Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Expecting Their First Child

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff announced today that Audrey is pregnant.

Jeremy Roloff posted an Instagram photo with the caption:


The secret is out... I'm going to be a dad!
The author and creator of life has entrusted us with our first child - wow. Inevitably this means some big exciting changes for us this year, we're excited to embark on this journey and share it with you all.
We're praying for a healthy baby Roloff! 

Audrey wrote that they are expecting in September.

We've been keeping a secret... and now the secret is finally out! WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!! Expecting our first baby this SeptemberπŸ‘ΆπŸΌ We are brimming with uncontainable joy, excitement and praise to God the author and creator of life! Baby Roloff, we are praying everyday for your protection, health, and that you would love the Lord with all your heart (oh...and have curly hair)πŸ™πŸ» See you in 6 months πŸ’• Follow our pregnancy journey on


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Maggie said...

Praise the Lord! Congratulations to Jeremy and Audrey!

Debbie said...

I am so excited! God is truly great! Jeremy and Audrey will raise their children with morals and to be a servant of God. I am so happy for them.

This day keeps getting better. First I heard that news and then the latest about the Trump Administration getting rid of Obamas "Transgendered rights" that allows grown men to go into bathrooms with little girls.

God is working in great ways!

Peter said...

Oh great, they will milk yet another season out of this baby.

I don't wish it on the child, but it would be karma if their kid turns out to be gay.

PJ said...

Debbie get real. Either Amy or Tori will wind up raising this kid while Jer and Tawdry galavant around "fixing" their marriage. This is a attention grab and a way to get Amy out of the big house.

Angela said...

It brings such joy to my heart. I've been praying they would soon have a child and the Lord has blessed them. Jer & Auj will be the best parents and will build the Kingdom of God with their family.

Sara said...

Good. This will hasten the growing up that they desperately need to do. Introduce a modicum of challenge to their marriage.

Pumpkin Salsa, Eww said...

Great, Audrey and Jeremey are insured another season of TLC reality show wierdness with a new baby to offer to the (TLC network) Gods. If they are "real" Chrisitians (gag) then they will spare their child from being reality television episode fodder and raise them in privacy and normalcy.

When did it become okay to expose and exploit children on television, and it's not even an afterthought anymore? Am I the only one that thinks kids on reality tv is exploitive and creepy and inappropriate, and made worse as it is done purely for the parent's financial gain. No parent would allow cameras in their house to follow their kids around for free, so to do it for cash just makes them a pimp.

I fear Audrey and Jeremy may already be hungrily gearing up with TLC (without reservation) to film the announcement special, baby shower special, the birth of baby Roloff a 2 hour event, and a whole episode watching Jeremey attempt to tackle another project like building a crib and remodeling the treehouse and then having others that shall not be named actually bring his "vision" to life.

Maile said...

@Pumkin Salsa, eww-Spot on. We never do see him finish an actual project(e.g. The swamp fort we saw the framing but nothing close to what it looks like now, the windmill, etc) Did you see their announcement video they made. Holy cow. They clearly have too much free time.

us magazine had a small snippet about them, interesting enough in this article it listed Audrey's occupation as Barre instructor and Jeremy as a photographer. If their blog is so thriving why not list them as a marriage blogger? And Jeremy doesn't seem to photograph anything but Audrey for her blogs or sets up and takes portraits of himself. I guess they wanted it to seem like they have jobs and aren't living off of TLC money.

DK said...

So excited for them. Having a child should really help them mature and settle down into adult life. As for whether or not the baby ends up on reality TV, that is their decision to make.

Hillie said...

Poor AujPoj...the Duggars seem to have the lock on People at the moment, so she had to settle for UsMagazine for her big "Screw you, Tori and Zach, if you think you're going to grab any of MY limelight" announcement. This probably also explains the "We're moving" comment, since she will have to be close enough to shove her belly (and then the baby) in front of the camera whenever possible. She'll also have to have plenty of people around to help out, a la the Duggars, so she has plenty of time to work out and keep her hair and makeup done. I bet that, even being pregnant, she's still pissed Tori beat her to the "first" baby.

Sara said...

Jer installing the car seat will be a whole episode unto itself.

Audrey Roll-on said...

Praying this child will grow up to be an out and proud gay or lesbian!! πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΌ

Benzie Harp said...

Ohhhh hohohoho! LMAO!!

So if this pair doesn't hire a full-time nanny, are we ready to see Lazy Manbun and Self-Centered ClownFace crawling out of bed at 3 a.m. to quiet the screaming and crying????

Then there's this--

AUDREY: Jeremy! It's your turn to watch Moses! I have a facial appointment!

JEREMY: No way!! I have dirt bike date with Mueller!

TapThatDancer said...

The only Roloff who should be reproducing is sweet sexy Jacob.

Donald Drunk said...

Love how this pair had to compete with Zach and Tori. You know damn well they couldn't stand the spotlight not being on them.

Happy said...

Just like any good Christian, attributing something natural to the supernatural. I had a Christian sex education and asked what an orgasm is; they had introduced that word in the 8 page sex ed pamphlet that they let us have for 15 minutes. That good Christian lied to us: "An orgasm is a build up of blood in the pelvic region". I spent the next four years thinking that every time I got off I would suffer for the next few days with a huge bruise. Yeah, that's why manbun thinks that god is the author of life, and that it's not a purely biological process that can be explained naturally. So full of shit...

Janet said...

Jeremy and Audrey is going are going to be the best parents because they are parenting with Jesus. Congratulations to Jeremy and Audrey! Matt must be so excited.

Janet said...

Oh and the comments of some people here show how awful some humans "wish the baby ends up being gay". What an awful thing to hope for. And no it won't because Jeremy and Audrey will teach their children morals and to love Jesus Christ.

Laura said...

I wish we could use big smiley faces here. I'm so so happy for them. This child is going to be one lucky kid to have such wonderful Jesus focused parents.

I pray that Audrey will have the sense to keep Jacob away from being an influence on their son or daughter.

Kelly said...

This is awesome news for Jer and Auj! Congrats!

Laura, since you mentioned it, has Jacob even said anything about it? He did when Zach and Tori made their announcement. Why didn't he say anything this time? He's such a horrible person.

The good thing is I have a feeling Audrey knows the score on Jacob. While Jeremy might be blinded by growing up as a sibling with Jacob and won't stand up to him because of that, I think Audrey knows how bad Jacob is and while she might have bit her tongue so far for family peace and to not put Jeremy in an awkward position, she won't let Jacob mess up her baby.

Rap541 said...

And no it won't because Jeremy and Audrey will teach their children morals and to love Jesus Christ.

So lets be clear, Janet. Do you believe that all parents who have gay children - including parents who openly decry their gay children - are guilty of not doing a good enough job of teaching morals and the love of Jesus?

Because it sure sounds like you are assigning blame to the parents here. If the child of Jeremy and Auj is gay (and I don't care either way) will you note that Jeremy and Auj clearly didn't do the job on teaching morals that they should have?

Because you're out right stating that a child ends up gay based on the parenting.

Personally I just hope reality teaches these two some lessons in humility.

Rap541 said...

As a Christian man, will Jeremy NOW be expected to get a job? Or will he be living off the reality show and his parents disabilities as he diddles and cries how his daddy needs to give him the farm to raise his babies on.

That's what Christian men do, right? Have babies and tell their parents to provide the grandkids with the idyllic childhood?

Jeremy and Auj are moving... I wonder where?

Michelle said...

This is great news. I'm so happy for them.

Audrey's condoms said...

Why would wishing a child is gay worse than wishing them straight, did I miss a chapter?

And what was up with the baby announcement " film", so pretentious! Was that mini movie a promo for Carhartt outerwear, otherwise what's up with buying a matching baby Carhartt jacket this minute you go preggo.... weirdoooo!

How do they find time from their busy blogging and instagramming schedules to film their typewriter/Carhartt jacket commercial, I mean, " birth announcement movie", to hire a videographer, rent a filming location, and buy matching costumes, ' cause that room looked like a set styled by an interior designer to look like a bedroom, that is not their actual bedroom because they filmed it for TLC and it does not look as ethereal and architectural digest-y as that. Anyways, in the words of Audrey, I hope the kid is healthy and has curly hair, preferrably taupe-y amber.

PJ said...

Where are they moving? I'd bet they're doing everything they can to dislodge Amy from her home,

I finally figured the christian creeps out, they use alternative facts.

Happy said...

Oh, and I thought we had some sort of inside news that those two weren't going to appear on the show anymore as they didn't like how it portrayed them. If they agree to do more filming and they said they wouldn't, they are obviously going to hell, as that is where one goes when one lies. Or rubs wee wees with someone else before they get magical circles on their fingers. Or watches porn.

Sister Sistah said...

Stuff a sock in it, hateful BIGOT Janet.

Sky Daddy hates hate.

Munchkinland said...

Audrey and Jeremy are pregnant which means less time for typewriting announcements/proposals and selfies in the snow, and more real life responsibilty and in the real world living. Welcome to planet earth, treehouse hugging hipsters!!!

Why do I have the sneaking susipicion that Auj and Jer brainstormed at their last Navigation Whatever/Vision Board-How- We-Gonna-Make-Cash/Live-in- 2017-Conference- for- Two that they needed to get on the baby train because they reached the "what do we do now?" stage in their marriage that makes alot of couples take the plunge into the kiddie pool (pun intended).

Oh no, I'm scared, how many times will Jeremy say "dynamic" now when referencing the new baby, him and Audrey as parents dynamic, the babies on the farm dynamic, the cousin babies dynamic, the twin dad dynamic, the babies and pumpkins dynamic, yada yada yada....

Anonymous said...

Jeremy and Audrey had to have a baby before Zac and Tori take over the farm for their own child. Not living on the farm but making it a huge playground for the child.
I thought the announcement video was creepy in sense of the bedroom scene. Audrey carrying the typewriter to Jeremy. Shouldn't the man carry a heavy typewriter not a pregnant woman. It's like Audrey is serving something to her husband. Is it a secret message? A bible reference? A woman is a servant to a man.
They should have filmed the Carhartt scene at the farm in a field. It would only make sense. Also, the very beginning of the video you know it's a baby announcement because of the pictures above the typewriter.
Audrey looks old and manly. The way she walks and talks. It's so manly.

Eye roller said...

Why all the slow motion shots and taking off and putting back on of jackets in their *announcement movie poem*.

Again, WHY all the matching jackets and why a baby size of the same obsure brand jacket that was shown in every pissible angle ( is Carhartt outerwear sponsoring the pregnancy? Is Audrey's womb for hire as well?).

Why does the journey of Jer and Auj have to be so insufferably hippy dippy fruity loopy?

Jet and Auj really yelled this announcement from the hilltops to let everyone know they too will be joining the baby race: youtube movie/ commercial, TLCme interview, instagram, Us magazine., and all within a couple of hours. Maybe they can be publicity agents in PNW.

The typewriter idea which started as their inside thing has been turned into punchline to facilitate their narrative ( and TLC's) which screams of forced and contrived artsy machinations.

Snoopy Hix said...

So if this baby is sanctioned by God, was Satan on duty when Mr. and Mrs. Hitler were fucking?

Dirty Grandpa said...




Rap541 said...

EyeRoller, I think the Carhartt jacket was so prominently displayed because Jeremy and Auj would really like Carhartt to gift them with more Carhartt branded stuff. They also really want it understood how delightfully outdoorsy they are - they wear outdoorsy branded matching jackets (cause they are just one person now, Auj and ofAuj - didn't Jer used to be a man? Funny how he got married and now he's all about his pretty curly locks...) and they want it understood their spawn will be a carhartt outdoorsy lil farmer cause having a child is about you making that child into you! If the poor thing doesn't have curly hair, I am so certain it will be getting a perm. After all, JerAndAuj can't possibly have a child that isn't exactly what they want!

I wonder what they will do with a kid who hates the outdoors? Or who hates being branded and whored as mommy and daddy's little quest to stay on the show?

Rap541 said...

The pretension of the typewriter just exemplifies how they're projecting a fake "do as we say not as we do" storyline to people.

Point - the whole concept was that they *wrote letters* to each other while dating and think typing and mailing a letter is so intensely personal. Which if true is somewhat sweet if flawed (the flaw, for etiquette mavens, is that *handwritten* letters are much more personal than typed letters). But the reality is that they never ever reference actually reading these letters or how they read them now or in any way reference this correspondence that is theoretically a deeply personal commitment of feelings between the two.

What I really notice about the typewriter is that its basically a prop they film around. When did we last see this typewriter? Why, when Jer and Auj staged a scene for the cameras where Jeremy hauled the typewriter into nature so he could plank it down and type out a marriage proposal while Auj and the cameras watched in awe. Now? The typewriter is hauled out so Jer and Auj can film themselves typing out how they're pregnant to the cameras. This isn't about their love of the written word, this is all staged for people to watch and coo how sweet it is that two people who are clearly active daily social media users with cell phones and instagram accounts and blogs etc etc etc are *really* these two sweet old fashioned kids who openly eschew the technological world to be nature loving simple Christians.

It's a lie.

Ashley said...

I'm sorry...but I find it very uncomfortable that Jeremy and Audrey are so outspoken and public about their sex life.

Aren't religious people supposed to be more discreet about sex? Like not flaunt their sex life to their friends or worse, the public?

The latest example is in Audrey's blog post about finding out that she's pregnant. She just had to tell the world exactly when she and Jeremy had sex and conceived the baby. It was at their couples event in North Carolina (?) when they stayed overnight. Did they really need to tell everyone they were having sex that night?

The first time I read their Beating50percent web site and they started talking about their sex life, I honestly thought they had been hacked. But I was wrong!

Carol said...

Jacob is so DISRESPECTFUL! He hasn't even said anything on his social media about Jeremy's child. I'm also hoping Audrey cuts him out.

TapThatDancer said...

Leave Jacob alone Carol! Why should he acknowledge the spawn of witch Audrey??

Jacob is precious.

Rap541 said...

I'm genuinely curious... have the other Roloffs all commented? On their social media? Molly, Zach, Tori?

And to be honest... is there anything that he could say that you wouldn't complain about? Really?

What is disrespectful about not commenting on a brother's social media announcement? A brother who publically and openly states that he believes nothing on line is meaningful and all true discussions are in person? Carol, your thoughts on the possibility that Jacob is publically respecting Jeremy's publically stated beliefs and respecting those beliefs by following Jeremy's advice.

I frankly question why Jeremy, who openly and publically disdains social media and people who use social media, is parading his private business all over social media. I mean really, nothing important gets said on social media per Jeremy Roloff so what exactly does that say about Jeremy *tweeting* his fatherhood?

Carol - your thoughts on Ashely's comment above yours? How do you feel about Jeremy and Auj discussing their fuck habits on social media? Please say you think Jesus smiles on Jeremy and Auj's public fuck talk :)

Ashely - to your point, I personally am not a prude but yes, some of the frank talk about sex and how one should educate yourself to how best to pleasure a man is a tad risquΓ© for a Christian blogger, especially the pic of Audrey naked in the tub (I believe when it posted, some people cried to Jesus how no one REALLY KNEW she was naked and maybe she was wearing a carefully concealed bathing suit so the tub photo couldn't possibly be wrong)

Rap541 said...

Also - who else finds it hilarious that Jeremy's fans are making the birth announcement thread all about their true passion, Jacob? :D

PJ said...

Why should Jacob say anything? Jer, Tawdry and Matt have said plenty. Maybe Jacob thinks it's a bad idea for two of the world's biggest narcissists to have a baby?

I hope the baby is like Jacob in that it hates being prostituted out by it's parents. Hates being filmed. Hates it's parents hypocrisy and pseudo-religion. And is way smarter than daddy.

Set Abominae said...

When horrible people like jeremy and audrey have kids they ALWAYS end up being cesspits of dysfunction narcissism and failure.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

Are Aujpoj and Curly trying to earn a spot in the short film catagory for the Oscars this weekend? What was that, a birth announcement or a typewriter commercial with Carhartt jackets for costumes? It's getting creepy in Bend... Save Baby Roloff #2!

Audrey and Jeremy rented a fake bedroom, blocked and staged their movements like amateur actors in a play, and Auj ackwardly lugged, in her pregnant state, a bulky typewriter as if bestowing the family crown onto her husband while Jeremy flung his greasy untrimmed locks all over that clean white bed that belongs to someone else.

Did anyone else catch a neanderthal-type vibe the way Jeremy plopped down on the bed, knees splayed as if waiting to be serviced...dinner?

Benzie Harp said...

It wouldn't take much effort for the baby to be smarter, or more ambitious, than daddy.

Even puking would be more than Jeremy does in a month.

Gail said...

Why is Audrey skiing weeks after finding out she's preg?!

Sara said...

Auj and Jer's spawn shall henceforth be called 'number two'.

Pumpkinland said...

The Rolffs have figured out the Duggar formula for TLC tv "success": keep following up a wedding with a pregnanacy, then a drawn out divorce, then an engagement, then another baby, and just keep overlapping those events to keep the audience baited with that television chum.I wonder if producers incentivize this stuff ith extended contracts and sponsorship deals, heck, I might hop on that baby train too if it meant an extra quarter million...not!!!

The code has been cracked: follow the Duggar Formula for reality tv life insurance... no matter how insipid, boring or lazy you are, you too can keep gettin' them TLC checks!!!

GUS said...

They shot that in Dale Partridge's bedroom. they met him when Oddi set up a surprise for Jerks bday one year. pretty sure they moved to Bend to network with him and another couple who wrote 30? prayers for your husband and another for tour wife. unveiled wife is her handle/blog. I'm not sure why they wouldn't film it at their place, it is defiantly weird to shoot it in your friends bedroom no matter how cool you think it is decorated.

Dusty said...

I think we should all collectively pray they have a gay, lesbian or trans child so that they can prove how vile and nasty they are and disown him/her.

Years down the line the child will come out saying how it was never allowed to be itself, forced to be a judgmental Christian by his/her good servant parents. A classic story I look forward to reading in magazines years down the line.

Megan said...

It's hilarious Audrey hated Tori having the spotlight sooooo much that she actually said she took her test on the night of the gender reveal party. Hilarious. She couldn't have waited ONE DAY. Why does everything have to be about her? A night that was super important to tori and Zach became "the night Auj knew she was pregnant".

Also, agreed that is super weird if they filmed their pregnancy video in their FRIEND'S bedroom? What kind of fuckery? Don't you have your own kingdom where you can screw in God's name? And her brother filmed it?

To have such bizarre lives.

T said...

Dale and Audrey don't even get along. Everyone talks about it in Bend. Dale cannot stand her. In the small community and in a short time, so far Audrey has successfully burned a lot of bridges.

Anonymous said...

Carol comes across as about 15 years old, as someone who thinks social media is the ultimate communication tool; everything must be made public or it didn't happen. I deleted my FB about 8 months ago and it's done wonders for my sanity - my wife told me that I yell at the computer a lot less these days. Take a hint, kids, no one gives a shit what you are doing, how you have sex, or what the fuck you ate for dinner.

Janet said...

Rap541, my belief (which I'm sure you will tell me is not my belief as you always do to people) is this.

There are bad kids who turn into bad adults and they were determined to live an immoral life. They can have well meaning parents, but the kid is determined to live an immoral lifestyle.

Jacob Roloff is a good example of this.
I also have family friends where the parents are good Church going people. Good folks. But they have a horribly confused and selfish son who has caused them immeasurable pain and embarrassment by declaring that he's "gay".

There are bad kids determined to rebel with immoral acts who have well meaning parents.

Did Matt and Amy make mistakes with Jacob that if they had not made them, he might have turned out to be a better person? Yes.

Did the family that I referred to make parenting rearing mistakes that allowed their son to go off the tracks and into a world of filth? Yes.

But does that make the parents bad people? No.

However, I truly believe that if two parents who are focused on following the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ and instill those values in their children, the child has a much better chance of becoming a soldier of God and turning out right. I whole-heartedly believe Jeremy and Audrey will be those types of parents.

Wendy said...

I'm so excited for Audrey and Jeremy. Shame on the people who have nothing nice to say about this blessing from God.

Ashley said...

Dale Partridge is an awful homophobe. Oh, I'm sure that would make him mad. Typical Christian conservative Republican who gets offended when people don't like it when they condemn someone for being gay.

Read a couple of Dale Partridge's tweets. It's very easy to tell what kind of person he is.

Dale PartridgeVerified account‏@dalepartridge Feb 23
Being "open minded" is often our culture's way to creatively remove the need for a moral code. Be careful what you let in.

Dale PartridgeVerified account‏@dalepartridge Feb 9
Tired of the media trying to camouflage acceptance as love. You can love people without accepting their behavior or ungodly beliefs.

He is another Christian who uses blogging about God and telling others how they should live their lives as a means to make money. I can see why he's a mentor for Jeremy and Audrey.

I find it sad that there are so many Christians who seem to just use God as a way to make money. It's like instead of selling vacuums as their career, they are selling God as the product.

Jocelynn said...

@Ashley, I know this is off topic and you only mentioned it because people mentioned Dale Partridge because that's where Jeremy and Audrey apparently filmed their baby announcement, but I couldn't agree with you more.

In my opinion, people like him are a big reason why so many people turn away from God.

Here is the title of one Dale Partridge's blog posts "3 Sales Lessons From Millionaire Masters"

That's what "Religious" leaders are pushing these days? Learn from Millionaires to make money. Nothing about honest, kindness, unselfishness, love, nope, learn from Millionaires (who often are DETESTABLE human beings) to make money.

I think I have a better relationship with God than these people who promote themselves as Pastors or Religious speakers and I don't attend any Church and don't claim to have any answers about God!

People like Dale Patridge, the Bevere's, Jeremy and Audrey, they are all so focused on making money under the guise of God.

Back on topic, I think a person nailed it in the comments. The babies keep the show going. They might lose their TLC so somebody get married. Then when that's been done, someone get pregnant.

By the way, I see that not only are Jeremy and Audrey moving, but Jacob and Isabel are moving.

I have this feeling Jacob will be back on the show at some point. He seems to have some type of job promoting Alan Watts, Jacob and Isabl are now selling their stuff and I think he's realizing the Roloff way - use the publicity from the show to make money selling.

Rap541 said...

So in other words Janet - parenting doesn't matter and if Jer and Auj raise a little hellion, you will never hold them accountable as God made the child evil and Jer and Auj are still perfect little Christians who never ever are at fault for anything they do or fail to do.

Matt and Amy are3 good people who made mistakes - so Jzanet - please tell us the mistakes you hold Matt and Amy accountable for? You obvious have examples. Maybe Jer and Auj need to hear them so they don't repeat them?

I really love how you have escuses for everything - a child with shitty parents is just "born bad" and the parents are good people who are FAULTLESS - do you tell your friends with the gay child they aren't at fault, that their child was just born that way? :)

And if Jacob was just born evil, of the Devil, why oh dear god why isn't proud Jeremy of the Cross boldly and proudly letting us know he will no longer call the Devil his beloved brother? Janet? You have made it clear Jacob was BORN BAD AND CAN NOT BE SAVED - God apparently just lets EVIL be born and there's nothing anyone can do but tremble and whine and hyou know, follow Jer's example and say how lovely it all is.

Forwarned guys, Janet has already excused Jer and Auj any and all faults - if the baby isn't perfect it's because GOD WANTED EVIL TO BE BORN. ALL CHRISTIANS ARE AUTOMATICALLY GOOD THEREFORE THEY ARENT ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY AND ALL ERRORS!

Right Janet? As long as you love Jesus, you can pretty much be a complete and utter asshole and you're still SHINING OUT TO GOD!

Hey Janet - your thoughts on Jeremy producing a child and expressly planning to make a living off breeding a baby for a tv show? At least check, big boy Jer still isn't man enough to work for someone other than his daddy and still expects his daddy to provide his *child* a home.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I agree for the most part. It's really unfortunate that "money Christians" get so much airtime. I mean, at the end of the day, its all talking the talk, not walking the walk. I've asked this of the Christian crowd and they aren't answering and I know why.

If Jeremy genuinely believes that he as a Christian man should be providing for his family, if he walks the walk that John Mark Comer talks about, why is he expecting even a thin dime, let alone control of a million dollar piece of property from his parents? He's a man, a Christian man, with a wife and a child on the way. Isn't time he stopped expecting his parents to provide for him? Should he as a man of Christ be saying "How am I as a man going to earn what my family needs?"

I really hope for the child's sake that there wasn't a rush on Jeremy and Auj's part to get pregnant after Zach and Tori beat them to the punch. I *really* hope having a child helps these two grow up a little and learn some responsibility. That the show is apparently still in play is concerning and my genuine concern is that Jer and Auj will ultimately be disappointed in how their child will suck attention away from Jer and Auj.

As for Jacob returning to the show? I'd be surprised more because I sense he was always awkward to shoe into the show. And probably made no friends in refusing to be on the show.

I'm genuinely curious to see where everyone is moving. And I'd love to hear from people who have knowledge of what really went on in Bend.

Sacred Ground said...

All this "follow us on our marriage journey, pregnancy journey, moving journey, farming journey" from Jer and Oddj is difficult to stomach.

Dude, how pathologically narcissistic do you have to be to think other than your parents and in laws would ever give two poops what you do EVER! What has any Roloff ever done of merit for anyone to make them believe for a second anyone sincerely cares. There have been writers and artists who would never admit they had fans because it was too embarassing, conceited and immature, and they possessed actual talent and produced work that enhanced soceity!

Jeremy speaks to the public and on the show as if there is a Roloff fan club chapter in every city waiting with baited breath for the next pumpkin patch heir to carry on the "Roloff legacy."

Pumpkin Salsa, eww said...

"Baby Roloff was conceived in a treehouse 6 weeks before Zack and Tori's gender reveal party." Yes folks, our dear flame haired of the Pumpkin dynasty actually said that to the world...isn't it rich?!

Thanks Auj, I can actually live my life a bit better knowing precisely the moment and place you and Jer-k did the dirty without the condoms that Jer-k forgot to buy. Please spare me details of when you and Jer-k decide to spice things up in the bedroom, oh, I forgot, you already did that.

Please for the love of the God you claim to worship, stop telling everybody when you and Jer-k get freaky.

Jay Kirschenman said...

I sent this to Roloff Farms last October and included a picture of a priest holding a sign declaring segregation immoral and then a pic of two kids holding a sign saying that they refuse to go to school with "negros". I said that I'd rather not be thought of in 50 years as the kids. The merchandise I mentioned was worth, I don't really know, $150.

Dear Audrey and anyone else who shares her opinion,
As you can see, I've returned the LPBW merchandise (destroyed to prevent it's resale) I purchased and If you could throw it away for me, that would be great. It seems as though you have a problem with homosexuality and I am not ok with that. This will manifest itself in my refusal to ever again watch Little People Big World. You can feel free to post whatever you like online - it's a free country; I will feel free to not support you in any way, shape, or form. This is a great shame really, as it was literally one of the only shows that I enjoyed watching - no ghosts, monsters, or aliens for me, thank you.
I liked the show so much that in 2011 I locked myself in the car with my wife and we drove 7,364 miles just to get a tour. I met Amy, Matt, Caryn, The Twitter Cowboy Jacob, and I met Jeremy before you did. Ask him about the tall, fat, werido, driving a dark blue Chevy Blazer with wooden poles and a yellow drybag strapped to the roof and who stirred up a ginormous herd of stampeding bees while getting his tripod from said vehicle. Yepper, I thought for a second we were going to the hospital together, all stung up with airways failing due to severe anaphylaxis. They left us alone though, which was nice. But I digress.
You see, I live in the Bible Belt, the rural part. Jacob once tweeted about reality shows being fake, but the networks have nailed the redneck thing well. The moonshine show is partially filmed about an hour from me, and the Boo-Boos would fit right in here. If I want to have a conversation that does not involve pickup trucks, NASCAR, or guns, I head over to visit with Chris. He's extremely funny, very smart, as gay as the day is long, and who cares? You, apparently. I'm not down with that - he's great to hang out with and I shouldn't have to worry that some bible thumping redneck is going to murder him in the name of God. He lives 45 minutes away in a college town, but even there it's still not safe for him to be "out". That must suck. It also sucked listening to him on the phone a week or two ago, reading me some of the things you posted. "Don't you watch them"? He must have asked me that five times.
I filled in a feedback form at TLC's website informing them that I wouldn't be tuning in anymore but I wasn't sure if that would get back to you personally, hence this letter. Contact me about this if you must, but please do be aware that I want to discuss this with you about as much as I want to discuss (alleged) sister squeezin' with Josh Duggar or (alleged) &ussy grabbing with Donald Trump. What would it accomplish?

Very Sincerely,

Jay Kirschenman
P.S. I saw you and Jer being interviewed and they asked about your hair. I grew mine down to my butt in college and in '92 or so, found it looked better if I put a little conditioner back in. I'm growing it out again for Locks of Love, and yep, puttin' some conditioner back in again. So that's kind of funny.


Benzie Harp said...

It's both hysterical and sad how the Jesus Posse keeps tripping over themelves with their convoluted "logic."

Rap does a wonderful job of consistently pointing this out.

Jesus Bin Laden said...

Sooooooo...... Janet, deary.

Answer me this. You American Taliban Christians keep arguing that people choose to be gay. And you in particular seem to think it's some teen rebellion.

Now, when a gay teen has been bullied, some to the point of suicide, why can't they just flip their HETERO SWITCH and avoid all the pain?


TapThatDancer said...

Jacob is an angel on Earth. πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό

Un-Presidented said...

You Christian wing-nuts blather on about "morality" yet you support that SHIT-BRAIN SKUNK in the White House. Thrice-married pussy grabber. There's a real moral lightning rod, eh?

You stupid dolts.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

Name of Aujpoj and Jeremey's next blog entry:
Babymaking in Treehouses

Theme of Aujpoj's baby shower: Babies in Treehouses

Next episode of Lpbw: Jeremy tries to build his bride and baby a treehouse love nest perched above Amy and Chris' love shack. That way Jeremey and Audrey wouldn't have to pay property tax or rent forgot a treehouse, and they can ring the cowbell whenever they spot a male suitor coming for Amy.

Audrey's condoms said...

Audrey seems to be on a mission to embellish and glorify the image of her marriage in the eyes of others by broadcasting to the world that her child was conceived in a treehouse on the ONE night she and Jer were employed to "speak."

How can she be sure baby#2 wasn't conceived the night before while they were at home in Bend on a typical ordinary boring night of posting on instagram?

Oh, I know why, because it doesn't fit into Auj and Jer's propaganda/storyline of "God is the author of our love story"- by the way, will you hire us to pose and peddel product at your resort destination convention thing?

Rap Moffett said...

I kinda find it hilarious that Auj wants to insist on a particular narrative especially since her future kids are likely to see the "We fucking gave a shit about baby one! Baby two was Oregon somewhere and fuck you on baby 3-6 - and hey Auj please smile and laugh how you plan to birth out as many children as God will give you- the timing of your child makes it very clear how quickly you threw away the birth control.

Hey Auj? its really pretty clear as you insist you peed on the stick the night Zach and Tori announced that you had some competitive issues. Poor lil Auj having Baby two and not Baby one.

I'd genuinely love to know how Jeremy feels about being the silly loser douche who didn't impregnate his wife first and has to choke down how his child will always be the SECOND and NOT the first

Ocean said...

@ Audrey's condom SO TRUE.
She couldn't just hold it in and say something remotely normal - oh no that would be TOO normal. They couldn't have just conceived their child at home in Bend. They have to one up everybody and say "Yep. Baby Roloff was conceived in a treehouse isn't that just SO outdoorsy of us".

Bet you anything they'll name their baby something "PNW" just like Pine. Something like Rain, Mountain, River or Wheat Fields.

Selina said...

Why are people jumping down Jacob's back for not publicly announcing the good news about jer and Auj?

I mean he posted Isabel's birthday post a day late, Molly's graduation congrats weeks late, and also he never mentioned either of the weddings or the baby news of Zach and Tori.

If we are being real, Jacob just doesn't care for social media. We can't get on him for that. Really, it doesn't matter.

Matt Roloff said...

Lol. You guys are hilarious. Did one of you you say they " jumped the shark". - hundred years ago? You people are crazy... start the debate so the show can continue indefinitely...

JakefromStateFarm said...

Has anyone also seen Audrey's Instagram post of her using a pregnancy pillow? For crying out loud - she is only 2 months along! I really find it hard to believe that Tori and Amy like her. I couldn't take Audrey CONSTANTLY making everything about her. It's sickening to see how completely self-absorbed she is. One unfortunate symptom of being on a reality show is that you start to believe that the whole world is waiting for your next utterance. You can see that this has happened to the Roloff's and the Duggars. Being filmed and interviewed (talking head portion of the shows) starts messing with your head and your importance. I too have watched the show since the beginning. Amy is so arrogant - she never used to be. Matt is a total tool and is much worse now. Jeremy and his wife LOVE the camera and use their 15 minutes to sell their marriage advice which is a JOKE! Audrey is a mess. What did HER parents do to her to raise such a self-absorbed idiot?

Sara said...

I also question her peeing on a stick in the evening. Nobody does that...hormones are more concentrated in morning urine. But it doesn't make for a good story, so...yeah. Maybe #2 is so favoured by god that he/she has superpowers hormones.

Audrey Roll-on said...

Thank you, Jay, for being a breath of fresh air against the clueless, intolerant BIGOTS like Janet, Angela, Debbie, and the rest of the Westboro Baptist Church world.

Rap541 said...

I am genuinely curious how the Christian feels about Audrey explaining in detail when and where she spreads her legs for a genuine Jeremy Jesus cock fuck.

Is that Christian now? To describe your sexual exploits?

Or lets put it this way - if *Tory* described where she and Zach got it on to make Roloff Grandson Number One - would all the Christians be so completely silent in how they feel about *Tory* describing where she spread her legs for a good old fashioned Roloff fuck?

Oh I bet the Christians would have a lot to say about how classy they feel that is.

So come on Christians - you know who you are, Kelly, Janet, Angela, Denise, Debbie, etc - I really want to know how CHRISTLIKE Auj is to you in how she brags about fucking in a tree house. Not just brags... brags on social media. Please tell me how charming you find it and how you want your daughters to get on social media and emulate Audrey Roloff in describing where they shucked their drawers and spread their legs for babymaking!

Lpbw ex fan said...

Maybe Jacob doesn't follow The Golden Couple because perhaps, he too, is tired of them posting pictures of themselves and peddling their cheap products? I'm sure they have a relationship but I think Jacob is smart enough to stay far away their social media...

Lpbw ex fan said...

I would think the ultra conservative Christian Partridge Family would frown down upon Oddj's ass cheek having to be blurred out on that stupid asinine tv show. I wonder how they explain that to their 3 year old daughter.. what a role model that Oddj is! So glad the horrible show has become a platform for her to 'influence' Christian gals.. Good job TLC!!

Ecossais said...

Why do that certain few on here have to make every thread about Jacob?

The poor guy can't win. They criticize everything he does or says and also criticize when he does nothing like not commenting on his sister-in-law's pregnancy.

AttentionSeeker said...

Audrey is lucky Tori has no backbone and doesn't care she has to be the spotlight.

If it were anybody else, any other sister in laws, they'd be jealous and probably mad at Audrey for inability to let anybody else have the limelight.

Johnny said...

Matt just posted on his Facebook that "You have no idea the private wedding plan Molly wants Amy and I to execute..." meaning she probably won't have her wedding filmed. Good for her. It's a damn shame so many of these Roloff kids sold their soul to have their most intimate moments shown to millions of people.

Here's to hoping Tori and Audrey both don't film the birth of the babies. Now THAT would be terrible!

D said...

Why isn't there more "I'm so happy for them!" Comments here. Oh ya because we all know they aren't going to be good parents.

Diane said...

Some people that comment here are like the mainstream media with your fake news.

In fact, Matt, Amy, Zach and Tori have all commented publicly how excited they are at the Jeremy and Audrey baby news. Jacob looks like a jerk because he is one.

Let us pray that Audrey will keep him out.

Natalie said...

It's not unusual to think about when/where the baby was conceived. It's just haters hating on Christians.

Angela said...

Jay, if your story is even real, you are a horrible person.

Why are you throwing your immoral lifestyle at Audrey and the Roloffs? They don't want to hear about your filthy ways and how you are mocking God's plan.

Ashley, this is the type of thing Dale Partridge was tweeting about. As Christians, Audrey and the Roloffs (even Jacob who doesn't want to be friends with gays) don't approve of homosexuality. It is against our beliefs. But they are receiving hate from idiots like Jay who are demanding that Audrey accept his lifestyle.

Rap541 said...

Natalie - is it usual for Christians to publically share their sexploits?

I mean, Natalie, we're not talking about *thinking about it* we are talking about Audrey making a public blogpost about how her baby was conceived in the treehouse she and Jer had sex in while in North Carolina. Is it now usual for people who are Christians to just casually post or tweet where they have sex?

Natalie? As a Christian, when and where did you fuck and get pregnant? This is a perfectly Christian question to ask you as you think having a problem with it is "hating on Christians" - so please, do as Audrey does and share your fuckspots that made babies.

DJ said...

Jacob did post about how excited he was to become an uncle when Zach and Tori announced their baby news.

Rap541 said...

Angela - where are your fuckspots? Audrey publicizes where she fucks and Natalie says that is Christian so spill :)

Telling the world where you fuck is Christian! :D

And what exactly has Jay done that is wrong? He found out that Auj and Jer had beliefs that they kept hidden from the public and when he discovered that, he decided he can no longer support them.

I genuinely want to know Angela, how you feel about Audrey publicizing where she had sex.

Rap541 said...

Ocean - at this point the baby will probably be named Treehouse. He or she can look forward to being called "Treehousefuckbaby" thanks to Mommy's big mouth.

Lori said...

DJ, where? He didn't. Not on Twitter or anything. You guys can't just spew on and on. There has to be PROOF. Fact check.

Also... Amy nor Matt have posted about Jer and Auj's news on their social media accounts. By this I mean twitter and instagram. Which is where most of their audience is.

Amy, you could tell was over the moon about Tori being pregnant. But, as a mom is probably horrified with the news of Audrey being pregnant. That's gotta suck for anyone who's been a parent themselves. Imaging Audrey Roloff as a mother.

Anyway, like someone said before. Jacob can't win. He's damned if he does or damned if he doesn't. Shame.

E said...

Every single comment on the Facebook account for LBPW announcing the news about Jer and Auj is "so sad they didn't let Zach and Tori have the spotlight"...

Debbie said...

@Jay, you are so self important. Why do you think the Roloffs care that a gay like yourself is throwing a tantrum because they are followers of Jesus?

Rap541 said...

Debbie - Jay actually clearly stated that he and his wife went on one of the Golden Tours. Please learn to read. Oh wait, you're a Christian so you genuinely believe you are allowed to lie about what was said.

Debbie? Can you read? And since you're here and bitching about people who don't follow Jesus, please please PLEASE tell us your opinion of Christian Audfrey proudly letting the world know how Jeremy rammed his cock up her vag in a treehouse. I assume that's Christian modesty?

PJ said...

Debbie and Angela,
Where did you learn to read, some creepy christian school? Jay clearly states that he's a married man and has a gay friend. Lots of people with functioning minds (not you two) have friends that are different than they are and, horrors of horrors, some of them are gay.

I would guess that there aren't more congratulations because we know that poor baby will live in hell with those narcissistic twits as parents.

Treehouse Babymaker said...

Audrey's competitiveness, jealousy and manical obsesession with gaining control of the farm is manifested in the timing of Audrey getting pregnant. Tori gets pregnant, so Audrey stops buying her essential item: condoms and gets pregnant weeks after Tori's announcement.

Draw your own conclusions, but if it tweets, sells beanies and claims to boff in treehouses, it probably will get pregnant to feel the spotlight again.

I can see Jer and Auj scrambling in a panic upon hearing the news of Baby #1, "Quick lets just do it now, so that we'll have some leverage when we claim our stake in Roloff Farms."

Oh, and did anyone else let out a chuckle when Audrey said she mistook her preganancy symptoms as being OVERLY TIRED from WRITING a BOOK. Can anyone say reality check?!

Pumpkin Salsa, eww said...

If this is really Matt Roloff then it's disturbing how you pimp yourself and children by displaying your crapped in underwear family fake/real drama for the world and justify the whole thing by laughing your way to the bank. And you justify all that personal intrusion and attention because it pays, man you are corruptible (go to church)?

You have no scruples and you'll pimp your namesake for cash. Keep laughing at the "hilarity", it shows your megalomania to full effect and you see your life : one long neverending reality show episode.

Sacred Ground said...

Price gouging alert:

Audrey's Always Devotionals are now a whopping $4.98 a month which is more than double the $1.99 from last month. WTF Audrey, why the price hike? Is it because TLC isn't currently airing episodes of your pimp your life for money reality show?

Did God *author* the price hike? Did God *author* Chris and Amy's story of falling in love and no treehouse for you on Roloff Farms? Does God only *author* your story or just the good parts, and the devil authors all the bad stuff?

Benzie Harp said...

Can you imagine when this baby is 15?

1. ManBun and ClownFace long divorced
2. LPBW loooooong cancelled.
3. Amy & Chris posting pics from a vacation in Italy
4. A mosque on the former Roloff "Farms"
5. Matt ranting and raving from a trailer in Corvallis

PJ said...

Sacred Ground,

The price doubled because now Tawdry can give pregnancy advice as well as marriage advice. It'll go up again when she can add parenting advice.

Oscar Madison Wisconsin said...

Moonlight! BEST PICTURE!!!

Eff you, Bible Thumpers!!!

margi bruton said...

I think Molly is into making her own money & life and not depending on her parents to take care of her at this stage in her life.. as an adult! Good for her because it must be reaaaallly hard to turn down that chunk o change to have your wedding on national tv (right golden couple!?)

Ex lpbw fan said...

Matt you are a BAD PERSON! I don't know how you charmed TLC But the charm is gone big guy! Your show is stupid staged and I pray to Angela's God that TLC pulls the plug..

Munchkinland said...

Audrey Darling, broadcastig to the world the exact time and place where you had sex (made your baby) is gouache and way oversharing. What are you exactly trying to convey to complete strangers by giving the exact time, place, and bedroom location of the conception of your child? Aren't those details too intimate to be shared with people with whom you have never or will ever meet. Your parents and all the young girls you mentored at Christian camp couldn't be too impressed with your sexual accounts disguised in "how God gave me my baby: Jeremy and I had sex 6 weeks in a tree house on the one eve we spent in North Carolina after my sister in laws baby party" rhetoric.

Girl, get over yourself , how pathetic and stupid you must think the people that read your stuff must be to beleive anyone would ever want to know the details of the conception of #2. You're pregnant cause you had sex without protection, not cause God decided for you as you indicate in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Its been 5 days since the news broke out.. But both of them still parading about the pregnancy..

Hillie said...

Something many non-Oregonians may not know...Oregon uses "urban growth boundaries" to preserve farms and forest lands near major urban centers. People who own land outside the UGB, such as the Roloffs, have much lower property taxes, especially if their land is classified agricultural. However, they have very strict limits on what they can add to that land in the way of housing. Without spending time looking up the details of the Roloffs' two lots, I can only speak in generalities, but basically they probably can't ADD houses to the land, only expand on what is already there (which is probably why Matt is living in a trailer). So they could renovate/rebuild the house that was on the lot next door that they purchased a few years ago, but they could not simply choose, say, the spot with the best view on the property and build a new home there for baby #TWO and her/his parents. They also can't just sell it off to developers - that's what the UGB is for, to prevent uncontrolled sprawl of suburbs. They can only sell it at its current value and classification - farmland - or wait for the next UGB expansion, which is likely to include their location if business growth in that part of the metropolitan Portland area continues. However, that may be 20 years away, by which time Roloff baby #TWO will be grown. However, I'm sure Matt and Audrey are trying to figure out some way to get around all those irksome UGB regulations, because, well, you know...they are SPECIAL people who deserve SPECIAL treatment. :| (And yes, I meant to say Matt and Audrey)

Angela said...

The hate and lack of class people have is frightening. I hope y'all are happy. Audrey is sickened, saddened and disgusted by the hateful comments she receives. I saw her SnapChat this morning where she said she can't believe how rude and hateful some people are on her Instagram. Some hateful person who sounds a lot like the haters here, were saying horrible things to Audrey about only getting pregnant because she was "jealous" of Tori and Zach and she's using her baby to get more seasons from TLC. Hateful people. Audrey is a real person with real feelings. It's not a game to say mean things to her.

It also appears that Jeremy/Audrey and Zach/Tori are vacationing together to celebrate and film future episodes. I say this because both Audrey and Tori had Snapchats today about boarding a plane for a vacation and Matt said they've started filming again for the new season.

Eye roller said...

Haha, Audrey and Jer's master plan has been foiled. Their baby will be second in line to the throne, I mean, pumpkin salsa dynasty.

Zak Jr. baby is the heir, the first born male child, the progeny of the pumpkin clan.

All hail Zack Jr. baby, the chosen one, the golden child that will usurp control of the farm from his uncle's greedy clutches and banish him and his aunt in law to the ski slopes of Bend for eternity.

Rap541 said...

Angela - as a Christian are you applauding Audrey letting us know exactly when Jeremy ejaculated his semen in to her vagina and made their baby in the tree house in North Carolina? Is it Christian to let people know when you fuck?

How about letting people know exactly when you peed on the stick? Angela? Is it Christian to use social media to announce how you peed?

Rap541 said...

And seriously lack of classy?

Angela - please stand up and say you think it's classy for Audrey to tell people how she fucked in a treehouse and how she peed on a stick.

Seriously, she is telling people how, and when she spread her legs for a fuck. Please put your hand on the bible you love and declare in Jesus's name how *classy* Audrey is for describing to the public on the social media her husband theoretically despises how she spread as Jeremy thrust his Roloff cock up her cooze.

*any complaints about my crudity will be noted and asked what are the Jesus blessed terms for how Audrey Roloff was happily fucked in a treehouse.

Ecossais said...

How stupid can you be Angela?

Audrey is not so "sickened, saddened and disgusted" that she has stopped putting out personal information for the "haters" to use.

Audrey may be a "real person" but she is also a conceited, publicity seeking tart.

Rap541 said...

Oh hey, Christians? Angela just confirmed that Audrey's snapchat exists so unless you all will be calling out Angela as a LIAR then the Christian crowd is no longer allowed to play the "WE'RE CHRISTIAN SO WE GET TO SAY SNAPCHAT DOESNT EXIST NONONO"

Thanks Angela - maybe you'll describe to your fellow Christians how to get on it?

Hillie said...

Angela, gay and transgender people HAVE FEELINGS, TOO, but you have no problem posting nasty, hateful comments about them, and Audrey certainly has no problem posting that she "doesn't support" or "is confused by" them (she won't stoop to your level of nasty because, well, MONEY, but I'm sure she is your twin in private). Maybe y'all missed that part of Sunday school where they covered the Golden Rule? Yeah, way to represent for the "Christians."

Rap Moffett said...

Hey, maybe if Auj had some balls, she'd post how sickened, saddened and disgusted by hateful comments she was on a service where it doesn't disappear in seconds. Per her husband Jer, that would be "transparent". Since she used SNAPCHAT and not her Instagram or blog, I trust everyone who is Christian and hates SNAPCHAT is PISSED that Audrey isn't proud and loudly permanently committing her sickened, saddened and disgusted views so that everyone can see.

She clearly knows how to tell *everyone* her views and oddly uses SNAPCHAT that won't be permanent :)

Rap541 said...

Is Auj better than the least of us, Angela?

I mean this seriously, btw.

Is Audrey due more than her friends and family and husband being happy for her? She *isn't* birthing the second coming, she has been publically clear how she has sexually engaged her husband so her child isn't the Second Christ...

How much honor and accolades are to be sent to some pregnant woman we don't know personally? A twenty five year old married woman fucked her husband in a tree house, please describe in detail how she is more special and more worthy of praise than all the other 25 year old marrieds who are pregnant?

If Audrey Roloff's pregnancy is more special than anyone else's then there needs to be actual factual reasons why we need to kiss her ass for FUCKING.

Grimm Seeper said...

Angela, I highly suspect you are Audrey herself or some publicist she hired.

Anyhoo, hon, Audrey is no stranger to making hurtful comments that affect real people.

And Matt? Your show has sucked for years.

Anonymous said...

Unless Matt announce on social media that he is going to give the house to Jeremy to inherit it, then nobody can throw anybody out from the house..especially Amy. Don't worry. The land is big enough for them to make a new house.. I'm not surprise if one day all of the siblings want it live there but in different house. Unless they have real job like molly, because Zach and Tori can always move back and tori can just drive to school. Unless Matt and Amy plan on selling the farm and go their separate ways.

Sara said...

Angela, is Audrey internalizing WHY people make comments about her? Does she realize that her behaviour incites the comments? She and Tori are in relatively the same position...married into the Roloff family. Yet there is no hate for Tori.

Maybe she needs to do a little self-reflection before she gets all butt hurt.

Carla said...

Exactly, Sara.

Audrey doesn't even want to look at why she has these people commenting hateful things on her status.

Is it because she hmmm HAD to take a pregnancy test on the night of the gender reveal party thus completely overshadowing Tori and Zach?

I'm sure Tori is happy Audrey joined the club, alas, however she has the first baby. And it's a boy. Jeremy and Audrey have admitted to already calling their baby "him".... well what happens when it's a girl? Will they give her up for adoption? Will they completely terrorize her? Better yet what if she turns into a lesbian?

I think it's hilarious that Audrey tries to pretend like "didn't have a condom"... btw in a comment she spelled it "condum" how stupid can you be. When in reality, the fact that the baby was conceived in a treehouse (she'll push that story even if it isn't true) fits her agenda for having a super outdoorsy baby thus giving him/her an outdoorsy name.

What if they name him Forest or River?

Hey bible thumpers, do we have permission to laugh THEN?

Nancine said...

You know what's funny?

Jeremiah (Jeremy) and Zachariah (Zachary)
AND EVEN JACOB are biblical names.

Admittedly, I don't know if Molly is. I don't think so.

Amy and Matt named 3/4 children after people in the Bible.

If Audrey and Jeremy choose to name their children something silly like Waterfall or Snow (SO Pacific Northwest!), what are you Christian half wits going to do?

If they were such perfect, God-fearing Christian's, wouldn't you encourage them to name their baby something biblical?

Audrey literally lives by scripture day to day. She uses it as every excuse to be a bitchy person and even support Trump. So... when the day comes to name her baby and it is NOT after the Bible, what ever will we do?

I know what I'm going to do. Feel sorry for that child for the rest of my life, that's what.

Pumpkinland said...

So glad to know that Audrey found the time to snapchat while boarding a plane for a vacation (from...anyone?anyone?)right after hitting the slopes and before going back to work, I mean, back to FILMIMG which is any good christian woman's occupation these days, right?

Please Audrey and Jeremy, make your next blog be about how you plan to support your family on a reality show income, and how you reconcile exposing your children for public voyerism all in the name of affording your pseudo house-on-the-prairie farm lifestyle.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Two things I've noticed lately:

1. Audrey STILL firmly believes that everything she says should be, "OOOH way to go Audrey! You're the best ever! We are beholden to you. You are an example that all of us should emulate." It's obvious that she is simply cannot believe that she is above all criticism and everything she posts should be applauded and glorified. Which is of course total nonsense. After the removal of posts rather than take responsibility for them, the denial of unpopular statements, the stupid and innane, "Did we SAY that?" games that they actually think works with people that have the ability to think for themselves, her inability (or refusal) to grasp the reality of what is happening speaks volumes about her.

2. Some posters here have seen through the BS, and believe as I do, that immediately the announcement of the pending arrival on grandchild NUMBER ONE was made, the race was one. and I mean "race" sincerely. I suspect more than one or two 10 or 12 hour marathons (which aren't entirely bad in and of themselves ;)) were held in order to achieve the objective sought.
Let's look back at what was said in the past, and the changes that took place lately. Auj and ofAuj did not seem in any hurry whatsoever to have a baby. They started hinting at perhaps discussing after a full two years after marriage. Some posters will disagree as to why, but my opinion is they was no way they were responsible enough, nor had the actual interest or energy, to raise a child. This would be far too much of a lifestyle-cramper to them. I can't say whether or not this thought process was held by them. However, they haven't really shown any physically evident signs of responsible behavior as of yet. No evidence of self-sustaining jobs, other than living off the avails of the show contracts, no use of any education earned or bought with money, no desire to actually learn how to run the farm or, god forbid, put in the time, etc. etc. I think they thought they were quite safe in their claim to the ownership of the ENTIRE farm, the big house, and anything else they wanted. All was well.
Can you imagine the surprise, the concern about secession, the abject horror that they felt with grandchild NUMBER ONE on the way? They miscalculated in a big way. Major "D'OH" from Bend! Lard T'underin' Chasus Billy! We can't lose a moment in recovering the limelight. Second fiddle alert! Second fiddle alert!
In following this thought process, one can easily see why Auj is going to give us a step-by-step 'journey' of her pregnancy. I doubt we'll get the identical shameless and public promotion (which is just fine by the christian posters here) from (the gold-digging whore) Tori. Recovering the attention is absolutely paramount for their financial sustainability and Auj's own self-esteem. I agree, this whole situation is very sad. However, I've not seen enough evidence that these two have the maturity or the sense to act or think in any other way. Consider how much has been said about the other party in this situation. That speaks volumes as well.

Treehouse Babymaker said...

For the love of Pete! Audrey snapchatted about her haters while boarding a plane to go on a vacation while being filmmed for a douchey reality show, according to her sycophant Angela?! It cannot get worse and more pathetic than that. Cry me a river while I fear for the Roloff/Botti spawn.

These two need a vacation from teaching a weekly excercise class and a 90 second typing video ?!

Just when you thought these two twats couldn't be more completely detached from real word responsibilities, they go on a vacation 2 weeks after another vacation, just so they can squeeze inbetween vacations a masturbatory video of themselves , for themselves.

They are getting off on showing off every minutiae of their lives, it's like they are following a social media/pinterest liestyle aesthetic that is so stepford wifeish and desperately aspirational it rings of, ironically, contrivance and artificiality.

Rap541 said...

It also appears that Jeremy/Audrey and Zach/Tori are vacationing together to celebrate and film future episodes. I say this because both Audrey and Tori had Snapchats today about boarding a plane for a vacation and Matt said they've started filming again for the new season.

What I find incredibly funny and pathetic about this is that meanwhile, while Audrey prances about Hawaii on TLC's dime (certainly not Jeremy, Jeremy's just a lil bitch boy who depends on his parents handing over their livelihood and isn't providing a living off his own work) guess what people are complaining about?

Why, they're complaining that they've spent and apparently been charged for 20-30 dollar Navigator's Journals that Audrey and Jeremy are selling but... not actually sending. The journals were supposed to be shipping in late January and funny how people are complaining NOW that they haven't received anything.

Angela, should these people who have actually given Audrey and Jeremy money in exchange for a product just shut their bitch mouths as Audrey is PREGNANT!? She is pregnant so she gets a free pass to jet off to Hawaii while her paying customers need to shut up and remember how Christlike FUCKING IN THE TREE HOUSE is?

How about it? Do paying customers have a right to be annoyed that going to Hawaii is more important than meeting one's obligations?

Anonymous said...

I saw someone is try hard to prove that SHE IS ALSO PREGNANT GUYS.. PLEASE NOTICE MY BABY BUMP pose on instagram..

Anonymous said...

When tori and Zach announce that they are going to be a parents ...Amy didn't take that long to share about her feelings.. And up until now I still haven't see any post about the future second grandchild she's going to have ..and yet she have the time to post her pictures with her friends.. I sense that she's not really thrill about her and audrey.

Audrey's condoms said...

Nothing make a woman lose her girl boner faster than being with a man that is incapable of providing financially, as well as a stable home of her own, a consistent job, and repeats the same four words in every conversation: dynamic, epic, vision, legacy, and give me farm.

Despite the fact that the only way Jeremy can make a trip outside of Oregon happen is if TLC pays for it, ewwwwww, Audrey remains appeased anyway because a) she is 25 and literally beleives Jer is Jesus' hotter twin and b) she's already married to the guy , but the day TLC decides to cancel the Roloffs and move on to "Marry Me now,I need a Green Card", then Jer's curls will start to look rattier and then just plain ratchet, and where will Audrey turn then, TLC's " Where Are They Now" edition, with Honey Boo and the cast of 90 Day Fiance perhaps?

Benzie Harp said...

I wonder what kind of stunt Audrey will pull when Tori goes into labor?

Yikes said...

Anonymous, nailed it.
She's just not that stoked for you, Auj.

Munckinland said...

This couple is giving everyone whiplash they way they are going from skip slopes one week, to pregancey movie announcement the next week, to hawaii 5 days after that. What ' s with the frenetic and aimless non routine style of living, can any one say unstable, poor #2.

Audrey literally says she is competing with Tori in her instagram, tongue in cheek yes, but underneath every joke there is a kernel of truth.

Rap541 said...

If they were such perfect, God-fearing Christian's, wouldn't you encourage them to name their baby something biblical?

Wouldn't such perfect God-fearing Christians actually attend church?

If the Sabbath is SOOOOO important to them, why can't they manage to keep it, even when THEY decide when the Sabbath is?

I'm still waiting to hear how Christian it is to get on social media and tell the world WHEN AND WHERE YOU DROPPED YOUR PANTIES FOR A FUCK IN A TREEHOUSE!

Janet? Is it Christian to tell people where you had sex?
Angela? Christian moral to brag where you screw and made babies?
Debbie? Do good Christians brga where they fuck for babies?
Kelly? Is it modest nd Christian to get on social media and talk about how you forgot the condom tee hee hee and we just had to make love in the tree house and now we're pregnant!?

You Christians are awfully silent on how prpoud you are of Audrey's open declarations of where she fucks and how Christian polite you think it is for a woman to discuss such things with strangers on social media....

As Audrey is a perfect Christian you *should* be emulating, when will the Christians here outline their fuck histories?

Anonymous said...

Jeremey's idea of how to " create his vision": daddy Matt calls people, presents the finished product to Jer who goes yeah yeah, cool , and then the real builders and creators of the vision do all the work.

Nice to see the fame whoring couple notified the world through their TLC publicity agents of the pregnancey 5 days before flying off to Hawaii for filming for TLC. The whole thing is so strategized and egocentrically motivated, those two are grossly shallow and lazy.

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, are the rolloffs agree about banning the Muslims to us?

Rally said...

Maybe she might announce the gender of her baby then?

Ex lpbw fan said...

Not receiving those cheap ass journals is only the problems of the idiots who actually bought them! I feel more sorry that they are actuallly aiding in this couples lifestyle of vacation. I mean.. they are on vacation AGAIN... they call it 'work' because they were 'filming'.. just a life lesson. That's not work kids.

Nancy said...

It's just interesting because Zach and Tori got pregnant naturally... I'm sure she made the switch to get off birth control and they got pregnant a year after marriage, usually takes a woman's body one year to get pregnant after all of the hormones are finally out of her body. She didn't hurry to share the news, in fact she shared the news waaaay later in the pregnancy than Audrey did. She stayed humble and simply said "Guess what :)" super casually and sweet, Tori's way.

But then I find it funny... suddenly, only weeks later, Audrey is somehow pregnant. She says she was shocked but that just can't be true. Because she then admitted in a comment on Instagram she "forgot a condom" in the treehouse. Sounds to me like #2 was not planned but forced...

Now everyone here is right. She always has to one up everybody. Poor Tori. When Tori goes into labor, Audrey will probably post that day a picture of herself "LOOK I AM AN AUNT! AND IM PREGNANT TOO, DONT FORGET!!!" with a bright lipstick red selfie... just like when Zach and tori got married, Audrey was all "hey! We got married too, and we got married FIRST!"

Wonder how upset Audrey is every single day that she didn't get pregnant first... Yikes

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

Everything the Roloffs do is money and publicity driven. Jer and Auj are the biggest nobodies tantamount to Mama June and those My 600lb life people. I wouldn't take marriage advice from those tank top dollar store phonics workbook peddlers.

Audrey wasted no time in flashing her non existent baby bump, in a bikini no less, and to add insult to injury, with frickin' Hawaii in the background!!! Jer and Auj lack subtlety, modesty and discretion, these two have the self awareness and integrity of a insecure and obnoxious middle schooler!

Rap541 said...

Just for the record, its very noticeable how silent the Christian crowd is on how classy they find Audrey's use of social media.

I thought I'd be told exactly how classy and Christian it is for Audrey to tell us exactly when and where Jeremy took off his panties and her panties and rammed his cock up her vag.

Christians, its classy, right? To tell people when and where you have sex? Why is no one insisting Audrey was just sharing a beautiful moment? I mean, I am saying its rude and pretty annoying and oversharing - I was raised that we don't brag how we fuck. Is bragging about fucking Audrey being a classy sweet innocent lamb?

Or is it Audrey being crude to the point that all the Christians who love her won't defend her? Your silence, Christian lovers of Auj, speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Is this a real comment?

Anonymous said...

I had to mute Auj's Instagram stories because they were unbearable. She has no bump yet there she is posing in every picture next to Tori trying to push that tummy out. And, oddly enough, wearing skimpy bikinis. So at the same time as she's showing off her skinnny and fit body next to very-pregnant Tori, she's also trying to steal Tori's thunder by pushing out her non-existent bump. Girl, you will have YOUR time. Let Tori have hers.

Pumpkin Salsa, eww said...

More importantly than Jer knocking up his wife: whose catching Pine the cat?! Quick, someone call animal protective services.

If the way they care for Pine is any indication for how #2 will be cared for, no car seat, dropped off at the doorstep of anyone who purchased a copy of Navigator's Council (that's the free gift with purchase, pre-order and you get to watch #2 while Jer and Auj "film" in Tahiti.)

And anyone who uses the word "womb" as Audrey does in her instagram is pretentious and delusional, what is this, the seventh sign?! She really thinks she's carrying the next chosen one, the next TLC star.

Rap541 said...

Did the family that I referred to make parenting rearing mistakes that allowed their son to go off the tracks and into a world of filth? Yes.

What amuses me here Janet, is that in this line, you are confirming what I originally asked you - is it the parents fault when the child turns gay?

You are clearly agreeing - that child is gay because the parents didn't raise them right. Yet you defend these people who were entrusted with a soul as good Christians even though they had one job and failed - to raise that child to love Christ and not be gay.

I'm also genuinely curious how the Christian crowd feels about Audrey's recent photos of herself on the beach with Jeremy in a bathing suit that leaves utterly nothing to the imagination - a loving modest Christian mother?

Brandon said...

In fairness, both Jeremy/Audrey and Zach/Tori are using getting pregnant as a way to keep their careers/TLC going.They certainly didn't waste any time in getting a TLC trip centered around the pregnancies.

Chad said...

I think it's comical how Audrey can parade around in panties on Instagram AND have her boobs hanging out on her Instagram story and people still worship her as some godly Christian woman. You can worship her, just not for that, because she is anything but godly. She's seriously the biggest hypocrite.

Remember on Halloween? When she had all of that "modesty Advice" for the young girls out there? Dressed as a silly fox no less?
What was her advice? Something along the lines of "you don't need to be barely clothed to have a good costume!" Hmmm okay but when you're in Hawaii frolicking around, pushing your baby bump out as far as you can one moment and then suddenly skinny as a door the next, it's okay?

She looks like she's wearing the skimpiest bottoms you can find in that photo and not one person here is going to comment about it. When Isabel posted a bikini photo it was apparently the devil's work.

What Audrey could really use is some tips from her ever modest sister, Tori who by the way carries pregnancy like a champ. She looks so natural and beautiful. Wish Audrey was more like tori. Don't we all...

George said...

Brandon, good point.

However, I think Tori is genuinely ready for kids. She's a school teacher for goodness sake and a really good fur mama to her dog. At least she keeps mentioning how much she misses him! She always leaves her dog with her parents on trips, we know he's safe.

Any idea where the hell Pine is? I bet that little Hellion of a feline can't WAIT to be an older sister to her PNW buddy Rain or Hiking! (what?! It's the hipster thing to do)

Jjjjjasaaa said...

If Jer and Auj move to hawaii, they're going to have to change their Pacific Northwest naming theme to island theme.

"We named her Puka shell because it's SO island, right?!" Or something silly like coconut...

K said...

People keep mentioning Amy's lack of congratulations for Jer and Auj on her Instagram... hmm I'm gonna have to go out on a limb here and say she's not super stoked for them. Why? Because they couldn't wait. It's so like them to be unable to wait their turn for anything. Why? Because they aren't ready to be parents. Per their lack of responsibility and care for anyone other than themselves. Why? Because they are in a huge rush to kick her out of the house she's lived in for 30 years, with no remorse or regard for her happiness.

Of course she isn't going to be all gung ho for them. They should know their place by now. Amy's whole entire Instagram, actually, is telling of how she feels about them as a whole. they are nowhere in sight.

Note: I'd like to add neither Jacob, Matt, Amy, Molly or Izzy made any comments about Jer and Auj's pregnancy, but they were all very excited for Z and T.

JakefromStateFarm said...

I find it so hard to fathom Tori truly enjoying Audrey's company. If Audrey were my sister-in-law I wouldn't know how to handle her self-absorbed personality. Going to Hawaii with her must have been one eye-roll moment after the next.

Sara said...

Brandon, Tori has a job. Zach has a job. They are not dependent on 'stardom' (such as it is...) for income. Jer and Auj do. That's why they will flaunt this (complete with video of #2 crowning, I bet!) while Zach and Tori just live their lives.

Jay Kirschenman said...

Angela, you know nothing about me or my ways. If I'm so terrible for not going to your church of choice, you must hate jews, catholics, muslims, etc. Ugly stuff.

Rap541 said...

When Tori goes into labor, Audrey will probably post that day a picture of herself "LOOK I AM AN AUNT! AND IM PREGNANT TOO, DONT FORGET!!!" with a bright lipstick red selfie... just like when Zach and tori got married, Audrey was all "hey! We got married too, and we got married FIRST!"

Oh I think one of two things will happen so that Audrey is put front and center as the young mother struggling but so happy to be pregnant and have a child.

She'll have some sort of minor accident that will "put the baby at risk" and she will be on crutches or bandaged but gamely pushing ahead because that's always been Audrey's story (it hasn't escaped me, in other words, that Audrey tends to get hurt when she wants attention) or

She'll have some relatively minor pregnancy complaint like gestational diabetes or high blood pressure and there will be drama surrounding her health as she gamely and proudly pushes forward, putting herself "at risk" for the baby that of course, she'll die for!

If, heaven forbid, Tori has a child with health issues - and she might, a child with Zach is at a much higher risk - then Audrey will assign herself the role of "super supportive helper, helping despite the huge strain it is causing on her own pregnancy but she is just that selfless!"

And yes, it does seem pretty suspicious that a couple that wasn't planning for kids any time soon just decided "Screw it! Lets screw condomless! What could happen??" as soon as they find out they're now officially couple number two in the baby race. It's also really suspicious that they're pretty much running to the internet to brag, and that they're bragging about how Audrey just had to know the night of Zach and Tory's gender reveal, oh my goodness, she just HAD to pee on the stick that night! And she had to tell everyone that she had to pee on the stick that very night because now the gender reveal part is about *Audrey and how Audrey discovered her pregnancy!*

Likewise the need to let the internet know that she knows exactly where her baby was conceived and when Jeremy ejaculated the sperm into her uterus. And the pictures in Hawaii with the bikini bottoms that barely cover her bits as she cries to the internet "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MY BABY BUMP I'M PREGNANT AND STILL HOT ENOUGH TO BE NEARLY NAKED ON THE BEACH! LOOK AT ME" is also pretty classless.

For the record, while I am not a prude, I think it's pretty classless and that Audrey is pretty crude and classless to publically discuss her intimate sexual moments on the internet. The reasons they are called intimate moments is because they are intimate, and not bragged about on the internet. She and Jeremy might as well post a sex tape. I thought describing how chanting their wedding vows made them wet their panties was a bit much but really, what next will Audrey tell us, which ridge on Jeremy's cock sets off her orgasm?

Judging by the lack of response, I have to assume all the loud and proud Christians here are VERY PROUD of how Audrey has bragged about her favorite erotic moments and that Christian girls and women should be emulating Audrey's behavior. And of course, her dress or rather her tendency to post photos of herself nearly naked.

Eye roller said...

The only time the Roloffs ever go on a trip or "spend time catching up" in always on camera and fir the camera, this is always mentioned by the Roloffs themselves. Is it a coincidence that up until filming in Hawaii for TLC, Oddj and Jer's trips are always alone. But they only travel all together when TLC pays for their field trip as if they're little kids that don't have jobs.

Rap541 said...

And to be fair, I think both Matt and Amy mentioned Jer and Auj's new baby on facebook.

Hillie said...

People keep mentioning Amy's lack of congratulations for Jer and Auj

I'll add one more reason...Amy realizes that now, even if Jer eventually gets divorced, he (and the family, and the family's money) are now tied to The Auj for at least 18 years. They are all going to have to deal with her, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Jeremey looks like he's got a jellyfish and seaweed hanging off his head. I didn't think it was possible to look less attractive while in Hawaii.

Audrey never misses an opportunity to subtly self compliment and pose, pose, pose...and hair toss.

Zane said...

Rap, to be fair, sure. They posted once. When it was Zach and Tori, they were ecstatic. Posting everywhere they could.

Sure, I think it's more emotional because oh they all babied zach and he could never find love because he's a dwarf and it's such a relief he has a good woman etc etc but come on... Matt blubbering like a baby when he found out he was going to be a grandpa was just the cutest thing. And it wasn't for show because he didn't know cameras were running.

No one is excited for Jer and Auj because they all know how forced it is and unnatural. Those two giant kids having offspring scares everyone.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the day that Zack stops seeing himself as inferior to Jeremy and challenges him on his entitled and immature plans: displacing Amy from her home so that Oddj's spawn isn't exposed to her heathen ways and they take over the TLC Moneymaker, Pumpkin Dump.

Jer constantly mentions Zack's physical appearance more so than anyone else's combined. Zak needs to make Jer his subordinate, and let Jer know whose boss (not Jer), now that would be an episode worth watching.

Kathy said...

So who is going to take care of this baby. These two can't even take care of themselves.

Brandon said...

Zane, people said Matt and Amy hadn't posted about Jeremy and Audrey's baby. Like Rap said, that's not true. Amy's Facebook post about it sounded as excited as about Zach and Tori.

"Woohoo! This grandma is SO excited again. Jeremy & Audrey are having a baby Sept 2017!. I couldn't be happier. It's going to be an exciting eventful joyful year. Blessings abound! I just keep feeling younger and younger by the day. πŸ˜„πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #secondact #nextgeneration"

Zane said...

Brandon, they said they hadn't posted on Instagram, which is Amy's most frequently used social media platform, along with Matt's. They both remained quiet on there.

If you read between the lines, it's obvious how Amy feels. People keep commenting on her recent photos asking "why no congrats for Jer and Auj?" And she just ignores them.

If she wanted to post on her Instagram about it, she would. So far the people loudest about the pregnancy is Jer and Auj themselves. Which doesn't surprise anyone.

Penny said...

Kathy, that is the question, isn't it?

I think they are going to shack up and live with Amy so she can take care of it. Just like they leave Pine with everyone else.

It'll be fun to see them going on all kinds of trips and write captions like "left our baby with grandma, skiing in the Swiss Alps was calling..."

It's just depressing because you can tell Audrey wanted to adventure and do more with her life. She's only 25. She's still immature and wants to take pictures of herself in cool locations. But as soon as she saw Tori soaking up alllll this amazing attention, she figured she needed to do the same. She was the winner of the wedding, having the most elaborate and beautiful one. But she was not feeling the fact that someone else was getting all the attention, so she joined the club.

These two girls are in such competition it's funny. They won't ever say it out loud but it's so painfully obvious. Just like the twins are.

Rap541 said...

They posted once. When it was Zach and Tori, they were ecstatic. Posting everywhere they could.

The repeated gripe is Amy and Matt didn't post at all. They did.

Now the complaint turns into "they didn't post an equal amount" - well, that's the price Jer and Auj pay for not fucking for Jesus and using the satanic birth control. Their baby will always be the *second* grandchild. Hell, it won't even be the first grandson.

While I do wonder if they, Matt and Amy, are less enthused because it ties Audrey to the family permanently - I've gotten the vibe for a while that neither senior Roloff is all that enthralled with Audrey - here's the reality.

Grandchild number one is always the bigger deal.

And while I am sure we will be treated to birthing extraganzas for both babies - barring Zach and Tory putting their feet down - its Roloff Grandchild #1 who will get the big to-do on tv. Because it's the first and because there's a potential for it to be a dwarf. Jer and Auj are officially the also rans in this and its really their own fault and I really really hope they didn't rush to get knocked up for attention because a baby is REALLY going to cramp their style. I mean really, in a recent Instagram, Audrey was talking about how next time they should do camping on Hana road and all I could think was "Next time you will have a child and I really do hope you realize that things are going to be different".

Ex lpbw fan said...

I'm going out on a limb here and say this is a very late September early October
Baby... I think the September date matches the treehouse frolicking.. I think it'll be later than what they are announcing.. a lot of first babies are late...

Anonymous said...

Jer comes off as alpha male, being the tallest and oldest gives him this first in line heir mentality, and Amy seems to be unwilling to be subservient to his wants, unlike the other Roloffs. I hope someone comes out and stops deferring to this idiot man child and he gets called out on his aimless lazy existence.

Audrey claims to have already learned sooo much since finding out there is life growing in her womb six weeks ago.This gal doesn't miss an opportunity to make an announcement, how 'bout just living life without feeling compelled to broadcast to everyone you took a crap today or when you had sex.

Jason said...

Maybe the Roloffs should reconsider all off the self asorbed TLC freebie vacations.bway to go Zach and Tori. Sully is dying because they keep abandoning the poor dog. Tori is so stupid. She said they came home and Sully is so sick and lost so much weight so she sends him to the vet to spend the night in a cage. It's because they abandon their pets every month for weeks at a time because they are so spoiled.

Katie said...

Jason, I was wondering who was taking care of Sully? If Isabel and Jacob love dogs so much how come they didn't volunteer to watch Sully during another long vacation?

DJ said...

It's not very smart to leave a dog who is as sucky as Sully for all tgese vacations. The dog is already jealous of the baby and then she leaves him. Tori is to blame. I think she just uses Sullivan for Instagram attention. She said in the past after another TLC trip that she left Sullivan with her Mom and her Mom couldn't wait to give him back.

Michelle said...

Yeah I'm wondering why Isabel didn't take Sully? She talks a big game on twitter. The elephant in the room is who did Tori and Zach leave Sully with? If your pet is like your kid, never leave them with a non animal person.

Rap541 said...

Jason, I was wondering who was taking care of Sully? If Isabel and Jacob love dogs so much how come they didn't volunteer to watch Sully during another long vacation?

I believe it was stated that Sully was left with Tory's parents.

I question how realistic it is to expect Jacob and Isobel to drive from Northern California to pick up the dog, return to their home and or spend the duration of the trip housesitting in Portland OR, and then returning to Northern California all to please fans of the show that already openly despise them? Particulary when Zach and Tory have family (Amy, Tory's parents) and possibly friends who could care for the dog for a few days.

If Sully got sick while at Tory's parents... that's between them. But really, this suggestion that OMG Jacob and Isobel SHOULD HAVE VOLUNTEERED AND THEY DIDN"T EVEN THOUGH ITS A RIDICULOUS EXPECTATION TO EXPECT SOMEONE FROM OUT OF STATE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR DOG WHEN YOU GO OUT OF STATE is just as I said - ridiculous.

Seriously people - Jeremy can't even be bothered to visit his dad in the hospital and he was walking with Christ while Zach who did go with his dad was the big old shitstain who was of course not as loving as Jer, but Jacob is a shitstain for not volunteering to take care of his sister in law's dog in a different state while she goes on vacation? What next?

Rap541 said...

Michelle - directly to you - please put your hand on the bible and swear on your love of Jesus that you absolutely think it's realistic to expect someone to drive 7 hours to pick up and or house sit a dog for 5 days and then drive home?

Just swear you think that's a reasonable expectation of someone who isn't even married into the family. :) That you would expect that from your siblings not married significant others, to spend a day driving so they could babysit your dog while you went on vacation?

Just swear on the blood of Jesus you really believe that's reasonable and will go to hell if you're lying.

Maple said...

Audrey is only 25, a time when you can be selfish (in terms of occasionally blowing the budget for a roadtrip, not in terms of competing with family). but this is also a time when youre figuring out who you are as a person, who you are as a couple & creating a professional identity. Its a time when you learn to budget, how to balance work with life, how to relate to others, how to be kind & with all this comes a respect for our own parents. We realize that life is hard, working for money is hard. Making sacrifices for long term goals is hard. Failing is hard. Dealing with difficult bosses is hard. Saving up for a first home is hard.Through our own struggles we learn this - and as a result we cherish the childhoods we were given by our parents and want to do good by our parents. We dont feel entitled to their land or possesions. Amy had a hard life before TLC, drove an old minivan and her life revolved around her 4 children. She coached them, taught them, disciplined them & loved them. Matt had to travel and sell products, being away from his family and missing important events. They struggled. They deserve to live out their years whereever they want. Jeremy and audrey have not earned this yet & are not on a path to earn this. They come across as pretentious, self-entitled, privilaged adult children. They vacation frequently, have expensive possessions & do not use their platform to create positive change in the world. I am curious as to how long they will be able to live off her income as a blogger and barre instructor when they no longer have a contract with TLC. Have they thought to create a backup plan?

Pam said...

It doesn't bode well for the type of parents Zach and Tori are going to be. If youre observant you can tell when your pet is not feeling well. Very selfish to go galivanting around the world and leave him with someone that doesn't like dogs.

Michelle said...

Rap541, it's not at all an unreasonable idea. None of them have jobs. It's not like travel is unusual for Zach and Tori or for Jacob and Isabel. Isabel and Jacob are always driving to Oregon. All the do is drive around with their dogs taking long trips. It's not ridiculous to think they could have picked up Sully or Zach and Tori could have met them halfway to drop Sully off. Isabel is the one who posts all the time on twitter how her whole life is about helping dogs.

Megan said...

If Sully is dying then this on everyone involved.

Megan said...

By the way, Tori better post timely updates. She's so selfish. This better not be ploy for an episode plot. If she is going to prey on her dog loving fans and ask them to pray for Sully, she owes it to them to post timely updates. If she didn't want to discuss it publicly, she shouldn't have went to instagram and asked people to pray for Sully.

Rap541 said...

Also increasingly amused how no one in a thread about Jeremy and Audrey want to discuss how Christian it is for Audrey to parade around nearly naked on the beach, or how Christian awesome it is for Audrey to let the world know she fucked Jeremy in a tree house and has the proof in her belly!

But we do find time to gripe how Tori vacations too much (how many vacations have Zach and Tory been on? Especially compared to Jeremy and Audrey - heck I believe Jer and Auj were bed and breakfasting while Matt was in the hospital and lets see, recently, they were vacationing when they did the treehouse humptyhump, and gosh, then they went to NYC for New Years and then they went on a ski vacation and then weeks later went to Hawaii... WHere was Pine?

But really the important thing is to chide Isobel - not married, so not actually a Roloff - for not driving 7 hours one way to take care of Tory's dog. Because that's a realistic expectation for someone who has their own pets to take care of.

Right? She likes dogs so she's a selfish bitch if she at any point isn't dropping everything to care for a dog in a different state.

That is the point right? Isobel is a selfish bitch for not volunteering to drive 7 hours one way to pick up someone's dog who is totally unrelated to her and who has family and friends local, to take care of the dog for what, five days? And then schlep the dog back in her car, for seven hours to return it, and then drive home, again, seven hours in the car.

Michelle, Katie - that's your point right? Isobel is a lying bitch who really hates animals because she didn't volunteer for a round trip drive of 14 hours, to spend five days with the dog, and then drive another 14 hour round trip to return the dog because anyone who really loves pets would drop any and all plans and run to do this?


Sage said...

I feel like tori is just a normal ulterior motives. & she obviously loves that dog. this could have happened to anyone.

PJ said...

It's likely that Sully was fine when Tori left. He was with her parents not in some questionable kennel. Even if he were unwell she could have reasonable expectations he'd be taken care of.
As for "being left in a cage" at the vet's. He was there for more care than he could get at home. Where do you expect him to be ? In a four star hotel?

Pam that's bull poop. You cannot always see when an animal is sick and there's a good chance Sully missed mom and that magnified whatever else was going on. That's no barometer of what kind of parents Zach and Tori will be. On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if Jer and Tawdry forgot the kid somewhere and never looked back.

Rap541 said...

And you know, there's always kenneling. I have a friend who kennels her dogs when we go to dragoncon because her dogs have health issues and she'd rather they be with professional dog carers. She even watches them on the dog kennel live stream. Its not that expensive and frankly since this was a tlc trip, tlc would pick up the bill.

But apparently its more realistic to have the girlfriend of the younger brother who everyone seems to think is totally irresponsible to drive 14 hours round trip to get the dog and tend it.

Michelle - any opinion on how Audrey is a role model to young Christian women as she brags about forgetting a condom and bumping Jeremy's uglies in the treehouse of sexy horrors?

Sara said...

It's. A. Faking. Dog.

They left a pet with her mom for a few days. Pooch needs to suck it up. Think of this as weaning him off Tori before the baby comes.

And for the love of ll that is holy, WON'T ANYONE THINK OF POOR PUSSY PINE!!!

Rory_Ory-gon said...

I was upset hearing about the "oops" pregnancy (they had to make it known that they weren't trying to get pregnant--isn't that kind of anti-Christian? Shouldn't they have been letting the Lord decide for them?).

So NOW they get to UPSTAGE sweet and deserving Tori and Zach? What nerve of those two.

Those of you who said they had to compete to get the baby out so Zach and Tori don't beat them to the Big House is so true. Of course they'll now move back to Hillsboro and onto the farm because they'll take advantage of the grandparents to watch the bratty kid. (I hope it's a girl, just so Jeremy doesn't walk around all pompously acting like the baby boy is the Second Coming of Christ.)

Ten bucks too they'll drive Amy out of it and into Chris's arms, they're so ashamed of her and her new romance even tho' their favorite parent caused the divorce. Punks!

Mike P. said...

FYI: Zach is the older twin. By three minutes.

I have no idea what the legal implications of that might be, if any. But if push came to shove, Zach is the eldest child.

Janet said...

No Mike P. You have it wrong. Jeremy is older by a few minutes. As it should be, Jeremy is the oldest.

Cynthia said...

I don't know why anyone would think Sully would have been better off with JACOB and Isabel.

Let's remember that both Zach and Jacob were part of the contingent that publicly said they locked poor old Rocky in a back room for a week and didn't realize it. Why does anyone think Jacob would be responsible? Jacob and Isabel seem to get high all the time.

What's sad is the fact that there are probably thousands and thousands of fans that would have volunteered to look after Sully for free and would have treated him like a King. Instead she leaves him with her parents(?) who apparently don't even like dogs. Tory makes terrible choices and Sully pays for it. Dumb girl.

Abby said...

It looks like Tori deleted the Instagram picture of sick Sully.

Is it just a game to her? Get her dog loving fans worried and praying for Sully and then delete it and pretend like she didn't do it?

What a scummy thing to do Tori!!!!

Megan said...

@Abby, interesting. I bet I was right if you read my post.

I bet Tori is using it for a future storyline and that's why she deleted. I agree she doesn't have much of a conscience.

Either get your fans worked up about whether the dog is dying or don't even mention it. But to do a post about it and then delete it is really low.

Kathy said...

Shame on Tori for how she played her fans and used Instagram to do it.

I hate people who use others love of animals to play with their emotions. Like other people said, if she didn't want people to know, she should have never put it up. There were thousands of comments of people concerned and praying and then she takes it down and doesn't respond to everyone asking. People are commenting on her last picture and she doesn't even have the decency to respond. What an evil bitch Tori is. Sorry but that's what she is. I hate people who get other people worried about animals and then do something like that.

Rap541 said...

Janet 0 since you're actively posting why are you as a Christian not praising Audrey for her panties shots and praising Audrey for being a Christian woman role model in proudly telling us how she fucked in a tree house?

I called Audrey classless for doing that, for publically describing how she fucked without birth control and you are ODDLY SILENT in telling me I am wrong and bad, why is that?

Mike P. said...

The family itself has said that Zach is eldest.

Probably even Jesus has said so, if that helps you.

Ashley said...

I do think it's pretty crappy what Tori did by asking for prayers and then deleting without answering. She is deleting comments criticizing her for it but not answering all the concerned people. I know celebrities LOVE doing the "I'm going to tease you so you want to know something but NAW NAW NAW I'm not telling!" thing but to do it over an animal's heath is really awful. I don't have any respect for Tori after this stunt.

Anonymous said...

Sully probably was depressed and missed Tori, just like any living creature seperated from that which they love and are loved by most. I'm sure he will be okay once he gets to be with Tori again. Sully is the one Roloff that deserves to be the star of a show.

Audrey is all I'M FOURTEEN WEEKS PREGANT, AND I'm in Hawaii, and I don't have a job. Gosh, I think I watch this show just so that I might hear Jeremy and Auj say one day they are literally unemployed, and reality show is not employment, get serious. Reality shows are an insult to one's intelligence and an affront to the elevation of entertainment.

Audrey gets sick in college, breaks her ankle, breaks her arm, quits her job with wine in Cali., moves back home, wants her mother in law' s home: this girl iis a jinx, quitter and ne'r do well. People like her, are always going through something, enduring something but never actually get stuff done.

Those two can't make it in the real world if they really beleive their fantasy lifestyle can be sustained and maintained by shallow means, fake reality tv.

Dallas said...

Uh.... are people seriously mad at Isabel for not volunteering?

I'm sure she HAS volunteered, but as Rap pointed out, Tori always leaves Sully with her parents and Isabel lives 7 hours away?

Sully is sick and ya'll really use this as a time to criticize tori and SOMEHOW EVEN CRITICIZE ISABEL?

At least, since you're asking why Isabel didn't do it, you must think Isabel is really good at taking care of animals. Which I bet she is.

Rap541 said...

It doesn't bode well for the type of parents Zach and Tori are going to be. If youre observant you can tell when your pet is not feeling well. Very selfish to go galivanting around the world and leave him with someone that doesn't like dogs.

Well, Pam, in fairness, Zach must be taking after Daddy Matt Roloff who loved Rocky SO MUCH he left for a lengthy vacation while the dog was missing. And gosh dang dang it I remember Matt Roloff cheerfully having a laugh on facebook how Rocky was missing and lost weight after being locked in a small room with no food and water for days. Pam, did you laugh with Matt and praise Matt? FOR HOW MATT LAUGHED WITH GLEE OVER HIS OPEN ANIMAL NEGLECT THAT WAS TELEVISED? IN JESUS NAME HAHAHA FUCK THAT PET?

Seriously folks - Matt found it hilarious to let us all know the dog wasn't fed or watered for days and he didn't give two shits as he wanted to vacay - and I didn't see ANY bitching aside from me on the topic! Yay! Poor Rocky was in MISERY HOW FUCKING AWESOME OF MATT!

Pam did you snicker when Matt allowed the dog getting a hand up its ass to diagnose the cancer? Did you question for a moment the decision to let the dog be eaten up with cancer and die alone? Pam? Pam how about you answer the questions since you LOVE PETS SO MUCH?


Katie said...

This does show Tori's true colors. She makes it public. Asks people to pray. Then takes it down and refuses to acknowledge all of the worried people asking about Sully? That's just cruel. Maybe she thinks it's funny to get dog lovers upset but it's not. It's really not very nice what she did.

Anonymous said...

ALL of the Roloffs have a contract with TLC. I bet Tori got a frantic call from the producers to tell her to take the post down because they can use this in the show. I bet they sent camermen ASAP to get footage. It's a sad reminder that they are the SHOW; not our friends or family. We are nothing to them; unless the ratings begin to drop.

Keene said...

What's worse leaving your pet with your family who you know aren't crazy or give him to some fan who could say they love animals and then try to sell him or abuse him. You're off your rocker. No one in their right mind would hand their pet off to a stranger to babysit unless it was a professional place of business. Please if this is what you're going to find to Bitch and moan about Tori get a life.

Ex lpbw fan said...

Maybe the pup is truly sick and she took the post down because it may cause a lot of pain with constant reminders. None of us know what's going on below the tip of the Social Media Iceberg..

Rap541 said...

Katie - lets assume you're right, that this was all an intentional plot on Tory's part.

What do you think she wanted? Just to be cruel for the sake of being cruel?

I'm going to throw two alternate theories out.

1. She realized after the post that the post was going to inappropriately worry people, the dog wasn't that sick and she took it down.

2. She realized, whether the dog was sick or not, that it was a lil attention seeky to ask people to pray for the dog and took it down.

3. The dog actually died so she took it down but hasn't been able to talk about the dog's death as yet.


I mean really its quite amusing how there's this rush to condemn Isobel and Tory. I assume its some weird reaction to the Christians being asked to give their opinions on Audrey's proud Christian reveal on hw she forgot the condoms the night she and Jeremy fucked in the treehouse.

Hell, I've even called it crude of Audrey and not one Audrey defender has chastised me. The silence is telling - they must think Audrey is crude as well.

Benzie Harp said...

The whole premise of this show was to fight intolerance and to educate: "Hey, everyone-- little people face extra hardships, but they're human beings, and deserve love and respect."

Unfortunately, this disgusting clan has done just the opposite. They've shown greed, bigotry, dishonesty, narcissim, and arrogance.

Way to go, Roloffs.

Jenae said...

Did you see Jeremy's Instagram story? He's walking around taking video of himself, and Audrey walks in and goes "hey..." and Jer says "morning..." and she just kind of glares at the screen.

If that's the way they wake up and say good morning to each other, I don't really want to know what the rest of their "cute moments" look like. Unless they only do it when there are cameras around? Because that could be.

Rap541 said...

Dallas, yes, people here are frothing with rage and crying for Isobel's head because the little bitch didn't volunteer to drive 14 hours to pick up Tory's dog and keep it.

I mean, even though Isobel isn't related by marriage, SHE LOVES DOGS and therefore anytime anyone askes her to tend a dog, SHE HAS TO OR ELSE SHE IS A LIAR AND REALLY HATES DOGS


That is the standard, correct? And people believe that's a realistic standard, and that Isobel must hate dogs if she didn't volunteer to drive 14 hours round trip to tend Sully, the dog of her boyfriend's brother's wife?

PJ said...

In other words Tori is acting like Tawdry. Tori is under no obligation to give the fans a blow by blow account of Sully's illness. Maybe it's too painful for her to discuss.

i knew when Tawdry announced her Jesus sanctioned pregnancy that the creepy christians would use it as a way to run Tori, Isobel and Jacob down for imagined infractions against Virgin Tawdry.

Rap541 said...

And despite it all - not one of the Christian crowd has opined how "Classy" Audrey has been to tell us about where she was fucked into pregnancy.

Christians, you're usually so quick to insist her every word is precious!

I'm calling it "unclassy" and actually pretty inappropriate considering her audience... please please tell me you think I am wrong and of course want your own daughters to emulate AUdrey's lovely practice of revealing on social media exactly when and where they were fucked for baby making.

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