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More On Roloff Family Farmhand Camerino's Deportation To Mexico -- Drug Charges

The most recent episode of "Little People, Big World" featuring the Roloff family on TLC, featured the heart-wrenching story of their long time farmhand finding out that he was being deported back to Mexico. The emotional episode featured tearful goodbyes between Camerino and Amy and Matt Roloff.

Matt Roloff has a petition asking fans to sign to stop the deportation of Camerino and demand a review of the case.

There is a publicly available legal document that may shed more light on the situation.

In his petition, Matt Roloff does mention this:

"Then nine years ago Camerino was falsely accused and convicted of drug possession. New evidence has since come to light that will overturn his conviction if only the immigration officials would review his case.
But ICE doesn’t seem to want to investigate or know the facts or care that how this attorney negatively affected his right to fair consideration."

 The legal document can be found here:

We encourage you to read it for yourself and form your own conclusions. 

However, I think it is interesting because what was portrayed on the show was of course not the whole story in the case and the reason for the deportation.

Basically to summarize, basically, 9 years ago Camerino was convicted of "unlawful possession of cocaine, driving under the influence of intoxicants, and reckless driving, arising out of an incident in which he drove his car into a ditch."

Police arrived and the vehicle was partially on the road and partially in the ditch. The police determined that the car needed to be towed. Before towing, police performed a search and found cocaine.

The document states the police gave Camerino his Miranda warnings in English and Camerino proceeded to make incriminating statements.

They are arguing that Camerino's lawyer failed to argue that the search of the vehicle was invalid because the car was not a hazard and didn't need to be towed and therefore searched. They also argue that Camerino's lawyer should have had him tested for English proficiency to demonstrate that he couldn't understand his Miranda warnings.

After the crash, Camerino called Matt Roloff. Matt arrived and states he saw the position of the vehicle before it was towed. Matt wanted to testify that the vehicle was not a hazard, did not need to be towed by police, therefore the search of the vehicle when they found cocaine was illegal. Matt says he and his son could have towed the vehicle. Police say the Roloffs never made their presence known to them. 

Now in his petition, Matt states that new evidence has come to light that could overturn Camerino's conviction if they would hear the case. 

We just think it is an interesting document for people to read. It gives a different picture of the case simply because the television episode never mentioned a drug possession charge as a reason why he was being deported.


Frequent contributor Rap541 has read through the entire document and here is Rap's take on the case:

So Spirit asked me to do a little write up of the Camerino situation and what we know versus what was presented on the show. I think a lot of you have rehashed it a bit but I will sum it up. I am working with the legal pdf link and Matt’s petition link. I also went to the US government’s website about temporary and permanent resident status

Something we know: There was something wrong with Camerino’s legal status. I am so not going to present myself as a legal expert on immigration. Here’s what I have gleaned. Per the petition link, Camerino came to the United States 24 years ago.  He has worked for Matt Roloff for 17 years.

Something we don’t know – What Camerino’s legal status originally was. Let me be blunt, Camerino seems like a nice guy but I doubt he came in on a special highly skilled work visa. No *Roloff* has been willing to outline what the problem was with Camerino’s . Some anonymous people are claiming that Camerino had a legit temporary worker permit but per the immigration website, they have to be renewed.

Something we know: Camerino had a problem with his legal status BEFORE his arrest and conviction for drug possession. Now in fairness, I am making a leap in logic here so some of you may want to pick at it but here goes. In the petition Matt set up, Matt discusses how he as Camerino’s employer was helping to sponsor him and seek permanent residence. Matt then goes into a lengthy sob story how an unnamed incompetent lawyer stole all of Camerino’s money and basically did a shit job in helping Camerino become a legal resident. Matt’s basic whine on this point is that Camerino is being punished for this unnamed person’s incompetence. This all took place before the drug arrest as if it hadn’t, then Camerino would have had legal status and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Something we don’t know: If anything other than “Camerino didn’t have legal residency status when he was arrested from drug possession” is true. Guys, the petition had a whole lot of whining about this lawyer and how she was forced to resign from the Oregon Bar rather than be disbarred and how other clients were also mishandled. We don’t know her name, because even though its not libel if it’s true, Matt won’t share that

Something else we don’t know: Despite Matt’s whining, we really have no idea what ICE’s opinion of Camerino’s case is and in fact Matt probably isn’t helping Camerino when he states as a fact that ICE wants to sweep this bad lawyering under the rug. Here’s a fact – ICE has no idea what this lawyer may or may not have done and likely doesn’t care about whether or not this person may have been disbarred because their job isn’t to play these games. They assess cases put before them and Camerino’s situation doesn’t sound noteworthy.

Something we know *now*: Camerino was convicted of drug possession about nine years ago.

Something we don’t know at all: That Camerino was falsely convicted. In fact, aside from Matt stating this, there is utterly no evidence of that. As described in the appeal, drugs were found on Camerino, and in the car, and Camerino made incriminating comments.

Something else we don’t know: What the incredible new evidence is that would overturn Camerino’s conviction. Now personally, I don’t think there’s any new evidence at all, but if you’re going to *say* this, then people are going to expect… wait for it, new evidence that would overturn the drug possession conviction.

If there really was shocking new evidence, Matt should be braying like an ass to local news media. As it is, the appeal we can see (and I assume there were others frankly, but this is the one we have access to) isn’t even disputing the basic facts, that Camerino was found with coke in the car. It was basically trying to get things overturned based on procedural issues – should the car have been towed and did Camerino speak English well enough to understand his rights.

Now, I think I know what Matt is trying to do and it’s irritating because he’s using his fan base without actually presenting all the facts. If we went by what we saw on the show, poor Camerino is just the sad victim of the big bad government, going after a hard working man who maybe made some mistakes filling out his paper work. If you just watched the show, that’s all you would know. And if you just read the petition, you would think Matt is fighting the good fight in a just cause. When in reality – there’s no reason except “illegal use” for Camerino to have cocaine. It’s not pot – if this was a pot bust, I’d actually agree that the government was being unfair. But… its cocaine. It sucks for Camerino that he made such a stupid decision but you don’t “accidentally” end up with cocaine.

Matt is basically trying for a sympathy dance to save Camerino. I get it. Camerino is his friend and honestly, I can’t fault him for trying. But it’s also classic Matt grifting. At this point, unless the police all confess to lying, the drug conviction isn’t going to be overturned. And that’s what’s screwing Camerino because it’s a pretty instant rejection to stay if he has a drug possession felony. 

Matt’s not very well thought out argument is to basically try and throw paint on that basic fact, that Camerino was convicted of drug possession. That’s not going away so Matt is dragging up this unnamed lawyer who was working on Camerino’s case BEFORE the drug conviction and saying “if she hadn’t messed it up, Camerino would have already been legal and this petty conviction wouldn’t matter”… which is true but is also a whole lotta coulda shoulda woulda and belies the reality that if Camerino entered the country 24 years ago, he had a huge amount of time to get his status in order BEFORE the drug conviction.

It’s a shame and I feel bad for his family but as presented, Camerino made his bed and has to lie in it. And Matt really needs to stop presenting half truths and whining as fact. This was intentionally misleading on his part and while I am not surprised at all that he appears to be fine with his employees using coke, I do tire of his “we’re just good old decent farm folk” routine. Those of you who insist he’s the epitome of all that is good and Christian, you really need to address if you’re ok with the notion that the employees of fun family friendly Roloff Farms have a boss they can call who will come help them when they are busted for cocaine possession. Because really – that’s part of whats been going on behind the scenes.


Debbie said...

As I said, it cements my position. Camerino does not belong in our country. He should have been deported years ago. The crime is that it took all these years to happen. Shame on Matt for trying to help someone who carries around cocaine.

Angela said...

This is exactly the type of thing that Trump is going to focus on and why I support our new President. Another Mexican with drugs in the U.S. It doesn't matter if he was a good worker for the Roloffs or not. Maybe it's not surprising that Jacob to into drugs.

PJ said...

Anglela and Debbie,
What if it wasn't his coke? What if he was holding it for a Roloff? Would you feel different then?
By the way many drug busts are White Anglo Saxon Protestants , And many illegals are not from Mexico or any other Latin American countries, nor do they enter through Mexico.
Oh and if Trump doesn't sell his companies by Dec 18 he may well not be allowed take office.

Grammie said...

Illegal means law breaker!
I hope the Roloffs aren't in trouble for hiring an illegal. They could lose the farm because of this.

Stop It, Please said...

The Roloffs for years have supported right-wing politicians, and the prophet Jeremy Jesus most recently proclaimed Trump’s technicality election (he did lose the popular vote by 2 million and counting) a “miracle.” In all cases, the politicians they support want mass removal of “illegal aliens.” Let’s ignore the fact, as they do, that Obama deported more illegals than any previous Republican administration.

The Roloffs have for years hypocritically employed at least one illegal worker while publicly supporting anti-immigration politicians. Now that they have been caught, they are vociferously trying to claim the deportation of one of their workers is unjust. Still more hypocrisy.

So apparently these good Christian role models think it is just fine to violate the law and be two-faced about it. For those who support the anti-immigrant policies, why are you not also demanding that Matt Roloff be charged and tried for employing illegals? After all, if they couldn’t find work, they wouldn’t be here.

Anonymous said...

I assume his family can return to Mexico with him and the family does not have to be broken up.

Megan said...

This is exactly why Trump was elected. He has no business staying in our once great country. Take the drugs back to Mexico Camerino!!!!

It doesn't matter if the Roloffs came to count on him or liked him. I fully support his deportation.

With how protective Amy claimed to be of her kids, how come she's not a bit concerned that someone with bags of cocaine were around her children for all those years?

Christine said...

That's definitely eye opening. Shame on Matt Roloff. From what I read in the document, Matt's only concern was covering up the fact Camerino had cocaine with him.

Let's be clear. When Matt says Camerino was falsely accused and convicted of drug possession, they aren't saying it's a case where he walked into a random room, where unknowingly drugs were in the room and the cops rushed in and busted him assuming the drugs were his.

It also said that Camerino made incriminating statements. I assume that means he admitted he had the cocaine. The defense that Matt is arguing is that Camerino didn't understand english and his rights so throw out the fact he admitted it (if that's what "incriminating statements" mean and the police shouldn't have searched the vehicle.

The fact is the man had cocaine with him. Is he a user or a dealer? Trying to get him off on technicalities about him not understanding Miranda rights or that the police shouldn't have looked in the car to tow it, is despicable on Matt's part.

Christina Hooper said...

You people are heartless!!! Your comments are unbelievable!!

Kelly said...

@Chrstine, I totally agree. The Roloffs judgments leave a lot to be desired.

@ChristinaHooper So you support illegal immigrants who have drugs on them being allowed to say in the United States?

Anna Contreras said...

So what about all the white, black and other races that have cocaine or other drugs on them?? Or rape, murder and commit illegal acts. In Every race there are criminals and law breakers lol...complete ignorance!!

Megan said...

Anna, he was not here legally and he was applying to become legal. And he got caught with drugs. He should never be allowed back. I don't care if he was white, black or purple. If you want to become a legal citizen then don't carry around drugs or commit crimes!

Rojopa said...

Illegal is illegal. Case closed.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Three things seem a little bit 'off' to me:

1. Anonymous 11/26/16 at 10:50 AM, I won't make assumptions. There has been NOTHING in print, either in this thread or others, not the case documents that are available to if they wanted to put in even the slightest effort, about a wife/mother. What's that all about? If she was from Mexico also, why is she not mentioned? is she here legally? Is she here at all? Does she have to move back also? I doubt any of this because there has been NO mention of any kind, to date. Camerino's daughters are bona fide US citizens. I can't wait for some of the supposed 'christians' to double-standard this and demand to see his US daughters deported with him because they are "children of an illegal" and they don't want this 'kind' of people in their once(?) great country, despite being US citizens. So, what happens? I believe the oldest daughter is 13? Not the age of consent, so if anyone wants her (or she wants) to move to Mexico with her father, she will need a parent or guardian to sign for the emigration process. But, what if her parent or guardian is an illegal? What then? I do not think there is much of a problem on the US side about bona fide under age US citizens leaving the country with a parent, but a deportee? I have no idea at all about Immigration Mexico. Someone from the (legal) bar NOT any single one of us here, needs to advise.

2. One statement kept being bandied back and forth. Camerino's camp (CC for the rest of this) kept whining that they were not given the chance to call live witnesses, and this was hindering the case. Matt and the language expert I believe. Yet, the Court made it plain (to me, anyway) on more than one communication to CC that all they had to do was "show cause" in a motion submitted tot he Court, and everything is tickety-boo. What's that all about? Were Matt's lawyers trying to convince the Court that CC poor previous counsel screwed that up, so we should get another kick at the can? It seems a bit neglectful that a simple motion submitted to the Court wasn't made to be able to call live witnesses. And of course, this makes the decision of the Court whether or not live witnesses were in fact needed, that the information could be read from affidavits, kind of moot.

3. in part dealing with #2 above, Matt complained that his testimony about the location of the car, and the need or no need to police/tow/search the car, would prove to be instrumental in the admission of evidence and whether or not it was gained lawfully. BUT, the police repeatedly testified that Matt Roloff's presence at the scene was not made know to them during their investigation. What the heck is that all about? Did Matt not approach the police and tell them he's here to help? It seems very very difficult not to notice other people not directly involved around the scene, however there was never a number of witnesses or a person count at the scene given (strange again) so apparently the police didn't care who wandered round and came and went? I've never know the police to act like that. Why did they not speak to Matt? Why did Matt not speak to the police? How could he offer to help Camerino with announcing to the whole world (as Matt is won't to do) that he's in their presence.

It just seems to me through all of this, that Matt is whining and crying because little Matty doesn't get to do what little Matty wants to do. Matt is going after the court again and again and again about new evidence edna bout no live witnesses. He used to (ands till does in my thinking) do that to Amy, just keep harassing and badgering her until she gives in and says yes. Or Washington County. Sorry Matt, it's not going to work with the Court.

Leslie said...

The Roloffs didn't "employ an illegal". Camarino had a work permit that got extended. But, ultimately he lost his right to work due to the crime he was convicted of. The argument isn't that he didn't do the crime, but that he didn't exploit some potential technicalities to get out of it. So now he's paying the price for being in possession of cocaine which isn't a minor thing. As for the comments about the Roloff's faith - has nothing to do with this unless every time anything happens to someone, we always call out their religion or lack of it. Keep your anti Christian comments out of it.

Ecossais said...

So we are to assume that after all these years Camerino does not speak English.
If that is the case Matt must have been giving all his orders in Spanish or through an interpreter.

But we have seen and heard Camerino and Matt conversing on the show.

Jocelynn said...

Leslie, I think it is valid to mention that the Roloffs (minus Jacob) hold themselves up to be Christians. Here we have documents that state that more or less that Matt was trying to get somebody out of a cocaine possession charge. Not that he was innocent, just over a technicality.

It's a fair question to pose; is that how Jesus followers should be acting?

Dana said...

Audrey and Jeremy voted for Donald Trump who plans to deport millions more exactly like Camerino, yet they are mourning his deportation and pretending like they're going to miss him.

How many of you want to bet with me that in the Botti house there was much shit to be talked about the drug bearing Camerino? I bet everyone in tthat household truly believes Jesus was pure white and everyone else who is brown is the devil. Just look at Audrey's beating 50 Instagram. There is never any person of color recognized on her page. Shame on her parents for raising a bigot. Never understood why they got so much praise for being bigots themselves.

TV Watcher said...

Shows us how critical information is withheld in all venues. Even this little reality show.

Anonymous said...

Little indeed. Small. Undeserving. No longer really a reality show... I just don't watch and just read the reviews here. By FAR more entertaining! Anyone else pick up on TheGoldenCouple showcasing 'famous' people? Same ole '"look at us and how cool we are"

Ashley said...

Radar Online picked on the Camerino drug story. Do the Roloffs and TLC still think they can get away with lying or misleading the real story?

Gina said...

Why didn't they mention this on the show? It's important. What Trump says is true. Look at the shoowing today. A Somali Muslim immigrant. We need to get rid of the terrorist Muslims, the druggie Mexicans and the immoral gays. I know not all are bad but most are. Like Trump says, there's a problem. Fix it. Trump will.

Gino said...

Shut up bigot Gina

Don DUMP said...

Pussy-grabbing Trump is the immoral one, Dear Clueless Gina

YouCantHandleTheTruth said...

Do the Roloffs and TLC still think they can get away with lying or misleading the real story?

Why not? TLC has been doing it with Josh Duggar. Even after many publications, including RadarOnline, printed all the lurid details. They even snuck him into some of the latest wedding photos to "ease" him back into the show.

Neither Matt not JimBob care about the truth. They just want a paycheck. TLC doesn't care about the truth. They just want ratings and advertising dollars.

This show has never EVER been about the truth, even in the first couple of seasons. Matt was never going to let himself be seen as anything other than the grand hero, so the show began by glossing over his job history and presenting him as the successful LPA president and ADA entrepreneur. Heard anything about those "extremely successful" stepstools since Mike died?

"You want the truth? You can't handle the truth." Neither can Matt.

And don't forget - "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

Wonder Bred said...

Hey Gina--

Does Trump also have a plan to deal with the WHITE PEOPLE WHO COMMIT CRIMES????

Benzie Harp said...

Your hypocrisy and cluelessness are something else, Gina of the Jesus Posse.

You want to talk immoral? How about your Orange Fuehrer Donald Trump, king of extramarital affairs surrounding himself with Gingrich and Patraeus, who both have a history of gettin' it on the side? Or do you look the other way on that stuff because it threatens your precious right-wing world view?

If you want to keep calling out "immoral gays" you'd better call out your clown collection of late-life frat boys too. Loser.

Pell said...

I'm surprised at the lack of compassion for Matt. He's overcome so much difficulty in his life. His kids are grown and gone. Of course he would go to help his friend. It's clear to me Camarino is his good friend and invaluable to him as a worker. Who here hasn't drank or did recreational drugs. Should a man who has a job, a sponsor and a place to live be deported for an old drug charge? That isn't justice in my opinion.

Janet said...

Recreational Drug? Cocaine! Who hasn't done it? Me!!!! If you want to out yourself as a druggie go ahead, but don't pretend like all moral people do drugs. It's the work of the Devil to convince people that the majority are immoral so you should join too.

HillsboroLocal said...

I'm surprised at the lack of compassion for Matt.

Why? He has more than enough money to hire another foreman, and there are more than enough qualified people in the area. He's just whining because he doesn't want to have to go to the effort of finding someone as compliant as Camerino. Matt's great at delegating, not so good at the actual doing.

His kids are grown and gone.

Hmmmm, yeah, including the average-height, completely healthy, unemployed one who thinks he should be given the farm just because he wants a cool playground. Y'know, maybe "that" kid could come back and learn how to run the farm. But that would be too much like real work. He just wants to be like dad - stand on the sidelines and give the orders. "Make it so."

Alison Morgan said...

That's the best point I've read so far.

Rod from Colville said...

Matt is this for real, your backing a drug addict that has probably used drugs on your family farm! Get away from him before he brings your entire empire to the ground or has one of your son's in a car and gets stung and your son's lives are ruined. Good riddance to him.

Unknown said...

I agree w you 100% Anna Contreras & for the guy whose saying Matt continued to employ Camerino knowing he was doing coke Nine yrs ago nobody knows if Matt made him get help n this is why he kept him on There could hv been stipulations n what employees do on their off time isn't really Matt's concern but the fact that the guy was a good employee on the farm was his concern But for guy to be in the USA for 24yrs n had children here to get deported n taking away from his children I feel is wrong People forget this country started w immigrants!

Roman Underwood said...

Know the difference, possession, is determined by amount. The Largest group of cocaine "Users" in the United States are not Illegal immigrants of any country, or ethnic minorities, the group the uses cocaine for recreation purposes when caught are normally not convicted of felony or for their first drug offense, regardless of unrelated priors, are reduced to misdemeanor, usually not afforded to minorities and illegal immigrants.

Don't us a double standard. And because one uses does not mean they are a dealer.

I for one, have never used any controlled substance and don't get it but I know how the law works and I am not fond of ever going to jail.

But, cut the guy some slack, he was paying taxes at least for the last nine years maybe longer.

Wendy said...

Camerino is a disgrace. Shame on the Roloffs for supporting a man like that. Good riddance and don't ever come back! Real Americans are taking America back again and we are sick of Mexicans like Camerino. Trump called it. Mexicans are bringing their drugs.

Being politically correct is garbage. Truth is truth. Mexicans are likely to have drugs. Blacks commit more crimes. Terrorists attacks are likely to be carried out by Muslims and gays are likely to spread sexual diseases and molest kids. It's "racist" or "homophobic" to say it, but it is simply the truth in most cases.

Kelly said...

Unknown, that's a huuuuuuge stretch. Matt liking Camerino because he was a good employee does not excuse Matt trying to get him out of a drug possession charge. If Matt knew Camerino for 15 years I have a hard time believing that one night when Camerino crashed his car and called Matt first was the first time Matt ever knew Camerion had cocaine.

Ray said...

Have drugs. Get deported. The way it should be. Matt is playing his fans for fool trying to portray Camerino as something he's not. He's not a hard working family man. Unless you believe hard working family men carry around cocaine with them. I have no sympathy for this criminal.

Denise said...

I think people are also glossing over the fact that Camerino was charged with driving with intoxicants. He could have killed people. What if he killed an innocent Christian family that was driving on the same road?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some of you won't like this, but anybody here illegally is breaking the law, doesn't matter if from Mexico, or anywhere else. The difference between and immigrant or non-Immigrant, legal or illegal vs a U.S. citizen is that they are OUR criminals. We have enough here, we don't need anybody else's. If you break the law and you are not a US citizen, you should be forced to leave. If you are concerned about your spouse and kids having to leave with you, you should have thought of them before you broke the law.

Warren Jeffs Psycho said...

Right Wendy. Straight people never get STDs or molest kids. Get your head out from under your KKK sheet and wake the hell up.

Dan George said...

Hey Wendy!
This land belongs to the NATIVE AMERICANS. Pack up your white ass and GET THE HELL OUT

Old Timey Bible Man said...

I wish women would quit posting on here and get back to fixing my drink and popping out babes.

Rap541 said...

Denise - what if he killed an Islamic family? Or a Jewish family?

Are those lives less? Please clarify if you believe its worse if someone kills a Christian over a Jew or a Muslim while driving under the influence. Because I think you're stating pretty bluntly that Christian lives matter more.

Anonymous said...

Here I am, all sad for this man. And then I find out he has cocaine. Wtf? Throw him out and if he was his family they can go too. This is crazy. I've met him. I've known all of them for years. I am annoyed that they lied to get my sympathy.

PJ said...

So Denise it was okay when Matt had his two DUI arrests?

Anonymous said...

Pure stupidity to bring up Jacob, I also voted for Trump but don't think he's going to punish parents are friends that are there for their family or friends. Addiction affects everyone and is not an isolated problem and I hope, Angela if one of your children make a bad decision and become addicted that they have friends there because YOU have already spoke for their family.

Paul said...

Another idiot, guess you voted for Hillary! Trump will be mine and YOUR president and there's nothing you can do about it! But your disapproval of him shows you were ok with a lieing criminal running our country!

Paul said...

Little Matty?? Not prejudice are you!??!!

Paul said...

I hope one of your children face an illegal search and seizure and YOU are put in the position to make a choice. Kinda hypocritical until hour in those shoes. Before you state I am a retired law enforcement officer and have unfortunately saw evidence of the illegal search and seizure. The law is there for everyone!

Audrey Roll-on said...

To all you puritanical thumpers who claim Satan is in a lab with Walter White producing all these evil drugs:

Alcohol is a drug too and we all know how much Audj loves her boooooze

Jocelynn said...

Paul, in 100% honesty, I can say that if I crash my car into a ditch on the side of the road, the police are more than welcome to search my vehicle? Do you know why? Because I don't do cocaine, don't have cocaine, don't even know where to get it if I wanted it! I'm not afraid of the police searching my vehicle because I don't have drugs.

And let's not lose track of the facts here. Camerino's/Matt's defense is not that the police planted the cocaine like O.J Simpson's "cops planted the glove" defense. Matt's defense of Camerino seems solely based on arguing that the police shouldn't have looked into the car, therefore wouldn't have found the cocaine.

Don't want to be busted for drugs? Don't do or transport drugs.

Rap541 said...

" Before you state I am a retired law enforcement officer and have unfortunately saw evidence of the illegal search and seizure."

Did you do anything to stop it? Because "I was a cop who saw crimes committed by fellow cops and did NOTHING" isn't really the ringing endorsement you think it is.

Rap541 said...

Well said, Jocelynn. I'm not devoid of sympathy for Camerino and his family because I can separate the reality that its horrific for his family from the reality that he brought it upon them, but at the end of the day, the facts are that Camerino's biggest problem isn't his status or that his lawyer screwed up his permanent resident application, it's that Camerino was arrested for drug possession and found guilty of drug possession.

Those are the facts. Camerino was accorded the same due process a US citizen gets. He was found guilty. Much like when I say "don't take pictures of yourself doing drugs or fondling yourself and put them on line because actions have consequences...." well... ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

And if there's new shocking facts that would overturn the case, I really want to heare Matt Roloff stand up loud and proud and publically say what those facts are. He wants our sympathy, so let's start hearing Matt Roloff present some actual facts other than "I said so". He's making a straight up accusation that there's been a miscarriage of justice, Matt Roloff says that Camerino was FALSELY convicted so since Matt Roloff has decided say "I'm Matt ROloff and I know better" then Matt Roloff needs to stand up like the man he says he is and outline exactly what his FACTS are in stating his buddy Camerino was FALSELY convicted.

Funny how you law enforcement types aren't incensed at Matt Roloff's open disrespect - a COP arrested Camerino and Matt says the COP was wrong and SO WAS THE COURT. Hey Conner, any thoughts on someone whining how your daddy is among the fuck ups who falsely accuse and falsely convict poor innocent hard workers like Camerino? Does anyone have any real outrage or are we all merely disappointed and still of course supporting Matt?

I note that if Jacob said a guy with two bags of cocaine was falsely convicted, oh there's be some names called.

Anonymous said...

Ur an ignorant bitch ur clearly white. Hide behind a computer talking all that shit but u won't say any of that 2 someone's face punk bitch

Anonymous said...

Ur another ignorant punk ass

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wendy is a punk bitch hiding behind a computer

Leslye Gonzalez said...

He never carried drugs you can't just say that if u don't know the whole story. The media makes up some wierd crap and you can't always believe what you see or hear.

Leslye Gonzalez said...

He never was with drugs you can't just assume something.

Jocelynn said...

Leslye, read the legal court documents. Drugs were found in his crashed vehicle. How can you say he never carried drugs? Having cocaine in your vehicle counts as carrying drugs. He made incriminating statements. His defense is all based on arguing that police should not have searched his vehicle and that he did not understand his rights when they read it to him.

Rap541 said...

Yeah in the court docs, its stated there was a bag of coke found in his pocket. He was found with coke in his pockets. He was "with" drugs.

Unless this is the new evidence Matt Roloff says he has but won't say boo about. Funny how Matt has all this evidence to save Camerino he won't tell us.

Anonymous said...

I guess if a Muslim family or Jewish family were killed it wouldn't matter?

Denise said...

Of course all life is precious and important. But the point I was making is that it could be my family, it could be an innocent, good Christian family that is serving God, just going about their daily life driving down the road and an illegal Mexican driving with intoxicants could kill them with their vehicle. It's not like it's homosexuals who are having sex and getting AIDS because they aren't innocent or druggies using needles and getting diseases or gang bangers committing crimes and shooting each other. Those people are looking for trouble and making their own graves. But the Mexican worker could have killed innocents. He could have killed your Christians son or daughter.

PJ said...

Holy Crap Denise,
Just how selfish and small minded are you? Would it be better for you if a good christian minister was driving drunk and killed your good, christian family?
And don't tell me ministers don't drive drunk because I've known some who have. e
You need to get your head out of your butt and realize that there are bad and good in every group and that religion has absolutely nothing to do with a person's worth. That just because that idiot Trump tell lies doesn't make it real. Not all so called christian ministers are 1) truly godly, 2)honest or 3)right about anything.
I think there is a good chance that the cocaine was Roloff owned and that's why Matt was called and why he's trying so hard to keep Camerino here.
Think for yourself Denise. I have two cousins that work for two different mega church ministries. They're both converting to Judaism they are so disillusioned.

Rap541 said...

PJ - what's so hilarious about Denise's little "OMG what if a good Christian was affected!" is that Denise quite openly shows her complete lack of understanding about the nature of her religion.

Denise, do you understand that per the Christian faith, it's actually better for your Christian sons and daughters to die as they are already assured a place in Heaven? Someone who is a "good Christian" is saved. As a Christian, you should actually be more saddened and worried over the possibility that non Christians can and are killed before they are saved and are therefore never able to accept Jesus.

Instead you merely shit how they're getting what's coming to them - you sound positively happy that sinners may never see the light and you're gleeful that they are damned.

You know, if Jesus was alive today, do you think he'd be with you, merrily laughing how the shit people are getting what's coming? Or do you think he'd be out there with the druggies and gang bangers, trying to show them the light.

We all lknow where Denise will be - she'll be smugly snotting how she's saved so she can shit on everyone beneath her. Because Denise is a CHRISTIAN and she can shit where she pleases, in Jesus's name she gets to judge and hate.

How about it Denise? Have you given your actual faith any consideration? Or is it just a tool for you to be a nasty shit?

Rebecca J. said...

Why the mystery about whether Camarino's kids have a mother? I suspect Matt R. has made quite a nice living from TLC. Perhaps he could purchase a home for Camarino in a nice safe part of Mexico and pay for Camarino's kids to attend a private school in Mexico?

Camarino's kids will always be U.S. citizens and can return anytime they please.

Mexico has some wonderful places. This stereotype that the entire country is filled with gangs is silly.

M said...

Wow you need to educate yourself.

J45 said...

Funny how no one (well, specifically the Christians) has really explored the theory of the cocaine belonging to a Roloff, not Camerino himself. Hence why Matt would be so quick to come to Camerino's aid.. because last I checked, Jacob lives in California. I imagine if Jacob the Spawn of Satan still lived in Oregon, the Christians would be all over that theory.

But, let's say the cocaine belonged to a Roloff. I'm willing to bet it would be Jer's, or maybe Zach's and Jer's. I can't really see it being Matt's, but you never know.

If I had to put my money on someone, though, it would be Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

9 years ago Camarino turned his life around and all who are negative there is alot of people legal here collecting due to the fact called lazy this inexperience attorney no longer their attorney thank the Lord eed a good attorney to step up to the plate and help Camarino also he worked so many years for his kids nextbof kin needs to also step to the plate and take care of his kids meanwhike and yes they are entitled to to receive help for food n clothing n medical for them Peter Tovey if you or a top contender can help he was a good family friend n worker n even the animinals know him n Ice needs to pick up tab if kids get picked up by social services its not fair to throw this issue on taxpayers they need their family n All judges (Forgive him for his egnorance) Dad Roloff is emtional distraught from hospital n best friend n the whole system needs to be Revised many immigrants have served in the miliary I pray -OIP Oregon Immigration Rights /Innocence Program

BigBrother said...

I believe the actual arrest and case before the court happened in 2011. The 2015 hearing was an appeal.

Just noting that as at that time not all the Roloff children had moved out.
In fact I don't believe any of them were living away from home full-time and so were still on the farm where Camarino was working.

Rap541 said...

j45 - The actual incident was actually years ago - when Jacob was a very little boy and the twins were teenagers.

Personally, I am inclined to think the coke was Camerino's but in Matt's first book, he did admit to partaking...

Rap541 said...

But the point I was making is that it could be my family, it could be an innocent, good Christian family that is serving God, just going about their daily life driving down the road and an illegal Mexican driving with intoxicants could kill them with their vehicle.

So to be clear, if your Christian family was killed by an illegal Mexican driving with intoxicants, you would not thank God for His gift to you and note how you are ready and willing to hear His message on what this has to teach you?

More seriously, you do understand that you are theologically incorrect? In fact Christians who genuinely believe would consider it a greater tragedy for unbelievers to die as they become lost souls, while a Christian family would die in a state of grace.

. It's not like it's homosexuals who are having sex and getting AIDS because they aren't innocent or druggies using needles and getting diseases or gang bangers committing crimes and shooting each other. Those people are looking for trouble and making their own graves

So you think they *deserve* to die? But if your Christian family is killed, you would consider it a wrong act even tho you prat about how God gives painful lessons to those who *need to learn*?

Not dropping it, Denise - if you were genuinely a Christian and not using the faith to hate, you would be more upset that unbelievers would die without knowing God and you would pray for them, and not make nasty digs about how people are looking for trouble and digging their own graves.

PJ said...

I've said that all along. Except the arrest was 9 years ago and Jacob would have been like 11. Far more likely to be Jer, Zach or Matt.

Rap541 said...

PJ all I know is that I am waiting for Matt Roloff to stand up like a man and explain his public accusations.

He's stating as a fact that Camerino was falsely convicted. I sure find it curious how all the "JESUS BLESSES COPS AND LAW AND ORDER" sorts aren't more curious to hear from Matt Roloff's blessed Christian mouth why Matt Roloff is publically stating Camerino was FALSELY convicted.

Point - Christians who love cops and demand cops be respected? In order for Matt to be right, the cops would have to have been *dirty*. Connor, that means someone is saying people like your daddy cop aren't always perfectly honest.

Matt Roloff also stood up like a man and stated as fact that there was new evidence. Why isn't he telling us what it is? Why is the new evidence that exonerates Camerino such a secret?

Mike P. said...

I've always believed that Matt's frequent trips to Hawaii involve more than laying in the sun.

I've always suspected a girlfriend and other shenanigans, and now that coke is in the picture—with only minor tsk-tsking by Matt—I have to think that he is more familiar with the substance than he admits.

Note: I have no proof of this. But if Roloff's ego and desire to be a big shot are shown accurately (and I think they are probably among the few accuracies on the show) then it's reasonable to think that his off-camera, off-farm hidden life is more illicit than he will ever admit—outside a courtroom.

Debbie said...

Baseless and ridiculous accusations, Mike P.

It was a Mexican that had drugs. Yes, shame on Matt for trying to get a long time employee and friend off from a drug bust, but it's ridiculous to suggest the drugs belonged to a Roloff like some are eager to insinuate.

Rap541 said...

While I don't agree with Mike's theory of fun, sun, sex and coke in Hawaii, Debbie, you really need to get Matt down off the pedestal. He admitted using cocaine in his first book.

Mike P. said...

My question to Debbie: Why must you say "It was a MEXICAN that had the drugs"?

What has "Mexican" got to do with it? You couldn't just say "another guy"?

I know, you're no bigot and you don't speak the way a bigot speaks. Except when you do.

Beyond that, I'll stick to what I said: I have no proof, but it's hard to believe that Matt Roloff was taking his ego and his fame to Hawaii merely to lay in the sun.

PJ said...

I'm confused Debbie.
What difference does Camerino's ethnicity make? You keep sounding as if it explains everything. It explains nothing. Drugs and DUI's are not specific to any ethnic group.
The reasons I think the coke wasn't his are simple. Coke is expensive, where would an agricultural worker get that kind of money? And why call Matt? It makes no sense unless a Roloff was involved.

Ellykaye said...

I am a Christian and I voted for Trump. I also agree with you! Why is Matt Roloff hiring illegals in the first place? He should be held accountable for that. On the other hand Camerino needs to go! He had plenty of time to become a citizen. Instead, he chose to use our resources, most likely our healthcare system, school system (for his children) etc., without contributing to taxes. He also chose to use illegal drugs, marry and have kids. (who are also a victim of his poor choices) Matt and Amy Roloff are just as guilty by aiding and abetting Camerino. Nothing but crocodile tears!