Thursday, October 20, 2016

Audrey Roloff Upset After Coming Under Attack As Possible Donald Trump Supporter

For the second time in just over a week, Audrey Roloff's penchant for for kinda/sorta/maybe vaguely posting her opinion on a controversial topic on social issues or politics and Audrey's refusal to clarify her feelings have made her the target of angry fans.

And Audrey is not too happy about it.

Audrey took to her Instagram stories on Thursday October 20th to vent about feeling attacked. "Instagram stories" is the short video clip feature of Instagram. Users (Audrey) can post videos, if they are longer, she can make multiple videos in a row. Followers cannot comment on the actual "Instagram story" so they comment on the most recent Instagram picture Audrey posted.

Here is what Audrey said in her Instagram Story on Thursday October 20th.

Audrey Roloff: "It's crazy to me that I can write this long Instagram post about being compassionately curious before you're carelessly critical and then,  there's tons of people criticizing me on that exact post for things that are complete assumptions that I didn't even say. Let's be people who compassionately curious before we are carelessly critical today."

Here is the "story" on what Audrey is talking about.

Last night, Wednesday Oct 19th, the Presidential Debate was held. Audrey had earlier posted a regular Instagram photo with a long description about how the world needs more people that are compassionately curious and less people that are carelessly critical.

Audrey then posted several Instagram Stories (the short video clips) from the debate. The clips were of  Donald Trump speaking about Hilary Clinton's faults, Trump mentioning Clinton's "criminal emails, (Audrey inserted smiley faces), clips of Trump asking how can Clinton run for President of the United States when she should be in jail?" Audrey finished it up with Donald Trump's closing words from the debate.. "We cannot take 4 more years of Barack Obama and that's what you get if you vote for Hillary Clinton". A female voice in Audrey's video (which her followers obviously assume to be her own) can be heard loudly exclaiming "That was GOOD!"

Immediately after Audrey's "Instagram stories" of the debate clips, fans began asking Audrey if she was a Trump supporter and many criticized her for supporting Donald Trump and expressed this disappointment.

Here is a sample of the comments:


Just saw your ig stories. Disappointed to find out you're a Trump Supporter.

Ugh. Why did you have to bring your political views into things? Not a good move.

Exactly. Hope it's a misinterpretation as can't fake or twist his racist statements in the debate last night...and that's just the beginning.

I think she's a Trump Supporter. Not sure I can keep watching the show LPBW.

Audrey Roloff: Just wanna say one thing...Y'all sure do make a lot of assumptions....And this post has nothing to do with politics. I hope you read the actual content of the post before commenting. It would mean a lot to me.

I think they are commenting on your video cheering on Trump, not your post.

Audrey Roloff: Who is cheering? Hmmm quick to criticize and assume...!

I just watched your story and I understand that you're feeling attacked. But you are a public figure, who is putting messages out to almost 300,000 people. Intentionally. You felt that people are criticizing you for "things you didn't even say". You posted only videos of Donald Trump talking, with laughing face emojis as he yell-interrupted Hillary Clinton....People are rightfully upset and confused. This is what happened with the cover girl post, you were at best unclear with your message and at worst, offensive.. You are expected to clarify what your meaning is, if you feel people are missing it. If you feel that people don't know what you actually think, give us context. You are mistaken if you think your message was vague. It was not. It has meaning. If that's not the meaning you intended, explain it. If it was the meaning you intended, use this criticism constructively. You take a standpoint of instructing others how to live, and when others do the same you, based on your specific public actions, your are responsible for receiving them. You take a religiously based moral standpoint on life and public discourse and are defending, as per the message you sent out, a serial sexual assault perpetrator, racist, homophobic, offensive, inarticulate and unqualified man who wants to be president.....You are a public figure who made a public statement that completely contradicts what you preach and that actually endangers women, minorities, and the lower classes. You are expected to explain it.

I think what's causing frustration and confusion is that people want to know is where you stand 
on these issues, and clear up the ambiguity of your recent posts. 

I completely agree! Could you clear up the ambiguity of your latest posts? Do you support Donald Trump?

If they don't symbolize your support for Trump...say so? And if they do symbolize your support, why are you offended that people think they do?

Audrey Roloff: "Social Media is not the place of debate. I hope you can gracefully accept that. I disregard many of the negatie comments because I want my social media and comments to be uplifting and encouraging to others. Not a blood bath".

You're telling us that social media is not the place for debate after YOU posted snippets of the debate on your socially media and you she "gracefully accepts that"????? Makes no sense.


Audrey never did clarify what the cheering "That was GOOD" meant or the purpose of her posting Trump's remarks. She didn't answer the many people asking if she was a Trump supporter. From that point on, Audrey only responded to people defending her or who complimented her on her post.

It was similar to Audrey's controversial Instagram Story on October 12th  which RadarOnline documented here:

Update October 22nd

As Audrey Roloff continues to receive several negative comments (along with a lot of supportive comments from Christians) regarding her recent above mentioned controversial posts regarding Donald Trump and the recent issue of Cover Girl featuring a gay, effeminate looking 17 year old male make-up artisti, James Charles. Audrey and her husband Jeremy Roloff, are continuing to comment on the negative responses.

Again, on Audrey's Instagram Stories, she posted 2 pictures with captions, mocking the people making the negative comments as having too much time on their hands to write long negative posts.

"Some people just have a lot of time on their hands to be commenting novels on social media every 10 minutes"

 Her other picture reads:

"If you're gonna have a debate take it to direct messages" [insert grinning smiley)

Audrey also tweeted "well said babe" and a link to her husband's (Jeremy Roloff) Facebook page, with a long post about which essentially says debates on important topics should not be said on the internet (or at least in public view). Jeremy and Audrey had the same sentiment months ago in the aftermath of them saying on their marriage blog that they don't agree with gay marriage or gay relationships --  when people would say they were disappointed to learn his views because they always thought he was open-minded to people who were different, Jeremy Roloff continuously commented that they should take the conversation to Private/Direct message. Many skeptics believe Jeremy wants the conversation to be off of a public forum so that he can't be held accountable for his views by sites like this blog or Radar Online or TMZ. However, many of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's Christian fan based applaud them for taking a bold stand "for God" when they post things that imply they are against "gay rights" or support Donald Trump. 

Jeremy also quotes Jeremy and Audrey's favorite Pastor, John Mark Comer, who has also made controversial public statements regarding the benefits of "gay conversion therapy" and who calls gay people "broken inside". 

Here is Jeremy's Facebook post:

"In light of recent events - be wise with your posts, words and comments. The internet is no place for winning people over, that is best done in person. Serious topics take a real conversation. As we process and consume the relentless onslaught of manipulated garbage on social media and the news, let's remember who we represent as we participate in conversation both digital and real. As Christians, our allegiance belongs to the kingdom of God. In the words of John Mark Comer, "We have dual citizenship, both to a country, and to a kingdom." no candidate is, or ever will be our savior. So don't act like they are. We already have one and let's not push Him aside in all the chaos and noise. #lifeorbust


Angela said...

Why can't Audrey vote for Donald Trump??? The left is so ridiculous. Audrey can post what she wants and can vote for who she wants! Leave the girl alone!

Timothy said...

That one response was perfect. If Audrey does like Trump and that's not what her string of videos meant, say so. Or say it doesn't.

This is becoming a habit for Audrey and Jeremy. Spirits, I would also include Audrey's statement "It's (gay relationships) is not something I agree with). Audrey posts something or does something that suggests the way she feels. Then when people criticize her, she pretends like they are reading too much into what she posted or insists she didn't say that (even though she did) but she never after answers the question and puts it to rest.

Are you Audrey Roloff against gay people getting married?

Audrey Roloff, do you want Donald Trump to be President?

Kelly said...

That's ridiculous. So what if Audrey is voting Republican? Liberals try to make not voting for corrupt Clinton and the Democrats into a bad thing!

I remember Jeremy tweeting that it was a sad day for America when the FBI announced they wouldn't indict Hillary about her emails.

Jacob deserves more scorn for saying he's gonna vote for Clinton.

Audrey is a Christian. Christians care about the direction of the country. Donald Trump will nominate Supreme Court judges who will rule against abortion and will strike down same sex marriage. Of course Audrey should be supporting Trump over Clinton. Trump is not my first choice, Ted Cruz was, but at this point, Trump is better than Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, would you support Trump if he grabbed Audrey's pussy cause she's pretty and he's rich so she has to let him?

Kelly said...

Anon, get over it and move on to important issues like who is going to appoint judges to the supreme court who will protect the 2nd Amendment, who will value life and who will rule for traditional marriage.

I don't care at all about Donald Trumps locker room like talk 11 years ago. Contrary to what the holier than thou losers want you to believe, guys talk like that to brag about how awesome they are with the girls. It's locker room bravado. Hillary didn't have much to say when Trump said the accusers were plotted and planted by the Clinton campaign. These women waited 30 years in some cases and they all come out with their stories weeks before the election. It's so obvious what's happening.

PJ said...

What about a man that grabs his own daughters butt on national TV? Trump did that a few months ago.
I don't care who Audrey votes for ( but she's showing her mental shortcomings by choosing Trump). But she needs to have the courage of her convictions or shut up. This writing vaguely and then refusing to explain is childish and chicken.

Rap541 said...

So it's cool to talk about grabbing Audrey's pussy? How about your pussy, Kelly? Anyone grabbed it lately? I mean, you sure act like you need a pussy grabbing to settle you down. :)

I personally note that I am not shocked at all at the idea that Donald of the three wives is all about grabbing pussy but that's not actually why I am not voting for him (frankly I am of an age to have heard him on the Howard Stern Show back in the day, and I remember the Miss Piggy stuff as well, along with how he merrily shit on hard working people because they got in the way of his making money) No, my decision was that if I have to vote for a Democrat, and we have two Democrats in play, then I am voting for the Democrat who doesn't openly make it clear how badly they will abuse power to avenge himself on everyone who ever made a petty slight to him.

And trust me, Kelly, I know I likely won't convince you tonight but I do hope you consider this. Donald Trump only does things for people if it gives him an advantage. If he's pissed off over Paul Ryan not voting for something, or someone disagreeing with him, then he'll nominate a horrible candidate just to MESS with his enemy. Look at all the petty petty things he's done over the last few weeks towards people who have irritated him. Look at how he went after that gold star family and for what? Oh right, they and their dead son who died for our country, are muslim.

As for the actual sexual abuse? Too many people coming forward, and considering how litigious Trump is, that's risking a lot.

For the record, I would have voted for several of the Republican nominees if they had made it to the end game. I liked John Kasich a LOT, and I liked Jeb Bush, and Dr. Rand Paul is my crazy shining diamond! I am voting for John Mccain again, and I am not voting for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. If the republicans had put up a decent candidate, there's no way Hilary Clinton would be this close to the White House - and seriously, it's like the republican party blew her a kiss when they nominated Trump. Unfortuneatly this is down to four more years of gridlock or four years of waiting for that crazy man to get us all killed because someone looked at him funny.

Donald Trump is only loyal to himself, and he only cares about the things he's heard about in the last five minutes. If you are really worried about the Supreme Court, I really hope you have internalized how it's basically a coin toss whether he does what you want.

Rap541 said...

PJ - I was off put by how he used to talk about wanting to nail Ivanka....

And agreed with Audrey - I just made a post about my political leanings this year and I have to own them. If Audrey wants to be someone that people listen to, she needs to have actual convictions and speak to them. Frankly, I think she's attention seeking.

Tiffany said...

All this hate is taking a toll on Audrey's face... Hey Audrey maybe if you stopped judging, stopped staring at your phone and writing blog posts all day you wouldn't have those furrowed brow wrinkles... What are you only 25??? You should NOT be looking 45 already! Start with kindness and maybe you'll start looking young again :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

It seems like Audrey is following in her husband's footsteps, albeit only to a point. Both have been called on specific vague thoughts, opinions and insights, and have turned tail and denied they were giving any time to one side or the other of the discussion they brought forward. The money apparently is still the main motivator here.

Two differences though:
1. Jeremy has pretty much shut up about spouting his views when there is any threat of controversy whatsoever. Audrey either has not learned that, or has the delusion that she is able to handle the calling out and demands for her to be specific. Which obviously she is not handling that well at all for trying to maintain any kind of a market share of attention for her commissioned sales and referrals.
2. Audrey has at the very least been a step above her husband by NOT attempting to get the discussion in Private Messages and off the public forum. That, as we all remember, was a favorite tactic the Jer has made in the past.

One last most dangerous sign of the Apocalyptic future;
Audrey truly believes that she has the audacity and the (probably God-given) right to decide how social media is to be used, what it is to mean, and how all people must conduct themselves. This: "Social Media is not the place of debate. I hope you can gracefully accept that. I disregard many of the negatie comments because I want my social media and comments to be uplifting and encouraging to others. Not a blood bath". Well I feel it is very arrogant and presumptuous to think that you and you alone can dictate what social media is for and what it is not for. And no, not one person in this entire world has to 'gracefully' accept that or anything else from you, Audrey. Talk about an ego that is off the charts. After the videos she showed and the smileys she inserted, I find it ridiculously comical that then she says her comments were to be uplifting and encouraging to others? And no, Audrey, nobody gives a tuberculotic tinker's damn what you think of their comments, so stop commenting on them! They're going to keep commenting, they're going to continue to demand that you as the public writer that you seem to thing you are should be open, accurate, honest and clear about your writings, rather than crying like a child when you don't get our way.

Wrinkletown said...

I have never seen somebody age as quickly as Audrey has.

How old is she, 40?

J45 said...

This doesn't surprise me, really. It wouldn't be so bad if Auj would just be open about being/not being a Trump Supporter. (And if Auj supporters weren't talking down sexual assault as "locker room talk"). But if she's dodging the questions, she very very 99.9% likely is. And Precious Prince Jer is probably a Trump Supporter, too! The God Squad must all be thrilled…

Misst said...

Politics have always been corrupt on both sides and always will be. That being said it is everyone's right to choose which corrupt candidate they vote for. My racist abusive evangelical father always stressed never to bring politics or religion into polite discussion but be prepared to defend your beliefs publicly. The only good advice he ever gave. Audrey is again terrified of losing her lpbw money and terrified of losing followers that cater to her egomania. This Trump thing will be over soon but the hatred, hysteria, racism and homophobia will still be here and Audrey will still be here spewing it and denying that she meant it. She makes her "credibility" much worse when all she does is whine about people picking on her and "misunderstanding" what SHE wrote. No one cares who you vote for, just Grow some balls and clarify your positions Audrey.

Rap541 said...

For the record, I really don't care if Auj supports Trump. I have two close friends who think he's the tops. I personally don't care for him but to each their own. That said...

Audrey is presenting herself as a professional writer and blogger. She wants people to listen to her and to agree with her values. She's not a child, she is someone who very much wants to make her living by writing on-line. So its actually getting a tad obnoxious that she makes political posts and then *chides her audience* for making the assumption that she supports Trump.

People ask her to clarify. She continues chiding them and refuses to clarify. How lovely, Auj posts something ambiguous, and then she gets to be the poor little victim "How dare anyone assume, oh dear now *I'm* being criticized over assumptions and of course I won't clarify anything I've said but you're ever so wrong to say anything to me other than yay Audrey!I want my comments to be uplifting and of course when I say you're wrong in your assumptions that's me blessing you and lifting you up, not me chiding you and criticizing you publically. And when it gets too awkward, I'm deciding I'm done debating".

This isn't about her views. This is about how she interacts with others. If she doesn't want to discuss her political views on social media, she certainly doesn't have to, but she's openly posting and she's an adult presenting herself as a public blogger and as a professional. If she posts something political, people are going to comment, and not necessarily in favor of her views. It's her choice to:

a: Mock people for making assumptions and crossly complain about how she feels she is being criticized.

or b: Clarify her remarks and either discuss them like a grown up or politely concede she overshared.

Audrey is clearly going with publically mocking people for making assumptions and whining how misunderstood she is.

Stop It, Please said...

In the first place, that so-called “locker room” talk didn’t take place in a locker room. It happened in a workplace. If you believe this is appropriate in any workplace, good luck in your workplace, but no matter what you believe, in the workplace it is sexual harassment. Moreover, it went well beyond talk and both Trump and Bush subjected the actress model to kissing them without any provocation on her part.

Beyond workplace harassment, there are now many women who have come forward, including women who were then underage contestants in a beauty pageant, to confirm very similar stories. Will it take as many witnesses as it did for Bill Cosby before the accusations are believed – or does it make a difference if Cosby is black and Trump isn’t?

As far as Audrey’s Instagram posts go, she is a public figure who puts herself into the public square. When she makes statements, she should expect reactions, pro and con. If she can’t handle that, perhaps she should rethink her decision to become a public figure. And yes, as a character on a reality TV show as well as on social media, she is fair game as a public figure.

If she chooses to post something ambiguous, or that raises questions, she should expect to get questions seeking clarification. It is not an issue of saying she cannot support whatever person she wants, or think whatever she wants, but rather that she is unclear and should, as a public figure, make her position clear. No one has to agree with her, but hedging as she has done repeatedly, for whatever reason, simply leaves her all the more open to such criticism.

This has been a constant within the Roloff TV “empire” and its attendant social media presence. They have beliefs that seem to slip out from time to time, but they refuse to be explicit in public so as not to alienate sponsors and fans.

Believe what you will but at least have the moral courage to be honest about it.

Rap541 said...

Let's be people who compassionately curious before we are carelessly critical today."

So first, Auj, if you don't want people to mock you when you say you're a professional writer, you really do need to be more careful because this sentence as written is nonsensical. If you expect people to pay you to write, you need to use all your words.

That said, I can piece together what you meant and find it hilarious. You don't want people to make assumptions about what you've written. So I can make the easy slam and note that people are confused about your message and are proudly taking a stand against your message which they are confused about.

Then all the Christians here will rant how its not fair to hold you accountable for your words even though when YOU wanted to use social media to take that proud stand of "Confused?",you were making ASSumptions about Covergirl's message to you and being carelessly critical - you didn't understand Covergirl's message but took a public stand against it despite openly and publically admitting how confused you were. Talk about carelessly critical - practice what you preach, girl, before you get yourself up on the high horse.

But more importantly, you're making a false argument. People are asking you questions about your political beliefs because they don't want to carelessly criticize you. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say a lot of people are asking you to clarify because you're implying you are voting for Donald Trump and before they are carelessly critical, they want to be certain you do indeed endorse the man for president or perhaps you were making some other point. By refusing to clarify, you're mocking people for asking you questions AND you're mocking them for making assumptions after you refuse to answer. That's you being a mean bitch, honey - and I am not making any assumptions about that. You made snide remarks about wrong people were because you thought it was funny to mock them, and in the same breathe are going on about how you're being attacked and how social media isn't a place for debate, everyone pity poor lil Auj.

Practice what you preach. If you don't want to discuss politics, that's perfectly fine but this started with you making a post that clearly confused your audience. If you don't want to clarify, that's fine but when you mock people for their assumptions and then smirk like a snotty high school girl how you won't be clarifying, you're being a snotty little bitch. It's called courtesy. Learn some. Those are YOUR followers you're smirking and shitting on for their ASSumptions. Not mine.

Jocelynn said...

Both Jeremy and Audrey love to tell people that any important topic should not be done in public, instead in private or person. Funny that Audrey and Jeremy start it off by saying something passive aggressive about an issue then when people ask for clarification, that's when Jer and Auj pull the "not in public, only in private" card.

Audrey sure does jump to conclusions and harsh judgments about people. She is judging people who question her posts as having too much time on their hands and knocks them for "writing essays.

Rap541 said...

Audrey sure does jump to conclusions and harsh judgments about people. She is judging people who question her posts as having too much time on their hands and knocks them for "writing essays.

I noticed that as well. I wonder when Auj will concede how she's been carelessly critical. I find it hilarious that Auj is absolutely guilty of the same thing she publically shits on her followers for - she carelessly criticized Covergirl on social media, using social media as a forum for her hate and openly admits she really has no idea what message they were sending but that isn't going to stop her from using social media to publically attack Covergirl, now is it?

J45 said...

I love how Auj judges ppl as "having too much time on their hands" — she should look to herself and her in-laws before she makes such statements. (Just like some of Jacob's tweets frankly).

Anonymous said...

Not only does she judge people, she removes people from her instagram if you beg to differ or call her out on something she says. Nice. After I dedicated MY time to read and follow her blogs, she passes judgement and cuts me off. If her followers want to waste their time and conform to not comment on HER thoughts (unless their positive) then SHE'LL LET YOU keep following her.
That's right! She'll pass judgement on you! Don't you dare have an opinion and post or you'll be cut off too.

Brandon said...

Jeremy and Audrey are so hypocritical, it leaves me almost speechless!

Jeremy's Facebook post (I wonder if Audrey would think it was fair if I said Jeremy has too much time on his hands or if Audrey and her 6392 tweets has too much time on her hands?). Of course not. We all know they are just snarking on people who disagree with them and question them.

Jeremy's "advice" in that Facebook post is inane!

If serious topics take a "real conversation" why do Jeremy have a marriage blog about Christian values? That's a serious topic to them. Why do they post about Jesus? That's a serious topic. I guess they think the internet is just for shamelessly selling everything you can and getting money out of your followers without actually saying anything important.

Also, what he is saying is false. Of course people can be "won over" by things people write on the internet. Not necessarily the two people who are arguing with each other, but for sure people have their ideas reinforced or reassess their ideas on a topic from things people write on the internet. Trying to suggest no important topics can be said on the internet is completely stupid. If that's how Jeremy feels, why don't Jeremy and Audrey delete their twitters, Instagram, Facebooks, and websites and only work on influencing people they see in person?

Kyle said...

Anon, Jeremy does the same thing. In fairness, so does Jacob.

Janet said...

The people Jeremy and Audrey are talking about our internet trolls with no God in their hearts. They post so they can insult. They aren't interested in meaningful discussion to glorify Jesus Christ. There is no point in wasting time with a troll.

It is sad that Audrey is attacked when she is a fine woman of Christ.

Andrea said...

Stay strong Audrey. Some LIBERALS think Christians can't have opinions.

Falwell Perkins Brimstone said...

Stay strong, Liberals. Most Christians are the meanest, most intolerant people I've ever met.

Rap541 said...

Janet - most of the people seeking wisdom and being compassionately curious have been by all normal standards quite polite.

I am genuinely asking you - if Audrey really supports Trump, how is her being asked the question "DISRESPECTING HER!" or "TROLLING" - if someone asks Audrey to clarify her vague posts, you are judging them as NOT HAVING CHRIST which makes me think, since you're Christian and Auj is Christian, that Auj also thinks anyone who disagrees with her HATES CHRIST.

Your thoughts? Since you're speaking for God and Auj?

Andrea - please tell us who is saying Audrey as a Christian can't have opinions? Because in fact, people are asking Audrey to clarify what her opinions are, and NOT telling her to be silent, which is what you are accusing others of doing.

Rap541 said...

Score one zinger for Brandon.

Jeremy if we take your advice then we shouldn't read your blog that you expect to make money from. It's on the internet and you are stating you can't have a serious discussion on the internet. What's the bloody point of your blog if you're publically stating it can't be taken seriously? And if you genuinely despise social media so much, why is your business completely based in social media?

Jer is quite the brain trust.

Rap541 said...

If Auj wants all discussion to be DM then maybe she shouldn't make public posts and should just directly message to the people she wants to interact with?

LMAO said...

It is truly baffling that these two judgmental, rude people have any fans at all. In no time TMZ will pick this up and she will be slammed for being a Donald Trump fan. Not sure how she is going to wriggle out of this one.

Rap541 said...

Btw - I'm not calling for her to not post, I find Auj's wit and wisdom hilarious, but really, if she's going to bitch then no more posts longer than a sentence - Auj is clearly stating long posts are a waste of time, and if you disagree with Auj you aren't to post publically but instead DM her.... and yet Auj makes lengthy posts herself and in fact is clearly devoted to her Instagram despite how she's constantly insisting online that people should unplug and of course she's perfectly free to post whatever she wants with no thought to anyone else.

If you're going to preach, Auj, and you are, then you have to practice what you preach or else you're a hypocrite.

It's fun to watch her establish that.

Dale said...

Seriously!!! Audrey posted videos ONLY OF DONALD. With clapping hand emojis and smiley faces. At the end of one of her videos she literally says "THAT WAS REALLY GOOD"... But then she goes on to say that social media is not where debates should take place. Are you actually kidding me? She made the stupid mistake of putting her lame opinion out there.
People have EVERY RIGHT to be outraged that Audrey is voting for a racist, idiot baffoon. It goes against all Christian values to support that guy. Yet you Christians are going to support everything she does so it's no sense in arguing with you.
Also truthfully I think Jeremy's post was directed towards his wife in a slight way, almost a jab at her. He's probably embarrassed she even posted about the debate at all. He at least has half a brain.

James said...

I have truly never seen irony so sweet as when Audrey posted the words "some people just have too much time on their hands to post novels on Instagram"... It's almost as is if she is mocking herself. Hey, Audrey have you SEEN how long your Instagram captions are? Or your blog posts? "20 minute reads"? Give me a fucking break honey!!!

James said...

Audrey has said and done way more vile and cruel things on her social media, is much more judgmental, has deleted more comments/blocked more people than Jacob yet you people are still here to defend her.

Truly inspirational. Wish my fans were this dedicated. I bet if she killed a puppy ya'll would still be riding the Auj Train. Honestly. Truly.

Rap541 said...

Dale, exactly.

Actions have consequences. If you don't want to discuss politics - and this election is contentious enough that I understand why people avoid the topic. Audrey made a public post. People are going to ask questions about what it means.

And for the record, if she's not proud of her choice to support Trump, or she isn't choosing Trump, then lets be real clear here - she's not standing up for anything right now. She's made a post that suggests she supports a certain candidate but when asked directly she refuses to answer in any definitive way. That's NOT taking a stand, not at all.

The weirdest part is that I really don't know why she continues to prattle with Jer how desperate they are to unplug... and then posts videos on line and has instragram fights where she snots at her followers. I'm not the one on the "We're so against social media, we all need to unplug!" bandwagon, hypocrits Jeremy and Audrey of the constant posts, and *business* based on social media are.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well well well, what did I tell you all? "Take it to direct messages" Almost right on cue. But I have a question: IF "debates on important topics should not be said on the internet (or at least in public view).: THEN WHY are the Presidential debates pubic???? They deal, supposedly, with important topics (global warning never got a mention) so these two are saying that they have the right to decide what is to be discussed in public and what THEY want to be kept private? This to me is conceit to the highest degree, typical of controlling christians of convenience. Social media IS THE PLACE ro have open and informative discussions.

Perhaps Audrey is showing that she is not any smarter than her husband. Audrey. You. Control. Nothing. Regarding. Internet.

Rap541 said...

Podge if serious topics aren't to be on social media, then why haven't Auj and Jer taken their little marriage dog and pony show off the social media they despise?

I really enjoy watching Audrey prove she can't handle criticism. If you're not praising her, you're "debating" her and she prefers all debate opinions of Audrey be kept in private message where only she can see them.

I wonder if she even looks, let alone responds. Regardless, she's proving she's a child. "You can only have an public opinion of me and my work if it's positive, if it isn't, you're hating on me and should have kept it quiet in direct message".

R said...

Seriously. She loves the limelight so much but can't handle one second of the criticism it brings.

Sara said...

She has a classic case of not being able to take what she dishes. Classic. How immature.

By the way, *my* God supports abortion, particularly when the mother's health is at risk or the baby's death is inevitable. My God is merciful like that. Pity the God of some of you others is so hard lined that He causes you to judge others for the choices they make for themselves with sound medical advice.

Ecossais said...

For someone who claims to be a "writer" Audrey's grammar and command of the language is terrible.

Kathy said...

Is this what they both do all day long every day? hang out on the internet? how about getting real jobs? TLC won't pay them forever.

Gail said...

"By the way, *my* God supports abortion"

Blasphemy. God does not support abortion. Life is precious and a gift from God. We must defend the unborn. Abortion is murder.

Rap is a liar posting misleading facts. Audrey is talking about the hate she receives. That is what we are talking about. Audrey is attacked for espousing Christian principles. It is not people being respectful. As someone else said it is hateful internet trolls.

Here is an example of a comment. "You and people like you are what's wrong with this world, fuck your backward views, get with the times you idiot."

Tell me, Rap, is that someone respectfully disagreeing with Audrey?

Audrey can post what she wants on her social media. She posted clips of the debate. People read what they want into it. But don't pretend like people were being respectful. They were attacking her at the mere thought of her supporting Donald Trump which any Christian should at this point. The debate point between Trump and Clinton is enough. Or the Supreme Court. Trump will appoint judges that will end abortion and reverse the horrible marriage ruling.

I'm not surprised Jacob doesn't like Trump. Hopefully Trump knows who the Roloffs are and will take Jacob down when he gets elected, lol. That was a joke by the way. But Jacob is an evil person and the life has a way of coming back to make those who let Satan rule in their lives regret their decisions. He is a horrible person who will deserve what he gets as God will always win in the end.

Corrine said...

I've been reading Radar and this blog. I've really started to hate this Jacob kid. Why does his family put up with his crap? He's always whining and complaining. A 19 year old know it all. Worse yet, he's a 19 year old who thinks he knows it all about politics. Anybody who listens to a 19 year old about politics is an idiot.

Helen said...

Audrey is both beautiful and inspiring. She should always follow her heart and make God proud.

Rap541 said...

I actually agree with you, Gail, that that comment was quite rude. Now put your hand on the bible and swear that this:

"I never comment on anything ever haha, but what has been happening has really made me sad. I think she's going to lose a lot of followers if she keeps this up. Rereading the post and her comments were kinda shocking.... especially since I've been a fan for so long of the show. Here's to hoping she'll send some clarification and love to all of her followers :)"

was rude.

Or this: "The reason I commented in the first place is because Audrey's posts have been contradictory to the message that you quote from this one; it's less important for me to follow her advice (which I have, even though I'm under no obligation to) than for her to follow her own. She hasn't earned the trust of the many people commenting here because her actions are not in alignment with this very post."

Most people were being very respectful. It was Audrey who decided to mock them and act like she was being attacked even though most of these people were respectful. If Audrey is going to be a public figure, a writer, a public speaker, then she is going to need to realize that her stances will be looked at. She is absolutely contradicting her own advice - she carelessly attacked Covergirl despite openly admitting she didn't understand their message. Now people are asking her questions about her views because she wasn't clear and they didn't understand her message and her response is to mock them and to refuse to answer. Considering proud stand against Covergirl over - oh right she was confused and proud to stand up against Covergirl over that message she DIDNT UNDERSTAND BUT PUBLICALLY USED SOCIAL MEDIA TO SEND HATE TO COVERGIRL OVER!

Do you get it, Gail? Audrey doesn't get to bitch at others over using social media to attack when she's openly and quite proudly telling us all she has the right to do it herself.

I'm also finding it hilarious that she, of the lengthy novella posts on Instagram is actually complaining about post lentgth of others. Oh wait, I'm not surprised because Audrey constantly gripes about other people doing the same things she does.

Hopefully Trump knows who the Roloffs are and will take Jacob down when he gets elected, lol. That was a joke by the way. But Jacob is an evil person and the life has a way of coming back to make those who let Satan rule in their lives regret their decisions. He is a horrible person who will deserve what he gets as God will always win in the end.

I am not shocked that Gail the Christian finds advocating revenge funny as shit. Hey Gail, tomorrow in church will you regale your pastor with how you jokingly wished for Donald Trump to smite someone? :) I mean, that's what Christians do, right? Smirk and laugh at the pain of others.

Ironic isn't it? That you think Jacob is the horrible person when this entire discussion is mostly about Audrey's passive aggressive ways and nasty mean girl attitude finally getting her called out by her actual followers.

God does always win in the end, imagine that. :)

PJ said...

Rap is expressing an opinion just like Ste Auj. You just happen to disagree.
Ste Auj is entitled to her opinion, that is not the issue. The issue is twofold. She refuses to clearly express any opinion or to answer questions to clarify what she means. And she refuses to allow anyone else, no matter how politely , express disagreement.
It's also disquieting that given a differing opinion she screams like a hungry tired 2 year old with poopy diapers. The Golden Couple both need to grow up and accept that not all disagreement is a personal attack .
This is about her attitude not her beliefs.

Kristie said...

Audrey is truly so judgmental + uptight I cannot even believe anyone follows her on social media

Sara said...

Do you Christians see the irony of demanding respect for your views, when those views are INCREDIBLY disrespectful to women who've had to have abortions/were born gay etc.?

So if you had twins in utero, one dead and another with spina bifida so severe his brain and spine developed outside his body, you'd sacrifice your own life (effectively suicide) to not 'murder' the one living (but would only live a matter of seconds!) baby?

I call bull on anyone who says they would not abort in that situation?

"Oh, but that's different..."? Nope, it's not. Those are the cases where late-term abortion happens.

You realize your views enforced by law would give a mother no choice but her own death?

And God WANTS that so??? Nope, all kinds of nope.

Hopefully Auj and Jer never find themselves in that very grown up, real situation and can forever stick to their fairy tale. They can't handle the reality of life.

Jay Kirschenman said...

I just went to TLC's website and gave them the feedback that I'll no longer be watching Little People Big World due to Audrey's online gay bashing.

Rap541 said...

PJ - I always love it when the Christian kiddies here start whining how poor Auj has a right to her opinions.

First, she does and no one is stopping her from having opinions and expressing them. It's actually Audrey who has a problem with people expressing opinions. She's made it very clear, if you aren't praising her, she does not want your opinion on her public Instagram, she wants you to take your debate to private message (are there any reports of Auj or Jer actually responding to someone critically in private message?)

Audrey is apparently a little special snowflake who can't bear hearing anything but praise and PJ is right - both Jer and Auj need to stop being whiny toddlers and accept that not all disagreement is a personal attack.

Second - and I love this - Gail, do you understand that this whole kerfuffle is because Audrey refuses to agree with you? This is happening because she posted some debate clips that implied she supported Trump and when people politely asked her about it - and they were polite, things only got hostile when Auj told her followers to stop attacking her and to stop making assumptions in a snide mean girl tone - she refuses to clarify whether she supports Trump or not. Audrey's actual stated opinion is "..." not agreement with you that Trump is her choice

Likewise the Covergirl issue - you insist she *means* that she is against a gay man being on the cover - but all Audrey dares say is that she is confused about the message, and proudly standing against the message that she is merely confused about.

Which of course means she is directly contradicting her own stated advice that people should "compassionately curious" instead of "carelessly critical". She doesn't understand Covergirl's message and rather than ask questions and try to find out more, she instead decides to use social media to hate on it, and to "take a proud stand" even though she openly admits she doesn't understand.

"I don't understand it so I am taking a stand against it" - how is that compassionately curious? And why do people have to treat Audrey better than she is willing to treat others?

Debbie said...

Jeremy is an amazing young man with much wisdom. He is right in his post. Followers of Christ can not be distracted by those who want to be negative, whether it is people that hate on this blog or by people like Jacob, and always remember that the only savior is Jesus Christ and the mission is to serve God and spread his Kingdom.

Ashley said...

Rap, you're right that not everybody is rude when they express their disagreement or disappointment.

Here is another comment on Jeremy's Instagram. It was a late comment on his Instagram picture a week ago, so that's the probably the only reason why he hasn't deleted it yet. I notice Jeremy deletes and bans almost everyone who doesn't agree with him or questions him.

Mcclintocklove "Ugh , so disppointed. Just saw Audrey's post about the boy on covergirl, I follow you guys, I love you guys, I love everything about you guys, but I just can't believe her judgement on another person, I'm lost for words, as a child of God we should not judge others ! Is the ad directly effecting you????? What if this was your son one day!? We need to ban together and give praise !" @audreyroloff @jeremyroloff @amyjroloff @mattroloff

Rap541 said...

Debbie - what about Audrey using social media to hate on Covergirl despite her publically admitted lack of knowledge? Sorry, not letting you folks off the hook - under *Jeremy's* advice, his wife was distracted from Christ and was negative and openly used social media to spread hate on a topic she openly admits to not understanding.

If Audrey genuinely didn't understand Covergirl's message, then she was 'carelessly critical' when she took her stand that you were so proud of, correct?

Why is Audrey off the hook for being distracted from her Savior? Seems to me the only words out of her mouth should be "Christ is the Savior, per my husband".

How exactly was Audrey serving God and spreading his kingdom in her posts mocking her followers for their questions about her beliefs? At last check Audrey is openly and publically judging others for the length of their posts despite her own posts being quite lengthy.

Debbie - as a Christian, do you believe Audrey is a better Christian than you?

Rap541 said...

Oh and Debbie, I have been focusing on Jeremy's wisdom in running a business that revolves around people having deep serious thoughts about marriage on social media, and telling all of his followers that serious discussions can only happen privately and in person. In other words, wise ol Jer-Bear just told people there's no value in reading his blog or participating on his website since there Jeremy thinks it has no value.

He has publically undercut his own business and called it meaningless. Why should anyone go to beating50percent when the blog owner and theoretical writer thinks the only way to really have a serious discussion about anything is in person? Not only is it dumb, it's insulting to the people who actually like the blog, he's telling them there's no value in reading it because it's not in person. How clever is that?

Outraged said...

Are there any gay organizations we can contact to let them know of Audrey's terrible behavior??? Of her judgment towards gays? If we can do that maybe we can get her off of TLC forever...

Not a fan said...

Rap, you make such good points. I know that Audrey and Jeremy must read what we say here. It's clear they've embarrassed themselves. I know Matt comes here to read this stuff, he's tried to get spiritswander taken down so many times because it embarrasses his family. If you look at the most recent comments on the most recent posts, you will see most people have become aware of Audrey's hateful comments and actions lately. I am sure she is embarrassing Matt greatly. If only she could keep her little Christian mouth shut...

Pat Robber-son said...

No way!! Do not deny them their entitled lifestyle. If TLC cancels this show, those lazy spoiled ass Roloff boys will have to get JOBS to support their womin' like the Bible commands

Emac said...

Audrey is so judgmental. I don't know how Christians can love Audrey so much and hate Isabel. Audrey is so judgmental and privileged. She hasn't faced real life hardships.

Isabel faced 2 huge tragic losses of immediate family members before while she was still in her teen years! That's awful. Isn't Isabel worthy of love and compassion?

Just because Audrey goes around saying she's Christian and says she's working for God (how?) why does Audrey get all the praise and compassion while somebody who actually deserves it, gets scorn and ridicule?

Li said...

Emac, I could not agree with you any more. Any hate Isabel receives stems only form whoever is talking hating Jacob. It is never about Isabel directly, nor is it ever true.

I'm disappointed in all of the people willing to stand by Audrey even though she completely outed herself to us all as a bigot long ago, but especially now that we know she is voting for Donald trump.

Isabel is gentle, kind and a good human overall. To me there is no competition.

Mike P. said...

@Outraged: Explicitly publicized anti-gay activism—including vile public testimony against civil rights ordinances—didn't get the Duggars off TLC, so I'd doubt that Audrey's spittle-flecked little posts will work against her, or her husband or parents-in-law.

The thing to do is to notify gay organizations where Roloffs schedule speaking engagements. Then they can be in the audience to question and confront the Roloff hypocrisy.

Along with others, I suggested this a few years ago and very quickly the Roloffs quit announcing specifics of their upcoming appearances, especially on college campuses. They changed to announcing where they had just been. LOL.

Sam said...

Update! Isabel created a tumblr page.

Go check it out. She's really good.

Rap541 said...

Ashley, thank you. There are a few people who are in my opinion being rude by using vulgarity or just throwing fits over politics, but most of the people responding have been responding in a reasonable, polite fashion. And a lot of them really are just looking for Audrey to clarify what her point was.

I hope now that Audrey has publically complained about post length, that we all understand she's now accountable every time her Instagram posts are longer than one sentence? Because if Audrey doesn't like *other people* posting long posts then why does the little princess not practice what she preaches?

Or wait, will this be a "If Audrey says it's bad, ITS BAD! Until Audrey does it herself and then if Audrey does it, ITS GOOD! But only if it's Audrey cause Audrey is a Christian and can DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS AND BITCH WHEN OTHER PEOPLE DO THE SAME BECAUSE SHE'S A CHRISTIAN AND GETS TO SHIT ON OTHERS FOR JESUS!" thing?

Ashley said...

Isabel answered a question on her new Tumbler blog about Jer and Auj being anti-LGBT! Woot woot Isabel! :)

Question "In what points do you disagree with Jer and Auj? Just curious.

Answer I am a proud supporter of the LGBT community. That's all.

Laura said...

Ashley, Isabel just showed she has no class. How dare she talk about Jeremy and Audrey after all the nice things Audrey has done for her.

"I am a proud supporter of the LGBT community. That's all."

And while she supports the "LGBT", Jeremy and Audrey support Jesus Christ. Who would you rather support. Shall we all remember what happened to Jen Montzingo after she "disagreed" with Jeremy about the gays. God rewards his followers and those that disobey will be punished in the end. Always follow God's plan.

Paula said...

Well said, Laura. I don't know if Isabel is trying to look cool and trendy, but she is not gaining any respect by siding with gays over the good that Audrey and Jeremy are doing in building God's Kingdom.

Katie said...

I think Isabel is trying to copy Audrey by starting a blog.

Rap541 said...

I think my 11 year old niece started a blog. As did most of her little school friends.

With respect, under this line of reasoning, Audrey is trying to copy Spiritswander

Ned said...

Katie, she didn't "start a blog", she literally created a page where she could write. Don't be fucking dumb.

Leah said...

A gay radio station just aired Audrey's homophobic comments to the world.

"Dale, did you know Audrey Roloff is a homophobic asshole?"

"I didn't, Dale! But now I do."

Darby said...

It is so apparent that The Roloff's is done! Why won't they give it up already? I don't understand.

Liam said...

Let's open the discussion: What do you think would happen if Jeremy and Audrey had a gay kid? Would they put he/she up for adoption!m? What do you guys think?

Ashley said...

Isabel edited her response to make it less opposing of Audrey. Isabel says the only thing she disagrees with is taking someone else's rights away and she doesn't want anyone to be bashed. So being against a ground breaking cover, supporting conversion therapy, etc is all ok with her. I'm not sure how you can say you stand up for the gay community if you're ok with that. Then again Jacob supposedly supports gay rights but refuses to be friends with a gay their stand on gay rights don't make much sense to me.

Ecossais said...

They would send the kid to Mark Comer to be "cured".

Timothy said...

Liam. I'm not saying this to be shocking,, but honestly if Jeremy and Audrey have a son who turns out to be gay, I would bet money he'd committ suicide by the time he's 15 after being raised to believe he's diseased.

Dustin said...

Liam, the same question could be asked of Jacob amd Isabel. Would they allow their kid's uncles to discriminate and teach them they're immoral? Would Jacob be creeped out having a son thats "into dudes". Let's face it, if any of the Roloffs future children are gay...they are doomed.

Sara said...

They'd beat the gay out of any demon child, since that is God's will.

Or, do what the Duggars do any go into unrecoverable denial (I'm lookin' at you, Josiah).

Gail said...

That's a ridiculous question, Liam. Shame on you. Jeremy and Audrey will not have a gay child because they will raise their kids the right way, with the message of the Bible and Jesus Christ as the savior.They will be vigilant parents who want allow their kids to be sucked into liberal media lies.

LV said...

Ashley, I think it's clear Isabel doesn't want to stir the pot. Don't read into it.

She took a stand and she said she supports the gay community. She openly said it. I don't really know what more you want from her. Stop trying to start shit.

Liam said...

To be clear, I'm not a fan of any of these loons, but it surely would be interesting if they end up having a gay kid.

SIMON said...

Ashley is a drama loving cunt if I've ever seen one. She was proud of Isabel for taking a stand but now the stand isn't good enough
You try being closely related to a bunch of bigots and trying to stand by your beliefs but also respect others
I bet you wouldn't know what that's like cause no one will date ye huh Ashley?
Leave your drama loving shit brains outta this would ya xxxxx

:) said...

Ashley ask her the questions you are dying to know on her tumblr it is always taking questions.

Ashley said...

LV, Audrey and Jeremy are bigoted against the LGBT people. It's impossible to say you stand for them if you are bffs and hanging out with bigots. And Molly is just as bad as Audrey, she doesn't get talked about as much but her comments are just as bad if not worse. Jacob and Isabel sing bigoted Molly's praises. Go ahead. Be a united family. But you don't also get to say you stand up for gay people.

Ashley said...

Simon, yes. Isabel edited her answer to make it more of a defense of Audrey, so yes, of course my opinion changed. If that's how Isabel stands up for her gay friends, I feel sorry for them because her loyalty doesn't run very deep.

:) said...

That's her future sister in law? Not sure what you expect, Ashley.

:) said...

If you were expecting Isabel to bash Audrey you are expecting way too much. She's never going to do that, even if she probably wants to.

Stella Engels said...

Love how the entire premise for the damn TLC CRAP SHOW was to foster greater acceptance for little people and they turn around and discriminate against gay people.

And I'm so sick of trying to explain to damn HOMOPHOBES that gay people don't wake up one day and decide to be gay.

Could you non-gay hate mongers just become gay one day? LOSERS!!!!!

Sara said...

"Jeremy and Audrey will not have a gay child because they will raise their kids the right way, with the message of the Bible and Jesus Christ as the savior."

It is 2016, Gail. Get it through your skull that 'the gay' is something people are born with. A natural variance.

Hateful, hateful thing to write.

Ashley said...

Then Isabel is not the defender of the LGBT community that she said she was. If she wants to sit quietly and bond with her bigoted sister in law, that's fine. But then that shows her priority. She's not a friend to LGBT people.

:) said...

Ashley, she CLEARLY said she would step up and say something if it came up. To me, that is defending the gay community.

There are people in my family who are anti-gay and I still love them and care for them even though they are bigots. I just stand up to them when they are BEING bigots at the moment.

Aimee said...

Ashley, why are you so keen on starting drama? Why don't you focus on hating on the bigots who are actually against gays? Why are you so personally involved in this? Do you have a life?

Luci said...

Molly is not a bigot. She should be left out of this.

Jocelynn said...

@Ashley That's a good point about Molly. She seems to share the same prejudicial outlook on gay people as Jer and Audrey (Kirk Cameron!). Anybody who listens to someone call one group of people destructive to civilization and calls that person "brave" is a bigot, in my opinion. Molly doesn't get as much attention for it because she doesn't blog publicly. But I have no doubt Molly, Audrey and Jeremy are 3 peas in a pod when it comes to gay people. I recall Jeremy and Molly attending John Mark Comer's loveology event together a few years ago. It was at a loveology that John Mark Comer's audio about gay people being healed by Jesus and converted "straight" came from.

Zoe said...

Okay, so what do we know about Amy + Matt, Tori + Zach and their homophobia? To assume Molly, Jeremy and Audrey are all 3 peas in a pod is absurd. I don't buy it.

Jocelynn said...

Luci, has Molly denied her comments surrounding Kirk Cameron's anti gay rhetoric? Has she clarified her position? Said she has changed her opinion? Not that I'm aware of. I think that's a fair label for Molly.

If I said black people are destructive toward civilization, would you call me brave for saying so? Or if I said, Mexicans, or Muslims, or people with dwarfism? If not, I don't know how Molly gets a pass for cheering on Kirk Cameron's comments.

Jay Kirschenman said...

Tell their network what you think (yes, google TLC and you'll find it's under discovery):

Rap541 said...

Then Isabel is not the defender of the LGBT community that she said she was. If she wants to sit quietly and bond with her bigoted sister in law, that's fine. But then that shows her priority. She's not a friend to LGBT people

So first don't we have an entire thread for bitching about Isobel? Created for that purpose so that threads for bitching about Jeremy and Auj didn't get overwhelmed by yet more high school bitchery of whether someone who isn't on the show and unlikely to ever appear has or hasn't posted on a topic?

Second, Ashely, I think you're being picky on the point. If we're going to insist that "Well, Jeremy and Auj really can't stand up proudly and denounce the evil that is Jacob because you know, it would cause family problems for them to act in accordance with their cherished religious faith and therefore they are still super Christians proudly standing tall even though when ever it's controversial, they both insist all discussion of their views be so private...." is a legit stance then yes, that goes for all the family including the ones that may not be so liked.

If Isobel is going to be part of the family, then she can be outspoken - which clearly is hated anyway - please look above at Laura shitting in rage on how Isobel should be silenced and how the only words out of her mouth should be "Audrey and Christ are always right, I think and do as Audrey says" - and make trouble in the family, or she can refrain from raising a topic that is a sore point.

To be perfectly honest, when Jacob and Isobel visit, I am pretty positive Audrey and Jeremy do the same thing and don't start the weekend with "Welcome, it's time to convert, sinners! LOVE JESUS OR GO TO HELL!" nor do I think every conversation revolves around "We stand tall for Christ, that is what decent folk do, why aren't you Christians, you know you're evil, right?" - and since I am certain Auj and Jer don't use every opportunity to convert people, they clearly don't aren't Christian and deserve no praise....

Oh wait, no, basically rather than have the same fight everytime someone visits, one side shuts up about lbgt rights and one side shuts up about Jesus. You're looking for something to pick at - trust me, Isobel saying publically that she supports the lbgt community has officially put her in the shit spot.

Oh and hey, at least she has an opinion she'll say publically. At last check Auj is "Confused?" and NO ONE BETTER ASK HER WHY and is unwilling to say she supports the republican candidate. Funny that she's the one getting praised from the Christians for stand up for what she believes in... based on her words, she doesn't want to be accountable for any beliefs.

Angela said...

Rap, your constant defense of Isabel and Jacob (although you have the nerve to deny it!) is incredibly pathetic. Isabel has done nothing worthy of praise or defending.

Rap541 said...

Angela - 1) don't we have an entire thread about bitching about Isobel?

2) My defense, such as it is, is that Jeremy and Auj are praised for standing up for beliefs that they don't actually stand up for, and they don't speak out against the evil in their family because they prefer to avoid having family fights... which is why Isobel isn't crusading for gays while at the Roloffs. If we aren't to chide Jer and Auj for not standing tall at every opportunity (and they don't) then we should treat Isobel the same.

This is in no way praising Isobel, who I suspect doesn't really care what my opinion is. She's doing something we all do with friends and family - we all have things we don't brong up because we know it makes for fights. If you want to allow Jer and Auj to not stand all for Christ and make every visit with Jacob a constant "YOU ARE GOING TO HELL! ACCEPT CHRIST UNBELIEVER!" fest for the sake of family harmony, then it hs to be allowed for others.

Its that you want a double standard - that Jer and auj are still precious Christians standing tall even tho they say and do nothing about Jacob - while Jacob and Isobel have to constantly prat out their beliefs in order to be considered to have them - that makes this a problem for you.

Angela = how do you feel about Audrey and Jer posting lengthy missives on line and then complaining about people posting lengthy missives? How about precious Jeremy telling people who read his blog about the serious topic of marriage that serious discussion can't happen on social media and should be done in person?

How do you feel about the fact that Auj simply won't commit to saying she plans to vote for Donald Trump?

Brandon said...

Rap, I'm somewhat siding with Ashley on this. At what point do someone's views disgust you enough to take a stand? I have a feeling if a Roloff was saying something racist Jacob and Isabel would be making it clear they aren't cool with the racist Roloff.

They are public figures. We are talking about them because they're public figures. People know Jacob because of LPBW. It doesn't matter if he's no longer on it, people know who he is, and some people know who Isabel is now because of Jacob's social media. Radar online also mentions her in a lot of Jacob articles.

What I'm saying is when you and your family are public figures and somebody makes controversial comments, it's not unreasonable to think that the other person would want to distance themselves from that comment.

It's not family, but in googling Kirk Cameron's comments for the other post so I could get his quote correctly, I came across Tracey Gold's reaction to her former co-star who she is still civil with.

"I was asked, on Twitter. I was just bombarded with, ‘What do you think, what do you think, what do you think, what do you think?’ I felt like my silence in that moment was not beneficial. I just wanted to … say what I felt and what my own belief was, which was love and marriage for all.

It kind of escalated, and I finally [decided], ‘You know, I’m going to call Kirk and just let him know that I was asked. I just voiced my opinion.

It doesn’t mean that I hate him or we’re in a fight or a feud,” she says. “Just like family, we just disagree.

“He’s like, ‘I’m not mad at you at all. I totally get it. I gave my opinion, you gave yours. We’re good.’ All right. Great."

What is wrong with that? I think that's the right way to handle an important topic when people are in the public eye. I totally get what Ashley is saying. Having someone close to you publicly have bigoted opinions and you remaining silent on it and your only interaction with them publicly is to gush about them make it hard to take it seriously if you say you are a defender of the LGBT community. It's not like Jeremy said he likes Apples and Jacob likes oranges and he needs to make sure the public knows the difference. It's an important issue. To remain silent on it except to exchange compliments on each other's Instagram's is not something I'd expect from a defender of LGBT.

But then again, I'm in the group that doubts Jacob's acceptance of gay people anyway.

Brandon said...

Okay, so what do we know about Amy + Matt, Tori + Zach and their homophobia? To assume Molly, Jeremy and Audrey are all 3 peas in a pod is absurd. I don't buy it.

It's not absurd at all. Like Ashley and Jocelynn said, the only difference is Molly doesn't blog about her bigoted feelings publicly.

You may not "buy it", but you're ignoring the facts. How about we talk about the facts? Are you aware of what Kirk Cameron said? Are you aware of what Molly said about Kirk Cameron's comments. It has been reported and Molly has never bothered to clarify (a lot like Auj) or explain her agreement. She has said nothing. Molly is no longer wee innocent little girl. She is a college graduate and an adult who is capable of explaining her self if being called a bigot bothered her.

But why don't we get back to the facts.

Exhibit A: Kirk Cameron's comments"

"I think it's unnatural, I think that it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

If he was talking about any other group of people, would that change how you felt? What if "it" referred to African Americans or interracial relationships or dwarfism or Mexicans or Muslims or Asians?

To single one group out ("homosexuals") and say by them merely being themselves are destructive to many of the foundations of civilizations is totally bigoted.

Exhibit B: Molly's reaction to Kirk Cameron's comments:

"Go Kirk for standing up for what you believe. Expressed his belief without being hateful or condemning anyone. Very brave."

That was Molly's real reaction to the comments. What the hell? Calling him brave for being a bigot? Somehow Molly thinks so little of gay people that you can say they are destructive to civilization and that's not condemning them or being hateful???

Would Molly have that reaction if he said that about any other minority group?

It is completely reasonable to call Molly a bigot and to feel like Molly, Audrey and Jeremy share the same opinions on gay people. That's the logical conclusion.

Again, if Molly suddenly had a change of heart, she could explain herself. She's not little girl. She's not in isolation. She has public Instagram. She has a public twitter. But that's her only comment on gay call the Christian who called gay people destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization "very brave".

Anita said...

I wonder if Jeremy and Audrey have ever thought about starting their own Church? They could do great things for God! I love them.

Darwin said...

Anita, not the time, lmao.

This is a thread to talk about Audrey's bigotry and how she is voting for Donald trump. We don't need your stupidity here.

Bye now.

Jairamy Rulov said...

Whatever. We know this is you Audrey.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - we're allowed to disagree. :)

I actually disagree that Isobel is a public figure. She has not been named on the show, she has never gotten a check for the show, and frankly I don't see any indication that she ever will.

I doubt Isobel has a publicist helping her, which means we're talking about the comments of a what? A 19 year old high school graduate. She says she supports lbgt communities and she's said it publically, which means she's accountable for it if she starts down the "woo! Gay people need to be cured!" path.

I don't expect perfection or perfect compliance because we all flub up. Frankly, I think people would be a LOT more forgiving of Auj's recent flubs if a) she would concede that she created part of the problem in making vague posts she doesn't really want to discuss and b) if she wasn't being surrounded and supported by a horde of people screaming "NO MATTER WHAT AUDREY SAYS, SHE IS RIGHT AND HER WORDS ARE A BLESSING AND IF SHE SAYS 'CONFUSED?" THAT IS AN INCREDIBLE MORAL STAND EVEN THOUGH SHE WONT EXPLAIN WHAT SHE MEANT!"

I actually quite like your Tracy Gold example. I just think she is an older woman (gosh, I think she's my age) and someone who has actually worked in entertainment and dealt with publicity. In other words, she's more experienced in dealing with these situations and probably had help (and probably doesn't spend holidays at Kirk's place or even that close of a friendship anymore, they haven't worked together in years and she's had her own issues)

I just don't think dating a guy who is no longer on tv makes her a public figure and therefore subject to the same rules that someone who has married into the family and who gets a paycheck and who pretty openly uses the show to launch other business endeavors. Isobel isn't on the show, isn't noted on the show by name, doesn't get paid and is just the girlfriend of the guy who is no longer on the show. Hell, Camerino is more of a public figure.

If we don't agree, we don't. I respect your position, and Asley's, I just think its being overly picky when Isobel is already getting slammed for saying she supports the LBGT community.

PJ said...

The only reasons The Golden Couple would start a church are FAME AND MONEY.

Rap541 said...

I wonder if Jeremy and Audrey have ever thought about starting their own Church? They could do great things for God! I love them

Heh, that would be work and they would be accountable for their public opinions... oh and they'd need to have some public opinions....

Brandon said...

@Rap, we are allowed to disagree. You're still my fave here! :)

I think we have different definitions of what a public figure is. You don't need to be an actor or have a recording contract to be a public figure. You just have to be known by people who otherwise wouldn't know who you are.

It doesn't matter that Jacob is no longer on the show (at least currently, I'm not sold that he will stick by his vow to never be on the show again...when he realizes the cost of a wedding, he will probably want the freebie wedding like his brothers), he is still known as the youngest son from the Little People show.

When a girlfriend (or boyfriend or just a friend) of a public figure becomes intertwined in that person's social media they become known too. God, I think there's still childhood friends of Justin Bieber who still are floating through life based solely off being known by his fans from being in his social media.

Obviously there are different degrees of notoriety. I'm not saying she's Oprah or Kate Middleton or Beyonce. But we are talking about her because she is known from Jacob's social media. There are hundreds of thousands of followers from the more well known Roloffs and Isabel has been in their social media. People mention her in the comments. She's mentioned in Radar's stories about Jacob.

On the flip side, Molly's boyfriend Joel, who actually has been on the show, I would consider to be less known than Isabel. For the simple reason that Molly is not as open in her social media as Jacob and Joel is nowhere to be found. Molly is not Instagramming or retweeting pictures of Joel or all of Joel's tweets and Joel's opinions. Does anyone even know if he has an instagram or twitter. Does anyone know if he is a Jeremy clone? That's why people don't talk about him. Compare that to Jacob and Isabel. Jacob posts pictures of Isabel, retweets her pictures and posts. People learn what she likes, doesn't like, etc.

That's all I'm talking about. If she goes around saying racist stuff people are going to notice more than they would than if Casey down the street says the same stuff...because you don't know who Casey is on my street.

If Isabel wants to be known as a friend of LGBT people, staying silent when Audrey shows herself to be a bigot and having her only interactions with Auj be "You're so awesome! See you at the campfire tomorrow night!"...then people are going to doubt how loyal or sincere she is to her supposed cause.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Brandon, in support of your 'different degrees of notoriety' discussion, I'd like to offer the notoriety of Miss Pippa Middleton. She has not uttered ONE WORD in public, and is not visible social media, but the fact that she literally crashed Twitter during her sister's wedding, and shops on Sloan Street, she get's just as much ink as the Duchess of Cambridge herself.

Now that I spend a moment thinking about it, if The Golden Couple lived in London, the Fleet Street rags would have themselves a heyday with the two of them. But they don't, so we'll just have to do our duty with radar online and TMZ and the available services here.

J45 said...

I find it interesting how no one's suggested there's different *degrees* of supporting the LGBT community. If you voted in favour of gay marriage or against trans-exclusive washroom laws, I'd call those forms of support. I'd say they're obviously not as big as going to Pride, etc. but it's still pro-LGBT.

And I think everyone will act differently and hold different expectations for family and friends than the general population. That said, Jer and Auj are trying to make money off of a show that parrots diversity… so yes, I do expect them to be clear if/when they dont support all diversity.

Rap541 said...

What I find interesting, Brandon, is that I consider the example of Joel to be more of an indicator of how Isobel isn't a public figure. Joel has been named on the show, he's been cited as "Molly's boyfriend" (and I don't think Isobel has ever been named or called by anyone on the show "Jacob's girlfriend" while being filmed)yet she is accountable as a celebrity, a public figure merely because she, like most 19 year olds these days, uses twitter and Instagram. That she is more accessible than Joel does not mean she is more of a public figure. They're both, in my opinion, equally famous. That Molly is taking great care to keep herself and her boyfriend out of the public says more about how much Molly isn't into the show - but under the criteria established for Isobel, Joel is as fair game.

I think certain people go after Isobel because they hate Jacob and therefore feel they have to attack and hate anyone he likes. Remember, comments weren't kind about Stephanie and the other girl until they broke up and until Stephanie became Auj's anointed priestess. And they pick at things that get a great big "Jesus loves it!" when Audrey does it - there's many examples but lets just look at the deleting of posts. When Isobel - who was never on the show and makes no money - deletes a post, she's a lying slut who lies and hates jesus. Even though people can and do delete stuff all the time and she's not actually a public figure. But when Auj deletes a post where she famously says she does not support gay marriage - that's not Auj trying to hide something even though Audrey has not and will not repeat that statement.

I respect your position on it, I just don't agree. Now if as you suggest, Jacob gets over his distaste and goes for a TLC wedding, then fair game. (I'm six of one, half dozen of another on that - I find your reasoning plausible but I suspect Jacob knows the level of abuse he'd get if he did willingly embrace the show)

Brandon said...

Rap, I think it would be fine if people talked about Joel. My point is they don't because he stays away of the attention. If Molly, Amy, Audrey, etc., tagged him in their Instagram posts and talked about what he likes, believes, his upbringing, then people would start to talk about him. But he doesn't.

Isabel is all over Jacob's social media and Jacob made her front and center, talking about her, posting pictures of her, re-posting her pictures, retweeting her tweets. That's why people talk about her. It's completely reasonable that people talk about her. They know her from Jacob's social media and Jacob is very active and expressive on social media. Molly isn't and neither is Joel, therefore people don't talk about him.

Rap541 said...

I agree she's all over his social media. However the reality is that... people who are dating get on each other's social media. Good lord, I know actual married couples who have similar amounts of activity so I have a hard time seeing it as a product of Jacob having been on reality tv.

Kathleen said...

Why did we stop mentioning how awful it is that come November 8th Audrey is casting her ballot for a hateful, racist, sexist rat? Not one person, who was formally a fan of hers, is upset about this? When will the Audrey kool aid run dry? When will you people wake up and realize her good looks are just there to fool you - and it has worked - into buying the bullshit.

I for one am not surprised, but super disappointed that she is choosing Donald trump as her candidate. Anyone with a brain knows he is the devil walking. Can't believe the religion you want to believe in, actually makes you stupid.

Ginger said...

Don't you find it interesting that Audrey is only friends with people if it benefits her?

Ie: She was friends with Stephanie because Stephanie sucked up to her and pretended to be a broken sad girl so Audrey thought it was her Christian duty to "save her".

Her "friend" Julia the same friend that always takes photos for her (seriously often), and I'm assuming since Audrey tags her in them, Audrey doesn't have to pay for them.

Her "friend" with the blanket company, who gives her free blankets so long as she promotes them on her Instagram.

And now, with the painter lady. She exclaims it's her friend. No, no, Audrey. You don't have friends. You just have people who will bring you more fame and more money. Don't get it twisted!


Sandy said...

So... Looks like Isabel either deleted her brave statement or once again, ya'll make things up to fit your agenda. Hmm whichever will I believe!

Rap541 said...

Kathleen - its mostly that as usual. Audrey won't stand up tall and proud and actually say that. Just like Audrey as a proud Christian woman with values can't or won't stand up and say what bothers her about CoverGirl.

I mean, its pretty rich, Audrey proudly and loudly snotting and snarking how wrong people are and in the same breathe describes in precious detail (and in a lengthy "someone sure has time on their hands" post) how criticism is wrong.

Funny how Audrey gets to post snide little pictures of herself shitting on the posts of others over length and proceeds to post paragraphs and paragraphs on how she'a a worshipper, not a complainer. At last check Audrey was loudly and proudly *complaining* about Covergirl, and about people being too lengthy in their responses.

Tell me Christians, am I supposed to follow her words? Or her example? Because her example directly contradicts her words.

On a complete aside, I do wonder how Jer and Auj reconcile the notion that the farm's non tv business, the pumpkins, makes most of it's money off the Halloween season?

MInd you this would involve the two of them having a thought other than "We're MARRIED" and "LOOK AT OUR HAIR!" ;)

megan said...

Sandy, everybody predicted Isabel deleting because that's what she always does.

Trish said...

The thing I don't like about Isabel is how she acts like she is the only person to ever experience loss and everybody owes her something.. Everybody is going through something. Some people are more vocal for drama and attention. Combine that with Jacob's egotistical victimization and they aren't likable people, in my opinion.

Cindy said...

Isabel sucking up to Auj on her blog again. Talking about how she's totally comfortable being herself around the lovely Audrey. Hear that gay people? But remember, Isabel is the defender of gay rights...sad how some people transform what they stand for depending upon who they want to impress in that particular moment.

Ashley said...

Audrey made a facebook post about how theres 2 types of people, complainers and worshippers. So if you aren't a Christian worshipping Jesus from the Bible youre a complainer?

And wasn't Audrey complaining about long posts? And complaining about Cover Girl? And complaining about people who carelessly criticize?

And why is she trying to change minds on the internet?? Isn't that what Jeremy was arguing against in his post Audrey promoted. You should only discuss important topics in person. So what the hell is Audrey doing??

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I am pretty sure that when Audrey complains about something, like long posts (which she does all the time) or Covergirl (where she was carelessly critical and like a child couldn't even articulate why she was complaining) why she is just Audrey speaking free!

Likewise with Audrey completely ignoring and disrespecting her husband's views on serious internet discussion. Funny how Audrey isn't saying "Yes, Jeremy has spoken and in respect, I will be silent as I am his wife and he makes the decisions."

But then, as I said, Jeremy has publically undermined his own business with his comments on how serious discussions can only take place in person. Clearly the marriage blog isn't serious at all then.... which isn't a great message...

Claire said...

Just because people believe in different things doesn't mean they cannot be friends. If you are mature enough you can be friends with someone who has different beliefs as you so long as you both can be an adult when talking about those beliefs. I know that's a hard to understand for some of the people who post on here.

James said...

Did anyone catch Jeremy's tweet about how he has to charge is iPhone 3 times a day. I've been using an iPhone for over 5 years now and I have only had this issue when I was on my phone all day. I usually can go 2 days without charging it and I use it quite often. So he last article about being married to your phone is yet another contradiction from the know it all couple.

Nicole said...

Trish, I think your casual demeanor talking about loss is absolutely horrifying. Isabel lost her brother when she was just 16, and then lost her mother at 17. Two SIGNIFICANT losses in only two years. You speak about it in a way that tells me you have never even lost ONE person. Everyone who comes here and tells her she's dramatic or she talks about it too much shows me they've never lost anyone because if they had? They'd never be mean and cruel to somebody for the losses they have faced. I lost my mom when I was 45 and that was 4 years ago and I cannot even imagine losing my mom at her age, but combine that with also losing my brother.

She lost two immediate family members in 2 years. I don't think anybody owes her anything besides kindness, patience and understanding. You must have a very evil heart to even begin to speak the way you speak about something you must not know anything about. Shame on you.

Remy said...

Ashley, and she got a lot of backlash on her post for that (of course she deleted most of it) so that's funny!

Remy said...

Audrey said on her snap she's thinking about going to snapchat stories... Probably because Instagram was a weeeee bit too public for her backwards views hahaha *insert laughing face*

Rap541 said...

So... Looks like Isabel either deleted her brave statement or once again, ya'll make things up to fit your agenda. Hmm whichever will I believe!

And Audrey, Precious Proud Loud Upfront Christian Of Public Statements, has deleted any and all references to her views on gay marriage and whether her website is for gays.

At last check, Isobel was deemed a lying liar who lies because she deletes things online. I trust Audrey is also a lying liar who lies?

Or is she still that Precious Christian Who Always SPeaks Up? Except you know, when she deletes things that make the diversity money difficult ;)

Dustin said...

Claire, we aren't talking about you being a dog person and your friend being a cat person. We are talking about pretending like you're an advocate for a minority group and being friends with a bigot.

Tell me Claire, if you're white, would you be friends with a racist, someone who thought black people are less than they are? Would you ignore their racism and dish out compliments on Instagram?

Rap541 said...

Audrey said on her snap she's thinking about going to snapchat stories... Probably because Instagram was a weeeee bit too public for her backwards views hahaha *insert laughing face*

The best part of that, Remy, will be the Christians here wetting themselves with joy and refusing to recall how they insist that snapchat conversations never ever actually happen.

Claire said...

No I am not talking about being a dog person and being a cat person. I was at a panel the other night and on that panel were two people who have completely different views on the LGBQT community, Donna Redwing and Bob Vander Plaats. Altough they have opposing views they still manage to treat each other with respect, have mature conversations and call each other friends. They meet up at least once a month to have coffee and chat.they also complemented each other in front of the audience. I'm not saying that someone who is black can be friends with a member of the KKK.

Not everyone can do this or wants to do this, but people can be friends with people who have different views and beliefs. I am friends with people who are Trump and friends of Hilary supporters. How could that possibly be?! By your logic does that mean I need to cut off the friends who arent supporting the candidate I am?

Rap541 said...

Claire - fair point. A different example is that Anthony Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsberg were completely opposed to each others view points, and yet outside of work were the best of friends and often vacationed together....

Dustin said...

Claire, Isabel said she is a defender of gay rights and would stand up for her LGBT friends.

Jeremy and Audrey
1. Have spoken out against gay marriage and said their website is not for gay people.
2. Support messages of Gay conversion therapy (which there is a movement to ban it completely, it's that radical)
3. Complained when a LGBT person was on the cover of a prominent pop culture magazine.

I would expect some reaction from the so-called "defender of LGBT" other than nothing except for Instagram comments of "You're so pretty" and "I'll see you at the fire tonight!"

Brandon gave a great example with Tracy Gold and Kirk Cameron.
That's how you handle that situation when you have a relationship with someone in the public eye and they are making bigoted statements about a serious issue.

Tracy Gold denounced Kirk Cameron's statement. Made it crystal clear she did not like what he said. And re-affirmed her support for LGBT people. She did not "hate" Kirk Cameron, they even said they were "all good" with each other. But it was an important issue and she made it clear how she felt about what he said.

If Tracy Gold had not made a comment about Kirk Cameron's statements and only publicly commented on his Instagram that she loves him, she thinks he's an awesome person and is looking forward to seeing him soon....then she absolutely would be painted with the same brush. That's how Isabel reacted to both Audrey and Molly's bigoted statements.

I won't even mention Jacob because I refuse to consider anyone a supporter of gay rights despite what they tweet when they have actually said they would refuse to have a gay male friend. As far as I'm concerned, Jacob is as much of a bigot as Jeremy, his just isn't religious based as Jeremy's bigotry is based on.

Trish said...

Nicole, you are wrong. I have lost family members and I am going through another one right now. Yes, I believe that you lost people too. That's my point. Everyone experiences tragedies.

What I don't like is how Isabel comes across to me, as though she is the only person to experience loss. She doesn't have a monopoly on sadness and suffering. I just wish she would stop acting like she is the most tortured person on earth. Most people are going through something, some people are just to self-absorbed to see it or care to look at anyone except themselves.

Nicole said...

Trish, I just don't see that. She has often posted on her Instagram encouraging, thoughtful words, saying "I understand your pain" or gives insight on her experience and shares it with others in hopes to relate to people who've experienced something similar.

And frankly, it really isn't your place to say "I just wish she would stop acting like the most tortured person on earth". Because maybe she FEELS tortured. She has been open time and time again about depression and anxiety, and to go through those things ON TOP OF death is tortuous.

Not to mention how young she was when it all happened to her. And in my eyes, she's sort of unique in the way that she lost her brother and a year later her mother. That's two hard hitting losses in a matter of years while still being in high school. One brother gone. No mother.

What isn't fair is your opinion on the way she acts during these times. I honestly don't see where you are getting this. She has said nothing that I've seen that makes her seem like she is self pitying herself. In fact, her post about her mom awhile back was truly comforting, even to me.

I think your dislike for her is clouding your judgment for this particular situation and it's very hurtful. Obviously she knows everyone is going through something, it is impossible not to understand that. Your lack of empathy for her particular situation is just sad. If you've lost people and are experiencing it right now, just spread love. You should know yourself how hard it is.

Rap541 said...

Again, there's a "Bitch about Isobel and Jacob" thread the endless nattering about Isobel.

To keep things on topic....

Has anyone noticed how hypocritical Audrey is?

SMirking with glee as she openly carelessly criticizes people who post lengthy comments?

I mean Audrey certainly was on her high horse about how mean it is to criticize others on social media, wasn't she? Christians, help me out here, weren't you agreeing with her that it was mean?

And look, look how Audrey uses her social media to PUBLICALLY CRITICIZE OTHERS, complete with a big old catty smirk - she took the time to use a photo of herself so that she could properly shit on others - gosh and golly, maybe Audrey needs to find herself something to do since she apparently has way too much time on her hands, as she posts lengthy missives on instagram, complains when people disagree with her, and then *intentionally uses social media to be a petty mean bitch*.

Sure seems like Audrey has way too much time on her hands as she has nothing better to do but post pictures of herself on social media criticizing her followers for.... oh right... following her example.

Christians, please explain to me how Audrey isn't contradicting herself as she criticizes people publically on social media with a big ol' smirk hee hee hee Audrey is shitting on someone hahaha, and also primly notes how she endeavors to rise above it all?

Ivanka said...

Kelly, do those judges "who support the 2nd amendment" protect all life, that is the lives of people on death row? Yeah, I didn't think so. Don't believe that Trump has any reason to save women from abortion. I can wager a guess that more than a few women he's dated have had to get one. He's a disgusting pig. Any upstanding Republican would not vote for him. But then there's you and the other idiots....

Angela said...

Why doesn't Spiritswander have title like this about Jacob supporting crooked Hillary? Try to shame Audrey as a Trump supporter but not Jacob as a Clinton sheep? He's such a dumb kid. Too many blunt? Each comment he makes on Instagram makes him look stupider. Cows, climate change voting for Hillary, too dumb to know who Clinton gets her money from. How did Jeremy get all the morals anf Jacob is just so decrepit? So glad people are realizing it.

Denise said...

Angela, and worst of all Killary supports murdering unborn babies and Jacob is telling me to vote for thar devil? Nooooo.

I hope people caught Jacob's blantant lies in the comments. He's deleting negative comments then he lied and said tgey deleted out of embarrassment. Even liberals have posted that Jacob deleted them if they dared to disagree with him. Why lie?

Shelby said...

Jacob seems to becoming even more of an idiot. Did he take another shot to the head that I didn't hear about? I pray for Trump Pence victory. Protect life, end gays and let God bless America.

Sara said...

Hey Christians, your blind rage is causing you so many typos.

Sara said...

Hillary is going to win. So give it up. Hillary is winning. Get over it.

Farrah said...

Angela, have you seen the office? You know the worst character on the show? Her name is Angela, and it could not be more fitting.

Second, there isn't a thread for Jacob saying Donald Trump does not believe or acknowledge the scary reality of climate change (which is a truth) and that Hillary Clinton will be the next woman president of the United States (which is also a truth).

In fairness, Jacob was as vague about what he thinks, as Audrey was. He basically said vote wisely, and sure, he hinted that voting for Donald trump would be dumb. But he did not say upfront "I endorse Hillary Clinton". You clowns just took that and ran with it.

Andie said...

I can't wait to see all of you cry when Hillary wins. I don't even like her, in fact I think she is scum. But it has been long determined that she will win.

Come November 8th, she will be sitting in that chair, making all the rules. Not giving one tiny Fuck about your religious agenda. There are frankly put, bigger fish to fry out there.

Like climate change.

:) said...

Also, I have to add. I've never met a Shelby I like, either. Very fitting indeed.

Anonymous said...

*End gays
Yeah, nice. Did your Jesus teach you to say things like that?

Anonymous said...

Glad all you Trump/Pence supporters are outing yourselves as racist xenophobes. It's good to know who's too foolish to take seriously.

(Also, hearing you pro-lifers talk about abortion makes me want to get knocked up just so I can get rid of the fetus.)

Rap541 said...

Shelby - seriously, you're wanting to end gays?


By murdering them?

How do you end gays?

Come one Shelby, tell me how you plan to end gays and how that makes you a decent Christian.

Are you gonna pray they die? :)

How Christian you are wanting to protect life but also end gays.

Oh wait, are you planning to have gays arrested and forced into reeducation camps where they are confined until they "choose" to not be gay?

Does Jesus approve of that?

Denise - what I find hilarious about the concern you have about life, the lives of unborn babies, always seems to end when the child is born. I mean your fellow Christian Shelby here is praying to Jesus to end gays... aren't gays alive?

Also either stop equating deleting comments with "lies and embarrassment" or concede that Audrey and Jeremy lied and are embarrassed about the many many comments they have deleted. If deleting a comment makes you an embarrassed liars then they are ALL embarrassed liars.

Rap541 said...

Oh and Angela?

1. There is an entire thread dedicated to Jacob's social media already
2. Since Jacob isn't pulling an Audrey, there's no reason to have an entirely separate thread on whether or not he is voting for Hillary Clinton.

Let me explain.

This thread exists because Audrey *won't stand up* for Trump and say "I am a Trump supporter, I am Audrey Roloff and I want Trump for president". This entire discussion occurred because Audrey posted something that suggested she was a Trump supporter, but when her followers directly asked her, she made passive aggressive remarks about how people were making assumptions about her.

Angela - do you understand the difference? Jacob says he supports Clinton and is accountable. Audrey won't say she supports Trump because she doesn't want to be standing tall next to *you*... she doesn't want people to even ASSUME she is a Trump supporter... and that's why YOU are wrong.

AUDREY is the one who doesn't want to be shamed as a Trump supporter. She had the opportunity to stand tall and she denied her support and refuses to clarify who she will be voting for. For all she's stated, she could be voting for Hilary, because she certainly has not stood tall and proud and declared herself a Trump supporter.

Rap541 said...

"Protect life, end gays and let God Bless America"

Shelby, who else should be killed?

And are you contemplating turning this into a Christian Only nation? Are non Christians to be deported?

And who counts as *Christian*? I have seen many people here insist that anyone who doesn't believe as they do is NOT a Christian, so I assume you are defining Christian as Evangelical Conservative and Catholics, Quakers, Seventh day Adventists, Mormons, Unitarians etc are NOT CHRISTIAN AND NOT BLESSED and need to trot themselves to the border with the Jews and Muslims and Hindus and Pagans right?

Because Jesus wants millions of people uprooted and deported in his name! And of course, the gays need to be "ended".

Who else needs to be *ended* Shelby? Since you believe as a Christian that you have the right to *end* others?

Protect life? Please, if the baby ends up born and *gay* then Shelby as a Christian wants that baby *ended*.

Hey Angela, Gail Denise, is SHelby speaking for you too? I really want to know what Chrtisitans here want to stand up and say gays should be ended by our new president.

PJ said...

Angela, Shelby and Denise,

This was never about Ste Auj's choice. It's about her refusal to act like an adult and stand behind her choices. Instead she hems and haws and will not give a straight answer.

I'd rather see Hillary than a man that couldn't tell the truth if his butt was on fire. Who insults all womanhood and gropes his own daughter in public. Who's had 6 bankruptcies and even more business failures. Who is a spoiled, narcissistic jerk that wants to nuke everyone.
By the way your lot whined until you got a thread to kvetch about Jacob. Please stop trying to deflect from Ste Auj's immaturity by talking about Jacob. Funny how you keep using the very tactic you keep accusing Rap of.

Matt Bomer is GAY & HOT said...

Neil Patrick Harris says SHUT YOUR BIGOT TRAP Shelby!!!!

Gina said...

I couldn't agree more Angela. How dare Jacob tell people who to vote for it. He thinks he knows everything at 19 with no real life experience and drug infested mind.

Rap541 said...

I'm still genuinely amused that all the Christians are sitting silent on how Audrey is a hypocrite who tells people to not be carelessly critical and then decides she is against Covergirl's message (and damn proud to stand up and say so!) even though she is not mentally capable of articulating what she thinks that message is.

And then there's her constant whining how she wants her instragram to be positive and also makes it a point of posting two mocking photos of herself chiding and mocking her followers for posting longer comments than she prefers.

Poor lil Audrey, hates it when *other people* post lengthy posts to where she will use social media to publically shit on those people - but will also post her own lengthy monologues...

Do any of you Christians ever question her and Jeremy's message of "If it's important, don't use social media" when you couple it with how her entire marriage counseling business is done entirely thru social media?

The message btw is that since she is using social media to drone on endlessly about how she got married and how that wedding day is and will always be her most important moment, then it can't actually be that important to her - since she's using social media and not inviting people to engage with her privately and personally about marriage.

Any thoughts? Other than "When Audrey acts badly, we ignore it and praise her for it"?

Shelby said...

No, I don't mean kill the gays, but we should get them out of society. My parents and grandparents have told me when they were growing up they didn't have the problem of gays flaunting around because it wasn't acceptable. I pray we go back to those ways and make America a country that serves God and makes Him proud. Gays should not be able to destroy marriage and hurt kids by adopting them. You should be able to go out in public without seeing gays being sexual or turn on the tv without having gays thrown in our faces.

I've listend to some good Church leaders speak like John Mark Comer (thank you Jeremy and Audrey!) and they say there might be some good gay people who just really are confused and need the love of Guidance of God. For those people I feel sorry. It's like they have deformity in their brain that makes them think gay love is normal. It's like disease and they need help. But they should keep it to themselves and get help. If they aren't trying and they are putting it in our faces, then we should keep them out.

There are ways. What Mike Pence tried to do a couple of years ago was great. I know Clinton doesn't like Russia, but I really like what I've heard about their laws making gay propaganda illegal. I'd like to see that happen here.

Denise said...

Jacob is telling people to vote for Hillary Clinton and he is deleting comments and lying about it.

Ashley said...

Isabel is cryptically implying that another Roloff disagrees with Jeremy and Audrey on the gay issue. I gotta say I don't believe her. The fact that unnamed Roloff won't say, makes me think Isabel is lying. I know Isabel is fond of Molly and Molly has already been outed for her posts about Kirk Cameron. Molly somehow thinks Kirk's comments wasn't condemning anyone so maybe Molly says "I don't hate gays, I just agree with Kirk Cameron that they destroy civilization!" and Isabel considers that a pro-gay statement?

Here's the thing, you are speaking on sensitive territory. This is Jacob's family. Did I know they had these beliefs when I started dating him? No. Am I going to stay with Jacob the rest of my life? Yes. People are products of their upbringings and circumstances.....Jacob and I are not the only ones with opposing beliefs in the family either.

Rap541 said...

Shelby - so in other words, you are proudly stating you want to refuse to allow people freedom of expression. You don't want free speech, you want people to be restricted from saying things you don't like.

Hey SHelby, instead of trying to repeal the Bill of Rights, if you love Russia so much why don't you go there?

Mind you, I know what your whiny answer will be.

You just want to hate without anyone saying boo to you. And please do understand, you have just stated you believe gay people should not be accorded their rights as citizens of this nation because you don't like their views.

Tell me Shelby - if someone said "Gosh, I don't like what evangelical Christians push out as propagandia and being Christian is a CHOICE so we need to use the law to prevent these people from having the ability to spread their views".... I am willing to bet you'd be whining how oppressive that is... but you'll wish it on others with a straight face.

Shelby said...

Rap, America is a Christian nation. Christians have rights although some people are trying to take them away from us by allowing gays and muslims to take over. That's why we need Trump and Pence in the White House.

Gays are perverts. There's nothing wrong with making promoting it illegal. I really don't see anything wrong about what Russia does with their law about that.

Rap in case you forgot I actually agree with Jacob about this. It was totally wrong that a gay kid was allowed in a public school to come onto Jacob. But that's what happens when you allow gays rights to "express themselves". It needs to end.

Trump has already given a list of good judges that will end the gay rights and Mike Pence knows what to do about the gays too.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I'm just throwing this out there because I do try to be fair.

There's two possibilities. Jacob has more than his direct family. Isobel could be referring to Jacob's uncles or aunts (Sam Roloff is reportedly liberal for example)

The other possibility is that Molly may have changed her views. I mean, I can be fair on that point. The Kirk Cameron remarks were made when she was 17, and she's what? 22 now? Five years, a college degree and a life firmly away from the family nest can make a difference and Molly has always been private and reluctant to be a part of the family douchebaggery of the show. Add in the fact that she's well aware that she is watched and observed by incredibly hostile fans (am I the only one who recalls the crazy angry "OMG MOLLY DISRESPECTS PRECIOUS JEREMY WHEN SHE DOESN'T PRAISE HIM FOR THINGS THAT ZACH DID" stuff?) who will happily include her in the merry little "I WISH JESUS WOULD KILL JACOB" rage if she so much as hints she's not in agreement.

Mind you, I think the first option is more likely, or heck, maybe Isobel is lying (although there's really no reason to bother) but in the spirit of fairness, I do wonder about Molly's silence.

I freely admit I can be wrong on this. I am just willing to be fair and suggest the possibility.

Rap541 said...

Shelby - The United States is a nation of the people, for the people. It is not a theological state, and you should be glad of that - there's many Christians who genuinely believe your place, as someone with a vagina, is in a dress, birthing babies and keeping house with no education as women don't need it.

Again Shelby, you're endorsing stripping away the right of free speech from people you don't agree with. Maybe you *should* consider Russia as a new home. Here in America, freedom of speech is the law for ALL the people, not just the Christians.

And since you're making the point that you think this IS a Christian nation - what about people who aren't Christian, Shelby? Do you want to use the law to oppress the Jews and Hindus and Moslems as well? SInce you're Christian and you want your way and fuck everyone else?

Do you even realize as a woman that you used to not be able to vote because of Christian beliefs? And you certainly weren't free to express yourself, as a Christian female, your role was to do as your father said until he passed control of you to your husband. Is that how you live now, as a Christian?

Rap541 said...

Its also increasingly hilarious how no one will defend Audrey using social media to bitch about people all while insisting she maintains a be positive standard.

I mean, you Christians are always so loud... except when Audrey is openly being a hypocrite and then you have NOTHING to say. You can't even admit she's wrong to be hypocritical.

Is it because you think she's better than you, Christians? Are you not allowed to question her actions because you're not as good as she is?

Benzie Harp said...

Hey Shelby and the rest of your ilk:

Don't you ever get tired of living with so much HATE in your heart?

And how are your views different from the Klan and the Nazis?

Wake up your brains.

PJ said...

THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN ANYTHING. The founding Fathers were extremely careful to provide separation of church and state. So if you wish to start taking away civil rights you'd better think very carefully where that could leave your lot. After all what if yours is not the approved brand of god worship?
As for perverts, your fixation on others sex lives is perverted.
And if you think Trump is any kind of decent you're an imbecile.
As far as Isobel saying other Roloffs disagree with the Golden Couple, there are aunts, uncles and cousins that may be who she's talking about.
Oh and I'm sick and tired of having christmas shoved down my throat when it's a stolen pagan holiday, as is the tree symbol. We know Jesus was born in spring.

Rap541 said...

The KKK endorsed Trump. Think about it.

Maggie said...

That's a very good question about the headline, Angela.

Why doesn't Radaronline have an article about Jacob and Isabel admitting they are drug users. Isabel admitted that she and Jacob get high on "weed".

There's a story about Audrey posting a clip of Donald J Trump speaking but not of Jacob admitting to being a drug user with his girlfriend?

Rap541 said...

Maggie - do you really want radar online to dig deeply into which Roloffs smoke pot?

You might not like the answer. (psst, Jeremy, Zach, buddy Mueller, all enjoyed the demon weed)

More realistically, no one cares that Jacob or Isobel smoke weed. In Oregon, it is perfectly legal for a Roloff to buy weed. Radar Online isn't making a big deal out of some adults smoking pot because it ends up making Radar Online look like a bunch of prudes.

And let us repeat yet again - you bitched and moaned for Jacob and Isobel thread and this is clearly not that thread, so is this just one of those "IMMA CHRISTIAN I CAN SHIT WHERE I LIKE IN JESUS'S NAME FUCK COURTESY!" situations?

Roxanne said...

I'm confused. What is the meaning of Jeremy's tweet?

"Where we spend our money is where we cast our vote."

I ordered Domino's Pizza tonight. Not sure what that means for Tuesday!

Paula said...

Roxanne, I interpret Jeremy's tweet this way: spend your money on products and businesses whose values you support. Boycott those corporations that are in favor of gay marriage instead of marriage as God intended. Don't support Starbucks. Support Chick-fil-A. Put your money into companies and people who should be supported because they have morals and follow God.

PJ said...

Oh Paula you got so close.

Roxanne Prince Jer means shop at companies that agree with you. But when you do this ( and I do) the people you really hurt are the store level employees. They are the ones who don't get raises or are fired because profits are too low. What ever your choice please keep in mind tge consequences.
I am sure Little Master Jer follows the brainkess rights list. Please maje up your own mind.

Carson H. said...

Maggie, that news is as old as time. You remember two years ago (yes it's been that long that you creeps have been harassing and obsessing over Jacob).... There was a thread about Jacob and Isabel and all of their friends smoking weed. It is nothing new or surprising. There has been a radar online article about it. If you said "Jacob Roloff smokes weed" to any cultured person they wouldn't even flinch. It is old news. Again, Isabel gets props for "admitting" anything at all! Some people just cower and hide from the public in fear of losing fans. Isabel also mentioned she does it only sometimes. Which is nothing to be ashamed of. Jeremy does, too.

Debbie said...

Carson H is a liar. And Rap, there is no proof that Jeremy ever smoked marijuana like Jacob. Because you believe that doesn't make it true.

Audrey and Jeremy are wonderful young Christians who are focused on building God's kingdom. Jacob and Isabel are stoners spouting nonsense.

Like Shelby said, I don't think people like Jacob should be able to say they are in favor of perverted marriage and gay acts in public if they aren't prepared to have these broken individuals in their own lives. Jacob isn't. That's a fact. So he should shut up and not type a word about it.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - In the words of your fellow Christians, let me SHOVE IT UP YOUR NOSE!

There's the link to the article Carson H is referencing. He's not lying. You need to apologize.

But if you're the sort of Christian I think you are, you'll just run off like a coward and refuse to acknowledge you were wrong. The Christian example constantly set here is "IM CHRISTIAN SO FUCK YOU EVEN WHEN I AM WRONG" and I am utterly certain you will not have the grace to apologize.

I won't demand an apology for me because I will be honest and say I can't (or rather wont) tell you the names of the people who have confirmed the pot use of Jeremy and Zach because it could affect their careers and lives. They worked on the show and or were/are known associates. I'm ok if you don't believe me because frankly its *you* who has the problem with pot smoking.

And you are the one who will be continually disappointed in the behavior of two not very smart or successful young adults who will never stand up the way you insist they do. Debbie - at last check Audrey has deleted all reference to her dislike of the gay lifestyle and refuses to state what her problem is with Covergirl's message. She's also openly mocking people on social media for posting in a way she says she doesn't like... and then posts in exactly the same way. Any thoughts on her hypocrisy?

How about the hypocrisy of running an oh so serious marriage blog on social media and then merrily noting how no serious discussions can be had on social media. Sure sounds like Jer and Auj are saying one thing and believing another - I wonder how often they laugh at all the stupes who follow them online all while merrily noting how stupid those people are to think Jer and Auj give a damn about a mere social media comment. I mean, their position is very very clear, if the discussion isn't in person with them, they don't find it worthwhile.

Funny how they don't spell that out on their for profit website :)

Rap541 said...

I don't believe Jer and Auj should be allowed to speak publically on marriage unless they are willing to say "We are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, and we do not approve of gay marriage" and actually leave that statement up publically.

Until the "who said that?" games stop, these two are hypocrits who need to shut up and not type a word since they refuse to hold a public opinion and stand by it.

Debbie? Your thoughts? SInce Auj and Jer have very very carefully deleted (aka *lied* per you, those who delete their own comments are liars and you have utterly no place and no link to show that Audrey herself publically says she is against gay marriage since Auj didn't take a stand and deleted hercomments) their comments?

Tell me how Auj and Jer are standing up by sitting silent :)

Misst said...

The deformity in your brain is also fully documented in every medical psychiatry journal relating to brainwashing cults. The reason your grandparents didn't see any gays is because the gays were terrified of being beaten to death by people exactly like you.If you believe gays should quietly go back in the closet then bigots like you Shelby,should shut your effing hypocritical "christ like" mouth also.Read and watch something other than Fox and Cbn news.You are the dangerous one.I hope you don't have children you are passing your hatred and ignorance down to.

Sky Daddy said...

All religions are mythology. DEAL WITH IT

Debbie said...

Rap, your reading comprehension is the worst of anybody I've ever seen. I'm torn whether you just do it because you're a troll or because you really can't follow a conversation.

Carson H. also wrote this statement "Some people just cower and hide from the public in fear of losing fans. Isabel also mentioned she does it only sometimes. Which is nothing to be ashamed of. Jeremy does, too."

Let me capitalize the part that Carson H. was lying about. "JEREMY DOES, TOO".

You then link to a Radar online story about Jacob doing drugs and say it proves me wrong?

Debbie said...

Also, Audrey did repeat on twitter that they don't agree with gays and explained the comment was only gone because it was a reply to a person who deleted their comments and the reply disappears because it is attached to it.

Audrey also explained her objection to the freak on the cover. In her comments, she explained she was against the message Cover Girl was sending women and young girls all over the world by putting a man on the cover.

Jeremy has also been clear in his views. He retweeted the video from a Family Research Council worker who made Liberal college students look as stupid as they are when he made the point about how ridiculous the outrage was about the "Bathroom law" when he told the college students that he was a 7 foot Chinese woman just because that's what he says he is and they said "ok".

Jeremy and Audrey's views are clear. If they weren't, you wouldn't be here hating on them as much as you do. You can deny it all you want, but you always attack Jeremy and Audrey and come to the defense of Jacob and Isabel. You have it backwards.

Benzie Harp said...

Are you in the KKK Debbie???


Debbie said...

Benzie, it is very telling that liberals like yourself would call a Christian like myself, a "BIGOT HATEMONGER" because I love Jesus Christ and know that it is my duty to Him to follow what Jesus wanted in the Bible. It is a sad state when our society has fallen to the point that Christians who believe marriage is between one man and one woman or that men (no matter how much make up they wear and how ridiculous they look) belong on a cover of a woman's beauty magazine.

Loving Jesus does not make one a bigot or hate monger no matter what the liberals say.

Ashley said...

Just FYI, Isabel already deleted her answers about if she disagrees with Audrey and Jeremy. Does anyone think Jacob makes her delete these things after he reads what she wrote?

A. said...

Which is it, Ashley? You think Isabel controls Jacob or that Jacob controls isabel? Can't have your cake and eat it, too. She didn't delete anything - she just never said anything. You are a constant liar who perpetuates these stories to fit your agenda.
You thrive off of drama and it is so clear.

Martha said...

Izzy was posted on Audrey's snapchat story and on her Facebook page in her rede head collage! So good to see Audrey including izzy. I was worried they weren't as close as they should be!

Rap541 said...

Debbie 0 can you provide a link to the twitter?

And my link was in response to Carson's post immediately prior to yours that was discussing this:

. You remember two years ago (yes it's been that long that you creeps have been harassing and obsessing over Jacob).... There was a thread about Jacob and Isabel and all of their friends smoking weed. It is nothing new or surprising. There has been a radar online article about it. If you said "Jacob Roloff smokes weed" to any cultured person they wouldn't even flinch.

You then said immediately after that :

Carson H is a liar. And Rap, there is no proof that Jeremy ever smoked marijuana like Jacob. Because you believe that doesn't make it true.

At which point I provided a link to radar on line about when they discussed Jacob's pot smoking.

As this is Carson H's only post on this link and you are calling him a liar... if you think I am misreading this then please explain what you think he is lying about if you think he is NOT lying about how radar online actually did call Jacob out a year ago.

Come on Debbie - you're making the argument that I didn't understand so what exactly didn't I understand? Because um... Jeremy does do it too. :)

Benzie Harp said...

Loving Jesus doesn't give the right to HATEA others Debbie. You can hide behind your Bilble or spin it any way you want, but yiu are still HATING.

The Bible is full of outdated shit along the lines of wives as property, slave ownership, and race discrimination.

Yet all you fire-and-brimstone holier-than-though Taliban-esque pulpit screamers cherry pick your passages because you fear the "different"

sscooter43 said...

Does anybody else remember when people were questioning the relationship between Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller? I remember some people thought that Jeremy and Mueller were gay.

sscooter43 said...

On November 5, 2016, Shelby said "Rap, America is a Christian nation."

What makes America a Christian nation?

Does the First Amendment that "prohibits the Congress from making a law "respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"."

Does the Treaty of Tripoli (Signed on November 4, 1796) that says "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims]; and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Mohammedan] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries." make America a Christian Nation?

America is not a Christian Nation.

Laura said...

Audrey posted a picture of her and Jeremy voting. Go Trump/Pence!

I liked Audrey's retweet from the great Lisa Bevere "Pray. Fast. Vote. No one should tell you who to vote for but as an American you must vote. #PrayFastVote"

Pray and let God choose your vote.

Ashley said...

A, I think Jacob controls Isabel when it comes to her tweeting about the Roloffs. I think when she answers a question and then deletes it, I think Jacob is the reason for the deletion.

Angela said...

Sscooter, that was only said by Jeremy haters. Any sane person always knew Jeremy and Mueller were only mocking the queers.

It's not "PC" now, but by their mocking of the homosexuals they made it clear to all the fellow kids around them that they would be mocked if they tried to be gay in public.

If Jacob had done that, he probably would have never needed to endure what he did from the gay kid at high school. Again it's not PC, but it was effective.

Shelby said...

Scooter, here is the proof.

Tab HUNKer said...

What about TED HAGGARD, Angela?
Jeremy may have more secrets than you know. Wink wink

Benzie Harp said...

Save it Shelby. No one wants to live under your damn Taliban.

Angela said...