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New Episode of Little People, Big World, November 22, 2016

This is a discussion and review of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloff Family. The new season began last night November 22nd, 2016 on TLC.


Review by Rap541

Ah so here we are again. I have a new computer. I also have a cold but there’s orange juice and bananas and for a change this show isn’t on three minutes before midnight. There’s some sort of two hour recap show on before the new episode. I might do highlights, I might not. My vibe on it is that we’re going to get yet more rehashes of the weddings and the divorce. If btw you need a fun show to watch, I recommend Good Behavior on TNT. It has Michelle Dockery playing a meth addict.

Yeah, its mostly the last episodes of last season with bonus scenes. Hey in case you need something to watch, there’s also endless Criminal Minds reruns on Tuesdays on Ion.

First bonus scene is all about emeralds and Zach learning about emeralds. This is vaguely familiar, like we did see it before and in fact as we watch, yes these are basically it, although in the previews at the very end, it looks like Matt is building a prepper shelter. Because why not?

We start with credits. No discernable differences, as in Tory and Audrey still aren’t on cast.  Matt lets us know the farm is still happening and even tho we saw him rolling into surgery in the last episode, we get a complete rehash of Matt is considering/needing surgery. This is made worse that we just saw this prior episode. Matt is wanting some family unity and worries about paralysis. He is leaving but leaving Camerino in charge. I bet this ends badly for Camerino.

Amy plays with her dog Felix. I find the name funny for obvious reasons. Amy is still having an existential crisis over her status as not a wife and no longer needed as a mom. She’s suddenly worried about the farm. And now we’re at Tori and Zach’s place. They love being married and they have a baby Cylon, aka a Roomba.  Zach is planning to clean the farm before Matt’s surgery, which feels like Hercules cleaning the Augean stables but ok.

Jer and Auj meanwhile are married in Bend. They love skiing and camping and lament how they don’t have kids. Jer isn’t ready to move back to the farm even though he expects the farm to be given to him and natters how he might show up during the surgery stuff.

One week before the surgery (again hilarious because of the last episode of Matt rolling into surgery). Amy is trying and Matt is basically “I don’t want to tell you as there’s already a plan where I exclude you” and “you’re useless to me”.  There’s a LOT of crap stacked up in front of Matt’s office building. This is seriously a complete rehash of the last ten minutes of the last episode.

At the double wide before the surgery.  Some guy, Bill, is going to go with Zach and Matt because well, Jeremy needed to camp and walk around Bend. Matt makes a point of saying goodbye to Amy. She seems worried but also kinda like “Am I supposed to be cool or caring?” It’s awkward.

Bill the friend wakes Matt out of his bed and this is home movie time. Matt is worried about his hair and Zach rather wisely notes that this is Matt’s coping mechanism. That they are dragging this out is kind of painful and manipulative.  And seriously, twenty two minutes in and we’re still rehashing the last ten minutes of the last episode from different angles.

Now we have Zach being filmed looking concerned at dramatic angles. Amy does the rounds at the farm with Ryan? An employee? Then she greets the goats and pony who all seem hungry.
More and more surgery stuff. Matt has surgery throat. It’s a success of course. Zach calls Jer and ends up leaving a message and then calls mom who is happy. Amy sets up a special bed for Matt because she’s not an utter bitch.

Then Amy gets a phone call from her lawyer about… Camerino’s deportation. We basically get a lot of dancing around the unpleasant reality that the Roloffs have been employing an illegal and they profess worry about his daughters. Amy doesn’t understand it and is sad.

Zach leaves after a day to check on the farm while Bill stays. I kinda wonder what Bill does for a living. Back at the farm we see Amy scooping up spoiled dropped apples. Amy is devastated by Camerino’s deportation. Both Zach and Amy seem sad about it in a real way. Matt has not been told, as of yet.

We see Camerino doing stuff and Amy is checking on him. She hugs him goodbye. He’s handling it stoically. Amy is all “I dunno what I’d do if I could never see my kids again”.

Oh hey there’s a weird commercial where Zach and Tory announce they’re having the first grandchild.
Zach and Tori wash Matt’s dog Lucy. They are picking Matt up because Amy and Jer don’t want to be bothered and Jacob and Molly aren’t on the show. Matt seems well enough. Camerino is there, and Zach is all “I am stepping up”. And we’re dancing around the Camerino situation. Since Camerino is leaving the next day, it's super awkward. Camerino shows off the fancy bed Amy moved for him. Camerino drops the bomb. He has to go. I’m also struck by how Matt and Camerino are both devastated.

And the fucking trebuchet is still on display.

So the day after Matt returns, Jeremy shows up for the first time in a month. Jeremy notes surgery is a bummer and Camerino is a bummer. Oh hey I think this will be Jeremy’s only appearance.

And Amy has gotten a concerning letter! She heads to the doublewide and Matt is decidedly more upbeat about his recovery. They seem irate over immigration. Then we cut without Amy dropping whatever the bomb is. Lil guess. I doubt anything awful happened.  And if this seems short, it’s because nothing new happened.


Abby said...

I'm happy for Zach and Tori. They seem happy in the announcement.

Why is Jacob still in the credits? Is he back tracking? If he didn't sign a contract how are they allowed to show him in the credits and even introduce him?

Debbie said...

It was too bad more than just Zach wasn't able to be with Matt for the surgery. Also I'm not sure I liked Zach leaving immediately after the surgery. At least Jeremy showed up and seemed concerned.

I'm sorry but I'm not upset about the Camerino stuff. It's too bad, but if he's illegal, he's illegal. He should be deported. I thought his goodbye scene with Amy was forced and the goodbye with Matt was for the cameras to give them drama.

Maria said...

If Camerino has been working for the Roloffs for 15 years, why didn't he become a U.S citizen in that time?? I think there's something we're not being told. I support Mr. Donald Trump on immigration.

Rap541 said...

". At least Jeremy showed up and seemed concerned."

Yes, unlike shitstain Zach who flew down to Los Angeles and was with his dad before and after the surgery.

Right Debbie? Matt was down in Los Angeles for two weeks, and Zach actually went down with him, but couldnt't stay they whole time, and Jeremy shows up after Dad is back home and BLESS HIM FOR HIS SUPPORT and SHITSTAIN ZACH IS A SHITSTAIN WHO DIDN'T STEP UP!

Jesus Christ, really? Jeremy deserves praise and Zach was the bad one? Zach needs to hear how it was too bad he didn't do more while precious Jer shows up weeks after and JESUS CHRIT JER PAID MILD ATTENTION OH BLESS JER FOR HIS MASSIVE SACRIFICE!

Considering that Jer and Auj's instragram was full of their vacation pictures during this time, I doubt the big boy was working instead of manfully helping his daddy.

And Matt and the Roloff clan don't agree with you Debbie.

Rap541 said...

Maria - per the petition Matt has out, Camerino was "falsely convicted" of drug possession and of course had a shitty, disbarred, yet unnamed lawyer who stole his entire bank account.

Abby - Jacob established last season that he allows the production company to list him in the credits but doesn't get paid for it. Mind you, I actually agree that doesn't rule out his changing his mind and doing episodes, but since I suspect we may not see Molly this season either, its basically a convention to maintain the continuity of the show.

Sara said...

"I'm not sure I liked Zach leaving immediately after the surgery. At least Jeremy showed up and seemed concerned. "

Um, what? Zach goes to LA and sees Matt through surgery safely, but 'at least' Jer *showed up* and *seemed concerned*? That Jer, what a hero.

Jer and Auj are completely vacuous.

Also ironic that Trump supporters are bawling about an illegal Mexican being deported.

PJ said...

Maria I agree there's something we're not being told.

To be fair Amy was away at a speaking engagement when Matt came home.

Although they didn't show it Matt was in a surgical rehab place for a couple weeks after surgery . Several of his buddies took shifts staying with him a few days at a time.So widdle Jer not only didn't bother to go to LA to see dad for weeks (not the couple days it looked like on the show)he didn't bother to pick him up at the airport nor did he keep an eye on the farm. It's not like he has a job he needs to be at (he can blog from anywhere). But Zach who does have a job made time to go to LA and was there for Matt when he came home. Who deserves the farm?
The information about Matt's rehab came from his Facebook.

Gina said...

Sorry Matt, but Camerino was CONVICTED of drug possession! What is the "new evidence"? He is here illegally and he got convicted of drug possession. He should have been sent back to Mexico 9 years ago, in my opinion.

Ecossais said...

Debbie - you are either blind, stupid or both. Time to get over the Jeremy/jesus worship.

You complain that only Zach WAS ABLE to go LA with Matt but praise Jeremy for SHOWING UP and SEEMING CONCERNED. Why was that unemployed playboy NOT ABLE to go to LA?

Jeremy is a total waste of space and oxygen.
He is so busy doing what that he couldn't go with his dad?
He is so busy doing what that he didn't come to the farm - that he wants so much? - to help Amy while Matt was away for weeks?
He is so busy doing what that he couldn't pick up his dad at the airport?

At least we were spared an appearance by his publicity hungry wife.

Ecossais said...

Abby - This blog is about the latest episode NOT Jacob.
Time to put your sick hatred of Jacob aside.

Ecossais said...

Well said Sara.
Vacuous is a good way to describe the "golden" couple.

If they want the farm so much they should move over there and put in some real work since Matt is sick and Camerino gone.
Amy picking up fallen apples is more work than Jer has done in a long long time.

Nathalie Denault said...

You people need to get a life and stop complianing about them, seriously, they cut a lot of this stuff out who do you think had to take of the farm with matt gone, zack you bunhc of iodots. Its a reality tv show, you watch it but dont judge im sure your life isnt perfect!!!!

Emma Rose said...

Two Observations:
1. Jeremy not only didn't make the effort to visit his Dad even ONCE after a complicated surgery and rehab but didn't even bother to check out the farm (the one he feels he is entitled to) to lend a hand. Epic fail on his part.

2. That king-sized bed that Amy regifted to Matt? Couldn't help noticing that it appeared to be professionally wrapped and sealed when it was brought over. Just thought that was a little odd.

Scott Meislin said...

He was here legally on a work visa when he got convicted of the drug possession. As the INS took his appeals he continued to be here legally. He turned himself in when they finally said that there was no more appealing. He was never here illegally.

Anonymous said...

Scott that is at odds with the petition Matt set up.

Ecossais said...


"had to take of the farm with matt gone, zach you bunch of idiots"

You don't proof read or use upper case letters for personal names yet call "us" (whoever we are) idiots. Hahahaha.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hello, I apologize for not getting a review in. Very busy with sales and fighting with American express ties me up for the greatest part of the day. I WILL however, the the time (which is more than some people do) to note a series of "What's that all about?" situations form the show, which will add up to a review anyway I suppose lol!
Amy notes that she did not have any real part in the operation of the farm, and now the she's officially 50% owner (I'll get back to that) she should gain more knowledge to have more informed input into the farm's business. She catches up with Matt to see what she can do as far as any meaningful management and Matt blows her off completely going as far as to say, "The interested parties have been briefed, know what they have to know, and the rest is down as a "need to know" basis.

What's that all about?

Matt is a business man. He spends money. In the past, he spent how much he wanted on what he wanted. He was in effect 100% owner of the farm. NOW, he is only 50% owner of the farm. My point is; if Amy learns too much about the farm and how it's operated and WHERE ALL THE MONEY GOES, she could, and has every right to as equal partner, shut down things that Matt wants to do. And we all know Matt gets all hissy when he is not allowed to do what he wants. Consider Washington County permits, zoning and house construction etc. etc.
We all know that Amy has to be consulted, but if you remember that is only on MAJOR purchases. Who defines "major"??? Think about the single-seat gator. That's useful to the Yet Matt ordered it anyway, and Amy was too chicken to shut it down, as it would have eliminated an entire episode form the show, and as usual coming up the driveway already.

My two problems with this situation are:

a) Matt tries everything to keep Amy ignorant, that way he can have control over his spending, control over the operation of the farm, and control over Amy's rightful input into farm spending. Remember when priest and monks were the only people who could read? The people had to accept what they said as true. Then Johann G├╝ttenberg invented the printing press? And people gained knowledge? And started to ask question? The church never recovered from ceding that much control over the common people. Matt sees all this, and will do whatever he can to avoid giving up control.

b) Amy has to stand on her own two feet. OK, the wuss bit might be for the show, agreed between her and Matt beforehand, but I doubt it highly. If she pushes, she can have as much say as Matt. To all who don't like that setup, well boo hoo for you. That was the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of the State of Oregon. but you never know, some people here might think the judge was acting in an unprofessional manner.

Ecossais said...

Thanks Podge/Rodge for the very appropriate comments. Good luck fighting with Amex.

My question in all this is where is the Golden Boy "heir apparent" in all this crisis?

Time to move into the almost empty Roloff mansion, save the rent for the Bend apartment and do some WORK on the farm for your dad.

Rap541 said...

Psst Podge, I know a lil about Amex - can't promise I'd be able to help but I'd be a sympathetic ear...

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Psst Rap, I know! No fight at all, just setting up a merchant account! Psyche.

Rap541 said...

Debbie, you *could* do what I did and simply type Camerino's name into the Yahoo search engine - but here's the link.

The reference to the two baggies of cocaine is in the footnotes on page 17 of the pdf in case you don't want to be bothered to read and as a fine Christian continue to insist since I said it, it needs to be proved. There was a baggie of coke in the car, and a baggie of coke in Camerino's pocket.

Since you are a Christian and shit words without thinking because "fuck you,I'm with Jesus, bow down and eat my Christian shit, Christians are better!", I also assume you need to be slapped in the face with facts but for the "Camerino called Matt Roloff when he was busted for coke and Matt got there before the cops had the car towed away" and the ensuing reality that Matt was willing to testify about how he'd of volunteered to tow the car with his son rather than have the police do it (and subsequently find the second bag of coke) I think you will need to read it yourself.

Oh here's a quote. "“[P]etitioner argues that there was no reason to tow the vehicle and therefore no reason to conduct an inventory search before towing. However, the car was clearly sticking out into the roadway. (Ex 116) It was a hazard. Petitioner argues that Mr. Roloff and his son could have towed the car. However, the Roloffs never made their presence known to the police. Mr. Roloff admitted this at trial. (Ex 117, Trial Tr at 308) Accordingly, even if the Roloffs could have towed the vehicle, the deputies did not know this. The decision to tow the vehicle was reasonable and necessary due to the hazard the car represented (even Mr. Roloff admitted that the area was hazardous—Ex 12) and the inventory search before the tow was conducted according to properly enacted county ordinances. Accordingly, evidence of the cocaine found in the car was properly admitted evidence. [Petitioner’s trial counsel] was in no way inadequate in failing to have evidence of the search suppressed.”8"

I renew my curiousity into just how much was Matt Roloff paying Camerino that he could afford two bags of cocaine and just why was Matt Roloff Camerino's go to person to call in a drug bust, and will add gosh, do any of the Christian crowd kinda wonder what the hell Matt "The Super Christian" Roloff was doing in continuing to employee this guy and also to fight for him to stay in the country?

Debbie said...

Rap, thank you for the link. That is all I asked for. I did not need your lecture.

That cements my opinion on the situation.

I give a round of applause for the deporting of Camerino. It should have happened a long time ago. It's very disappointing to hear about Matt's role in it. Very disappointing. Is Matt's entire argument in attempting to help Camerino based on saying he could have towed the car so police shouldn't have searched and therefore wouldn't have found the cocaine? Disgraceful!!!!

Rap541 said...

The court docs surrounding Camerino's appeal are interesting. Basically Camerino was found after driving his car into a ditch with a baggy of cocaine on his body and a baggy of cocaine in the car. He then called Matt Roloff who arrived on the scene in time to witness the car's position before it was towed. Camerino was at the time working on legalizing his status but he was convicted of a felony, drug possession, which pretty much tanks getting to stay here.

The petition Matt set up says there's new info. It would need to be pretty fantastic new info to overturn the conviction as the appeal was all about possible procedural errors.

So Camerino was indeed convicted of drug possession apparently nine years ago. I do find myself wondering how a farmhand is making two baggies of coke money and why he was calling his boss and his boss dropped everything to be on the scene before the car was towed by the police?

Rap541 said...

I don't need your permission to give you a lecture, Debbie. Remember? You aren't in charge here.

I assume the son being referenced was Jeremy, btw. Since Zach is always the bad son who didn't participate in Daddy Matt's fun.

Ecossais said...

If Camerino has been illegal all this time how was Matt handling the IRS and Social Security pay roll items?

Anonymous said...

If Amy so generously gave her great bed to Matt, pray tell, what is she sleeping on?

Avid Fan said...

If Amy so generously gifted Matt with her wonder bed, what, pray tell, is she now sleeping on?