Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Little People, Big World New Episode Dec 13 - Review

Here is a discussion and review of the new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family which aired on TLC Tuesday December 13th, 2016.


Review written by Rap541

Also Alan Thicke died. That’s sad. I liked him on Growing Pains.

Bonus scene is some sort of project for Audrey showing Amy how to do barre3 and Jeremy making a barre for Amy. I see why it didn’t make the cut. Next bonus scene is Zach bringing Matt an exercise  bike for Matt. Matt seems to like it. I for one am genuinely happy if that helps him.

So Matt, first up, you need to stop praising yourself for living on the same property as your ex because first, you really don’t have to. Second, I know people who divorced and continued living in the same *house*. You’re not that pretty and you’re not that special, Matt.

Amy is making food and pondering how she’s in the big house alone. What will Amy do? Amy harps on how she was denied work as a little person. Apparently this is the bed and breakfast idea episode.

We see farm animals that I assume Ryan takes care of since they are still alive. Matt is all about his life changing revelations. Oh look, we get the panorama of Matt’s pain filled horror show of a childhood where he cried out to God for relief and never was cured. He wants to write a children’s book. 

Apparently the book is about his dog. Zach is reasonably supportive.

Amy skypes with Audrey and Pine. Amy wants to do a B&B with tents. Audrey loves “glamping” and notes how this is what she and Jer do. Amy asks Auj for help. Auj doesn’t actually commit but… Amy tosses the B&B idea at Matt and Matt totally shits on it. He gets in the haybale how fucking stupid it is. He then publicly chides her for her stupidity. In the haybale he notes how its not a good business model and it’s more work for him but he “doesn’t want to discourage Amy” even tho he pretty openly shits on the idea.

Jer and Auj drove up from Bend to help! Auj looks like a ragbag, oddly, as does Jer. Amy wants a fire pit and tents and int eh haybales , Auj and Jer look much less petulant and hung over. Jer notes that he feels the area for the guests is too sacred. Jer apparently wants the b&B tents basically in a shitty field rather than the sacred area. 

Two days to the B&B. Amy trusts Auj’s style. In this haybale Auj looks more put together and of course Auj notes how she and Jer want to live on the farm, own the farm, and create businesses on the farm. Auj, you’re kissing the wrong person’s ass.

Matt is recovering and checking on the pumpkins! Amy tells Matt the B&B is happening. Matt notes in the haybale again how he thinks this is a total shit idea and stupid. Matt is also worried about people just wandering around the property. Matt hates it and is working on his children’s book. He wonders if Amy has done the math on B&B’s. I wonder if he’s done the math on vanity based children’s books.

Jer and Zach are getting chopped wood and discussing how cool Amy has gotten.

Now Tori and Matt? Go out because its weird and awkward. Matt immediately asks about the grand children. Matt then turns to his children’s book idea and how he worries about underdogs and adversity and his dog Lucy and its funny because I have a friend who is doing a totally similar thing. Tori equates it to her job and wants Matt to read to her kids.

It’s the day of the event and tents are being set up! There’s tents and Jeremy and Auj note how this is basically all about their own personal interest in owning the farm and taking over the farm. Amy checks everything out. As someone who reads Jer and Auj’s blog, I question how people will fuck for Jesus on separate cots.  Zach is all is the food done? Amy freaks.

There’s drama over the wine glasses. Amy takes people to the cool tents.

Meanwhile at the library, Matt is telling stories to kids and they are basically much more involved with themselves. They’re clearly Tori’s students. Matt tells a story about Lucy the tiniest dog and Tori picks up the whole “This is really Matt and how Matt was tortured by his awful childhood. The kids are polled and of course they love the idea because they are five and they are Tori’s class.

Meanwhile at the B&B, DINNER IS RUNNING LATE! The guests are restless. I mostly don’t care.

So dinner is super late and Jeremy has no idea what utensils are to be used. They seem to be at the windmill and maybe not. Auj notes how Amy fucked up in polite passive aggressive tones. Meanwhile it seems to go well. Amy checks back and notes there will be a bonfire.

Jer notes how this is an Amy progression. Personally I think they will have problems with land use laws but it does seem fun. Amy asks for feedback. Someone recommends the obvious – running water.

Amy tells Matt how she enjoyed it. Matt seems to hate it and also hates the children’s book idea. Matt notes how resilient little people are and how Tori will be  a good mom. Amy notes how Tori and Auj will be good moms “in their own way”. Yeah that’s interesting.


eye roller said...

Yup, A Crime to Remember is an excellent show with impressive production value, Little People on the other hand.....Matt immediately shoots down the B and B idea because...anyone, anyone? He seems anti anyone outside of TLC cameras on the farm which, by extention, are millions of people who may watch this show. This alone is one giant invite to the farm, that's why het gets paid, but if it's a few people on the property then it'an issue. There is a disconnect there, and I think if it smells like Amy, sounds like Amy or looks like Amy then , plan no good for Matt. It's pathetic that Matt immediately follows up his criticism of the B and B idea with a silly children's book concept, as if that is a genius idea that everyone should have. How many reality show people go down the childrens book route, see Manzo with kids, Ladies of London, etc. Hey Matt anyone can write a kids book, and I do mean EVERYONE.

Did Amy really not have the food ready by sunset which was the most important and beautiful part of the glamping experience according to her when she was planning the event. She's holding meetings, making lists and calling her kids and inlaws about the evening yet couldn't successfully complete her only duty, food preparation!!!That really demonstrated a lack of punctuality and organization that seems to be her achilles heel.

Yeah, yeah we get get it Aujpoj and Goldilocks, you want to own the farm very soon and plan festivals, retreats and lot's of glamping shindigs on it when you grow up. But helping Amy pitch a tent on un-sacred ground and literally plopping some throw pillows and blankets on a cot is really the most mnimal contribution for what a project such as this entails.

Please, though, stop trying to dupe the audience into beleiving that you are farmers , who can manage acres of property, employees. These two wax on about the pumpkin patch like it's going to be like living in a trippy Green Acres episode , like they "would be sooo, like, down for that."

Anonymous said...

I wrote this response for previous episode--so sorry,,,but I am thinking that Amy comes across as waaaay to "horny" and on a different note: frankly I would not eat anything that she EVER prepares in that messy kitchen(seen for YEARS now): no gloves, hair hanging everywhere, God only knows about the dog, plates, utensils, platters etc. I pass. I have been to many a B&B and never once did the owner EVER come "mingle" with us for kudoes...that is intrusive and rude--of COURSE they had to say they'd come back on camera! And there is NO way eating breakfast in the sun~in the summer is FUN anywhere in the USA~~BTW, are they not doing "Barn Weddings"(a shallow pipe dream perhaps)...? any longer??

Ecossais said...

Another good review Rap. Thanks.

This is one of the few times I agree with Matt.
I doubt this business plan has been thought through.

What has been provided by way of electric in the tents (it is hard to imagine anything more dangerous than improperly installed electric outlets in a tent if there is a shower of rain), restrooms, showers, etc.?
Where do the "guests" dine if it rains?

Anonymous said...

It's curious how cameras only show Jeremy hammering a stake into the ground, then immediately the camera cuts to three beautifully erected tents.Is this supposed to imply Jeremy did all that work by himself? If so, why doesn't TLC instead show him actually doing ALL that hard work by himself? Oh yeah, I know why, 'cause it didn't actually happen, that's why no footage exists of it, therefore none was shown to the viewers!!! Gosh, TLC and the Roloffs are really working in cahoots with trying to perpetuate this false idea that Jeremy is utterly capable and competent with all things farm related: mechanical, architechtural and electronical(word?).

Case in point, last episode, why wasn't footage shown of Jeremy INSTALLNG the 60 cameras, instead all he did was climb up a ladder with a screwdriver in his backpocket (that went unused), and twisted the ALREADY INSTALLED camera like adjusting a rearview mirror) He really is ready to take over the farm now if he can do all that!!!

Sacred Ground said...

Anyone notice when Matt said to Tory " don't have four kids, you're bound to have a bad apple in there, " a not so thinly veiled reference to his fourth child, Jacob? And a lunch date between father in law and daughter in law seems very "why, what's the point," wouldn't Zach's attendence have seemed a more natural and sensical grouping?

Matt's book idea is even more idiotic and ridiculous than the B and B idea could be, although Amy seems to be overlooking some critical aspects that such an enterprise neccesitates. Oh well, who cares about such details when we need to produce contrived content for a reality show about an undercutting, passive aggresive divorced couple who keep harping on how the other doesn't get them. Keep it movin Roloffs and find a life OFF CAMERA, that's the kind of life that really counts, all this on camera "how we are gonna get everything done in time" and "we have an opportunity to go to Hawaii in the middle of our divorce" is such a sham! Keep up pimpin your personal relationships and intimate lives for the cash, it just makes you look really unattractive.

For someone who majored in hospitality, Amy sure gets nasty and flustered for preparing dinner for six people. It must not come that naturally to her, if she is going to get so agitated and discombobulated.

HillsboroLocal said...

but if it's a few people on the property then it'an issue. There is a disconnect there, and I think if it smells like Amy, sounds like Amy or looks like Amy then , plan no good for Matt.

Yes, to those who actually remember back when the show started, Matt was all hot and heavy to hold frequent corporate events there, but Amy was not very happy about having hundreds of people on the farm all day on a regular basis. Please, Matt, do explain the difference between those events and Amy's campout. Although, as we know, the glamping thing was just an invention for TLC, like the "barn wedding" business that has now evaporated into thin air.

Which is why there HAD to be a "disaster waiting to happen" that could RUIN EVERYTHING! Oh, no, will the people ever get to eat? STAY TUNED!!! LOLOLOLOLOL...anyone who believes ANY part of this show is real now haven't been watching for very long.

Sara said...

It'd get really loud in those tents if they all recite their vows during the, uh, fucking for Jesus.

Seattle Sweetheart said...

Amy has obviously heard of the word "glamping" but never bothered to learn what it means. It is referring to camping with amenities that a hotel would offer if you were to stay there. Running water, bathrooms and electricity are considered just the basics of glamping and she doesn't even offer that. Audrey must think it's camping with make-up on and hair done for all the help she was. Amy was really nothing other than a camp cook in my opinion. This was an epic fail from the beginning. Try again Amy. That was pathetic.

PJ said...

Sacred Ground,
The consensus elsewhere is that Jer is the bad apple. The pay per degree school. The total failure as a wedding photog. Demanding the farm but refusing to move there and help when Matt is laid up and Camerino is gone. And the wife who's so shallow a 2 year old couldn't drown in her.

Sacred Ground said...

Okay,so you're little and I happen to be really tall. Do I deserve a reality show now because people look at me twice, and I have trouble finding jeans that fit, or feeling attractive and petite enough to men. Being what you are is just that, what you are. It's only an issue if you make it so. There is something about everyone that someone may want to discriminate you for. To think you were discriminated due to your height, or looks says more about your own insecurities and hang ups than someone else's perceived prejuidice or proclivities.

The Roloffs come off as very woe is me or I missed out on the big moments of life because I am little. You would think at this age they would stop whining and rehashing past issues and have evolved beyond this physical uniqueness. Both strike as immature the way they peck at each other and interact because it seems they bring out the brat in each other.

By the way, why can't these people admit that TLC handles everything, the fact that Matt, Amy,@ Jeremy take credit for everything make this show hard to swallow, Amy's food included!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy seems to love all kinds of green, the "dude" rolls up into every scene like being awoken at noon by the arrival of the TLC crew.Jeremy gives off a more lackadaisical vibe than chill peace and love vibes. I dated a guy just like him once and after the stoned makeout sessions and chilled out nights of doing nothing but drinking beer and smoking, I quickly realized this man's potential would remain unrequited and outgrew and became impatient with his fratboy and cavalier attitude about EVERYTHING. Audrey strikes me as too ambitious and type A for Jeremy's overly relaxed and sluggish demeanor. Once the glow of passionate lovemaking with her first love grows subsides and she eloves into a more mature and fully realized woman she'll begin to see what is really there and not what she envisions to one day be. Jeremy seems to be riding the wave that Audrey has created, otherwise this beating the divorce rate through journals and scripture enterprise would never have seen the light of day. I doubt these ideas ever germinated within Jeremy, it was more like Audrey saying to Jeremy "hey Jeremy we gotta milk this marriage into a business/brand model because your photography career ain't enough to buy me my chanel red lipstick!" and Jeremy "I'm down, what are we gonna eat?"

Anonymous said...

I agree with ALL of you and the above comments. "Hospitality DEGREE~ my ass. A while ago the show was "entertainment"(cheap, but yeah entertaining for the moment). I have for a long time considered TLC, not The Learning Chanel, but The Living Circus. I wish them all the best in the future and *i will leave it at that

Anon.NC. ps ...I will check back from to time to see the latest fuckery and shenanigans:) sure to watch carefully what you eat~:)~

Rap541 said...

Yes, to those who actually remember back when the show started, Matt was all hot and heavy to hold frequent corporate events there, but Amy was not very happy about having hundreds of people on the farm all day on a regular basis. Please, Matt, do explain the difference between those events and Amy's campout. Although, as we know, the glamping thing was just an invention for TLC, like the "barn wedding" business that has now evaporated into thin air.

Yeah, I remember that, and that there were some zoning issues with that as well.

But yes, basically if it isn't Matt's idea or Matt's vision, Matt is a whiny little child bitching mightily how stupid it is and much it costs and how nobody thinks about profitability..

Hey Matt, why don't you sit down and explain how much money you pissed away on the pumpkin movie? Hey Jer fans, you remember that? How it was a GREAT way for Jeremy to showcase his shining talent to Hollywood?

Funny how that earned the Roloffs nothing (aka Matt pissed away money on a stupid idea that was never going to be profitable) and sure as shit, guess who isn't a big Hollywood star but is in fact, working for Daddy Matt on the reality tv because everything else is too hard?

Hey Matt, since you're so considered about profitability, why don't you explain just how much money your children's book will cost as you will need to pay someone to illustrate it? Not to mention the cost of publication. Mind you, I think Matt writing a children's book is right up there with Matt starting an amusement park (everyone remember that?)

So what else has Matt spent a load of money on only for it to not be profitable? The wine cellar in the damaged barn that was never really finished (there were still gaping holes and standing water) that was used like... twice? The bridge to no where that I suspect was quietly torn down as it was a death trap? It was certainly never used on camera again. The rebuilt trebuchet that never really worked? Hey what about spending all the time and money digging an ATV race track for an ATV that was completely unneeded and likely to just sit around as Matt can't use it due to his neck, and for all that she made a show of it, we all know Amy isn't going to use it... and Zach and Tory live away, and Jeremy and Audrey live away...

This is made especially funny when you consider how Matt shit himself in rage over how costly it was for Amy and her buddies to make tracks on a grassy field that was clearly not going to be used for pumpkins, but smirks and sniggers how his fun is worth the cost when he wants to destroy a field for an atv racetrack.

Anyone else have examples of Matt merrily blowing money on stupid ideas that never pan out monetarily? His hypocrisy is greatly amusing.

Ecossais said...

As if this episode wasn't bad enough I can't wait to see the survival shelter.
Of course TLC is not so stupid. That is the "hook" that keeps people watching because, let's face it, basically the Roloffs are boring and bereft of any talent whatsoever.

Happy said...

Thirty bucks for three loaves of QUICK BREAD? Some folks have more money than brains, that shit is really easy to make.

Rap541 said...

To think you were discriminated due to your height, or looks says more about your own insecurities and hang ups than someone else's perceived prejuidice or proclivities.

So I am going to disagree with you, Sacred Ground, because its not a perceived prejudice. It's not an insurmountable prejudice but it does exist. Jobs in hospitality work, even low wage jobs like waitressing or front desk receptionist, have an unspoken "looks" component. When I did catering work in college, it was pretty girls like me (at the time) who got hired for waitstaff and it was the more unfortunate looking who got kitchenstaff work. Amy has some other flaws that I think would keep her from climbing the hospitality ladder but I do believe people with dwarfism have difficulty getting jobs due to their perceived inabilities.

And if you don't believe that, then look at how people here perceive Zach Roloff. There is a loud minority here who persisted for years and years in harping on how Tori had to be dating Zach for some reason ("she's a fame whore", "she's in love with Jeremy and wants to be close", "she's after Roloff money") other than love because it was simply inconceivable that anyone could be with Zach. That Zach, despite being on a tv show, and having money and fame and a property full of toys was just so repulsive that he couldn't possibly ever attract a female.... why do you think that viewpoint persisted to where people here, when Tori was actually *marrying* him, continued to express doubt about her motivation? Point - I suspect just by bringing it up, you're going to see a few of the self professed Christians snidely run down Tori for her whorish and untrustworthy behavior. Why is this happening?

Because Zach is a dwarf and prejudice exists, and some people simply can't conceive that a person who isn't physically perfect can attract love from someone who could get a "normal" man.

If people can't even accept the notion that he can find someone to love him, then clearly they're not buying the "little people can do anything average height people can do" and don't hire little people over average height for jobs. The prejudice exists, and it's displayed here constantly.

Eye roller said...

TLC and Matt have probably agreed at a production meeting that TLC will cover illustrator and publication costs as this probably falls under show content expenses and if the book sells TLC and Matt will split any profits (60/40 split perhaps?).

If TLC wasn't fronting the cash to pay for these expenses I'm sure Matt would have told producers make it worth my while cause I've got more important things to do like maintaining a farm/property that no one seems to be doing on a daily basis.

Producers brainstorm with all the Roloffs at production meetings precisely for this reason, otherwise cameras would only be capturing Amy petting her dog while preparing lonely meals for one, Matt would be on the phone or dealing with farmhands about farm stuff and the kids would be in their lonely doing what newly married couples do far away from their in laws house. Instead we get "Amy's Second Act: Single and Ready to Mingle"..."Matt, the Author"...Jer and Auj soon to be STILL living in Bend rhapsodizing about marriage (without the experience of full time employment, responsibilty of bills and children, ya know, like REAL reality, not car commercials, sponsered getaways and cameras in your face) while planning their coup of the pumpkin patch?

Anonymous said...

Ecossais, here is another ridiculous show "hook" idea for TLC: Matt as the next "The (Little) Bachelor" where he bestowes upon the lucky lady a pumpkin, and the winner of his heart gets to ride off with him into the sunset on his beloved ATV and help run the farm and pumpkin season. You got to admit it's better than preparing for the upcoming apocalypse bomb shelter episode, eeks!

If Matt is distracted by a new girlfriend, Jeremy would be thrilled to stay in Bend instagramming photos of Aujpoj in her pj's in bed ( yeah, that really happened) instead of having to shovel rotting apples while nattering on about beating the divorce rate through vacations paid by anyone but him.

Another episode idea: Amy could match up with her tv for hire friend Deb prowelling the streets of downtown Portland holding a sign that read "EMBRACE THE BOOTY"(why does Deb care sooo much that Amy finds a guy, she literally hovers over every guy that talks to Amy like a meddling matchmaker!? Does TLC pay her a commission or something for every guy she procures and wrangles over to Amy?

tegan713 said...

I saw om instagram one of molly's friends posted she got engaged to her bf joel last weekend

Pumpkin Salsa said...

There is someone for everyone, and Zach is no better or worse than most men, probably much better in that he is a seemingly attentive, devoted, respectful and loving husband to Tori. Both Zach and Tori are lucky to find love for no other reason than that true and honest love is hard to find period, not because it's hard to find people attracted to you because of your looks.

Go out anywhere and you will find all kinds of people with all kinds of varying physical traits that may or may not ever be remotely attractive to you in this lifetime. While some may find dwarfism asthetically off putting, there are MANY physical deviations from what is considered "genetically gifted" that can repell or attract positive attention by anyone at anytime, anywhere. Peoples character and treatment of others is what really shines through a person and anyone who has integrity and is kind is worthy of love and to be loved by whomever they wish. People with character, compassion and kindness for others are the kind of people that will appreciate the heart of the person and are not "blinded" by what they see, at least not permanantly blinded!

Rap541 said...

Come on Jer Fans!

You *said* Jeremy did the pumnpkin movie shine out his talent to Hollywood. In Jesus's name you mocked me for doubting his instant success in Hollywood. Jeremy was SUCCESSFUL!

Why aren't you proud Jeremy fans telling me about his many many accomplishments that all came from his clever use of the pumpkin movie?

Come on Jer Fans! You said he was Hollywood bound! And told me how wrong I was! Prove me wrong :)

Oh wait. Jer never did get any acting jobs and the pumpkin movie never did even get shown. Does anyone want to apologize? For telling me how foolish I was to doubt that the pumpkin movie would rocket Jeremy to acting success?

Or will you be sitting silent?

Kathy said...

Thought this show was supposed to be about their every day lives and the challenges they face. This stuff they put out is fake garbage. So they really have no lives?

Anonymous said...

Who thr hell do Audrey/Jeremy think they are? Audreys comment about if they move back to live in apartment they'll have to give Amy boundries!!! First of all Audrey get off your high horse none of the property belongs to you Amy is a grown woman she has every right to do what she wants if she wants when she wants you & your 2 faced husband have no business sticking your nose in what Amy does! If you don't like it then you 2 get real jobs buy your own place stand on your own 2 feet stay out of other peoples lives