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Little People, Big World: New Episode July 19, 2016

Here are reviews of the new episode of Little People, Big World which aired on July 19, 2016 on TLC.


Review Written By Rap541

So bonus scenes from last week…. So I think the extended flipping sequence is new? Or maybe I just didn’t care about the stupid danger? OMG did you know it was two years since Auj was married and that’s ALL SHE EVER ACCOMPLISHED? Bless her heart! 

 Also really? Matt and Camerino tore up the entire field because Jeremy tipped the dangermobile? Is Jeremy babbling about the track new?

Oh the bonus footage is Jer and Auj having coffee with “Ellen” and “Of Ellen”. It’s really boring except where Ellen mocks Romani dress styles…. Apparently Jer and Auj made mistakes? That they never outline? Its dull. 

But Jazz has met a boy so there’s that…. God Bless the Christian programmers who bring us Jazz the transgender girl dating a boy :D

Another bonus scene is Molly? Returning home and is studying for her CPA exam and also works… is Molly a Roloff? Molly and Amy pick out dresses and Amy wants to dress Molly up. Molly is all “I just wear clothes!” But it’s kind of fun watching Amy and Molly get sassy in shopping.

We start with Zach wandering in to the big house. Tory is gonna be 25 and that’s a HUGE deal in a family that has to televise events. And look, Zach is planning an on camera surprise party. And of course the party will be on the farm because that’s easier for filming. Amy notes how Zach needs a good gift beyond the party. She has a point. I am not very girly but there’s certain things you expect.

Meanwhile….. The pirate ship has rotted from abandonment. And it’s being torn down. I am genuinely surprised we don’t have Jer there sobbing “NO DADDY NO!” like he does over everything. Instead we have skyping between Jer and Auj and Zach over the party.

So Jer and Zach are called out to the farm to tear down the pirate ship. There is some sadness and Matt tells them to pee off the bow one last time and then there’s the track hoe smashing shit.  Zach thinks they need a family celebration.

Now Matt is all about his neck pain. Amy is picking flowers and Matt notes her tat. And her hair. Matt is all “Change is good”. And also “I’m getting a cortisone shot and might be paralyzed” and “I’m not built for all the things I choose to do…!” and Amy wants to support but also is like “but we’re divorcing”.

Zach says Molly and Tory are besties and he wants Molly in on the surprise. But Molly has to hide!

Matt leaves for Los Angeles and we get the montage of Matt being in the hospital as a kid because we can’t not know how Matt is always suffering. Also somehow watching the pirate ship being torn down caused Matt physical pain. Matt says he doesn’t want the kids to worry as he prats on tv how he’s deteriorating and might be paralyzed.

Matt asks questions about the procedure. There’s a weird bulge but I get why he’s worried. I also sorta wonder if it’s so serious, why Jeremy James isn’t volunteering to be at Matt’s side. I mean, it’s not like he’s working. Also Matt needs surgery (which he’s had since).

Also… apparently poor Camerino is soon to be deported. Matt posted about it and surprisingly the major opinion is “If your manservant is an illegal alien, Matt Roloff, then he needs to trot his ass back to wherever he came, in Jesus’s name we pray!”

Matt tells Amy that he needs a neck fusion. Amy seems concerned. Jer and Zach show up to the farm so Matt can tell them dramatically about the neck surgery. Jer notes how it’s an interesting time for the farm! Jeremy heads off to tell Auj the news. No one including Jer and Auj seem to know how Matt will be cared for. Of course Jer thinks they should be on the farm, rallying for dad and of course THE FARM.

Zach rides the mower and Jeremy chides him for his mowing even tho Zach was just being helpful. Jeremy plans to make extra trips, not stand up like a man and offer to shoulder the burden as the chosen son but ok. Jeremy butchers paralysis.

Back to the dumb party that clearly no one really cares about. Tory is on her way and everyone is hiding shit. Tory gets to the house to “run Sully”. Then Jer and Auj come up with “isn’t it your birthday!” and Zach is all “Jeremy can be an airhead”.

Molly is sneaked in. Sully needs real training. This isn’t terribly interesting since it’s so forced.

So Tory is at lunch and everyone is bringing stuff and doing stuff. I kinda think Tory knows but that’s just me. Molly and Tory are very close. Then Molly gets told the pirate ship is gone. Matt leaves the party “because of his neck”. Zach takes Tory out on the mule to give her stuff. There’s jewelry. Then they do champagne. Its sweet.

However it was also pretty contrived and disjointed.

Next week! Molly seals her escape plan.


Review written by Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of Expect the unexpected, July 19

OK, we'll follow each storyline to make things easier for everybody.

Zach wants to throw a surprise party for Tori. He thinks that the party itself should serve just fine as a/the gift. Enabler Amy clues him in. Yet, Zach is impressed with himself about the idea of the party, and how he's such a good husband. Zach thinks he's an incurable romantic. Uh, Zach, penicillin was invented years ago, buddy. He Skpye's Auj and ofAuj. OfAuj's hair looks especially terrible today. Auj has strange tastes in dictating her hubby hairstyle. All proceeds along yadda yadda yadda until the day of, and Airhead Jer (AJ) shouts at Tori, 'Happy Birthday! It's today, isn't it?” But, instead of saying “D'oh!!” he tries yo explain away his obvious mistake (and yes it was a mistake) by saying, “I thought well, if I strategically mention Happy Birthday, then of course we aren't planning anything.” WHAT? Remember when Jer did not apologize for his racial slurs? Remember when Jer did not openly apologize for screwing up the photo printing before their big launch of whatever their website's called? Please, Jer, please take some responsibility. Please. Or at the very least, just stop thinking. And Tori was very impressed with her husband. The End.

The pirate ship is looking pretty ratty. Matt, after much waxing sort-of eloquent about the history and blah blah blah, he calls the twins over to watch him tear up the ship. Of course, the twins, who are still both horrible at acting, after all these years, try the “Whoa! Not so fast. Let's think about this.” There wasn't too much thinking, so after a very short period of time, Matt starts the destruction of the ship. The End.

Matt needs a Cortisone shot and has to make a final decision about surgery. Finally, some LP content on a series about LP's. Matt and Amy discuss things in a totally set up scene. You can't tell me Matt has not notice the hair and tatty before now, It's not like it's 12 hours after the girls' night out. Matt then goes on and on about his childhood and the surgeries and Matt is STILL BITTER. Give it up, Matt. For your own good, and the good of the people who listen to you. Matt and Amy discuss recovery a little bit early, as Matt doesn't go for the final pre-op consultation until the next episode. But hey, with the other two storylines, we have to find something to fill the hour.

Matt calls an office meeting with the twins. Dad need surgery. Jer thinks that's intense. Ooooohhh...Jer's being a real pistol this episode. Matt tells them they're looking for an opening within the next 6 months. Jer says he'd bee looking for an opening ASAP. Uh, Jer, they ARE looking for n opening ASAP, sometimes it will take up to six months to find one. Real pistol there, Jer. There's more conversation with Zach and some haybaling. The punchline of the episode - “It's an interesting time for everybody. I guess I'll be making a couple ,more trips to the farm, to prove that we're 'all-in'. So AJ, how many trips to the farm are you making now, and how can you possibly squeeze in MORE trips to the farm? Really.

Auj and AJ (Airhead Jer) chat. Again, not too sure about a 'neck brace for months' when the final consult has not been done. AJ makes the observation that if the surgeon has a tic or sneezes, this is not a “Oh, my surgery went wrong, I'll just walk differently for the rest of my life” this is a “Oh, my surgery went wrong, now I'm paralyzed.” Admittedly, this is a time that would weigh a little bit heavy on normal people. This is serious. However, Jer says, “Thanks babe (kiss). Let's get food. Do I have lipstick?” Terrible. Yeah, you really grasped the serious nature there, AJ.

WE go outside after Jer finds food (because the disgusting little pig is talking with his mouth full) and Zach is on the...........Land Pride????? What's this? What's this? What happened to the fantastic, fastest bestest of the best Dixie Chopper? Oh dear, here comes the Product Placement Nazi, waving his finger and screaming “No product placement for you!!!” Notice the realistic 'dynamic' here? Zach is trying to make a genuine effort to help on the farm by getting on the lawn mower. And AJ does nothing more than bitch and complain and put down Zach's work (with his mouth full) so it's easy to predict how much actual real work AJ will be contributing to, “With the whole (??) family working, it would ease his Matt's) mind.” You know, with AJ bleating about making extra trips to the farm, and all the pitching in he (claims he) will be doing, and the help he will be giving, although this was never mentioned, this would be the ONE time that Matt could sit there, madly waving his crutches and yelling. 'We could lose the farm!”

I still maintain the injection and future surgery was overdramatized, but only a bit. A friend of mine flew over the handlebars of a motorcycle he was test riding, and outright fractured C4 and C5, fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. He was 16 at the time, became a quadriplegic and has been confined ever since. The problems are indeed real, and the complications just as real. These are problems real LP's have. If Matt could have toned down the dramatics just a bit, and ended his bitterness over his childhood, this is the right storyline for this show. Without wishing anything bad on Matt. Except Jeremy coming to save the day. The End.


Angela said...

I'll admit I didn't watch this episode because I was watching the Republican National Convention. Vote Republican and we will win the White House. It is vital that a conservative appoints the Supreme Court judges. We need to put God back into the country, celebrate our Religious Freedoms, stomp out the homosexual agendas (and yes Rap541, that includes your immoral friends who are ruining a child's life by adopting him or her as per you, read the RNC platform, we will stop this from ruining lives. We will will the war with ISIS and radical Islamist terrorists. We will secure our boarders and get rid of illegal immigrants who are creating havoc.

Also Rap, about your comment about Matt's post about Camerino and the reaction to it, that is absolutely right. I generally like Matt and I understand his personal bias, but the law is the law. Matt is absolutely wrong. The people are right. If he is an illegal immigrant, send him back to Mexico. He should come to America LEGALLY. What is so hard to understand about that.

Thank the Lord of Audrey and Jeremy because they seem to be the only Roloffs lately willing to stand for Christian values and for right and wrong.

Benzie Harp said...

Shut the hell up with your American Taliban shyte Angela

PJ said...

Fun review Rap.
You mean in all the years Camerino has worked for Matt he never tried to get amnesty? It's not that hard to do. How much you wanna bet Matt never paid the employment taxes?
Matt's surgery is just the chance Golden Jer has been looking for to take over the farm.
I think Amy would have gone to LA if Matt had asked. And why didn't the Golden Couple go?

This is not the place for your bullcrap political opinion. It has nothing to do with LPBW. Same with the other warped shit you spewed. If you didn't see the episode YOU HAVE NOTHING TO POST ABOUT SO STFU.

Sunshine29 said...

Watching last night, however will Jeremy and Audrey find the time. Just going off her instagram, 7 months into 2016, they have gone on vacation to Hawaii, Santa Barbara, sailed the Virgin islands, Chicago, Nashville, and West Hollywood. Of course these vacations were in between their posts of skiing, roadtrips, and of course taking pictures of themselves. 6 big vacations in 7 months, and they act like they don't have time to help Matt with his recovery? They only come back to the farm to film.

Laura said...

Angela, I completely agree with you.

Take notice that Christians are voicing their displeasure and disagreement with the Roloffs when they espouse viewpoints that is not grounded in Christian values and the constitution.

If Camerino is going to be deported because he is in our country illegally, he needs to be deported back Mexico where he came from. There are laws that must be respected. Think about the legal immigrants who did it the right away. They waited their turn, while (perhaps) people like Camerino got into the country illegally (if that is true). I have no respect for that man if those are the actual facts, and I don't know that it is the case. However, if he is here illegally, get him out.

_Lizzy said...

Any episode with Molly is a nice change of pace. She seems "real", or at least not always 'on' for the cameras.
I found Jeremy's comment about helping out on the farm to help his Dad mentally, strange. Help him out mentally? Not sure what that meant. Working on the farm would help him out physically, mentally, and pretty much in every way possible.
I don't know. It was strange wording. I got the impression that he didn't really want to work, so much as just be emotional support. Which is fine... but actually working on the farm would make more sense for someone who seems to WANT THE FARM.

Anonymous said...

You mean Expressing their beliefs and then deleting and denying they ever said it after getting some negative backlash to protect their image. Yes, thank they Lord they stand strong in their convictions.

Ally said...

Sunshine29 is spot on.
They keep calling it "vacation". A vacation from what? They already live in a town that most vacation to, or have vacation homes in. What are they vacationing from?

Rap541 said...

Angela - my lesbian married friends are getting a baby this Friday. Because no Christian marrieds would step up. I mean really, I live in Arizona, hardly a liberal bastion and yet... huh.

I also watched the Republican convention tonight and laughed and laughed as Ted Cruz royally messed up.

But really Angela - I notice you won't say "I think Matt Roloff is wrong to employ illegal immigrants" - which was my point btw... how Matt pratts the conservative party line when it's convienant but when he wants cheap labor, he's hiring illegal immigrants praise Jesus! ANgela - is Matt morally *right* to hire illegal immigrants? I mean, Camerino has worked there for years, are you seriously arguing Matt the Business man had no idea that Camerino wasn't legal for over ten years? Matt's that shitty a business man? That sure as hell makes me wonder what other Christian values Matt Roloff winks at... does it make you wonder, Angela? Or will you insist he's totally blameless here?

Oh wait... let me guess, as a Christian, you're gonna say you're "Disappointed" and yet for some reason you'll continue to insist supporting the Roloffs. So look, Angela...

Apparently Jeremy and Auj are endorsing the illegal immigrant! Auj and Jer don't seem to agree with your view that Camerino should head back to Mexico and come in LEGALLY! They pretty clearly want an exception.

Your thoughts? Come on Angela, let's hear your thoughts.

Johnny Reb said...


I see nothing remotely "christian" about either Jeremy or Audrey.

Speaking as a non practicing catholic who went through a convocation education(sunday school classes)and had to learn about concepts like sin and forgiveness in order to take communion I think that I have a better understanding of what real sin is than fake "christians" like Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

The fact that Jeremy and Audrey actively break at least four of the deadly sins (Pride/Envy/Sloth/Greed) and openly ignores at least five of the ten commandments (1/2/3/5/10)shows me that he is certainly not without sin in his own heart and a holds a certain level of wickedness in his soul.

Never mind that they willfully choose to ignore the word of god when it comes to loving your fellow man and not hating others based upon their being (hate the sin. love the sinner), I'd say that he needs to go to confession and beg real penance from god and hope that when he dies the good lord doesn't judge him as the wicked soul he currently is but since "christians" of his ilk are generally incapable of actual self examination because they use god/religion as a crutch to make up for their own despicable beings that will never happen.

If he is not careful he will only condemn himself to the fires of hell through his own actions.

Kathy said...

The best part of this whole boring episode was that Jazz met a boy online.

Jer and Aug are so transparent in their greed of wanting the farm all to themselves. I see them kicking Amy out of the big house and them moving in with big dreams of fame and fortune that are never going to happen.

Very tiring watching the Matt childhood hospital stuff like every freaking episode. We get it Matt.

Thought it was weird that Amy made such a small birthday cake for the surprise party. What, only a few people get some cake at the fake party?

So it is terrible for Amy to do doughnuts on the grass but perfectly acceptable for Matt to tear up the grass making a big mud mess race track?

Now that they tore down the pirate ship, I see a new project in the future?

Jeremy is the most boring person to watch on tv. Now that he is grown, he has absolutely no personality, none, zip, nada. The only time he really lights up is when he talks about his love of taking over the farm.

Rap541 said...

It's also duly noted that per Angela, Christians would rather have children with no parents rot in institutions than let gay parents have them, and Christians are under NO OBLIGATION to take those children in either. We're all God's Children but if your birth mom and dad die or have problems, Christians all circle around and say "NO PARENTS FOR YOU LOSER CHILD GO ROT!"

Right ANgela? I mean, I don't want to put words in your mouth.

Rap541 said...

We need to put God back into the country, celebrate our Religious Freedoms, stomp out the homosexual agendas (and yes Rap541, that includes your immoral friends who are ruining a child's life by adopting him or her as per you, read the RNC platform, we will stop this from ruining lives.

So you want Christian Sharia law, Angela?

I mean, you want YOUR freedom to express your religion and if that means you STOMP out people who don't share your beliefs, well, they can convert or die, right? Because that's *freedom*, to you? Believe as Angela does or in Christ's name and screaming "PRAISE JESUS!" Angela will rip any freedom from a non believer in her God's name as that's how her religion worships. Since Angela believes unbeleivers don't deserve rights, she is pleased as punch to say "NO RIGHTS FOR NON CHRISTIANS!"

Angela - does that include Jews? Will you STOMP them out? How about Hindus? Do they deserve to be snuffed out in Jesus's name. Clearly you plan to do a merry lil death stomp on the thousand of Islamic worshipers in this country , no doubt screaming "IMMA CHRISTIAN ONLY CHRISTIANS HAVE RIGHTS IN JESUS'S NAME I SAY CONVERT OR DIE!"

But more seriously Angela - I really *really* want to know your opinion of Jeremy and Audrey supporting Camerino's lengthy illegal stay in this country as it directly opposes YOUR agenda.

Or rather, I can't wait to see you dance in an attempt to insist its somehow not awful and somehow Jeremy and Audrey are still Christ's Perfect Couple deserving g of well... complete adulation.

Angela - Is Audrey *better* than you? Yes or no. Do you look at yourself and think "Audrey is a better Christian than I"?

MS said...

Angela: "but the law is the law"

Laura: "There are laws that must be respected"

Unless you're Kim Davis? Did you support her refusal to observe the law and perform her duties? I don't necessarily disagree with your stance on illegal immigrants, but I find it amusing how hypocritical you two can be when it serves your purpose. Such a strong stance now about how one must respect the law. Since I know you'll both cite religious opposition in Kim Davis' case, let's just jump to, Do you think she should have resigned since she wasn't able to obey the law? Or is it ok to defy the law if you don't agree with it?

Anonymous said...

How interesting that manchild, Zach, was running around like he was having a nervous breakdown planning Tori's party. Problem is, he did none of the preparations and everyone else was hoodwinked into doing all the work. Keeping it supposedly secret, alone, does not a party make. Of course in his manic state, Amy had to tell him he should buy Tori a gift. I hope Tori enjoyed the gifts the TLC crew probably went out to buy her in Zach's name. Wouldn't want Zach to have a stroke having to also pick gifts out. Thought it was amusing that Tori just happened to drop in to let Sully run at the same time Molly sneaks in. Zach was already at the farm so guess Tori doesn't even trust him to look after Sully by himself. Well she is a kindergarten teacher, so she knows the limits of a child.
At least Zach did cut a patch of grass on the farm while heir in waiting Jer, just watched and criticized.
As usual, Jer and Auj seemed to be more interested in the keeping of the farm, instead of Matt's health problems. No one showed any interest at all in who would be looking out for Matt during and after his surgery. Per Matt's website , looks like just Zach flew with him to LA for the actual surgery and friend, Bill, visited him in the hospital. Guess Auj and Jer have been too busy traveling and vacationing to do anything else, like help out and tend to an ill parent who has the farm they salivate over. Too bad the pirate ship had to be destroyed. Obviously it was in extremely poor condition. If it meant so much to the "boys" you think they would have taken the time to keep up on maintenance and repairs, but of course that would have meant WORK, so bye bye ship. Hope Matt understands that what happened to the ship will happen to the whole farm under Jer's lazy reign.

King Nothing said...

After catching a re-run of this...dross by accident I was surprised that this show still somehow exists in the same way that unquiet spirits haunt places...although this show doesn't so much "haunt" the airwaves as it shambles along like a zombified corpse leaving an elongated brown smear from the stumps where its feet used to be.

I was left with three questions:

How is this still a thing considering that they've so thoroughly flogged the horse that it's now essentially become glue?

Who on earth would want to take relationship advice from a pair of moronic 20 somethings (Jeremy/Audrey) who seem to have the collective IQ of a poorly made sponge custard?

Why does TLC still exist as a network?

Melissa Ingalls said...

Was anyone else as disturbed as I was by the cat crawling all over the cakes and cupcakes and licking itself on the counters? And everyone showed up for some cat cake....that just was so disgusting! I noticed the producers kept trying to get footage of the cat and from his point of view etc so I know it bothered them! Ugh nasty!

Anonymous said...

Angela - god sucks hog cock.

Anonymous said...

Angela - Should add that the all powerful deity you worship lacks the ability to stop me from saying nasty things about her. She's not all that powerful, huh? The lord works in mysterious ways, huh? Or maybe she doesn't care what I say, or maybe she doesn't exist. Personally, I don't need to rely on the supernatural. I can buy all the Ouija boards on this planet and play with them while listening to hell's own sound track (that would be rock and roll)and have no fear of opening a sucking portal to the demonic underworld. Camerino seems like a nice guy, I hope he can work out a way to stay here and provide for his children better than he could in whatever his native country is. As for you being able to sit through a political convention, remember if you will the famous quote from Mark Twain (I think, just google it) "If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it." Interestingly, his real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Langhorne. LOL. And as far as the repubs bringing god back into this country, let us remember the first amendment to the constitution. It contains what is called the establishment clause. That is to say that it is illegal to adopt an official state religion. It also allows for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right to freely assemble. You Christians would be well served by adopting a very loud and visible movement advocating for it's repeal. Ok, rant over (does preventive maintenance on soapbox before storing it in a safe place where I won't stub my toe on it when I get hammered tonight. [IT'S FRIDAY BITCHES!!! WOOT!])

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I forgot to comment after I sent my review in. I had to zip into the village right after I sent the email.

I would like some help from both the pros and cons about Camerino's case. Uh, how much did Matt spend on lawyers for the divorce? Uh, how much did Matt spend on lawyers for the ridiculous silly stupid anal lawsuit against Google (and this blog)? My question is, why did Matt not step up for fees to an Immigration lawyer for help get Camerino's status and documentation correct? If Matt genuinely values Camerino's work on the farm, he is now listed in the caption as the 'Foreman' why dod Matt not step up? Because I for one do agree that Camerino is the one who truly does keep the farm going.

Let's suppose, just for S's and G's, that Camerino does get deported. My prediction is, the farm is screwed, blued and tattooed. Matt knows that Spoiled Airhead Jer is simply not capable of running the farm as it runs now. What about if Camerino is gone? i held Matt to be much more shrewd in business affairs than to allow this to happen. Let's all stay tuned, shall we? Because this could be a wonderful "I'm SO awesome" scenario for Matt. He's going to have to dig up Rube Goldberg so he can make Matt a mechanical back patter.

Rap541 said...

Frankly, Podge, I am more curious how Matt justifies hiring an illegal immigrant.

I mean, the man has worked for him for over ten years. Has it always been under the table?

Now don't get me wrong - I think people like Camerino are the indicator that our immigration system is badly broken. It's a shame he didn't come here legally, and that he's likely going to get deported but part of why Camerino was able to build a life for sixteen years here was because Matt Roloff hires illegals.

Does anyone wonder WHY Matt doesn't just skirt the law but knowingly breaks the law?

Does anyone have any thoughts on that as well? Or will this be like how everyone shuts up and sits on their hands rather than comment on Audrey's slutty attire...

PJ said...

Camerino may have come legally and overstayed his Visa or failed to renew.. Or gotten a job on a no work Visa.
I think Matt was well aware of the situation and did nothing to help or correct it.

Anonymous222 said...

Yes, Melissa Ingalls! It was also disturbing that Zach didn't even care! My daughter has 2 cats and they NEVER tolerate them walking on the counters! They trained them to stay off! Clearly cat hair and whatever else they leave behind are being ingested by the Roloffs and their guests. YUCK!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

In the same vein Rap, what about the remainder of Matt's staff? I have a feeling Camerino might not be the only staff member to be hired under these circumstances. His dealings with the County on permits for Pumpkin Season and the supposed wedding business and his many other transgressions, I think it's time to dig up ('I'm on an exhumation kick this week) Sheriff Buford T. Justice so he can bark, "What we're dealing with here, is a total lack of respect for the law."

I also agree that if the law is to be respected, why is Matt not charged and and face trial for being an accessory?

Denise said...

IF Camerino is here illegally and Matt employed him knowing that so he could get around the law, then Matt is in the wrong without the doubt.

But there's a lot of assumptions being made. We don't even know that he has been illegal the whole time, or even if that's the issue.

Matt simply said Camerino might be forced back to Mexico. People are assuming he is here illegally and is being deported. That might be a logical conclusion to reach, but we don't know that for sure. As others have said, it could be a Visa issue or he didn't renew or "forced back" could be other reasons as well.

People shouldn't judge until we know the full and complete story.

Rap541 said...

PJ - there's just no way Matt could avoid NOT KNOWING he was employing someone who wasn't in the country legally. I mean, the details of how Camerino is in the country illegally aren't really an issue in my opinion.

It's just the law that you're not supposed to hire illegal immigrants and Matt's on record that he would do as he pleases until he gets caught. That is the essential point of his proud "I'd rather apologize later than ask permission first" philosophy... and of course his hard core fans are going to prat mildly that they're "disappointed" and continue to support him even though when it comes to sharing their core values... Matt would rather do as he pleases, take advantage, break the law, whatever best serves Matt. Its *cheaper* to hire illegals to work the farm so God bless Matt, right Christians?

Rap541 said...

Denise - then why don't you ask Matt? If you're so certain it's not an illegal situation and please don't you dare say Matt wants it private because Matt is telling people his manager is being deported on Facebook.

If Camerino is in any danger of being deported, then he is not a US Citizen and does not have a valid green card.

Does the "People shouldn't judge until we know the full and complete story" apply to Jacob? Will people be shutting up on those rumors and tales as no one knows the full and complete story? Denise? Will you sit silent on Jacob Roloff until you have the full and complete story, and of course can PROVE you have the full and complete story?

What assumptions are being made? Matt is publically stating Camerino is facing deportation. In the article Audrey posted, she clearly states the Roloffs have known about Camerino's status for years and that Camerino has faced deportation before. Matt clearly knows he has hired someone with questionable legal status in this country and has known for years. Don't you think there's some born citizen who might prefer having a job on Roloff Farms?

PJ - unfortuneately, part of the problem of illegal immigration is that people who hire illegal immigrants are rarely prosecuted for a couple employees. I can understand why Matt is merrily breaking the labor laws, everyone else is doing it and he knows he can get away with it to the point that he's painting himself as the kindly savior publically.

Selena said...

Let's talk about how Audrey posted a photo of her and Jeremy at a wedding, where Jeremy was the BEST MAN at for his friend Tye who he went to college with. One of his best friend's.

Meaning, he must be super close with these people. Moriah included (the bride). Yet Moriah and Audrey never interact, don't follow each other on social media and when Audrey posted a photo... She just talked about herself. Even on snapchat Audrey tried to take a video of the couple and Moriah just glared at her! Lol.

Only at the bottom could you see a "congratulations!" on her post... She is so beyond full of herself, I don't know how people don't see that? If I were anybody, I wouldn't even want her at my wedding.

Seriously. She makes everything about herself.

Lori said...

Oh yeah, Denise? People shouldn't judge until we know the full and complete story?

That never stops you from dragging Jacob down, tearing him apart with each post, trying to prove something.

He never did anything personal to you. He just doesn't believe in your God. Your VERSION of God I should say.

But of course, perhaps Matt sticks up for his illegal immigrant farm worker, and suddenly you republican bible thumping assholes are immigrant lovers? Let's at least be consistent, people.

It's exhausting.

Debbie said...

Selena, stop with the Audrey hate now.

Jeremy and Audrey are friends with Tye. It would make sense that they don't know his fiancee/wife as well as they know him especially if he met her after Jeremy left Santa Barbara.

They were attending a wedding of their dear friend and having a good time. Audrey even posted about how lovely it is to hear other couple's wedding vows. She is full of love when couples glorify Jesus Christ with their marriage.

Denise said...

"If you're so certain it's not an illegal situation and please don't you dare say Matt wants it private because Matt is telling people his manager is being deported on Facebook."

That's not what Matt wrote. It *could* be what he meant, but it's not what Matt posted. He posted what I said he posted. He said Camerino might be forced back to Mexico soon. That's all he said. For all you know "forced back" could mean for a family situation. Or it could be for an immigration that just recently happened. It is wrong to assume that he has been an illegal immigrant all along and that Matt knowingly employed him with that knowledge.

We don't know, so don't judge.

Lori, everything the awful Jacob is judged on is not speculation. It is the facts. It is his bashing of Christians. His blatant disrespect. His betrayal of people involved in the show and even his own family. Look at Jacob's treatment of the Christian woman who posted about God in response to his instagram post. Jacob is being judged on his arrogant, disrespectful reaction to her message. Jacob did the same thing on twitter to Anne Bailey.

Rap541 said...

That's not what Matt wrote. It *could* be what he meant, but it's not what Matt posted. He posted what I said he posted. He said Camerino might be forced back to Mexico soon. That's all he said. For all you know "forced back" could mean for a family situation. Or it could be for an immigration that just recently happened. It is wrong to assume that he has been an illegal immigrant all along and that Matt knowingly employed him with that knowledge.

Since you won't believe me go read Audrey and Jeremy's post here

Where it is clearly outlined that this is a long running immigration issue.

Now apologize Denise or you know, act like a Christian and pretend you weren't proven wrong when you tried to say I was lying. Because that's how I *expect* Christians to act here. When Christians are proven wrong, they insist they weren't and then whine how awful it is that their shitty behavior was called out.

Denise - prove to me that you know the full and complete story, with proof, about why Jacob rolled his eyes at Audrey's wedding for three seconds. Prove to me that Jacob is an active drug addict as is so often claimed and don't say "because he said so" because Jeremy saying he got drunk, and being photographed drinking, and being photographed with his hands down his pants merrily simulating a penis isn't considered proof that Jeremy drinks, so you will indeed need to do better than "Jacob said so" to prove it *completely and fully*. It's the Christians who have defined the terms - if Jeremy saying he was drunk, and being photographed and filmed drinking isn't enough then Jacob saying it is not enough and as Christians you need to shut up and stop judging since you don't know the full and complete story.

Or you can just get pissy and insist on the double standard where whatever you want to do ia ok but anyone who disagrees with you has to live under entirely different rules per your Christian Sharia Law.

Anonymous said...

Matt knows all about Camerino's situation and the leagities, he posted on the Roloffs supporting him during an immigration hearing back in December of 2014. It stuck out in my mind when I first saw it because that's when I realized that at some point Camerino was working illegally. There are so many possible scenarios, however it's clear that at some point the status was as an illegal.

Frix said...

Audrey is a self-centered ASS

PJ said...

STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO FEEL,THINK AND SAY. Selena is right that it's selfish of Audrey to try and film at a wedding, or make herself center of attention (like she did at Tori and Zach's wedding). As much as the Golden Couple travel there's no reason not to know the bride.

Rather a lot of the betrayal is built up in the "christian" creeps minds. It's speculation just like with Camerino.

the right wing bible thumpers love illegals because they're easier to exploit than Americans.

Mike P. said...

I wonder just how under-the-table Camerino's employment has been, and for how long.

Has Matt paid Camerino's federal tax deductions? His Social Security contributions? His Medicare?

Especially, if he has failed to pay Social Security and Medicare obligations, thus robbing Camerino of old-age retirement benefits, he has done him no favors.

Denise said...

Rap, thank you for providing the Beating50percent link about Camarino. I had not read that.

However, it still does not make what some people are saying true. I read their blog and I still don't feel I know the story. It said he has faced deportation 8 times and until now, never has been deported. He has worked for the Roloffs for 16 years. That makes me believe that the theory that Matt was employing him illegally was false. The government was aware of it and never felt the need to deport him.

Your comparison to Jacob's eyeroll at Jeremy and Audrey's wedding is ridiculous. His eye roll during the wedding celebration speeches was not a rumor. There is video evidence. While people were celebrating, Jacob Roloff was rolling his eyes in disgust, at the same time Jacob Mueller was raising his glass clearly enjoying the festivities. It is also a fact that Jacob was tweeting during the wedding celebrations that he wanted to get out of there. Those aren't speculative theories. Those are facts.

Your attempts to defend Jacob at every turn are pathetic.

Greg said...

Matt is a Republican. I wonder if he is still voting for Trump?

Rap541 said...

The government was aware of it and never felt the need to deport him.

Except of course that the government is trying to deport him now and actually has been after him for a lengthy period of time and I notice you are not publically conceding that he is not returning to Mexico for a "family matter".

Were you wrong about that? That Camerino was willingly returning to Mexico for a "family matter"?

Your comparison to Jacob's eyeroll at Jeremy and Audrey's wedding is ridiculous. His eye roll during the wedding celebration speeches was not a rumor. There is video evidence. While people were celebrating, Jacob Roloff was rolling his eyes in disgust, at the same time Jacob Mueller was raising his glass clearly enjoying the festivities

what was being said, Denise? It's on public record that Jacob Mueller smiles with joy when he throws cats or holds up dead animals so Mueller smiling hardly means something nice was happening.

Jeremy Roloff also posted publically that Mike Detjen was sweet, just like a nigger. I trust you hold him equally accountable as he was the same age at Jacob when he was calling Mike his nigger?

Rap541 said...

Denise - it has very little to do with defending Jacob and more to do with requiring fair treatment. People get chided by you, amongst others, to not judge, when it's Jeremy, Audrey or Matt - you actually did that in this thread and you demanded silence until proof was found on the topic of "Is Camerino being deported" - and that "SHUT UP IF YOU CANT PROVE IT" viewpoint isn't allowed when it's Jacob.

Can you prove what was going on when he rolled his eyes? Perhaps someone said something rude, perhaps Matt screeched "this is a scramble bamble!" perhaps he was performing an act for satan... but can you provide proof for ANY of those things?

If you cant, and you can't because we've had this talk, then why aren't you held to the rules you held me to?

I notice you didn't apologize for passive aggressively accusing me of lying to where I had to shove a link in your face to get you to concede that no, Camerino isn't going home to Mexico due to "family matters" but as I said, I no longer expect manners from CHristians. I don't expect fairness either which is why I am making the point that you have a giant double standard in how you defend Matt, Jeremy and Audrey

Anonymous said...

Uuuugghhhh. This was my first time actually reading something of Audrey's. She really needs to get some help with more than the horrible grammar or the spelling errors, more than a proof-reader. Mayber a ghostwriter. For example, at the very beginning of her post when it is important to capture the audience: how could Camerino have been a Father (yeah, cause in English that word is capitalized, well in her mind at least) for 16 years if his oldest is only 12? She can't even lay out a basic argument on paper. I wasn’t expecting her writing to be eloquent based on the reviews here, but she isn't even able to put her thoughts down coherently.

Anonymous said...

In a post about potentially losing a man that is practically family, what picture does she include to drive home the point of her story? Hmmm? A picture of the subject of the story? Nope. A picture of her cat sitting on the driver of a car. Man, does she have a knack for making Everything about her! Like how she wears those sweatshirts that she's been hawking at ridiculously expensive prices on the hay bales.
Bu the way, it is dangerous for pets to be sitting in the lap of or on the shoulders of someone driving.

Paula said...

Anon, move past your Audrey, Jeremy and Pine bashing!

The cat is clearly used to travelling in the car and is very calm. There is no danger from having the cat sleep in the car.

Your judging Audrey on her choice of pictures? First, she did have a picture of Camaranio. She had the other picture because if you read the story, they went to support him and they were driving back.

Rap541 said...

Anon - I think this was a fairly early article for her but yes, she could use some proof reading. There's a hilarious discussion of the 7 day challenge stuff on

Considering that's the professional, "we want to make money off this" website for Auj and Jer, the spelling and grammar is quite ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Paula, wow, one picture of the man before she delves back into "all things Audrey". It dilutes the importance of the story she is supposedly trying to convey. It is yet one more way she demonstrates that the only thing she has passion for is herself. She only uses religion to bolster herself up and to judge others. Her hate, like yours, proves to me that y'all are not true Christians. You and your lot cherry-pick parts of the bible rather than seeing the whole. This situation with Camerino is just another example of how something is wrong for others until it effects someone you care about. It shows how this breed of Christianity, in fact, lacks compassion.
And don't even try to go there and say that I am hating on Audrey. I don’t, because I don't really know her. But I do not care for the image of herself that she puts out there. She comes across as shallow, hypocritical, vain, and compassionless. Using prosperity as a barometer for "God's love" is not true Christianity.

Thanks Rap, maybe I will look at that site; I hadn't heard of it before. Maybe if I get bored. It took me this long to finally look at Audrey's blog, I usually have too much to do. But it should be more interesting than her self-centered drival.

Rap541 said...

I'm pretty sure we've seen footage of the cat crawling all over the car while people are driving. That's the danger, Paula. It's a distraction but I'm pretty sure if Jeremy or Auj ever does have an accident due to the cat being a distraction in the car, you'll be pleased as punch to let any injured parties know how God chose them to be Auj and Jer's victims.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Paula, my comment was about pets being ON THE DRIVER not being IN THE CAR. Do you see the difference there?

Actually, if the owners care for their pets, then the pets should have some sort of safety equipment based on their breed. A harness that can be strapped to the seat belts or be in a carrier. If there was a car accident then the cat would go flying. I know of a few friends who lost their pets in car accidents like that. My point about the animal being on the driver is that it is more likely to cause the driver to not be able to operate the car or steering wheel safely.

Loraine said...

HAHAHA this argument reminds me of the time the crazy Christians got mad at Jacob for letting Moose sit on his lap as he drove.


Rap541 said...

Nice catch, Loraine :)

Nashville said...

On Audrey's instagram page, she posted a pic of a bed and breakfast that she and Jeremy stayed at in Nashville, while vacationing here. I know that place, and the room where the picture was taken. That suite goes for a little over three hundred dollars a night!!! My friends and family stay at the Holiday Inn near there, for 90 a night. Wow for a young newlywed couple, they really got expensive taste. Must be nice to have that much disposable income!

ecossais said...

Loraine and Rap - it is very simple for the god squad.

Mention Jesus and claim to be a Christian whether you act like one or not and like Auj and Jer you can do no wrong.

Don't espouse Jesus and like Jacob and you can do nothing right.

Benzie Harp said...

Jeremy's hair is the worst. He dresses like a slob. I'm sick of seeing him stroke his chin and jigglle his leg. He is one freaking irritant.

FrownyFace said...


It's not over yet, folks...sighhhhhhhh...

Shannon said...

When Audrey can't handle for one second that tori and Zach are getting more attention than her so she posts a photo of her and Jeremy,

As if we don't always see stupid photos of her and Jeremy. She really can't handle when people aren't complimenting her 24/7.

BH said...


No Longer Viewing said...

I don't need to watch the show--just read these Amazing Reviews! No joke, they are well written and informative as to what the Roloffs are all up to these days. I hope Matt's employee of years now will not be deported--he's productive, probably law abiding, and lives a life of hard work and puts up with bossy MR! Matt surely is exaggerating the situation about "deportation". I've not watched the show since Jeremy and then Zachary got married--so never seen their wives involved in the show--I wonder how Amy was able to stand her fifth child, Matt, for as long as she did--but it would seem that ALL of them don't need to try and co-exist in the same location. As to the religious "right" views of humanity and law--I think they all must have sub-standard IQs and will stand up and cheer ANY bigot who comes along.

Rap541 said...

I read their blog and I still don't feel I know the story

Denise, I mean really. I suspect, because it makes the Roloffs look bad to not tout what the party line is on immigration, that you'd rather lie and say "Well, gosh and golly, even though all evidence including articles written by the family say Camerino is being deported due to his immigration status, I *just don't know* what is really going on.

So forgive me if I will throw this inability to figure things out into your stupid stupid face - or to use Cynthia's Christian wording - let me SHOVE IT UP YOUR NOSE! :D

If you can't read Matt's multiple facebook articles and Audrey's and not come to the realization that Camerino is in the country illegally, then you are very dumb and ALL of your pronouncements on anything are now colored by this? You think Jacob rolled his eyes and was disrespectful? Sorry, your opinions are now utterly suspect as you can't read an article that clearly states Camerino is here illegally without insisting you just can't have an opinion despite all the factual evidence.

You weren't at the wedding. You don't know the context of the eyeroll, you have no actual idea when it happened, btu you can form an opinion of "JACOB IS EVIL AND GOD WANTS ME TO RAKE HIM OVER THE COALS AS PUNISHMENT HE CAN NEVER BE FORGIVEN I WILL ALWYS INSIST THIS WAS EVIL AND WRONG IN JESUS'S NAME!"... yet you hem and haw over actual factual evidence like Matt actually stating Camerino has an immigration problem and simper like a fool "Well, even though its clearly stated that the Roloffs are supporting this illegal immigrant, I *just don't know* and I am such a silly ditzy idiot, I can't possibly form an opinion because oh dear I wouldn't wan to find out later I was wrong".

Your opinions are now totally suspect, Denise. Have I SHOVED IT UP YOUR NOSE ENOUGH?

Thanks Cynthia for teaching me how to be Christian. Denise, Cynthia taught me how Christians only learn when they SHOVE SHIT UP THEIR NOSES!

Rap541 said...

Angela - still waiting on your loud and proud opinion of how you feel about Auj an dJer supporting the illegal immigrant.

You said this "Thank the Lord of Audrey and Jeremy because they seem to be the only Roloffs lately willing to stand for Christian values and for right and wrong."

Now since you were praising Audrey and Jer standing for Christian values, please explain how their support of illegal immigrant Camerino in keeping him here despite his not following the rules is good values.

Johnny Reb said...


That's because they're living off of other people's money and can afford to spend time doing nothing and making it seem as if their lives are "so hard" when they're both perpetually on vaction and have no real responsibilities in life.

Noh8 said...

Denise, people who attack Jake because he took a different spiritual or philosophical path are cowards. Jake is a young man who, whether you agree or not, used his free will and his intellect, to seek out a position that was true to who he is. Unlike Jeremy and Audrey, who are pretending to be some kind of authority and roll models for marriage, Jake isn't attempting to cash in on his beliefs. He's not telling people how to live or holding himself up as a paragon of virtue. He's doing what your beloved Jeremy can't do- putting his privacy and integrity first. You say that the law is the law. Awesome. We can teenager that one of th ed most fundamental laws of the USA is the freedom to choose and practice any faith you we wish, up to and including the right to abstain from faith all together. You will also agree that the law confirms the right of free speech. Jake can say whatever he likes to whomever he likes on his blog. What he can't do, but you do freely, is slander someone based on their difference of faith. You, and other Christians, are not victims of Jacob Roloff. You are the aggressive, attention seeking zealots that whinge and call him names. You bully him because, despite being sent to a Christian school and being raised by, as you call them, "good Christians", he saw through the hypocrisy of it all. .

tonyZ said...

Bitch I hope you get run over by a big rig and go straight to hell

tonyZ said...

Go to hell piece of shit