Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Roloffs On The Election - Jeremy Roloff Declares Trump's Victory A "Miracle"

Some of the members of the Roloffs took to social media to make posts on the results of the 2016 Presidential Election and on Donald Trump's victory.

It was deja-vu for Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey Roloff. Although Jeremy recently wrote that social media is not the place to have serious discussions and his belief that important discussions can only happen in person, Jeremy posted about the the election.

During the final Presidential Debate in October, Jeremy's wife, Audrey Roloff, posted a clip of Donald Trump's closing remarks and a female voice (that most conclude was Audrey) could be heard loudly cheering "That was good!!"

Some of Audrey's followers began expressing their disappointment to learn that Audrey was supporting Donald Trump. Audrey posted in response stating that people were carelessly criticizing her and were making assumptions that were not true. When people asked her point blank if she was supporting Donald Trump because posting a video of him listing the reasons why voters should vote for him and a voice cheering "That was good!!" implies she was supporting Trump. Audrey refused to answer. She then criticized people for making long comments on her social media and stated they have too much time on their hands. Jeremy then posted that important discussions do not belong on social media and those conversations should only be done face to face.

Last night was almost a carbon copy, except this time it was Jeremy making the posts.

As it became clear that Donald Trump would be declared the next President of the United States of America, Jeremy tweeted:

"History was made. And it was a straight up miracle."

Some of Jeremy's followers began responding with their disgust at what appeared to be Jeremy celebrating Trump's victory."

This is a sample of response to Jeremy's tweet.

"loved you until you just said that shit"

he has set America back to a time when your wife, mom, and sister had no rights at all. I have lost all respect for you..

The right person won,I'm a woman & God owns my body not me. Abortion is murder, which Hillary supports. Disgusting!

omg. You are part of the problem.

"grab them by the pussy" -Donald Trump

and you call yourself a Christian --- wow !!

you just lost my respect
Here is a  response to that tweet.

Jeremy, look, dude, when you call this election a "miracle" it makes it clear to your followers who you voted for.

 Jeremy replied:

"Not at all. I would argue it is MOST miraculous to Clinton supporters"

nah it's clear who you did vote for on the message you sent out on the earlier tweet without even mentioning names.

you don't have to defend who you voted for man. That's the beauty of living in the land of the free.

we know who you voted for. The hate is coming from Trump himself

don't worry what people say. They did not like Jesus.

tell that to Trump 

It is pretty obvious Jeremy.  

Jeremy then tweeted 2 more times.

Well, we had no good choices,but America made a choice. Let's act with grace, self control, and maturity in the coming weeks. Signing off... 

Lastly, really encouraged by and his prayer movement. Pray for our country as it needs it more than ever now.

It should be noted that Franklin Graham's twitter is filled with tweets and messages about praying about the election and links to stories emphasizing the importance for Christians to vote for politicians who will protect religious liberty and make Supreme Court nominees who will overturn the same sex marriage ruling and will be pro-life.

Meanwhile, Jacob Roloff, who is the only "liberal" leaning Roloff among the immediate family, blamed the result on "progressives" who voted for 3rd party candidates such as Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Jacob Roloff was a Bernie Sanders supporter originally, but then fully embraced the idea of voting for Hillary Clinton -- Jacob made an Instagram post last week urging people to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

As the votes were coming in and it was looking as though Trump would be the winner, Jacob retweeted this:

If the presidency goes to Trump because of these voters...maybe the republic is too stupid to survive after all. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein combined have so far amassed twice the total votes won by Nader in 2000


Angela said...

Praise the Lord. Prayer really does work. It is God's will to have people in office who will protect religious freedom and follow God's path.

The hateful comments directed at Jeremy are outrageous. That goes to show how tolerant liberals are.

Jacob shows that he is a true loser compared to Jeremy.

God would not allow a Democrat to shape the future of America's Supreme Court and this was God's will. Words cannot express my joy.

Brandon said...

Jeremy (and Audrey) are so gutless. Why is he so ashamed to say he voted for Trump?

If people are truly wrong, just say so. I actually compare to Hillary Clinton and the hacked emails when her camp's approach was to say "Maybe they are not real...but maybe they are...we aren't saying they aren't true...but we will still try to leave it open for doubt by saying maybe they are not legitimate! But we won't actually say it's false! It just might be, wink wink!"

Like people said in the comments, it's obvious who Jeremy voted for. Just own it.

By the way, nicely hypocritical of Jeremy to use social media to talk about serious subjects. Not okay for others, but okay for Jeremy...when he wants.

As for Jacob, I totally disagree with him. The fault does not belong on people who did not believe in Hillary Clinton. It is on the DNC for rigging the primary so that Clinton was always going to be the candidate. People should not be forced into voting for a candidate they don't like or a party they know is corrupt. Blame the party. Voting for the Democrats would not change anything. Voting for a candidate and party that you don't believe in because it is the "lesser of 2 evils" will never change it. That's why nothing has ever changed.

Rap541 said...

Heheh Brandon, I'm genuinely curious to see what happens when Trump gets bored and resumes his life as a man with democratic leanings. I'm also genuinely curious what the fall out will look like in both parties. The Dems knowingly back a flawed and difficult candidate and the republicans basically wetted themselves

And lets see... Jeremy found the time to make a political post even though he proudly stated social media was not the place for serious discussions... and still can't find his twig and berries and be enough of a man to actually state who he voted for. I guess Auj carries around his balls now too.

More to the point - if you don't want to discuss your political leanings and views, Jer-Bear, then understand that you're not posting in a select tiny circle of your friends who are required to say "Yes Jer!"

Benzie Harp said...

Wow. God can pick presidents but lets cancer happen? That's one confused and confusing dude.

Paula said...

It is a great victory for America and for God. True Christ-loving Americans have taken back our country and we won't be pushed around anymore by politically correct Muslims, homosexuals and criminal Mexicans. Not in our country.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are going to get to nominate at least 3 Supreme Court Justices. How ironic that he will get to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg?? The country has literally been saved.

Ashley said...

I find it interesting that Isabel retweeted Jeremy's "it's a miracle!".

I've only heard people react like that by saying "It was a miracle" to mean that it was something great that happened. "It's a miracle we found her". "It's a miracle he didn't get hurt".

I think it was obvious what Jeremy was saying about the results. And then the fact he tries to tell people they might be wrong and then does a shout out to someone whose entire twitter is about how people need to vote Trump and Pence and Republican. Does Jeremy and Audrey really think people are stupid?

I'm not sure why Isabel retweeted that? Was she making fun of Jeremy? I doubt it. Trying to suck up to him?

Debbie said...

I'm so optimistic. This is truly a blessing from God. A Republican President, a Republican Senate and a Republican House. Things are going to get done now and the lefties can't stop. Real Americans who care about faith and family are going to see their values represented throughout the land.

Angela, I couldn't agree more. The tweets to Jeremy were disgraceful. How dare they attack him all at the mere thought that he supported the Republican who is going to restore the supreme court.

Katie said...

Ashley, she was mocking him. Directly after she retweeted it, she tweeted "can you really believe people think the trump presidency is a positive thing?"

She was retweeting him to mock him. Also, Jacob retweeted her tweet after that. Jacob also retweeted a tweet saying "If you support Donald trump I look at you differently now".

It'll be interesting to see how divided this makes the Roloff family.

Marie said...

Ashley, are you an idiot? Look at everything else she was tweeting. She was clearly retweeting that to showcase his bigotry to her followers. He lost a lot of fans when he tweeted that. Good riddance. What a fucking dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy and Audrey do not want to engage with others. They simply want to send out their message without any responding to anyone. All they want is praise and don't want any negative feedback.
It's obvious that they voted for Trump. They are too weak and don't want to lose fans/money for not standing up to their decision.
They are so fake it is disgusting.
America won last night and today America is great. Trump can't be any worse than what Obama did to this country.
Choo choo!

Esto said...

When is "God" going to get elected in Japan, Debbie and Angela Taliban?

tegan713 said...

I pretty sure molly was a gary Johnson supporter.

PJ said...

Paula and Debbie,
Of course you're happy. This gives you permission to be homophobic bigots in public. Which is precisely why Jerky Jer and his fame ho of a wife love it.
You two and Not Angela need to get it through your thick skulls and pea brains that this is a secular country and the suggestion otherwise is offensive and just flat out wrong.
Congratulations on making the US a laughing stock by electing such a jadkass.

Ashley said...

Thanks Katie. I just wanted to know what other people thought. Marie, that's why I was asking. I knew Isabel wouldn't be excited about what happened, but didn't think she would "mock" Jeremy. She pretty much said the very opposite think on her Tumblr a couple of days before about how she still loves Jeremy and Audrey even though they are bigots (it was the asker saying they were bigots, not Isabel). Isabel made it clear she wasn't going to say anything bad about Jeremy and Audrey on Tumblr. So I didn't think the retweet was a mock.

Gail said...

God is great. This is a movement and America will be made great again by focusing on the constitution and Christian values. Mike Pence is our Vice President! God is working in great ways.

Shelby said...

I'm not sure why my comment wasn't published last night, I think I pressed submit, anyway, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I lovvvvvvvvvvve how stupid this makes liberals and atheists that hate God. Jacob and Isabel look even more stupid now.

The country wants Trump/Pence. It was the liberal media trying to convince us it would never happen. The country has spoken and I couldn't be happier.

Good bye flaunting gays! lol. Seriously, how quickly will Trump be able to change the Supreme Court and change the gay marriage law and make it illegal.

My Aunt who is really into politics told me that Trump/Pence could now pass the same law Mike Pence signed in Indiana about making gay marriage illegal and adoption illegal if gays are trying to get the kids. She says because Republicans now control everything as long as Republicans elected don't back stab Trump/Pence and the people they can actually get things done for God and the people.

Jeremy's twitter shows that the real haters are liberals. He can't even say it's a miracle without being attacked? Those people are crazy. Jeremy and Audrey should be able to say what they want.

Dustin said...

Some of you people are disgusting and I'm glad Jeremy and Audrey lose followers when ever their true colors show. They don't have the guts to make a bold statement, but they can't resist slipping up and making it clear who they support but still leave the opening to say "you don't know I believe that". Cowards.

I saw this last night. If anyone knows the Canadian kids TV show Some Assembly Required or the son of a former NHL coach, Dylan Playfair is an actor from that show. Anyway, I follow his Instagram and he posted this picture with this caption

dylanplayfair1No it's not makeup, I wish it was. This is my friend @chris.bawl who was bottled last night in LA for being gay. His attacker yelled homophobic slurs then told him we have a new president now before smashing a bottle into one of the kindest humans I've ever met.... Chris is stronger than the coward who did this and if Americans band together in love not fear, Trumps presidency may solidify American unity. If Americans choose fear and division I fear more innocent people like Chris will be targeted... Evolve, love, share.... Let's use this as a reminder to treat everyone the way you would wish to be treated. Thanks for being a legend @chris.bawl we all love you

Hate crimes already are on the rise. Not only against gay people, but against Muslims. People are telling stories of kindergarten kids bullying Mexican kids by saying they'll be deported!

There's a reason why Donald Trump had the backing of the KKK. Bullying and hate is on the rise.

It's sickening that people can celebrate this "movement".

Angela said...

Dustin, get your gay propaganda lies out of here.

I don't believe that for a second. That homosexual posed for that picture before going to the hospital? Yeah right. Same with the Mexican Kindergarten story. I saw that being passed around on twitter. Bunch of crap. Those sure sound like articulate kindergarten students to know what deported means and understand politics!

It's all liberal crap meant for sympathy.

True Americans have woken up and are taking back our country. As long as you are moral, following the law and respecting America, you have nothing to worry about. Gays have pushed their agenda on Christians and taken our religious freedom. Trump and Pence will give it back to us and straighten out our country.

Shelby said...

Dustin, that looks pretty fake to me, lol. Probably all make up because if the guy posting is an actor in LA, a lot of them are gays anyway and blood make up.

If it is true, well I don't support violence but just don't be gay in public. Don't infringe on Christians rights not to see gay stuff. Nobody would know if he was minding his own business but it's never like that.

The liberal media always wants to paint everything has the respectful gay being attacked or the black lives matter stuff as a respectful law abiding black being attacked by a racist cop. It's never like that when you see the facts.

Just look at Jeremy's twitter. It's a Christian being attacked.

Angela said...

If Isabel was really retweeting Jeremy to mock him that shows her true colors. But I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Secular Sally Freedom said...


WestBIGOT Baptist Church said...

Shelby, Angela, and Debbie-- you're great!!!
I want to see Neil Patrick Harris shoved back into a closet. I want Sarah Silverman in a concentration camp. Morgan Freeman should be picking cotton. Redskins on reservations.

The USA is for White Christians only.

Shelby said...

I don't want to see gays in public. I'm the one DEFENDING Jacob against what he had to go through in high school. No way should a straight high school guy need to deal with a homosexual kid coming on to him and calling him cute. That's gross and shouldn't happen. What about the rights of us normal people? That's what the results are about. That's what Trump and Pence's win is about. Not just about the gays but with everything else. Christians are rising up.

Sorry Shelby! Gays 4ever said...

Trump simply isn't Hitler. He is moderate on many areas of policy, such as gay rights, and flexible on others, such as the economy. And several of the issues he ran and won on are serious issues that he was right to address.

Havalook YAY said...

Upper Elementary and Middle School students at Abintra Montessori School in Nashville, Tennessee, scary news turned into immediate action, and it's the kind of inspiration you definitely need to see right now. Students who arrived at school early began making signs that read "Not Afraid," "Stronger Together," and "Love and respect for all. We love you LGBTQ! Women! Immigrants!" They greeted everyone who pulled up in the drop-off line with hugs and cries of love, a beautiful surprise on a historically tragic day.

Ooo poor Jacob said...

Hey Shelby,
But you think it's okay for your savior President-elect to go up and grab women by their pu**y?
Typical "Christian" hypocrisy from you yet again

Julie said...

"I don't want to see gays in public." - Too late, we're all around you. Deal with it.

Julie said...

"The country wants Trump/Pence." - No, we don't. Those of you saying this really need to learn how the electoral college works. The people of America actually WANT Hillary Clinton bc she's the one who won the popular vote. It's just that we're getting screwed thanks to the electoral college.

Rap541 said...

"Christians are rising up."

Except Jeremy Jesus! Shelby -insist you know what he thinks all you want... if you ask him point blank if he agrees with your views, he will proudly refuse to answer and refuse to stand with you!

And you'll kiss his ass and insist Jeremy refusing to commit is something you're proud to see! :)

If everything is coming up roses, why isn't Jeremy proud to say how he voted? And why do you hold his faith higher than your own when he's unwilling to commit the way you have?

If Jeremy is your example Christian rising up, then America has nothing to worry about. Because Jeremy "Proud Christian Rising" Roloff won't even admit he supports Trump.

I mean, if you're right, why is big boy Jer still in his diapers refusing to agree with you? What is the big boy scared of?

Amused said...

I wonder if Jeremy realizes his miracle means he will need to step up when Camerino and all the other illegals Matt Roloff employs are deported.

Kelly said...

Shelby, I find myself laughing at all those liberal stories that Dustin told or the ones that the fake black guy Shaun King posts about these horrible mean nasty racist white men. I call a bunch of bull crap on it. Just stories to make them into the victims and to make Trump and his supporters look bad.

Trump has always said he is appointing judges who will overturn the marriage ruling and his choice of Mike Pence as VP speaks volumes. I have no doubts that Trump will honor his promises to Evangelicals.

PJ said...

At least some of the stories are true. I know someone who was attacked walking into a supermarket. You all forget the Supreme court cannot just overturn stuff at will. And that trump cannot just do whatever he wants either.

I don't want to be subjected to creepy, right wing pseudo-christians or see them and their obnoxious, ugly crosses in public. But unfortunately even nasty bigots have rights.


Anonymous said...

I agree it was a "miracle" or perhaps, unbelievable, and would not infer that he voted for Trump--he didnt get my vote.

Peter said...

It's quite simple. Jeremy had 2 choices.

1. If people are wrong and he did not vote for Donald Trump, all he needed to do was say "I did not vote for Trump". He hasn't said that.

2. Don't f***ing talk about politics at all! No one forced Jeremy to talk about politics. It's Jeremy and his wife who make these loaded tweets and then whine when people read into them.

If Jeremy is not prepared for serious topics, then stick to fluff, like his wife's hair color or trying to sell clothing.

Katie said...

Isabel is so two faced. On her Tumblr, when she is asked directly about Audrey, she says she gets along great with Audrey and loves her. On Twitter, she makes vague statements that people know is about about Audrey or includes Audrey, like that she looks at people who voted for Trump differently.

Brandon said...

Jeremy is ignoring his own rant. What happened to important discussions do not belong on social media and they take place only face to face in person?

I like that many of the people responding are noting to Jeremy that it's easy for him to say that as a white, straight, Christian privileged man.

Also, why do people who tout the importance of the constitution, always seem to forget "Separation of Church and State??

Jeremy Roloff

Hate will not eradicate hate. Honestly, what is deplorable is the response I am witnessing from friends, fellow Americans and Christians.

The Bible says that they (the world) will know that we are His disciples, by how we love one another. John 13:35.

Are you acting like a disciple of Jesus?

Do not throw away your self control, identity and faith in a coming Kingdom because of some political nonsense that you don't agree with.

No political party represents our faith or identity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

How you react to this will say more about who and what you believe in than a million words will. Find rest and peace in the Lord Jesus, for the things of this world will soon pass away. 1 Cor 7:31.

Brandon said...

It should also be noticed that while Jeremy is preaching to act like a disciple of Jesus, while criticizing those that disagree with him, Audrey is mocking the people who are in fear of Trump.

Audrey retweeted:

1944: 18 year old men storm the beaches of Normandy

2016: Millennials spend 2 days openly weeping because they're sad Trump was elected.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I would merely make the pint that in 1944, 18 year old men stormed the beaches in Normandy and in 2016, a 26 year old man is too scared of the consequences to even admit who he voted for. :)

And I am betting poor lil Audrey will of course run to social media to protest when people assume her retweet means she voted for Donald. Because she's so scared too.

Brandon said...

Great points, Rap!

Ecossais said...

I love Jeremy's quotes from the great book of fables.

Kelly said...

PJ, Most of the stories aren't true, it's Liberal BS.

Look at the way Trump has been acting the past few days, and they don't care.

Audrey's retweet about the whiny ways of 18 year olds today was spot on.

PJ said...

Most of the stories ARE true. Denying them is conservative crap. I saw one today. Some redneck drove past a hispanic church screaming foul language at women and small children. Want that to happen to your family's 3 year olds?

Ashley said...

Slightly off topic, but I went to Matt's Facebook page to see if he was saying anything about the election. I haven't been there for a while and I see all it really has been recently is Matt linking articles to a website called "Little Things".

I thought that was kind of weird because at first glance it seemed like Matt was just referencing a random story or something, but since it's ALL from this one website it obviously has an agenda.

From it's "About" page it is a website that "...publishes engaging, meaningful content for women across generations.`

I looked a the contributors section to see if Matt is an owner or anything and didn't see anything but there must be something. Kind of sneaky how he tries to present it as him just sharing a news story.

Anybody know?

Misst said...

Fuck you and your true america bullshit angela. There are just as many true Americans that hold different beliefs than you.Religious freedom is just that, freedom for all religions.Its people like you that make racism and homophobia thrive. Get over yourself you hateful bigoted bitch.Jesus weeps at your ignorance.
A true American liberal :)

Anonymous said...

cnn has articles showing pictures of graffiti of "make America white again". is that liberal BS?

Anonymous said...

is that the miracle Jeremy is happy about? painting swastikas? make America white again?

Karma chameleon said...

I know if this comment gets posted, the thing I am commenting on will immediately get changed, but has anyone else been quietly amused by the fact that the comments on Auj's "confusion" over the CoverGirl picture stopped at...69? [snicker] :)

Denise said...

Karma, what kind of drugs are you on? The comments are at 177. Liberals are always making stuff up, anything to make Christians look bad.

Bea-El Z. Bubb-a said...

Speaking of numbers, how fitting is it that Trump's son-in-law owns 666 Fifth Ave? Bahahaha

Denise said...

Anon, that's false. Many of the reported "incidents" including the gay one, have been debunked as fake.

I'm really encouraged at the increasing role Mr. Mike Pence is taking on in the Trump administration. I've heard that Trump is set to let Pence take the lead on Domestic policy.

The best suggestion I've heard is that Ted Cruz is being considered for the Supreme Court. Nothing would make me happier to know that we have a true follower of God on the Supreme Court ensuring that God's laws are followed.

It's a crime that Jesus focused people such as Jeremy and Audrey are attacked at the slightest hint that they don't support the liberal anti-God agenda.

Benzie Harp said...

Denise, are you too FUCKING STUPID to realize you're suggesting the same kind of shit as Sharia law? Bonehead.

Karma chameleon said...

Awwwwww, bless your clueless heart, Denise.

PJ said...

Denice, Denice,
The counter on the LGBT post here is at 69. It's really idiotic of you to lie about things so easily checked.
As I've said there are real incidents happening. Yeah I'm sure some are false, the media rarely gets much correct any more.
I'm so tired of you, Paula and Angela (I'm sure there are others but the names escape me)whining about attacks on "god driven" Jer and Oddj but feel free to lie and attack people here and other Roloffs. Jesus would be ashamed of you.

I'm sure Jer is running around in a brown shirt, shouting "zeig heil" at Oddj (and the cat) and singing that golden oldie "Deutschland über alles".

Rap541 said...

Denise, once again you SHIT WITHOUT THINKING.

Karma is referring to this thread.

You had a choice, to actually look at the website or SHIT WHERE YOU PLEASED.

You accused someone one using drugs because you didn't want to be fucking bothered with the facts.

Denise , you need to *publically* apologize to Karma for your PUBLIC ASSHOLE REMARKS WHERE YOU WERE CLEARLY WRONG.

Or you know, you can bray how Christians can shit on others as Jesus wants you to hate for him. Your choice in demonstrating your faith, and what your faith stands for. I have utterly no expectation that you'll act decently.After all, you like hating and lying about others... you just publically did it to Karma.

zane said...

Anyone notice Isabel's tweets about her new job? Now all you morons can get off her back about having one!

Misst said...

If Denise has her way,everyone including precious slutty dressing Audrey will have to start dressing like the Duggars.
Denise, seriously consider getting mental health help,the shit you spew would alarm a professional.

Kelly said...

Zane, Isabel has also lied and stretched the truth, she tried to make it look like Jacob had a steady job when he didn't.

PJ said...

How do you know? Do you live with Isobel and Jacob? Otherwise STFU.

Zane said...

Kelly, get a grip. Why would she post numerous tweets about it, if she was lying?

And Jacob did have a job: with her dad working construction for 7 months or so. Just because you didn't get a photo of an official contract doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Ecossais said...

What business is it of the commenters on here whether Isabel or Jacob have jobs?

Kelly said...

"What business is it of the commenters on here whether Isabel or Jacob have jobs?"

That's not a hard answer, lol.

Answer: Because this is a blog where Jacob and his girlfriend are discussed and Isabel as repeatedly posted about jobs.

Zane, I don't believe it for a second. You think Jacob had a steady job for 7 months? ROAR-LOL! Some people are so gullible.

Rose said...

She has a job. Get over your blind hatred Kelly.

Rap541 said...

Ecossais - I actually agree with Kelly in that it's not a difficult question to answer.

We just have different answers. ;)

Basically a small group of fans is jealous that Isobel and Jacob have money due to their life circumstances while they don't. It's basically a bitch point because there's really nothing else to bitch about at this point. Despite all the "OMG Isobel wants to be soooo famous she's only dating Jacob because she's a famewhore not like Precious Perfect Auj who shoves her face into every episode she can, and is attempting to turn 'I MARRIED A ROLOFF!' into her career" the reality is that she's been on the show, what, twice? and has never been named as anything special or had any attention drawn to her. She doesn't appear to be pursuing any sort of career that, if it was anyone not dating Jacob Roloff, that anyone would have a problem with. Likewise for all bitching about Jacob needing to put up or shut up - as soon as he turned eighteen, he moved out of the house and as soon as he could escape the contracts, he stopped signing them. Trust me folks, if Jacob said "I want to do the show" he would be on the show. He wasn't on last season, and I doubt we'll see him on this new season.

Does he work? Does Isobel? I think they work as much as Audrey and Jeremy work. I genuinely doubt Auj ever worked even a part time job before she went to los angeles, and we all know that Jeremy didn't (and in fact Jeremy was still living at home from 18-22 and was financially supported in Santa Barbara while getting his now completely discredited schooling).

Now I know a few people will start shrieking how Jeremy manfully sacrificed his life away from home to tie himself to the farm for years and years because he's so devoted to being Daddy Matt's best boy helper(even though he continues to live hours away despite no reason to), while Jacob is scum for walking away from easy street reality show but also demanding his share of the filming profits from his childhood being displayed... but at the end of the day, Eccosais, basically people like Kelly are pissed that someone they don't like has money enough to goof off on. It's not about work ethic - if it was, then Jeremy, Zach and Audrey would be included as they're all living off Matt at this point. Only Molly and Tory have jobs but funny how that always gets hand waved away.

J45 said...

FWIW, Zach is still doing better than Jer with his soccer job. (Not saying it's a good job -- it's only enough to support teenage spending habits). But it's still more than Jer can swing.

Kathy said...

These two should get off social media and get real jobs and no, TLC is not a real job.

Ecossais said...

Actually Kelly, if you care to pay attention, this blog is about Jeremy's reaction to Trump's victory is it not?

Ecossais said...

Excellent response Rap.

Boise Belinda said...

At the end of the day, Amy Roloff is the only one I don't want to punch.

BigBrother said...

For what it's worth, Little People Big World is up for another new show next Tuesday on the 22nd of November (TLC, 8:00 PM).

TLC has already been running ads for the show, and TV Guide's summary says it's basically about Matt having his operation and 'a shocking blow that catches the family by surprise.'

Ah well, just letting blog-readers know in case some might've been unaware of the new mini-season.

NotGonnaWatch said...

a shocking blow, as in...Camerino, the only person who actually does any work on the farm, is facing deportation. I'm shocked, shocked to discover that an upright guy like Matt would actually hire someone in the country illegally. Oh, wait, no, I'm not. Even better is the online petition to keep Camerino here, while they cheerfully support Trump and his platform promise of mass deportations. "Kick them all out! Well, all of them except MY illegal Mexican, who works for pennies on the dollar and does all the shit work my healthy, unemployed, 20-something kid who desperately wants the farm won't do." Hypocrisy, thy name is Roloff. Not that that's anything we didn't already know.

Ecossais said...

Thanks Big Brother

I have to admit TLC knows how to "hook" viewers.
I couldn't care less about Matt's surgery. If he had died under the knife we would have heard about it. I suspect this is just another "poor Matt" thing.

However I will watch just to see what "shocking blow" TLC has dreamed up this time.

Angela said...

The double standard in how Jeremy and Audrey, have been treated (attacked) should be alarming to all Christians.

Where is the outrage at Jacob? Where is Radaronline to vilify Jacob? He has been retweeting pro-Hamiilton posts after the disgrace where they disrespected our honorable Vice President Elect, Mike Pence. Pence is a good Christian man of God. It was completely appalling what that gang of disrespectful liberals did to him. Booing and lecturing. Shut up and act.

Kelly said...

Angela, the part that bugs me about Jacob's twitter facade is if he's going to pretend on twitter that he's on board with the gays and statements like this "Here's the harassing statement the guy who's ok w/ grabbing women wants an apology for on behalf of the guy who's ok w/ electrocuting gays, then grow up Jacob. You want to defend gays, then be forced to spend hanging out with a gay man.

You shouldn't be able to pretend on your twitter that you support the gays if you really know gays are perverts and don't want them around you.

It's like being ok with people with Aids donating blood in other states, but in your state and your local city, you refuse to accept blood unless it's screened for HIV. If you aren't willing to have it in your own life, then don't support measures that put it in the lives of others.

I wish Jeremy and Audrey would tweet their support for Vice President Pence.

Rap541 said...

Actually the cast of Hamilton asked the audience not to boo and were completely respectful in their comments.

I wish Jeremy and Audrey would tweet their support for Vice President Pence.

It's pretty impressive how cowardly and silent Jer and Auj are, isn't it? I mean, they still haven't had the courage to say who they voted for, and Kelly, I kinda think you're gonna be waiting a really long time to see your heroes actually stand up for anything. :)

For the record, Kelly, gays are all around you and you probably spend time every day with a "gay", as does Jacob. As does Jeremy and funny how Jeremy won't even commit to publically not liking gays or wanting them restricted from his life as you insist is right - any public comment from Jeremy ever that he refuses gay money or gay patronage of Roloff Farms and wants gay people to NOT watch his reality show?

Oh that's right, the little bitch boy (not a man, Jeremy's never a man) keeps his little boy mouth shut tight when money is involved and when money is involved Jer-Bear BitchBoy shuts his mouth and holds out his hand for the thirty dollars of silver.

Kelly said...

Rap, you're as dense as usual. People have been saying we've been wanting the Roloffs to speak out and up more and more. You act like none of us have said we want them to speak out. We do. We just are mature enough to know that people who you respect are not going to do everything you want or you're not going to agree with how they handle every situation. That doesn't mean you hate the person.

"For the record, Kelly, gays are all around you and you probably spend time every day with a "gay", as does Jacob."

Once again you missed the point. Jacob is the one who is on the record saying that he would not have a gay guy friend (and most Christians here support him for that and defend him for that position). Since Jacob doesn't want to have gays around him, it's hypocritical for him to present himself on twitter as someone who supports spreading homosexuality in our society. Because in his real life, when it affects him, he doesn't want the creepy gays around him.

Wendy said...

I couldn't agree more with Angela and Kelly about double standards. The left are so intolerant of opinions that differ from their own flawed views. I'm so sick of seeing Jeremy and Audrey being disrespected.

I read Jeremy's touching blog post about prayers for his wife Audrey. Then I read the comments and some rude jerk says "Interesting that you didn’t pray for humility… something that you both sorely need a dose of."

There's no place for trolls like that.

Whore-tense said...

Jeremy is an arrogant spoiled ass.

Rap541 said...

Oh Kelly, and just when I was going to praise you for actually committing to "I'm Kelly and I wish Jeremy and Auj would tweet their support for Mike Pence"

Now tell me WHY you think they aren't proudly tweeting their support?

I'm willing to ignore the basic issue that nothing rude was said to Mike Pence, but you think it was rude and YOU think Jer and Auj are wrong to not agree with YOU that Mike was disrespected.

How were Jer and Auj wrong, per YOU? And what do YOU think they should be saying and doing?

I'm not accusing you of HATING jer and Auj so please stand up and articulate how you think they are wrong.

As for Jacob? Don't really care since I know by being on the show he interacted with gays every day. As do Jer and Auj.

Help me out, Kelly - do you know that you exclusively work with straight people? I am asking you directly not in respect to any other topic.

GoJacobGo said...

Jacob is the one who is on the record saying that he would not have a gay guy friend at age 16, having just come out of an evangelical Christian school system in which he had spent 10 years being indoctrinated with the same hateful beliefs the "Christians" on this blog spout. He hadn't had any time or opportunity to form his own opinions or unlearn the crap his parents and teachers had foisted on him all those years. Now he has had the opportunity to get away from the brainwashing, and meet a lot of people and live his own life. I'm willing to bet he's changed his mind about a lot more than just gay people.

Benzie Harp said...

Amy Roloff was on Chopped, which is hosted by OPENLY GAY Ted Allen.

Guess when there's a buck to be made, the Christ lovers put their outdated "morality" in the pantry.

Kit said...

One of Amy's BEST friends, is also an OPENLY GAY man named Jack.

She has posted photos with him many times. Where's the buck in friendship?

Rap541 said...

Its also duly noted Kelly, that you are referring to "people have been saying" and not "I am Kelly and I think the Roloffs are WRONG to not speak out on how they are against homosexuality".

Why are you so afraid to disagree with the Roloffs? Afraid Jeremy won't be your pal? You know the big boy is married now, right?

And tell me, Kelly, are you bothered - not "some people" but YOU! Are YOU bothered that Jeremy can't even man up enough to admit who he voted for?

Does it offend YOU that his reasons for sitting silent are because he wants liberal cash in his pockets and if he brays his views too loudly, the diversity dollars go away?

Or will you just sit mum and refuse to take a stand just like your buddies the Roloffs? Because that's what Christians do

Kelly said...

""I'm Kelly and I wish Jeremy and Auj would tweet their support for Mike Pence"

Yep, that's what I said!

"Now tell me WHY you think they aren't proudly tweeting their support?`

Because not everyone in the public eye feels the need to post their opinion on every political issue happening. However, I still want them to because I think it does good when Christians who have a following make it clear when Christians are being treated unfairly in our country. Just because they don`t react to every situation the way I want them to doesn't mean I suddenly have no respect for them.

"I'm willing to ignore the basic issue that nothing rude was said to Mike Pence"

Wow Rap, you're worse than even some liberals who can't even defend. what the cast did to the soon to be Vice President.

Mike Pence is a good Christian man who was having a night out with his family. He did not ask to be harassed within the theater. Booing and be lectured by an actor that was supposed to be there acting was incredibly rude. Donald Trump is 100% right. They owe Pence an apology.

"As for Jacob? Don't really care since I know by being on the show he interacted with gays every day. As do Jer and Auj. Help me out, Kelly - do you know that you exclusively work with straight people? I am asking you directly not in respect to any other topic."

Nice attempt to muddy the water. I was talking about actually willingly having gays in your life, hanging out with them and being the victim of their sexual perversion.
If a gay makes the correct choice to at least keep quiet and not tell anyone about their sexual activity, then of course you don't know if you're surrounded by a gay or not. What we are talking about is creating a society where the "rights" of gays don't destroy the fabric of America and where Christians aren't persecuted or forced to witness behavior that they shouldn't be subjected to.

I'll say it again because you missed the point. Jacob had a real life situation. He is on the record saying he will not be friends with a gay guy. It bothered him (as it should) that a gay at school was publicly calling Jacob cute.

The whole point is if you don't want gays to be able to do that in our society then you shouldn't get on twitter and pretend like you are for rights that allow them to be more out there and obnoxious.

Brandon said...

Kit, please don't tell me that you're seriously talking about the Jack who is a millionaire Hollywood producer? Because if you are that is ridiculous. You can ask "where is the buck in the friendship" when the person Amy is friends with is a Millionaire Hollywood producer in an industry Amy is trying to get into.

Since you're trying to prove that Amy isn't a homophobe (which I disagree with, her support and statements about organizations that are hostile to the gay community make that clear) your point would better be made if you could point to her having a gay friend who she has nothing to gain by her relationship with them. If the person you are pointing to is a Millionaire in Hollywood who produced the Academy Awards and who gave then Roloff friend Jen tickets to the Oscars, that's a pretty shitty example! And he's the same Jack that has been used to "prove" that Jacob and Isabel are accepting of gays.

People, try to find someone who is not a millionaire in Hollywood with entertainment connections where there's obviously some perks in being "friends" with said person.

If that is the Jack you're referring to, you just made Benzie's point.

GoJacobGo, I disagree. An example of something that actually happened, how a person (Jacob) actually reacted and then what he had to say about it as the time, is much more revealing of his character than him publicly tweeting on general policy about something.

I don't buy the excuse that Jacob has changed. Jacob's attitude/homophobia was not founded upon a religious objection at the time. If it was, then I could maybe believe that Jacob has changed his attitude as his religious views have evolved.

Jacob's homophobia was rooted in the macho, 'Ew, that's gross that a guy likes me' and 'I don't want to be seen with him because people might think I'm gay too and that would be awful!' form of homophobia. Once you think that way, I think it's much harder to lose that mindset. Some straight guys are just really "uncomfortable" around a gay guy.

It's easy to try to defend him by saying maybe he isn't that way now when the reality is he probably doesn't put himself in situations where he would make new friends with someone who might be gay.

From Jacob and Isabel twitters, it seems like one of Jacob's friends lives with them and some friends have visited and stayed with them. Any of the guys, gay? Nah, didn't think so. I'm not saying that's unreasonable but is when you're suggesting that we just assume Jacob has changed when the reality is it's unlikely he will put himself in another situation where his true character would show.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - so you know Mike Pence was on the morning political shows today stating he wasn't offended at all? And that the Hamilton cast told the audience NOT to boo him? Have you actually looked at what was said or are you just "IF TRUMP SAYS BE PISSED IM PISSED CAUSE I AINT GONNA THINK FOR MYSELF!"?

More seriously - so you're pissed but totally respectful of Jeremy and Auj refusing to stand up for their beliefs. Do you think Jer and Auj SHOULD be praised for standing tall on their morals... when they don't?

Tell me, Kelly, what do you think Jer and Auj are doing that has you so impressed that you are handwaving away their refusal to disavow their liberal fans and their refusal to even say they voted for the Republican ticket?

Audrey won't even say "I think Covergirl is wrong" her great big standing tall protest was "Confused?" and "I have no problem with men wearing makeup"

If you want to play the "he said it when he was sixteen" game then please tell me how pleased as punch you are that Jeremy likes to call people "NIGGERS" and not in the hip hop fashion and since when was it cutesy Christian awesome for Jeremy as a Christian to like hip hop slang anyway? Jeremy had a real life situation, and he publically called a beloved father figure his NIGGER. Ol Jer has never found his balls to address this so I think we have to assume, as you're assuming for Jacob, that he has not changed one bit since sixteen and thinks people who do things for him are his servile niggers. That's who he was at sixteen and you can't conceive of someone changing an opinion from when they were sixteen, so explain why it's not fair to say Jeremy needs to address his racism if he's going to continue to profit from a show about diversity?

Kelly - what rights do gays have that you think should be stripped away? And I notice you basically can't answer "I know everyone in my life and work is straight" - as a Christian, why isn't this your first concern? Why isn't it Jeremy and Audrey's? If you're going to walk this walk of not wanting to be around them, well, missy, some of it is on you, don't you think? Why aren't you PROUDLY turning to people in your life and saying "I need to know if you're gay, and if you are, we need to sever all ties because you're morally wrong".

Oh wait... that might have consequences wouldn't it? People might not like you or want to be around you so it's easier for you to sit silent and do nothing (just like Jer and Auj) and ignore all the gays around you and then whine how they're surrounding you.

I always find the sexual perversion argument hilarious - Kelly has anyone gay ever made a pass at you? Has a man ever made a pass at you? Why should that man be allowed to display his sexual interest in you? I mean, "Hey wanna fuck?" is ok if its a man but is a sexual perversion if it's a woman?

You want to hear about something sexually perverse? My lesbian boss who got two foster to adopt kids from the government? Recently got asked to take on the third kid in the family. You know why, Kelly?

Because Daddy was fucking his four year old daughter. Now tell me, who is that kid better off with? Her lesbian foster parents or daddy who makes her spread like a good straight whore?

I find it hilarious that you call me liberal btw :)

TP said...

I went to school with the WRONG Roloff! Jeremy sounds cool.

Let me tell you all, I went to school with Jacob and Isabel. As a white , Christian, straight male who loves God, guns, sports and America, Jacob was massively annoying to know.

You should all know Isabel is trying to act all "I love everyone" on her blog, but where is her apology for how Jacob treated almost everyone at Liberty? He was a shithead. Most of the football team went out of their way to be nice to him since he was "the kid from tv" and he was a complete dick because he was so focused on being the cool rebel that hates everything.

If you actually talk to him about anything important, he is even more screwed up. If you're white and you dare to call a black person out for doing something criminal or agree with a cop in a shooting, you're a racist white guy. You can only laugh at how messed up they are.

Bethany Bigotte said...

Hey Kelly,
I don't like when people act black or Asian or Hispanic either.

America for breeder Whites only

Rap541 said...

The whole point is if you don't want gays to be able to do that in our society then you shouldn't get on twitter and pretend like you are for rights that allow them to be more out there and obnoxious.

What I find so interesting is that you're vehemently angry and completely disrespect Jacob for this... but you openly state you still respect Jer and Auj even though they don't stand up for what they believe in and who prefer to sit silent and allow the public to believe they are much more diverse than they really are.

It's actually Jer and Auj and Jacob all doing the same thing yet you still rush to kiss Jer's ass for it while raging and raging and raging against Jacob.

Do you even see how ridiculous you are? If this was about morality, you'd be enraged at all three, not pissed with one, and still proudly respecting the other two.

Don't let me put words in your mouth, Kelly - please tell me you have NO respect for all of them. Your words above indicate you still respect Jeremy and you still respect Audrey despite your insistence that you're mildly disappointed but still standing with them.

Why do you humiliate yourself this way? I assure you, I respect you much less for your insistence that its all about morality when it clearly isn't.

Curly Wurly said...

Kelly and the rest of the Christian Posse will never address my comment because truth hurts, but here goes:

So you don't want "obnoxious gays" but Trump can grab pussy?

Righhhhhhhhht. Okay you gaggle of hypocrites.

Laura said...

@TP, thank you for sharing. I'm not surprised by what you say of Jacob and Isabel (in condoning Jacob's behavior) towards the good Christian kids he went to school with. It's a problem I find with most non Christians. I think it's because they don't care about anything but themselves, they can't show respect to others.

Kelly said...

Rap, you're so ridiculous. You are the ultimate troll.

Nothing is hard to understand about what I said.

It's possible to disagree or be disappointed that a person didn't react to a particular event the way you wish they would have, and still have respect for them as people. I respect that Jeremy and Audrey are vocal about their love of Jesus. I respect that they take their marriage seriously and have a centered around honoring God. I respect that Jeremy and Audrey are using their resources to focus other couples on the importance of strengthening their marriages. You only need to look at the thousands of comments Jeremy and Audrey receive on twitter, Instagram and Facebook from people thanking them for being inspirations for how they are focused on glorifying Christ.

I would be delighted if they weighed in on things like the Pence disrespect from liberal actors and gays. But just because Jeremy and Audrey choose not to post their opinion on it doesn't mean I'm going to stop respecting them for how they carry themselves and how they let God use them to help spread the message of Jesus and expand His kingdom.

Jacob is a different story. He will use his twitter to suggest he's for "gay rights" which really just allows gays to inflict their obnoxious behavior on the rest of us. But we know for a fact, that Jacob doesn't want gays in his life affecting him. That's why he's hypocritical and should stuff it with the pro gay retweets.

"So you don't want "obnoxious gays" but Trump can grab pussy?"

There's no comparison. The Trump thing was the most overblown thing ever which is why Trump won the election. It was men talking together in what they thought was a private conversation bragging about how successful they are with "hot chicks". It's childish and Trump said he was embarrassed, but it's normal red blooded American men talk. I'd rather have guys talking stupid like that to each other than have high school gay guys hitting on straight kids in public school.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - you're just proving my point that you're a hypocrite. :)

The very fact that Jeremy and Audrey won't even call themselves Trump supporters should be a red flag to you if it's about *morality* but it's not - you're just looking for a reason to justify your hate and obvious jealousy.

And Kelly you're totally missing the point - you're saying you don't like "obnoxious gays" by which I assume you mean you don't like people who are publicly expressing their sexuality. (correct me if you mean something different)

Again, if it's about *morality* and not hate, then you should have an equal problem with a married man openly discussing how he planned to kiss some other woman and how he tried to fuck some other women (do you remember that part? Where Trump said he tried to fuck some other woman while he was married - this was before the pussy grabbing comment)....

Kelly how would you feel if Jeremy was caught on camera discussing how he tried to cheat on his wife and only didn't because the woman in question shot him down.

Hey what if *Jacob* had that conversation? Morally right in all cases? Or would you make excuses for some?

And for the record, it really should concern you that the president elect has a whole lot of decisions to make and is currently engaging in a twitter war with the cast of Hamilton over their right to access the first amendment. :)

GoJacobGo said...

Jacob's homophobia was rooted in the macho, 'Ew, that's gross that a guy likes me' and 'I don't want to be seen with him because people might think I'm gay too and that would be awful!' form of homophobia. know this are such good friends with Jacob? He has published a complete expose of his deepest feelings and allowed only you to read it? He has signed a sworn affidavit that all your assumptions are true? You have as much grasp on the difference between opinion and fact as Trump does.

Benzie Harp said...

So spot-on, Rap. The Jesus Posse commenting here offer proof time and time again of the cherry-picking that "Christians" do when it comes to their holier-than-thou "morality"

can't think of a username said...

"I'd rather have guys talking stupid like that to each other than have high school gay guys hitting on straight kids in public school. "

You'd rather have guys talking about committing sexual assault than having gay guys hit on straight people...? Wow.

Speaking as someone who was sexually assaulted in the manner that Trump describes (i.e. someone literally "grabbed me by the p*ssy"), you are sick in the head.

JJ said...

"As a white , Christian, straight male who loves God, guns, sports and America,"

LOL. I'm sure the feeling was mutual. God, just your self-description annoys me.

J45 said...

Kelly, you know the gay kid never actually hit on Jake in public school, right? He said Jacob was cute online.... I don't think it ever extended to real-life and I remember the kid was very respectful when Jacob was being averse to him/homophobic.

K Vh said...

Tory is pregnant as per her Instagram, congratulations Tory!

Anonymous said...

The proud, clueless ignorance on display in this comment thread is truly frightening. News flash: whether you realize it or not, you know gay people. They might be a friend, or a teacher, or a pastor, or a coach, or a member of your own family, and they know better than to share their lives with you because you've shown them your true colors. They've heard your hateful, self-righteous, bigoted comments, and so has your god.

He'd be so proud. NOT.

"Judge not, lest ye be judged."

Brandon said...

" know this are such good friends with Jacob? He has published a complete expose of his deepest feelings and allowed only you to read it? He has signed a sworn affidavit that all your assumptions are true? You have as much grasp on the difference between opinion and fact as Trump does."

I know that because I (and many others here) read Jacob's actual real time response to an actual situation. When posed the question, "Why won't you have a gay guy friend?" Jacob's answer was not 'I'm fine with having a gay guy friend' or 'that's only one gay kid I was talking about', his answer was "Because I'm not into dudes, I like girls". When you respond that way to a question about whether you'd disqualify someone from ever being a friend of yours due to their being gay, that definitely falls into the 'Ew, that's gross that a guy likes me' form of homophobia. Why does Jacob think that you can only have a gay friend if you are "into guys"? That's so ignorant it's embarrassing. Why did Jacob respond with the 'I don't want him anywhere near me' sentiment? Jacob was freaked out and reacted ridiculously because of macho homophobia.
Jacob is not a stupid person so the question is why did he respond with such ignorance and have such a stupid reaction? Answer = Homophobia.

J45, you make a great point. The gay kid was very respectful. All he did was answer a question about what he thought of Jacob. He said honestly he thinks Jacob is attractive. That's all he said. Jacob then said he didn't want the kid anywhere near him. Even when he the gay kid was asked about Jacob's homophobic reaction and the fact that he never spoke one word to him, the gay kid let Jacob off the hook and said Jacob is allowed to feel how he wants. That's a lot different from the picture Kelly is pointing of a wild gay kid running the halls jumping on guys and kissing them.

PJ said...

Tori is pregnant. The Golden Couple's head just exploded. No more gobs of attention for little Oddj and Jer.
And Tori just won the daughter-in-law sweepstakes.

Former Falcon said...

Tp, is so right. The whole team hated Jacob, not because we were mean and he was on a tv show. Everybody gave him a chance, but he was jerk. Practically the whole team used to talk about how fun it would be to knock him out with one punch, lol.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, Former Falcon, sure.

Don't get me wrong - I don't really give two shits if you liked the asshole or not, I just find it *hilarious* that we're all supposed to care what the fucking football team in high school thought of someone.

Tell me, when you weren't all manning up and talking about but not actually punching some smart ass, were you considering it because you were king shit of turd mountain aka "on the high school football team"?

How's life been treating you now that no one gives a shit about your high school play days? A hint "he was jerk" tells me that you might be finding employment difficult after high school :)

Former Falcon, do go on about how *you* were a *high school football player* and how you used to be someone! :) Because I love it when we enter the high school bitchery zone. I mean really, it's been two years, and you're still so pissed you're seeking out a website to let us know how you and your high school football pals hated Jacob but never found the balls to actually pop on. Sounds like a whole lotta big men with tiny penises talking the talk and not daring to risk the walk!

PJ - I am curious to see how the pregnancy is presented. I wonder if we will start to see some fertility whining to keep the attention on Auj and Jer. God knows they are certainly public about how often they fuck....

Oceanlover said...

Wow this blog just repeatedly has shown me what a hateful judgmental group you so called "Christians" are.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves

Sandra said...

I for one appreciate you, TP and Former Falcon for letting us know what Jacob did. He should apologize and if Isabel really wants her blog to be a positive force, she should apologize for supporting Jacob.

It bothers me because I live in Texas and I have 2 boys, one in high school. It's not bad here, but I'm sick and tired of seeing good boys who love the Bible, play ball, chase after girls and hunt, get made fun of or made to feel guilty for being white kids who believe in God.

I don't understand how someone can defend Jacob after TP's story. He should have treated those boys with respect.

Wendy said...

@Sandra - Well said.

@Oceanlover - Why don't you have compassion for the good kids that Jacob treated poorly? He's a bully. That's what he does online. If he had the physical stature, he would be a bully in the physical sense. I pray that something bad happens to Jacob that will make him reevaluate how he has and will continue to conduct his life.

PJ said...

Your boys may be good but the majority of high school football players I've known are snotty, self important jerks that wouldn't take no for an answer. And that's the fault of the teachers and parents that tell them they are important for a skill that is (for most of them) useless the rest of their lives.
Why is it an issue that Jacob chose to avoid them, he wasn't a jock. I dumped a close friend when she decided to join drill team because the priorities of the high school football culture were so screwed up.

Rap541 said...

I pray that something bad happens to Jacob that will make him reevaluate how he has and will continue to conduct his life.

Oh look, another Christian proudly praying for their god to hurt someone they don't like.

Wendy - do you ask your prayer circle to pray for injuries upon your enemies? :)

"Dear Jesus, I'm annoyed by a guy I see on tv so please hurt him."

Or how about this Wendy? In the spirit of the Golden Rule, you know, I think that's actually Christian, what if I prayed to Jesus that he visit upon you everything you wish upon Jacob Roloff?

That's Christian isn't it? Wendy? Would you like me to pray that to Jesus? Do you think Jesus smiles down on you when you pray to him to hurt Jacob Roloff?

Come on Christians, wet yourselves in glee explaining to me how Wendy praying to Jesus that Jesus should hurt Jacob is morally right and PRAISED BE TO GOD! :D

Come on. Its Christian to wish hurt on others, right? You all have taught the faith so well - Dear Jesus, I pray you hurt Wendy so she learns a lesson in being a hateful bitch in public isn't really morally ok.

What I especially find hilariously distasteful is how casually these threats get made, like it's a part of your every day life to just pray to God to hurt others. In Jesus's name you hate, right Wendy? Jesus is there as your personal hitman.

Wendy said...

Rap, you are simple mind that fails to understand. This is God's world. I am a woman of God.

I wish for the death of no one. It is my heartfelt wish that every person on the planet will come to realize that Jesus Christ is the answer and that everyone will come to Jesus.

In life, for some, it takes adversity for that person to wake up.

Jacob is a lost and evil person. You dismiss his prejudicial treatment of the Christian boys on the football team. You dismiss his scoffing at Christians who pray. You dismiss his drug use.

He is on the path to destruction. I didn't put him there. Christians have reached out to him and he has spit in our faces.

This is God's world and how you live will come back onto you.

Think of this metaphor. Jacob is the captain of his ship. He is sailing on God's ocean. He is sailing towards an iceberg. He is doing this because he curses God and is drugged up. We sail by and attempt to warn him because we want him to experience the peace that comes with allowing God to take control. He curses us and continues in his same pattern and abuses the ocean.

It will take him to crash to ever realize the errors of his ways. When we sail by and see that he crashed and he is unconscious, yes we would save him, but do we feel bad that he crashed? No, because that is what is necessary for him to realize that God is the answer and to correct the way he is living.

It is about God's love and wanting people to realize they must change their ways. It's not about hate.

I hope you have learned something and I hope God blesses your day and brings you peace.

Gina said...

Very well said, Wendy [clap clap clap]

When the dangerous driver is drag racing through the streets, I expect to see him crashed when I catch up.

Rap541 said...

Oh Wendy, its actually you that's simple.

First your religion is actually about forgiveness, not vengeance. Your place is not to judge others, that's God's job so when you're praying to Jesus to hurt Jacob so he'll learn a lesson, you're judging and of course sinning. So lets not pretend that your pastor endorses the "I pray that Jacob gets hurt" plan because you know that's not true. I mean Jesus, we learn this is Sunday school....

Second, you're basically stating bad things happen to people because God wants them to learn a lesson. Which is a bit mean but hey, God can as he likes...

The problem is that you don't actually apply this. Let me provide an example. If you're correct, that God provides painful experiences to people to teach them lessons....

Why was Audrey hurt in the motorcycle crash she had with Jeremy on Jeremy's birthday? While Jacob has been living a life free of painful things? WHen people get hurt, it's because God is punishing them so why did Audrey spend most of her college track career on crutches? Why did she break her foot the day she moved to Los Angeles? If how you live comes back to you... then shouldn't Audrey be a little worried?

And isn't Jacob not exactly catching the Lord's eye.

But what I find especially hilarious is that you (and your buddy Gina) won't proudly say "Oh Rap, as Christians, it's morally right for us to pray that God hurts someone else".

Why won't you guys says that?

And what was Jacob's "prejudicial" treatment of the football team? I mean really, was he supposed to offer to blow them since they play football in high school? Come on Wendy, tell us how you drop and suck the cock of high school football players because well... they play football in high school so they are worthy of respect!

Rap541 said...

Also , under your religion, Wendy - my prayer that God hurts you so you learn to be less of a vile bitch in public is completely fair. If I feel you need to learn a lesson, you believe I am morally right to pray to God that God hurts you.

Wendy - would you like it if I prayed to God that he visit everything you've wished for Jacob onto you and your family? I mean, that's how it works, right?

Oceanlover said...

@ Wendy

When did I say anything about Jacob? I was speaking of YOU and your Christian hate posse

Since when is it Christian to wish for anything bad to happen to anyone?

Wow, you really are mental. Get a grip.

Wendy said...

@Oceanlover, you called us Christians a hateful group. For standing against Jacob's treatment of others. Where is your outrage towards Jacob? Why should be able to ridicule Christians who love God? Just because they play on a football team, that gave Jacob the right to be obnoxious and insulting at their expense?

@Rap541, I gave you the answer from my heart. God has given me the wisdom. It does not bother me if you choose to misunderstand my heart, because I know God does not steer me wrong.

I pray Jacob will come to God, but I understand it is unlikely that will happen without some bad life circumstance happening to him that will cause him to reevaluate his life.

As for Audrey, I've seen Audrey even give the answer. God didn't give her anything she couldn't handle. Her injuries were for a reason, to make her a stronger person. We may not always understand the why, but the strong always trusts Him.

Rap541 said...

Why would Jacob come to God if people like you are point blank encouraging God to hurt him?

You speak from your heart and your heart says its ok to pray for someone to be hurt.

And you are saying God intentionally struck Audrey down repeatedly so that she would learn something correct? I mean God wanted her hurt, correct? You believe God intentionally injured Audrey so she could learn something that she hadn't figured out without you know, a fractured shoulder, and Audrey needed that fractured shoulder because she wasn't accepting or learning God's point any other way.

Those five little kids in Chattanooga - they sure must have pissed off God, and deserved what God handed them, right Wendy?

As for your endless whining about the blessed and saintly high school football players - saints walking amoung us, anyone who makes the high school football team never curses, never rapes, never commits murder or assault, never drinks, never does drugs, right Wendy? Anyone who says they are a Christian is IMMEDIATELY trustworthy and NEVER does a thing wrong and its absolutely inconceivable that despite evidence and crimes to the contrary, that anyone on a high school football team could be anything but Jesus's examples.

Wendy? Is it conceivable to you that things could have been mutual in regards to teasing etc? Because it kinda has always sounded like the football team was pissed that Jacob didn't want to be their best friend and that they considered themselves super awesome for even considering to be friends with "the tv kid" and are clearly pissed that Jacob didn't drop to his knees and blow them from the joy of being maybe sorta accepted by the high school football team.

As for Christians being a hate group - honey pie, you just insisted you have the right to pray someone be hurt that in your world, wishing pain and injury is Jesus blessed. That's pretty hateful. Would you like it and call it loving if I told you I prayed God would hurt you in order for you to learn how to not be such a bitch?

Because that seems to be love to you so I trust you would say thank you if I told you that.

Oceanlover said...


Get it through you thick skull that I am referring to YOU and your ugly statements, not Jacob. You sound like a child who got caught misbehaving and says "but what about Johnny" wah wah cry cry

I telling you to look into what Christianity is all about, and it is not about spewing the hate and filth you are plaguing this page with.

Take a look in the mirror lady before you pass judgement on others. Good grief.

Susan Murphy said...

I voted for Trump I am Pro Life Lover of Jesus Christ and All He stands for

Kelly said...

Wendy, most rational people understand what you mean. Don't waste your breath trying to reason with Rap.

Oceanlover, of course you don't want to focus on what horrible person Jacob is because you'd be making Wendy's point. He's been a jerk to many people. Why do you excuse him being a "dick" to the football players? The people who posted here even said the kids on the team tried to be nice to him but he was a jerk wanting to mock them. Why do liberals condone it when Christians are made fun of?

The analogies are spot on. I read someone on here a couple of years ago make a prediction that before Jacob is 25, he will be found unconscious in a public restroom. I believe that will come true too. He is such an arrogant, obnoxious jerk that I'm not going to feel bad for him. Yeah I'd prefer it if he woke up tomorrow and realized what a scummy person he is and make a public apology and vow to make a change in his life, but the likelihood of that happening? Very slim to none.

God wants us to be honest and you leave your imprint on people. Jacob is leaving his on the world. And it's not only Christians on this blog. Look at the comments on the Radar Online comments or on the TMZ article. Most people realize what a horrible person he is and hope he gets what he deserves.

If you go to Isabel's twitter tomorrow and read that Jacob had an accident and is unconscious in the hospital, am I going to feel bad? Nope. You can call us horrible all you want, but it's the truth and it doesn't mean we aren't people of God. Put some personal responsibility on it. How bad must Jacob be that Christians aren't heartbroken at the thought of some kind of misfortune happening to him? He's doing something to cause people to think about him like that.

Just some girl said...

Rap, I think I love you 😍

Rap541 said...

Actually Kelly, it does make you horrible people if you applaud someone being hurt.

How bad must Jacob be? Kelly, as a Christian can you even articulate what Jacob has done to you personally that you would applaud his being hurt. And please don't wrap it in vague "he's disrespectful, he doesn't stand with Matt" silliness because a) that's vague b) that's something all the roloff kids are guilty of abd c) if he is so evil you'll laugh with glee when he dies, you need to have some specific examples of his evil.

Do you even know what evil is, Kelly? I mean, you're being an immature hateful silly girl with all this wishing Jacob dead stuff, but I wouldn't call you evil and laugh if you were hurt. You're just a jealous little girl who's mad someone you don't think is worthy has a better life than you. I hope you never see real evil.

Paula said...

Wendy and Kelly, I couldn't agree more with what you are saying.

Nobody said they want Jacob to die. What people have said is that we pray that something happens in his life that will trigger him to have an epiphany and that could be something "bad" that would result in something very, very good.

Eva said...

Good grief. You religious nuts are ridculous and ignorant. Keep your religion out of the government and nowhere near our schools. You have not risen. We outnumber you. We won the popular vote by 1.5 million and counting. You squeaked into office based on an antiquated system. We will not sit idly by while you push your backwards, hateful agenda. Jacob doesn't need your "prayers". That kid is so much smarter than you. Leave him alone. You people are so weak minded. I have friends that are liberal Christians and they are embarrassed by people like you.

Oceanlover said...

You people are so so sick and twisted, Wendy and Kelly...once again I am speaking about YOU and not about Jacob!!

My GAWD you just cant see straight, truly mental and this obsession over someone you do not even know and has done nothing to you is bizarre.

(and why do you care so much about what he did back in high school anyway????)

Johnny Reb said...

As much as I detest trump I just couldn't bring myself to vote for Hilary Clinton for one reason:

Trump may be a bellicose grandstanding idiot but Hilary Clinton's own behavior through the entire process inadvertently revealed her to be the later day version of Huey P Long: ie a stereotypical corrupt glad handing influence peddling election rigging office of state abusing southern politician from 50-75 years ago.

She even tried to follow the playbook that Huey P Long followed to win consecutive governorship's and a senate seat in louisiana even going as far as rigging the primaries and manipulating the public with planted "news stories" that amounted to little more than slander...and she still lost.

Ashley said...

Molly turned her Instagram private. Probably because of the story about her support of Kirk Cameron's bigoted comments. Bigots gotta hide, I guess.

Ashley said...

I'm wondering who really writes Jeremy's Instagram posts? This seems weird to me.
He refers to himself in 3rd person? And I never thought Jeremy had much humility, but saying 'Cheers to me, I'm the best uncle'?

It's written like it's somebody else talking about Jeremy. Is he so famous that he needs other people doing his social media for him? lol.

This is "Jeremy's" Instagram post about Zach and Tori expecting.

jeremyroloffANNOUNCEMENT! The news is out. Zach and tori are having a little kiddo! That means Jer and Auj are officially aunt Auj and uncle Jer. ! The Roloff household is thrilled to put it lightly... Cheers to growing the family and being the best uncle this side of mars! Congratulations @zroloff07 and @toriroloff !!🍻

Z said...

He was 1. Either drunk or 2. Audrey writes his captions. Which I've suspected for awhile now.

Paula said...

Z, you should be ashamed of yourself to try to sully Jeremy by suggesting that he was probably drunk. I don't see what the big deal is. Sometimes people do refer to themselves in third person especially when talking about their new title "Uncle Jer".

We have no reason to believe that Jeremy ever gets drunk. The Lord allows His flock to drink alcohol, but being drunk is a sin.

Birdie said...

FYI, this is what Jeremy posted to his friends about the election on his private Facebook.

LISA759 said...

The deportation of Camerino perfectly encapsulates astronomical Roloff hypocrisy. While they have claimed to be true Christians and lectured on how gays are dirty and sinful, supported Trump and his clean righteousnous .... now suddenly they are confronted with one of their own being DEPORTED!! The same as if one of their kids came out as gay, they would suddenly make an exception. It is beyond disgusting that with Trump, they were eager to break up millions of innocent families, but suddenly when Camerino is affected, they scream bloody hell. And that doesn't even touch the fact that the reason they were USING Camerino in the first place was for cheap labor. Hello? Being undocumented is a perfect excuse (blackmail) to pay low low wages.

Angela said...

God bless Jeremy for posting about the outrageous Minnesota Government officials telling CHRISTIAN filmmakers that they need to make films celebrating homosexual weddings!

This is an outrage! As Jeremy said, it is absolutely ridiculous! Christians are under attack and this is proof. The gays must be stopped. The rights of Christians are being infringed upon.

Kelly said...

Forcing Christians to make pro gay propaganda goes against the constitution. I'm glad Jeremy is bringing the issue into light.

Rap541 said...

Actually, the situation is more complex than that, Kelly.

The problem of religious belief trumping all is that you really don't want it to happen for everyone, Kelly. You too, Angela.

Consider. If a Muslim was working at a slaughterhouse and the owner wanted him to slaughter some pigs, if the Muslim says no, because it's against his religious beliefs to handle unclean animals, do you think the Muslim should continue to get paid or should the owner of the slaughterhouse fire him for refusing to do a job?

I know how you'll answer - the Muslim doesn't have to work there, and can find work where his religious views aren't in play. If he wants to stand on religious principle he can. He just may not be able to work at a slaughterhouse

These Christian photographers have the same choice. They can stand on principle or not. But if they stand on principle and insist they can't make wedding videos for gay people, they have the same choice. No one is making them be wedding photographers.

You know why Quakers don't sue the US Army for violating their religious beliefs? Because Quakers don't join the military voluntarily and then say "fighting is against my religion".

That's exactly what this filmmaker is doing btw - they're expanding their business to include wedding videos while knowing full well that the law considers same sex marriage to be valid. No one is forcing them to make wedding videos at all, but if they want to make wedding videos, the law of the land is that gay marriage is legal and they can't discriminate.

Just like if the Muslim wants to work in the slaughterhouse, part of the job may be handling pigs. Just like if you join the army, part of the job is fighting.

What you folks fail to understand is that sometimes standing on principle means you don't get a reward. Hobby Lobby and Chik fil-a stand on principle about opening their stores on Sunday... they don't get profits handed to them for that. If wedding photographers want to stand on principle over gay marriage, they may need to not do weddings if they can't abide with the notion that the law says they can't discriminate.

What you guys want is basically the risk free right to discriminate. It's not risk free. And you certainly don't want it applied equally... tell me, Angela, Kelly, if the only wedding photographer in your area was Muslim and insisted your not wearing a hijab meant he had the right to refuse your business, would you be crying how you were being discriminated and refused service because you're Christian?

I think you would. ;)

Kelly said...

Rap read the article. The Christian filmmakers are being forced to make gay wedding films that celebrate gay marriage or face a fine. Why can't you admit that is wrong?

Rap541 said...

I have read the article and several others. No one is being forced to make gay wedding videos. However, these people want to stand on principle and refuse service to certain groups they don't like or feel religiously opposed to. That's the problem. They are running a business, providing wedding videos, where they want o pick and choose who they service based on their religious beliefs.

The interesting question I have is this - if these people are so devout, so Christian, do they also refuse Jewish weddings? Kelly - do Christian wedding photographers have the right to refuse Jews? Muslims?

Ever notice how these religious sorts never stand on that principle? Shouldn't they? I mean as devout Christians, how can they film a Jewish wedding when they know it's wrong in their religious views? Why aren't they refusing to work with religiously non affiliated people as well? I mean, if its about their DEEPLY CHERISHED RELIGIOUS VIEWS... why is it ok as Christians to film a wedding for two non Christians who are straight but not Christian?

But back to Kelly's point - no one is being forced to make gay wedding films. If these people want to stand on the principle, they can. No one can make them film a gay wedding. If that means they find another line of work, well, that's what standing on principle sometimes means.

I notice you don't disagree that if the Muslim wants a job at the slaughterhouse, he has to put aside his cherished religious views...

Ashley said...

@Kelly @ Rap541

What is the real story about that article?
I doubt the whole story that is on "A Gospel Coalition that Jeremy tweeted is being told.

[["Carl and Angel Larsen own a Minnesota-based video production company, Telescope Media Group, that exists to tell compelling stories that honor God. They’d like to branch out and start conceiving, filming, and editing motion pictures that celebrate marriage as the union of one man and one woman in holy matrimony. For them, this is not merely a job but a calling rooted in their faith. They view marriage as a living parable—an illustration of the relationship between Christians and their Savior.

This idea doesn’t resonate with the state’s Department of Human Rights, which seems bent on aggressively enforcing a narrow interpretation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act. State officials have interpreted that law to require anyone who makes films celebrating man-woman weddings to also make films celebrating same-sex weddings. If they refuse, they can be punished with a fine of up to $25,000 and 90 days in jail"]]

They won't to make a movie about "traditional marriage with one man and one woman". I've seen a lot of movies about "traditional marriage" between a man and woman.

But according to the article, Minnesota is forcing them to also make a movie about marriage between 2 guys or 2 women?

That sounds for odd and if that was accurate, I would agree that's wrong.

But I've never heard of a "Film maker" being forced to make a movie about a subject they have no interest in.

Is this really like the article outlines and they are just randomly make a movies about marriage and are being forced to make it about same sex weddings?

Or is it like Rap suggests? They have a business where customers approach them and hire them to do their wedding video and they were approached by a same sex couple and refused service to them?

Kind of like the situation of the "Christian florist" that gets thrown around where the Christian refuses to do an arrangement for a gay wedding?

If that's what it is then I understand that.

I look at it as what if that "Christian" with a business is a Christian restaurant owner. And 2 gay people come in for dinner. I don't believe the business has a right to discriminate and refuse service to gay people just because they don't agree with their "lifestyle" just as I don't think they have a right to refuse service to people of color.

Ashley said...

But I also think this is more of a political baiting issue than a real issue. I know a lot of business owners. Not many are doing so well in this economy that they can afford to turn away business. I used to have a job as a housekeeper in a hotel. The owner was a Christian. The hotel, like every hotel, had "working girls". You know, a girl checks in, and then for the rest of the day, random guys wander in and knock on the door and leave and then the next random guy wanders in.

They aren't great for a hotel to have but when the hotel has 200 rooms and on a night where the hotel has a 160 available empty rooms the owner didn't want staff turning away "the girls" because he wanted the hotel making some money that night and wanted their $200 rather than have a room sit empty. It doesn't matter that the owner believes in God. He's a business man that wants his business to make money. I believe most business owners are the same way.

And as a customer, I gotta say, if I were gay, there is no way in hell if I was getting married that I would want to give my money to a company who judged me! Hell, I've boycotted the local Subway that is 2 minutes from where I live and I drive to another Subway 15 minutes away because I don't like the service I received at the one that is closest to me and on principle I don't want to give that franchise owner my money because I don't like the way he treats me!

I find it hard to believe all these gay people are throwing their money at these Christian business and wanting these bigoted Christians to serve or be present at their wedding

Anyway, I find that story hard to take at face value. There must be more too it than the Minnesota government forcing a Christian movie maker to make a random movie about how awesome gay marriage is.

Rap541 said...

Ashley, here's some other links on the topic. Some are more left leaning than others.

This couple doesn't actually do wedding videos. No one has asked them to do a wedding video. If they were to add wedding videography to their business (per their website, that's not their business, they appear to film Christian concerts and speaking events) they are worried that they would have to accept gay customers. So the basic whine in Jeremy's article is incorrect. No one is being forced to make films glorifying gay marriage. Christian artists aren't being forced to create gay art. This couple doesn't even do weddings at all as a part of their business.

Rap541 said...

To further clarify for you, Ashley - because I dislike how Jeremy's original article attempts to twist this to something it's not - if the couple wants to make films and documentaries about traditional marriage, there is no law on the books that demands they ALSO make films and documentaries about gay weddings. Making a fictional film, or making a documentary, is not the same thing as filming someone's wedding.

If they were making a fictional film, they would be paying actors to participate.

If they were making a documentary about traditional marriage, they would not be paid by the couples they were filming and might even offer compensation to couples being filmed.

Note - these things - filming a movie, and filming a documentary, are NOT the same thing as being a wedding videographer. A wedding videographer expects to be hired by the couple to perform a service for the couple. A film maker pays people to participate in their film and then sells the finished product.

The only way this couple would ever be required to accept gay clients is if they were to actually advertise that they are wedding videographers and want to be paid to film weddings for couples for their personal consumption.

The law about discrimination they are complaining about ONLY comes into play if this couple dramatically changes their business. They currently do not film weddings as wedding videographers. They make films and documentaries and the law in question only applies to denying wedding services to gay couples.

All it takes is a smidge of critical thinking and I am glad you're willing to make the effort, Ashley. Because "the law is forcing Christians to make pro gay films" is not actually true, no matter how often Angela and Kelly choose to repeat it.

And Angela and Kelly, if you choose to protest that, provide me one example of a Christian filmmaker forced by the government to make a film about gay propagandia. And this couple certainly doesn't count as I have proven.

D. said...

What?! What?! People really do think this way?! What?! Floored.

Anonymous said...