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Zach & Tori Roloffs Son, Jackson, Has Achondroplasia Dwarfism

It was finally revealed in a People Magazine article on Tuesday May 31st, that Jackson Roloff, Zach and Tori's son, does indeed have achondroplasia dwarfism (the same as Zach).

Fans have been speculating about whether Jackson has dwarfism or not. The Roloffs kept it a secret until the People Magazine article. They also were secretive with pictures of the baby (some Roloffs posted and swiftly removed pictures featuring Jackson) until the People Magazine article was published. It is common for celebrities and people on Reality TV Shows to sell the "Exclusive" First Pictures of babies, weddings, etc.

Zach tells People Magazine:

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” says Roloff. “But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy. You have to earn it.”

“The world is changing. People are more open to diversity,” says the reality star and soccer coach, who hopes nothing will impede Jackson from achieving his dreams. “Whatever he wants to do, we’re going to find a way to help him do it. That’s our job in life now.”

The full People Magazine article is Here

New Episode: Little People, Big World On TLC, May 30, 2017

Here is a recap of the New Episode of Little People, Big World which aired May 30th, 2017 on TLC.

Recap written by Rap541

Ah, its Tuesday night and I have tomorrow off! Also had some good news, my dad doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, he has an easily treated B12 deficency that was causing his symptoms and already seems better after having a shot. So, yay! I also became a sustaining supporter of my local PBS station, I am so grown up now!

Jeremy looks like Sideshow Bob these days.  In the reruns, I am struck again by how sweet Zach and Tory are when grieving. I am also struck by how kind the farm worker was to Tory, how heartfelt he sounded in expressing his sorrow. It was very kind and we don’t see enough acts like that these days.

It’s amusing to see Caryn just smack Matt back to work. Bonus scene! Oh look! It’s Matt mourning Sully for the cameras. He does a little confessional on how sad it is. Oh another bonus scene! Amy and Lisa “touring space” for their restaurant that will never happen. Amy basically wants a hobby restaurant. Amy, this is a *terrible* idea, stop it. Please just write a children’s book about your dog or the goats or something. In the end, it will cost less.

New bonus scene – Matt notes how directing the shoot is a big test for Zach and as usual he hopes Zach doesn’t screw it up. Now that we know Matt has an extra bedroom in the double wide, why do Jeremy and Auj insist on staying in Amy’s little sex den of horrors when they could stay with Daddy Matt and avoid all the tensions with Mom?

I’m still struck by Audrey’s smirk upon discovering the reality that Zach and Tory’s baby will likely be LP.

So Tory and Zach are opening baby stuff. They haybale how they are and aren’t prepared. They also rehash that the kid is likely to be a dwarf. Tory looks huge. They put together baby stuff. Basically its silly and kinda cute.

In Bend! Jer and Auj are still referring to the baby as a boy. Auj is 17 weeks and says the nurse offered to tell her the gender but of course they’re copying Zach and Tory by having a gender reveal party! :D Jeremy wants the gender reveal party to be low key. Audrey goes on about wanting a boy, and Jeremy wants a boy to play with Zach’s boy. Jeremy looks like a hobo Sideshow Bob. They go on about loving Bend and their friends in Bend and yet are havng the gender reveal party on the farm. Hmmm.

Matt wants the party to be not at Amy’s house. He then whines that he doesn’t have a nice big house where the kids to have a party. He wants a new house. Amy strongly notes that he needs to do that with his own money and not the farm money and then they have genuine argument about Matt’s constant whine about how he’s dying so he should get his way. Amy calls him on that shit. Finally! Seriously, you go, Amy! He was getting pissed, too and she was having none of that!

Zach moans on the couch and describes basically how he has migraine headaches.

At the farm, Matt is in the men’s adventure hut and talks to Zach on the phone about Zach’s mystery illness. Now it’s stomach pain. Matt chimes how serious medical stuff is and how Zach needs to see a doctor and isn’t this the same guy who openly stated he refused to see a doctor because they were basically butchers who tortured him?

Zach wanders in to ask Amy’s opinion on his fibromyalgia. Amy wonders if it’s his shunt (this seems like the obvious choice) Amy notes how worrisome it was. Amy describes the shunt issue. She then tells Zach to see a neurosurgeon.

Jeremy wanders into Matt’s office. To plan the gender reveal party. Jer notes Mom’s house is practical. Matt shits on that idea and notes how *awkward* it is and offers to stir up some drama. Jeremy haybales that he’s not interested in drama. They check out the wedding barn. I note Matt is getting his way by actually threatening to create a problem. Audrey notes that there’s no bathroom in the wedding barn. The wedding barn is also basically gross and Jeremy finally decides to use “the big house”.

Matt threatened to create drama to get his way. How charming.

Now we’re back to Amy and Lisa making a home business. Amy loves making sweet breads and considers selling them on line.
Matt ropes Jeremy into helping him move the new pirate ship. Matt blames the openly rotting old pirate ship on his neck injury and not on basic neglect. Matt notes how if Jer has a boy, things will be wild! Jer notes how he misses being a man. Matt screeches  and the pirate ship is moved.  Matt notes that recent days have been “dark days”. The pirate ship is placed oddly.

Back at Matt’s office, Amy, Zach and Matt discuss the baby. And baby CPR. Matt relates a story where Zach as a baby almost died until Honey did baby CPR stuff.

At Zach and Tory’s, Jeremy and Auj are there. There’s a cute bear outfit. Jeremy notes that its rare for an LP like Zach to have an LP child and I sort of want to slap him because Zach has a 50 percent chance of having an LP child which means NOT RARE. Then I remind myself it’s Jeremy, who is still expressing shock and “what does it MEAN????” over the very concept that his dwarf brother may have a dwarf child. Jeremy notes how he’s doing the gender reveal at Amy’s and the dynamics are so messy and peculiar! And tough! It’s all so tough for Jer. Audrey btw barely speaks except to agree how the dynamic is awkward and messy and peculiar!

Amy and Lisa continue to natter on about the business they are planning. They plan to sell baked stuff on line. Baker friend gives them some reality checks. Amy? Lisa? TLC? NO ONE CARES.

At Zach and Tory’s. Zach goes on about his vaginitis. Tory notes that she is pretty concerned about this. She worries about the possibility that her child could have similar health issues. Since it’s in People magaizine today, Jackson is a dwarf baby and watching Zach and Tory… I am more and more convinced that they could carry the show. I don’t think that’s a good idea but dwarf babies mean more seasons so…

Amy makes cupcakes for the gender reveal party. All the friends and family except Caryn and Chris – Jeremy doesn’t want drama. And now they insist that they want a girl. Some friend we’ve never ever seen before, Cambria, is in charge of the *smoke grenades*. Auj monotones how cool the smoke bombs are. Matt trots in, guests already there, and Matt thinks it’s a girl. Amy asks after Caryn and Matt notes how Caryn WAS NOT invited (and seems annoyed). Amy notes that she didn’t invite Chris. Matt asks if she needs anything and she notes the party is basically on so no. This is actually quite hilarious as it’s pretty classic Matt  - showing up literally when the party is starting to pretend to want to help and Amy was having *none* of that game playing

Pop and Honey and Molly are there. Everyone discusses boy or girl. They head outside for the gender reveal with the smoke grenades. And commercial!

Oh and there’s a commercial with Jackson! He looks gross and squishy to me but I don’t like children.

It’s a girl, although Audrey’s smoke bomb was a tease. Jeremy monotones how excited he is about having a girl and how his dynamic is changed. Matt facepalms disappointment at the smoke and notes that Zach’s boy will now be king of the farm. Jeremy is stoked and notes it would have been too out of control to have a boy. My goodness they wanted a boy really bad…

For the record, this looked like a MUCH BIGGER party than Zach and Tory's. And did we see special friends Dale and Veronica?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Little People, Big World New Episode May 23, 2017

Here is a recap of the New Episode of Little People, Big World which aired on TLC Tuesday May 23rd, 2017.

Written by Rap541

Hmm more bonus scenes. Oh hey, weird thought. Has anyone noticed that Matt has almost totally given up on wearing the signature red shirts? I wish Audrey would take that hint. Amy’s friends asking for “the down and dirty” really made me wish Amy would just be all “so first he ate me out…”

Oh, there’s gonna be some real talk on birthing! I so love how Auj and Jer are sorta irked at how they aren’t the experts and this is a lengthy talk about placentas and Jer is all “I’m grossed out”. Oh Jer,, wait till you see it! Maybe try an episode of Call the Midwife first, they are delightfully graphic (awesome show btw). In the scenes with Dale and Veronica’s kids, they don’t seem that into the kids. Also in this scene, I think Jer’s hidden bottle on the table is beer.

Oh hey, if Jer and Auj are moving to Portland, I trust there is an expectation that they WILL be loudly and proudly committing to joining the blessed church of John Mark Comer? I mean, there’s really no excuse if they live in Portland now. Revisiting Jer and Auj snobbing their way thru houses reminds me yet again how neither of these two have jobs.

Hmm Auj muses to Jer about having a baby shower in their new house in a “flashback” that wasn’t in the prior episode. Auj, I know you’re a Roloff now and that synonymous with having no manners, but you shoudlnt be planning your own shower.

Amy meets her BFF Lisa at a restaurant. Lisa is still “OMG! CHRIS! Six months! WHEN ARE YOU SHACKING UP!” Amy thinks she might have scared off Chris with her intent to marry. Lisa mentions how Amy needs to not continue mixing her finances with Matt. Amy wants her own income, and we’re not mentioning the show income at all. Amy wants to open a restaurant and Lisa wants to work with Amy on this as a partner! Ugh, if I have learned nothing from reading Anthony Bourdain’s books and watching Anthony Bourdain, its that restaurants are a shitty investment,

In Bend, Jer pours tea for Auj. He haybales how he has the reins for the decision on moving. He of course does what Auj wants, as Auj previously articulated that she wants to be closer to family. Jer needs to cut his hair or learn how to wash it or comb it.

Matt and Amy meet in the office to discuss the family dinner. Matt wants to use the family dinner to discuss various business projects. He haybales how he wants the farm to be too enticing to them to make them stay at the farm. Amy wanted a more casual meeting. Matt is like “lets check out the powerpoints” and Amy is like “why are we not asking the kids about how they are and what they are doing?” Amy is frustrated and Amy, little tip? Let Matt have his family dinner where he has an agenda and have your own family dinner where you check up on them.

Zach wanders in with bad news. Sully has liver cancer and stomach cancer. Amy even mentions that it’s Tory’s first baby.  It’s sad.
Sully is buried. Amy remarks how sad it is. Tory is all “he’s my best friend” and cries. There’s a lengthy homage to Sully. Zach worries that this is stressing Tory out and he hopes she’ll cry and release emotions. Wow, Tory hugging Zach and crying was powerful.
Matt and Caryn talk about Sully. Matt is sad, there’s a moment, and Caryn puts it back on the work thing.

At Tory’s house, there’s flowers from the funeral and wake. Tory makes her mom dinner and Zach mentions Sully and kills the mood. Tory and Zach both note that the house is empty and there’s more photos of Sully than anyone else at the house.  Everyone reminisces about Sully.

Wait, now Lisa and Amy are opening a restaurant. They’ve hired a consultant! God this sounds dumb. They ignore the consultant knocking. There’s an actual cat on the table for the consultant to see. The tripod for the presentation collapses. Amy wants a casual relaxed quaint place. The consultant is like “Bitch please, restaurants are loser businesses!” and is pretty realistic, in my opinion. Amy and Lisa reconsider how they are gonna do a restaurant.

Oh look, its Jer and Auj in another different car. They have how many now? The bmw, the jeep, the suv from last week, this week’s four door thingy. Jer and Auj pretend to care about Sully. Then they wander about. Jer muses about moving back and how different it is. Matt muses on how he moved his pregnant wife around a lot. Jeremy drones on how complicated it is.

Zach wanders into Amy’s kitchen for food. He mentions the DAS thing. Amy notes how its awkward even tho it’s a great opportunity. Zach drops the “its prolly a dwarf” bomb.

So, Zach is upset but is also noting how the pictures look average sized. Zach notes he’s trying to not react or be weird with Tory. Amy is all “don’t worry, but pay attention to Tory”. Zach recalls how being physically different was awkward and at times was unpleasant. Amy tries to buck him up but is realistic.

Now they’re doing a DAS photoshoot. Zach greets the little people family. The photo shoot goes well. Zach is made to hold Emma the dwarf baby. Caryn takes pictures. Zach asks Andrew the model about having an LP child. Andrew is a really short guy dwarf. Emma seems to have a lot of health issues. For the record I find it odd that they can’t know definitively.

There’s a family dinner, aka just the twins and wives. No mention of Molly and Jake. There’s some discussion of the dwarf diagnosis. Tory says it could be a dwarf and Audrey smiles at the news. Oh jeez. Zach and Tory are still excited. Oh hey for the first time, we see Jeremy pray.

Jer and Auj are moving to Portland and house hunting. They’re looking in Rock Creek. Tory notes that cousins will be down the street. Amy wants Sunday dinners to be a tradition. She also notes how a baby is a miracle. Poor Tory looks a lil puffy. I do note that this meal didn’t involve any PowerPoint displays. Interesting how Amy won that battle off screen.

I know some people will mention in relation to Sully dying that the "Babymoon" referenced was the Hawaiian trip that clearly wont be mention on the show and how Tory was a monster for not seeing the dog's illness, so I welcome all commentary from experts on what was discernably wrong with the dog in prior episodes.

I also note that "We aint got no place to live" Jer and Auj went on that babymoon to Hawaii as well, despite you know, being pregnant and having NO PLACE to raise the child that isn't coming from their parents.

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Jacob Roloff & Girlfriend Isabel Have New You Tube Channel

Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel, have started a new You Tube Channel. They  have an embarked on an extended road trip to a variety of National Parks. They said they will document their adventures on their You Tube Channel.

Rock & Roloff You Tube Channel

Jacob had posted a few Instagram pictures preparing his truck for the road trip. They are travelling with their 2 dogs, Moose and Luna.

Jacob and Isabel also have their own website:

Isabel has been posting her paintings: and Jacob written a few entries:

One entry Jacob made in late February kind of went under the Radar, until Radar Online recently wrote about it:

Jacob wrote this in depth piece on February 26, 2017.

Jacob opened up about what it was like growing up on the "reality show". Jacob refers to scenes for the show as "staged and fake" and describes watching his parents, Matt and Amy, stage an argument that was based on a real life argument that they re-hashed for the cameras and Amy had tears in her eyes after the staging the scene.  Jacob also responds to the frequent criticisms that he is a "spoiled brat" and ungrateful when he says he hates the show because he is "rich" and has gotten "things" from being on the show.

Here are just a few excerpts from Jacob's writing:

"Here's something original: I was on camera almost every day for at least 13 years. Putting that in the background, I can now talk about old ideas I've found that have impacted me and which have that 'new' quality when put in the context of such an original thing as growing up on TV. 

It takes me quite some time to get through my thoughts on this filming thing because I have for so long expressed myself and been met with an overabundance of people who know who I am, so challenge me, or even ridicule me. Because of this I've learned to some extent to build trapdoors, or rather 'safeties', in my writing

To give you a real example, I just said, "I've always been partial to not doing the show," and I can expect to be met with several of the common — let's say grievances. One of which will undoubtedly be, "Sure, you hate the show, but you're rich! Spoiled! You have things." Or something along the lines of my not appreciating filming to their standards, but still accepting and using the benefits of it.

I see no conflict and I'll try to explain it. First, from a bigger and general view, I was 6 years old when we started filming; what were you like at six years old? Fast forward to 18, when I decided after some minor controversy to not sign the contract for the show. That means: I am not contractually obligated to do formal interviews or show up to film anything, although it was still very strongly encouraged. What I'm doing here, is at 18 years old, making a decision when I legally can to not film the rest of my growing up. People then talk to that 18 year old and accuse him of hypocrisy for taking the money earned from ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 and 'abandoning' the show. Does that make sense? Their reasoning is that during those ages I was a brat, and resisted filming, so I don't deserve the compensation from that period

However, filming is the raw material, production is when they createa story. Obviously I was a brat sometimes, which would be abnormal if I wasn't, but Created Character Jacob from Little People Big World was a brat in totality. Not just simply acting bratty, like normal; production redefined his humanhood to Brat. They did the same tricks with my whole family. I posted once that, "the family that is filmed is not my family. They are the Roloff Characters.." People mistook that and said such outrageous things as, "So who is your real mom?!" Obviously what I meant was that the Characters everyone sees on TV are merely the product of a group of folks in LA editing raw footage into a story that sells. Dad: Creative; Mom: Controlling; Zach: Angry; Molly: Smart (okay that one is on point); Jeremy: Adventurous; and Myself: Brat. That's quite a dynamic cast! It's too bad that people take those caricatures as Gospel. Although it really speaks to the talent of an editor that can sculpt such believable personalities. (As an aside, these characterizations are not only incomplete or untruthful but can be harmful as well. 

This has got me thinking though, what really is an 'innocently experienced' childhood? Which childhood is fair or good, and which is unfair and 'failed'? I suppose the answer to this is one I've already dawned on from a different angle. I say sometimes that my childhood was changed somehow by filming but my childhood was filming. I as ego, that is, as Jacob Roloff, do not have some separate thing that is my childhood againstother interferences to that childhood. They are one in the same. This realization is how I've come to let go of all bitterness in recent years towards both my parents and the production company, as if they had robbed me of normalcy. Ah!, again I am realizing something, a parallel.

You can read Jacob's whole post and Jacob and Isabel's website: here

Here is their 2nd You Tube Video:

Here is their 3rd video

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Little People, Big World: New Episode Recap - May 16, 2017

Here is a recap of the new episode of Little People, Big World, which aired Tuesday May 16th, 2017.

Review written by Rap541


Hey, if you need something way interesting to watch, let me recommend Victorian Slum House. Also I am missing Frontline for this recap.

I’m also amused at how Audrey’s hair goes from straight to curly in different scenes. 

 First bonus scene is Matt on the Mule heading into his office and opening bags of stuff that Amy brought over. Apparently these are all precious possession that he didn’t know he had until it was deposited in his office. Matt has deep feelings about a water cooler full of change.

Matt just loves noting he has no regrets over anything.

Good lord, Amy and Chris have a ton of stuff for an overnight. Also, amusingly, Jeremy is referring to the baby in Audrey’s belly as “he” all the time in the rerun. Oh hey, I am utterly certain that TLC’s show “Nate and Jeremiah” is about two gay male interior decorators with a baby! Huh! So, that’s Christian programming!

I also still love Tory’s very honest “God, I want it out!” views on pregnancy.  And Amy…. Who makes pot roast on a date??? And Amy, stop musing on how many women Chris has had. Another bonus scene, also with Matt. He’s talking to the dog and going through more boxes of stuff, complaining how the dishes were packed.

So we’re at Zach and Tory’s house. The new kitchen looks nice. They can see the baby’s face on the ultrasound. Tory wants Zach to cut the cord. Zach is grossed out but Tory notes she has to push the baby out her “hoohaw” so he WILL be cutting the cord. They have deep thoughts on the haybale about c-sections.

 Hey kids, don’t watch season three of Downtown Abbey – nothing good comes from birthing babies.

Auj and Jer assure the audience they will name the kid weird but not too weird and they AREN’T likely to have a dwarf. And they have to move. Auj is pro farm, but Jer notes that the dating situation is awkward and messy. Auj is all “I’m nesting!”.

At Zach and Tory’s, Matt shows up to look at the ultrasound. Matt notes how expensive the kitchen looks. 

Zach asks Matt about cutting the cord and Matt was all “oh god no, NO!” Matt is all “do you think its LP because it looks LP!” Zach thinks it’s not. Matt resumes the lecture on how expensive the baby is. Matt is all “live within your means!” – which is great advice and really, I just question Matt saying it.

Amy has her lady friends over and they’re all “did you bang???” Amy is all “it was comfortable…” Then she drops the “he thinks I am angry!” She has no idea when he ever saw her angry and I am like… there’s dvds, Amy. TLC is actually streaming episodes. Amy is worried! Chris is invited to Soup Night! It’s some sort of get together with her friends. 
Yeah, I dunno.

Dale and Veronica! Are visiting Jer and Auj. Dale gets right to the point, are you moving??  Jer monotones how the farm is there and also problems. Jer and Auj frown and frown. Jer worries about travel. Auj haybales how they have to move! If they are gonna buy, they have to do it soon!

Meanwhile Zach wanders into the sacred office. Matt wants to hire Zach into DAS, the stool business. Basically, he’s offering Zach a job and Jeremy can’t run DAS because he’s average height. Zach hems and haws. If Zach wasn’t on a reality show, I’d be all “take that job, yer having a baby!” Plus I think it’s an honest offer.

Amy has invited Chris to “Soup night!” I think the concept is interesting. Chris seems irked. The soup looks good. Chris makes some rude comments. Amy and Chris are going to Idaho.

On a side note, I think this is the first time DAS has been mentioned since Mike died.

Jer and Auj roll up in a white SUV.  Amy is happy to see them and is all “Yay baby!” Amy wants the kids nearby. They are “just starting” and Amy offers them temp housing. Jer haybales how that’s a worst case scenario. Jer heads over to Matt’s office. This is a desperately monotone talk. Matt mentions the moving. Matt notes how they’re having a baby. Jeremy looks depressed.

At Zach and Tory’s, they’re making a mural of mountains. Zach mentions the DAS offer.  Tory is like “Cool!” and notes that she may prefer to raise children. Zach still harps on soccer but notes that babies need stuff.

Amy and Lisa discuss how awesome soup night is and how awesome Chris is. Lisa is pushing Chris on Amy hard. Personally, I think Amy needs to date more. Lisa tells her to talk to him. I’m getting bored, to be honest.

Zach heads in. Apparently DAS needs to be rebuilt and rebranded so basically the business was shut down for ages and Matt is making Zach a job. Then Matt pulls out some creepy pig guts for Zach to practice cutting the cord. Yeah this is weird and it makes a huge mess.

Jer and Auj are looking at houses. Auj wants a new house.  They notice immediately that the house is on a flight path. The house is a split level and the realtor is Auj’s buddy. They hate the enclosed kitchen. Auj refers to the entryway stone floor as “gross”. They are shocked to find out that the house is already in a bidding war. 

Oh the kids are seriously contemplating living with the folks! Poor lil bitches. Hey Jer, as a Christian Man, aren’t you, and not your momma, supposed to provide your wife and your daughter a home? Also, maybe you could afford more house if you weren’t “babymooning” at a luxury resort in Hawaii

Amy has a date with Chris. Chris brought flowers. Amy wants a “conversation” about their relationship. Chris wonders if Amy wants to commit. He couches it in whether she needs space. Amy wants a marriage and sharing her space. Chris seems off put by that. He lived with someone long term… I wonder if that someone is dead. Dead and secretly buried in the desert! Chris isn’t terribly into commitment when Amy is already making yummy meals for him. They have coffee.

Next week – Amy is considering opening a restaurant. Sully has cancer.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Zach and Tori Roloff Welcome Their First Child Jackson Kyle Roloff

Tori Roloff gave birth to their first child on Saturday May 12th.

Tori and Zach Roloff posted to instagram:


Jackson Kyle Roloff
Born May 12th at 8:00am
9 LBS 1 OZ 
20 1/2 inches long

Mom and Dad are so in love with you already 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Little People, Big World New Episode May 09, 2017

Here is a recap of the new episode of Little People Big World which aired on TLC Tuesday May 09, 2017.

Review written by Rap541


So there’s a cool show on PBS called Victorian Slum House – it’s fun, please try it. 

In re-watching the last episode, I still kinda find it telling that Matt and Amy immediately are fighting. 

New bonus scene – Zach likes the man baby vests that carries the baby.
I still find the empty bowling alley date creepy. But Chris is growing on me. He’s a silver fox. New bonus scene – Zach makes a box. Tory basically does it for him. Zach thinks it’s a girl. Tory thinks it’s a boy.  To be fair this isn’t terribly deep – girls are harder when they get older. Now they debate names. Zach likes traditional names. Tory likes weird names, and they start doing religious names like Malachai and Boaz.

Jeremy and Audrey in the car on the way both look so irritated. And Jeremy the brain trust is all “I really hope the first Roloff grandson is a boy”. Oh Jer, you big dumb crazy diamond!
I’m still sad seeing poor Sully with his Big Brother scarf :(
The “previously” is endless. So we’re at the doublewide and Jeremy is breaking in? Setting up a camera. Oh there’s exciting news and Matt is given a card and yup, Audrey is prego. It’s a surprise to them, so please don’t tell me the kiddies prayed and planned, they are having a baby on accident with no thought.  They don’t deserve to be lauded for how they sit down, get on their knees, and pray over every single family decision, as they are having a baby they didn’t plan for. 

Matt mugs for the camera. 

On the haybale, the kids admit how they didn’t plan it. Then they run off to tell Zach and Tory, and Tory and Zach seems happy. Jeremy is glad to note they are still twins and its not totally awful that Zach is first. Then they tell Amy and Amy is happy!

Matt and Amy confab in the office. He plans to turn his extra bedroom into his nursery. Amy plans to turn his old office into a nursery in the big house. Matt continues to harp on how the family photos per the divorce need to be copied by May. Honestly Amy? Just send someone to Kinkos. Its not that hard. I seriously have a trip planned to my parents home where my chore is taking our family photos to Kinkos to make copies so that my siblings and I each have copies. This isn’t that hard and its not worth the bitch point Matt is making it into. They harp at each other over the potential joint bank accounts.

Amy proceeds to pack all of Matt’s crap up.  She notes that she has to be on guard with Matt as she dumps his stuff in his office. She notes she is much happier.
At Zach and Tory’s, they are redoing the kitchen and making a baby room. They’re taking out the tile counters. They head off on a “babymoon” to some place with snow. 

Oh hey the Tower of Terror is still up.
Now Amy and Lisa are confabbing. Amy has a date with Chris at Mt. Hood. Amy is all woo but then Lisa presses her, and she falls apart and admits her insecurities. Amy calls herself a diamond in the rough that people don’t notice. The date is overnight and Lisa helps her pack. Lisa notes that her lingerie choices bite. Amy, go read Auj’s blog about taking slutty photos of yourself and dress accordingly. Seriously tho, this is amusing.

The mcmansion is so huge. Zach is taking Tory out and asks Amy to keep an eye on his house but Amy is going to Mt. Hood! Its so weird. Zach is weirded out by it but seems cool.

Zach and Tory head to Black Butte? They tease each other over reaching for stuff. Zach worries about being a good dad. Aw, Tory tells Sully to go find dad, referring to Zach. My mom does that with her dog.

Now Matt and Caryn are in the office examining the stuff Amy brought over in a weird way.  Matt has NO REGRETS over the marriage and basically Caryn mocks the stuff Amy brought over.

Zach and Tory are going for a walk and Zach is tying her shoes. They call each other “baybah”. Tory is all “Its an adjustment being kinda helpless”. Tory is fairly honest about being not in love with pregnancy.

Chris wanders in and smooches Amy. Amy is packing a giant cooler of food for the trip. Amy finds it to be scary to be vulnerable.
Amy is so nervous. I personally totally believe that Amy is totally into this. She’s not that good of an actor. Chris seems nice as well. And I really adore the cabin. Chris is all “ARE WE SHARING THE BED??” Its actually funny.

Matt and Caryn are going out with the Auction House Couple. Its all so fresh and innocent. Caryn is all “if we stay in a relationship, you’re gonna need to shut up about work”. Caryn also notes that its awkward to work with Amy.  Matt is all “Caryn’s the boss “ and frankly that’s so different from Matt and Amy.

Auj and Jer show up to the winter babymoon. Jeremy is quick to note how they ARE RIGHT BEHIND THEM. Zach and Jer walk in the snow. Zach gives a really good talk about the difference issue.

Back at the cabin, Amy and Chris have a snow battle in front of a large machine vehicle. At the young people cabin, Tory and Audrey talk about being pregnant. Tory clearly had morning sickness and wants the alien in her body out.

At the sex cabin, I mean Amy and Chris’s, Amy fucked up the roast. Chris tries to appease her ego but she worries endlessly. Now they cuddle on the couch, and Chris gets all flirty and I bet they banged.

Back at the nice cabin with the young marrieds in Black Butte, Tory and Zach eat cereal and load up the dog.
At Mt Hood Amy makes her man a fortifying breakfast. Amy is way too much of a nervous mess for dating I think. Chris worries that Amy has some anger towards men in general and worries. I actually like that he is willing to discuss it. At the same time, Amy?  Remember this is the first guy ever after your divorce. You don’t have to marry him.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Little People, Big World Episode May 2nd, 2017 - Recap

Here is a review of the new episode of Little People, Big World which aired on TLC Tuesday May 2, 2017,

Review written by Rap541


As I watch the marathon leading up to the new episode, I adore how Jeremy is not chiding or correcting his father as his father clearly tells him his plan to openly lie to Amy. Way to stand on those principles, Jer!

There’s bonus scenes in the countdown. We start wth Jer and Auj driving up for Amy’s birthday in the 1970s orange car. This is basically awkward as Zach is all “should we bring dad?” and the surprise for Jer and Auj’s anniversary is discussed. Jeremy doesn’t rise above a monotone when he speaks.

Another bonus scene is Zach on an ATV going to Matt’s office. They discuss why Matt is wearing his neck brace. And Zach invites Matt to Amy’s birthday party.

Otherwise basically the same. Sometimes I wonder if Matt and Amy are going to end up on Fear Thy Neighbor. All I know? I am missing Forged in Fire for this! Highly recommend Forged In Fire on the History Channel.

So lets see… Credits still include Jacob. Zach heads into his house. Tory is 20 weeks pregnant. He and Tory do a nice sum up of how they have nothing done and need present parties. I personally don’t care for gender reveal parties. They are concerned about the potential for dwarfism, which I think is mature. I do like Zach’s questioning calling it scary, and Tory’s genuine concern. And Zach nicely sums it up that he doesn’t want to wish his kid has dwarfism but he also doesn’t want to say he wants an average height kid because it has it’s own problems. They seem pretty together.

Matt is chasing his dog down with an ATV. Matt is all “we’re divorced but this is all cool”.  The compound is on the back burner because Zach and Tory are having a kid so the farm must be repaired! Amy meanwhile is hunting for photos of the kids and is very happy. She is worried about starting over and making a living for herself. She’s still dating Chris. Amy tells this all in voice over as she goes thru the baby clothes she kept.

Oh look, Caryn is here, speaking out loud. And Matt’s dating her! She’ll be attending the gender reveal party. Matt did a lot of soul searching “after the divorce” and Caryn offered him “companionship”. He notes he thinks she is cute and he pointedly color coordinates his outfit with her. Then he heads over to the big house
Matt and Amy discuss the gender reveal. Matt wants a BOY. Matt also describes Zach as never quitting etc etc which I really don’t recall. Matt wants the baby to be a dwarf. They then argue about the family photos and scanning and now they’re fighting! Amy haybales how sometimes she does’t like the divorce being totally brought up all the time. Matt asks about Chris, Amy asks about Caryn. Matt haybales how he’s totally not wanting this to be awkward, meanwhile he’s all “WILL YOU AND CHRIS LIVE IN THE BIG HOUSE?”

Amy btw seems to very much think Caryn and Matt’s relationship didn’t start after the divorce.

Zach and Tory are shopping for baby stuff. Yeah this is super dull to me. The big issue is getting a crib at the height Zach needs to access it. But basically they can’t buy anything until the gender reveal.

Amy and Hot Chris are bowling in a nearly empty bowling alley. This feels kinda sorta, actually totally fake because the bowling alley is CLEARLY closed. Amy implies that Chris hasn’t really met the family but feels awkward inviting him to the gender reveal because it doesn’t seem appropriate.. Oh I wonder if that is a problem.

Zach and Matt check out the tree house and muse in voice overs how the baby might be a little person. Matt sagely notes to Zach that he’ll need to actually provide for the kid and demands to know what plan Zach has.

I genuinely wonder if Matt will pointedly sit Jeremy down on camera and ask him how he plans to provide for his family. I mean, Zach deserved that personal humiliation so shouldn’t Jer also get the lecture? Matt reiterates how he desperately wants the child to be a boy.

Amy and Lisa are drinking mimosas and discussing the gender. Amy doesn’t care. She’s more concerned about the LP possibility. The kids, the friends, Tory’s parents, Matt… Lisa thinks Amy should invite Chris and Amy doesn’t want to distract from the gender reveal. Hmm… Amy knows that Caryn will be at the gender reveal party and Amy is trying to be cool. Amy is clearly angry and implies Caryn has been Matt’s sidepiece for a while.

At Jeremy and Audrey’s house! They’re haybaling about how they’ve had their struggles. They’re looking for a place to live because the landlord is selling the place. They’re driving into Portland and Jeremy wants a boy! Also they both seem totally not thrilled about the baby. Jeremy notes how Zach and Tory is ahead and omg what if they have more babies than us! OMG THAT’S WHATS IMPORTANT! WHO HAS THE MOST!

Seriously, it’s a competition. That’s so sad. Jeremy seriously thinks it’s a problem if Zach and Tory are “ahead” of them.

Zach and Tory are at the ultra sound. They don’t want to know the gender!  So, they listen to the heart beat and they take pictures and they’re so clearly happy. The baby may be a dwarf! Or not! I suspect they’re gonna drag this out.

After commercial, yup, they’re really not sure if it’s LP and there’s no way to know this early. They coo over the sonogram photos.

And it’s snowing for the party. There’s pink and blue crap everywhere. This is very elaborate. Oh hey there’s Molly, and she’s getting married. Everyone is there although Jacob is pointedly not mentioned in the discussion of family and Amy notes *Caryn* will be there.

Matt and his date show up. Amy hugs her and voices over how weird it is. Funny we don’t see Jeremy’s response. Or Audrey’s. Matt, in his charming way, is CLEARLY needling Amy about the fact that he’s nailing the employee. Jeremy is all “it’s a peculiar dynamic” and not all “I need to ask Dad some tough questions. 

No comment from Audrey on how she’s still on Team Matt and Amy either, and neither express any concerns about Matt getting “sexual” with Caryn while the precious grandchild is around.

Funny, that. Though in fairness, both have basically been scowling whenever they are on screen so…

And it’s a boy! Everyone is happy. Jeremy notes that he has been beaten by Zach. Jeremy then haybales how the CLOCK IS NOW TICKING AS HE MUST NOT BE OUT BRED!

Something I am now curious about – the gender reveal was at the farm. Did Jeremy and Audrey drive home to Bend and then pee on the stick? Or did they do this at the big house? Maybe we’ll find out next week. I’m actually quite curious if Audrey and Jeremy invite Caryn and Chris to THEIR gender reveal party since they are on Team Matt and Amy and divorce is very very wrong.