Thursday, October 20, 2016

Audrey Roloff Upset After Coming Under Attack As Possible Donald Trump Supporter

For the second time in just over a week, Audrey Roloff's penchant for for kinda/sorta/maybe vaguely posting her opinion on a controversial topic on social issues or politics and Audrey's refusal to clarify her feelings have made her the target of angry fans.

And Audrey is not too happy about it.

Audrey took to her Instagram stories on Thursday October 20th to vent about feeling attacked. "Instagram stories" is the short video clip feature of Instagram. Users (Audrey) can post videos, if they are longer, she can make multiple videos in a row. Followers cannot comment on the actual "Instagram story" so they comment on the most recent Instagram picture Audrey posted.

Here is what Audrey said in her Instagram Story on Thursday October 20th.

Audrey Roloff: "It's crazy to me that I can write this long Instagram post about being compassionately curious before you're carelessly critical and then,  there's tons of people criticizing me on that exact post for things that are complete assumptions that I didn't even say. Let's be people who compassionately curious before we are carelessly critical today."

Here is the "story" on what Audrey is talking about.

Last night, Wednesday Oct 19th, the Presidential Debate was held. Audrey had earlier posted a regular Instagram photo with a long description about how the world needs more people that are compassionately curious and less people that are carelessly critical.

Audrey then posted several Instagram Stories (the short video clips) from the debate. The clips were of  Donald Trump speaking about Hilary Clinton's faults, Trump mentioning Clinton's "criminal emails, (Audrey inserted smiley faces), clips of Trump asking how can Clinton run for President of the United States when she should be in jail?" Audrey finished it up with Donald Trump's closing words from the debate.. "We cannot take 4 more years of Barack Obama and that's what you get if you vote for Hillary Clinton". A female voice in Audrey's video (which her followers obviously assume to be her own) can be heard loudly exclaiming "That was GOOD!"

Immediately after Audrey's "Instagram stories" of the debate clips, fans began asking Audrey if she was a Trump supporter and many criticized her for supporting Donald Trump and expressed this disappointment.

Here is a sample of the comments:


Just saw your ig stories. Disappointed to find out you're a Trump Supporter.

Ugh. Why did you have to bring your political views into things? Not a good move.

Exactly. Hope it's a misinterpretation as can't fake or twist his racist statements in the debate last night...and that's just the beginning.

I think she's a Trump Supporter. Not sure I can keep watching the show LPBW.

Audrey Roloff: Just wanna say one thing...Y'all sure do make a lot of assumptions....And this post has nothing to do with politics. I hope you read the actual content of the post before commenting. It would mean a lot to me.

I think they are commenting on your video cheering on Trump, not your post.

Audrey Roloff: Who is cheering? Hmmm quick to criticize and assume...!

I just watched your story and I understand that you're feeling attacked. But you are a public figure, who is putting messages out to almost 300,000 people. Intentionally. You felt that people are criticizing you for "things you didn't even say". You posted only videos of Donald Trump talking, with laughing face emojis as he yell-interrupted Hillary Clinton....People are rightfully upset and confused. This is what happened with the cover girl post, you were at best unclear with your message and at worst, offensive.. You are expected to clarify what your meaning is, if you feel people are missing it. If you feel that people don't know what you actually think, give us context. You are mistaken if you think your message was vague. It was not. It has meaning. If that's not the meaning you intended, explain it. If it was the meaning you intended, use this criticism constructively. You take a standpoint of instructing others how to live, and when others do the same you, based on your specific public actions, your are responsible for receiving them. You take a religiously based moral standpoint on life and public discourse and are defending, as per the message you sent out, a serial sexual assault perpetrator, racist, homophobic, offensive, inarticulate and unqualified man who wants to be president.....You are a public figure who made a public statement that completely contradicts what you preach and that actually endangers women, minorities, and the lower classes. You are expected to explain it.

I think what's causing frustration and confusion is that people want to know is where you stand 
on these issues, and clear up the ambiguity of your recent posts. 

I completely agree! Could you clear up the ambiguity of your latest posts? Do you support Donald Trump?

If they don't symbolize your support for Trump...say so? And if they do symbolize your support, why are you offended that people think they do?

Audrey Roloff: "Social Media is not the place of debate. I hope you can gracefully accept that. I disregard many of the negatie comments because I want my social media and comments to be uplifting and encouraging to others. Not a blood bath".

You're telling us that social media is not the place for debate after YOU posted snippets of the debate on your socially media and you she "gracefully accepts that"????? Makes no sense.


Audrey never did clarify what the cheering "That was GOOD" meant or the purpose of her posting Trump's remarks. She didn't answer the many people asking if she was a Trump supporter. From that point on, Audrey only responded to people defending her or who complimented her on her post.

It was similar to Audrey's controversial Instagram Story on October 12th  which RadarOnline documented here:

Update October 22nd

As Audrey Roloff continues to receive several negative comments (along with a lot of supportive comments from Christians) regarding her recent above mentioned controversial posts regarding Donald Trump and the recent issue of Cover Girl featuring a gay, effeminate looking 17 year old male make-up artisti, James Charles. Audrey and her husband Jeremy Roloff, are continuing to comment on the negative responses.

Again, on Audrey's Instagram Stories, she posted 2 pictures with captions, mocking the people making the negative comments as having too much time on their hands to write long negative posts.

"Some people just have a lot of time on their hands to be commenting novels on social media every 10 minutes"

 Her other picture reads:

"If you're gonna have a debate take it to direct messages" [insert grinning smiley)

Audrey also tweeted "well said babe" and a link to her husband's (Jeremy Roloff) Facebook page, with a long post about which essentially says debates on important topics should not be said on the internet (or at least in public view). Jeremy and Audrey had the same sentiment months ago in the aftermath of them saying on their marriage blog that they don't agree with gay marriage or gay relationships --  when people would say they were disappointed to learn his views because they always thought he was open-minded to people who were different, Jeremy Roloff continuously commented that they should take the conversation to Private/Direct message. Many skeptics believe Jeremy wants the conversation to be off of a public forum so that he can't be held accountable for his views by sites like this blog or Radar Online or TMZ. However, many of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's Christian fan based applaud them for taking a bold stand "for God" when they post things that imply they are against "gay rights" or support Donald Trump. 

Jeremy also quotes Jeremy and Audrey's favorite Pastor, John Mark Comer, who has also made controversial public statements regarding the benefits of "gay conversion therapy" and who calls gay people "broken inside". 

Here is Jeremy's Facebook post:

"In light of recent events - be wise with your posts, words and comments. The internet is no place for winning people over, that is best done in person. Serious topics take a real conversation. As we process and consume the relentless onslaught of manipulated garbage on social media and the news, let's remember who we represent as we participate in conversation both digital and real. As Christians, our allegiance belongs to the kingdom of God. In the words of John Mark Comer, "We have dual citizenship, both to a country, and to a kingdom." no candidate is, or ever will be our savior. So don't act like they are. We already have one and let's not push Him aside in all the chaos and noise. #lifeorbust

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Audrey Roloff Once Again Speaks Out Against LBGT

Audrey Roloff has once again ruffled feathers by using her social media to voice her opposition to the LGBT community.

Radaronline has an excellent article that documents the latest round of Audrey speaking out.

It is regarding Cover Girl's use of "gender-bending" model, a 17 year old make up artist who is a You Tube star, James Charles.

In Audrey's Instagram Stories on October 12th, she posted a picture of the cover with her caption "Confused...". Audrey went on to discuss her opposition to it in comments on her own Instagram picture.

After receiving negative comments from fans about her opposition to the cover, Audrey invoked Jesus in her reasoning for speaking out and compared being silent on these LGBT matters as akin to not stopping your child if he/she were running into the middle of a freeway. Audrey responded in a comment with:.

Audrey Roloff: "If I do recall, Jesus did not just go around approving and accepting everything everyone did. More often than not, he instructed, rebuked, and corrected deception, false teaching and sinful living. You don't get persecuted for being a people pleaser....And I know my stance won't be a popular one, but I will boldly take it. That does not mean I hate. This man has incredible talents. I have an issue with the brand and the message it sends to women across the globe, not the man himself. If my child wanted to run out into the freeway, I would speak up! Because I LOVE him/her not because I'm judgmental or belittling." 

Despite the controversy, the Roloffs were one big happy family this weekend, with the whole family, with the exception of Molly Roloff (who also has spoken out in support of Anti-gay comments) and her boyfriend. Even Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel, were at Roloff Farms  this past weekend for Roloff Pumpkin Season. They were all posing for pictures on each others social media sites and are all very complimentary of one another.

As the Radar Online article mentions, although Jacob is by far more liberal on social issues than the rest of his family (although some wonder just how much on the acceptance of gay people due to an incident while Jacob was attending a public high school - an openly gay student responded to a question about Jacob by stating that he thought Jacob was very attractive - when that answer was brought to Jacob's attention, Jacob went on to say that he didn't want that person anywhere near him and he wouldn't have a gay male friend because he's "not into dudes, I like girls"). Many felt his reaction and response was inherently homophobic. However, despite that real life story, Jacob has in the past on social media been supportive of gay rights such as marriage equality and retweeting the likes of Flea from one of Jacob's favorite bands the Red Hot Chili Peppers mocking people like Michelle Bachman and family for their support of gay conversion therapy. Jacob has also spoken out against Christian fans of the Roloffs and of Little People, Big World who voice the same views as Audrey and Jeremy about LGBT issues in society.. However, Jacob and his girlfriend Isabel refrain from commenting on Jeremy and Audrey's anti LGBT statements and views.