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Little People, Big World New Episode Tuesday December 27, 2016

Here is a discussion and review of the New Episode of Little People, Big World which aired Tuesday December 27, 2016 on TLC.


Review by Rap541

A bit sad about Carrie Fisher here. I was starting to worry when the family got so quiet and noncommittal. Sorta adore how she told us previously that no matter how she really died she wanted it known that she wanted her obituary to read “Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra”. I’ll miss her, and I am not even a big Star Wars fan. On, and a really *interesting* good show on? Is Leah Remini – Scientology and the Aftermath! Highly recommend.

  On a rewatch, I love how Jeremy keeps insisting he “buried” the storage container and yet it’s still completely visible and above ground. In bonus scenes… Jeremy tells Zach how completely invisible the totally visible box is. The twins throw netting on it haphazardly and Matt screeches at them and haybales how stupid the twins are and how they aren’t taking it seriously. I continue to note how the windmill is stupid, and my prepper side notes that there’s nowhere near enough water storage in the bunker. It’s also revealed that the bunkbeds were made by farm staff so basically the twins are just goofing around playing fort. Oh hey, Audrey needs a book, handwarmers and *condoms*! Who in Christian families explained to their children what condoms were for? Next bonus scene – Matt plays with the porta potty while Amy points out that no one said they had to bring their own bedding. In other words, no one, namely Matt,  has really explained the concept of pre-positioning gear. From a prep standpoint… um… the box isn’t camouflaged at all; the blue color and shape stands out. During the test, they leave the doors to the box open with the lights on so anyone foraging can see it. They park the atvs in front of the box with NO camouflage. Oh more bonus scenes – there’s a dinner situation. Amy heats an MRE. Amy, it’s really not that hard. If illiterate 18-year-old soldiers can heat up an MRE… this is just sad.

Now they’re installing a throne chair into the castle… again. It’s a nice chair. I question the wisdom of putting it in the castle, because it seems pretty nice and the castle is essentially outdoors. Matt notes how he needs to hide the purchase from Amy because it was a business purchase he didn’t consult her on. Amy completely spots them and she agrees with me that the castle already had a throne and she also notes that no one goes in the castle. Amy is also irritated by Matt and Jeremy’s jewels talk. Amy makes some good points about the spending on toys and how Matt indulges himself. Then Matt reveals that it’s a business purchase. Oh, and yes, there was already a throne.

Zach and Tory like their home. But there’s a hole in the deck and it looks rickety. Actually, it looks pretty bad. Zach decides to call a contractor to fix it. They discuss the new deck and what that would cost.

Matt is at the local auction. Matt notes how Amy is against the auction. Matt proceeds to buy a lot of wooden furniture. Matt again notes how Amy is a pain about money and how he’s spending farm business money on the auctions and Amy can look at the books if she wishes.

Amy and Audrey chat about fitness. Auj is in French braids, channeling Pippi Longstocking, and they do stretchy ballet yoga. Amy tells Auj about her upcoming motorcycle date with Chris. Amy is totally excited and Auj is like “IS THIS A DATE?” and Amy notes that it’s a bit awkward. Auj is clearly miffed with the dating.

So, Matt’s bought more stuff and is again openly noting on camera how he’s going to hide it all and lie to her and how damn awesome it is to hide how he spends money from Amy. There’s antiqueish items unloaded.
Amy nervously answers a phone call from her new man Chris. He wants to go riding with Amy! He’s worried about safety and foot placement. Amy is struck by how nice it is to have a man give a shit about her personal safety and opinions.

Meanwhile at Zach and Tory’s – they’re deck building! Zach notes it’s expensive but a nice improvement. Zach likes watching others build stuff.

Amy does yoga stretching and then notes that Matt is auditioning for Hoarders out in one of the barns. There’s some nice stuff but a lot of metal chairs and junky looking stuff as well. Amy hales Matt down and is all “WTF?”
Matt is all “That’s my stuff!” – there’s an argument about stuff and Matt notes in the haybale how Amy is stupid and has no idea how awesome the stuff is and how important his hoard is. He wants to be compensated for his auction time. She’s annoyed he is not watching his spending. Truthfully, a lot of this seems staged but I would direct Jeremy to watch his father note publicly on camera how he hides his spending from Amy and lies to her and maybe comment on how he feels about his father’s actions. I mean, it’s funny how Jeremy doesn’t chide his dad for not sharing the finances and not sitting down once a week, come hell or high water and have himself a navigator’s council with Amy to make sure things are on track. Funny that, that Jeremy won’t insist on his father having honesty in the finances.

Old West town looks like crap. Amy expresses concern that Matt is diddling around fixing things so soon after his surgery. Amy is looking for her atv helmet and Matt is all “Is this a motorcycle date?” Amy notes how this is terribly awkward.
Now Matt is taking a family on a tour – one of the kids is blind and it’s a sweet moment.
Matt is in the double wide and Jer and Zach get together. They have pizza and discuss Amy’s dating. Jeremy is horrified of the motorcycle date – I respectfully point out that I suspect Jeremy’s motorcycle riding might also upset his mom, particularly since he’s had accidents with his wife with it – and yet I suspect Jeremy wouldn’t agree to not do the motorcycle riding he does if his mom asked. Because he’s an adult and can make his own choices… and Jer? Your mom is an adult as well, and doesn’t need your permission to do anything.

There’s a LOT of commercials in this.

So, Amy is nervously waiting for her fella. It’s some sort of biggish cycle – I know nothing about bikes – and Chris has nicely set the bike up for Amy to be comfortable. Jer and Auj wander in. Auj’s shorts are almost just panties, they’re so short and tight. Jeremy is clearly so pissed in the haybale and in the scene as he pretty openly scowls at Chris. In the car on their way off the property both Jer and Auj look pissed.

Yup, in the car Jer and Auj discuss how pissed they are. They’re all so concerned about how riding a bike is physical touching and now we know why they like  *Jeremy’s* motorcycle, heh heh heh.

Amy and Chris do a little tame ride, I mean this is hardly a Hells Angels thing. Oh they go to a restaurant and talk and while I do think this is staged, Chris seems like a nice enough guy. He’s never married. She’s having a beer while he seems to be doing lemonade. Good choice for on camera moments. Amy is all “I’m open to average height guys”.  Amy is all “we had a real conversation!” Sometimes it’s a little sad how easy it is to please Amy. It says a great deal about her marriage.

At Zach and Tory’s house, there’s a new deck. Zach is all “I might not be Jer or Dad but look, an actual completed project. Hiring a contractor works!” Tory is all “it’s not falling apart!”. It’s a nice deck and I am curious if they will use the underside as well.

Meanwhile, out riding the hog… Amy is returned home without being sold to white slavers or being forced to whore herself for meth. That seems to be some peoples understand of biker culture. Amy invites Chris in for a drink. Not sure I think the *entire* thing is staged – I think Amy could shit care less how Matt spends his own money, and as much as I think Matt enjoys snotting to the camera how he lies to his ex about money, it felt like a put on. I *hope* the Chris thing isn’t a put on for the cameras, because Amy frankly isn’t a good enough actress to make me think it’s all a put on… And Jer and Auj *really* aren’t good at faking it which means they were genuinely pissed.

Well, maybe they pulled over and fucked for Jesus on the way home - I kind of adore how Auj and Jer are all “OMG they might touch!” and yet advise people on their website to sex it up as often as they can, even if it means pulling over on the road for a quickie.


Angela said...

I will preface this by saying I am willing to believe that some of what was in the episode was for the camera, storyline, they need a plot...etc.

However, if we are to believe, anything that was shown tonight was true or accurate, Amy Roloff should be ashamed of herself.

Amy needs to look in the mirror and ask herself what is she doing to make Jesus proud? Amy failed in her marriage. Like Jer and Auj saying on beating50percent, when things get tough, are you going to throw away marriage and the promise you made in front of God or are you going to work on it? Amy threw it away. Amy and Matt failed in their marriage.

Amy thinks she is cool by acting like wild child college student? Jeremy's disapproval to Amy's interest in dating is one percent correct. She thinks so little of Matt that she is rushing into dating his guy Chris? Of course Jeremy shouldn't accept him. Audrey was right to question a motorcycle date where they'd be touching each other. What about Jesus? Amy is acting like sex crazed slut. Shame on her for expecting Jeremy to be supportive of such behavior.

Megan said...

I agree Angela. If Amy is letting herself be portrayed this way she is not doing herself any favors. She has no consideration for anyone else except herself.

I did find it interesting how Zach, Jeremy and Matt referred to themselves as "all the Roloff men" getting together. They didn't even throw out a caveat like "Jacob couldn't make it", better to pretend like he doesn't exist.

Sara said...

I like to think Jesus would have healthy respect for a couple layers of denim between Amy's burning loins and Chris' buttocks. Jesus seems like a fun times kind of guy! For a girl who wanted condoms in the shelter, Auj has no right to an opinion on what her mother-in-law does with her life.

And OMFG, what is this, 1912???? Since when is a motorcycle ride impure? Jer and Auj should have a hell of a lot of respect for their grown-ass mother doing as she pleases. She has done nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wow...wow...and wow....
I just watched the episode where Amy went for a motorcycle ride with Chris...GOOD FOR YOU AMY!!
It took all of my strength not to throw something at the tv when Audrey and Jeremy were shown...they both make me sick...Grow up Jeremy...your mom is old enough to figure things out,....although you obviously have not...as the person Audrey you married...is in it for one thing and one thing only...HERSELF....the celebrity status..grow up..realize that...and I give you and Audrey oh...couple of years max...at which time, she will try to take you to the cleaners..grow up Jeremy..grow up! You and Audrey sicken me to the core...Zach is the real man of you all...good on him...Jacob and Molly....stand up for what you believe..

Paula said...

Amy is so disrespectful to her children and to Matt for how she is behaving. If she is just faking this and doing it for the ratings she really has sold her soul. Matt is in the same situation but he is behaving with class, compassion and dignity. He's not having parties and flaunting a new girlfriend in front of Amy or his kids.

Jeremy and Audrey are absolutely in the right to frown upon Amy's motorcycle dates with this Chris.

Anonymous said...

You are one hundred percent right in that Amy has done nothing wrong..again...I can't wait to lmfao when Jeremy comes to his senses about who and what that thing Audrey is all about..that is the devil right there...
Amy did nothing wrong....

CANUCK said...

And if you call yourself a Christian...take a good close look in the mirror...
You and heathen Audrey would make a PERFECT MATCH~
Go back and read the fkn bible a few more times...alrighty

PJ said...

Amy didn't fail in that marriage alone. Matt failed too.
Amy's a grown, single woman and she's not responsible to anyone for her behavior now. Unless she starts making porn or stripping for a living she isn't doing anything that is anybody's business.

Rap541 said...

She thinks so little of Matt that she is rushing into dating his guy Chris?

Matt intentionally abandoned her close to two years ago after manipulating her into allowing him to build an entirely separate house so that he could leave her.

They are divorced. Matt wasn't forced to sign the papers. He left his wife and divorced her of his own free will. Matt does not want to be with her. How long is she supposed to wait?

My point? Amy is now a single woman. She is allowed to date without the "IN CHRIST'S NAME YOU'RE A WHORE FOR YOUR HUSBAND LEAVING YOU! WHORE! ALL DIVORCED *WOMEN* ARE WHORES!" barrage. And if Matt is upset, then maybe Matt should have thought about that when Matt walked himself and his Christian penis out of the house and left his wife.

She thinks so little of Matt that she is rushing into dating his guy Chris?

Matt left his wife in November 2014. They officially divorced in May 2016. Matt thinks so little of his wife that in actual episodes of this show he was demanding the process go faster. Matt actually told his wife to her fast that he wanted to be rid of her faster. So spare me the horror of a divorced woman dating.

Amy failed in her marriage. Like Jer and Auj saying on beating50percent, when things get tough, are you going to throw away marriage and the promise you made in front of God or are you going to work on it? Amy threw it away.

Matt left Amy. Matt wanted the divorce done faster. Amy actually wanted to try counseling but Matt refused. Please spare us the "MATT WAS THE VICTIM" passive aggressive crap. Matt openly and publically walked away from his marriage and expressed no regrets.

Of course Jeremy shouldn't accept him.

Then Jeremy needs to grow a set of balls and say "Mom, I am so appalled by this, I want nothing to do with you or this show. I'm making my displeasure in your lifestyle known by removing myself from your prescence until you remarry my father."

And when exactly has Jeremy sat his father down and said "Dad, you need to be a man and move back into the house. A man doesn't walk away from your marriage the way you did, and until you act like a man and a Christian and resume your life with my mother, I want no part of you" - along with you know, a lot of passive aggressive remarks about how Matt is a failure unlike Jeremy and how Matt is throwing away something broken instead of fixing it like a real man.

Oh right, that would mean Jeremy might have to stop with the "Mom, I completely disapprove of your whorish ways but I want your share of the farm handed to me and just me as I expect it".

Audrey was right to question a motorcycle date where they'd be touching each other. What about Jesus?

Amy has four children. It's pretty fair to say she lost her virginity years and years ago. Amy is no longer married, if she wants to have sex with a man or just touch a man, she is allowed.

I imagine Audrey was just worried that Amy might want some of her condoms.

Matt is in the same situation but he is behaving with class, compassion and dignity. He's not having parties and flaunting a new girlfriend in front of Amy or his kids.

Actually Matt totally had a party at his house where he invited all his friends and bragged how he was now in his own mancave and no longer chained. It was televised.

Jeremy and Audrey are absolutely in the right to frown upon Amy's motorcycle dates with this Chris.

Again, I think these two are just worried that Amy might take all the condoms and Audrey might have to risk riding Jer's cock bareback.

Denise said...

It's disappointing Amy isn't more respectful of Jeremy's feelings. He is her SON! This Chris guy is someone she's known for like 2 seconds and is probably just using her for attention anyway. Does Amy think it would be easy for the kids to see Amy gush about dating these guys?

I think Amy needs some counselling. She seems to be going through a crisis.

Timothy said...

If the whole scene with Amy, Chris, Jeremy and Audrey hadn't been staged and was actually real, Chris would have been justified to slug Jeremy. He's not supposed to be 10 year old upset that his parents have divorced and are seeing other people. That disgusted look on his face on his face deserved to be smacked.

CANUCK said...

You got it bang on! How old is Jeremy? If anyone followed this show from start to present...Amy ran herself ragged for the kids..and the biggest kid of all? You got it..Matt Roloff..
Again, grow up Jeremy..and again..I will be laughing my fkn ass off here in Canada when Audrey..the devil herself...takes Jeremy to the cleaners...the first time I saw her on the show..yeppers...what a piece of work that thing is..Media whore..simple as that....not hard to spot that thing...a zebra doesn't lose their stripes..she is the devil reincarnated...not sure if some of these so called 'Christians' fully understand the fkn bible...maybe flip back a few more chapters..and get it together..
I can't believe some of the sht posts on here from the socalled Christians..what a fkn joke..
Timothy...you and me both...I wish I cld have reached thru my tv and smacked both Jeremy and Audrey ...they are both money hungry media whores..simple as that..and Jeremy..has a whore in that red headed devil

Rap541 said...

It's disappointing that Jeremy isn't more respectful of Amy's feelings. Her husband left her and Jeremy never ever gets on camera and notes how upset he was that his father walked out on his mother and dumped her rather than try to fix what was broke. No, Jeremy keeps most of his not terribly profound marital advice to himself when it comes to Matt.

What is Jeremy's thoughts on how his father left his mother? On how his father refused counseling? On how his father disrespected his views by wanting his divorce as fast as possible, and as his father staged a party in his new mancave to celebrate his separation? Funny how Jeremy is still a little boy who can't say nothing but "I'm Jeremy, I'm Matt's son and he speaks for me cause I'm a boy".

When will Jeremy find his cock (hint, Jeremy? Its up Auj's special place wrapped in plastic) and be a man and tell his dad how disappointed he is that his dad broke his Christian vows? On camera?

CANUCK said...

Dear Dear Denise
Your idiotic comment has to take first place hands down tonight...Who needs counselling? AHHHHHH...THAT WLD BE U YOU NUTJOB!!!!
Again...How old is Jeremy? And how old are u btw? Probably divorced..or husband just left to get his sanity back...and get the fk away from you...pump your bible some more...obviously, you haven't pumped the sanity into urself yet..my god...
AGain...hats off to the most ignorant, uneducated...nutjob for today...hats off...
Best be running off to church now...and straight to the mental institute..whackjob or what

CANUCK said...

You hit many nails on the head with your comments...now...hopefully, Jeremy, the canniving, obnoxious, give me the farm, selfish, self absorbed asshole..along with his...ahhhhhhhhhhh....oh right..wait wait...the devil herself right with the red hair...
I can't wait to see the day that Jeremy will be licking his fkn wounds when his lovely lovely Christian..ah...starts with a 'c' four letters..haha...takes him to the cleaners..can't wait

Old Timey Bible Man said...

All these Roloff women need to be in the kitchen. Period. Women are subserviant to men, as the Bible states. Women in their proper place takes care of myriad problems.

Shut up and put out!

PJ said...

What about Amy's feelings? Jer does NOT have have a right to control his mom's social life. Jer needs to grow the hell up.
Oddj is just worried that Amy will remarry and want to sell the farm or will it to her new husband. BTW could have the shorts Oddj had on be any smaller or tighter? Where's the respect for Jer's parents?

Anonymous said...

Amy does NOT need any counselling. If you listen to her, she never really dated and then was married for 26 years. I don't blame her one bit for spreading her wings for the first time to see what's out there. Any woman or man would do it. Leave the fricken bible and jesus out of it...it's stupid. She is NOT being disrespectful to her ADULT son. If he were a young child then yes, she would have to be careful. Congrats to Amy for divorcing that controlling Matt. Now she finally see what real men out there are about. Chris is a friend and they are getting to know each other. Isn't that what men and women do? For pete's sake, Amy is in her 50's....is she suppose to mourn the rest of her life????? The above criticisms are ridiculous....YOU all need to grow up.

Diane Williams said...

Go Amy GO...all this puritan talk has got to go...Amy is 50+ with a beautiful spirit and has every right to have a little fun WITHOUT being judged by her kids, VIEWERS, et al..We didnt live in that marriage so to pop off with comments about her duty as a christian is just wrong..check yourselves lest you be judged!

Sara said...

A middle aged divorced woman going on a date is in 'crisis'? Give your head a shake. And watch Sex And The City. When she hits full-on Samantha, then you can judge.

donafelipa said...

Remember it was Matt who pressed for the divorce, not Amy? And that he was something of a louse to her in the final years of their marriage?

So Amy is taking a motorcycle ride and her sons dare to hassle her about it? And good old Matt acting like he's the understanding one? PLEASE.

Jeremy and his wife are among the most judgmental, opinionated "know it alls" around....so much for Christian understanding and love. Maybe they should practice it on his mother!

Amy is not "flapping her wings". She's starting to soar. Fly high!

Kathy said...

I think it is great that Amy went on the motorcycle ride. She is doing new things and having fun.

Having Jeremy and Audrey suddenly show up before the ride was idiotic and annoying. Are they both that idiotic or acting? Can't stand those two losers. See Audrey was wearing her always more shirt which she sells right? Ugh, get a real job both of you or at least one of you. Audrey, quit playing with your hair. Annoying.

I actually liked the part of the show where Matt was taking a family around the farm on a personal tour. They had a child with sight disabilities and he got to tour Molly's castle.

Why is Amy even having talks with loser Jeremy and Zach about her dating? She is in her 50's, she can do what she wants.

Matt seems to spend foolishly. Is this for the show or is he really like that all the time?

Sacred Ground said...

Remeber that Jeremy may not like the idea of a new guy for Amy because either A) he subconsciously feels threatened either by her attention being divided away from him, or his stake in the farm seems weakened because another male is in the picture and B) Jeremy is devoted to Matt, any new guy in the Roloff picture makes him instantly suspicious. Amy is truly a very vulnerable person right now when it comes to the opposite sex. She doesn't beleive she is attractive and therefore is dispoportionately excited and amazed that a man has chosen her, yes, chosen her, instead of a man of her choosing which is how it should be.

Stop It, Please said...

Jeremy's real fear is that Amy will remarry and her 50% of the farm will eventually pass out of Jeremy's greedy reach.

As to the mountains of crap Matt is stashing unused in his barns, clearly he is trying to start a "Little People, Big Hoarders" spin off.

JJ said...

"Like Jer and Auj saying on beating50percent"

Yeah, I'll start taking their advice seriously when they've been married for more than two seconds.

Rap541 said...

Amy is acting like sex crazed slut.

Huh, funny, wasn't it *Angela* who insisted her personal definition of "slut" had nothing to do with sex? Let me quote *Angela*.

A slutty girl is a girl who puts her own selfish sexual or romantic or relationship goals ahead of what is morally right.

So I am sure Angela will attempt to claim - even though she directly called Amy "sex crazed" that Amy was being a slut because in some convoluted way, Angela thinks Jeremy, Amy's adult son, has the right to control his mother. So lets look at the morality here.

Amy is divorced. She is not committing adultery. Angela, if you attempt to claim that single women regardless of marital status are "sluts" if they date at all, then I remind you that you pitched a public fit when I called Destiny "KNOCKED UP AFTER THE PREMARITAL FUCKS" Mueller slutty. By your definition, she is.

By all definitions of sex, I didn't see any from Amy in last night's episode. She went on a daytime date with a guy and a camera crew as chaperones. But Angela clearly saw herself some slutty sex last night so Angela - since you've decided to judge for Jesus - please detail when Amy got fucked.

You saw slutty sex in that date. Describe the sex. You are bitching how the sex offended you so you need to have some actual facts to back up the "AMY WAS A SEX CRAZED SLUT!"

You know what I saw last night? A grown man acting like a petulant little boy because his mommy wasn't kissing his ass and letting him have his pouty little way.
On a different board that discusses this show, there's talk that Jeremy's control freakery and anger over his mother says something concerning about him.

Lorena said...

Why don't we let Amy live her own life? We have no real insight into her marriage. I think that she is a grown woman who can make her own decisions and live with the consequences.

Oontaka said...

Wow a lot of judgement going on in this forum. I think everyone needs to remember that with a major life-changing event like divorce, comes change and adjustment needed by all. I don't feel Amy is doing anything wrong. Remember, the show is only 60 minutes. I'm sure she's had numerous conversations with Chris, not just the few shown on TV. And that's Amy's business, not ours. I think the living situation with Matt in the DW on the same property and Amy in the big house poses an issue that would not exist if they were living miles apart. I do think that Jeremy needs to be more supportive of his Mom and what she is doing now. He does seem like a little 10 year old when it comes to his observations. Amy is a good individual, not out doing drugs or stripping in a bar somewhere. She has a good head and will use it. We should leave her alone and let her become the person she is.

Unknown said...

You are so right on PJ. Sick of these self righteous people placing judgments on a grown woman with grown children who need to grow up! Amy, you go girl!! You've put up with your ex for years and are done raising your kids. This time is now for you!!@

Yvonne Michel said...

PJ, you are right on. So sick of these self righteous people placing judgments on a grown woman who had put up with her ex for years and has already done her job raising her kids who are now grown and out. It's her time to do for herself and have some fun. You go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy is inspiring

Anonymous said...

Even IF Amy had herself some slutty sex....GOOD FOR HER!! She deserves a little bow chicka wow wow after 26 years of being married to a whiny kid.

k has c said...

Go Amy ...have yourself some fun! Its about time. Golden Boy and Money Grubber need to go back to Bend and get real jobs, what a couple of losers trying to make Amy feel bad about Her choices. Young Golden Boy will come to learn sooner than later about his blubbering Money Grubber Wife..hopefully he will learn before he gets any part of that farm/land or he and Auj will be in the same boat as Amy and Matt on same property! To me Zach and Tori are the most sane and congrats to them on the baby.

Mike P. said...

Coming soon:

Jeremy threatens to hold his breath until he dies.

Wendy said...

It is perfectly understandable for Jeremy to have the reaction he apparently does to Amy's misguided desire to date other men.

It is natural to be uncomfortable with your parent dating another person after divorce. Plus, Jeremy knows Amy and Matt have broke their promise to God when they got divorced. Jeremy shouldn't accept Amy's desire to date and have relations with a man other than Matt.

Amy is making her own bad decisions, but she should at least have the decency to keep it away from her kids. No one believes this Chris relationship is real or will last. Amy needs to pray.

Rap541 said...

, but she should at least have the decency to keep it away from her kids.

Wendy - I am utterly certain Amy didn't go to Bend, spend the night in Jeremy's home, and get picked up by her date. Maybe, if Jeremy doesn't like how Amy lives in her home, then Jeremy and Auj should stay at Matt's home or her parents home?

And stop referring to Jeremy as a kid. He's a twenty six year old married man, he's not a wide eyed child. Unless you think he's mentally challenged, he is well old enough to handle the emotional aspects of a divorce without resorting to a petulant "I'm your son, I am a child, this is upsetting me and as my mom, you have to cater to my childish whims" routine.

Is he a man or not?

Rap541 said...

Also, Wendy, since Matt walked out on the marriage, and insisted the divorce be done fast, is Amy to forever be celibate now?

Do all divorced Christians live alone for the rest of their lives or else sin, per you?

Everyone who divorces and finds new love is sinning and will burn in hell?

Anonymous said...

Audrey sure doesn't dress appropriate for being God's child. Her shorts can't be any shorter. She sounds like a male and acts like a male.
The show is so fake. Audrey and Jeremy are there at the same time Amy's date shows up. Audrey and Jeremy supposedly leaving to go home but they have only have one thing in the backseat. Where is their luggage?
You all are suckers for believing this show is real. It's scripted.
Amy visited a Portland radio show years ago and the Dj's were talking about it the next day. Saying it took three takes for Amy to walk in the door because they were filming Amy for the TV Show.
Matt is not innocent. He is a control freak and only shows what makes him look like a good guy on TV.
Amy and Matt are divorce get over it people. Amy wants to move on with her life.
Matt is not interest in life outside of the farm. All he cares about is making things.

PJ said...

Amy is a grown ass woman who is compketely UNATTACHED. And her kids are also grown ass adults. How can she keep anything away from them if they persist in violating her privacy?
Jer and Oddj need to accept she has her own life and deal with it. And her half of the farm may well pass to soneobe who's not them.

So Tired said...

Does anyone really believe any of this dribble shown on the air other than the sheer stupidity and bad acting? Must be nice to have so much disposable TV show income to spend on 'prep'ing materials. Apparently Matt is quickly running out of any content of interest to televise. The only reason I watch is b/c this blog is such an entertaining review of the nonsense they dream up to show but I must say I will never read the blog again b4 watching the episode. I can barely stand to watch this now. I'd be quite content to see this show not picked up for another season. The only reality I'd be interested in seeing is Matt and Amy selling the farm from under golden child Jeremy b/c they no longer have the TV money to keep them afloat.

Rap541 said...

I'm still waiting for all the Christians in self righteous tizzy fits to have an actual opinion about how Precious Christian Audrey announced on a *family* show that her survival supplies were CONDOMS.

I mean... Jesus Christ we're throwing FITS over a chaperoned, public filmed date complete with Precious Audrey expressing her concern that touching on a motorcycle is too sexual (Unless it's AUDREY GETTING WET IN JEREMY'S BITCH SEAT!) and yet not one Christian seems to care that Audrey made it necessary for people who watch this show with their little children need to explain what condoms were and why Audrey wouldn't want her husband to have unprotected sex with her.

Rap541 said...

So Tired - I mostly find it amusing to see the Christians here call Amy a slutty whore over a chaperoned filmed daytime date and insist that Jeremy fondling himself and taking pictures of his hands down his pants making a faux penis is good Christian birthday fun :)

Hey Maybe Jer-Bear should respect his family a little and NOT take pictures of his hands on his crotch?

Stop It, Please said...

A point being overlooked due to trolling by fundamentalists is the note of actual honesty in the Zach and the deck story. Zach openly uses a contractor to build the deck, not pretending to do it himself.

If this were Jeremy’s deck, TLC would pretend Jeremy did it all by himself with his own little hands, likely with Matt whining and fake shouting along, even though we all know it would have been done by a contractor paid for by TLC.

Susan Ryan said...

Give me a break OMG there is nothing wrong with Amy Rollof! She simply went on a safe, fun, exciting bike ride from a handsome man who took the time to alter his beauty of a bike for her...it's called dating people! Get your mind out of the gutter!

Ann said...

This is obviously scripted. This show really ruined this family, they are all arrogant show offs that would not even see each other if not required for the show. The only two that seem to have any type of connection are Zachary and his mom. But watch the interactions, very awkward. Amy has obviously moved on and has friends she would rather hang out with. Mat is just strange. Jer and wife are the most insincere hipster couple ever. Who believes anything about these two lazy fakers. Will be interesting if the money ever runs out. Which may happen because Matt is not the sharpest tool in the box

Ann said...

I think that is why I watch too. Just waiting for Jer to go kicking and screaming to his room when he finds out he doesn't get the farm. And why does Zach call him Germany?

Susan Ryan said...

What an ass you are and with your attitude please don't watch the show!

Susan Ryan said...

Well said! Go Amy go! F*** all the haters!

Eye roller said...

It's so comforting to read the comments in which people notice that contractors and TLC producers/money get the work done, not Jeremy and Matt as they both manipulate the footage so as to lead us to believe.

Why would Jeremy and Audrey go out of their busy blogging and photography schedules (sounds funny doesn't it) to FILM on Amy's date?! These two have literally nothing better to do than that?!?
And if Audrey or Jeremy refer to themselves as farmers one more time...!!!To call your self something, you probably need to do it.When have we ever seen Jeremy or Audrey till the soil, or manage the farm without Matt having to give them step by step instructions as one would to a complete novice.

Jeremy is starting to take on a soccer dad look, but not in a good way, like he needs some of Audrey's Aujshop $60 moisterizer.

Please Audrey, give your "Always More" mantra plastered on sweatshirts, tshirts and beanies a rest. It's a touch egomaniacal to sell and profit from two words that have personal meaning only to you, everyone should adopt their OWN mantra that's personal to them, not copy and literally BUY off you!!!

Whatajoke said...

The scene where Jeremy,Zach, and Matt are sitting together talking about Amy dating, using phrases as "it being too soon" and "rebound" relationship was really disturbing to me. Please men, tell us women what is the appropriate behavior or waiting period for an adult woman, whose husband left her, and chose to divorce her.

A lonely divorced woman, whose children are all grown and moved out of the house is not allowed to have independence or happiness? Not according to these Roloff men. Amy should just live in that house alone wallowing in loneliness cause her husband left her, and have her only shining moments be when her children chose to visit her.

Empowerment is a really scary word for these guys. A woman can have her own friends, activities, and social life that does not revolve around them.

Whatajoke said...

Oh, and speaking of woman enpowerment, I would like to point out that out of all the Roloff children, the most educated and qualified to run the family business is Molly.

Her degree in business administration and finance puts her head and shoulders above the others in managing the farm hands and doing the expenses and accounting of the multitude of businesses.

David Wheeler said...

When jeremy and audrey confronted their mother just before they went on the motorcycle ride there was 2 or 3 cars in the driveway behind them,including their volkswagen with the plain stock wheels.When they were done speaking and left to get in their car the volkswagen and other cars were gone,even though it was suppose to be seconds later.So many inconsistencies make the show so obviously scripted.The timeline is even way off.What you see first happened weeks after what you see second.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Audrey getting to be a little old and certainly a little too married to dress so trashy? You've landed a man, baby gurl, time to stop dressing like a 15 year old runaway whore.

Brandon said...

@WhataJoke, Let's be honest. The real Roloff family business is the the TV Show LPBW. Without the show, the Roloffs have nothing.

J45 said...

Rap, I know you a couple other ppl mention different boards. What are they called?

I've looked around and this is the only one I've found, so I guess I'm not using the right search terms.

Rap541 said...

on previously.tv there is a little people big world forum. You do have to register to post and they do moderate but its a pretty good board

Anonymous said...

are we having fun yet? lol


I can't believe I'm reading your comment. Any is a grown-ass woman, not some some little girl that has to get permission from her ex or son to have a life...neither of which can do much without a woman's help, by the way. And they're both sulkers, if you notice. And where was all this sex? In YOUR head, Angela! Lol


Uh huh...Matt, and his stalker cameras.


Oh...I'll watch that, FOR SURE!!!


Yes, Amy needs to pray that her kids stop looking at that farm as a bank account and let her live her life!


Yes! And Zach admitting that he didn't call his brother or father because he needed the job to "get done", not like the projects they start and never finish. Good for Zach and Tori they called a legitimate contractor.


Except she might have trouble with her anti-gay thing.

Anonymous said...

Is "Patty Michaels" ....Amy? sorry but i have read this board for a few months, and do not recall a "Patty Michaels"...ever?>..lol

Karen Spencer said...

Excellent response Rap541��������

Anonymous said...

I watched the show tonight ~~ like every Tuesday night . Jeremy and Audrey continue to drive me crazy . They are very arrogant children that seriously need to grow up . I almost vomited in my mouth when Audrey stated that when they moved into the BIG house ~~ Some rules would be set for Amy!!!! Hello ~~ It's Amy's house . Jeremy continues to act like he is next in line for the throne ~~ His comment about his dad living in one house and mom in the other...kind of ruins he and AUJ's plan !!! WTH it is mom and dad's property . Jeremy and Zachary have a problem with amy's personal life ~~ mind your business . They say that Amy has changed since the divorce ~~ Exactly ~~ she is smiling , happy , dressing nicely ... how terrible !! The boys have changed since the got married ... its called growing up . Jeremy needs to get a real job and build a nest for him and AUJ a couple hundred miles away .

Anonymous said...

anon@7:43, i agree...i was appalled at Zach's questioning if Chris is "peculiar". BTW, watching last week's episode....when Audrey and Jer met Chris....DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT TLC ''BLURRED'' AUDREY'S ASS FROM VIEW? (she turned to walk away, and right above Amy's head Audrey's LEFT
butt cheek was obscured!!)??? No WONDER she was p-offed when she was in the car!!!LOL.......nothing like The Living Circus--GOTTA LIKE LOVE IT

Diana said...

So I need something explained to me. Matt wants a divorce. Matt pushes for the divorce. They go to a restaurant and Amy tries to talk to him but no... Matt is gung ho for a divorce. Amy cant change his mind and goes along with the divorce. I won't even talk about how she was treated leading up to Matt demanding the divorce. And now she is single. The explanation I need is how people think she is being disrespectful to Matt and her adult children?? She has nothing to be ashamed of. She is single and dating now. How is that not allowed? Think Matt won't? Will he be shamed for moving on with his life after he is done hoarding and lying about it and decides to try dating for himself? Her kids are grown and she isn't telling them how to live their life. They don't get to tell her how to live hers. They owe her respect. She raised them. Its her turn.

Baobabs said...

I am a Christian, but I'm not fooled by Jeremy's and Audrey's pretense. Mark my words: The only thing they are worried about is some man coming and taking part of their inheritance. That is all. They do not want Amy with anyone else besides Matt, and they them together solely for the sake of preserving the centralized wealth in that family. I know that sounds harsh, but they have been pretty transparent about their greed and conniving ways.

Zach is no match for Jeremy. He is honest, unvarnished, unsophisticated and a bit naïve. I just hope that he gets a backbone before it's too late. For I believe that Jeremy would try to take advantage of Zachary given his desire to control the family farm and fortune. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

First off TLC needs to stop focusing on the two most selfish, judgemental idiots,married just 2yrs but have all this experience about marriage and life, they need to do like molly and the youngest brat and not be seen. Zach is at least more sensitive to each of his parents,but is happy living at his place with his wife while his selfish money hungry "Christian" bro jer said he wants the farm that's why he is always there and now will be watching mama who eventually will have a life of her own one day...buddy so you saw mommy on bike with a friend a "male" friend oh boohoo..now go home sit in a corner cause soon mommy is going to be doing more than just ride a bike..Go Amy!

Sara said...

I think that family needs counselling.

Matt setting plans for a 'compound' when Zach said he and Tori are (wisely!) not interested.

Auj saying there would need to be 'rules' when they move there. What the actual eff, Auj?!?!? That isn't *your* home. You are an inlaw. Would Kate Middleton tell The Queen there'd be some new protocols at Buckingham Palace when she and Will got married???

Anyone else notice that in the same breath Auj said Amy goes out 'all the time' and has friends over 'all the time'??? WHICH IS IT, AUJ? Memorize your script better next time.

Erin Bale said...

I just watched the episode tonight and Audrey & Jeremy are laughable. Audrey says to Jeremy: "What happens if we move into the upstairs apartment with a baby and your Mom still has people over and has parties?" Is this girl for real? I don't know, maybe since the house belongs to Amy, you don't get an opinion on what she does if you move in?! I have never seen such lazy, entitled adults who act like children in my life. Maybe wait until you see what it feels like to have a real job & get up at 7am every day and go to work & actually pay for your own housing before you have an opinion like that? Why don't you take a look at Tori. She has a real job and behaves like a real adult and doesn't whine & pretend to be an expert on marriage after 2 years! These two continue to say how they aren't "ready" to actually work on the farm and learn how to run it yet they very clearly expect to inherit it when "they are ready". Give me a break. What a joke. I cringe when I watch these two speak. I'd love to see what their "expert advise" is after 7-10 years of real marriage with actual kids. Then get back to me, kids :)

HillsboroLocal said...

Expecting a Maybelline meltdown from the Confused One in 3, 2, 1...

Ann said...

Erin Bale they are so laughable. Jeremy wants so bad to be a deep smart philosopher and he is nothing but a spoiled punk who will never be able to stand on his own two feet. This is scripted but it is so obvious that Jeremy and Amy do not get along. Amy likes Zach and vice verse. Jeremy and the dad are a joke. They use the farm hands to do all the dirty work for them then claim to be these great creative creative farmers that built an empire.once this show ends. It won't take long for the most net to run out. Then Jeremy will really see what a punk he truly is.

Pumpkin Salsa said...

Jeremy get a real job, that way you won't have all this time on your hands pouting and fretting about how you're going to "take over the farm" without so much as paying your parents for it. Matt and Amy are still alive, if you want your parents property, you pay them for it, they need money too, you only inherit property when it"s WILLED to you cause they don't need it anymore.

It's crazy to hear Jeremy and Auj talk about bringing kids into the picture when they are not employed. Jeremy: Have some caffeine and put a little pep in your step and find employment you're a husband and you want lots of kids, or is your plan to have TLC "reality" show support your family forever?

Oh, and did anyone else notice when Audrey asked if Tori was at "school" while these were randomly hanging out on a weekday afternoon? No Auj, she was at WORK, her full time job, while you guys are lazing around talking about your inlaws...CREEPY!!!

Lori said...

I've been watching the show since the beginning. There was enough information before Matt moved out that they would be separating and getting a divorce.
That was along time ago and I'm so happy that Amy is finally happy. I no longer watch this show live and fast forward thru some stuff.

With the motorcycle thing I couldn't believe what I was hearing from Jeremy/Audrey.
It's sad that they want Matt/Amy back together again. That ship as sailed.

Saw the little baby bump on Tory last night on the Amy birthday party show. So happy for Zach and Tory. Zach is right that Jeremy hasn't been around the farm enough to know what's going on. Zach/Amy do talk a lot. I can understand why the boys might be worried about their mom dating and getting hurt. If that was my mom I would be worried but would support her. It's so sweet that Zach has Tory to talk things thru.

Peeper said...

It's clear from these recent comments that everyone has Jer and Audrey's card marked. She looks constantly disinterested at filmed family gatherings and during the interviews. I don't trust her one bit. I've really warmed to Zachary and think Tori is lovely. Zach's confidence in himself has grown so much since they married and in pleased for them. People are commenting that it was Matt who pushed for divorce. I seem to remember that it was Amy who was disillusioned in the marriage and with Matt's constant need to explore new ideas and projects. It was this same drive that provided Amy with that amazing farm and house. Matt tried several times to patch the marriage and make it work but in the end basically made it easier by giving Amy the divorce that she actually really wanted. I've loved watching this family grow over the years but think it's probably time now to live privately and away from the public eye.

Rorie said...

There's a lot going on in the episode. My comments:

1. I would rather see Matt and Amy together, but Matt obviously was the one who initiated the divorce, so I am OK with Amy having a good time.

2. On the other hand, it saddens me that Amy is getting all giddy about another man, when she could have (should have?) put that energy into her marriage--and vice versa, because you know that if Matt doesn't secretly have a woman by now, he will in no time. And she'll be treated like royalty.
This happens a lot with the middle-aged (I'm the same age as Matt) when they've been married a long time. They give up on trying for their spouse. Then when they are single again, BAM, they're back to working out, dressing nicely, getting giggly, and then getting jiggy.

3. Maybe Jer and Auj do have a point. I'm not their biggest fan, but they are staying true to their beliefs by preaching what they practice and practicing what they preach. They are emphasizing to their mom/mil their disdain for her dating when she could have put more effort into her relationship with Matt. They've got a valid point. After all, why do we take vows to be together forever? What does it all mean? Nothing, apparently. (So maybe we should all just shack up like Jacob and Izzy.)

4. Zach is a sweet kid. He's trying to be supportive of Amy even if he agrees with Jeremy overall. Same with Tori.

5. Chris has been in fairly recent photos on Amy's Instagram, etc., so it appears they are a thing. Does anyone have any evidence on that?

Woody said...

Couldn't agree more. Why do Audrey and Jeremy feel as if they are entitled to what belongs to HIS parents?

She's got an awful lot to say for someone who hasn't ever had to buy anything more than skimpy clothes and a car.

It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on Matt's part to build that empire--and on Amy's for holding down the fort during that time. They made Audrey famous. She can kiss their patooties if she thinks she has the right to tell Amy how to live her life if and when she and the golden child move in. Who knows? Maybe Amy will remarry and it will take her off the farm. Still, what nerve, Audrey!!!!

I LOVE that Zach and Tori are content living their lives off the farm. The MOST MATURE ADULTS award goes to them!

Amber said...

I've a question for everyone? Why don't Matt and Amy switch houses? She was happy before the major remodel. She said it a million times. So why doesn't she go live in the small double-wide, which looks really nice to me, and Matt moves back to the big house? Then his favorite kid, Jeremy, can move in with his wife, right? It's obvious Amy and Jeremy are drifting apart. Matt should reclaim the house. All Amy needs is a kitchen and a few farmish knickknacks. (Has anyone else noticed how corny the house is getting, what with the big, "Bed and Breakfast. You Make Both" sign on the front door and the mismatched furniture? She'd be plenty happy in the trailer, it seems.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I put my comments on last week's episode in the wrong place. in caae anyone is interested at all, check the previous thread.


Pode/Rodge groupie

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I like reading the comments now. I dd not read any comments until I posted my own. Yes, I too almost threw up at that person who married Jer about the need for 'boundaries' and rules IF they move to the big house. This family does not need counseling, the need to be cancelled. Now THAT would be a fun meeting to be a fly on the wall.

Anonymous said...

where is Rap??? can't leave comment old or new, You are missed!!

Anonymous said...

Amy have a lot of supressed sexual energy. Sadly, Matt haven't been able to keep up with her physically. Amy has lots of love to give and need to be ....

Ecossais said...

What is with this weird pair? Jer wants the farm but does not want to work or live on it because they have too much WORK to do in Bend.
Jer deserves to be slapped for the way he is pouting about Amy being happy.

Lostwithoutrap said...

Rap where are you? I keep checking every day. Can't face watching the show if there is no recap to enjoy the next day

Anonymous said...

Chris, who has also watched the show and now sees Amy as a way to get to know Jer' better,i'm sure,,meanwhile, Queen Audj' is thinking of kicking poor Amy down the stairs, watch out Amy, here she comes!!Matt, poor thing, will be content thinking he still is in control of 'the farm'as it were.,.. Zach and Tori, sadly, will live on the corner of the property, maybe and , (only though if Audj approves) to appease TLC , alas, I don't think Tori wants her Zach (and child) anywhere near Saint Audj', who came up with her 'Always More' slogan the minute she laid her snare for Jer'..... anyway, Jacob,oh Jacob ,come save the farm... molly stay away, you bore me

Angela said...

Why are my comments not being published? Am I being censored because I am Christian that loves Jesus? Christians are under attack.

Rap541 said...

Help me out here, Angela.

Did you notice that no one's posts were going up?

Angela? That's a direct question - did you notice *that*?

I noticed that. Because Spirit is usually pretty consistent about updating the site, especially when new episodes are in play.

My *private* email to Spirit when the absence became lengthy was "Hey, is everything all right? Are you ok?"

Angela - did you care in the slightest about why Spirit was absent? Because it sure seems like all you cared about was your own selfish wants.

Angela - put your hand on the Bible and try not to lie - have you any reason to think Spirit's absence had ANYTHING to do with censoring *just YOU* because of your Christian beliefs?

Any evidence?

Have you got anything to say AT ALL other than public accusations that are patently untrue? As in - NO ONE HAD ANY POSTS GOING UP SO OBVIOUSLY SPIRIT WASNT SINGLING OUT JUST YOU ANGELA SO WHY DONT YOU FUCKING APOLOGIZE?

Spirit - for the record, you don't have to subject yourself to the *abuse* and *hate* of Angela's unfounded and baseless accusations.

Angela - if you are an example of Christian decency and kindness, well, Jesus weeps in shame.

Ec said...

Angela - why are you Christians always feeling persecuted?

Angela said...

Rap, Christians have a history of being singled out for unfair and biased treatment. Your mere presence is proof of that, as is the treatment of Anne Bailey. It is perfectly reasonable for me to question why my posts were not being published.

Ec, Christians ARE under attack. Read some of Jeremy's twitter links and educate yourself.


You hit that nail, Babs! Preach, girl, Preach!


Was there ever a more entitled "welfare" couple than Audrey and Jeremy? Ooops, I just spit my coffee out while laughing! LOL


Oh Rorie, please! There's no marriage crime here...love just left the barn. And for all these kids have (a fabulous inheritance) they should have no judgement on their mother moving on. Nor should you be asking for "evidence". Get a hobby, Gal...make some jam.


Uhhh, Angela, get a library card instead of Jeremy's tweets. Expand your horizon. Kiss Kiss.



Rap541 said...

Angela - if everyone's posts including mine weren't being put up, then explain to me how Spirit was SINGLING OUT THE CHRISTIANS?

Come on Angela - my posts weren't up during this black out. Since instead of understanding that perhaps Spirit got called away for perhaps work, or illness or personal issues, you are being an accusatory bitch and bitching how SPIRIT IS PERSECUTING JUST THE CHRISTIANS...

Spell it out Angela, how is Spirit not putting up my posts, Spirit persecuting Christians?

Can you conceive of ANY OTHER REASON why someone might be called away from a hobby unexpectantly? Or is that inconceivable to you - the board went down so CHRISTIANS ARE UNDER ATTACK?

Angela - since you don't like the job Spirit is doing, why aren't you standing up like a Christian Warrior and doing your own? Too hard? Don't wanna? Then you don't get to complain how others manage the task.

And I point out to all viewing - Angela has seen how Spirit is in fact quite good about posting comments quickly - even now I don't see Angela expressing any concern about SPirit's absence, any worry that maybe someone being away from keyboard had less to do with that person intentionally persecuting the Christians by not posting ANY comments and more to do with that person having an illness. Angela, do you even give a shit why Spirit was away?

But first - you explain how Spirit not putting up my recaps was you as a Christian being oppressed. Because I think we all want to know how that works

Rap541 said...

Angela 0 and funny how as a Christian you won't apologize to Spirit for your baseless accusations - You OBVIOUSLY were not being singled out, and YOU WERRE HATING SPIRIT OVER SOMETHING YOU TAKE FOR FREE AND JUST BITCH ABOUT.

But that's Christians for us, roght Angela? You're Christian so you bitch and moan and accuse in Christ's name and then claim to be persecuted when you're acting like a nasty hateful shit. Have you asked Spirit *why* Spirit was away? OR DID YOU ACCUSE SPIRIT OF PERSECUTING YOU WITH UTTERLY NO EVIDENCE?

Stand up like a Christian and explain yourself. Oh wait, if you've taught me anything about Christians, you'll either sit quiet like a bitch because you've acted shitty and know it, or you will continue to whine how mean it is for you to be required to act like a decent human being.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hold it hold it hold it. Are you actually trying to say that reading anything that the bgr brat write or repeats or quotes, is an EDUCATION? He can't come up with anything nearly considered even comprehensive without reading it somewhere first. Support of any kind for him is more telling on you than The Slug.

Rap541 said...

Btw Angela - you didn't answer my question.

Did you notice that NO ONE was able to post?

Did you care?

Have you expressed any concern for anyone other than yourself?

PJ said...

Angela you've got it backwards as usual. Once Christians got the upper hand they became the bullies. Renenber the Inquisition? Or the treatment of native peoples at the hands if missionaries? BTW that last one includes every group that ever sent out a missionary.

Ecossais said...

Angela - you are as dumb as a box of rocks if you did not notice the hiatus.

NO comments were being posted not just your idiotic bible thumping crap.

Maybe, as a Christian, you should have had some concern for the health or welfare of the blog owner.

Msybe you fanatical Christians are persecuted for continually trying to force your beliefs on others.
You are free to believe what you want but your perpetual attempts to convince others that we too need to worship two of the most useless people on the planet just because they keep mentioning jesus get tiresome.

Rap541 said...

You didn't answer this either.

"have you any reason to think Spirit's absence had ANYTHING to do with censoring *just YOU* because of your Christian beliefs?"

I want something other than "I'm Christian so there" as an answer, Angela. You were proud to stand up and BITCH and ACCUSE, so as a Christian you need to provide factual evidence that Spirit's inability to tend the board was a direct attack on *you* to silence *you* for your *Christian beliefs*.

Evidence, Angela. You've made a very grown up, and potentially libelous claim against Spirit, that Spirit intentionally didn't post your remarks because of your religion. Time to stand up and prove your obnoxious claims with *facts*.

No one was able to post during the black out - provide facts that prove that was solely to prevent YOU from posting because you're Christian. Come on Angela - you're claiming to be persecuted so explain to everyone how Spirit not posting my recap was Spirit *oppressing your Christian beliefs*.

Stand up, Angela, or shut up. But if you shut up, you're running away as the lying nasty hater you are, admitting to all that you were just hating for Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I think Amy is losing her mind going off with that creepy biker dude. What is she thinking?? Get over yourself. You have a great family and plenty to keep you busy!
Mollie Shepherd

Rap541 said...

She has an ex husband who walked out on her and who openly and publically snots on camera how he lies to her about how he manages the finances.

Matt openly walked away from the marriage and openly whined how he wasn't getting divorced fast enough. Tell me, Molly Shepherd, should Amy spend the rest of her life on her knees begging Matt to take her back? I mean her great family includes her husband, who lies to her and who walked away from his Christian vows quite easily and happily.

Come on, tell me - Matt doesn't want her so she's to forever stand outside his window begging? That's the role of a wife that's been cast aside? Matt gets the freedom to play in Hawaii and Amy is that bitch on her knees who can't have any male friends but her ex-husband and who must once a day beg her ex to be with her because Matt who walked away and who openly wanted the divorce as fast as possible is the blameless victim?

Mike P. said...

My earnest advice to that Chris guy: Watch the early episodes to see what you're REALLY getting with Amy Roloff.

She is a (particular species) to which a lot of lipstick has been applied—by herself and by the producers.

NotARoloff said...

These judgemental so-called "Christians" are giving real Christians a bad name. Perhaps they could help themselves to picking up a Bible and reading up on how Jesus spent his time on earth. Then maybe they can learn what it actually means to be Christian and apply Jesus' lessons on compassion, understanding and forgiveness. The double standards and holier-than-thou attitude of some people are the OPPOSITE of what the Bible teaches. Didn't the Bible say "Let he who does not sin cast the first stone"? The level of hypocrisy displayed by certain individuals in this discussion board is absurd.