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Little People, Big World, New Episode Tuesday July 12th on TLC

Here are reviews/recaps of the new episode of Little People, Big World that aired on TLC Tuesday July 12, 2016.

Review Written By Rap541

I continue to find Matt’s protests on how he doesn’t deserve to live in the double wide hilarious. On a rewatch, I see he is all “I want to make this more comfortable for my friends”… Ok, bitch please. Seriously now, who here has ever refused to visit a friend over whether or not the floors in the house were hard wood or laminate? I mean, really.

I also sort of love how Tory is all “How *long* will it take to fix the gate if your dad and Jeremy are involved?”Bonus footage! Amy hangs out with her dog and ponders her tattoo plans. Seriously, that was all.

Matt made a point of being annoyed by Amy’s tat. My thought is “Matt, you don’t have to look at it” In a bonus scene, Tory totally mocks how slow the gate work is happening and how the plywood is unattractive at best. Also Jeremy’s hair is awful. To be fair, this is a matter of personal taste. I’m not fond of the scruffy unshaven look either, and the man bun look really isn’t my taste. If this is Audrey’s taste and her insistence, I wonder if she’s worried about girls finding him attractive, because this isn’t a great look.

Apparently Amy is out to date. Amy wanders into the Roloff office in a black leather jacket. Or maybe it’s faux leather? Matt wants to buy a new atv thing and Amy questions whether that’s actually necessary. It’s a one seater vehicle and oh hey Matt may have already bought. Amy is annoyed but good humored since I assume its actually a trade out, as it’s clearly not a necessary purchase in any way. This is a “oh hey, we don’t want to show anything real” storyline. The new ATV is cool looking in a militant “I’m more sporty than useful” way. Amy decides to drive it and it’s basically a road warrior sort of thing. Amy loves it and lays claim to it. Oh but look, now we’re building a track and having a competition over who gets the new vehicle. Matt needs something to do for the episode and really he’s rather superfluous without this storyline. Matt of course needs Jeremy to come on down. Matt continues to insist that the atv is a farm vehicle. I really want to see some vaguely farming activity attempted with this atv. Because its NOT a working atv.

Amy has her  friends over for fancy snacks and wine. Amy is all “this is always all girls and I need cock” and her friend Deb is like “Let’s go look for cock! And pokemon!” More seriously she suggests online dating which frankly is a good thing – a close wonderful, Christian friend of mine met her beloved husband thru online dating and they were a genuine love match

So Jer and Auj have the cat loose in the car because that’s cute and not safe. Point – there’s a reason most of us don’t have cats lose in our cars and it’s similar to the reason you shouldn’t text and drive, it’s a distraction. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a pet on a trip but pet carriers exist for a reason. Auj is helping Ellen plan a wedding and is now styling herself a wedding planner. 

Jeremy makes a show of pretending how he’s never seen or heard of the tat before. It’s pretty fake.

Jeremy continues to moan holy smokes. Auj is like wearing a sweatshirt as a dress and it’s very very short. It’s so short if Tory was wearing it, people would be calling her a whore… but since Auj was wearing it, I assume its church appropriate.

Hey here’s a thought. Why are Auj and OfAuj living in Bend and attending a “home church” when they could be living in Hillsboro where OfAuj could present himself every day to Daddy Matt to “learn about the farm” and driving with the kitty loose in the car? My goodness, these two precious Christians could be sitting in the front row of John Mark Comer’s church every week. Heck, they’d have more time to be at Matt’s beck and call and more time for their friends weddings too!

Auj heads off to wedding plan because she’s building a wedding planning business, along with the marital blog and the barre3 instructing and also this Ellen wants her to plan the wedding and be the maid of honor. Which technically isn’t right as Auj is married and is now a matron of honor but really it’s all silly. It also feels a bit fake.

Amy meanwhile sorta has a date with a whole bunch of firemen? And is going to do her hair? Molly is coming home?

Matt and Jeremy are “building a track” for the time trials because this isn’t ridiculous and forced. The tiny atv is driven by Jer and he promptly tips it over. AND COMMERCIAL.

I really just have to interject that I miss how Craw Craw no longer comes to this website because I would adore pointing out how her insistence that Jeremy was too good a driver to have an accident was, as I stated years ago, pretty stupid.

Jeremy notes “Yup I flipped it”. Basically, he was driving too fast on mud.

Auj is now the wedding expert and is picking out stuff and I die of boredom since really, I am not a wedding person.

Matt meanwhile has been building a track for *Jeremy* as Matt is totally concerned about Jeremy’s safety. They drive the much heavier larger ATV thing over it. Jeremy notes how worried he is about Matt’s neck. You all remember how Matt was telling the family in 2010 that he needed surgery in six months and was risking being paralyzed? I sense we’re in for a whine fest.

Auj is dress shopping with Ellen because no one in the family really wants to be on the show or display their actual lives. I mean, even you Auj lovers, do you really care about Auj’s never before mentioned friend Ellen getting married? I mean, Jeremy’s wife’s friend who has never been on the show before or ever mentioned?

Oh a commercial for Star Trek Beyond. Unity in diversity, infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

So Matt has pissed away money and time making a track for a one time race and everyone has to drive slow since it’s dangerous and tippy at fast speeds. Everyone including Amy notes how his neck is bad. Everyone insists and Matt insists on risking his life and I don’t like pointing out how this seemed faked for the camera but it does seem pretty fake. Now Matt quits, conceding he isn’t willing to take the risk and everyone else races. Jeremy notes how he likes racing Zach because it’s so fair, and Zach is ahead and wins? Yup, and Jer wanders off with little comment other than how that he manfully wrecked up previously might have stayed his hand.

Molly wanders in to mention how she graduates soon and is studying for her CPA exam. She’s clever, that’s a tough exam. Molly is pro-Amy dating. Amy shows her tat off. Molly is all “Mom got a huge tat!”

More Auj planning the wedding for Ellen. I like that Auj is happy about marriage but honestly it becomes a little one note. Especially when Jer and Ellen’s boyfriend are exchanging info on marriage on camera and no one cares because no one knows Ellen and Nolan?

Amy is getting her hair done at a fancy salon. AND COMMERCIAL

I check other boards and yes, people are expressing their displeasure at how the show seems to be about a wedding that no one cares about.

Amy’s hair is nice.

Molly is graduating soon and is chatting with Tory and Amy wanders in with her new sassy self. Molly seems very supportive. Amy is off to her night on the town. Pal Lisa is all “You look awesome, find a new man!” and she chats up the band. Lisa announces how this is her first night out. She digs Dan, the bald guy. Lisa basically offers to double date. . It’s kind of nice to see her be happy.

Next week we have a birthday party for Tory and of course endless “I might be crippled” drama from Matt.


Written By Podge/Rodge groupie


Throughout this entire episode, I was waiting for the late Graham Chapman to come marching out in his uniform, baton in one hand, the other waving and saying, 'Alright, that's enough! No more of this now. You are being silly. This has to stop right now. It has become far too silly!” Unfortunately, any sketch from his former band of silly men that he walked into were much, much better than what we saw in this episode.

Cold opening in Matt's office. This act has become silly. It's clear that Amy knew all along, agreed before, and this is all a tired act that these two want to perpetuate for reasons that I personally cannot fathom. Matt's just can't get away from his childish writing “Matt, check, Amy, check, motion passes.” And if that ins't infantile enough, Matt still insists that getting his new toy will bring Zach and Jer to the farm more often to hang with their old man. They. Are. Married. They. Have. Their. Own. Lives. You. Silly. Twit. I am going to go out an limb and guess that Matt is really, actually that self-centered and possessive that he could not care less about his sons lives, as long as they give glory to him. Because if this is acting, Matt has again no recognition of what a complete jerk he is portraying to the viewing public. Of course, Spoiled Jer is going to think the same thing as Matt.

Amy is spewing about herself. Again. She's going to start stepping out. Auj and Spoiled ofAuj show up at the farm. Again. Jeremy's acting is a bad as his dad's. Plus, Jeremy is so stupid he can't grasp the intent of the tattoo. Not silly, stupid. There's useless show filler because of lack of real things happening, like Amy having friend's over, getting her hair done (product placement) and showing Tori And Molly. Did anyone catch Molly's look after she took the photo of her mom? Sort of “How much of this is for the show, mom?” and “Boy, the lengths my mom will go for the show.” and “I can't believe any of this” look. Great. Amy goes out and socializes. I'm really really tired of her talking about herself, and the divorce and her second act. She does like to talk about herself. Well, enough of Amy.

Audrey helps her friend with her wedding plans. Complete lack of storyline or real events happening with the Roloff family.

Matt and Spoiled Jer make up a track. Jer tips the ATV. HEY did anyone else notice that, when this was shown as a clip during commercials, that there was screaming in the background when Jer tipped the ATV? Guess what? There was nobody there! And as far as I'm concerned the ATV tip was comedy at its best. Why did the film crew keep filming, instead of helping Spoiled jer? And we saw how daddy Matt first made sure he got his face entered in the shot of his gopro mounted on his mule, then drives down and SITS in his mule, asking Jer is he's alright? Way to go, dad.

A Day at The Races (I don'r care how many Marx brothers I upset, this was just as silly) is here. Matt was at his best, 'I'm awesome, I can do this, even with my screwed up neck' self. And don't forget 'I'm such a victim, but I'll be awesome anyway' or however you'd like to put it. Matt, there are better, more sincere, more serious ways to educate the viewers about your disability without the syrupy make-it-all-about-you blathering on and on. I'm not sure if the bantering between Spoiled Jer and daddy Matt about Matt's driving the course was to be the fake drama of this week's episode, because the ATV turnover didn't make the grade there. I'm wondering as Matt and Spoiled Jer made the track, how much time they got to practice, thus leaving Amy, Zach, Tori et al with NO laps to practice on the track while the other two did? Typical Roloff fairness. They race. They all lived happily ever after. Thank goodness, the end.


MurphtheSurf3 said...

I liked LPBW from the start in no small part because the show seemed to change significantly as its main players moved through their lives. While I recognize that NO Reality TV Program is REALLY REAL....they are all produced (and thus manipulated) BUT LPBW's representation of the life of the Roloff Family seemed to be more authentic in its feel and in reports from behind the scenes from blogs like this one. Its rebirth as a drama about a family where the kids (who we got to see grow up) are no longer kids but young adults with lives that exist apart from the parent but are still very much connected to the family is refreshing and has that same sense of being genuine. The twins are nearby with their spouses and are very much invested in seeing the family farm continue and prosper while navigating their parents divorce. Younger brother is at a distance, somewhat estranged from the family over grievances that he believes to be genuine. Younger sister is a bit closer but clearly does not see the farm as essential to her future. I rather admire how Amy and Matt are handling their divorce....finding ways to create a different relationship as a way of honor "their farm" and respecting their children. I have never written a comment here but several episodes into the 2016 season I was moved to say how much I appreciate the show.

Jocelynn said...

" I wonder if she’s worried about girls finding him attractive, because this isn’t a great look."

Rap, I think you hit the nail on the head about the reason for Jeremy's less than stellar look that he has going right now.

We already know that Audrey is insanely jealous with all the "marrieds can't be friends with the opposite sex, marrieds shouldn't have lunch with a co-worker of the sex". Although in fairness, Jeremy might have given her reason to be concerned as I remember the flirtatious Jeremy always groping different girls at the LPA drunken fests and free cruises.

It's possible Jeremy just isn't aging well now that he is 26, but I think he could look a little better than Audrey has him looking.

Ashley said...

@Rap, the thought that kept running through my mind the entire time was "WHAT THE HELL DOES AUDREY AND ELLEN have to do with LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD.

I know the show hasn't really had anything to with Little People since season 2, but this was a new low.

An episode that largely centered on 2 attractive, healthy, able bodied, privileged 20 something girls who aren't even Roloffs or at least an original Roloff! I kept on asking myself, is this really part of LPBW?? Did a new show start and I missed the intro??

Stop It, Please said...

Okay, even allowing for this being scripted TV, you have to believe some truths sneak in at some level.

The entire episode really showed that Jeremy’s sole interest is playing around on the farm and otherwise doing nothing productive, like earning a real living. On the other hand, clearly Audrey is spear-heading the drive to take over the farm and turn it into some sort of business that would make her the breadwinner of the house. That the entire episode was mostly a long infomercial for a business Audrey seems to want to start seems to confirm that as otherwise spend all that time with the two non-Roloffs? Nothing at all wrong with the female taking the lead from a gender equality point of view,though how that fits in with their purportedly conservative religious views might be another question, rather just making clear who has grown up and who is still 15 despite chronology.

Then there is the “farm vehicle” ATV. Seriously? I wonder if that is going to be a “business expense” at tax time. Or does it count as income since TLC no doubt paid for it. I would love for the IRS to check into that.

And then there is the time trial “track.” Remember how PO’ed Matt was when Amy dared to drive over his rough grass cover land. Apparently not a problem to plow it up as long as you have a shiny new toy truck. If you are going to script a show, you really need continuity checking.

Ecossais said...

Ashley - I said a long time ago that Audrey was determined to worm her way into the show. Maybe that is why she married/snared her boring lazy husband?

Lonnie said...

What stood out to me was Matt getting pissy that Amy got mud on the new atv the first time she drove it, but fast forward to Jeremy flipping it and it was like, no big deal.

Ecossais said...

If the dealer who supplied the new ATV (Farm vehicle according to Matt)comped or heavily discounted it for the promo they must be disappointed at Jeremy's demonstration of how unstable it is.

Anonymous said...

Well another episode where Matt whines about not seeing the boys that often, and then has to buy another new toy and plan something fun so that they will come to the farm again. Also noticed that Jer shows up AFTER all the work has been done building the race track. At least this week Jer didn't talk about his rightful position to be granted the farm eventually. That was left to scheming Auj who apparently now wants to build a wedding planning business once she and Jer move back to the farm at that still undecided time frame.
Another episode where Auj has a drink in her hand in each scene. Am sure that tampon flask she bought is being used quite regularly.
Another episode where Tori supports and encourages her manchild husband. Without the LPBW monies, can't imagine her staying with a 26 y/o man who acts like he's 8.
Another episode where Amy wonders about discovering life after divorce. Last week a tattoo. This week a new color and hairdo, discovering a fireman's bar band with the usual "my life totally revolves around Amy" Lisa, and being surrounded by an obviously staged gaggle of men.
Another episode of seeing assorted Roloff family friends who have never been seen or mentioned before, primarily.
At least an episode with Molly. Seems Amy doesn't know too much about Molly's life.."oh, you're still working?" But so nice to see a Roloff child with intelligence, drive, ambition and who actually wants to work and have a career.

Hannah said...

The show seems to be so heavily scripted this season it's hard to decipher what is real and what is being sold to the viewer as real. The "Amy goes to a bar" scene was laughable in it's fake premise...all those men just came up to Amy and introduced themselves just because it was Amy? Really? Give me a break...the whole Jeremy and Audrey coming home to the farm every week seems to be their audition for a spin off series about their blog and wedding planning business that they want to do once they take over the farm...something they both mention over and over again...their greed and entitlement knows no bounds. For two people that don't have jobs they certainly have a lot of chutzpah.

Sunshine29 said...

Ashley- I couldn't agree with you more. Focusing on Audrey and her friend just really lost my interest and the point of the entire show.

Does anyone know if Amy is estranged from her own family? On the show and even on her instagram, she never mentions her family. I would think with the changes in her life with the divorce you would expect sibling and parent support. Maybe they don't want to film, but to never mention them seems strange to me.

Does Matt just have a full time staff at the farm do to his bidding? Building the track and then smoothing down the trail was done quick. I wonder when Jeremy takes over the farm he will keep up Matt's tradition of paying others to do all the work, and then have the family show up to film.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I have my own personal bias in that I simply prefer a clean cut guy, so I just don't care for the scruffy "I don't feel like shaving" look, or the man bun look simply because I haven't seen a man yet that really doesn't look like an idiot with it. It's just not a great look for him.

PJ said...

who the hell does Golden Jer think he is? He just about pulled Matt out of the go kart by the scruff of his neck. He has no business talking to any adult that way. And the look on his face at Amy's tattoo was priceless.

Jenny said...

I'm beginning to wonder more than ever if this show is headed to a spin-off series on the married twins and their lives. Centering on Audrey and her friend, who never was even mentioned by name before this even in the Jeremy and Audrey wedding episodes is way off track and off base. If the show got to that, being the Audrey and Jeremy Show, who aren't even little people, I will tune out for good. Audrey is so full of herself and annoying I couldn't bear to watch her for more than a minute. Of course Zach and Tori would also have to be featured in the spin-off or the name of the show would have to completely change.

But yeah, Ashley, LPBW has stooped to an all-time low.

Danielle said...

Some observations:

The Ellen thing is just so we can see that Audrey wants to be a wedding planner and here is proof that this is going to be a legitimate business, viewers!!! So ridiculous. Whatever Audrey can do that is fun and can make money tagging along on the Roloffs' coattails works for her.

I don't care for Amy's hair color. When women age, dark here tends to point out the less-rosy, more pasty complexion. It makes her face look older and she's more wrinkled than she should be in her early fifties.

I'd watch a show based on Molly but not one based on Jeremy and Audrey. Molly is smart and nice and objective. Probably why she has less to do with the show. It'll be interesting to see if she returns home now that she's out of school or not. I think not as, looking at the family social media accounts, she obviously did not move back home. Good for her!

Do people who get divorced in their fifties ever think about what their lives will be like in their sixties or seventies and if and when they get sick? A lot of women who divorce at that age never remarry and end up sad and alone. Matt, on the other hand, has a lot of women after him. Amy even made a comment about this on one of the interview shows. Why aren't we seeing him out dating? Could it be that he actually is seeing someone and that's not good PR for the show. But let's send this new-and-improved Amy out there!

_Liz said...

Haha! You're exactly right. Maybe the wedding segment is supposed to represent the "BW" in LPBW. I'm glad the show has got that covered. ◔_◔

Happy said...

"they must be disappointed at Jeremy's demonstration of how unstable it is. Ecossais made me pee all over myself, well done!

Ecossais said...

I used to sort of like Matt because of his energy and imagination but I can't stand him after this episode.

Called Amy to his office to tell her he "wants" a new farm vehicle and wants approval under their agreement about spending money. She is not enthusiastic so then he tells her she can see it when something he HAS ALREADY BOUGHT is delivered. He then smirks at how wonderful he is at getting what he wants.
On top of that he claims that a horrible one seat ATV is a farm vehicle because it has a towing hitch. Then he has the gall to prove how much he needs another ATV by driving up in one when it is delivered.
Is this real, scripted or is he just an asshole???

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

OK, my review is in, and there might now that much 'there', but it reflects the episode reviewed. I wouldn't agree with both twins being 'close' to the farm as Bend is a three hour drive. WHY Spoiled Jer lives in Bend is a mystery to many of us to this day.

I'm still wondering what the Roloffs or TLC hope to achieve by the portrayals being offered up on national TV about the family and the show. As it sits now, the images are certainly not something I would be parading around with a banner and brass band in front of the whole world. Not too favorable.

I've yet to see another reviewer other than myself and the always entertaining Rap541 (you go girl!) offering up any inspired insight in the episodes presented. 'Anne J. Bailey' offered what she considered insight, but of course it had nothing whatsoever to do with the episode as presented. Further, There has not been very many, "Audrey is a woman of christ!" and "Jeremy deserves the farm in its entirety" comments from people who before had regularly posted on this blog. Funny that.

Hey Ecossais, you should change your comment to "they must be disappointed at Jeremy's demonstration of how unstable he is." Let's tell it like it is.

Claire said...

Dale Partridge (self made millionaire) and a couple who have successful blogs (unveiled wife/husband is their blog name and instagrams, I believe) who also run in Dales circle, live in Bend. I'm assuming they moved to Bend to make connections and associate themselves with successful entrepreneurs and cozy on up to them. Plus Bend seems to be a big outdoor playground/ vacation spot. So seems Bend is a really good place to live and *ahem* work for a young "ordinary" couple in their mid twenties.

Ecossais said...

Podge - I like your suggestion.

It seems like the Anne-ites are now too busy bashing Jacob on the separate thread Spirits has kindly provided thereby sparing the people commenting on the show from all that BS.

Once upon a fan said...

My mother use to watch this show with me seven years ago. I was talking to her on the phone Tuesday night, while the show was on in the background. She was surprised that the show was still on. I reminded her, that seven years ago she made predictions and comments about the family. Seven years ago she thought:

She wasn't a fan of Amy. She never understood what Amy did during the day when the children were gone cause the house was filthy. She always stated Matt and Amy would divorce once the children were gone.

She saw all three boys as having no drive or ambition. My mom said, none of those children except the girl will graduate college. With Jeremy and Zack she said I hope they save their money cause all they will do is probably coach high school soccer.

We had a good laugh, cause my mom totally called it seven years ago.

Rap541 said...

Once upon a fan, hilarious isn't it?

My prediction for Jeremy was that he'd be working for Daddy Matt since everything else was hard and look...

Rap541 said...

And then there is the time trial “track.” Remember how PO’ed Matt was when Amy dared to drive over his rough grass cover land. Apparently not a problem to plow it up as long as you have a shiny new toy truck. If you are going to script a show, you really need continuity checking.

And this is why being around Matt isn't the extra special treat that everyone thinks it is.

I mean really, he chided his wife like a *child* for screwing around on the ATVs, openly disrespecting her in public and making it clear she's a little dumbass who needs to ask permission to use her own property since what she did was SO AWFUL... Awful Amy Shit Person!

Then he goes on and on about how goddamn awesome he is to consult and share decisions when *its Amy who wants someone*.

But Matt wants a snazzy new atv?* Matt gets it, and then makes a public game of asking Amy about it, and then merrily smirks and disrespects her publically by noting that he's got the penis so he's already made the decision and he's just led his wife through a stupid farce.

Tell me, Christians, especially you women Christians, what Matt acting like a good man there?

Now the Christians won't answer at all, they always sit silent when it's blindingly obvious that one of the chosen Roloffs - Matt, Audrey of the inappropriate clothes, and LackWitted Baby Brains Jer the Boy Forever- has displayed a flaw, but really, Matt's an asshole to people.

Seriously, folks, you know why he's whining about living in a double wide? Because he likes being able to brag about living in a million dollar house - I do indeed recall Matt making that point on line to the "haters" that *he* lived in a million dollar house. Now he's living in a double wide. Heck, I don't even live in a double wide. Matt is irritated by that otherwise nice house because he thinks less of people who live in doublewide trailers.

Ecossais said...

My more recent prediction was that the Golden couple will not beat 50% unless TLC continues this charade and they inherit/move on to the farm soon so that Auj can get all the TV exposure she craves.
I am sure that becoming a famous Roloff is the only reason she married the world's most boring lazy guy.

Rap541 said...

Ecossais - I try not to go there about either marriage because there's always a lot we don't see and any new marriage is likely to have its moments. Its also tough out there.

That said, it's pretty accepted at this point that reality shows and marriages don't mix. I don't think Matt and Amy's marriage fell apart because of the show, but I do think it added a lot of unneeded pressure to the marriage and I also think the need to maintain the fa├žade took its toll. So I don't think Jer and Auj or Zach and Tory are doing themselves any favors by televising their marriages. I also don't think Jer and Auj are doing themselves any favors by marketing themselves as marital advisors particularly when they seem a bit brittle on screen. Unfortunately no matter how they deny it, they are presenting themselves as experts, they *want* people to follow their advise, and that also means they are putting a bullseye on their own marriage when they display it as an example.

granny goodwitch said...

has Matt never heard of an Estate Planner? Any competent Estate lawyer can help him figure out who gets the farm, when, where, how, etc. I mean, really, the man is such an idiot. The last thing he should do is give it to Jer. He really hasn't the mental capacity to handle it. It's a fact, we all know it. Matt and Amy have FOUR children last time I counted. Why not sell it or give it to Molly? She seems to be the only one with a functioning mind.

Ecossais said...

I have to assume that all the hospital preview drama about the risk of Matt being paralyzed is fake because it was some time ago and if he was paralyzed we would have heard about it on other media.
Add the nearly ruined "surprise" birthday party drama.
This show has really lost its way.

Hannah said...

I also wanted to point out that a few episodes ago Matt was angry that Amy had a party on the farm with her girlfriends and put donuts on the property with a mule.....then this last episode he took a tractor to a field and made a racetrack...seems a little hypocritical.

Sherry Pallo said...

I wonder if the Matt has considered molly and Jacob's want or need of the farm...Yes Jeremy WANTS it, Zach wants to visit...What do the other two think.? Would be interesting to see. .

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Ecossais, Matt had surgery June 13th, and flew home on June 28th. I'm not sure if these dates were after the season's filming was wrapped or not.