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Little People, Big World New Episode June 26, 2016

Here are reviews of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloffs, which aired on July 26th, 2016 on TLC.


Review Written By Rap541

So the first bonus scenes were Molly commenting on how Amy is moving on. The second bit of bonus footage is Zach learning about birthstones for the cameras. He comes up with such pithy phrases as “How are emeralds made?” I really don’t think Zach understood the concept.

Oh look the marriage is finally over. Should I crow over how I predicted it? No, because it’s sad, but I did predict it.  And it looks like Molly graduates. And Matt drama queens over his surgery.
So Tory and Zach are on the Holy Tire Swing. Matt plans to head to Spokane with the family and they’re leaving on Saturday for Sunday. Matt is now all about his neck issues and how awful roadtripping to Spokane might be. They could fly, just saying.

Amy is very pleased about the graduating. She plans to fly up, oddly enough and notes that Matt is on his own. Amy is all “This is our first divorced trip”. Molly is jobseeking, and Amy wants her to get a job close to home and to attend the party that they are obviously planning.

Matt sees his doc. She explains how messed up his neck is. I personally don’t wish spinal surgery on anyone. My sis currently has more titantium than actual bone in her spine and its bad. That said, I wish Matt wasn’t so self involved.

So Matt’s at his desk in his office. Amy is all “how ARE you?” and expresses concern. There’s surgery in LA and he’s taking no one because he’s Matt. Amy has no intention of arguing but she offers to come. Oddly, Matt isn’t flying and suggests Amy join the road trip. She says no, and explains no, a six hour drive with Matt is opposed to the whole plan to spend time with Molly. Jermey and Auj are ditching because a speaking engagement is more important. I merely point out how Amy was SHIT on by the Christians here for going to a speaking engagement when she could have attended Matt’s birthday bash.

Matt wanders into the big house to clear out his office in the bighouse finally. Matt gets emotional as Camerino? Stands in the background and lifts chairs. Matt notes how he has nothing to say as he cleans out his office and how he hates divorce. I merely note how Matt walked out on his wife and staged an episode where he showed off how pleased as punch he was to live alone and have his own little mancave where he and his buddies partied while Amy was left alone.

So Amy is heading to the divorce signing. I find it odd that the office art is blotted out. Amy hates that she is divorcing. Matt is at HIS lawyer’s office, also signing off. It’s all short and Matt and Amy are both shocked how easy it is. I merely point out that no one hesitates. Matt notes, manfully, that he was never meant to be married. And now a montage of the happy times. Amy is now single! Matt is oddly sadder but frankly I think he knows the cameras are there and of course notes how he won’t be second guessing any decisions.
So Zach and Tory are taking Matt to Spokane in the van. I find it increasingly hilarious that Jeremy and Auj are no where to be seen for this but frankly it doesn’t shock me that when things are awkward, Jer and Auj bail.

Amy and Molly have seared tuna. Amy is all “please live in Portland and you can live at the farm!” and Molly seems hesitant. Meanwhile Tory and Zach are in the van with Matt and I think Amy made the right choice for Molly as Molly is pleased that Amy spent time with her. Matt et al show up at the sushi place. We get a montage of Matt being emotional over Molly leaving for college.

And now graduation. It’s very nice. Amy seems shocked at how fast it is.

Back at the farm, Jer and Auj vapidly note how the speech went and how they basically had no regrets. I think Molly has a boyfriend we aren’t supposed to notice. Also Molly calls everyone to attention. She has a JOB. In Spokane. Good for her. It says a great deal that she did get a job right out of the gate. Matt makes a nice speech about how she is leaving.

Now the kids – Zach, Jer, wives, and Molly are at a fire. Jer plans to “check up” on the farm. Molly says she isn’t terribly worried.

Amy and Matt roll up on a ATV. Matt now has no intention of selling. There’s another montage of photos. Matt fatalistically notes that his work is done.

Zach wanders in to Matt’s terrible double wide. Matt is of course quick to note how he will be crippled. Zach offers to go with him. It feels forced to a point in that they are clearly playing to the cameras. Matt notes how he’s been miserable for years. Matt who fears hieghts, notes how being on a plane makes him comfortable.  Zach notes how this is Matt putting on a brave face – TO BE CONTINUED!!!

Lil spoiler – Matt doesn’t die and isn’t a quadriplegic.

Also – kinda noticeable that Jeremy of no discernable job and who wants the farm so bad, isn’t the dutiful son. My whole vibe here, with Jeremy skipping Molly’s graduation while Jacob attended but refused filming and Zach, not Jeremy, manning up for the tough moments… It seems pretty clear who gives a shit about family.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of The Next Chapter July 26

Extra scenes – Girls did a recap of the night before. I have Molly in my notes and I can't remember why. Zach learned about emeralds. I'm still disturbed by Jer saying they are going to make a couple of extra trips back to the farm (still giggle about that) after dad's surgery “just to see how he's doing.” Way to volunteer for any real work there SlugJer. More on that later. Zach's statement about, “I just want to say 'surprise!' and get on with it” didn't really indicate enough heartfelt emotions, even with the justification lacking for how much work he actually did.

OK, a word of warning to all you out there, and possibly first-time readers: I doubt very much that Matt is going to be the next Dr. Who, and the big house at the farm is a little oversized to be the Tardis, But they took enough liberties with timeframe in this episode that the present Dr. would feel the need to re-generate and get someone new on the show, just to keep up.

Molly's commencement is coming up. According to Amy's FB it was Sunday, May 22. Enter Matt to set up the trip to Spokane with Zach and Tori who are conveniently on the tire swing. Matt put up such a fuss to get it re-installed that TLC had darn well better get some footage from it. They discuss salami and cheese. Matt enjoys loading up on fats. Amy calls Molly on Skype and states her plans for flying up to get some alone time with her girl. Of course my puts it as “going out for drink” and saying squat about dinner. Molly says she is, “still looking for a job.” Amy is all, “no job already?” which is all staged and lies and ridiculous, but I'll get into that later. Amy haybales, “Well you've got to have a party!” Which of course, you do. Amy tells Molly girl that she and Dad are getting ready to sing the papers. According to public documents, Amy signed on April 21, Matt signed on May 24, Amy's lawyer presented the signed and sworn documents to the Circuit Court on April 26, and the Judge signed, and the docs were filed on, April 27. They did NOT sign the documents at the time they tried to make it appear.

Matt goes to Dr. Kempe, who gets a product placement, for as he puts it, “I wanted to get a second opinion on my neck.” WHAT? This is very strange indeed. Dr. Kempe is local, so I'm going on the assumption that Dr. Kempe is Matt's family physician. She would have referred Matt to the 90210 Medical Center for the Cortisone shot. Is she didn't then why did Matt not go to the Dr. that did refer him?

Office meeting! Why is Matt playing with a neck brace? He never wore it throughout the whole episode. Amy is NOT driving there and back with Matt. Very sensible. They discuss getting ready to sign the final papers. Why are they discussing the trip to Molly's grad WEEKS before it takes place? Scripted or what? They also discuss a time for Matt to clear out his final load of 'stuff' out of Amy's house. And probably then take it over to the crappy, small, demeaning double wide. Even if he fixed it up. Matt goes to Amy's house. Hey, where did the shelves made out of old wood go? I liked the d├ęcor in Matt's office. He starts to reminisce, Camerino looks completely bored, and they haul out the red chair(s). Hey Matt, don't worry about your beautiful office buddy. Amy will move in and have the place completely trashed before you get back from surgery I'm guessing.

The document signings. My compliments to Amy. She was much more gracious talking about her own televised divorce than when he talked about the Kardashian divorce(s). Funny that. It would have been better if Senator Weiner Whiner would have come in to do a little dance for us. Now, Matt haybales that he is really not the easiest person to be married to. Well no shit, Sherlock. But after saying it takes all kinds in this world, he is still awesome!!! You go, Matt.

The day before. Amy and Molly go out for dinner. They do the whole, “I hope you get a job in Hillsboro,” scripted stuff. Amy actually haybales that she'd like Molly to be on the farm for awhile or at least in Portland or Hillsboro. Land 'o Goshin, Pa this is the same crap that Matt spews on a regular basis about his boys. By this coming up again, it's no doubt a storyline by TLC. The 'rest' of the family show up, minus of course the Golden Couple. Matt makes a ridiculous pithy toast. Oy vay.

Grad Day. Awesome all around. Hey, what's with the gambling visor (An opaque hat visor with a single strap around the back to keep the lights out of your eyes) that Molly was wearing backwards under her mortarboard? Did they wear them after the ceremony after the simple Physics lesson to see how far mortarboards fly? Also, a bodacious design on the top of her mortarboard as well.

Back at the farm for the party. Molly makes an 'announcement' that she found a job in Spokane. Now I'll talk about this here. It was mentioned in a caption earlier that Molly had a job MONTHS before the Commencement ceremony. That is much easier to believe and here's why. As part of a Practicum for the summer jobs etc, the students are sent to accounting firms in the area for 'work experience' if you want to call it that, that goes towards their articling time. They've recently started doing this with Engineering students where I live (mechanical, chemical, civil,etc.) and usually the firms to where you are sent take you back every summer and every work experience term. In one city I lived in, a major national accounting firm would hire the entire Business Administration graduating class from the University. Every year. And assign them to different offices or citied if the grads so chose. Having said all that, there is no way in the world an accounting firm that employed Molly for the summers and Practicum times, would be stupid enough to let a 4.0 GPA student who graduated Summa Cum Laude and can use her multiple Dean's List Certificates for wallpaper in her apartment, just walk away and go to the competition? Not a chance. Never. I'm willing to be this position was sealed after her Third Year. Which makes all the garbage about Molly “looking for a job” silly scripted baloney that anyone can see through. And of course Matt tops it all off with pithy toast 2 as only Matt the Showman can.

The fire pit scene. What disturbs me the most here, is SlugJer mentions twice that he's willing to come back to the farm a couple of extra times to 'check up on how dad's doing'. Not one word on volunteering to do any labour of any kind. Goodness, no! It's only after Tori gets into specifics and outright asks him if he would mow the lawn that SlugJer finally says OK. There was something else in the convo about Auj mentioning to Zach that he 'has the time'? Part-time job or not I guess. The idea of Zach being closer, with the Golden Couple's trips already, is a pretty meaningless argument.


Mike P. said...

"Matt could be left paralyzed" is the new "We could lose the farm."

And it's just as mawkish, pathetic and manipulative as ever.

I failed to count how many times it was spoken last night—and in the preceding two or three episodes—but it must be close to 100 altogether. Roloff has never feared to lay it on thick when it comes to self-pity and churning up worry. But then, he has a thick audience.

(And hilariously, even the paintings on the wall in the offices of Amy's attorney are blurred. WTF?)

Anonymous said...

I did notice too that Molly seems to have a boyfriend. Looked like the same guy that was at Tori's birthday and Molly's graduation party. Another reason for her to get a job in Spokane and bail on moving back closer or onto the farm. It's been quite obvious that Jer and Auj don't really seem interested in the family other than to appear with them to get paid or promote whatever their job du jour is. They don't want the family, just the family farm. I laughed at how interested Jer was in helping out on the farm due to Matt's health issues. I believe he said that he could maybe, perhaps, potentially, someday, somewhere, sometime cut the grass an additional time.

Ann said...

Who would listen to Auj at a speaking engagement? What could she possibly have anything interesting to say?

Johnny Reb said...

It was pretty funny watching Matt fret over the neck fusion surgery as if it was going to cost him his career as a lazy bum or something.

So much fake emotion, so much self important nonsense, so much self pity.

About five years ago one Adam Copeland (who wrestled as Edge In WWE for 17 years) won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at a PPV (achieving a boyhood dream)and then had to announce his retirement and surrender the title the next night on Raw due to being told by WWE doctors that day the he needed neck fusion surgery because of a serious neck injury he'd suffered during the match the previous night that meant that he wouldn't be able to keep wrestling anymore.

His fifteen minute announcement was one of the most emotional and heartfelt moments in WWE history because he was genuinely heartbroken to be disappointing the fans.

PJ said...

It is so interesting that the Golden Couple looked horrified at the idea of having to care for the farm and Matt after surgery. Matt will figure out all they really want is the asset, not the work if he hasn't already.

I'm so glad Zach found Tori. She is helping him become a mature, caring man. And he is rising to the challenge beautifully. As someone said elsewhere, Oddj is or will be jealous of Tori soon enough, after all she got the best twin.

Molly looked like she'd rather chew her leg off rather than move back to the farm.

Of course Oddj had to fulfill her speaking commitment but why couldn't she go alone or with friend? And why accept an engagement on graduation day? My college printed the date in the catalog at the beginning of each year so they knew far ahead of time when it would be. Oh yeah someone else would be the center of attention so Jer couldn't put his sister first.

Sara said...

And today, vapid Auj was posting screen captures of her wearing her 'Always More' gear in last night's episode. Yup, from an episode documenting her beloved inlaws' divorce, she's pimping her clip thing business. What of honorific one's father and mother? Isn't gluttony a deadly sin? We are to take marriage counsel from her? Please.

Ann said...

Interesting how Matt talks about his divorse then in the next breath ask what does God have planned for his future. Really. Do they even read the bible

Ann said...

The golden couple sure does have a lot to learn. It is excuciating watching how selfish they are

Rap541 said...

PJ - its all the more hilarious when you consider that what Jer and Auj have been up to? Traveling, vacationing, the instragrams are full of pictures of the kids having a good time while Matt has been on his bed of pain.

Mind you, I doubt it will cross Matt's mind that it wasn't the Golden Boy who offered to come down for the surgery. But interesting just the same that Jer's reaction was to head off for personal fun. What with his "I want the farm! TO RAISE MY KIDS!" talk, you'd think he'd be running to let Matt know he's willing to stand in and work while Matt is in the hospital....

PJ said...

I also noticed that the missing Roloff child did not appear on camera even though it would have been natural for him to. So it seems he's keeping his word.

RBD said...

Someone asked Auj on facebook how Matt was doing after surgery. Her non chalant reply was that he is in recovery and FROM WHAT I HEAR doing good considering. She seemed to be more interested in hawking her sweatshirts and T-shirts on her shop site. Molly's graduation day was 5/22/16. Auj was one of 3 featured speakers at a Women's Cultivate Conference at Sandals Church in Riverside, CA on May 20-21. Looks like the day of graduation Auj and Jer were visiting their old apartment/neighborhood and friends in West Hollywood. Jer had nothing at all to do with the conference and just along for the ride. So hard to say whether they knew about the graduation when accepting the invite to the conference or used it as a good excuse not to go.

J45 said...

Funny how Jer didn't attend Molly's grad and will probably get the okay from Christians… but months ago the Christians here were complaining that Jake ATTENDED the grad because Whitworth is a Christian school and he is not.

aforementioned Christians, please explain to me how Jeremy is a better brother than Jacob?

Happy said...

Did anyone notice that Izzy was on camera at the party and Jacob was behind a vase of flowers? I thought that was funny. Also thought that Molly was going to announce her engagement to Joel. I hope they (Molly and Joel) are ignoring the bible and are having lots of great premarital sex, buck wild stylee!

Rap541 said...

Of course Oddj had to fulfill her speaking commitment but why couldn't she go alone or with friend? And why accept an engagement on graduation day? My college printed the date in the catalog at the beginning of each year so they knew far ahead of time when it would be. Oh yeah someone else would be the center of attention so Jer couldn't put his sister first.

In fairness, you make a perfectly valid point that it wasn't as though Molly's graduation and the subsequent filming couldn't be planned for - if nothing else, it's kinda sorta Jeremy's only job, and that Jeremy never complains or doesn't want to film because he's so in love with follow Daddy Matt's vision of filming his life, he never ever shirks, has been constantly crowed.

It's also fair to say that Audrey is a grown up woman, not a child, and she doesn't need an escort or a babysitter to attend a speaking event. Jeremy made a choice - his wife and fun, over his sister and a long dull day spent with his bickering parents. Let's be clear, Jeremy will ALWAYS choose fun over not fun - that's why Jeremy has been vacationing and hiking and staying with Auj in nice bed and breakfast places while his dad has friends keeping him company after his neck fusion surgery. That's why we're never going to hear Jeremy say "If I want the farm, I need to step up and take responsibility for running it".... Nope.... he might mow the lawn an extra time but that's about all the effort he's going to make.

Its often telling, how people behave when things are hard. Zach, not especially fond of the old man, makes a point of going with him to surgery despite how its not likely to be "fun". Jeremy doesn't even offer.

Benzie Harp said...

Let's all picture Jeremy and Audrey waking up before sunrise. They head out the door (Audrey without makeup!!) and put in a full day of chores on "the farm." Then they spend their evening trying to decide which charity to give to instead of planning their 8th vacation.

Everyone can LAUGH now.

Truthgiver said...

I can see why Jacob made a comment, about the Roloff family playing characters on the show.

First, Molly had a job lined up in Spokane, for months now, and the whole family knew it. This whole announcing it at her graduation party was just for the cameras.

Check out Jacob's instagram page for confirmation:

As for Audrey and Jeremy not coming to Molly's graduation. It is true that Audrey spoke at the Cultivate Conference in Riverside that weekend. But a few things. First Jeremy was not in attendance at the actual conference, cause it was a women's only conference. He may have been at the hotel, but he wasn't there at the conference.
The conference was at Riverside. Jeremy and Audrey chose to stay longer in California and travel to Hollywood and visit with friends. Yes, the day of Molly's graduation, they were actually with friends in Hollywood, and not at the conference. They could have left Riverside on Saturday, and been in Spokane for Molly's graudation on Sunday, but chose to go to Hollywood instead.

I just wish that the show would lay the truth out there, instead of creating situations for an episode of the show.

granny goodwitch said...

Matt is a drama queen in very possible way. It's all about Matt, all the time. Matt's favorite person is Matt Roloff. I was so pleased to see Molly graduate from college. She is the only Roloff child out of four who actually seems to have a real brain. The boys are all pretty much brainless. At least Tori is helping Zack finally grow up. One wonder if Jeremy will EVER grow up! Granny Goodwitch

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Truthgiver, I also made note of that in my review (and got it in a day before I usually do woot woot!) but please remember ALL the talk between Amy and Molly, from before the divorce was signed weeks before grad, to the day before grad, was all lies and scripting and talking points. I'm a bit surprised Molly sold out as much as she did.

Happy, the flowers were in the center of the table, so I think it was just a bad camera angle. Jacob was directly behind Pop (Ron) at the ceremony. And I believe Molly will make damn sure she is set right up regardless of who she marries.

I wonder where all the big 'supporters' have been these last three or four weeks?

PJ said...

I disagree. Matt seems to be noticing some tarnish on the Golden Couple. remember the comment about not just handing over the farm to Jer because Matt didn't want the other kids to have to come begging if they needed some equity money?

Good for you Jacob! Tell the truth about Little Prince Jer.

D said...

Izzy looks way natural behind the cameras and seems super sweet. All this hate here is super unnecessary and unwarranted towards her. Do find it funny that Jacob was strategically placed behind a vase of flowers. The camera crew must be in on it and help him avoid being on TV. Interesting. He has kept his word so far though.

Liz said...

It's funny that you are all suddenly detectives and notice that Audrey and Jeremy purposefully didn't attend Molly's graduation.

Some even act surprised. It can't be that shocking that Jeremy and Audrey did something to only benefit themselves and didn't care what other people think?

I mean, come on. They of course attended the graduation party but that's the infamous photo Audrey left Isabel out of.

Hmm she truly seems to be digging herself a hole here.

RBD said...

Well it definitely is a scripted "reality show" based on true events, as they say in the movies. The money and exposure they get far outweighs being real with everyone. Jacob was so right in saying they all play characters. Just would love to know which are worse or better than they are portrayed.

JunoMarie said...

I wonder what ever happened to Matt and Amy's parents? The show was more realistic back then. I still remember the episode of Zach at one of those LP yearly conferences where he said he would NEVER marry a regular height girl, so I am glad he worked up his confidence considering she was really his FIRST girlfriend. As for Jeremy, I never pictured him as being such a whipped husband, and I remember when Molly was thinking of being a Spanish Teacher in lieu of a CPA. if you can't tell, I gave been watching the show since the beginning.
I remember when Amy taught Sunday School and Matt was a Salesman and lived frugally. I was a lot younger then. :)
My guess for shows finale: Tori is pregnant, Matt and Amy are keeping the farm, will remain good friends. Who knows maybe Jeremy and Auj will get there own show on the Travel channel?

Noh8 said...

I gave up hope for authenticity long ago. However, Molly's news was old news by graduation day. Amy and Molly were seen looking for Molly's new digs about a month before graduation in Spokane. Molly and Jacob are clearly the only two members of this family who will be truly independent and self-supporting. It speaks volumes that Jeremy didn't go to the graduation ceremony. It's his little sister! Audrey is supposed to be a grown-ass woman and she could've handled the 30 minute speaking obligation on her own. Going to Hollywood, rather than graduation, is disrespectful. Tickets for flights out of LA to Spokane were $148 on Southwest that weekend.

Rap541 said...

J45 - there's actually two warring versions of why the Christians are angry that Jake attended the graduation.

The first is now a moot point but here goes. If Jacob doesn't want to be filmed then in theory he shouldn't attend any events where he might have to be hypocritical about his wish to not be filmed. The Christian Crowd here are very very concerned about hypocrisy when it's Jacob Roloff. Since Jacob was rather obviously and ham-handedly hidden, he wasn't filmed, and he wasn't paid, and he's not being hypocritical in attending.

This is likely why we're not seeing a lot of comments from the Christian squad on this episode - they were quite insistent on how they thought he wouldn't be able to resist the lure of the money and the excuse his sister's graduation gave him. (That and Jeremy basically looks like an ass as he needed to hold Auj's purse in their hotel room while she did a speaking event at a woman's conference and they then hung out in Hollywood rather than attend the graduation.) (And Jeremy making it clear how he wasn't going to step up, and put his shoulder to the wheel to assist his father in taking care of the farm while Matt was lying on his bed of pain)

The second reason the Christians were offended at the notion of Jacob attending the graduation is that Jacob has said he isn't a Christian and Whitworth is a Christian college so somehow, for some reason, the Christian crowd here is very very deeply concerned that Jacob will violate his own views by attending any event at a Christian facility. Under this theory, pretty much if Jacob says anything other than "I hate Jesus", he's a terrible hypocrite.

It's childish and silly, and a very black and white view that is certainly NOT applied to the other Roloffs. What's worse, and I genuinely believe this, is that I really don't think they realize how hatefilled they make their faith look like. Let me explain.

Jacob could change his mind about Christianity. It's happened to others. But... the crazy hatefilled Christians here would never believe it and and would continue to harass Jacob, no matter how genuine his change was. Their religion is theoretically about forgiveness but these people, if Jacob did convert, would always be there, reminding him that his loving CHrist means he's forever doomed as a hypocrite and they will always want him on his knees begging forgiveness for it, and he'll never get that forgiveness. There is no incentive for Jacob to ever consider Christianity because he'll never be allowed to be anything but dirt. Really, its just sad how they work against their own purpose.

RBD said...

Well their are certainly enough crazy hate filled atheists and agnostics here too Rap541

Rap541 said...

I agree, RBD - but so far, I haven't seen any of the atheists and agnostics merrily note how delighted they will be if Jer and Auj get hurt while we do have a vast assortment of Christians willing to say how morally right they are to dance with glee over ill wishing Jacob.

I mean really, RBD - am I wrong? If Jacob really did find Christ, do you think any of the Christians here would allow him to get off his knees? That they'd never stop reminding him that he said he wasn't a Christian and is now and forever a hypocrite and will never ever wash the stain off no matter how much he asks for forgiveness?

As it is, I am routinely called a hater for, *gasp*, suggesting that a 26 year old man should be working and earning his own property instead of hiking and playing and insisting how his daddy always said the farm would be there for *him*. Since Jeremy follows John Mark Comer, and John Mark Comer says a man should provide for his family... I find the hypocrisy amusing but apparently it's hateful when a Christian is called upon to actually walk the walk.

RBD said...

No matter what religion or non-religion one believes, no one is perfect. There are hypocrites everywhere. I don't know what some so called Christian did to you, but spewing venom at Christianity just because someone has a differing opinion about the Roloff's is a bit too much. Islamic terrorists bombed a plane that killed two cousins of mine. If a Muslim writes something about the Roloff's I disagree with, I certainly wouldn't damn their entire religion because I disagreed with what they wrote. All the Roloff kids except Jacob believe in some version of what they feel Christianity is at this time. Of course they may change their views/versions many times as they live life. Let's face it, all the kids were raised by dysfunctional parents. Material goods were thrown at them to replace real parenting. All the boys got away with being immature, lazy, messy, treating school/studies as a joke, and treated any work as a four letter word. Total Peter Pan Syndrome which lives with them today. They were raised by Christians, but you can't damn Christianity just because they turned out that way.

PJ said...


It's not Christianity that people here object to. It's the way some posters here use it as an excuse for spewing hate and prejudice.

scorpiogirl said...

Well said, PJ. It's the Christians that played the 'Christian card' here and shoved their religion and judgement in everyone's faces. Of course there would be reaction to that.

As for Jeri and Audrey, I find myself constantly irritated by their arrogance and Audrey with her hair twirling and tossing in front of the camera. They claim to be so righteous and good, yet when it comes down to it, they only offer to come to the farm a couple times to 'help'. If the golden couple are so busy spreading God's word, why are they too busy to put it into practice and help Matt in his time of need or go to Jeri's sister's graduation? Instead they sit there shuffling (and twirling hair) on the hay bales with all kinds of excuses. I thought it was so low of Jer to criticize Zach on how he mowed the lawn last episode. At least Zach was practicing what he preached.

I have no problem with religion, but when the religious righteous use it to make themselves sound better or criticize with this silly 'our religious club is better than your club' mentality, I find it offensive and so should everyone else.

Rap541 said...

RBD - what PJ said.

I know many wonderful Christians.

I'm tired of hearing from the Christians here that spewing racial hatred is the Roloff boys right. That it's Christ blessed that Jer and Auj hate gays. That non Christians should be silenced. That non Christians should convert or get the hell out of the US as only CHristians should be citizens.

And I really tire of Christians like yourself stepping in after Christians like Angela and Gail merrily note how God has told them that non Christians don't deserve the same rights as Christians to say "well, jeez, you can't condemn Christianity for what Christians actually say and do in its name".

RBD - do you have a problem - as a Christian - hearing that non Christians should be silenced and don't deserve the same rights as Christians?

Rap541 said...

To be clear RBD - I don't consider myself Christian. I was born in this country. I have served this country in the United States Army during Desert Storm. And per Christians here, I am NOT owed any respect and should be kicked to the border as ONLY CHRISTIANS matter.


That's what Christians here insist is their faith. If you don't believe as they do, YOU ARE NOT DUE ANY RIGHTS.

And you're merrily bitching "oh guys, you can't judge Christianity by all these Christians screaming how you're dirt who need to be deported, you really need to smile and say thank you because I'm Christian and I'm not going to defend you against my fellow Christians but I am going to be quite indignant that you're equating my lack of defense with their hate as a part of my faith".

Boo hoo hoo RBD - I noticed you're not saying SHIT to the Christians spewing hate. Is that part of the faith? Because I seriously wsill tell you, you are part of the problem if your beef is that people actually believe these Christians when they scream that they want all opposition silenced and all non Christians forcibly converted or deported. Nope, your big beef is all "hey guys, even though the Christians here are openly shitting on you, you really can't say that Christians openly shit on others even though they are doing it even as I speak."

Clean your own house, RBD. Your refusal to acknowledge that members of your faith are acting with hate in the name of your god. You said it yourself, no one is perfect so stop treating the hate expressed by Christians here as something that has to be tolerated and NOT attributed to Christians. They are calling themselves Christians and insisting their faith in Jesus allows them to spew their rage so why can't I call them Christians representing their faith? They're insisting on the point. They're Christians and all good Christians believe as they do - why should I disagree with them on this point?

Anonymous said...

^^^Okay, what does that ha e to do with LPBW???

JDW said...

RBD: I totally agree with you.

Rap541: Love your reviews..but sometimes when you are commenting on posts I think you push it too far.

Rap541 said...

I have my moments, JDW. But I'd ask the same of you - do you support the view that Christians have the right as Christians to tell non Christians to convert or be deported as this is a Christian Nation that does not welcome non Christians?

Because that's what Christians here are saying and have been saying for years. Is that what Christians believe and stand for? Because I am tired of hearing how Jeremy James Roloff stands for Christ and I need to leave the country of my birth despite being a veteran of the armed forces because THIS IS A CHRISTIAN NATION and Jer-bear's lack of service makes him more American than I.

Is that what Christians believe? Because I am told THAT is what Christians believe and I am tired of hearing how I am not allowed to be angry that Christians openly believe this.

Lauren J said...

This episode solidified my impression of Jeremy and Audrey as two self serving individuals. I believe it was said in an earlier comment, but college graduations are scheduled a year, sometimes two years out. For Audrey to schedule a speaking engagement after the fact speaks to her lack of character as well as Jeremy's. They are both basically saying a non·family function and friends are more important than Molly's college graduation. If I was Molly, I would be irritated. Once again, Audrey and Jeremy prove they believe the world revolves around them.

Ecossais said...

The posts are often more interesting than the show which seems to be in its last throes.

Hannah said...

She's an expert on marriage...LOL!

JDW said...

No Rap541, I don't support that crazy Christian view..I get where you are coming from and that you are very angry. I just think you should dial it back a little on this topic.

I enjoy reading people's takes on the this point there is so little left to film that is interesting. I often wonder where the Roloffs would be today if TLC would have canned the show after a couple of seasons.

Kathy said...

Remember when they used to go to those little people conferences every year? What happened to that? do they attend anymore?

What do Jeremy and Audrey do in a normal day? They don't seem to have jobs so are they living only off of TLC money? I don't count their blog since I doubt that is a real money maker. Now Audrey is going to be a speaker? What could she possibly have to speak about? marriage when she has only been married a year?

Jeremy has got to be the most boring, selfish person ever. I cannot imagine him ever being a responsible parent.

Hannah said...

Kudos to Molly...the only one of their children to go to a four year college, graduate and get a bonafide job. Jeremy continues to display the most arrogant entitlement attitude of anyone I've ever seen with the exception of the Paris Hilton's younger brother. He and Audrey are so full of themselves it is more obnoxious than ever. Audrey has speaking engagements? Really? Who the heck would pay to see her speak on anything? If she is making money speaking on how great her marriage is and how we can achieve it for ourselves then hand me the bark bag. Those two really irritate me.

Sara said...

Watching the enhanced episode. Vapid Auj was wearing grey with black letters 'Always More' at Molly's party, and switched to dark with light letters 'Always More' for the bon fire.

She pre-meditated which would show up better in each scene...scenes about OTHERS, I might add.


Tweeter said...

I've Tweeted at Auj twice, very nicely, about her selfish behaviour. Her very mature solution is to block me.

Rap541 said...

JDW - Should ANYONE ELSE dial it back? Remember, Christians who loudly insist how they go to church are telling me I, a born citizen, and a veteran of a war, SHOULD GET MY NON CHRISTIAN ASS OUT AS ONLY CHRISTIANS ARE AMERICAN! Ron Roloff said it and Christians here cheered, and I'm the one who needs to dial it back?

*CHRISTIANS* are saying this, and you don't want me to *judge* Christianity by the actions of known Christians?

You don't support the crazy view but you sure aren't saying "Hey Christians, dial it back", now are you? Nope... just us shit scum non American non Christians who need to sit silent while Christians SPEW THEIR HATE.

*Why* if I "should dial it back" - aren't you also telling Gail to dial it back? Or Angela? You're pretty much proving my point that more moderate Christians just cover their eyes and whine "Hey, dial it back, those Christians aren't really right, but you can't judge all of us by them and we're not required to tell them to shut up...."

Christians insist on hateful points - why am I being ordered to dial it back when I am repeatedly told that this is what good Christians believe. They say these are Christian beliefs, why are we not allowed to judge Christians for what Christians say they believe?

I sure as fuck don't see Christians insisting on such tolerance towards differing views in other faiths. A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim - if one believes terrorism is right in the name of Allah, then ALL MUSLIMS do. So why aren't Christians with hateful views held to that standard. Some Christians believe non CHristians should be forced to convert or deported. Therefore they all do. You say you don't but you sure as shit aren't telling these people to shut up, now are you? Nope, you're telling me to shush because you don't like all Christians being judged for a few. Maybe as a Christian, you should do something about it instead of telling critics of your faith to shut up.

JDW said...

Guess what Rap? I don't even consider myself a Christian. You are missing the point. When you opened the separate Jacob thread it seemed like most of the crazies headed over there to spew and spar amongst themselves which was great as far as I am concerned. I never told you to shut up.I guess I just miss the more innocent version of this blog. Attacking readers who are actually interested in a lot of what you have to say is not helping.

Ecossais said...


I agree that Jer is the most uninteresting lazy creature on the planet but, like it or not, his has a "job". That is as a pathetically bad actor for TLC.

Audrey as wormed her way into a similar ""job". They are TV stars!

Rap541 said...

JDW - the innocent version of this blog would be where I was called a liar hating Christ for stating Jeremy James Roloff was drinking under age. This innocent version was where Christians were publically noting how "slutty" a ten year old boy was and that Matt as a Christian father needed to get Jeremy to WHIP THE GAY OUT of ten year old Jacob with a belt. What innocent version of this blog have you been reading? Its been openly said about me that I am the devil.

You're telling me to dial it back - how is that not telling me to shut up? If you want positive discourse why AREN'T you telling people other than me to "dial it back"

You want to hear about constant attack? Why don't you go to the first few posts of every recaps this season where Christians stand proudly and attack me? And I sure don't see you there saying 'hey dial it back', now do I? So forgive me if I don't interpret "dial it back" as "I'm interested in what you are saying".

Rap541 said...

Also for the record - I didn't open the separate Jacob thread. I am not a moderator here.

Anonymous said...

Jesus fucking Christ, stop it.

Rap541 said...

And here's the thing JDW - I'm tired of hearing howwrong I am to be angry when people like you who profess to not like the crazies say and do nothing when they are spewing their rage. Maybe I don't think it's helping that whenever there's something asinine said like "I get to wish death on someone and dance with glee because that's Jesus blessed" or "Anyone who isn't Christian isn't American and needs to be deported in jesus's name!" - when I protest that, I get told to NOT JUDGE all Christians and that *I need to dial it back*... all while people like yourself who theoretically don't agree with the ugly sententiments don't say ANYTHING to protest the ugliness... just that people protesting it need to "dial it back".

SWo sinced you're assigning us roles - what should I say when I am told that only Christians shpuld live in America? What response am I allowed to make where you as the Board Monitor aren't standing there with "Maybe you should dial it back, I am NOT telling you to be silent but I don't want you speaking on this without accepting my rules of conduct for you and SOLELY YOU as I make no comment to the folks posting ugly opinions I say I don't agree with".

Tell me - how much LESS do I have to say to not wear JDW's "Dial it back!" Dunce cap?

I am anxiously awaiting your rules for OTHER POSTERS since so far you've only deigned to tell me to dial it back.

J45 said...

JDW, the more innocent version of this blog?

You mean back when 9-year-old Jacob was mocked for liking his stuffed animals? How all the Christians here APPLAUDED Matt for calling Jacob a "sissy-boy" on national television after 15-year-old Zach beat him up (not maliciously)?

Back when Jacob needed the gay beat out of him? (Funny, now that Jake's voice is A LOT deeper than Jerbear's the gay claims go away…)

When, at 12-years-old, Jacob was called a "brain damaged slutty skank?" no thanks to the trebuchet accident (which the Christians here insist wasn't his parents fault whatsoever) and a 2-minute scene where his pants were sagging in his own home.

You consider that all of that innocent?

Rap541 said...

J45 - I'm glad someone else remembers those carefree innocent days of screaming how that faggot ten year old needed to be whipped bloody by Jer the Awesome with a belt and how he was the SATAN on earth for being filmed in saggy shorts at age ten (he was wanting to be *sexual* you know while Jeremy in shorts sagging or in jeans so tight you could read every wrinkle on his cock was Christ blessed....

That's why I suppose actual photographs of Jeremy with his hands in his pants simulating a penis is "Christian birthday fun". And why Audrey in shorts and skirts so short a whore would be embarrassed is never remarked upon.