Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Little People, Big World New Episode Dec 6th, 2016

Here is a review and discussion of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloff family, which aired on Tuesday December 6, 2016 on TLC.

Review written by Rap541


Hey if anyone needs a good show to watch, “A Crime To Remember” On ID Discovery is really good.
Bonus scene one is Tory and Zach visiting Dad in the doublewide and Dad notes how nice it would be if Zach would help out by doing more chores. Zach mentions how they are happy to help and also are heading off to do the marriage celebration thing. Oh look, Matt drama queening for the camera how he needs to check on the pumpkins.
Jeremy wanders in for a bonus scene with Amy.  Amy is laying it all how about Matt’s health and Jeremy mostly stares blankly.
Amy asks “has that boy been good?” to Tori in such a way that I was kinda guffawing.
Anyway new episode.  Amy and new friend Deb who dates and wants Amy to have dates. Deb thinks Amy should date the guy from the painting class. But there’s also Chris! Amy is so happy and alive! She wants to have friends over and have a party. I bet this doesn’t go over well.
Now we have Jeremy slowly taking Matt around the farm. Matt wants cameras placed all around the camera. Like sixty or seventy and Jeremy is more like “maybe ten”. Btw the windmill was never turned into the cool bar thing that was origanlly envisioned.
So Jer and Auj are having dinner.  They talk about Matt and Auj is like “can he even walk?” and I am kinda surprised she has no idea. Tory wants to have a game night at Matt’s and to ask Amy to attend. Everyone seems to think this is a terrible idea.
Amy crosses to the double wide to talk to Matt about the business/farm/pool. She wants the pool fixed and he wants creepy cameras installed. Amy hates the camera idea. Matt snidely notes in the haybale confessional that Amy doesn’t *really* handle the farm and is wrong.
Tory and Zach head to Amy’s to ask her to attend the game night at the double wide.  Amy is all “I hesitated” and seems to feel bad but also past it. She wants to let Matt have his little sanctuary at the double wide.
Jer and Auj are soon to leave but Jeremy is installing cameras wherever Matt wants. Matt is all “If Jeremy is involved, Amy won’t bitch”.
Auj cheerfully notes how she hasn’t bothered to see Matt since before his surgery. She checks out Matt’s scar. Amy feels weird, she doesn’t want to make it awkward. She decides to go. Jeremy immediately offers her wine. They play a weird game. It’s sort of silly but Matt immediately pulls a bitch face and says its disgusting. Matt runs off to his room to shut down the evening. I suspect Matt is beginning to see the downside of divorcing his wife. Matt notes that he apparently only expected the kids and is annoyed.
The game is basically kinda stupid. Its also painfully awkward.
Next up, Amy has zuchinni and Matt rolls up on the mule, and Amy notes how he shouldn’t be in. Amy is having a major pool party. Its painfully awkward.
Amy notices that there’s cameras and Matt never actually told her that the cameras would be installed. Matt insists that there’s no cameras on her house or yard. They argue, Amy thinks its crazy. I’m inclined to agree and to add that Matt’s control freakery is in play.
Zach comes over for the pool party clean up. Zach powerwashes things and notes that it’s an adult party. Amy has Lisa and Deb over to prep for the party and is weirded out. Amy has a ton of bathing suits!
Amy is having some sort of dish to pass party and guys come on motorcycles and this is all so suddenly HOT. Meanwhile Ryan, the new Camerino, is helping Matt ship cases of salsa because you know, everyone has done a total shit job taking care of the farm and leaving it all for Matt to handle.
Bob brought Amy a sort of large Jenga game. And there’s like huge in in the pool with adults my age being silly and its actually kinda nice to see a show not be so totally twenty something orientated. Amy and Chris the sorta biker are hitting it off! Amy is actually really happy for a change and there’s a live band? That’s a hell of a party. Oooh Chris is actually asking her out.  And the party seemed pretty fun.
Amy and Zach debrief the next day over the party and whether she is dating – she says no but… Zach seems to be very supportive of her dating. He haybales that it’s weird but his comments are very supportive.
I sense the impending doom ☺


chattykaye said...

I watch the show so I can appreciate all the great comments on your site. I find it very satisfying to see that there are others out there who also take this program for what it is...chattykaye

eye roller said...

Pointless and painful. That is how every single person, little and average sized, looks and portrays themselves in every "scene" until they hear from a producer "aaaaaaand cut, that's a wrap," or that's what this show looks like to me following the Amy and friend front porch scene, the gross and embarassing dental game scene, the Matt: we need lots of cameras, pronto everywhere scene, the silver fox dude planted at the party and already knows he's going to offer Amy a bike ride because that is why he signed the TLC waiver to be there scene.These people literally schedule their visits when they know the TLC cameras will be here, otherwise there isn't any real interaction, if there was, then why does everybody walk in like "how has life been these last 3 months" or since the last time we met (on camera) because after all, if there is no camera, then what's the point of shovelling apples, or having a pool party with virtual strangers, and announcing aloud to yourself with no one to hear you" there will be no pumpkin season this year?! And yes, A Crime to Remember is an excellent show, much better and less ackward entertainment.

Stop It, Please said...

Matt wants cameras to see what is going on with the farm AND to see who is coming in the front gate. I think the second piece is more like it. The gate was locked and remote controlled before, so what purpose other than to check out who is visiting Amy?

And that dumb game. Not only disgusting and stupid, but how ironic is it that people with dwarfism are in essence mocking people with speech impediments?

And clearly the Golden Couple have rarely been around, and Oddj seems not even to be aware of what has been happening. Why does that surprise anyone? Would she even have shown up (she did seem to arrive separately from Jeremy) if she weren’t getting paid for on camera time?

Chattykaye is right – the commentary and comments on Spirits site are the best things about the show.

Sara said...

Won't somebody PLEASE think of the pumpkins!!!

Jumped. The. Shark.

Anonymous said...

Almost every scene with Jer is awkward. The kitchen scene with Tori is especially akward. Tori doesn't even try to act like she wants to talk to Jer much less look at him. The dinner with Tori, Zach, Jer and Auj is so staged its hard to watch.

Courtney said...

Zach gave Tory very good reasons why having kids was not a good idea right now. He said he wanted to enjoy time with her. She said, "oh, our baby would be in a pack and play right now." He was like, "the baby won't be like Sully, where we can just put him in the van."

He is going to resent her so much soon. I've seen it many times before. The wife gets baby fever, has to get knocked up, has to have a baby, then the husband is standing there at 2AM while the baby and wife are crying saying "I told you so. We should have waited."

She is going to regret it very soon.

Grandma said...

Those cameras are put there mainly to try to control a woman that he obviously tried and couldn't when they were married. How's living together on the farm working out now, Amy? I see something happening that will bring this situation to a screeching halt very soon.

Ecossais said...

LPBW is a joke. That last episode was pure rubbish.
The only redeeming feature is that it supplies endless material for this entertaining blog. Is Matt really such a jerk or is this scripted?

Ecossais said...

This divorce is getting messy.

Matt wants and has installed cameras against Amy's will as usual..
Amy is 50 percent owner so she could veto the expense.
Where did Matt get the money to pay for them?
Where does Amy get the money for the pool party?
Are they paying for these things - and cars, utilities , etc. - out of separate incomes from the farm and TLC?

Sara said...

Uh...they are worth millions.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Matt, Amy and T LC for even thinking that masquarding their dysfunctional relationship , the privacy of their children lives and their intimate relationships as family entertainment, it's truly stomach turning! They think the joke is on us because they are getting paid, but the joke is really on them because we all can see what they're doing: trading on their authentic selves and family life for a TLC paycheck. None of them are charismatic, articulate, interesting or remotely physically attractive enough to be worthy of an intelligent audience and television platform. By virtue of being on this stupid farce of a show, their on camera "shenanigans" reek of desperation, pandering and is filled with non sensical, incongruous activities that are filler for the next meaningless action. What is this show about anymore at this point? Is it about listening to someone convince her husband to have a baby after less than a year of marriage cause "all my friends are doing it", listen to a divorce couple complain about the other one (shameful to put this on tv for the world to watch for three years straight) and watch a newlywed couple talk about nothing except how awesome it is to hang out in Bend until they have babies and officially become farmers/wedding planners/travelling marriage bloggers or until the E network comes calling with a better offer called "Couples for Christ's Sake."

InkyBear said...

Surely, Dear God please, TLC will end LPBW soon. Did not think any reality TV woman could be more self centered, hateful and so very dull than Kate Gosswhatever till Amy Roloff began getting more air time. Tolerated her in background, kitchen work, whining about or to Matt but she is not front row talent, not there is any in this family. Pool Party and filming the Pun'kins growing was last one for me. Come on TLC!

k Has c said...

Maybe dear Ole Matt ...likes to watch!!!!! Oooh Nooo say it aint so!

aphrodesia said...

Who is Auj? Is that Audrey? Why is she Auj? Never heard of that name before.

Matt and Amy are a strange couple. How did they ever get together?

Rap541 said...

Actually Tory was discussing becoming pregnant on the anniversary of her first year of marriage, which means she wasn't a newlywed.

She also wasn't spreading her legs before marriage, the way some lovely Christians shamed her for, all you Christians remember that? How Tory must've had to get married and snicker snicker snicker at Tory the slut who spread and had a baby in belly on her marriage day?

Anyone care to retract their remarks or will we be Christians shaming and then trying to pretend that conversation never happened?

More seriously, I really don't understand the objection to a married couple having a baby after being married a full year. If the baby is due in May then it was conceived in August which means yes, they got pregnant after a full year of marriage which is... pretty normal and reasonable. Tory has a job with health benefits and likely won't even miss much work. I mean, people do raise families on teacher money alone, and with their house paid for and show money coming in, they're actually pretty financially stable. They also appear to be very much in love and while I am sure they have arguments like all married couples, they seem to have an idyllic marriage.

Was Zach supposed to wait until Jeremy and Auj decided to have a child first, is that it?

Anonymous said...

Let's mulls this over a bit, shall we?

"or remotely physically attractive enough to be worthy of an intelligent audience"

Ecossais said...

We were given to believe that wonder boy did the camera installation.
Installing multiple cameras (dozens according to Matt)is a quite a complicated process.
I remember he couldn't assemble a windmill kit of pre-cut and drilled parts even with instructions.

Cameras need power and remote cameras need an transmitter and antenna.
So was there power available close to each camera location and was wiring done to code by the Golden boy.

Then there has to be a base computer with a receiving antenna and software to receive and decode all the camera data. Anyone with the passwords and proper software could then access the cameras from a laptop.

I can access cameras and monitor activity at my company from home (or anywhere) but it was not a cheap or simple project.

We didn't get any detail and it seems like the whole thing was staged to create drama with Matt and Amy.

NOW member said...

Inky--I am afraid your remarks about a woman who has had to-for years-- tolerate grandiose, self-aggrandizing, obnoxious 5th child, Matt Roloff, are too egregious to let by. You could tolerate her "in the kitchen", huh? TLC does not have to cancel a show in order to give relief to chauvinists, I am sure you all have remotes. "Dear God please" indeed!

Chelsea said...

As many photo shoots as the the golden couple do they obviously think they are modelesque attractive. Seriously the most vain couple I have seen.

I also noticed that Jeremy only ever carried up a screw driver. Never saw any footage of him doing anything except adjusting the cameras. I would say staged and he didn't actually install any of them.

Mike P. said...

Ecossais wondered:

". . . and was wiring done to code by the Golden Boy."

LOL. Of course not. Matt don't need no stinkin' codes.

But I'm sure this will form the basis of a future episode:

"Outrage! Washington County SHUTS DOWN Roloff defense cameras! Family left helpless and in peril; might lose farm."

Podge/ Rodge groupie said...

Ecossais, I'd like to add to your postings for this week. I apologize again I didn't get a chance to breathe until today, but there are events and situations in this episode that truly deserve comment.

Matt wants surveillance cameras. Jer actually endorses the decision. This, to me, is the epitome of Matt's need to micro-manage everything and now his general laziness to go out and look for himself. His conversation with The Golden Boy gives me much basis for my point. When he says something about looking around the farm and tell Jer to "go pull that weed over there" on the radio, his real intentions became clear. The Golden Boy's response, "We won't give you a radio......" Well, guess what GB? Matt and a two-way radio when he was waxing melodramatic over the pumpkins being ni the boys hands, you know, if they ;et them die then there is no pumpkin patch this year (they would just have to buy ALL their pumpkins from neighbors) so his remark is ridiculous.

The meetings with Amy over the pool equipment versus the 'need' for cameras had an interesting 'dynamic' to it (funny GB has used that term for awhile) that has flip-flopped over the past times. Here's what I mean;
Amy was a bit observant when she concluded that Matt tries to make any expenditure meeting a 'deal' in thinking that if Amy needs equipment replaced or proper pool maintenance then he can get his cameras. Hey, first Matt wanted cameras to watch the pumpkins and the employees (I abhor the term 'workers') and then, he shifts to wanted to see who's coming onto the farm unannounced (Rap nailed this one) which is totally removed from the original reason. Then, he goes back to the original reason when the GB installs the cameras. On one day, before he returns to Bend. Ecossais, that many cameras in ONE DAY, by a person who barely graduated and have to go to a for-profit school to get a certificate?? Does anyone get the feeling this has been planned and scripted into the show after the divorce? She whines about this but, she ALLOWS IT TO HAPPEN! Ecossais was right she can veto at any time. She does NOT. WHY? She has nobody to blame but herself. Boo Hoo for you, girl.

I want to take this one step deeper. Let's promenade over to Amy's reluctance about going out, dating, and 'putting herself out there' as she puts in. By the way, what happened to Lisa? Anyway, she claims that she did not pay enough attention to learn about social interaction in the past. Let's kill two birds with one stone here, people. When Amy and Matt were married, and Amy had effectively ZERO interest in the farm, she was an absolute, perfect, total bitch. She couldn't wait to land on Matt like a ton of bricks at every opportunity. So what is with the submissive, agreeable, reticent little lamb we are seeing on TV? What happened? Did someone cut her broomstick in half? Yikes. She's not near as forceful at all when dealing with Matt, despite the fact that she now OWNS 50% of the farm. A little help here?

Anonymous said...

The scene in which Jeremy installs the cameras on the property is so staged, false, misleading, fake, you name it. Do the Roloffs think we're idiots that we are to believe instead of "recuperating" from surgery he would undertake such a huge project just in time for Amy's aquatic soiree with Jeremy as the only one mentioned as the electrical technician?! Just because we watch this show does not make us that gullible. Jeremy only adjusted the cameras like one would adjust the side mirror on a car. Were the ladders and laptop meant to bolster the idea that these two can realize such a project in a few days without TLC intervention, ,hmmm?

Also, the scene in which Amy is pacing the floor, talking to herself about whether she should go to family game night at Matt's place really seemed choreographed, immature and staged , as in, TLC producer to Amy: okay Amy, your gonna stand alone in your living room, stare off into the distance while looking like you are grappling with going to Matt's place. Then you're going to look out the window in the direction of the double wide and say a few words to yourself , but make sure to say out loud what you are thinking so the viewers can hear your innermost thoughts at this most poignant moment in your life, now GO!!!! Amy is on a show with her ex, lives on the same property with her ex, goes to Hawaii with her ex, and works with her ex, yet hesitates and struggles to spend time with him and the kids for half an hour for game night? This is such fabricated rubbish! These people are paid actors for doing this kind of stuff, the only thing that's seemingly real is the pumpkin patch, the divorce, the marriages and Jeremy's growing mass of unmanageable curly que's.

NOW member said...

When married to him for 20 plus years, she owned no percentage of the farm? And only captured 50% of it via divorce. I can tell you why she's much more relaxed, less stressed, and not not having to celebrate anymore hair-brained schemes involving moving dirt...she's RID of him in those ways, and can easily now tolerate him for five minutes! Good on her. Nobody should have to live with Matt Roloff, and I see nobody does.

Rap541 said...

Podge - I actually disagree with you on Amy. I think the fact that Matt was so quick to jump to "I am NOT putting cameras in your area!" is the sign that they already had the bitchy argument over it. I also think Amy has been a lot more insistent that she use her house to have her friends over - I think she's asking permission for the cameras, not because she needs his permission.

I also think that most of what we are seeing is production placed silliness. Seriously Matt Diddums just happened to be awkwardly trying to get into the ATV just as Zach happened to be taking people on tour? And Matt needed to be talked out of driving the mule that could effectively paralyze him? Honestly I think Matt is doing himself no favors with the "I'm Matt, I'm a whiny baby who doesn't listen! I know I could end up in a wheel chair paralyzed for life but Jesus Christ I MUST SEE THE PUMPKINS SO SCREW MEDICAL ADVICE! Poor me!"

I'd love to see one of the kids toss down the keys with "Go ahead. You know you were told not to. If you end up paralyzed, you can change your own diapers."

It's already pretty clear that Auj and Jer don't have any plans to give up their lives to tend Daddy Matt ;)

Lpbwfan said...

Thanks to those who bow @ scrape over these hypocrites... only solution is to stop watching.., on a side note.... what's the over under on GoldenCouple 2.0 due date??

Sara said...

How much do you suppose they were paid for the thinly veiled promotion of 'The Sentinel'...Tori says it so many times the words have lost all meaning.

Set Abominae said...

If they actually expect me to believe that idiot boy "installed" those cameras (or did anything more than just look at them for that matter) they're going to have to try harder.

You see to installation of such cameras you are legally required to have a license because you're dealing with electricity...which can kill people very easily.

Jeremy strikes me as the sort of stupid person who couldn't even boil water without a team of advisors and a two week course, and while we're on the topic his wife is rapidly becoming one of the most detestable people on tv.

Anonymous said...

Hiring Illegals...F Off Roloffs

Anonymous said...

I sincerely apologize, but I am thinking that Amy comes across as waaaay to "horny" and on a different note: frankly I would not eat anything that she EVER prepares in that messy kitchen: no gloves, hair hanging everywhere, God only knows about the plates, utensils, platters etc. I pass. I have been to many a B&B and never once did the owner EVER come "mingle" with us for kudoes...that is intrusive--of COURSE they had to say they'd come back! And there is NO way to eat breakfast in the sun~anywhrer in the USA in Summer~~BTW, are they not doing "Barn Weddings"(a shallow pipe dream perhaps)...? any longer???

Bev Mccarthy said...

How can one family be so un tidy in the start and change towards the end . The house was a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

So staged it's ridiculous.Jeremy didn't install anything.Those cameras were already installed and set.The one on the windmill was just a go pro for the scene,and then quickly taken back down.Amy mysteriously is wearing different shoes at the party then when she was pacing trying to decide to go or not.I really think every single scene is staged ahead of time,and events are totally out of sync.