Saturday, April 1, 2017

Matt Roloff Announces He Is Dating Caryn Chandler - Long Time Roloff Farms Manager

Matt Roloff posted a picture to his Facebook of himself with his new girlfriend - Caryn Chandler.

She should be familiar to fans of Little People, Big World, Caryn has been in several episodes over the years as she was Matt's long time assistant or "Farm Manager"

In response to a comment to his post, Matt replied:

Matthew Roloff  Yes. Caryn and I are now dating. It's very exciting to such a wonderful persons be a positive companion in my life.


Jesus-N-Mary Brain said...

So has Matt been lectured yet by ManBun, the self-appointed "Morality" Police of RoloffLand?

Or is it only the wimmun who can't date? Because Amy sure got judged by that clodhopper son of hers

Timothy said...

There were rumors, rumblings and gossip for a long time that Matt was "fooling" around with her. I have to admit it makes me wonder when they announce they're a couple now.

Rap541 said...

I admit, I really want to see Jeremy ask Daddy Matt if he's courtin' and what he thinks he's doing and is Daddy Matt having sexual touches because that's inappropriate as Daddy Matt is Amy's husband and Jeremy wants Daddy Matt with his Mom!

Then we need Jeremy manfully noting how he cares enough to ask Daddy the hard questions and that it's his business and we also need Jeremy intoning how deeply concerned he is about his precious child seeing Matt with anyone other than Amy as that is not ok and what Matt does in his own home and on his own property is very very much Jeremy's business and Matt, like Amy, needs to mind Jeremy.

Debbie said...

Oh Timothy, shut up. How dare you sully Matt's reputation. Dating Caryn now that they are divorced and Amy is flaunting this Chris character around means nothing about the past. It certainly doesn't mean they were cheating while Matt was married. Matt put up with so much disrespect and contempt from Amy and gave her so much. She should be ashamed of herself.

Ashley said...

Even though the show is fake I think the tension between Amy and Caryn was always obvious.

Benzie Harp said...

Oh sure, Debbie. Poor Matt was the total victim, right? He never gave Amy any grief.

Get your head out of the sand.

Ecossais said...

Debbie - Matt gave Amy so much respect. What planet are you on? Maybe the same planet where Auj and Jer live for jesus and not money and fame?

Ecossais said...

Debbie - who do you think you are to tell someone to shut up when you rudely refer to someone as "this Chris character".
Anyway if anyone is flaunting Amy's dalliance it is TLC. I hope Amy marries him, and makes sure she gets her 50% of everything.
"Mr. 50%" must be worried sick that Amy will leave part of her inheritance to Chris and Matt will leave part to Caryn.

Rap541 said...

So wait... Matt is dating but Amy is flaunting? Debbie, shouldn't Matt be respecting Jeremy and Audrey's view that he should be getting back with Amy?

I think the reveal is interesting when it's put in context with a few things. Like how in the court documents from the case in 2012? That Caryn and not Amy had the key to Matt's sacred office. It also sheds some light on the little marital article that Jeremy wrote about his parents having "emotional affairs" with members of the opposite sex.

For the record, Matt dating *someone* is perfectly fine in my opinion. Matt dating a woman he also employs and supervises is Matt fucking the help.

Which is Matt being unprofessional and inappropriate regardless of whether it started in 2012, 2014, or 2017. He provides her paycheck and she dates him. Seriously folks, that's pretty damn inappropriate regardless of when the relationship started.

As to when the relationship started? All I know is that Caryn has worked there for years, Jeremy wrote an article about his parents (and not just his mom) having emotional affairs, Amy has always been blunt in stating Matt was already seeing other women, and Matt wanted that divorce *as fast as possible, no arguing, no muss*.

Please, please attempt to argue that Matt has the moral high ground in dating his staff :)

Anonymous said...

Debbie, it's a TV SHOW, not a documentary. You have no idea what goes on in the Roloff world when the cameras are off.

PJ said...

You shut up Debbie. It's incredibly stupid of Matt to date an employee no matter when it started. And Amy has said that Matt did some dating during the marriage. Matt is no innocent.
And you're not too bright Debbie if you don't think there was at least an emotional affair while Matt was married. Which means Amy was a good Christian wife and Matt was a adulterer.

TooBadSoSad said...

I remember the interview with both Matt and Amy sitting on the couch with the interviewer asking about the divorce and dating, etc. Amy's face said it all when Matt was asked about dating. She said something to the affect that "he has his people". I didn't understand who that meant or what it meant but it was apparent from the change in Amy's face that she was upset and knew exactly WHO his "people" were. Could she have been referring to Caryn? Life on the farm must have been very hard knowing your husband may or may not be involved with the help. Now what do you suppose that self-righteous, self-absorbed, supposed christian Jeremy and his equally ingornat wife have to say about daddy Matt?

Rap541 said...

Benzie I am just waiting to hear how banging one's employees is Matt standing tall for Christ! :)

Hey Debbie 0 how many times did Matt snot to the camera that he was lying to his wife about money? Did you get down on your knees and screech "PRAISE JESUS MATT LIED TO HIS WIFE AND HE WAS ACTING AS A MAN SHOULD! JESUS BLESS HIS LIES!"?

Debbie? As a woman of faith, do you approve of Matt lying to his wife about money? Do you think Matt was *respecting* Amy? Do you think lying to Amy is NOT showing contempt for Amy? Do you think you'd be willing to say "Jesus send me to hell if I am wrong but I believe Matt was right to lie to his wife and should be blessed for it"?

Pumpkin Salsa, Ewww said...

This whole Roloff thing is getting taw-audrey. How about changing the show to Days of Our Little People Lives?

What if Caryn and Chris hook up, driving Matt and Amy back into each other's little arms?Jeremy will say weeee and won't be up at night anymore imagining all those hands touching warm places reserved for only mommy and daddy hands.

This isn't a reality show, it's a low budget soap opera with less makeup and terrible lighting.

Angela said...

How dare anyone imply that there is anything inappropriate about Matt and Caryn having a relationship.

All true Christians know that both Matt and Amy failed in their vows in front of God and Jeremy is right to pray for reconciliation. However, it is is clear Amy was determined to destroy the marriage through her constant belittling and disrespect of Matt. I found it VERY telling that Jeremy and Audrey wrote on their Beating50Percent blog that an important part of marriage is being on each other's side and not ganging up with a child against your spouse. It was very obvious to me Jeremy was referring to Amy and Zach's disrespectful treatment of Matt over the years.

Regardless, Matt and Caryn know each other through their professional relationship. Nothing is inappropriate about them dating

How dare you Rap. Suggest that somehow Caryn is unqualified in her position. She is a qualified and obviously very intelligent woman, to suggest that her new relationship with Matt has any bearing on her job is incredibly insulting towards both Matt and Caryn and you owe them an apology.

Ashley said...

Caryn's daughter Brittany Chandler is very active on social media with Jacob and Isabel.

Rap541 said...

And ding ding ding Angela is the first to argue that Matt is being professional and appropriate in banging his staff. :)

Angela - its unprofessional to date your boss, period. I am not apologizing to anyone for stating a basic fact of life in the modern world. Matt is being unprofessional - whether he's been dating Caryn from the get go or whether it started in 2017, it's absolutely inappropriate and unprofessional of him to date one of his employees.

And Caryn is unprofessional and inappropriate in allowing the relationship. Anyone who works under her now has a legitmite argument about her professionalism - she's boffing the boss.

And isn't Matt disrespecting Jeremy? By dating? Jeremy has stated he does not want his parents dating and yet Matt isn't minding his son and remaining alone. Isn't Matt on the hook for parading his little tart in front of Jer and Auj? And what about the grandbaby seeing Granpa Matt and his girlfriend smooching and being sexual? Any opinions other than :"Bless Matt for fucking his farm manager, banging one's employees is completely professional and Christ like, it's professional and appropriate for Matt to have a sexual relationship with a woman he also pays for services"?

That its entirely possible Matt's an adulterer is actually a side point. It's incredibly unprofessional for Matt to date the farm manager, especially now that Amy is officially a co-owner and has some legal say in how Matt manages his professional relationships with the staff.

Rap541 said...

Oh, and nothing I have said in any way suggests Caryn is unqualified. Unprofessional, yes, because she's FUCKING HER BOSS, but its Angela who is raising the notion that dating the boss makes Caryn unqualified

Angela - you're a lying bitch lying about what I said and as a Christian, you need to rescind your comment that I said Caryn was unqualified for her job.

Or just say "Jesus loves it when I lie about others! praise Christ!"

How about it, Angela? Time to *eat some fucking crow* as I never said Caryn was unqualified for her job - just unprofessional for dating her boss. Words mean things and you need to apologize.

PJ said...

Nathan been plenty disrespectful of Amy and his entire family.
It is inappropiate for ANY employer to date an employee. Ever. It leaves the company in a shaky legal position. If Matt were sole owner it would be his problem but he's not and has no right to jeopardize the farm.
I'm sure Caryn is more than capable of doing her job. But she has a romantic relationship with one of the owners and her ability to be impartial is suspect. She needs to be replaced by someone who is neutral and will protect both owners interests equally.

J45 said...

Paula, I think Tori said "Baby Roloff #2" because:
a) Tori coined "Baby Roloff"
b) Jer and Auj's child will be born 2nd

I also don't think it's sexist for Rap to think that a male and a female cousin won't have the same competition issues. It's not that girls are lesser -- at all -- but that Jer and Zach won't be comparing them/egging on competition in the same way as if they were same-sex, same-age cousins.
History repeating itself is not always a good thing.

Rap541 said...

J45 - exactly. If anything, I think #2 will get more attention for being the first granddaughter than a male #2 would get for being the second male grandchild.

It sure seems like Jeremy and Auj got pregnant in competition - they were always hesitant until Zach and Tory became pregnant with Baby Roloff #1, and then suddenly they were fucking sans birth control in treehouses! That screams competitive and I'm glad they can no longer recreate the "twin" competition.

PJ said...

that should be "Matt has been plenty disrespectful" not Nathan. darn auto correct

Kathy said...

You never date your employees. When the relationship goes sour, watch out.

Benzie Harp said...

Angela & Debbie--

Do you both take drugs before you post on here? Just when I think you two can't get any more laughably whack-ass with your comments, you turn around and one-up yourselves.

Sara said...


Anonymous said...

Are people really arguing that Matt is morally sound in dating a long term employee that works under him?

Sacred Ground said...

If this woman is still an employee of Roloff Farms and by extention Amy and Matt then this is grossly unprofessional and crossing the line. I bet she must ' ve resigned when Matt extended his crutch to her and asked her to be his companion in his double wide. If she still works there then Amy must feel outnumbered and overruled in her own home, and if you bring Jer and Aujpoj into it then it's 4 to 1.

Amber Waves said...

A lot of men (and women) confide in their help (be it secretaries, assistants, underlings, whatever) when they are having marital troubles. I DO NOT DOUBT this is what Matt did and that's when Caryn dug in deep, telling Matt that he didn't deserve his wife's criticism, he deserved better, etc., etc. She very likely encouraged the discord. Amy and Caryn never were very warm to each other. I suspect Matt showed affection at least emotionally to Caryn before the divorce.

This is screwy. Caryn works for both Matt and Amy, joint owners of Roloff Farms. How tacky to start dating Matt after he divorces Amy. She should respect Amy more than that and respect her position, but she saw the dollar signs. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Sara said...

'Spose maybe MATT should have respected Amy more, too?

He's boinking the help.

I'm in charge here said...


Anonymous said...

I always felt that Matt wanted out of his marriage for a long time. I think Amy wanted to work it out. I was sad to hear they were getting divorce. The show is at not the same. I also like when Matt's parents were on. They were nice and we're interesting to watch them on the show.

NOW member said...

Much ado about nothing much. People who don't know these people care who they are dating? Amy did not need a the fifth child that Matt was to her, but was committed to keep on keeping on. Matt wanted out. So be it. And so dating among 50+ year old people automatically means immediate sex, huh? I'm in that peer group, and it doesn't, so readjust your suppositions, gutter snipes.