Sunday, January 22, 2017

Roloffs React To Marches (Some Critical While Some Take Part)

Members of the Roloff Family had very different reactions to the massive "Women's March" that took place Saturday January 21, 2017, not only in many cities across the United States, but around the world. Estimates are that as many of 2 Million people around the world took part in the March.

As has happened previously when it comes to politics, the Roloffs had very reactions to the marches.

Isabel, Jacob Roloff's girlfriend whom he lives with in Arcata, California, took to twitter and Instagram to proclaim that she marched. Jacob retweeted Isabel's tweet.

Isabel even tweeted a picture of the sign she made to carry in the march.

Isabel also posted a more lengthy Instagram Caption:

"We marched today. As humans standing up against injustices towards other humans. I was encouraged and inspired by all of the powerful people in one place today, and honored to be a part of it. I live in an area with a bunch of small towns - on the 101. This was the biggest march in this town's history!! What I was most amazed by was the CHILDREN who made their own signs and who were chanting words they truly believed in. It gave me SO MUCH HOPE for the younger generation. We can learn from kids. "Protect the Environment" an important reminder for all of us" 

Although Isabel did appear to not want to offend. When she was questioned whether the "march was in anyway negative against the Administration? Isabel replied "No."

I think it is fair to say that the marches, one day after Donald Trump's inauguration, were very much a protest to voice concern against many of the policies the Trump campaign ran on and that the Administration have espoused. To suggest it was not in "any way" a negative against the Trump administration seems a tad bit disingenuous, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, had a very different take on the marches. On Saturday night of the marches, Jeremy's wife, Audrey had a message for the marchers/protesters (which included Jacob Roloff's girlfriend Isabel). Audrey Roloff tweeted:

"Spend more time praying than you do protesting."

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have always been very careful to stop just short of definitively saying they voted for Donald Trump. Once Audrey posted a video of Donald Trump's closing debate remarks and she could be heard cheering/yelling "That was good!!" Although when someone commented that Audrey and Jeremy supported Trump, they responded "Did we say that?". And after the election results, Jeremy Roloff declared Trump's victory "A Miracle!". Although once again, when people said Jeremy supported Trump, he replied "Did I say that?"

Both Jeremy and Audrey often retweet Christian minister, Franklin Graham, who was vocal about the importance for Christians to vote for Donald Trump. Audrey shared Franklin Graham's interview where he talks about God wanting Donald Trump to win the election. One of his themes throughout the election was:

"It's about the Supreme Court...and who do you trust to appoint judges that are going to be in favor of Christian liberty?" I think maybe God has allowed Donald Trump to win this election to protect this nation for the next few years by giving maybe an opportunity to have some good judges".


Kelly said...

Once again, Audrey stands for truth and wisdom.

I am not surprised at all to learn that Jacob and Isabel were among the stupid protesters that were marching yesterday. They're lazy. They don't do anything except they're trying to get support for an Alan Watts club which seems a lot like a cult.

Guess what marchers? YOU LOST!!!!!! Trump/Pence won the election. As Mr. Franklin Graham highlighted, Americans knew what was at stake and God made sure that Donald Trump is the President.

Protesters need to go home, get a job and pray to God so they will have real meaning in their lives.

Izzy said...

I marched with a friend. Jacob didn't march with me. I didn't March in protest against anything! I marched in solidarity with my women. There's a big difference. Thanks for the shoutout.

Mike P. said...

Jeremy Roloff's "education" was doctrinaire and reactionary. It left him shallow as a wading pool—and he went on to marry a wading pool.

Their cheap bromides in response to well-founded outrage disqualify any comment, on anything, that they will make in the future.

Jacob on the other hand, who resisted the Faith Bible, Ron-'N-Honey nonsense, is developing his depth. More power to him.

Jocelynn said...

So you are not protesting anything about the Donald Trump Administration?

I think it's semantics.

People were marching for different reasons. Some were marching for a woman's right to choose or for continued funding of Planned Parent Hood. Or for LGBT rights or against racial discrimination or immigration or, as that sign illustrates, to protect the environment.

All of those causes are important to people because of things the Trump campaign/administration said they were going to do.

The March was about the Trump Presidency. If it wasn't, it could have been held on a random day in June.

Timothy said...

How does Isabel (and Jacob), feel about Audrey saying that you need to pray more instead of march?

Peter said...

Jacob is tweeting Bible verses now. And seems to be sucking up to the family like never before. Maybe that's why he Isabel went without him?

Here's my two cents: Jacob seems to have gotten a job from Alan Watts' son and his assistant to promote Watts' material. They have no doubt explained to Jacob the more publicity the better for their $ (and his) and that's why Jacob is apart of these family gatherings again. Will not to be shocked to see Jacob back on the show.

To Isabel, why not just have the guts to say the march was a protest against Trump? Would there have been a march if Clinton had won? 'Nuff said.

Roloffs and their significant others need to learn there's no dipping your toe into the water if you're going to enter the political and social world. If you're going to make your view known, stop back tracking the second someone questions you on it. It's very annoying. In fact, Audrey just did it with a response to her 'pray don't protest' tweet. Someone said she shouldn't slam women who march, Audrey replies 'Who's slamming?' Do we really need to get into these word games with every tweet that has political/social meeting?

Rap541 said...

To Audrey's comment, on praying versus protesting... Why does she assume that the protesters aren't praying? And why is Audrey so against stating unequivocally that she and Jeremy voted for Trump?

I personally did not attend a protest yesterday, or pray - I am willing to wait a *few* days to see what the new president is like before I throw a fit.

Jocelynn - I think a lot of protesters really aren't looking to tear down walls or anything but want to show the new administration that they are out there and that they want their voices heard. I have a friend in Seattle who went to a protest yesterday for the very reason that Isobel cited and because "as americans, its our right to speak out peacefully" - after the protest, they all went out to eat and toasted our founding fathers.

Kelly - everyone in that group have jobs. Please follow Audrey's advice and stop making careless criticisms without knowing the facts. Do you work, Kelly?

Rap541 said...

If you're going to make your view known, stop back tracking the second someone questions you on it. It's very annoying. In fact, Audrey just did it with a response to her 'pray don't protest' tweet. Someone said she shouldn't slam women who march, Audrey replies 'Who's slamming?' Do we really need to get into these word games with every tweet that has political/social meeting?

Exactly. Audrey, you told people protesting to pray instead of protesting, that is indeed slamming their choice. You may want to be subservient to your husband (and how is that working out, does Jeremy actually support you fully or does the show he's on because his parents drew genetic wild cards) but not everyone does. I at worst don't mind if you want to pray... so why do you mind protesting so much that instead of praying, you went to twitter to complain about protesters and to chide protesters and to tell protesters they were wrong and should be praying not protesting?

Happy said...

Christian liberty means controlling everyone and everything because Christians believe in ghosts, making babies with no semen involved, sticks turning into snakes, winning a free vacay and learning a foreign language by building something tall, the sea level rising for over 1000' a day for nearly six weeks, picking out curtains for their new whale based housing...Yeah Audrey, I won't be praying instead of protesting because I don't believe in the magic man who is 1/3 god, 1/3 his son, and 1/3 ghost. Most Americans are really bad at determining what is fact and what is fiction. Magic is fiction, as is getting murdered then waking up from death in three days and engaging in unpowered flight. Ghosts are fiction, even holy ones, and I don't care that there are a dozen tv shows about them. Just goes to show you how gullible Americans, especially Christians, really are.

Oceanlover said...


I have been gainfully employed since I was 16, that is 34 years now. I am most decidedly not lazy. But, I am a thinking woman with a BRAIN and I form my own thoughts and opinions, not what Fox News told me. I suggest you educate yourself to facts before making such an example how ignorant you are.

Izzy, good for you.

Angela said...

Isabel is a a very misguided person. I really feel she needs psychological and spiritual counselling.

If it is true that Jacob elected not to join the protest, perhaps that is good sign that he is having an awakening.

Did you read the responses Audrey received to her tweet? People are so rude, mean-spirited and judgmental. All Audrey said was that people should pray more than they protest. She does not deserve all the hate. People have no right to tell her that she's privileged and doesn't understand or she'll understand when she has a daughter or that she is too young to give advice. Hateful people who are angry when a Christian suggests prayer.

Janet said...

Once again Audrey is right on the mark and Isabel is on the wrong side.

Such a difference between the girls Jeremy and Jacob chose to be with.

Why is Isabel proud to be part of the march? She is proud to be a whiner?

Isabel has proven herself to be a hypocrite because on her blog she said everyone should take the time to reach out to a stranger....then she immediately defended Jacob for dismissing all people who don't provide him with anything he thinks he can gain off of.

Rap541 said...

Angela 0 if Audrey wants to be a public persona and make public comments and "have an influence" then she has to accept the entire social contract involved. People can and will disagree with her. If she wants to pray, she certainly can. If she wants to tell people to pray instead of protest on a public forum, again, that is her right. But if she does that, she needs to accept that people will respond to her political and religious public comments and not necessarily with agreement.

PJ said...

There's a big difference between a total stranger and someone you don't know at all who knows everything about you. I wouldn't want my face out there and would avoid fans at all costs.
You are right mentioning that Izzy and Tawdry are different. Izzy can think of others. Tawdry thinks of ways profit without actually doing anything but plagiarizing someone else's work.
Ozzy isn't the one with a mental problem. Blindly following any religion is now considered a mental defect.

Benzie Harp said...

It's pretty clear that ClownFace Audrey takes after fellow ClownFace Kellyanne Conway: promoting #AlternateFacts.

Audrey, don't you have condoms to buy? We know ManBun is too lazy to go to CVS.

Pumpkin Salsa said...

Audrey: spend more time protesting than you do praying. How would you like to be tweeted that?Anyone would be offended by that.Next time you want to express yourself and are told to instead pray about it would make anyone offended. Audrey's lack of self awareness truly knows no bounds.

If Audrey and Jeremy spent as much time working as they did on social media they wouldn't have to figure out how to kick Amy out of the big house and support themelves on their own and not by a tacky reality show. Jeremy is no prize, he's like another child you have to cook for, clean after and remind to go to the dentist and if they paid the electric bill.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Uh what happened to the question or statement to Audrey and the retort, "Who's slamming?" The conversation is still on Audrey's Twitter. I'm sure that was in the thread that was posted.

Sacred Ground said...

Audrey and Jeremy really need to move to Pumpkinland because they are living in a fictional world if they beleive that praying will solve the world's problems. If that were the case the world would have been perfected hundreds of years ago when everyone prayed all day long in between churning butter and foraging for food.

Audrey is so delusional to suggest to others to pipe down their wish for equality and justice (including Meryl Streep) when she has done NOTHING in her short 25 years. And starting a blog and website and "starring" in a reality show (barf)is not a contribution to society as she and Jeremy truly believe!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I really feel that there are people on here, and not people who are able to think for themselves, are the ones that need counseling. The depth of the psychosis they have exhibited is very dark and truly evil. The opinions about some of the Roloffs and Spirit's loss in her family are beyond mean and irresponsible. The belief in the rhetoric spewed out by the current administration will be the hardest to live down. The end of the WORLD is not nigh. The end of the USA is nigh. This is rend asunder the entire Roloff family. And probably theirs. And I highly doubt they will accept responsibility for that either. It will be a sad day when what these people have cause to be perpetrated will be misconstrued as 'god's plan.'

Emma said...

The women's march was about Trump-bashing, bomb threats & hateful jibes at other women not about Women's equality. These women marchers were nothing but cry babies snowflakes. Pro-life women and Women Trump supporters were not allowed to march.

Anonymous said...

Sweet mother of God, the USA is in some deep trouble. Love, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Emma, you should be praying instead of posting.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead. Keep calling them crybaby snowflakes. Lots of wet snowflakes will cause an avalanche that will snuff out the hatred that has seeped into the country.

Eye roller said...

Protesting is healthy and every Americans right when they beleive there is a perceived injustice, what does praying accomplish in such a situation and what do you expect to be the reaction if tell thousands of women in a tweet to "pray more, protest less". It is so condescending, minsulting, dismissive, unempathetic and tone deaf that I find it really unbeleivably cold.

Would Audrey have told MLK and millions of people peacefully protesting for civil rights in this country to protest less and pray more? The gall and unabashed hubris of this woman is extremely off putting. Audrey needs to step away from the electronic devices and stop thinking she has a platform because she has no talent, no original ideas or thoughts, she just repeats verses from the bible and in the same breath or sentence reminds you to buy her tank tops, literally.

Benzie Harp said...

Dear Canada,

No, the U.S. is going to be just fine. Why?
Because according to Angela/Audrey and Debbie, God is killing everyone who does bad things! Pretty soon the country is going to be just the Jesus Posse & the Roloffs, minus Jacob & Amy!!!

PJ said...

If other groups wanted to march they should take out the proper permits and not try to disrupt other groups who did the groundwork. You know, like your conservative jerks do here.

Anonymous said...

To Canada - you are correct; the USA is in some deep trouble. My family's passports are current and ready!

KayBeezy said...


Actually people were not turned away. There was an obvious Trump supporter who marched right with us and was treated respectfully. There were reports of absolutely NO arrests from any of the marches across the country.

This was not necessarily to protest Trump but it was, in my opinion, to send a message to his administration that we will stand up for human rights. There were a whole lot of men at the rally, also there defending human rights.

I get why Audrey doesn't agree with this. She's is of the mind that women answer to their men and God. And I marched for her ability to believe that and live that way as much as I marched for my niece's right to live her life by her beliefs when she becomes an adult.

Contrary to the beliefs of many people on here, progressive thinkers don't wish to force their beliefs on others but rather to suppport all in their ability to make those decisions for themselves.

Misst said...

Emma.The term snowflake was termed by Nazis to describe Jewish ashes falling from the sky in towns close to the crematoriums
Nice of you to show your racism,fascism and complete lack of historical knowledge in public. Everyone was allowed to march dumbass.The prolifers and trump people know they wouldn't be well received because they have an opposition to equality,environment,education etc.
Ergo by your definition, the trump supporters are the crybaby pansies that are now whining like a bitch because they didn't feel included. Waaaaaa.
Please tell us more about your Nazi empathy you hateful uniformed pseudochristian.

Rap541 said...

So here's a thought and I would like the Christians here to seriously answer.

Why is it ok for Audrey to publically judge the faith of others?

Her snide slam of the protesters was chiding them to pray.

Tell me Christians, how did Audrey know none of the protesters were praying or had prayed? Why isn't Audrey taking her own wisdom?

WHy is she posting on Instagram about Covergirl? Sure seems like she should spend more time praying than chitchatting bitchy comments about how she's so confused by Covergirl and also completely against their message that she doesn't understand and is confused by. Sure seems like she should have shut her mouth and prayed, right?

Why doesn't Audrey live the way she tells others to live? If something bothers her, she should pray, not post on Instagram.

And if you insist both can be done - then you're acknowledging that Audrey is indeed intentionally slamming these people when she has no idea who did and didn't pray.

Zit Chin said...

Will Audrey criticize the March for Life in DC?
Shouldn't these people stay home and pray instead???

Eye Roller said...

Late breakihg news people:

Amy and Chris are really dating, like, in real life dating, not reality show, for the cameras fake showmance dating.Check out her latest pic on her instagram , that is two people in love and dating each other, it's official!!!!!

Deal it with it Jeremy and Aujpoj, where will you live now in Pumpkinland, dad's basement perhaps? Or maybe you can move into the prepper's box with lots of condoms and hand warmers, or live in a teepee that you decorated on the ground that Jeremy deemed "sacred" with views of the trebuchet, the windmill that you could not erect, and surrounded by the 60 cameras that you did not install, but faked acted like you did.

Oh, and the both of you can PRAY MORE than you go and on about your marriage that no one other than the two of you care about,
and you can PRAY MORE than you go on tv and social media to talk about your parents sex lives and how you can get their house without paying your parents for it, those two are a piece of work!

NOW member said...

I marched and the events were 100% Anti-Trump. Some who marched may in retrospect... want to please by saying the marches were not about the Trump administration but by and large, most of us marched to protest that very thing and don't mind saying so.

Happy said...

"There's nothing quite like exploring a new mountain Especially on a Wednesday,..."
Deep. I was working my ass off, as was most of the country, on Wednesday. Maybe she should pray more and play less.

Lpbw Fan said...

Hey!! These two adorable KIDS just had an awesome VACATION! They've been 'cranking it out' on the blog so much they needed a vacation from their actual vacation of a life! Give em a break will ya!! Hahahahahaha

Baltimora said...

Tee hee. Chris and Amy!!!
I'll bet Jeremy just ripped up one of his Jesus Adventure Comic Books in a rage.

Better dust off those "resumes" kiddies.

Audrey's condoms said...

Those two are in for a real reality when their reality show cash flow runs dry. I think Jeremey really thinks if he has kids and keeps playing along with these forced storylines i.e. Jer and. Auj go to their parents house to get their freak on in an abadoned bridge and film it, lucky us!

Aujpoj: here is a bit of unsolicited marriage advice, but you already know all that: unsolicited advice. Maybe you should figure out how to deal with a husband who has no idea where you will live after two years of marriage when you have to ask him on your anniversary.

Skiing in Utah and NYC in one month plus rent and all on Audrey's writing salary?! 'Cause we all no Manbun ain't down with the homework and deadlines!!

Lpbw fan said...

I think their most recent vacation from the tough lives may have been baby making getaway.. by the time 9 months rolls around all their friends (mueller & partridge) & Z&T will have had their babies so guess who will be in the spotlight?!? Just a thought.. the golden couple have really taken to irritating the heck out of me! I think maybe it's their interesting dynamic 🤔🤔

Rap541 said...

At the very least, Baltimora, Jeremy should be glad that Chris doesn't have kids of his own.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh, now Baltimore, you're just trying to sort something! You are implying they actually wrote resumés? Shame in you!

Happy said...

Jeremy's resume:
I built a fort! In a swamp! All the other Christians said it was daft to build a fort in a swamp, but I built it all the same, just to show 'em. It sank into the swamp. So I built another one! It sank into the swamp. So I built another. It burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. But this one stayed up!

Pumpkin Salsa said...

Audrey should pray more than posting herself about herself and and selling tank tops that she neither made, designed or utilized any inherent talent to produce. She literally reminds you to buy her beanie while preaching God's word...that's slimey and for that reason it's impossible to take her seriously because everything is a for profit motivation. This girl lacks self awareness and feigns innocence when questioned and held accountable for her words.

And twittering and posting aout a free ski on a Wednesday is really just bragging: hey chumps, while all of you are breaking your backs at your 9 to 5 job, Jer and I are skiing on a trip that is subsidized by a reality show. We are too cool and special to work like the rest of you idiots that aren't on TLC's payroll.

Rap541 said...

Well, the marrieds have updated their blog after an entire month of musing (I imagine the terrible exhausting effort is why they needed to vacation and ski) and it's a really hilarious insight into their marriage and just how Jeremy married his dad in female form.

It's also a really telling example of how disconnected and insulated these two are from the reality of the world.

The gist of the article is that couples should share their expectations and do what their spouse likes and of course how you should know your spouse's love language and all that. In other words, its a rehash of a previous article except that Audrey gives some very telling examples.

She planned an elaborate, expensive surprise party for Jeremy for his birthday. I say expensive because it involved borrowing a loft that is used for tv show filming in los Angeles - its called The Boxcar and I genuinely doubt she was given the use of the space for free but ok, a photo booth, and food and drink for ALL of Jeremy's friends including some from Santa Barbara.

They have a good time. Audrey later realizes Jeremy would have been equally pleased with dinner and a movie.

Then Audrey's birthday comes, right when they are moving from Los Angeles to Bend. Audrey notes yet again how her love language is receiving gifts. She apparently can't tell love unless she's also given a treat. I'm being a little snide because I seriously find it appalling that she harps so much on how she best understands she's loved by getting stuff because it edges into fishing for gifts in my opinion. Anyway, she gives several examples of how she has trained Jeremy to gift her - tickets to Disney, an expensive mountain bike...

But she is appalled to find out that on this busy day that involves packing a uhaul in California, that Jeremy's birthday gift to her was not wrapped and bought at last minute and while she concedes it was an appropriate gift (baseball mitts to play catch with, something they had talked about doing) she was APPALLED that her birthday was not treated with the same sense of extravaganza that she treated his.

Now the Christians here will soon be all "OMG Rap! Audrey admitted she was wrong! She's humbling herself" - and I get that the gist of her point was to use herself as an example of what not to do but here's the thing. If you go into her Instagram, she concedes that while she apologized to Jer for not being clear about her expectations, Jeremy also had to apologize to her for his laziness in loving her well.

Note - she insisted he apologize to her because he bought her a gift she concedes was thoughtful ON the day of her birthday - a very busy day as they were moving - and didn't wrap it because that was lazy and not loving her well.

She must be a real treat to keep appeased.

And my goodness for two twenty somethings, they sure aren't worried about where the money for the gifts comes from. Has anyone priced tickets to Disney recently?

Part of why Audrey and Jer are difficult to relate to in their marital woes is that this is their pressure point, this is what they argue about - Audrey being mad that the gift wasn't wrapped or planned well. Audrey has the time and money to just throw a birthday party at a notable Los Angeless hotspot.... what kind of a problem is that for a marriage to face, really?

These two have plenty of time and money for fun. If they want to take a week off to spend it in an expensive bed and breakfast exploring each other's feelings... they can. Most twenty something married couples can't just take off. I've been lucky to always make a nice wage, but I know some couples who would struggle to come up with the cash for a nice night out. Jer and Auj don't have kids, and they don't have any serious money concerns. If Audrey really thinks this qualifies as a serious marital battle, then these two are very very spoiled.

Happy said...

"Got a love-hate relationship with Valentines day? We get it..."
Hey kid, there is no such life form as a cupid. You can live your life as you see fit. Don't let a 20 something tell you how to live.

Baltimora said...

Ugh. Then we can meet the new nanny because there's no way in hell those lazy goofs are going to raise a finger to change diapers and crawl out of bed at 2 a.m.

Baltimora said...

Don't forget the clever BOOBy traps!

Munchkinland said...

Sharing a picture of yourself on a ski trip while stating it's especially great because it's a Wednesday is really bragadocious and narcissistic because the majority of people can't do it because they work REAL JOBS on Wednesday especially three weeks after the holidays!!.

Girl, the only person that cares you're out skiing on a Wednesday is your mama...Go buy yourself come condoms and pretend Jeremy got you a belated Christmas present, then go blog about that 7 weeks from now.

Sacred Ground said...

Hi Rap 541!

I read Audrey's latest blog post yesterday about Valentine's Day and how she just loves getting gifts because that is her love language....

Well, she took it down today, it's not on her blog anymore. I wonder if Jeremy's love language told her to take it down because he is kinda of shown in a lazy, forgetful and unromantic light in the post and she unintentionally comes off as a materialistic, spoiled baby who doesn't get enough confetti and gift wrapping every time the calendar tells you to go shopping. Someone is overdue for a Navigator's Council session...

Ashley said...

Sacred ground, Audrey's blog about Valentine's Day and Jeremy's terrible gift is still up.

Pumpkinland said...

Isn't blogging kind of out of date as a career.? Maybe it was cool and cutting edge in 2010 but 2017, and as a sole means to support a growing family and mortgage, I don't knoooow?

I hope the next time some NBC puppet interviewer asks them "how do you support yourselves"Jer and Audrey come right out and say we live off the show, so please renew us until season 82 until our kids' college is paid for. Doesn't America want to see if our spawn is little or a giant curly que? I'm pretty sure Jeremy told an interviewer that once "keep watching the show and the next generation on season 14 or season 82." Who knew marriage meant signing your life and dignity away to TLC for a few bucks?!

I hope neither one of them will grow disillusioned or exasperated with the other because their inherent differences seem to be a potential source of constant and maddening frustration as hinted by Audrey in her posts, ie don't compare your man to someone you look up to for that will steal your joy, and constantly communicate your expectations or else they will never be met...oookay.

Rap541 said...

Sacred if it went down, it's back up now with no appreciable differences.

Audrey reminds me of Matt - she plans out surprises that *she* would like without thinking about the recipient and when someone isn't in sync with what she wants, she gets mad.

Made all the more hilarious that this particular birthday of Audrey's?

Check Audrey's blog about how she was selflessly *giving up* her birthday this year! She insisted that she didn't want gifts, that she wanted people to donate in her name to some clean water fund.

So just so we're all clear, Audrey clearly was publically telling people to donate in her name rather than give her gifts... but she's also publically shaming her husband - and folks, she's publically shaming Jeremy - for... oh right, giving her a gift that didn't reciprocate her previous lavish gift. Make no mistake, Christians, while she's insisting she was wrong, she makes it very very clear in her instragram that Jeremy was required to apologize for his lazy gift giving... and despite her public statement that she was giving up her birthday for charity.

I seriously wonder how angry she would have been if Jeremy hadn't bothered with the baseball mitts and just told her "Honey I wrote a check to your clean water fund".

Anonymous said...

These two married babies have perfected the art of speaking while saying nothing. If taken to task for comments made then it's all batting eyelashes and shocked confusion, as though speaking directly to what has been spoken or posted is either misinterpreted by the reader/listener or worse, misunderstood.

They need to display greater maturity and be prepared to be held accountable for what they say without verbally dodging and ducking the reactions stirred with disingenous naivete.Their reactions are dismissive and petty,
like we're the dumb ones, trapped in a warped twilight zone episode of their creation: did you hear that? did we say that? Who said I was slamming anyone, when I told you to shut up and pray, remember.... Always more, xo Aujpoj!!!

Happy said...

"Navigator's Council journals are 33% off for only 1 more day!"
A fool and his money are soon parted. Navigator's Council...cutesy name though.

Anonymous said...

Audrey seems alot more engaged and invested in this marriage while Jeremy seems to be tagging along for the adventure. But what happens when the adventure turns into something more real and less rosy (no more TLC, increased expectations that maturity requires, less sponsorship oportunites from lagging relevance and fading interest) ?

Jeremy looks like he is always looking for the nearest exit while Audrey keeps up with her demanding monthly blog and daily instagam posts. It's their constant selling of themselves and their marriage with all the " look at us now!" nonsense that will quickly grow tiresome, if it hasn't begun so already.

Stop peddling the marriage , no one but the two of them cares about it (yet they continue to presume we are interested, so narcissistic and self obsessed).

Pumpkinland said...

Audrey's new mantra should be:

Pray More, Post Less. or

More praying, Less protesting.

Let's see how many gullible twenty something women will want to wear that on a tank top to the next March for Women.
Does Aujpoj net all the profits on her "clothing line" ( I think you have to design and make the clothes to call it that, but that doesn't stop her, however it's misleading when she tells people at parties she has a clothing line), or does she donate half or all the money made to a charity, and I'm not talking about the Jer and Auj housing fund . Those two probably would think people care enough about their story that their housing dilemma could be viewd as a charity and they would happily donate to the cause, I mean, journey of Auj and Jer.

Rap541 said...

The name "Navigator's Council" and the concept are openly lifted from the book "A Severe Mercy"

Lpbw fan said...

Is there a housing dilemma!?!

Sara said...

It baffles me that they can get away with that, or think it's ethical...heck...Christian to steal from "A Severe Mercy".

Pumpkin Salsa said...

Why does TLC constantly renew this show year after inconsequential year? Subconsciously The Roloffs jump o the next thing to keep teasing TLC and it's "audience" with marriage, kids, uh, what else do strangers act like they care about other strangers doing until the next day when they couldn't care less cause their back to living their lives?

Before The Roloffs get to big for their britches thinking their something special because their on t.v. they need to remember they share the same network as "Sex sent me to the ER" which sums up the legitimacy and integrity of the Roloffs in a nutshell.

Audrey's condoms said...

Before Audrey, a 25 yr old, decides to publicly chastize Meryl Streep, a 65 year chastize about not understanding "the time and place" rule as it pertains to voicing her plea to the new administration for human decency and respect, then she should take her own advice and not talk on a reality show on camera about how she can evict her mother in law from her own home so that she can raise babies in it. Is that the time and place to discuss with your husband such entitled and lazy discussions, on TLC?!

Christ, Meryl Streep was receiving a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR HER 40 YEAR CAREER AND 6 OSCARS!!!! Audrey Roloff should never speak to anyone about knowing there is a time and place to speak to the consciousness of this country. Why don't you stick to your hair tutorials, "Yikes!!"

Happy said...

Thanks Rap, I googled "navigator's council" when they originally mentioned it and the first several google results were of A&J's various postings so I just figured they had made it up and didn't read further. Not like I'm going to buy it and give a read or anything. I prefer non fiction and have been reading a lot about how to sail a boat and the WWII battle history of the U.S.M.C. Check out J class yachts if you'd like a picture or two to blow your mind; they are so beautiful they literally bring a tear to my eye.

Rap541 said...

You have to hunt for it on their website so here's the link.

I will grant them credit - they openly admit lifting it from "A Severe Mercy". Having read the book, what they are lifting is this. The couple in the book, Sheldon and Davey, were amongst other things, boat types who sailed and when they had marital difficulties, they used the ship euphemism of a "navigator's council" to discuss the direction their marriage and life was going in. I just find it amusing that in the later talk about their notebook - which is still available for preorder and I am kinda wondering when the kiddies plan to provide their product - they really don't reference their love and reverence for the book they took it from.

I mean, this is a book they claim to read each year, every year, no doubt with Auj nestled in Jer's lap as they coo and touch each other every time Sheldon mentions God, so the absence of mentioning it in their ads for the notebook.

But then I also wonder how they relate to Sheldon and Davey's view that the marriage should have no children as a child would divert their love from each other to the child.

Audrey's condoms - while I think it's a free country and if Audrey wants to use social media to bitch about someone else exercising their right to free speech, she's as free as anyone to show her ass... yes, its probably time to get down to brass tacks with little miss Auj.

Auj? You're a grown ass woman. Will *you* be offering to buy Amy's share of the farm? You want a home, why aren't you earning the money and offering the money? If you want to play the "I'm a woman, it's the man's job, I am just here to breed babies and be a mommy" then a) shouldn't you be pregnant by now? You've been happy as hell to tell the world how you FUCK and FUCK and FUCK and how FUCKING comes with marriage so why aren't you pregnant with the child you insist you want? and b) Why isn't your husband Jeremy offering to buy out his mother's share of the farm with the money he earns?

I admit - I tire of the time and place arguments that Jer and Auj make when they clearly consider in public for public consumption the time and place for their love of fucking and for how they feel their parents should finance their entire lives. Auj? Where do you think Jeremy's mom will go once you force her out of her home and don't provide any financial compensation? You feel the time and place to discuss your goal of taking control of the farm is in public and on tv... so why not explain where you think Amy is going to go once you're gifted with the farm?

Happy said...

Wow, Rap, I'm impressed that you actually went to their website! I've been with the same woman for 31+ years and have never needed anyone's advice about our relationship. We had to do the premarital counseling, of course, but all I remember of the drivel the preacher man was spewing is that if I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle and she squeezes from the bottom, we should get two tubes. Ok, gotta run. As it is the Sabbath, I'm going to go fuck for, FUN! Heh, heh, without one of Audrey's condoms!

Confused said...

Ann said...

I agree 100% and this is why I have no respect. They do not stand by their convictions in the name of TLC money, And can't stand how they pretend to Farm.

Anonymous said...

Has Jeremy gained weight? He's looking haggard, and unkempt like he's let himself go since he got himself a wifey. Perhaps he misses paintball with Mueller and playing fort and booby traps with his bros.

Does he care that lately he's been looking like a late '90s boy band wannabe who didn't make the final cut, and now is looking for work on a reality show... oops. Running bet Jer and Auj accept VH1 marriage bootcamp reality show offer if Little People got cancelled , hey, if it's good enough for a Duggar...

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

Meryl Streep earned her moment to speak withe her work and talent to express a greater need for compassion and respect from , at the time, the president elect, kind of noble and inspiring and brave. My issue with Audrey is she felt the need to let her opinion known to the world to admonish a woman that is an established and informed person communicating a rational and articulate thought so that she could say yikes, and then sell you workbooks like the kind we had in middle school humanities class that she believes she "authored".

Okay, Auj whatever you need to not entirely feel like that college degree was for naught, I'll play along witchya.

Audrey gives the impression with such a shallow and rude tweet that she really beleives a reailty show makes you some sort of special and it earns you credibility in the eyes of others. Contrary to current belief, having instgram/twitter followers does not make one smarter or cooler, just more delusional, egotistical and self absorbed.

Passing thru said...

I just had to respond to the irony of someone spouting pure myth while criticizing someone else's 'lack of historical knowledge'. There is absolutely zero support for the (brand new, trendy) assertion that 'snowflake' originated with the Nazis. The etymology of 'snowflake' is actually a movie from the mid nineties. Godwin's law is validated, yet again.

Anonymous said...

Just saw an Instagram post from AUJ - she says that they are moving in 2 months? Did I miss an announcement? Does anyone know where they are moving?

Ecossais said...

Ann - I agree about the farming. A few goats and pumpkins seems to be about it.
It is mainly buildings (one of them being a ridiculously large house and Matt wants to build more houses) and is no more than a "stage set" for LPBW. Without TLC publicity for the pumpkin season I doubt the "farm" would generate enough revenue to even pay the property taxes.

If I was the golden couple I would worry about how long TLC will continue funding this fiasco which is no longer about Little People/Big World unless you count Amy's concerns about a little person dating average size people. Neither of the "would-be" "stars" is a little person and not much attention is being paid to Zach.

I do not know about the ratings or finances of TLC but judging by the reruns and "marathons" these days it looks like they are cutting production costs by avoiding new program expense.

Lpbw fan said...

I would hope VH1has better taste than to feed the egos of these two kids.. unless there is a clause they can push their website and products. Please just say no VH1

Jeremy's non-employer said...

Amy and Chris are in l.o.v.e., checkout her instagram on Valentines Day.

Where in the world are Jeremy and Auj going to live now? I will definitely watch next season if Chris moves in with Amy and they both live on the farm while Jeremy has to earn his keep planting pumpkins, and paying the property tax, then he will earn the title of "Farmer!"

I much rather hear Amy and Chris talk about their relationship than two pimply babies babble about skinny jeans, admitting they watched porn to each other, and sleepovers in treehouses on a Wednesday then bragging about it on instagram.

Sacred Ground said...

Reality shows may generate cash for the "stars" of the show but it instantly sheds/destroys all integrity and sincerity and credibility in the eyes of the viewer towards the participants of the farce.

Reality shows are easy cash machines that require no intelligence, imagination or true talent derived from hard work or eexcepional achievement on the part of it's players.

The No-Rolaffs ain't fooling anyone with this tacky show about mundane shit like making a sandwich and then eating the stupid sandwich!

Rory_Ory-gon said...

Audrey and Jeremy are sickening. Spend more time praying than protesting? Really. Did women pray for equal rights and the vote? If they did Audrey wouldn't be able to wear those bare-assed short shorts she so loves. And she wouldn't have been able to vote for the biggest disgrace this country has seen, Donald Drumpf!~~~~

Did blacks stay home and pray for equality or did they take to the streets in peaceful protests (remember MLK?) to get the message out?

Did antiwar activists sit back and pray and let the carnage of Vietnam continue or did they become vocal, putting pressure on legislators to end the war?

That girl an Effin Moron. She would have to be; she picked the biggest idiot Roloff to marry.

Barb Goodwin said...

chris is slimey. Amy will get her heart broken.