Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Social Media Discussion

The social media accounts of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff often generate a lot of discussion, so here is the item to discuss it.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have their Beating50Percent marriage website. They each are active on twitter, instagram and Facebook.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Episode Of Little People, Big World August 2, 2016

Here are recaps of the new episode of Little People, Big World that aired Tuesday August 2, 2016 on TLC.


Written By Rap541

I genuinely have to be at work at the crack of dawn and I actually want to perform well so I am not getting five hours of sleep merely to watch a clip show. I am sorry that this is a terrible recap!


Hmmm New bonus footage – Amy and Matt discuss getting Molly a nice gift. Amy suggests that they get her fancy business clothes and a good watch, Matt suggests paying off her car. The divorce decree seems to indicate that they didn’t pay off the car but… Oh look the gift seems to be a Shinola watch and diamond earrings with saphires. Nice gifts. Also they do pay off the car with is nice. Molly has no debt. Speaking as someone with NO debt, I do think that is an awesome gift to give.

Honestly folks, I might bale. I am doing a training class at work and it involves being at work at 6am and this show is two hours and if its all clips and whining, I might throw in the towel since I prefer making money. Just giving fair warning. If this is mostly a clip show I will likely bail.

Oh look it’s ten years and we’re sharing stories because apparently no one wants to concede that there are numerous other shows that have lasted over ten years. Do I have to list them? Do I have to contain myself to JUST TLC shows? Because no… not the first reality show to hit ten years.

Yeah this is going to be a clip show. I will hang for a bit but… It’s a clip show.

Guys, I have work and if Jer has knocked up Auj (they’re merrily insisting there’s a special announcement and that’s pretty much it for Jer and Auj – oh wait, no, they aren’t pregnant they are just blogging on TLC.
Sorry guys – I have work and I am not recapping a clip show.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of 10 Great years – Aug. 2

Ok, here we go. The show is not staged nowadays, not even the intro. Puh-lease! It wasn't like that.......

In the beginning, it started with Matt and Amy. Yes Amy, that 14 day courtship should have given you some sort pf clue. Your powers of perception amaze even me. Nice summary history by Amy, and before we knew it.....let's buy a farm. “Look, I don't care what you do with it, just get my 6-1/2 month pregnant bod of this bumpy road.” KEY HINT: Matt blurts, “Fortunately she was distracted at the time and didn't have any capacity to say 'no', which she would like to tell you became a pattern.” D'uh. You took advantage of your pregnant wife even back then. Horrible. The house, Amy was in the 'now' and Matt was having his patented 'visions'. “Have I bitten off more than I could chew.” Never heard that before, there MR. They loved their twins. Matt, “We were excited about it because we loved the idea of ahving a LP that Amy and I could relate with, and then have a AH that could... kind of take care of us all.” Are you kidding me? As the kids grew, Matt has an idea to try to become the president of the LPA, so he quit his career to lead the LPA. Quit his career. All of a sudden, along came the show. Documentary first, then a larger scale. Amy was apprehensive at first. I think Matt's grandiose, “I think LP is a metaphor for ALL people who are different. So we could teach people about all people being different and that became the mission for the show.” ok. You, above all people have no right to even imagine that you and your family speak for everybody with a disability.

Day 1. No set ups, no staging, just “do what you want,” and the first years went from there, like geckos no the wall. Amy – more than pilot? Commercial. Oooooh. Big announcement – Auj and ofAuj are joining the family. Woo Hoo. Jeremy. “It was 100% reality and I can honestly and genuinely say that” back then, yes, sure. Amy's house was a mess. 2 jobs, and coaching, feeding kids, getting them here and there. I have no argument with that she was a busy lady. Fer shure. I like the memories of how the kids think they used to be:
  1. Zach. I was blunt. I'd just blurt out dome things.
  2. Jeremy Spoke for Zach when of course he had no right to do so. Spoke for Molly when he had no right to do so. Said nothing about himself.
  3. Molly. I liked structure, living by the rules.
Jeremy proves to be the whiny, lippy little prick that did not give his LP mom one single pounce of respect. Ever. They didn't even know the cameras were there. Then it was reality TV. When Zach's shunt collapsed, there was not staging or set up.

The farm. Matt's so awesome if he does say so himself. Jer just had to mention the windmill. The one that was his idea, that does NOTHING. Everything has a buggy road access. Bad safety on the mules with your kids, Matt. Dangerous. Ah, the pumpkin patch. No Matt, it is definitely not Graceland. The trebuchet accident. Mike mentioned only once.

Whoa! Andrea, Liz, and Max. On the show! What's this what's this???? Lesbian parent's? On LPBW! How could they have possibly been allowed to adopt? There goes the neighbourhood!

Cameras at school. Jeremy was a complete jerk at school. Acting like an idiot. Jer plays Psychologist, “We're teenagers, of ocurse we're going to sleep all day. It's in our genes at this time.” Zach, For a guy who newer reads you sure do know a lot.” Love it!!!

Enabler Amy showed her hand quite early in the series. A telling point was when she had trouble disciplining her kids, “How can you tell them you're going to discipline them an hour from now when the filming stops?” The horns of a dilemma indeed. The Iraq mission was covered. Yes Matt, you're awesome. The travel and vacations were interesting. Amy tried to justify the trips on the show as getting to do an experience on a higher level than you would if you weren't paying the entire bill yourself. They might have been a little more extravagant. Really? You don't say. Matt mentioned a big part of the show was being able to give back. They mentioned Habitat for Humanity. Period. One thing. Yay. Matt mentions the man with a tattoo of Matt on his back. Yikes. The best part was, Matt says he's won many a late night bar bets and competitions with a photo of that tattoo. Of course Matt, but you MUST be there at many a late night bar competition. KEY HINT: Somewhere between Season 4 or 5 (I think) Matt relates that the kids were done, over it, wanted to just send the cameras away and get back to their own lives. But, Matt proclaims, “Sharing our story sort of became our lot in life, our mission. I told the family, 'We have this opportunity, we can't squander it! We have to show the TV audience a documentary of what it's like to be n LP living an everyday life.' ” Well so much for the unlarvished lie that, “If any of our kids want to stop doing the show, we will stop doing the show.” Wrong. Horrible.

Af far as being on the show, the answers were telling. Tori, “At first I didn't want to be on the show. I was like, you go do the show and I'll go over here and do my thing.” Rather a strange answer, seeing as she was branded a gold-digging whore by a certain group of people on this blog. Audrey, “I got used to it pretty quickly.” OfAuj pipes in, “Yeah, she's pretty natural, so it was no problem.” Who's the attention-seeking whore?

The final bits and arguments are typical modern Roloffs. Jeremy spouts, “I fell like I've thrown all up into the air, and we'll make the pieces land in a way that make sense for everyone's future. YOU have thrown it all up into the air? Whoever the geek moderator was, “So, what are you up to today?” Amy goes on and on, “I'd like to see where the salsa business goes (he asked about today, Amy) and she still went on and on. Amy please. Just shut up. But she wasn't the only one who was serf-serving and full of themselves.

Overall, there was not as much there as I had hoped. We did get some little snippets of truth, a lot of 'Aren't we awesome' and 'We're going to keep going'. The early years were always better, but alas, they're gone. And the show's and characters' honesty and credibility along with it.