Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jacob Roloff Writes 7 Page Letter to Brother About Book On Christianity

Yesterday, Jacob Roloff wrote a lengthy Instagram post regarding his thoughts on a book by his favorite author, Alan Watts. The book is entitled "Behold the Spirit: A Study In The Necessity Of Mystical Religion".

Jacob explains that he was "compelled to write a 7-page (!) letter, to my brother, about it."

Although Jacob does not clarify which brother he wrote the letter to (his followers asked him in the comments but Jacob rarely answers questions posted to him since he stopped using his account nearly two years ago), many are making the reasonable assumption it is Jeremy Roloff.

Jeremy is the most outspoken Roloff on social media regarding his Christian faith, often tweeting and retweeting Christian pastors, websites and public speakers about how Christianity and Christians are under attack over issues such as Christian business owners not being allowed to refuse their services to gay people.

Here is part of what Jacob wrote on Instagram:

jacobroloff45Well I've just finished my final book of the year, #30, and it was yet again a stunner from Alan Watts. It changed my perception and inspired me so much, I was compelled to write a 7-page (!) letter, to my brother, about it.
Generally put, it's about an opportunity for Christianity to stop isolating itself by being solely focused on morality—at all costs, while, at the same time, ignoring the inner (mystical) feeling that makes 'good' morality quite obvious and self-evident; thus creating a Christianity vs evil world complex that is nowadays misinterpreted as a War on Christianity. 

This opportunity is for Christianity—rather for individual Christians, since it isn't the doctrine but the perception of it that needs medicine—to look into the beneficial aspects of Far Eastern philosophies: Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism. .

Specifically highlighted by Watts is their well-developed conception of non-duality in the Divine Being—God, Brahman, Tao, or whatever other name it could be known as. Speaking of this non duality is parallel to and equally as difficult as speaking of what it was like before the beginning of the universe and existence; so he uses it as his first point of departure.

......For "Christianity has .. degenerated into a system of morality with only remote eschatological sanctions, and in practice is therefore a religion largely bereft of joy and power." But it's not too late to be saved, is his point of this book— because, "The Truth from which all the joy and power of Christianity proceeds [is] the truth of the Word made flesh—that the eternal life of God is given to man here and now in the 'flesh' of each moment's experience" and this understanding of the mystical experience of life is where Far Eastern religions greatly exceed our own.


Jacob publicly stating that he wrote a 7 page letter to someone in his family about a subject like religion is out of character for Jacob.

None of the Roloffs, Jacob and Jeremy included, have ever discussed each other's opinions or views publicly.

Back before Jacob stopped answering questions from his readers/followers, he once said on that he does not discuss religion with Jeremy because there is no point in starting an argument.

Jeremy (or his wife Audrey) has never publicly commented on Jacob's views on religion, even a couple of years ago when Jacob was more controversial in expressing his opinion such as when Jacob said the concept of "praying to a man in the sky" and thinking God is listening and granting or denying wishes is stupid and believing there is a Heaven and Hell is idiotic. Since that time though, Jacob's opinions on Christianity seemed to have mellowed. 


Greg said...

Count me as confused.

"since it isn't the doctrine but the perception of it that needs medicine"

This kind of stuff and the comments that Jacob is posting clapping symbols to, suggests that Jacob now accepts the content of the Christian Bible as fact and is just taking aim at how Christians are going about spreading the message.

I'm astounded. So does this mean Jacob believes in talking snakes, that man lived in the belly of a whale and all the other silliness that is contained in the Bible?

Laura said...

I firmly believe Jacob is very dangerous. Audrey warns about being aware of how Satan will use people to try to wedge a gap in between Christians and Jesus.

I believe Jacob is under the influence of Satan and I pray that Jeremy finally make a stand and separate from Jacob and he is clearly trying to weaken Jeremy's relationship with Jesus.

Like Audrey says, let's pray for Jeremy. I pray Jeremy has the wisdom to reject Jacob's attempt come between Jeremy and God.

Paula said...

Well said Laura. There IS a war on Christianity. Like Jeremy has said on twitter, the war has begun. It is true. We Christians must stand up for God.

Ellen said...

I wonder if Jeremy responded?

Ashley said...

Sorry but I still think Jacob comes off as pretentious know it all when he writes like this.

And I think Jacob phrasing it like he did, "I wrote my brother" but not saying who, is a classic Jacob move. He knew full well people were to ask him who he was talking about while he knew he had no intention of answering so that he can sit back and feel superior.

Anonymous said...

Laura: You make a scarecrow look like a genius.
You all have no idea what Jacob wrote to the family member.
I agree with Ashley. Jacob thinks he knows everything and is right about everything.
Jacob's dog is a service dog. It's fake. Anyone can make a tag or buy a service dog vest online. It's accuse to take your dog anywhere without people asking you to leave the business.

Hey-Zeus No Wan Bin Laden said...

Jacob is on the right path. Out with the CHRISTIAN TALIBAN

Rap541 said...

Ashley, I tend to agree. My sense is that he's genuinely excited about the topic and seems to be trying to make sense of the confusing mess that is Christianity, morality, and Eastern religion and philosophy. The topic isn't my cup of tea, and I do think Jacob is well aware of how such posts are received by certain people.

That said, isn't it hilarious that Jacob is actually reaching out to a brother to discuss religion and Christianity and the Christian crowd here is:


Now I personally think Jacob's missive probably had too many big words in it for Jeremy anyway, but seriously people, do you understand your own claimed religion at all? Because if Jacob sent a letter to either Jeremy or Zach, wanting to discuss religion, as Christians their first thought should be "Wow! This is an opportunity for me to guide Jacob back!".

And the advice given here? Amounts to "Jeremy (not Zach, no one cares about Zach), your faith is so tenuous, unlike other Christians, you're not strong enough to witness to others, you need to protect yourself and if that means your brother goes to hell, well, God and Jesus prefer that to you taking any risk at all".... and folks that is so not what the Bible says at all.

Gina said...

Laura, I couldn't agree with you more. I have no doubt Satan is using Jacob. My Grandmother used to say you can see the devil in someone's eyes. Jacob has dark vacant eyes.I am always on alert whenever he does something. I hope Audrey keeps her children from Jacob.

Janet said...

My opinion is Jacob is trying to bring Jeremy down with him but it won't work.

If Jacob really wanted to learn he would attend a John Mark Comer sermon.

Rap541 said...

Gina - Audrey would need to stop using birth control to have children, now wouldn't she?

What ever happened to witnessing for Christ?

And if John Mark Comer is so awesome, why don't Auj and Jer join and attend his church?

Still finding it hilarious that Jeremy's faith is such that he can't risk actually attempting the lord's work...

pj said...

Reading the christian creeps here reminds me of Leah Remini's show. They sound just like the cult of Scientology.

Jacob seems to be figuring out that there is a good side to Christianity and that his brother isn't following it.

And he could be writing to Zach who seems a little more open minded.

J45 said...

Anon, where did Jacob say his dog is a "service dog"?

If that's true (I can't think of a reason for him to have legitimate registration, except for anxiety and even then you need a doctor's note) then he's contributing to a big problem which can have serious repercussions. If his dog hurt a real service dog at a grocery store, etc. he's in for big trouble. The well-trained ones go into the thousands easily and a lawsuit would be likely. Especially in a public area where "normal" dogs aren't welcome, such as airports and restaurants.

I believe police are allowed to stop people and check for service dog tags/owner cards, and I've always assumed they're trained to identify impostors but maybe not?

Ellen said...

Rap, John Mark doesn't have a church in Bend, but Jeremy and Audrey listen to his podcasts and quote his books. If youve ever seen Audreys snapchats, they listen to JMC in the car.

Monica said...

Ashley, thank you. I thought I was the only one. I'm totally willing to say Jacob is smarter than me when it comes to big words, but his brand of writing doesn't appeal to me. He sounds like he's trying so hard to have a professor tell him he's brilliant that he's oblivious to the fact that an important part of writing is connecting with people and putting things in a way people understand. He never uses real life or modern examples.

I honestly think the only reason Jacob posts these things is because he's hoping to impress Alan Watts' son or people like that. It's not that he's trying to enlighten his followers because Jacob has already said he doesn't respect what anyone comments to him whether it is positive or negative.

So why does he make these long philosophical posts?

Dustin said...

I cant make sense of Jacob. At first I thought he thought Christianity was BS. Now it sounds like he believes a lot of it. Maybe that explains why he is opposed to having gay friends.

Peter said...

Excellent point, Monica. Jacob needs to overcome his own arrogance if he ever wants to make something out of publicly posting on these issues. Hard to make an impact on people if that's his goal when you think youre so superior and that no one else's opinions matter.

Greg said...

@Monica Bingo! Jacob is already on record saying that he doesn't respect what anyone reading his social media thinks. Whether it's criticism or praise, he doesn't respect his followers so he dismisses them.

It raises the question; why post these lengthy missives on a platform where you've already said you don't care what your readers think?

Brandon said...

PJ, I've always had the impression Zach is like Molly. Very right wing religious, he just doesn't communicate with fans. I forget the details but I remember several years ago someone shared something Zach posted on his Facebook and it was something that made it obvious Zach had very consrvative religious Republican beliefs.

I would assume Jacob's letter was directed at Jeremy with the giveaway being the part about it leading to a misguided notion that there's a war against Christianity....since Jeremy has tweeted exactly that.

Happy said...

Ah yes, the sad old trope of "a war on Christianity"!!! Maybe you should sing onward Christian soldiers louder. By the way, you can't make babies without semen. Just sayin'.

Rap541 said...

John Mark doesn't have a church in Bend, but Jeremy and Audrey listen to his podcasts and quote his books.

This in no way refutes the point that Jer and Auj choose to not belong to John Mark Comer's church.

This is a bit like how "Jeremy and Auj want to work on the farm SO MUCH, they willingly live hours away!"

Jer and Auj love church and John Mark Comer so much, they don't go to church at all and choose to live far away from their much loved pastor!

Rap541 said...

I believe police are allowed to stop people and check for service dog tags/owner cards, and I've always assumed they're trained to identify impostors but maybe not?

Sorry J45 - at least here in the US, no one, including police are allowed to question people with service animals or demand paperwork. One small exception is that airlines are allowed to differentiate between genuine service animals and "emotional support" animals but otherwise you can get into a lot of trouble making someone prove their service animal is a service animal.

Brandon said...

Rap541, you know I love you, but I don't know where you're going with the John Mark Comer point.

It's very clear that they like him. They quote him, they retweet him, they plug his books, and like someone said, they listen to and share his podcasts.

Do they drive to Portland to attend his church's service on Sundays? I don't know, but even if they don't, I think it is fair to say they like John Mark Comer and believe in what he preaches.

Where the disagreement comes in is over whether that is a good thing or not...following a Pastor who genuinely believes and instructs gay people to seek out conversion therapy and to ask God to "cure" them of their brokenness (being gay) is very telling about Jeremy and Audrey. Particularly when they pull the "Who me? Who said that?" routine after trying to cover up saying that they don't agree with gay marriage. Jeremy and Audrey supporting John Mark Comer is significant.

Christians here think it's good because they like what John Mark Comer preaches. I think it's good for people to know because it shows who Jeremy and Audrey really are and what they really believe.

J45 said...

Ashley, I just think that whenever Jacob writes about philosophy, he makes it sound like a university paper, when it's not. IMHO Jacob is quite intelligent, but writing isn't necessarily his strength, at least if you think about the complexities of his writing abilities.

Essentially, he can write in his own "voice" (e.g. how someone writes right off the bat, not trying to impress anyone with the quality. Twitter is a good example). And, he can write "university paper" style which he does to try and sound intelligent. But, if no one can understand him then he's not that good at writing. I mean, I've tried Life of Pi and it has the same "university paper" style as Jacob, but at least it makes sense, it's just a boring style. I write, and I'm not that good yet, but I honestly think when Jacob describes concepts he "gets it" it in his own head but it doesn't translate at all on paper, mainly because he uses complex words unnecessarily, alludes to things that don't make sense out of context (as in, without understanding the material prior to his "explanation"), and right now his formatting can be really confusing and just compound the confusing writing.

Honestly, I know I write kind of pretentiously so I'm not sure if I'm making sense.

TL;DR: It's not your fault if you don't understand Jacob's writing. It's not because your dumb.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - my point is that if being a member of John Mark Comer's church was important to them, Jer and Auj have no impediments to making that happen. They don't have any compelling need to live in Bend. They *like* living in Bend but they don't have any reason to live there. Its nto close to either one's family.

Joining a church would actually require commitment and effort. Real church goers tithe, real church goers volunteer and attend functions, real church goers make an effort to actually attend church.

Jer and Auj sort of endorse John Mark Comer (I say sort of because of the denial games they play) - but as usual, they a) don't want to face any consequence for openly following and joining the church of a pastor with unpopular beliefs and b) don't want to do anything religious that might involve effort or hearing something other than "Fucking on Wednesday is a Sabbath activity". If something in their faith is difficult, Jer and Auj make excuses.

All this praise for John Mark Comer from the Christian crowd aside... Jeremy's pastor is not John Mark Comer. Jeremy does not belong to John Mark Comer's church. Audrey's pastor is not John Mark Comer. Audrey does not belong to John Mark Comer's church. Listening to one of the man's sermons is not *church membership* - it's miminal effort.

To make the point - I've listened to several of the man's speeches. Under the criteria used by the Christians here, I am a member of his church, strong in my faith and part of his flock. If it's not true for me, then it's not true for Jer and Auj.

Debbie said...

Ask yourselves, what is Jacob trying to prove with this?

If you've followed Audrey's devotionals and her blog, you know Audrey has spoken about being aware of the how the Devil works. He is manipulative and calculating. Just like Jacob's message posting.

Why was it important to Jacob for people to know he is trying to come between Jeremy and his faith? Jacob was aware of precisely what people would think when he said "I wrote a 7 page letter to my brother". He needed to get that point in.

I feel that it is time Jeremy stand up to Jacob. I have full confidence that Audrey is praying God give Jeremy the strength to not let Jacob get the upper hand and work to lead people to question Jeremy's faith. Jeremy must soon take a stand against his former family when Jacob does this.

Audrey and Jeremy have been very honest and courageous in sharing that there have been some bumps along the way in their marriage. I believe in my heart that Jeremy allowing Jacob to disparage not only Audrey, but Jesus and Christians, put a strain in their marriage. It is a fact that when Christians tweeted Audrey support when Jacob was mocking her faith in Jesus, Audrey "liked" those tweets. It's sad when Audrey's fellows Christians who do not even know her personally will stand up for her against Jacob and her husband has yet to have the strength to respond to his brother challenging him. Audrey deserves more respect. Jeremy's relationship with Jesus deserves more respect.

I would love to see Jeremy respond he can't continue to let Jacob off the hook.

J45 said...

Rap, thanks for the correction! I didn't know the authorities couldn't question service animals' validity.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - to further my point - it very typical that Jer and Auj "like" John Mark Comer but refuse to make any real commitment. I'm sure they like his sermons but when push comes to shove - if someone calls them on belonging to the church of a guy who thinks gays can just be reeducated, they can rightly say "we don't *belong to his church* - we just like some of his speeches", we're not connected to this ugly thing!"

There's a difference between paying lip service to liking his views and actually joining his church and really being accpountable for pushing his beliefs. Someone who doesn't belong to his church and play the denial game above. That's a big reason why Jer and Auj won't commit. That's how not devoted to the faith they are.

PJ said...

I don't for one second think Zach is more liberal. Just more open to seeing the possibility of a mystical side to religion as opposed to the totally literal version I think Jer and Oddj probably profess.
If Jer and Oddj were truly devoted to this Comer person they could easily move to where he is to attend in person or even work for him.

Debbie you ignorant twit,
Jacob, like so many people his age, has found something he is very excited about and wants to spread the knowledge. Because he so wants to be seen as an intellectual he chose the time tested vessel of a letter. BFD.
What sickens me is that instead of being encouraged that he may be changing his ways and waiting to see what comes next you, like so many tiny minded right wing idiots,jump to assume evil. You ARE the evil.

Rap541 said...

So Christians, help me out.

Jacob is now officially Satan?

As Christians, no one but especially not Jeremy and Audrey, are required by their faith to save the souls of non Christians?

Jacob is completely lost? There is no hope of redemption and Jeremy should retreat in the face of the Devil as his brother IS the Devil? And God never wants a Christian to stand up to the Devil, God wants true Christians to run and hide?

I've asked this before and I am increasingly certain the answer to this question is a big old "Nope" but:

Do you guys actually read the Bible?

Anonymous said...

it makes more sense if he wrote it to zack they seemed closer growing up

Rap541 said...

Yeah PJ, I assumed it was Jeremy that Jacob wrote to because Jeremy has the whole pretentious thing about writing letters.

Tap-That Dance said...

If Jacob was created in God's image, God is totally doable.

Mike P. said...

Zach and Jake were not "close" as kids.

Jacob idolized his big brother Jeremy—who did everything he could to ignore the kid.

Zach, on the other hand, teased and taunted Jake, made fun of him, interrupted him when he spoke. Worse he used to shoot at Jake with a BB gun (which is painful), at one point hitting him in the face near the eye, prompting Molly to yank the gun out of his hands and take it into the house.

Zach—a dullard no matter how you look at him—was a bullying jackass to Jake. He has come a long way toward redeeming himself, to be sure, but his thoughtless capacity to hurt weaker people is worth remembering.

Debbie said...

The devil works to corrupt people. That's not to say x person IS the devil, but the devils works to corrupt souls.

When someone's mission is to destroy God's plan, demoralize the flock, and they refuse to open their hearts to Jesus, you are only doing harm by allowing that person influence.

When the Devil is at your door, slam the door shut. When someone refuses help and refuses to recognize the need for change, the time comes where you are doing damage to yourself and those around you by exposing yourself to their darkness. I pray that Audrey can convince Jeremy to cut ties with Jacob and that Audrey will keep their future children away from Jacob.

Jacob has evil intentions. He is clearly trying to publicly undermine Jeremy's faith and shake the confidence of Jeremy's followers.

Tyler said...

TapThatDance, you think Jacob is hot? It doesn't bother you that Jacob could easily be knocked out cold with one punch? You find that attractive? Liberal pussy wimps are attractive to you?

Abby said...

If you read what Jacob promotes with his retweeets, he seems to believe in the Bible that Christ died on the Cross and accepts the Bible as the Truth.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - answer the questions.

"As Christians, no one but especially not Jeremy and Audrey, are required by their faith to save the souls of non Christians?"

"Jacob is completely lost?" - This is a yes or no - you're advocating he not be approached, so I assume the answer is no but that IS at odds with your stated faith.

"There is no hope of redemption and Jeremy should retreat in the face of the Devil as his brother IS the Devil?"

" God never wants a Christian to stand up to the Devil, God wants true Christians to run and hide?"

And finally...

"Do you guys actually read the Bible?"

I'm increasingly certain the answer to the last is indeed NO.

Rap541 said...

"It doesn't bother you that Jacob could easily be knocked out cold with one punch? You find that attractive? Liberal pussy wimps are attractive to you?"

I assume you find Jeremy's girlish locks manly and hetero, especially when he has his hair up in a bun, and super especially when he's holding her bag and following her like a little bitch?

I mean, as stupid as some of his career plans were, Jeremy used to want manly things like being a pilot or a firefighter. Now he wants to be a wedding planner and hold marriage retreats and tell couples how to sit down and explain their feelings over and over....

I don't know about liberal, but really, Jeremy lately has fit the pussy wimp description to a t! :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

J45, Dec. 29, 2016 at 6:53 AM:

24 weeks ago, Jacob posted a photo on his Instagram showing himself hanging upside down in a tree. Luna was wearing a blue "service dog" scarf with white letters.

Recently in Isabel's Tumblr, a question was posted that went something like this:

"Why are Luna and Moose Service Dogs?"

"What are you being (so) snoopy?"

I can't find the question/answer anymore in Isabel's Tumblr, but the photo of Luna wearing a "service dog" scarf is till up on Jacob's Instagram (for now).

The evidence seems to be leading in a definite direction.

Tap-That Dancer said...

Jeremy is a walking clown. The idiotic man bun, horrible wardrobe, and walking like an emasculated primate.

Yes, Tyler, I find Jacob freaking hawwwwt. No apologies

Carly said...

How can anyone like Jacob? His arrogance is so disgusting. He thinks he's the smartest person in the world and he looks down on everyone. It oozes out of his every word. Check this out, his response to someone who very politely told him he should cut out the big words just to sound intelligent and that writing simply is the best way to reach people.

"jacobroloff45@justjanie56 curious, what 'big' words should I cut out? Perception? Manifesto? Lucid? 'Eschatological' was inside of a quote and easily defined by a google search.. I think I keep it friendly enough for the everyday person"

Emily said...

Isabel and Jacob leave me shaking my head. Do they have any consistency from day to day?

I am convinced that Isabel writes "deep captions" only so she can get patted on the back for being so thoughtful and deep. She doesn't actually follow any of it!

...Smile at everyone, that is something I have always liked about myself that I do, because I was raised by someone who always did that. I learned by example to love everyone. Everyone matters, and human connection is so important, for all of us. You never know what sparking up a conversation with a stranger could lead to, what magic could come from reaching out to someone you've always wanted to, and no one knows just how much more joy there would be in the world if we all tried a little harder to connect with each other"

Nice words but are you freaking kidding me? Reach out to people? No one knows how much joy there would be if we tried to connect with each other?

Like 4 days ago she wrote justifying the fact that Jacob completely ignores his followers and she defended him for doing it, saying he was so right to ignore people no matter how nice or what point they were making. Her point was that Jacob has no time or interest in the people who follow him and send him comments or message.

If that's how she feels, fine, good for him. Good for Isabel for defending her boyfriend for being a closed off, stuck up snob.

But don't 4 days later, throw around rainbows and lollipops and go on about how the world would be so much nicer if people connected with each other and took time to reach out to people and to realize the impact people have on each other.

Like, HOLY MOSES!!!!!! Did she completely forget what she had written days earlier about Jacob????

Even herself, she was asked (on her ask me questions part of her Tumblr..) "Are you bored with questions? It doesn't seem like you want to share much anymore just yes and no answers?"

Isabel's answer: "I'm done with people's stupid questions and attitudes, yeah "

And then 2 days later she writes the Instagram caption about peace and love and the importance of connecting with people and making time for each other.

And Jacob gave the thumbs up to her caption.

Says the people who just explained and defended that Jacob ignores everybody because he can't be bothered with people. Again, fine, have that attitude. But don't then write about how the world would be better if people reached out and made time to connect with people.

Are they dumb? Is it that they have no self awareness? Is it a sign of massive egos that they don't hold themselves to the same rules of behavior they want from others?

Ashley said...

@Emily, I thought the exact same thing when I read Isabel's instagram post last night. I immediately thought about her answer about Jacob and how she supported and defended his decision to ignore people. Now it's "everyone matters, you never know what sparking up a conversation with a stranger may lead". Good advice, I agree, but 180 degrees difference between her stance on Jacob ignoring people.

Bi-polar? Moody? My guess is that they never think about their own behavior so they don't see the hypocrisy. Jeremy does the same thing when he tweets about transparency in what you stand for or how people shouldn't use social media to write about important subjects and then he....uses social media to write about important subjects.

Sara said...

Emily, the word you're looking for is 'hypocrite'.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites, all of them, however, I am confused about Jacob not wishing to respond to questions when he posts on social media? Then why use social media? If he truly doesn't care about responding to questions/comments, what is his end game? Why doesn't he just talk to a brick wall or better yet, the mirror? He's an ass for sure.

Ashley said...

Isabel answered a question/criticism saying Jacob and Isabel are scammers passing off Moose and Luna as service dogs.

By her answer, I think it is obvious they are saying they are service dogs. If they weren't, she would have said we know they aren't.

Isabel said she has anxiety and said Jacob used guess is they used that as the excuse.

Mind your own business. There is no scamming happening here. You do not know everything. Please find it in your heart to accept people for who they are even if you do not agree with them. You have no idea what goes on with Jacob and I behind closed doors. Sending you love

Right… People actually have no idea one way or the other, and even if we were to confirm it or deny it, those particular people will not quit. Misery loves company, and hurt people hurt people, remember that! Thank you sweet one, all my love to you 💛💕✨

Sara said...

To be fair, having Matt as a father, worshiping Jeremy and excluding others, likely did a number on Jacob.

Rap541 said...

Ironically Isobel is highlighting one of the serious flaws of the service animal world.

The reality is that there's no real certification process for service animals and there's no regulation in the medical world as to who is and isn't ok to have a service animal. If Isobel is pressed to provide "certification" or a medical prescription (essentially a doctor's note) there's an entire industry out there willing to provide legitimate documentation for someone who wants to have a service animal for whatever reason.

My point? While I don't really care whether she is lying or not over the dogs being service animals, it's so ridiculously easy to *obtain perfectly legal certification* for service animals, there's really no point in lying about it.

I hope they aren't lying about needing service dogs but this is one of those topics where really, if the point is pressed and they do provide certification, you then have to start arguing that you don't think a person's medical or psychiatric condition warrents a service dog.... which can turn into a fairly asshole and offensive argument. Trust me, I've had it ;) The only way you can win is to get someone to admit they are lying about their need.

Ecossais said...

Hey Carly - are you jealous that Jacob knows these big words? If not why would it bother you?
And -- if he is so disgusting why do you go and search out his media posts and read them.

Very good description of Jeremy these days.
Apart from that I think he has aged a lot since he got married. He looks constantly tired and sad. Maybe that tart is wearing him out with apparently insatiable demands for sex (with condoms of course)for Jesus?

Anonymous said...

More Auj/Jer bitching, but did anyone notice that the address to which you return Navigators Council journals is conspicuously absent?

Abby said...

Anon, well said. Jacob is so full of himself and Isabel is a huge hypocrite. Jacob could do anything and she would say he's right.

Great advice about Jacob talking to a mirror since he doesn't respect what anyone says.

Janet said...

What are you talking about Anon?

Abby, Jacob surrounds himself with "yes" men/women. Isabel is an enabler.

Rap541 said...

Good lord Janet, you love Auj and Jer and you don't know??? :D

On their marital website they are hawking a "Navigator's Council Notebook" - essentially a married couple needs to sit down once a week and answer preset questions of each other. Auj and Jer don't bother mentioning how they lifted the idea from A Severe Mercy (and while I doubt it will be profitable, I somehow doubt they're even considering sending any profits to the estate of the author they took it from) and judging by the sample pages, Jesus apparently doesn't believe in running spell check. I mean really - 19.95 for a book with "How are we stuarding our finances?" and "Navigators Council is a weekly journal, and a weekly rhythym for your marriage." and "Offer clarity on your spouses needs and wants".

(Janet, if it needs explanation, all of these sentence come from either the sample page of Auj and Jer's book or their website that is selling it, and all of these sentences have obvious spelling or grammar errors)

So Anon's point is that they are selling these notebooks with a 14 day return policy BUT... as yet they don't list the return address on the website, so currently, there's utterly no way to return the product.

I assume they will post an address eventually but the Anon has a point - they're supposedly in business, so its fair to note that their sales website is amateurish and lacks important information.

Anonymous said...

Immediately the Beating 50% site, the return policy part for their products. It said 'return items to:' and had no address. Disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

"Late or missing refunds (if applicable)
If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again.
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted and processed.
Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted.
If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at"

First check your bank account again. Then contact your credit card company. Then the bank. THEN contact Auj.

That right there is terrible customer service.

It will be awesome when this fails and they have to deliver pizzas waiting for Matt to hand over the undeserved 'farm'.

Mike P. said...

I'd assume that a receipt comes packaged with the book, and that it includes a return policy and return address—like Amazon does. You would likely need to pay the postage.

Or, you could just get prepared to challenge the charge on your credit card.

If I trusted Jeremy, I'd order the book just to see it, intending to return it. But I wouldn't trust him to keep his word without a big argument.

That might make a good story . . . .

Set Abominae said...


The sort of "chrstianity" that Jeremy professes to follow is the sort of christianity that appeals to the shallow lazy selfish and simpleminded.

The sort of "christianity" he and his equally vile wife follow is not about self reflection, caring about others, being a decent person and living a selfless life, oh no, it's about embracing everything that is cheap sleazy and vile about humanity.

The "god" he follows is nothing like the god I learned about in sunday school when I was little, his god is a petty vengeful hateful childish god who kicks his toys out of the pram when he can't have his way and for some reason detests certain people simply because they're different, whereas the god I believe in is a kind merciful loving forgiving god who created us all equally in his image and loves us all regardless of our sins no matter what they are.

According to his "christianity" the stories in the bible are to be taken literally rather than interpreted as moral parables that should help guide your life but shouldn't be the overwhelming force in your thinking acts and behavior.

His form of "christianity" has much more in common with the dark age radical islamist theology of ISIS than it does modern enlightened christianity.

Set Abominae said...


"Who are you? Where ya been? Where ya from?
Gossip is burning on the tip of your tongue
You lie so much you believe yourself
Judge not lest ye be judged yourself"

~Metallica (Holier Then Thou)

Laura said...

What us Christians here say is true. If you want proof, read Audrey's Instagram about New Years.

She has been persecuted for being a Christian that expresses her views. That's what we were saying. Christians being attacked. It's not a big game. Audrey was in tears and anger over being attacked.

"... I experienced the persecution that comes with the territory of having "influence" and spent many nights in tears and anger (just being honest)."

Laura said...

And that was all because of the gays and "gay rights" too. It's theme in the country during the Obama years. Christians being persecuted because of "Gay rights". It must stop.

Audrey's condoms said...

$19.95 for a journal!? Is it leatherbound? Does it have original, entertaining content? NO!You or I could have developed this book which in essence is a slambook where you write down answers to preset questions. The only reason WE ALL haven't done one is because we don't have a silly "contrived-reality" show which has gotten us managers who shop all these offers for us and literally bring them to our door, and then simply say yes or no these deals.

Please Auj and Jer, share with the viewers on the next episode how you went door to door to different publishers shopping your manuscript. Show us all the hours you slaved away on your beloved typewriter writing page after page of this interactive marriage manuel!!

Wouldn't all of this have been more interesting and inspiring content for the show instead of say, filming that silly and staged preppers box episode directed by Matt and TLC producers? Please don't think you can pass yourself as authors after this, it will only reinforce the idea that you take 100% credit for stuff that TLC is probably 95% responsible for.
If Jeremy and Audrey are "writers" after this notebook than I am "writer" for having composed this comment, or for my dissertation paper that I wrote in graduate school.

Ecossais said...

So conceited Auj is claiming she has "influence". How arrogant but not surorising.

Benzie Harp said...

No, Laura, you "Christians" need to stop spreading YOUR HATE. You tell people they're going to hell then expect not to be challenged? You and AUDDDJJJJ need to grow the fuck up. Don't dish it out if you can't take it.

Anonymous said...

I read Audrey's Instagram about New Year's as well. "Influence"?? Not really. What she creates is admonishment for proclaiming to "follow Christ" yet says and acts the opposite of how Christ wants us to treat EVERYONE. Laura, please read Set Abominae's response to your post. I agree with all Set Abominae states. Jeremy and Audrey are complete hypocrites and are an awful respresentation of Christianity. You, as a supposed Christian, should be outraged at these two self-absorbed, money grubbing, stuck-up morons who think that being on a inane TV show is bringing them some sort of "infuence" which is totally laughable! What's really concerning is that there are people that actually admire/look up to these two. What is the world coming to?

Rap541 said...

Heh, really Laura?

Poor little Audrey just cries and cries when she hears anything other than "You're awesome and right as always!" - for God's sake, she's a 25 year old woman, not a five year old. If someone disagreeing with her opinions is a night of tears and rage for her, then she needs to grow up.

Tell me Laura, when you read this, will you cry all night and rage? Because I disagree with your opinion? And insist you were persecuted?

Seriously, where in the Bible does God say "If you accept me, you will never be attacked, you will be a coddled little princess protected from all"?

If Audrey genuinely wants to minister to others (and at last check, the kids are claiming their for profit website is now a ministry) then she needs to toughen up because ministering is not a job where all you hear is praise. And if part of Audrey's ministry is "I don't like gay marriage and I think gay marriage should be outlawed" - and Audrey isn't brave enough to leave that view up, all she can muster for Christ is "Confused? BUT I AM FINE WITH MEN WEARING MAKEUP!" - then Audrey needs to understand she is in fact, attacking the rights of others. She is persecuting gay people by saying they don't deserve the same right she has to marry. She wants to deny their rights. If internalizing that makes her cry, then maybe she needs to consider her beliefs. But at last check, Audrey continues to be free to express herself and make public judgement of others.

As does Jer - in fact, he was nicely using his social media account to take a picture of people using their phones and slapping the word "phone" on each of them to you know, judge them for using their cell phones while out.

Hilarious, right? Jeremy using social media and a smart phone to publically chide people for... using smart phones. I wonder if it occurred to him he was out in NYC and what was he doing? Enjoying the sights? Enjoyng his wife? Or using social media and a smart phone to make snotty commentary online?

Oh wait - does saying "Way to be a total hypocrite, Jackass Jer!" make lil precious Jer cry and rage all night too?

Rap541 said...

Mike, Anon - The actual return process they describe isn't unreasonable with a small caveat. They're stating very clearly that their return policy is you must return within ten days of your date of purchase.

Not the date it ships. Not the day you receive it. Anyone who pre orders will likely be charged the day they order. Which would mean anyone who preorders has no return option. This also means if they are using standard shipping, there's a distinct possibility you simply wouldn't receive it in time to comply with the ten day rule.

Mike, I won't deny the temptation to eat the cost and order this but I decided against it. It's really just a fill in notebook and the example pages contain enough gross, blatant spelling and grammar errors that they didn't bother at all with proof reading. (And it says a great deal about the professional nature of this venture that Auj n Jer the Writers have example pages displayed with gross, obvious errors and have obvious grammar issues on the website as well).

Instead, I will simply point out that you can get a nice moleskine notebook for less and Jer and Auj have already posted the questions you should ask your spouse. They're probably going thru a vanity publisher, this might even be print on demand and that's why the books are a lil pricey for a low content self help notebook.

Sara said...

Hopefully it does, Rap!

Rap541 said...

Also for the record, since we're playing under Laura's rules now - Laura honey? If you don't praise my opinions and agree with me, you are hating for the sake of hate, and you are persecuting me! The only thing you can say that isn't hate and persecution is "Yes Rap! You're right and I agree!"

I trust you aren't a hater and persecuter, right? Because ANY opinion - and you have the right to your opinion but... anything that is you disagreeing with me in any way is LAURA HATING AND PERSECUTING.

Because that's the idiocy you insist on for Audrey.

Hey Laura - *Audrey* was against Camerino's deportation - do you agree with her that the coke using illegal immigrant should have gotten to stay? Because if you DONT, YOU HATE HER AND ARE PERSECUTING HER!

Laura, are you gonna say "Audrey was right about Camerino"?

Or sit silent because you realize you've placed her on a ridiculous pedestal?

Hey, how about Audrey and Jer grossly misspelling "stewarding" as "stuarding" in their book? When its pointed out that they aren't using the English language correctly, is that hate and persecution too? Should we all just coo "well, bless their hearts, anyone who thinks two professional writers should spell correctly, well, those people are just hating!"

D. said...

Anyone in for a laugh? The fact that someone has to comment on Beating50's account "really tired of seeing people of the same race here. Where is the diversity?"

And then, to most people's surprise, there is suddenly about 3 people of color in the next #weekendidos collage!

HILARIOUS. It took someone complaining for Audrey to remember there are other categories of people besides rich whites. HAHA.

Angela said...

You liberal lefties make me sick. Where is your compassion? Audrey is vulnerable and reveals that being viciously maligned and attacked on websites on the internet left her in tears and instead of an apology, people dish out more insults. You people need to ask for forgiveness.

Rap541 said...

Angela - good lord, grow up.

Have you ever apologized for calling that girl whose only crime was befriending Jeremy James Roloff a "desperate slut"?

How about Amy Roloff, who you also merrily called a slut?

Where was Audrey's compassion when she took to the web to bitch about that male model's success in making it to a national magazine?

Audrey got up and said she feels gay people shouldn't have the right to marry. Do you think that might actually hurt the feelings of gay people? Hearing how a pretentious young woman with no real life experience has decided to publically insist their lengthy marriages just aren't?

Audrey is a grown up. She's calling herself a public speaker who has influence. Now, that means if she wants to dish it out - and she does - then she needs to be able to take it without whining to her followers "Oh dear, people disagreed with me so I CRIED AND RAGED because the only opinion that matters is mine and how dare anyone disagree with me! When I am disagreed with, I am PERSECUTED OH GOD I AM ON THE CROSS WITH JESUS! MY SUFFERING IS HIS!"

I mean really, it sure sounds like she's a whiny little child - if she's not praised, she's crying and raging and begging for sympathy because well, she's not hearing the magic words "Auj is right!"

Angela - aany thoughts on how Audrey "liberal lefty" wanted Camerino the illegal drug user to stay and publically supported his bid? Remember, if you don't agree with her views, she's gonna cry and rage...

Ecossais said...

Your obsessive, excessive adulation of Audrey just because she talks about Jesus makes me sick Angela.

If the poor adult thing is so vulnerable she needs to stop putting her painted tart image and comments on public display for money.

Benzie Harp said...

The Jesus Posse is freaking unreal on this site. How do dimwits like you get through a day?

You're so fucking hypocritical, clueless, and blind I'd laugh to tears if It weren't so hateful and hurtful to people.

Set Abominae said...


I'm a catholic and the god I believe in is NOTHING like the god you claim to speak for.

Your "god" is spiteful, hateful. selfish. arrogant and outright evil and quite frankly speaking people like you jeremy/audrey will go to hell for following such a "god", you have condemned yourselves through your own actions words and thoughts.

My god is a loving merciful forgiving god who cares for all those who were created in his image, doesn't judge, doesn't condemn and most certainly doesn't hate.

I will reiterate: your version of "christianity" has much more in common with the dark age theocratic extremist lunacy of ISIS than it does any resemblance to actual christianity.

Now kindly shut your yap because you clearly have nothing of value to add to this discussion.

Set Abominae said...

"... I experienced the persecution that comes with the territory of having "influence" and spent many nights in tears and anger (just being honest)."

Good, despicable people like her DESERVE to be treated despicably because they are despicable, I have no pity and feel no sympathy for her, in fact I feel nothing but complete and utter contempt for her petulant whining.

Maybe she should do some self reflection and analyze why people treat her that way...oh wait I forgot she's not mature or smart enough to understand that if others are telling you "it's you not me" then chances are it's you.

Kelly said...

Liberals (who call themselves tolerant but are the most intolerant people) have a funny way of remembering things.

The way Audrey and Jeremy's "gay bashing" started was because as Christians, they had a Christan blog about Christian marriage for God and didn't give dating advice for guy and guy or woman to woman.

Yep, that's right. Jeremy and Audrey were hated on and called "homophobic" not because they were bashing gays, but because they were talking about Christians who value marriage in the name of Jesus.

That's what "homophobia" is in 2016 (and now 2017? Hopefully Trump and Pence will change that). It's Christian trying to talk to other Christians about Christian topics and issues that focus on Jesus. They were not talking at all about gays and then were called gay bashers for not talking about gays. That's when Audrey said they don't agree with gay marriage so they don't write for gay people but gays can read their Christian blog if they want. That was followed by vicious comments on here and to the Beating50 site insulting Jer and Auj and online sites calling Audrey hateful.

It's perfectly reasonable that Audrey was upset by the attacks she faced. Thanks to God, she used it to make her stronger in the end, but it hurt nonetheless.

It is a classic case of Christians being attacked for being Christians.

Sara said...

So....Christians who are gay aren't Christians?

I need someone to make a Venn diagram of who's who.

Wouldn't it be easier if we stopped classifying people?

Benzie Harp said...

Wrong Kelly!! It really started when Dur-dee-dur Jeremy used homophobic (and racist) slurs when he was a teen.

And the praise of their idol Kirk Cameron? Sorry but ol' Mikey Seaver doesn't act all sweet and say "oh, wait good people. I'm merely suggesting I favor Adam marrying Eve. Thank you!" Nope, that preacher boy talks about how the vile homosexuals are destroying the earth and aren't worthy humans. THAT'S HOMOPHOBIA.

You know damn well you snd your ilk wish gays would vanish forever. Some of you have repeatedly stated it on here.

Don't you dare try to paint yourelves as the victims when you're the ones calling people vile and damned to hell.

Anonymous said...

I doubt anyone will care, but this is my last visit to this blog. I find most of the comments (and regular commenters) here to be narrow-minded and hateful. Your judgmental comments about STRANGERS ON A TV SHOW do not reflect well upon you, or your faith. No wonder people are leaving the church in droves.

Rap541, you've been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise noxious space. I appreciate your recaps and comments.

Rap541 said...

No Kelly, they said (and then very quickly removed the offending comments) that they did not support gay marriage.

That's the homophobia. It has *nothing* to do with how they yammer about God. There are Jews and Muslims and even pagans, who are homophobic. You (and possibly Jer and Auj but funny how *silent* they now are) *justify* their homophobia with religion - they are Christian and that's their religious view, in order to pretend they're being persecuted. They aren't.

Audrey says she is a public speaker/writer/blogger and made a public comment and had public opinions. She's not a child. She made the adult decision to put her opinion out into the world and didn't get hugs and kisses in response.

Kelly, when you're an adult and you take an unpopular stance, you're not being persecuted or bullied when people tell you they think you're wrong or that they disagree with you. If Audrey can't handle being an adult and needs to let us know she cries and rages when she isn't hearing "Yes Audrey!" then that's on her. She can a) continue doing something that makes her cry and rage daily or b)reconsider her stance.

And she's *obviously* reconsidered her public stance, hasn't she?

For the record - when Auj and Jer said they were against gay marriage - they WERE TALKING ABOUT GAYS.

Also in all honesty, have you read the Bible? Because really, I have NO IDEA where you get the idea that being Christian means God clears the way and you will face no hardship and never ever have anything questioned. Is that what you believe, Kelly? Audrey is Christian and she is now owed a lifw where all she hears is "Yes Audrey! You're right! In Jesus's name you're the best Christian ever!"

Come one Christians, is that what you think? Audrey is the unquestioned best Christian? Is that why her talking about condoms on a family show is now Jesus Christ blessed?

Rap541 said...

Also Kelly, as usual, as this has been explained before, Auj and Jer are absolutely being tolerated.

I personally welcome them speaking out more. It's always hilarious. If they weren't being tolerated, people would be asking for them to be banned or silenced. You know, like how the Christians here proudly demand I be silenced.

Kelly - have *you* ever asked for me to be banned or silenced? Have you ever asked for Jacob to be silenced?

What you are demanding for Jer and Auj is *approval*.

In a world of free speech, people are allowed to not approve of Jer and Auj's opinions. Jer and Auj certainly exercise their privilege of freedom of speech by publically not approving of certain things. You just don't want the rest of us to speak our opinions freely. Not very American of you.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else ever thought that Jacob's head looks like it belongs on a little person's body? His facial features/characteristics look like he could be a little person but he is of regular height. His looks are quite strange: the far apart and down slope eyes, the dispaportionately large head.Just an observation.

PJ said...

Just because you say it doesn't make it so. Oddj was called to task for failing to stand by her beliefs. She won't say she disapproves of anything and stick by it. She is a hypocrite.
It shows the depth of your evil that you can cone here, spew hate and declare how tolerant your lot is.
BTW Trump has said gay marriage is safe as far as he's concerned, but he's gonna leave millions of people with no health care. Nice guy.

Rap541 said...

Finally Kelly, the real problem is that Christians like Jer and Auj, and you, can't live and let live about non Christians.

Tell me, Kelly, as a Christian, how does it *adversely affect your relationship with God* if two gay people get a marriage license from the local justice of the peace?

Is there any *real* and by real, I mean an actual name and an actual arrest record, of a priest of the Christian faith - a pastor, a reverend, whatever - has been told to marry a gay couple in his or her church even though it is against that particular church's belief system?

Are you *less* in God's eyes because gay people are allowed to marry?

And how do you and this isn't just for Kelly, how do you justify this "Jeremy and Aj are shining beacons of Christ but Jacob is so powerfully evil, their light can't save him and in fact any contact with him would let the Devil take hold, oh Precious Jer and Auj need to hide away from anything that threatens their world view" mentality being flung about?

Is that what God wants? Christians trembling and not capable of facing anything?

Old Timey Bible Man said...

Kelly-- Git back in the kitchen!

Baobabs said...

Zach and Molly are the two good kids. The other two, not so much. Zachary is humble and not concerned with social climbing or material things. He's an honest man. Molly is a sweet, bright young woman who doesn't place any judgments on others nor does she expect or demand anything from others. Jeremy is fake. Superficial. He wants the farm. He would prefer to have it to himself with Audrey, of course, but he'll share it if he has to. Tonight, he says that there's no room there now with parental units living in 2 houses. Are you kidding me? No room for what, for him to run the entire place?

He should be happy if he were given half an acre postage stamp size lot to put a Doublewide on. That's not his property. Not yet anyway.

Anonymous said...

No. No NO NO!

Christians are not attacked for *being* Christians. They are attacked for imposing their so-called Christian values on others, and for judging others for their own life-choices.

Last night Auj made it very clear that she's even against two grown-ass adults making the very right decision to divorce. It is THAT pompous Christianity that gets 'attacked'.

Get. It. Through. Your. Skull.

Rap541 said...

I wonder why Christians will never answer questions about the obligations of their faith.

Do you all think Jacob is the devil? Or possessed? Are you under any obligation to do or say anything other than laugh with glee at any pain he might be in?

As Christians, that's it? Your faith tells you if someone steps off the path of rightiousness, that's it, they are OUT! They can NEVER BE REDEEMED and its now time for CHristians to point and laugh at the fallen and of course not actually try to help them.

Is that what Jesus teaches?

Or hey, we know that the sainted John Mark Comer has said a man should take care of his wife and family.

Why then, is Jeremy not standing up like a man and buying his own property? Why does Jeremy, a Christian man of John Mark Comer's faith cry like a little bitch boy about how his mama needs to hand over her house to him because he needs it for his family? Christians? Isn't that Jeremy being a little bitch? Telling the world he can't or won't provide for his family, that he expects his mama to give up her home and of course, understand that once she does, she's now under Jeremy's rules in her home and needs to mind her son like she's the child and little bitch boy Jer isn't even iobligated to say "please give me the house" or "Thank you"?

Come on Christians, what kind of man can't find the will to work for his own home? Little crying bitch Jer hasn't even offered to pay his mother for her home - he's a 26 year old man expecting his mama to take care of him and mind him for free.

WHat would you Christians say if Jacob or Zach decided *they* wanted a piece of the farm? I mean, I somehow doubt any one who identifies Christian here would insist Zach or Jacob have as much right to the place as Jeremy...

What is so special about Jeremy that unlike all other Christian men, he's not expected to provide a home he earned with his own work for his own family and insead must be taken care of by his mommy?

Brianna said...

The saddest part of all of this is basically TLC is just epxloiting the Roloff family completely at this point. The producers don't care for Amy, Audrey or Jeremy otherwise they wouldn't put in the footage that makes them all look trashy/bad.

For one, Jeremy and Audrey should probably think before they speak, and Amy should be more considerate of keeping her lovers off the tv show. I'm surprised he even agreed to be shown on tv.

Jacob made the best decision to get out of this show while he can. He isn't being exploited for ratings. This show is like kicking a dead horse.

Also, anyone know how to zoom on Instagram? If so, peep Audrey's frown lines forming beautifully between her eyebrows at only 25. She needs to stop being so serious and stern with everything in life otherwise she is going to look in her late 40's before she even hits 30.

Anonymous said...

1) No, it doesn't.
2) Literally has one t and two l's.
3) Given 1, they used literally incorrectly.

Seriously, these two graduated from college?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy comes across as someone who went to a for profit christian school and a for profit two year photography school that went out of business. Oh, wait....

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I did not see a space to post comments about the episode, "Are You Datng?" So I'll post the here before the Bonus Scenes episode starts


Bonus scenes from last week:

1. Who really is this Deb person? She pry's and forces Amy to go through all the details of the pool party, and of course jealously presses for details on Chris. It’s obvious Deb hasn’t had a date in years. She is quick to judge Chris as “not appearing to be a bike rider” as if she is an authority? How would you know?

Isn’t it funny that the very first thing Jeremy does when he and Zach go to their dad’s h0use os…..look in the fridge? That speaks volumes of what is to come, for sure.

And by the way, the scene where Chris comes over….the scene starts right beside the concrete apron of the garage, then when The Odd Couple accost Amy and Chris, they are on the main trail that goes past the house to the rest of the farm, the one Matt doing his “little dickens” thing sneaking the auction stuff past the house drives on.

2. I think the whole point to this added scene is Amy wondering why she missed all this fun in her life. Why she has not enjoyed life for so long. Well girl, it’s because you were too busy enabling your kids trying to be their friend, and living under the thumb of micro-managing control freak and your only defense was to bitch at him every opportunity you got. That was easy.


The Tarnished Couple are haybaling and Jer says, “…...and then we accidentally met Chris”. What the hell do you mean, an accident? A. You make it seen like it’s bad, when it has no effect on you, and B. it’s all staged anyway. What was the problem?
The best from Previously had to be Auj doing what she is capable of – satisfying her pathological need to be on camera (because I can’t think of another purpose) and dissing on Amy because she’s Actually. Physically. Touching. Another person? Excuse me? Who the Hell do you think you are? You self-serving pedestal perching bitch. Who are you to make such judgements. I just can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Are you dating – and why is it any of your business?? Part 1

Matt’s whining -duh. No Matt, the DW didn’t just ‘kinda happen’ you planned all of this years ago! Long before you moved out and left your wife.
Are they reading this blog? Where’s the trebuchet?
Wow, Matt shaves FAST. Advice to the Spin Master, if you’re going to shoot a staged scene to prove the inaccessibility of the house, at least make it believable. Thank you.
Quentin Tarantino is not doing his job. (Who’s) Bill shows up. He’s obviously retired, or on salary with Roloff Farms. They do a staged scene and Matt whines and whines and Bill directs the conversation to one of tonight’s story lines. Why are the two cupboard doorknobs behind Bill different. The rest match.

Oh, this next scene’s fun. Jer and Auj drove to the farm (surprise) for Amy’s birthday and their 2nd anniversary because he wants to “do something kinda special on the farm.” Not in YOUR house? The house you chose to live in three hours away from the farm? Amy’s having fun in her new life.
Next, in the house, “If we weren’t giving our marriage attention, then our foundation crumbles.” So what do you do tarnished Jer? Stop meddling in your grown and mature mother’s business and concentrate on your own. Problem solved.
Jeremy is comically not wise at all. In what you don’t say? Let me guess brainy boy. TLC let you write that all by yourself. “You don’t want to know.” when your mom asks what you ‘think (lol)’ What YOU don’t want to accept boy (not man) is how much of a whiny spoiled childish brat you are copping because you’re all worried about your ‘inheritance’. Who the Hell do you think you are? You do not tell your mother what to do. Even if you are standing in daddy’s office and tell your mommy that her place is in the kitchen. She can ‘respect’ your opinions you self-serving brat, but sure as hell she does not have to follow any of it. She’s been enabling you for too many years. We’ll see.
Jeremy uses the term ‘dynamic’, he’s proud of that, I suppose.
Matt wants to build a custom house. Sigh. As far as Amy tracking the books, wittle Matty Dickens has already spent thousands on the consultation and drafting of the plans. I looked into building a custom log cabin, and all the expenses were outlined to me. He STILL wants the kids to move back to the farm. Unbelievable. Get off it, Matt.

Amy and Deb talk about the birthday plans. Where’s Liz? Was she not enough of a yes woman, or was she happily married? Deb. Bill. It seems these divorcees certainly do need their yes people around them.

Zach and the Tarnished Couple have lunch. Zach is finished his coaching for that day, and Tori is the only one of the four with a real job!!! Why eat there? Why not in the house? Stupid staging by TLC. This is where it gets absolutely pathetic. Auj, “Amy's gone a lot.” She’s living her own life you witch. And the haybaling, Oh, the haybaling. “I’m not for Amy dating. I’m not for Amy marrying again. I’m for Amy and Matt still.” Who do you think you are? Who gives one obese rodent’s posterior about your opinions anyway? What right do you think you have to even think of making such bullshit statements about soneone else’s life? Get over yourself.
Jeremy uses the term ‘dynamic’ again. I guess if he doesn’t use it enough he might forget the word.

Zach and Matt do a staged scene at the stash barn. Matt needs Amy to pay ½ the costs to build buildings to entice the ‘kids’ to move back again. Get off it Matt Part 2! Thankfully Zach will have none of it. ‘Naw, we’re happy where we’re at.” For now, Zach? Until you can sell your house, pocket the money and move into a free one? Hmmmm……

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Are you dating – and why is it any of your business?? Part 2

Zach and Tori walking in the forest, Tori can’t relate to how long it really has been since the whole breakup and divorce started. No Tori, Zach and Tarnished Jer don’t really agree on the situation. But the scene ends with the proper resolution when Tori says, “We’ll just do (worry about and look after) each other.” Zach says, “I just want to do (wink wink) you.”

Amy’s birthday party is under way. Things seem a bit cold for Sept. 17? It is nice to see Amy enjoying life again. Zach nailed his mom’s insecurity. As in she still thinks that, “They need time to accept what’s happening and I want to give them that time.” Girl, you don’t owe anybody anything. You’ve been a suppressed kitchen slave for so long that you answer to nobody.

The Tarnished Couple at the bridge. They argue about kids. I just about threw up at the haybaling that was happening concurrently. Jer used the term ‘dynamic’ one more time. Jer was soooo proud of himself, pretending to ‘knock it out of the park’ when haybaling. Just like his dad. Me me me. It’s about my accomplishments that I want to bring to everyone’s attention. Get over yourself, kid. Not to mention the, “If we live upstairs and say have a kid and your mom is still going in and out and still having parties, we will have no privacy. There will have to be boundaries set.” Auj can go straight to Hell. How dare she spit out unadulterated crap lie that? That is just plain horrible. No other way to say it.

It gets worse! The twins go to lunch. Jer has the unmitigated gaul to ask his own mother, “Are you ‘dating’? Or are you ‘courting’?” After I reel at the rudeness of this self-serving brat, he turns around and sats, “I love her enough to ask the tough questions.” You can go straight to Hell with your wife. You have NO BUSINESS whatsoever prying into your mother’s affairs like this. You are a horrible person, Jer.
My mom survived my dad by 10 years. We NEVER EVER said anything like this to our mother. Never directed, never asked, never pried, never judged, never pronounce judgement, just plain never. She start to hang out with a man about 4 months before she died. We did not say a word to her. I cannot believe the conceit, the arrogance, of these married brats.
Tarnished Jer comes out with, “We don’t want you to get into a situation worse than you left.” IT DOES NOT CONCERN YOU. Your mother will do what your mother wants to do, and if you don’t like it, too bad, boo hoo for you. Your motives are clear Jer, just like anyone that supports this crappy behavior like you and you wife push onto your mother. Shame on you.

The architect shows up. Matt still insists he is not going to pressure any of his kids to move back to the farm. Remember whenever he wanted something? He would natter, and nag, and badger, and continually bring it up, until Amy got fed up and said OK. You just know he will never leave this alone. And if he wants to start construction tomorrow, he has spent a dollar or two like I mentioned before. Even stock plans for a large cabin already made by the company I spoke with, on my lot, would be minimum $2500. Before any redlining, any changes or any cost-plusses.

Unknown said...

What is Jacob for a living now that he lives in CA with his gf.

Ecossais said...

This blog has gone very quiet.
I am sure the bible thumpers and Roloff critics in general have not run out of comments so I hope that the blog owner is not sick.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Brianna, there are things you must know about the setup of the show.

TLC is NOT exploiting the Roloffs in any way. Matt and Amy Roloff are Executive Producers of the show. Anything that appears on the show must be approved by Matt and Amy, Brianna. They are SELLING THEMSELVES to whatever extent they feel the have to, in order to keep getting revenue from the show. Matt will stoop to any level, be it ridiculous plots, silly and useless projects that he talks TLC into footing the bill for, and any and all kind of false drama to stay on the air. It has been this way for many years.

Oceanlover said...

I was worried as well, is Spirit OK?

Shae House said...

Lol!!!! Silliness that is contained in the Bible.... what about the factual history? Oh silly history ..... oh silly man that raised himself from the dead. Lol.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh at you, but once you have experienced and seen the other side.... all the "silliness" turns into the people who have been fooled.
Don't let Satan fool you.... you dont deserve that.
Research all the people's many many testimonies of what they have seen after death.
Try to actually talk to God as if he were sitting in the chair across from you.
You have nothing to lose..... right?
I pray you feel the Love of God.... it's amazing..... absolutely amazing

NotARoloff said...

Perhaps Jeremy and his wife should listen to the POPE.