Sunday, October 16, 2016

Audrey Roloff Once Again Speaks Out Against LBGT

Audrey Roloff has once again ruffled feathers by using her social media to voice her opposition to the LGBT community.

Radaronline has an excellent article that documents the latest round of Audrey speaking out.

It is regarding Cover Girl's use of "gender-bending" model, a 17 year old make up artist who is a You Tube star, James Charles.

In Audrey's Instagram Stories on October 12th, she posted a picture of the cover with her caption "Confused...". Audrey went on to discuss her opposition to it in comments on her own Instagram picture.

After receiving negative comments from fans about her opposition to the cover, Audrey invoked Jesus in her reasoning for speaking out and compared being silent on these LGBT matters as akin to not stopping your child if he/she were running into the middle of a freeway. Audrey responded in a comment with:.

Audrey Roloff: "If I do recall, Jesus did not just go around approving and accepting everything everyone did. More often than not, he instructed, rebuked, and corrected deception, false teaching and sinful living. You don't get persecuted for being a people pleaser....And I know my stance won't be a popular one, but I will boldly take it. That does not mean I hate. This man has incredible talents. I have an issue with the brand and the message it sends to women across the globe, not the man himself. If my child wanted to run out into the freeway, I would speak up! Because I LOVE him/her not because I'm judgmental or belittling." 

Despite the controversy, the Roloffs were one big happy family this weekend, with the whole family, with the exception of Molly Roloff (who also has spoken out in support of Anti-gay comments) and her boyfriend. Even Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel, were at Roloff Farms  this past weekend for Roloff Pumpkin Season. They were all posing for pictures on each others social media sites and are all very complimentary of one another.

As the Radar Online article mentions, although Jacob is by far more liberal on social issues than the rest of his family (although some wonder just how much on the acceptance of gay people due to an incident while Jacob was attending a public high school - an openly gay student responded to a question about Jacob by stating that he thought Jacob was very attractive - when that answer was brought to Jacob's attention, Jacob went on to say that he didn't want that person anywhere near him and he wouldn't have a gay male friend because he's "not into dudes, I like girls"). Many felt his reaction and response was inherently homophobic. However, despite that real life story, Jacob has in the past on social media been supportive of gay rights such as marriage equality and retweeting the likes of Flea from one of Jacob's favorite bands the Red Hot Chili Peppers mocking people like Michelle Bachman and family for their support of gay conversion therapy. Jacob has also spoken out against Christian fans of the Roloffs and of Little People, Big World who voice the same views as Audrey and Jeremy about LGBT issues in society.. However, Jacob and his girlfriend Isabel refrain from commenting on Jeremy and Audrey's anti LGBT statements and views.



Debbie said...

God Bless Audrey for speaking out.

That cover should be renamed "Cover Freak".

Audrey is 100% right and I'm so proud of her for taking a stand and speaking out against it. The gay agenda has gone too far with this kind of thing.

It is Cover GIRL.

Lauren said...

I agree with Audrey. As a Christian, I am so sick of gays and "transgenered" sickos being forced down my throat.

Amber said...

I may be in the minority, but I think it's a good thing that Jacob and Isabel are becoming more and more friendly and accepting of Jeremy and Audrey's stance on the gays.

There was a time that Jacob might disagree or mock Audrey, but now he keeps silent and Isabel compliments Audrey on her Instagram pictures. Audrey knows how to influence people and that's why she's speaking out. God is using her and Jeremy in great ways.

Brandon said...

I think it's interesting how Audrey is calling herself "bold" for bashing the use of this minor, he is 17 right? I just need to point that out because of all the times I've heard how it was hateful for people to criticize Jeremy when he was not 18 when he was using racial and homophobic slurs and generally acting like a mean-spirited jerk.

But Audrey thinks she is bold? Yet, on her biggest platform, the actual LPBW show, Jeremy and Audrey are silent about how they really feel about gay and lesbian people. Why oh why?

Janet said...

I think it's incredibly rude that people come to Audrey's Instagram and call her hateful for standing for her faith and with God and the Bible. It's funny that it's always the leftist liberals who are so intolerant of Christians who espouse views that differ from what they want. Audrey has every right to speak out and she speaks the truth.

Amber, I also think it is an encouraging sign that Jacob is respectful of Audrey and Jeremy's correct opinion of gays and that Isabel is clearly wanting to be a good friend of Audrey.

As Spirits article points out, I think we all know what Jacob really thinks of gays, he doesn't want them affecting his life. I personally think his so-called "support" on twitter is simply his immaturity in trying to look "cool" to the people that he follows.

Misst said...

Audrey and Jeremy, Molly, Amy and Matt: all the above and more.
Self righteous "godly" Audrey has her right to her opinion, however if her opinion happens to be nasty and she airs it in a public space, she shouldn't bitch when she is called out for her nasty words.
James's and cover girl's message is one of acceptance and empowerment. Audreys message is about hate, intolerance and homophobia. She is a "christian" role model for no one.

Rap541 said...

Janet, why?

Frankly I think people are right to ask someone claiming to be a writer and a blogger (aka someone who theoretically makes their livelihood off of their writing) to manage better than "Confused" when commenting on a social issue.

Also if you read her comments on Instagram - she's actually quite quick to insist she has no issue with the person on the cover but instead is sorta calling out Covergirl.... although she's actually unwilling to articulate her concerns.

I always love it when Audrey is given credit for what she's not saying. She's very carefully avoiding saying any critical comment of the person on the cover, unlike people here.

Debbie - that means Audrey won't publically agree with you that the magazine should be called "CoverFreak" - as a Christian, she's not willing to say that publically.

Laura - that means Audrey will never say "As a Christian, I am so sick of gays and "transgenered" sickos being forced down my throat."

Mark my words - she will never ever say this. In fact her discussion on this topic is how confused she is with Covergirl but she won't articulate why....

Megan said...

Misst, Audrey has a right to express her opinion. Why are you trying to silence her by calling her hateful?

OhPlease said...

Confused is right...exactly what "sin" is this person committing? And Audrey, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, "You're no Jesus." I seem to remember a few other choice phrases, like "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," and "First remove the log from thine own eye." Such a hateful, judgmental person...I think Jesus is crying.

Denise said...

Audrey comes throught for Christ once again :) Rap you have to be an idiot if you don't understand Audrey's objection. She is mad at CoverGirl for sending a bad message by using this guy on the cover.

Rap541 said...

Denise - its genuinely not an issue of my being an idiot. Why can't Audrey say more than "Confused"?

Is she a writer or a child? A writer would be able to articulate an argument. A child says "Confused" and gets a cookie from adults.

"She is mad at CoverGirl for sending a bad message by using this guy on the cover. "

Please provide a quote where Audrey actually says this. Right now all she is saying is "confused" and how she doesn't have any hate for the guy on the cover of Covergirl.

Megan - Audrey has every right to express her opinion. I just need to know clearly what it is. Please provide quotes from Audrey on what "Confused" meant.

Rap541 said...

For the record, I am totally open to Audrey actually stating "I am mad at Covergirl for sending a bad message by using this guy on the cover." It's just bluntly clear that she isn't willing to commit to that or to ", I am so sick of gays and "transgenered" sickos being forced down my throat"

If that is how she feels and she's proud of that, why isn't she proud to say it? As Christians, doesn't it frustrate you that she's allowed to just say "confused" and you have to defend her by publically interpreting her remarks? As a Christian who agrees with you, why is Audrey allowed to back away from your group beliefs publically?

Eden said...

Isabel just retweeted James Charles' makeup post on Twitter of his breast cancer awareness makeup art he did.

If she was against him, do you think she'd retweet him in support of him?

I doubt Isabel wants to stir the pot and make Audrey mad by calling her out for being a bigot. She probably just smiles and keeps her mouth shut although she is in support of gays.

Also to those saying Isabel comments on Audrey's Instagram, when? If I do recall, Audrey comments on Isabel's posts often. I do not see Isabel comment back.

You guys are so quick to twist stories to fit your hateful agenda. If Isabel is smart, she'll ditch this crazy family really quickly.

Happy said...

Believe what you want, but here is how I handle God:
Fact #1: There is no such thing as magic. This kills the old testament.
Fact #2: You can't make a baby with no semen. Bye jesus.
Fact #3: There are no ghosts, and I don't care how many tv shows there are about them. See ya, trinity.
I have three classes to go until I get my third college degree and I need way more than a book that contains talking, burning, bushes that spit out engraved stone tablets, to believe in something. Did you know that in Alabama it's illegal for two consenting adults (hetero even) to own sex toys? Because Christians need to control what everyone else does in order to have an orgasm. Weird. My in-laws were freaking when their 22 year old daughter wanted to move in with me after we had a four year long distance relationship; we'd been dating 8 years total at that point. They want to control when their daughter has sex. Weird. I'd been banging her since she was 15, LOL, a little late to be freaking that we're going to hell for billions of millennia because we rubbed our wee-wees together before we got circles on our fingers. Yep, it's all about the control of sex with Christians. I'm not worrying about trying to avoid going to the "bad" place (that no one knows where it is) and striving to get to the "good" place (that no one knows where it is). I might as well strive to get into Narnia while doing all that I can to avoid going to atlantis.

Rap541 said...

Misst, Audrey has a right to express her opinion. Why are you trying to silence her by calling her hateful?

Megan - because Misst has the right free speech as well. Audrey isn't a child. She is a 25 year old woman who calls herself a public speaker and a writer. I find it hilarious that you seriously believe that Audrey is so weak in her will and in her beliefs that she needs to be coddled like a little girl. I mean really, "Guys, Audrey's saying something and if you disagree or say anything other than praise, she'll forever be silent because to Audrey anything other than praise is HATE and HATE makes Audrey silent so everyone praise her no matter what she does because she's not enough of a big girl to be treated like an adult" isn't really the defense you think it is.

Does this apply to everyone or just precious poor lil Auj-poj who will forever be mute if her every word isn't held up for constant praise?

You've just infantilized her and made whatever point she was making (and folks, she's clearly not making the points you think she's making, because too many of you are rushing to insist she meant x, y, and z and she's NEVER going to validate you by agreeing with you) meaningless because you're insisting she be treated differently than anyone else.

I think gay marriage is fine. Anyone who says anything other than "I agree with Rap" is trying to silence me.

Is that correct? Remember, if you disagree with my view and actually say so at my comments that I made in a public forum for public consumption, you are being hateful and you are attempting to silence my freedom of speech.

Rap541 said...

More seriously, if Audrey is going to be a public blogger and a public speaker and be someone who publically speaks out on things, then people are going to disagree with her. And not just on marriage or homosexuality.

I know people who seriously disagree with the Pine the Kitty going into restaurants and stuff. Is that just an irrational thing, people hating Auj for no real reason but to hate? Or is it people with allergies who rely on health laws to keep pets out of places that serve food? I personally disagree with her allowing the cat to roam in the car. Is that simply irrational hatred of something Auj does that if it was anyone else no one would complain? Or is it just good sense to not have your cat be a distraction in the car.

Not all disagreement is hate, and if you ARE calling all disagreement with Auj's views hate, then you are placing her on a pedestal where she is perfect.

To give you a not Rap example - on the show, Auj has clearly stated she and Jer want the farm and *Matt* clearly isn't agreeing to that. Under the rules in play here, Matt is hating Auj.

If we're not treating Auj like she's a mentally challenged five year old, but an actual adult worth listening to, then she has to bear up when she is treated like an adult. Only children can't handle disagreement without insisting it's hate. If Audrey IS a mentally challenged child, then say so. But if you want her to be treated like an adult with opinions worth hearing, then you have to accept that in adult discourse "PRAISE HER OR SHUT UP! ONLY HATERS HATING FOR NOTHING THINK AUDREY ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT!"

If she's not perfect, that is, and some of you seem pretty devoted to insisting she is perfect in all ways.

Laura said...

Audrey has once again shown that she has the most beautiful character that serves the Lord Jesus Christ. As Audrey wrote, she knew expressing her view would not be popular with some, but she will take a bold stand rather than be a weak willed people pleaser like Isabel has been guilty of.

What do Isabel and Jacob stand for? Nobody really knows because they don't have courage in their convictions.

Is Jacob for the gays? He says he is on twitter but real life says he's not.

Does Isabel support the gays? Once in a while she'll tweet a celebrity that is flaunting the gay agenda, but but then she quickly drops that, talks of God and befriends Audrey as Audrey stands for God and the Bible against the gay agenda.

Typical of Rap541 to try to belittle Audrey as a write for her caption. A caption, by definition, is a word or a few words to describe a picture. That's what Audrey did.

She went onto articulate her objection.

Audrey does not think it is right that man is on the cover of Cover Girl magazine. Audrey does not like the message is sending. If you read Audrey's comments, she explains, that he is a MAN that should not be on Cover GIRL.

It is getting at the same point Jeremy emphasized when he retweeted the Christian who made a fool out of young college students need to "be accepting" of things that just aren't natural or right. When the Christian white man of average height asked college students if he says he believes he is a 7 foot Asian woman, is he? And they said sure, if that's what he wants to be!

This man is a man. And Audrey is against the cover because the cover is for Cover Girl and understands it is sending a dangerous message to girls.

Laura said...

PS. Fellow Christians, I think we need to take Jacob and Isabel's recent merge back into the family and silence on this topic as a good sign that they are open to accepting God and rejecting gays. As many have pointed out, I believe Jacob only tweeted that to be a "cool rebel" and doesn't actually support gays because he understands how creepy gays are and that's why he refuses to be friends with gay guys.

Jocelynn said...

As a non Christian who supports gay rights, I think it is very fair to call Jeremy and Audrey bigots.

Jeremy says be transparent. Audrey says creative. But not for gays. Audrey doesn't think they should be allowed on a magazine cover. They don't agree with gay people dating to find their soul mate just as Audrey and Jeremy wanted to do.

I will alienate all sides in this comment, by saying that I'm also unimpressed with Jacob and Isabel.

Who would want them on their side if your rights depended on it? I'd want them as much as I'd want Hillary "which way is wind blowing in the polls today" Clinton.

When someone close to you is being bigoted, you don't become closer to them and slap each on the back on Instagrams congratulating each other about how awesome the other one is. You distance yourself from them and make it clear that you disagree.

Since Molly is such a Kirk Cameron fan, I'll use him as the example. His former Growing Pains co-stars found it necessary to distance themselves from his hateful comments (yes Molly Roloff, when someone says one group of people is destructive to civilization, that is indeed being hateful) and they went on the record saying they support gay people and strongly objected to his comments.

Instead Jacob and Isabel get cozier than ever with the bigoted Roloff family members.

I'm as unimpressed with them as I am with the bigots, Jeremy, Audrey and Molly.

Rap541 said...

She went onto articulate her objection.

Audrey does not think it is right that man is on the cover of Cover Girl magazine. Audrey does not like the message is sending. If you read Audrey's comments, she explains, that he is a MAN that should not be on Cover GIRL.

Laura - provide the quotes where you think she says this.

This man is a man. And Audrey is against the cover because the cover is for Cover Girl and understands it is sending a dangerous message to girls.

When did Audrey actually say this? I mean, I am supposed to be in awe of how she proudly stood up and took a stand for her beliefs. When did she actually say this? Tell me Laura. Prove you are right.

Laura said...

Rap541, read Audrey's reply to Allison Plush. This is what she is saying.

"My issue is that this company coverGIRL has inspired women across the word for decades. But now they are basically saying men are so much better at everything than women are, they can even be a better woman. It's as if the message they are sending is that there is nothing to being a woman but clothes and make up. If this company is so concerned with gender identity and not offending anyone then change the name."

This person is not a woman and should not be on the cover of Cover GIRL!

Rap Moffett said...

Laura - so what stand is she taking?

That because the company is called CoverGIRL that they can't possibly sell products to men without changing their name?

That's her big bad stand you're so proud of? Really? If the company is called Covergirl, they shouldn't attempt to make a profit by selling their products to men?

Rap541 said...

To be fair, I actually went to that instragram and found Audrey's comments.

audreyroloff@allisonplush no problem with men wearing make up... problem with a colossal brand claiming that make up makes you a girl.. You just said it yourself. "This man is no different" He is a man. He can be as creative as he chooses, but he cannot be a woman

Which btw is not what Covergirl is saying, that wearing makeup "makes you a girl". What they are actually saying is that men can wear make up - something Audrey says she has no problem with.

audreyroloff@allisonplush my issue is that this company coverGIRL has inspired women across the world for decades. But now they are basically saying that men are so much better at everything than women are, they can even be a better woman. It's as if they message they are sending is that there is nothing to being a women but clothes and make up. If this company is so concerned with gender identity and not offending anyone then change the name.

Now no, Covergirl has not said "men are better than women and they can be better women" and would be crazy to do so as Covergirl's business is to sell makeup. Again, the message they are sending is "even men can use and BUY our product"

Right now, Audrey saw a boy on the cover of Covergirl and, using her words, seems to be concerned that Covergirl wants to tell product to men, even though Audrey has expressly stated she has no issue with men wearing makeup.

audreyroloff@tayloranalicia if I do recall... Jesus did not just go around approving and accepting everything everyone did. More often than not he instructed, rebuked, and corrected deception, false teaching, and sinful living. You don't get persecuted for being a people pleasure... And I know my stance will not be a popular one, but I will boldly take it. That does not mean I hate. This MAN has incredible talents. I have an issue with the brand and the message it sends to women across the globe, not the man himself. If my child wanted to run out into the freeway, I would speak up! Because I LOVE him/her, not because I'm judgemental or belittled.

So far, Audrey's bold stand is that she is confused. She seems to out right state she believes Covergirl now believes men are better women than women and that Covergirl thinks makeup and clothes are womanly traits. Several people are correcting her but her bold stand is so far "confused?" and that she doesn't like a message that she has yet to articulate beyond "Covergirl thinks men are better women than women"

Rap541 said...

Next up

audreyroloff@cillacosta12 hmm I am sorry that this hurt your feelings. I hope you don't choose to unfollow anyone who disagrees with you on an issue.
audreyroloff@kellycolette stop making assumptions that I am. I am not undermining his talent, I am confused by the statement covergirl is making.

Audrey is clearly taking the position that the man on the cover is talented and that she is ok with men wearing makeup but continues to insist that she is confused by the statement Covergirl is making. So again, her bold stand is "I don't understand your point, Covergirl"

audreyroloff@amanda_eve_nederlof not confused by the man on the cover, confused by the message covergirl is sending.

Again, since several posters explained that Covergirl is not stating men are better women than women, Auj is clearly dancing around saying *something*.

audreyroloff@amanda_eve_nederlof my confusion is not about him, it's regarding covergirl. I outright disagree with the message they are sending. And you are more than welcome to outright disagree with my stance against it.

So is Audrey confused by the message? Or does Audrey know what the message is and is outright disagreeing with it? So far, she hasn't articulated at all *what she thinks the message is* beyond the above stated Covergirl thinks men are better women than women, which Covergirl has not stated at all and several people pointed it out.

Audrey is confused by the message and therefore outright disagreeing with something she states she doesn't understand. So in other words, if she's confused by it, she's against it, no matter that she has no idea what she's against.

Guys, help me out here - what's the stand Audrey took that you're so proud of to watch? Because she's pretty clearly stating she has no problem with the man on the cover... she says that a few times.

Rap541 said...

For the record Jocelynn, you haven't alienated me. ;)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Yo, I went to the link that Spirit supplied, and I don't see ANY of these photos or post or replies on Auj's Instagram. I can't remember if I asked this before, but do I not see everything because i don't have an Instagram account? Now I'm the one that is 'confused'.

Benzie Harp said...

Wow. You FREAKING CHRISTIAN WHACK JOBS sound no different from ISIS. Congratulations.

Anyway, go back to believing in your talking serpents, and figuring out how an entire world somehow descended from a couple of brothers, why we no longer have life spans of 800 years, why the bearded sky magician has been so silent for the last 2016 years, and why God LLC totally ignored Asia and the Native Americans all those centuries ago. Rude and snobbish bearded bastard.

Oh shit, a lightning bolt just scorched my toast.

Ashley said...

Rap, why do you think Audrey is against the cover?

I think it's really clear that she just doesn't like that there's a transgendered person on the cover of one of "her" favorite magazines.

It's not like they're putting Jeremy or Tom Cruise or any other man who is on TV or Movies and wears make up.

It's obvious to me that Audrey is offended by putting a guy who looks like a girl on the cover of one of her sacred magazines (I dare say, that just like Dancing with the Stars, I think Audrey's dream is to be on the cover).

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I think she is dancing around trying to say that without being accountable for saying it. Audrey is truly a Roloff - she prefers money over standing up for what she believes in.

If she's against the cover because she doesn't like the idea of a transgendered person being on the cover of one of her fav magazines, then she's a reasonably articulate adult woman and can say so, can't she?

There's nothing stopping her from saying that, from actually taking a bold stand. There's really not.

But instead, even though you and others genuinely believe that she just doesn't like transgendered people, all Audrey can manage is "Confused?"

And "I'm not against this man" and "I don't have a problem with men wearing makeup" Wow... how *bold* is that? Strong proud Auj who is so Christian her light shrines out to all, makes the stand of "Confused?"

She's a public speaker, and a self styled writer, and her opinion here is that she's against Covergirl's message and she is confused as to what that message is... but she's *boldly* standing up for that! So if what she really believes is that transgender men shouldn't be on the cover of magazines, or that Covergirl is wrong to encourage homosexual values, then a *bold* statement would be "I'm Audrey Roloff and I think Covergirl is wrong to put a transgender man on it's cover. I think Covergirl is endorsing homosexuality and I am against that."

And instead she said "Confused?" and that she has no issue with men wearing makeup and no issue with the man on the cover who she calls talented.

Audrey knows that actual bold statements will affect the money. Please don't tell me to respect her for the bold statements she's not making. Poor lil Auj is too scared of being poor to say more than "Confused?" so lets not give her credit for courage she clearly lacks.

Anonymous said...

Does she realize that *she* is not Jesus? He could get away with that. Her mere mortal self cannot.

BTW, Jesus would have been wrong to rebuke LGBTQ people.

Paula said...

Anon, Jesus wants us to stand for Him. Jesus would rebuke homosexual behavior and so should Christians. I'm proud of the Roloffs and glad Jacob and Isabel are finally supportive of Christian values.

J45 said...

FWIW, I looked it up and James Charles doesn't actually identify as transgender (yep, I thought he was at first, too). He's a gay man who likes makeup and apparently has a popular Youtube channel. Saying he's transgender is kind of like saying the Roloffs have a trust fund for Jacob that they're withholding :-) - it's something being asserted here that has no ground. And since this is a 17-year-old and therefore he's still a child why aren't the Christians here treating him like one? Or is this like how 12-year-old Jacob was a "brain-damaged, slutty skank"? Or really, why aren't the Christians here saying ALL PEOPLE are children until they're 25 and their brains are fully formed? (If I recall correctly, that was the argument being made in support of Jer not too long ago... and I guess it applies to Auj now, too! Is she still under 25 even?)

As for Audrey, I do expect more of an explanation from her if she brands herself as a writer and public speaker. I actually don't have a problem with the caption -- I get it, captions are short, that's fine. What's not fine is Auj dancing around questions, giving vague answers summed up to "I'm confused about Covergirl and I disagree with their message" without fully explaining what that message is. Saying, "Covergirl is saying men are better than women" is not good enough. She's a writer, she should be more elaborate. She should be able to handle someone who disagrees with her, by giving a thoughtful explanation (considering she's the one making claims here about Covergirl's "message.") She should answer the people who are saying, "that's not Covergirl's message, you're misunderstanding things" by giving concrete REASONS why she thinks this way.

I swear, I'm being more elaborate that Baby Auj herself...

J45 said...

Out of curiosity, I Googled "transgender makeup artists" to see what some of them actually looked like (seeing as James Charles isn't in fact transgender). But the results only turned up makeup artists who can make transgender women look more feminine.

I had more luck googling "transgender youtubers." This is one of the top results. I'll admit, I was pretty surprised by what I found and I bet the Christians here will be too:

Could you pick out these people as transgender if you passed on the street? Or did you not even bother to follow the link?

Misst said...

Apparently the christians on here have a red phone line straight to jesus and Jacob.
I think Rap sums it up perfectly here...Audrey (as well as the rest of the roloffs) are scared of being poor. Terrified that the grifter money won't be there if they expose their true beliefs publicly. The same reason amy and matt never went on tv with their christian nonsense...loss of viewers. Audrey dances around issues when she is confronted. It's the christian doublespeak on top of her awful grammar and spelling. Again there is no problem with Audrey having her opinion and beliefs etc.etc.etc. however, she needs to stop being a whiny brat when she is asked to clarify her opinions, grow up and actually say what she is dancing around. Maybe all you outspoken Christians on here should give Audrey a lesson on writing about christian homophobia in a public forum.

Ecossais said...

I see that the usual group of godsmacked bible thumping auj/jer worshippers are still alive and well.

Please tell us what these two freeloaders have ever done other than ride on the coat tails of jesus.
I have never heard of them doing any volunteer work or using their "fame/celebrity" for anything other than their own benefit.

Happy hippie said...

Check out Isabel's retweets. She retweeted the Cover Boy yet again, and also a video about Miley Cyrus and her Happy Hippie Foundation.

It's clear where Isabel stands on LGBTQ issues. Just because she poses for a photo with the Roloff's does not mean she agrees with their views. I truly hope she'd take a stand when the opportunity showed itself.

Audrey needs someone in the family to call her a bigot to her face!

Ashely said...

Happy Hippie, I don't see Isabel's most recent retweet of James Charles? Do you mean today? It's hard to tell with Isabel because she deletes so many things.

When your family and friends or almost in-laws are public figures and use their social media to be bigoted, I do think it's two-faced for Jacob and Isabel to pretend like they're for gay rights while they say nothing about Jer and Auj's bigotry and smile and are be BFFs when they are with them.

We're not talking about how they like Pepsi and you like Coke. We're talking about being a bigot.

Being silent on Jeremy and Audrey's discrimination against LBGT is cowardly, in my opinion. If they don't want to speak up, don't pretend like you're a defender.

Btw, I do think Molly is as much of a bigot as Audrey is, she just doesn't blog publicly. I think it was significant that Jacob waited until the day after the Molly applauds Kirk Cameron's comment article came out to do a "Molly is such an awesome person" Instagram post.

HH said...

It's there. Her Twitter is @isabelsgarreton. She retweeted him yet again. To me, she is being obvious about where she stands.

If I were her, I wouldn't even bother with Audrey and trying to change her mind. Audrey's digging herself her own hole.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! AujRonaldMcDonald! She could use some makeup tips from this guy! Less clown lipstick! Team Tori! Audrey uses her religion as an excuse to hate!

Megan said...

HH, I saw Isabel retweet a very accurate response to the cover, which shares Audrey's sentiments.

From @DevinSenaUI

"Why is the liberal media pushing this androgynous crap down our throats? Men should be men, and women be women. God's design was perfect."

Clearly Isabel and Jacob don't have a problem with Audrey and Jeremy's views on the gays.

Like everyone keeps mentioning, but some people keep trying to ignore, Jacob himself has said he won't be friends with a gay guy. Why pretend like Jacob and Isabel have a problem with Audrey and Jer's opinion on how immoral gays are in society?

HH said...

No, Megan, she retweeted the person who quoted that tweet @tom_harlock "God probably @ing this model like 'what contour you use?'"

You people are so dense.

I'm just waiting for Isabel to tweet how she really feels so all of you can finally shut the fuck up. Gays are not immoral.

J45 said...

So, Christians, it's easy to hate on James Charles when his LGBT status is so obvious. But does if bother you that you could pass a transgender on the street or exchange words with them at the store — without ever clueing in that they're transgender? Would it bother you if you *later* found out they're transgender?

J45 said...

Megan, I think what ppl are saying is Jacob and Isabel act pro-gay online (well, usually) and they usually support gay issues online. Has anyone said Jake is anything other than pro-gay on online platforms? I don't think anyone thinks he's really pro-gay in the real world, where he has to interact with actual gay people. (As opposed to the hypothetical -- "You can have your rights but stay away from me!!!" stance). I know it's illogical.

Ashley said...

J45, what you wrote sums up Jacob perfectly.

It's like if you write on Twitter that racism is wrong (because who wants to be called a racist?), but in your real life you tell your white sister who is dating a black guy, that inter racial dating is wrong or you are concerned because the new neighbor is black and you're worried about crime.

Publicly, youre against racism, but you still hold racist views in real life.

That's Jacob and homophobia.

Anna said...

Did you know Amy has a gay friend named Jack? He interacts with Jacob and Isabel online and they have met in person several times. Please tell me again how Jacob and Isabel are homophobic.

The fact of the matter is, you just don't know, because you can't see what goes on behind closed doors. I know that they aren't, because why would they be? You're basically only a homophobe if you are a bible sucking Jesus freak. And since neither Jacob nor Isabel is either of those things, I'm just not convinced any of the lies you spew here are true.

Jack is a good friend of Amy's who Amy has been friends with for years. She posted a photo with him on her Instagram awhile back. He comments on both Jacob and Isabel's things often, they interact, etc. if they were gay haters don't you think they'd have told them to back off?
(like princess Audrey would because she is as good as Jesus himself)

Rap541 said...

As Audrey wrote, she knew expressing her view would not be popular with some, but she will take a bold stand rather than be a weak willed people pleaser like Isabel has been guilty of.

And what bold stance was that?


Oh Praise Jesus, AupogMacjog said she was confused! What a brave stand she has made! She's pruid to stand up with Christ and say she's confused! COme on Christians, tell me that's what you're proud of. Come on Laura - Audrey had the opportunity to make a clear statement on her views and all she managed was confused, and you're licking her ass for it!

Laura - is that the best a true Christian of the word can manage? I mean, Auj took that awesome stand that she's confused and you are PRAISING HER TO GOD! Auj admitting she doesn't understand is Auj sending a fantastic message to you.

Tell me, Laura, are you now confused too? AUj is confused and you think that's an awesome stand. Hey, Auj also said that man on the cover is talented. I TRUST YOU AGREE AS AUJ TOOK THAT NOBLE STAND AS WELL.


Auj also took the stand that she doesn't have a problem with men wearing makeup. I assume you, Laura, completely agree with Auj and will now openly praise Auj for THAT bold stance as well?

That goes for the rest of you praising Christians. All Audrey actually said was that she's confused about the message, she thinks Covergirl thinks men are better women than women, she thinks the man on the cover is talented and she has no problem with men wearing make up?

Is that what passes for a bold public declaration of conservative Christian values now?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I found all the comments, just had to scroll down to find them. My bad.

You know, when you look at it objectively, James Charles is a very talented make-up artist. I wonder if Audrey will be open enough to at least learn something from someone. Starting with the garish red lipstick perhaps? But with her being light years away from the cover of Cover Girl, along with her staunch refusal to actually TAKE A PUBLIC STAND on anything, I guess we'll never know.

Brandon said...

Anna, do you realize who Jack is?

It's not hard to follow his twitter timeline and see who he interacts with.

For those of us original LBPW IMDB crew, we know the story because he posted publicly to get the attention of Jeremy superfan named Jerslundgirl (who Mueller and Jeremy laughed at and told to commit suicide.

He befriended Jerslundgirl. No one knew more about Roloffs friends, who was nice, who wasn't, what they liked, what they didn't like, how to contact them, then JerslundGirl.

Then from there he seemed to move on to then Roloff friend Jen Montzingo (who Jerslundgirl used to say was one of the few Jeremy friends who was nice to her). I remember Jen posting pictures of her at the Academy Awards and thanking Jack. Jack's partner was the PRODUCER of the ACADEMY AWARDS.

From Jen Montzingo, Jack seemed to move onto Amy. Jack seemed to donate to Amy's charity and Amy thanked him.

Now from Amy, he has moved onto Jacob and Isabel.

The point?

Jack and his partner are millionaire Hollywood producers. He was obviously interested in the early years of the show and had the means ($$$ and gifts) to get the attention of the actual Roloffs.

Trying to suggest that Jacob and Isabel interacting with a Millionaire Hollywood producer (who I suspect has probably treated them to gifts since he did that to fringe friend Jen) means they aren't homophobic is one of the most ridiculous conclusions anyone could reach.

Let's see all the non millionaire gay guys that Jacob and Isabel are friends with and then you can talk.

Brandon said...

For the record, I have to say I think Jacob's homophobia is disappointing (and he is definitely homophobic...anyone who disqualifies an entire group of people from being friends with them because of their "difference" is definitely homophobic).

One of the things I respect about Jacob is that he didn't just follow along with his family over religion and political ideals. I think it shows character that he was able and willing to buck the family tradition and decide for himself.

Yet, on the gay issue, it seems like he didn't shake his family's prejudice that gay people are the boogeymen out to mock God and rape straight guys.

I think there's 2 types of homophobia or reasons for it that homophobes fall into. One are the religious types who object because of the Bible. Others are the macho guys who think that a gay guy is going to try to rape them at every second and they have to prove their manliness by making sure people know they don't like "the gays".

Jacob so clearly fits into the second category. Like J45 said, it is totally illogical to say like Jacob does, 'I support gay rights, but stay the hell away from me, you're creepy!"'

Isabel I'm not sure about it. Clearly her public compliments about Molly and Audrey following their bigoted remarks doesn't suggest she cares that much about gay rights. My take is that she would normally lean towards being accepting to gays, but can be swayed by whoever she wants to impress and she definitely wants to be liked by Audrey.

Ruger said...

Well, Brandon, if Isabel "wants to be liked by Audrey" I think she is already there.

Audrey runs the Roloff farms account and both times has posted a collage including Isabel's photos, and continues to comment loving things on all of Isabel's photos.

Some have claimed that Audrey is just being polite. Being polite means smiling and nodding when someone talks, aka tolerating them. Audrey has gone out of her way time and time again to make nice comments towards Isabel.

Maybe being fake has won Audrey over, whatever you may think about Isabel. But one thing is certain, it has clearly worked.

Isabel got what she wanted.

Anonymous said...

Audrey is 100% correct. We are now told that if a man puts on a wig and a dress that he really is a woman, because he feels he is even if he has male genitals hanging between his legs. Yet if someone who identifies as gay but feels that it is a disordered choice and wants to change and be heterosexual that is somehow evil and misguided. Why is one choice allowed and glorified and the other choice is considered evil. Doesn't make sense.

Brandon said...

Ruger, are you trying to compliment Isabel? Because what you described is a horrible depiction of her character. If you believe she is not anti gay, yet says nothing when Audrey is being a bigot and instead sends her smileys on Instagram in an effort to get Audrey to like her?

You think that's a good thing? You think that's strength of character? Who cares if someone is being a bigot? Tweet that you support gay rights but when someone you know is being a bigot, you don't speak and instead call the beautiful? Wow.

K said...

If you don't want to start family drama, and you just want to leave the water calm, you wouldn't call someone a bigot to their face.

Who knows if she even gets the chance to call Audrey out. It would probably be a long, drawn our conversation, not exactly one you can just have down at the pumpkin patch.

Besides, arguing wit's Audrey is probably like talking to a brick wall. There's no sense in Isabel stirring up drama over her bigoted, backwards beliefs.

I have a feeling Isabel will make herself clear on where she stands soon enough. Until then, you are misguided. Audrey is the one who comments on all of Isabel's things, like I mentioned earlier.

All the previous sucking up has since died down, and now it looks as though Audrey is sucking up to her.

If you need proof head over to both of their instagrams @izzygarreton & @audreyroloff.


Lee said...

If you look at the comments on the actual articles about Audrey's homophobia, people are outraged and she has lost a lot of fans.

So it's no surprise here at all that the bible thumpers jump to her defense.

The rest of the population think that she is a bigot. Which she is, which most religious people are. Her claim to fame will soon be over. Don't worry.

Jeeeezzzzz said...

Right now Audrey is being slammed for being a TRUMP SUPPORTER.
Don't believe me? Check her insta story. And her replies to people being angry with her in the comments section.

She is a trump supporter and you people are obsessed with her. LOL

Rollo Fan 1 said...

At this point I'd be embarrassed to be related to Audrey Botti.

Rap541 said...

If you don't want to start family drama, and you just want to leave the water calm, you wouldn't call someone a bigot to their face.

Who knows if she even gets the chance to call Audrey out. It would probably be a long, drawn our conversation, not exactly one you can just have down at the pumpkin patch.

Right. And this is exactly the argument that gets Jeremy, bless his Godly Christian heart, off the hook when it's pointed out he does not stand up like a Christian man and call out the devil in his younger brother.

Janet said...

Rap, you don't get to always be the one pointing fingers.

You've been yelling for a long time that Jeremy doesn't call out Jacob. A point that many of us Christian supporters of the Roloffs strongly disagree with Jeremy about and have stated he is wrong to not do it.

However, since you've been screaming about Jeremy not calling out Jacob, why aren't you screaming about Jacob and Isabel not calling out Audrey and Jeremy? If you think not agreeing with gay marriage and these men who dress like women makes them bigots (which it doesn't) why aren't you screaming about Jacob and Isabel doing nothing except posing for pictures with them and hanging out having a great time?

Carly said...

Come on people, Jacob couldn't care less about gay people and anybody else. Any intelligent person can see Jacob only tweets what he thinks makes him look cool and "progressive". He doesn't even disagree with Christians that gays should stop forcing themselves on normal people. He has a track record. Hopefully he will mature soon and stop trying to be cool by saying he supports something he actually doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Audrey getting dragged for her ignorance is making my day... Lmao

Rap541 said...

Janet - I think Jacob should, if he genuinely feels Jeremy is wrong. Personally, I am not entirely certain he even cares that much.

And do I need to repeat myself Janet on how your SCREAMING HOW YOU HATE THE GODLESS EYE ROLLER MAY JESUS HARM HIM FOR OUR PLEASURE - and I do recall you among iother Christians merrily stating how morally right it was to wish harm on Jacob and express how Christian lovely it was to hope God harms him - is way different than your "some us disagree and are disappointed in Jeremy".

How about YOUR opinion Janet? You're a Christian, are you strongly disappointed in Jeremy's complete failure to agree with your view that he should disown his brother until Jacob falls to his knees and accepts Jesus?

Because it's incredibly amusing to see how "many Christians" never ever really turn into Janet, or Angela or anyone else who whines how I should be quiet because "many Christians" are publically outspoken in how they believe Jeremy is morally failing in his duty as a Christian.

How about it Janet? DO YOU strongly disagree with Jeremy and are YOU willing to say "Jeremy, you're wrong and you're disappointing me in your lack of Christian values"?

Christians, I'm tired of hearing what "many of you" think since its very very rare for any of you to actually say "I am Person X and I am strongly disappointed in Jeremy's lack of values in regard to his brother Jacob".

Rap541 said...

And if I have been yelling for a long time, it's because Jeremy's been getting major credit for his Christian ministry and how Christian he is and how he walks with Christ so yes, if A Christian Man is supposed to stand up to evil, and if many Christians are agreed that Jacob Roloff is evil, why does Jeremy deserve praise for succoring the devil?

Rap541 said...

Janet - it's also duly noted that you actually have no comment to my point - that Jeremy and Jacob have the same excuse only Jeremy gets a non committal "You're a great CHristian even tho some of us who will remain anonymous are mildly disappointed in you" while Jacob is trashed for the same.

Kelly said...

"Christians, I'm tired of hearing what "many of you" think since its very very rare for any of you to actually say "I am Person X and I am strongly disappointed in Jeremy's lack of values in regard to his brother Jacob".`

Bull crap Rap! Tons of people have said that. I've seen many call for the Roloffs to disown Jacob.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - not what's being asked :) And hee, you've played right into it with "I've seen many" - funny how you as a CHristian aren't telling me YOU have called out Jeremy and YOU have said he's not a good Christian when he consorts with his brother and values keeping things calm rather than taking a stand against evil. Here's what I am looking for...

"DO YOU strongly disagree with Jeremy and are YOU willing to say "Jeremy, you're wrong and you're disappointing me in your lack of Christian values"?"

"I am Kelly 'insert last name' and I am strongly disappointed in Jeremy's lack of values in regard to his brother Jacob".`

It's always some people and some Christians. So bull crap yourself Kelly or say "Jeremy, I am Kelly and you're wrong, and you're disappointing me in your inability to stand up for Christ against your younger brother."

It's always easier when "some Christians" are the ones making the stand. If YOU genuinely believe Jeremy is morally wrong, then you should have no trouble calling his weak, bad Christian butt out for being a weak, bad Christian. You certainly have no trouble assigning your name to calling out Jacob

J45 said...

So, Janet, you'll happily say transgenders are "men in dresses" but sit silent when I ask you: How do you feel about coming into contact with someone who you don't know is transgender? (Rap, what do you think of the God's Squad's silence on this? You'd think they'd be all over this question, like with Jacob the Devil!)

Kelly, funny how you proved Rap's point with your answer.
And it's always perplexed me why standards can apply to Jacob at 9-years-old (see: trebuchet accident was "Jacob's fault") but not Jer at 24 ("He has a DEVELOPPING BRAIN!!!!!")

I've noticed, Auj is deflecting all the negative comments she *does* respond to back onto the askers, instead of answering the actual questions.

Rap541 said...

J45 I really adore the "Jeremy is STILL DEVELOPING SO HE'S A BABY, HE HAS A BABY BRAIN" argument because it really isn't a compliment to poor old Jer, now is it? Jacob is accountable for his behavior and has been since he was nine but poor Jer is still a diaper pissing baby boy at 25 who is off the hook because his brain is so babyish he's completely unaccountable.

(and psst folks - scientists agree these days that the brain is fully developed at 25 so either the claim is now "Jeremy is mentally challenged" or he's an actual adult and capable of owning his actions.)

As for the God Squad and their views on transgendered people - have you ever noticed that NONE of them really care at all about transmen using the male facilities and dressing in pants? A lot of transmen pass easily, and transwomen can pass these days as well and you'd never know unless they told you.

Audrey's hypocrisy is astounding - she's actually telling her followers to ask questions before they make assumptions and then refusing to answer their questions and mocking them for their assumptions. Meanwhile Auj openly states she doesn't understand Covergirl's message and then attacks Covergirl publically on social media, proudly noting how she is taking a stand against their message... a message she can't articulate and did not show any compassionate curiousity about before she decided to attack it on social media.

Oceanlover said...

She is jealous of his eyebrows, clearly :-)

What a bunch of hateful angry so called "Christians" on here, wow!!

Judge not lest ye be judged????? Remember that??

OH, and I have said this before. It is perfectly normal to have different political and social views from your family, but you still love them and they are still your family.

JUMP BACK!!!! Wow??? Really????????? Clearly that is missed by you closed minded bible thumping haters. Jeez Louise. Grow up.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Maybe Auj can dress up as James Campbell for Halloween?

Courtney said...

I have watched the show from episode 1 (the documentary) through the last episode and am patiently waiting for the next to air on TLC, Tuesday.

Audrey is a confused woman. To call herself a Christian, which means to be Christ-like, or like Christ, is an insult to Jesus Christ. In the book of Matthew, she will find a few passages that say, Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

I'd like to also point out a nice passage from the book of Romans. Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord.

John 3:17 Even Jesus said he was not sent to the world to CONDEMN the world, but to save the world through God.

"Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." #jesuschrist

To post a photo of a 17 year old boy, wearing makeup, not hurting a single fly, not doing anything to harm a body at all, and caption it with the word "confused" to her thousands of fans is an absolute shame. Shame on you, Audrey. May God forgive you because you obviously know not what you're doing. I hope you'll get your head out of your ass and read the Bible and try to actually get to know Christ and what it means to be Christ-like. You're a very long way away from the title of Christian. We all fall short of God's glory. May he have mercy on us all! We are nothing but filthy sinners. We are no greater in the eyes of God than the homosexuals. You are no better than anyone else and your ticket into heaven is no more valid than mine! Humble yourself sister! Quickly.

Gretchen said...

Audrey liking you is just like Regina George liking you. Don't know what I mean? Watch Mean Girls. She's the mean girl. She's the one everybody hates but wants to be like. She's the one no one actually cares about but she's pretty. It's absolutely and totally pathetic. She is exclusive and only cares about people based on looks. She does not actually care about anyone for their personalities. Just LOOK at the people she posts photos with. She's never had an "ugly" or non white friend. Audrey is the ultimate Regina George, Just the Christian version. So like Amanda Bynes in Easy A. Lmao. The worst.

Ben Huntley said...

And as a Christian, That comment you made just made me sick to my stomach. My son is gay. I was not happy at first. But I love my son too much so I came to accept him. They are who they are. You can't change that. They can't change it either. It may seem like it's being forced down your throat, but that's because they can finally live in a day and age that has tolerance towards them. The world is too divided. Show everyone some love.

Angela said...

Ben, you are not much of a Christian. No real Christian would "accept" their son being gay. How can you be content with your son mocking Jesus and sealing his fate so his soul will burn in Hell? No true Christian parent would say they are "okay" with that. I do have sympathy for Christian parents who have immoral kids who declare that they're gay, but you cannot "accept" it and still claim to be a follower of Jesus and God of the Bible.