Saturday, April 1, 2017

Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Having A Baby Girl

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are having a baby girl. They had a "reveal" party April 1st and then announced the baby is a girl.

Audrey Roloff tweeted and posted on Facebook:


IT'S A GIRL!!!!! This makes it so much more real... oh my goodness we are going to have a daughter💗
This whole pregnancy we thought it was a boy up until the last 3 weeks all signs pointed towards we both wore pink today, and we were right. Baby girl I hope and pray you have a head of curls and heart of gold. Follow the journey on


Benzie Harp said...

Can a fetus roll its eyes?

Rap541 said...

What I love is that they've both been proudly telling people on Instagram how they refer to the baby as "he" and "him" but magically changed their opinions in time to magically color match themselves into pink outfits for the gender reveal that they HAD NO IDEA about.

Yeah, so not buying that.

But I'm glad they're having a girl. This way they're not forced to recreate the competition of Jeremy and Zach through two similarly aged male cousins.

Debbie said...

God bless them. That little girl is so blessed to have such God-loving followers of Jesus as her mother and father. Jeremy and Audrey are examples for all with the time and thought they put into their marriage and life. They will do the same as parents.

Pam said...

Congratulations to Jer and Auj!

Audrey Roll-on said...

Debbie and Angela are so obviously Audrey's sock puppets.

PJ said...

Oh gods. Another Tawdry. Run Jer, run!

Amanda said...

Audrey's face is looking haggard. And the makeup makes it 10x worse. Girl needs a makeover.

Treehouse Babymaker said...

Congrats to Oddj and Jer now that have accepted and made us to beleive a girl was what they were praying for all along.

Can Oddj make it through one post without begging God for a curly haired offspring, jeez. How bout just wishing for 10 fingers and toes and leave #2's hair follicles out of it!

Noticed the TLC cameras at the pink smoke bash. Here is an idea for another pretentious REVEAL party: how about Jeremy REVEALS a job and shelter for his growing family. I'm sure his parents and in laws are even more curious and expectant of that news. What's next, a party that reveals #2's hair texture?!

Drinking game alert: take a swig of pumpkin juice every time Oddj mentions living essentials oils in her blog as helping her get through her pregnancy along with all her must items list.

Paula said...

"What I love is that they've both been proudly telling people on Instagram how they refer to the baby as "he" and "him"?

When did they say that Rap? What picture is it that I can see that comment?

"But I'm glad they're having a girl. This way they're not forced to recreate the competition of Jeremy and Zach through two similarly aged male cousins.`

Do you have any clue how sexist your statement is? Are you implying that Jeremy and Audrey's child will be less because she is a girl?

I have no doubt that Jeremy and Audrey's child will have a brighter future and be stronger follower of Jesus than Zach and Tori's boy because of the parents.

I also need to say I don't like how Tori worded her "congratulatory" post about Jeremy and Audrey's girl. She said "Baby Roloff #2". Why is Tori ranking them? It seems like a very passive aggressive comment in my opinion, that she just has to let people know that she has Baby Roloff NUMBER ONE. Could she not have left numbers out of it and just said congratulations to Jer & Auj on their baby girl?

But I'm not surprised because we all saw last month that Tori doesn't have great character and she likes attention with how she used fans over Sully's death.

Rap541 said...

Paula - go back and look. :)

Do you have any clue how sexist your statement is?

Please explain why you think it's sexist.

Are you implying that Jeremy and Audrey's child will be less because she is a girl?

No, I am out right stating if both couples were having boys, that there would be a lot of familial pressure to recreate the "Jeremy/Zach" dynamic between the two male cousins who would be only four months apart in age. Especially if Zach's son is also a dwarf. That sort of pressure is unfair to both children, and now is no longer an issue because Auj and Jer's kid is a girl and won't be expected to compete with a boy.

The only concern I have for a girl child of these two is that I worry they're going to be disappointed if she isn't a little mini me of Audrey.

. She said "Baby Roloff #2". Why is Tori ranking them? It seems like a very passive aggressive comment in my opinion, that she just has to let people know that she has Baby Roloff NUMBER ONE

Like it or not, Paula, Auj and Jer are not having Grandchild #1. Their baby is #2 and will always be #2. My grandmother always referred to my brother as her first grandchild because he *was* the first grandchild. I was always the fourth grandchild and the second granddaughter because that's how it worked out.

And if Jer and Auj are upset about it, then maybe they should have thrown away the condoms a little sooner if it was going to be a bitch point to them that their child be ROLOFF BABY #1.

Psst - here's a quote from Auj on her aujpoj blog. "We’ve been praying every night for baby Roloff to be healthy and growing just as he or she should! Sometimes we catch ourselves praying, “Lord give him….” or “We ask that you would protect him…” From the beginning, Jer and I have always had a hunch that we would have a boy, but as of the past month or so, we are ironically both hunching girl!"

This was on March 29th which is also when she says the results of the gender test were given to others and she and jer had NO IDEA that wearing pink would be appropriate. And if you go back thru their instagrams, they're referencing the baby as "he" and "him" and how they don't know but have a feeling!

Rap541 said...

Oh and yeah, Audrey isn't using fans when she asks them to pay her for her devotionals but Tory asking people to pray for her dog is "lacking character".

This is right up there with Zach being the bad son for just going with Matt to his surgery and not staying for two weeks while Jeremy not going at all, and only showing up to visit after Matt is back home is "Jeremy going the extra mile while Zach did nothing".

Audrey's condoms said...

Paula, at what alter do you worship to make you say Jer and Auj would make better parents than two people who love each other, respect others, are employed and love their baby? Didn't you hear, dog lovers make better baby lovers than cat lovers!!!!

You must have the sense of humor of a tampon flask to think referring to #2 as #2 is a dig!

According to this pedantic logic, Audrey is a heathen for allowing herself to get pregnant within weeks of finding out about #1! How dare she bogart Tori's 9 months of stork delivered spotlight so that she can prostitute her pregnancy for free essential oils and pregnancy pillows and lululemon leggings!

She is monetizing her womb to subsidize her lifestyle, is anything sacred? God no likey.

Paula said...

Rap, do you even read what you post? Even in your "proof" you type that they said they are "ironically both hunching girl".

Rap541 said...

Did you read what I posted? How they *were* calling the baby "he" and "him" - because you were calling me out for saying that they were referring to the baby as he and him and wanting a boy and now you're upset that I provide you a quote where they admit to doing just that until just recently! Hmmm....

I mean, you *were* suggesting that I was lying about the "he" and "him" remarks, right? Paula? That was your point? Because per Auj, they were doing exactly as I said and yet you're still bitching.

Now explain how I am being sexist. You did read that part of my response, I trust?

Rap541 said...

I have no doubt that Jeremy and Audrey's child will have a brighter future and be stronger follower of Jesus than Zach and Tori's boy because of the parents. "

What an ugly thing to say about Zach and Tory and their child, Paula. The poor thing isn't even born yet and you're already proudly shitting on it and declaring it the shit grandchild. This sort of thing is exactly what I am talking about. You don't like Zach, so you're already declaring the fetus to be less of a Christian and to have less of a future.

Does Christ approve of *your* message, Paula? Good lord, the poor kid isn't even born yet and you've already decided he's scum.

How Christian you are, Paula.

Munchkinland said...

Congrats Roloff Baby Girl: please don't stress if you have mousy brown straight hair and hate reality television like your uncle Jacob. You will still be loved, however, how will you deal with living in what all the Roloffs have described as a crazy life dynamic in a vulture reality tv culture?

Clambones said...

I hope the girl turns into the biggest bulldyke ever to roam the earth. I want that more than anything.

Sara said...

You'd think a father so intimately familiar with congenital 'defects' might hope and pray for something a bit more meaningful than curly hair.

I hope that baby's hair is ram-rod straight.

Rap541 said...

Clambones, I understand the urge to say this:

"I hope the girl turns into the biggest bulldyke ever to roam the earth. I want that more than anything."

But an lbgt child doesn't deserve to be treated as a punishment to homophobes - someone on a different board said this and I agree.

I hope both couples have healthy children and that having children helps both couples gain some maturity. And I hope both couples see Paula's comments on how Zach's child is already LESS THAN Jer's and LESS CHRISTIAN IN THE WOMB and seriously consider whether they want their children exposed to these sentiments.

Rap541 said...

Btw in case it's not clear - and I think Paula's public declaration that Zach and Tory's unborn child will always be less than Jer and Auj makes it pretty clear - my concern is that these children are going to bear the brunt of fan hostility. I mean really, they're not even born yet and there's already public judgment and people declaring which child will always be the lesser.

That;s what I am talking about when I refer to recreating the Jere/Zach dynamic - and look, my point is made, the children aren't even born yet but the Christians have already decided Roloff #1 will never ever be as Christian as Roloff #2.

For the record - its the Christians deeming Zach's unborn child as a lesser follower of Christ and automatically having a lesser future. It's not even born and it's AUTOMATICALLY less.

And yet I'm torn into for saying I'm glad Roloff #2 is a girl because even tho the couple themselves theoretically wanted a girl - its somehow offensive.

Paula? Are you proud of yourself?

CHristians? I *really* want you to sound off if you support Paula deeming Zach's unborn child to already be the lesser Christian and that it is already going to have the lesser future. Is this Christian, CHristians?

Amber Waves said...

Of course we all wish for the best for Baby Roloff #2 but...

Have you noticed how much more the posts of Jauj are focused on themselves while Tori and Zach are more introspective about bringing a baby into the world? A case in point, Jauj had a huge party with pink smoke bombs, they dress in pink, they invite everyone in the world to join them (and I mean literally via social media), while Zach and Tori invited their parents over and offered them a gift to let them know they were expecting.

Have you noticed all the bod shots Audrey has taken so far--many, many more than Tori did--because she thinks she's a freakin' model? It's more like "I'm hot and pregnant" rather than "I'm bringing a new life into the world."

Just happy it's a girl and not the Second Coming.

Rap541 said...

Hey, I wonder something.

Paula the Christian has dispensed her Jesus Blessed opinion that Zach and Tory's unborn child will never be as strong of a Christian and will NEVER have as bright a future.

Who agrees with Paula? Who wants to stand tall with Paula and say "I'm a Christian and in Christ's name, I agree with Paula that Zach and Tory's unborn child will never *never* be as strong a Christian and will NEVER have as bright a future."?

No quibbling - you either agree with Paula's oh so CHRISTIAN statement, or you don't.

I mean, I really would like to know who here feels its Christian to judge an unborn child.

Paula said...

The statement IS sexist. It implies that Jeremy and Audrey's child will be less than Zach and Tori's child because she is a girl and therefore Zach and Tori's child will be superior and there is no "competition".

Being a soldier for Good and for Jesus in the world has nothing to do with gender or that a man will be a better follower of Christ. Just compare Audrey to Jacob.

Jeremy and Audrey are focused on Jesus Christ. They put time, thought and prayer into every decision about their marriage and family. They are inspirational. Meanwhile, I have never been impressed by Zach or Tori. She has always struck me as being very fake and not authentic.

She did use people for attention over Sully. She wanted the attention and then wanted to go on a power trip and left people asking what was happening after bringing them into it in the first place.

I notice in the comments on Instagram people are catching on. Tori once again is seeking attention from fans, asking them to ask her and Destiney Mueller questions. So many people asked for the due date and Tori ignored them. It seems to be a pattern with Tori. She is a very childish adult with those tactics.

Someone said Zach and Tori will be good parents because they had a dog? Give me a break. Their dog was very badly behaved and then died prematurely. I don't know whether they could have done anything to prevent Sully's death or not, but to use their pet ownership as an example of why they will be good parents is ridiculous.

Rap541 said...

It implies that Jeremy and Audrey's child will be less than Zach and Tori's child because she is a girl and therefore Zach and Tori's child will be superior and there is no "competition".

And where did you get that? Since I very clearly define my concern is with recreating the Jeremy/Zach rivalry with two near in age male cousins? You know, where one "twin" is the good twin, the shining star, and the other is always less?

And yet here we are with Paula the Christian already proudly hating an unborn child and deeming it "lesser".

I still am glad it's a girl... and I begin to sense that you're not so pleased about it being a girl. I mean really, my thinking was "Oh so Tory and Zach have the first grandson, and Jeremy and Auj have the first grand daughter so there won't be any jealousy or anger over who had the first child and the kids won't be competing for attention or feel bad over not being a first." So far the only one saying a girl is less is you, Paula.

Sara said...

Kind of how you use people's so-called "Christianity" to judge if they are good people or not, Paula?

That logic is as good as the dog owner logic.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

You took the bait, Paula!

"Dog lovers make better babies than cat lovers" is a completely facetious and sarcastic remark in response to your equally idiotic buffoonery of a comment to claim an unborn child will have a brighter future than another when you don't even know these people except what you've seen on a cheap ass fake reality show!

You either need to be deprogrammed or lay off the Jesus juice . Are you sure you're not channelling The Church Lady when you post on here?

P.S. Audrey likes to have sex in treehouses without condoms and charges 5 bucks a month to text you weekly scripture. Yeah, that seals it, #2 will have a brighter future than #1. Let's hand Audrey and Jer the " Better parents than Zach and Tori will ever be Award" right now before actual kids are involved.

TapThatDancer said...

Jacob is all about Jacob. AS IT SHOULD BE!!!

Jacob knows he is rare and a gift.


Rap541 said...

They put time, thought and prayer into every decision about their marriage and family.


Oh Paula - you do realize *Audrey* disagrees?

From "Although Jeremy and I hoped to begin the journey of growing our family at some point this year, we were not “planning” or “trying” to conceive…"

In other words, they got pregnant unplanned so they didn't put time, thought and prayer into the decision to fuck in the tree house so please stop insisting Jeremy and Aud dropped to their knees, prayed to Jesus, and had a little Navigator's Council the night they "forgot the condoms".

Even *they* aren't saying this, Paula. They're quite on record that this was not a planned pregnancy so no, you don't get to insist we all praise them for how well thought out it was and how they planned it, and how they sat down and put some thought into getting pregnant... because they didn't.

It's not a crime at all... But they DO NOT DESERVE to be praised for their forethought as they have admitted they had none. And you, Paula, don't get to insist we all sit here and agree with your *lies*. They've already admitted they didn't plan it, and you want them held up for planning and praying over every decision so one of you is *lying*.

Anonymous said...

Congrats but where is Roloff Baby Girl and the Mop Tops going to live? In the attic above Chris and Amy? In the double wide with Matt and his employee/lover? In a teepee under the tressel?

Will the new parents have to sign a contract which makes TLC pay for the baby formula and mortage or does teaching a Barre class once a week cover all their living expenses?

Tampon Flask said...

Christmas this year at the Roloff homestead is going to mighty diverse and in it's cornucopia cast : Papa Roloff and his lover/employee, mama boyfriend, TLC camera dudes and directors, aloof Jacob and lots 'o babies.

Can we call this family the wack pack yet? Throw 'em a couple of thousand dollars and they'll invite "super fans" over if it'll ensure another season of free and easy money. Lazy loafers, the lot of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Aujpoj states on her blog she sleeps alot and uses essehtial oils (sponsored) in the two months since she's known she'pregnant....riveting content, Ms. Self described author/fulltime writer. I can see why she quit her"corporate" job to blog from Bend.

Sara said...

Hmm, essential oils...backed by all that scientific research in peer-reviewed journals that declares they are safe for a fetus.

She's so smart.

Happy said...

Hey Sara, you might find this a fun read:

Lol, "more smell=more health"!

Rap541 said...

Heheh I am more amused that the Young Living company mentioned in the rationalwiki article as being cited for making false claims is the same one Audrey is endorsing and encouraging her followers to try.

Med said...

there is some literature that states certain essential oils do have some health benefits, mostly focused on tea tree oil for bacterial use. HOWEVER there is also lit about the harms. for example, tea tree and lavender (which seems so harmless) can mimic estrogen to a certain extent. hopefully she is educating herself using sound research from medical professionals.

Ecossais said...

Thanks Happy. There is nothing "essential" about Essential Oils.

It seems that Auj will do anything for publicity like a smoke blowing party at the farm to announce the sex of the baby and promote any product for money.
Meanwhile her husband shows no inclination whatever to do anything regarding how he is going to provide for his family.
I doubt Auj's blogging will support a family.
Even if Jer does manage to persuade his parents to give him the farm he has shown no sign of learning how to run it and I don't see much for TLC to do with it.
For all his aggravating ways Matt is always interesting with his crazy schemes compared to the perpetually boring lazy Jer.
What is Jeremy Jesus actually doing these days?

Sara said...

"This has led to some people dying or falling ill as a result of using them."


Anonymous said...

From Audrey's aujpoj blog:

"I designed the party cups to be team boy (motorcycle) and team girl (lips) as well as team boy and team girl napkins!"

Lips! Boys can ride motorcycles and girls are sex objects. Isn't that special? Audrey thinks all a girl is good for is kissing and pleasing a boy with her lips.

Ecossais said...

I hope the lack of posts is due to lack of interest in the boring couple and not illness or other problem for Spirits.

Suds said...

toriroloffWhat a perfect way to carry my Sullivan with me wherever I go. My friends at @coordinatescollection made this absolutely beautiful bracelet for me. It has the coordinates of Sully's resting place on it so I can remember him always. It's the place he loved the most-roloff farms. Thank you @coordinatescollection for this beautiful piece of jewelry I will wear always-what a gift. You guys can receive 15% off online if you use the code TORIROLOFF15 ! They have so many beautiful pieces to keep those special places close to you! 💕#coordinatescollection #inspectorsullivan.

F you Tori. I know there's a Christian vs liberal thing going on at this website but.. Fuck You for you sold your soul to the devil that's called money. Why on earth would you do such a thing? I just lost my cat, and i feel conflicted about his death in all sorts of ways. Like: I shouldn't have let him outside (but when I adopted him he was used to being outside and he hated it when i tried to make him stay indoors) but I live at a busy road. I had warning signs where he was close to death but I .. I made a calculated risk. I knew he could die, but I didn't want him to be miserable. Then I called him in at 6 when the traffic is at its worse. I didn't think about it, I wanted him home. He was crushed by a car. I was crushed. I also think I gave him a good couple of years after abuse.. When I got him he was so skinny and sick.

One thing I am not conflicted or confused about is that.. I really loved this cat and this cat loved me. I will fucking NEVER use his death to make money, and that is what you just did. You sold him. You bloody sold him. It's disgusting to me. It truly is.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the site!?!?

Ziggy said...

I'm really really surprised Spirits did not start a thread for the fact that Matt is dating Caryn. Or did everybody already know?

Ecossais said...

There is a thread Ziggy

Jere-my Curl said...

Jeremy is an unemployed, listless uninspired loser who is just riding the waves caused by Audrey's desperate machinations of creating a career from the shallow cesspool of fake ass freak show tv. The 21st century version of pimping your soul is sharing your irrelevant shit for cash, Aujpoj/Gericurl Boy!

The Roloffs are no different than the Kartrashians in how they pay their bills: No talent lazy loafers expecting the world cares about where,when and who they screw and charge for it!

Bend Barre Blogger said...

Does the self absorbtion and limelight thirst ever end with the Roboffs? Amy throws herself a Grandma to be shower so that she can be gifted baby stuff to keep at her house when the grannybabes spend the month, I mean night othe?!

Last I heard, the babies parents send it over with the kid. I guess Amy forsees lots of babysitting in her TLC future in front of the cameras.

Future episode within episode: Jer/Auj and Zac/Tori drop off their respective babies simultaneously with Amy and/or Matt...zaniness ensues, oh the hijinks!

Anonymous said...

Of course she went on a "babymoon", it's a ridiculous way to honor yourself for a biological process. She has yet to do anything that actually takes hard work. She and Jeremy are perfect for each other.

k has c said...

Hi Suds...sorry for your loss. I lost my furry buddy of 18 years this month. It sucks!!!! Miss him everyday!

Dynamic said...

No on cares where when and how you made your baby! GET OFF TELEVISION AND SPARE VIEWERS YOUR EGOCENTRIC BIBLE BABBLE. HOW DARE YOU OPINE ON TELEVISION HOW YOUR PARENTS LIVE AND LOVE , YOU INFANTILE NITWITS. Those two are bigger nobodies than the nobodies that do scripted television and memorize lines.

MissConception said...

This Bunch is about as sickening as the dang Duggars in regards to baby making! Please Please shut the fkkk up Jer and Auj--We all know how it happens!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see the Mueller's started their own YouTube channel ? I personally enjoy watching it ! But I wonder how long it will actually last?

OkMcKay said...

I stumbled upon this site as I was pissy about the self righteous Auj Poj and Jer due to an issue they locally participated in (I live near them). Audrey's Condoms is hysterical and so astute! I am just trying to figure out if Empress Audrey's defenders here are relatives, close friends??? That couple are heinous little twits so full of ego it makes me want to vomit. Thanks for the great read!

OkMcKay said...

I hope the kids rebel and convert to Islam, or Atheism! Harhar

OkMcKay said...

ROFLMAO! Excellent!

OkMcKay said...

I am not Christian but think it is all really judgemental and vile. My ??? as a person who actually knows the Roloffs (not friends, just live nearby) - does Paula or these people so creepily over involved in this discussion even personally know the family or are you just inserting yourself into the lives of strangers? You do know this is a scripted, edited TV show don't you? This is freaky!