Friday, December 23, 2016

Molly Roloff Engaged

The Roloffs have been announcing today on social media that Molly Roloff is now engaged to her boyfriend Joel.

Amy Roloff posted a photo to her Instagram with Molly and her ring.


Denise said...

Congratulations to Molly and Joel! From what I've heard about Joel, he is a good Christian boy and who believes in the morals in the Bible.

Although I would prefer Molly to be more open like Audrey and Jeremy, the fact that Molly supports Kirk Cameron against the gay agenda says a lot about Molly's character as a person. Go Molly and Joel! God bless them.

PJ said...

Can't you ever just be happy for someone instead of having to try and force them into what you think they should be?
Congratulations to Molly and Joel. I hope you have a long and happy marriage. And I'm sorry you'll have to prostitute your wedding to feed Matt's need for attention.

PJ said...

Sorry I meant Denise. but Debbie works too.

Sara said...

Denise, you are a horrible human being.

Paula said...

Congratulations to Molly and Joel. She has a different style than Jeremy and Audrey but that's o.k. I was never completely sure about Molly until the news came out about her suport for Kirk Cameron. Molly is a good person.

Kathy said...

I can confirm that Joel comes from a good Christian family. Matt and Amy can rest easy because he is a young man of faith. Like Matt said, he only has one bad apple out of 4 and that goes for their significant others as well.

Ecossais said...

Why does religion always have to be dragged into it by a certain few bible thumpers on this blog?

I don't care if Molly likes that clown Kirk Cameron.

I respect her because she has, to a great extent, avoided whoring herself out to please Matt and TLC in favor of getting a degree and a real job.

Rap541 said...

Ah yes, Denise can't simply congratulate, she needs to make the passive aggressive dig about how she DOUBTED MOLLY'S FAITH.

Cause it's Christian cool to judge the faith of others, right Denise? I mean, you just publically announced how you doubted Molly's faith and how she's NOT AS GOOD AS JEREMY and Audrey.

Which is a hilarious bitch point because while Molly never denied the Kirk Cameron comment, Jeremy and Audrey methodically excised every reference and comment about gay marriage off their website, lied about it, claiming other posters deleted their own comments (they control their own website, kids) and then passive aggressively snitted to their fans "who said that?"

Denise - how is Molly a shit Christian in comparison to Jeremy? I mean I want actual facts - you've publically judged her as having less faith than Jeremy. In a thread about her engagement. Jesus Christ, maybe when she marries, you can insist the best moment is Jeremy as Jeremy is so awesome he's always always always the shining star!

Denise - do you think Jeremy and Audrey are better Christians than you? Are you lower than them?

Anonymous said...

You Christians certainly take any opportunity to display your evil, black, hate filled hearts. It's always about what other people do in the bedroom with you all. Here's some wisdom from Kirk Cameron for ya:

Afterschool Satan said...

Big deal.

Denise said...

Rap, I will not take your bait. My feelings toward Molly are over-whelmingly positive.

I have added respect for Christians like Jeremy and Audrey who are vocal about Jesus Christ and try to help others in their faith and who publicly speak about God. Acknowledging that Molly is not as publicly vocal about her faith as Jer and Auj is not an insult.

After seeing how Jeremy and Audrey have been viciously attacked for their faith, it is not surprising that Molly, Zach and Tori aren't as vocal as Jeremy and Audrey. Like Jeremy retweeted yesterday, it is an unfortunate reality of today's America that there are those that hate Christianity.

Molly supported Kirk Cameron when he was being attacked by the gays for speaking truth and for that Molly has earned my respect because it shows her core values.

Rap Moffett said...

Except that she's less that Jeremy and when congratulating her, you do need to make it public yet again that as a Christian you didn't trust her.

I mean, if your daughter was getting married - hand on the bible, Debbie - would you say "Thanks for the compliment" if someone told your daughter "Congrats! I *had my doubts about you and its a shame you're not like your brother who I admire!"

Seriously, how insulting. Worse, you call it "overwhelming positive" to make a public snit how disappointed you are in her behavior.

Just swear in Jesus's name you would say "Thank you for the compliment" if someone said this to your own child.

BUt you won't - because what you said is rude.

Rap541 said...

I also point out I am not the only one who finds your shitty comment hateful and shitty.

ANd you never answered - are Audrey and Jeremy better Christians than you? You have no problem judging and ranking others so how about it?

Jesus Hates Bigots like You said...

Jer and Auj haven't been attacked for their faith. They've been attacked for bigotry. It's telling, that a lot of Christians mask one with the other in the name of Jesus Christ.

Benzie Harp said...

It's unreal to me how blind people can be, ye grande sage Denise.

First of all, you throw around the word "truth" all the time. That's YOUR version of the truth. There are millions of people who don't believe in your "truth" just as you most likely don't believe in the "truth" of, say, the Hindu religion.

Christians complain about all the hatred directed at them. Gee, I wonder why? Read all the hate-fill screeds you and the rest of the Jesus Posse post on here.

I hurt my neck shaking my head at Matt and Tori's book discussion on the last (awful) episode of this dying show. Tori lauded Matt's idea because she thought it would be a great way to teach tolerance. TOLERANCE???? From this clan? And all you gay bashers and Make America 1950 Again crowd? What a fucking joke. You're all such hypocrites.

Vomit McGee said...

The last episode of this crapfest was the LAST episode I'll ever watch.

The contrivances were off the scale.

1. What's the next goofy idea Matt can come up with to "annoy" Amy?
2. Oh, wow, Molly makes a "surprise" visit
3. Audrey can't make it because she's "working" (huh?) but wait, there she is, wearing clothing available on her website.
4. Oh look! Jeremy is putting up "booby traps". Tee hee. I wonder if that will factor in later in a moment of "comedy"?
5. Ah, and more flat line readings from Zach as he just happens on one of the parents, who of course had no idea he was stopping by.

So long Roloffs. TLC SUCKS. Talk about a brain-rotting network.

Debbie said...

Congratulations to Joel and Molly. Denise, ignore Rap. Everyone with intelligence understands what you meant. Perfectly reasonable.

She didn't do it publicly, but Molly did make sure her friends knew she stood with Kirk and the Bible against the liberal leftists and their immoral gay agenda.

Sara said...

"Everyone with intelligence understands". No, people with religious fundamentalism understand this kind of hatred and bigotry towards gay people.

People who think critically about their own actions don't understand. I am PROUD that I will never understand such vitriol (look it up...) slung at people with a different sexual orientation than my own.

Don't like gay? Don't be gay! For everyone else, shut the hell up about your thoughts and ideals.

Merry effing Christmas.

Audrey Roll-on said...

Admit it Debbie: YOU ARE AUDREY. You're fooling NO ONE.

Rap541 said...

Wait, now Molly doesn't even get credit for her public comments?

Oh right - because Jeremy and Audrey took theirs down like the cowards they are (prove me wrong by showing me an active link on their website where they reference their dislike of gay marriage) while Molly left her public tweet up.

We can't have anyone be more public so now you're denying Molly's public comments as Jer and Auj are too scared to follow her example.

Rap541 said...

Debbie, will you be the first or second to note how Jeremy was the shining star of Molly's wedding? :)

Do you believe Jeremy is a better Christian than you? I mean, you do think he should be emulated, right?

Audrey's condoms said...

There is only one downside to Molly's impending nuptuials, and it's probably going to be another 4 to 6 episodes of this show as the Roloffs are going to milk their daughter's special day for yet more cash to stuff into their pockets.
The episodes would go something like this: " Molly and Joel:How it all Began",
next episode: " Molly models and picks wedding dress" , then
"Audrey and Jeremy help Molly plan her dream boho farm wedding" then
, "Molly's bachlorette party" and "Amy attempts to bake the ultimate wedding cake and oops!" "Matt and Jeremy ( and TLC) hire people to build an addition to Mollys castle for the ceremony, and then take all the credit for building it themselves"and finally:
"Molly's Wedding: A Special TLC 2 Hour Event"

Molly strikes me as too real, private and straightforward to sign up for the freak show and sell tickets for it. I'm sure it might make her cringe if she had to tap dance for TLC like some of her siblings have happily signed on for. Anyways, congrats Molly, and don't forget to buy Audrey and Jeremy's marital workbook, Navigator's Council, you might get a sibling discount.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Debbie, it's obvious that you and Denise cannot possibly count yourselves anywhere near the realm of intelligent people.
First off, People with intelligence, I'm sure you know Debbie, those who THINK FOR THEMSELVES without blindly and idiotically following any ridiculous, and non-substantiated dogma can see clearly Denise's thinly veiled insult and hopelessly idoliatric (which is a sin) drooling over the Golden Boy (which is a compliment for what he's actually done) and his condom-demanding uh..christian(?) wife. Condoms? That's SO Audrey. You both miss completely miss the truth of what they actually are, and what they actually represent.

Remember, you two are among the mindless others that WANTED Trump and Spence. Never ever forget that.

Eye roller said...

Pardon me if I sound a bit like the Grinch right now, but the timing of all these Roloff engagements and announcements are a bit suspect, it's probably just a four time coincidence, but the Roloffs seem to get engaged or get pregnant when either the cameras are rolling, or while the show is currently airing. It's a fair question since the Roloffs literally get paid to do things to make people watch their show, and there seems to be nothing that interests viewers more than engagement rings, weddings and gurgling babies!

The Roloffs have put themselves out there for this kind of scrutiny by virtue of earning money through other people's attention and interest, if they didn't, then all this stuff would happen in real life without any tie in to episode material or hash tag on instagram #LittlePeople, BigWorld. It just strikes me as tacky to capitalize on the most personal, private and intimate aspects of ones life for every stranger to consume as their own moment as well....creepy.

And the Roloffs argument of "well then don't watch" doesn't lessen or dismiss the question. They can't really say anymore that its to bring awareness to dwarfism, that was so 2004. I think little people are accepted by now, maybe, if the Roloffs want to accept credit for the advancement of little people in this country, which is why they signed up for this originally.

Now the show is about, what?.. Amy and Matt coexisting for the sake of the already grownup and out of the house children!? Amy getting her groove back and freak on with motorcyle dude, Oh, and to watch Jeremy make booby traps at 27 yrs. old, and Audrey request condoms as her essential item for a bomb shelter. Thank you Roloffs for such quality and enlightening television content!

Kathy said...

Jeremy and Audrey, two of the most annoying people on the planet. Go get real jobs.

Anonymous said...

Merry Merry everyone. As for this season...yawn. I don't get it, but this family cooks sloppy, chews with mouths open- while talking, don't forget the tampon flask last year. No wonder Jacob bailed and smokes...whatever. And they are getting PAID to do it. Maybe we can all be on TLC (The living Circus)if we all take a step down in class--

Oceanlover said...

I hope Molly opts for a small, casual wedding at the Oregon Coast and that it is not aired! At all! She deserves it, not a contrived TLC dog and pony show.

Denise and Debbie-Judge much???? Geez Louise. Give it a rest already!

Ashley said...

@EyeRoller, I agree with you. Funny coincidence that these big announcements always seem to happen right before a new set of new episodes or a new season.

And yes, I think Molly is angling for a free wedding from TLC. They are already posting pictures of wedding dress shopping with Molly, Amy and Tori. I'm sure that will be the plot for a future episode, the exact same episode they did for Audrey and Tori.

Ashley said...

And I'm sorry, I know a lot of people like Molly because they see her as the smart Roloff but I've always got a stuck up vibe from Molly more than the 'nice girl' that some people see her as.

And personally, I see the Kirk Cameron thing as cowardly. As far as I remember the story, she posted that on her Private Facebook and some friends then shared it and it was posted and screen capped on Spiritswander.

It's how Molly really feels about gay people being called destructive towards society. She'll say that to her friends but she won't say boo publicly. I don't have respect for that. And then after it was reported and got attention, she never did own it or clarify or make any comment on it.

I would love to see Molly and the other religious Roloffs reaction if someone said people with dwarfism are destructive to society and aren't natural.

Molly also went to John Mark Comer sermons with Jeremy. I think she is the same bigoted type of Christian as Jeremy and Audrey, she just tries to have zero interaction with the public so it is easier for her to hide her judgmental Christian nature because her character on the show is the sweet smart daughter of the family.

The one time I saw Molly interact with fans, when people commented that making a video with characters like Dr Hemp didn't seem very Christian and comments about Jeremy and Mueller's animal abuse was for Molly to question the fan's Christianity and say they better stop judging Jeremy and Mueller for their animal abuse.

I'm not impressed by Molly at all. She just doesn't post publicly. I have no doubt she is would be seen very similar to how Audrey is viewed if she did.

Anonymous said...

Funniest moment of the season: Jeremy calls Audrey on a Saturday and asks Audrey "what are you doing" , then you hear a pause, and "uhhhh, working?" Oh really, Auj were you adding the finishing touches on your once a month blog post "ten gifts for him" or "my nashville weekend" at the exact moment Jeremy called you with a TLC camera in his face. By the way, couldn't Jeremy have texted her the question of what she wanted for the fake ass bomb shelter that Jeremy had nothing to do with in terms of prepping, then we would have been spared either Audrey's tragically failed attempt at humor or the most idiotic and asinine request when asked to consider how to survive an apocalyptic event.

Perhaps, this show (in her mind) is her chance to exorcise her frustrations of not having been chosen as the next Annie, and Little People, Big World is the next best thing? I'm grasping at straws here people, I know, but after watching the last episode, do the Roloffs think this is great television, that's how off the charts ridiculous this amaetur hour has become.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I don't disagree with you.

What I find hilarious is that currently, the only public comment on homosexuality made by a Roloff that hasn't been carefully deleted is Molly's comment approving of Kirk Cameron's views.

Yet she's being chided for being less outspoken than Jeremy "Deleted, what? Who said gay marriage was wrong?" and "Audrey "I'm confused and I am standing up against Covergirl's point but I can't articulate what I am confused about or what point I dislike and I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT MALE MODEL WEARING MAKEUP"

J45 said...

Rap, Ashley - didn't Jacob post at least 1 lengthy comment on about homosexuality? Where he explained what he believed, what he was taught and his interpretation of sin. I've always assumed it's still up, albeit buried (I'm not about to go looking for it right now). In any case, Spirits did an article on it.

And Jacob is the only Roloff to directly and purposefully address his stance on homosexuality to fans, and leave it up. I mean, yes, technically Jer and Auj did this too (years after Jake, I think) but they took their comments down pretty quick.

Ashley said...

@J45, yes, you're right. Jacob (back when he answered questions) answered about about his thoughts on homosexuality.

Rap, I agree about what Jeremy and Audrey did. The "who said that stuff" was very deceiving. I think they have made their opinions known though. Just look at Jeremy's retweets, most of them are from religious conservative Christians venting about "the left" and saying gay rights are infringing on their Christian beliefs.

My point about Molly was I think you're giving her too much credit. It was basically the same as Jeremy and Mueller's cat tossing pics. They posted them on their facebook to their friends. And some of their friends who weren't amused, then shared it on Spiritswander.

Molly's Facebook is private so nobody can see her Kirk Cameron/gay bashing opinions. We know it's true though because Spirits has the screen capture. But Molly won't say anything about it.

Like I said, I honestly think Molly is identical to Audrey and Jeremy about gay and religious issues except Molly doesn't have public social media but Jeremy and Audrey do because they're trying to make it their busine$$.

Let's face it. None of the Roloffs, Jacob included (now, he stopped answering questions 2 years ago), will answer any tough questions about their opinions or their actions. Jacob might once in a while retweet something that suggests he is in favor of gay rights, but he's not about to answer to tough question of how can someone claim to be in favor of gay rights when they have said they will refuse to be friends with guys based solely on the fact of their being gay? Jacob not only won't answer that question, but deleted and censored someone when they posted on Jacob's account about what Jacob had said.

So Jacob actually has a lot in common with Jeremy and Audrey on that subject. They all pretend like they haven't said things in the past when the truth is they have.

Rap541 said...

Well, seriously Ashley, I'm not really giving Molly all that much credit - I am more digging at Denise and Debbie for actually publically citing her as less outspoken when unlike the precious Jer and Auj, she actually hasn't hidden her public comment.

Does she share the family religious views? Odds are yes - but *unlike* Jer and Auj, when she actually spoke out, she didn't attempt to mislead people when it was discovered. So the whole "I sure wish Molly would be as outspoken as Jer and Auj" is just ridiculous as even tho its pretty minimal, Molly is actually more outspoken and honest about her views.

I don't think she deserved the public shaming of being a lesser Christian than precious Jer and I tire of hearing how "I HAD MY DOUBTS AND SHE REALLY SHOULD BE MORE OPEN BECAUSE RIGHT NOW SHE'S STILL LESS THAN JER!" is a compliment. Particularly when she's demonstrably more publically open than Jer the denier and deleter.

AB said...

Does anyone know anything about Joel? What is his last name? What did he study? What's his family like? I assume if he met Molly at Whitworth he is Christian. Is he really conservative like Jeremy and Audrey or more like Isabel?