picture.

PJ said...

If you think for one nano second that The Golden Couple wouldn't turn on Matt and Amy just wait. When the farm is shared equally they'll hire a bus so fast Amy won't know what hit her (since they disapprove of everything she's done lately).

Timothy said...

Jacob's hypocrisy or his complete unawareness of his own family's history astounds me sometimes. I do think there's a disconnect between Jacob scoffing at fans calling the show fake and his family that he loves, lies, and pretends to be people they aren't, then he happily has a great time with the frauds.

Today Jacob is retweeting a Black Lives Matter activist tweet about "White kids" from a Christian school debating with each other whether they should say "n*gger" or "n*gga".

I assume Jacob wants people to think he's disgusted by the "white kids". I wonder if Jacob tweeted that while sitting around the campfire by brother Jer.

Does anyone think that the hypocrisy even enters Jacob's mind? I think, in typical Roloff fashion, he is completely oblivious to the Roloffs own actions.

Rap541 said...

Actually Timothy I find this sort of argument hilarious.

Does it apply to other Roloffs?

I'm told over and over that proud Christians like Jeremy and Audrey aren't to be taken to task for not speaking out against the evil in their lives called Jacob Roloff beyond "we're mildly disappointed"

Help me out here - Isn't it hypocritical of Jeremy to praise his brother and not speak out against the drug use and atheism that Jeremy as a proud Christian man should abhor?

I actually completely agree with you that Jacob needs to look to his own house and is being hypocritical.

Will anyone agree with me that Jeremy and Audrey are hypocrits deserving the public scorn as they are completely oblivious to the Roloff family actions?

Or shhhhh Jacob is a HYPOCRIT WE HATE but we're just mildly disappointed in those AWESOME CHRISTIANS WE LOVE, JER AND AUJ! No one better say nuthin' but "I LOVE JEREMY AND AUJ" cause if you you dio, you hatin' and lyin'!

Hypocrisy is hypocrisy. If you genuinely have a problem with Jacob not chiding his brother Jeremy for Jeremy's racist hatescpeech, then you should have an equal problem with Jeremy not chiding brother Jacob for his atheism and drug use.

If your issue is *really* about hypocrisy...

J45 said...

Greg, my family doesn't take pictures for Facebook, but I don't think what Matt and Jacob did was all that unusual. Hypocritical? Sure, but I mean… they're family. I put up with a lot in my family that I definitely wouldn't with the rest of the population, because I love them; I don't think that's unusual either. And I don't think Matt has a private Facebook. I don't see the big deal of Matt posing with his son on Facebook just because they have some issues and don't see eye-to-eye on everything. Would you criticize Matt equally for posting pictures of Rocky on Facebook? — he said he wanted to shoot Rocky with a shotgun. He (and the rest of the family) locked Rocky in a closet for 3 DAYS. Isn't it hypocritical for the Roloffs to profess how much they loved & cherished their dog if they did many things COUNTER to that impression? Or is this a different matter altogether for you?

Megan said...

I am really fed up with Jacob and Isabel. I can't stand them. They are so obnoxious and attention seeking brats.

Like others have said, Jacob throws his family under the bus, multiple times, implies they're thieves and phonies, but when it comes time to smile for a public Instagram pic, there's Jacob to smile with Ma and Pa.

Isabel, I vomited at her attempt for sympathy when making excuses for what people have noticed with her dramatic attention seeking mood swings. My life is awesome, I love everyone! My life is awful! Everyone sucks!

She tries to write a "deep" post and get sympathy for it when all she is really doing is trying to get attention.

I also threw up a little with the Amy/Isabel/Jacob love fest. How sweet. Mom who Jacob implied stole his money and told the world she was scum that cared more about her ratings than what he wanted as a child.

It's pathetic how there isn't anybody who will stand up to these jerks. Amy posts a picture with her "wonderful crew"...yeah the people who Jacob inferred were soulless zombies who only cared about their job preservation.

Kelly said...

Megan, I think Jacob is going heavy on the drug use. Some of his tweets make no sense at all. Totally incoherent. Someone even commented on the fact that he makes no sense.

But hey, at least he fell off his electric skateboard, lol.

Connor said...

Jacob still retweeting the hate group Black Lives Matter "leaders".

I don't know what's worse. Those "BLM" racists or the rich white kids like Jacob who think they are being cool by cheering them on. Dumb idiots. They don't even realize those black people hate them because they're white.

I notice Jacob (like most liberals) had nothing to say about the video of the black "protesters"(rioters) viciously beating a white guy in parking garage. Or the fact that Scott's brother said "All white people are devils".

Anonymous said...

Connor has a crush on Jacob, I think.

Caitlyn said...

Connor, I totally agree. Jacob is so irresponsible in what he tweets. Too bad Jacob didn't go to Charlotte for the so-called protest. These white kids are too dumb to realize those protesters hate white people. Stop being poloitcally correct.

Denise said...

Why isn't Rap541 pointing out Jacob's failed blog on Medium? His last entry was almost 1 year ago. Wasn't that how he was going to show case his brilliant writing skills? I guess he's too clever for his own good.

Anita said...

If Jacob no longer has a contract for Little People, Big World, how does he make money? He doesn't have a job, right? Is his parents still supporting him?

Rap541 said...

Denise - when the blog originally started I criticized it for seeming a tad pretentious. Since he's not whining how it's his career and never claimed it was a professional attempt to monetize his blog writing.... it's basically a failed hobby.

I suspect you're attempting to imply I am treating the two differently but actually unlike the Jeremy fans who started with "JEREMY HAS CREATED A BLOG AND IN GODS NAME IT IS SUCCESSFUL AND ANYONE WHO SAYS DIFFERENT HATES HATES OH GOD HOW THEY HATE!" when Jeremy created, I actually wasn't exactly nice about Jacob's medium blog. I said his writing was pretentious and dull.

If I said that about Jeremy's blogging, would you say I was complimenting Jeremy?

And since the response to "Jeremy's blog has obviously failed since he failed update it for a year" was "OMG RAP YOU HATER I HATE YOU! JEREMY IS JUST... SHUT UP I HATE YOU!" then what incentive do I have to mention Jacob's boring blog about philosophy?

Denise - this is yet again an argument of how you've put Jeremy on a pedestal so high you don't see the reality. The reality was that I was fairly critical of Jacob's blog and therefore there's no reason to drag it up. I was, when it initially came out, only mildly critical of the and my mild criticism that it wasn't updating and was dull was met with a full blast "OMG YOU HATER JEREMY'S BLOG IS INSTANTLY SUCCESSFUL YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" so yes, a year later when Jeremy's "successful" blog clearly isn't, I am absolutely going to rub your faces in the dog dirt and demand you show me Jeremy's successes that you shit on me for... because you shit on me over them. People like you insisted Jeremy's golifeorbust blog was a success and I was wrong and now you're wrong and you can't be big enough to admit it because you've got Jeremy up on a pedestal.

For your argument to be valid, I would have had to have said that Jacob's blog was going to be successful... and that never happened because I assumed it was his yanking the chain of people who bitch about him. And I was right. And I am right about the golifeorbust blog and you can't handle that.

The best part? If you would just accept that not everything Jeremy does is precious and instantly successful, you wouldn't look like as ass for insisting it was. That is btw, why I took a wait and see position on Jacob's blog.

Rap541 said...

Anita - maybe you should ask his parents?

As it is, if he's no longer on the show, is it really your business how he supports himself?

Kelly said...

Anita's question is a fair one. It's human interest. If I see a dishwasher driving a Porsche I wonder how that person can afford it.

It's completely reasonable to wonder how no job Jacob supports himself.

Anita, Jacob blackmailed his parents in giving him money now from when he was on the show as a kid. Also, Isabel's mother died so she has inheritance money. Neither one of them has the drive or motivation to earn THEIR OWN MONEY.

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