Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jacob Roloff & Girlfriend Isabel Have New You Tube Channel

Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel, have started a new You Tube Channel. They  have an embarked on an extended road trip to a variety of National Parks. They said they will document their adventures on their You Tube Channel.

Rock & Roloff You Tube Channel

Jacob had posted a few Instagram pictures preparing his truck for the road trip. They are travelling with their 2 dogs, Moose and Luna.

Jacob and Isabel also have their own website:

Isabel has been posting her paintings: and Jacob written a few entries:

One entry Jacob made in late February kind of went under the Radar, until Radar Online recently wrote about it:

Jacob wrote this in depth piece on February 26, 2017.

Jacob opened up about what it was like growing up on the "reality show". Jacob refers to scenes for the show as "staged and fake" and describes watching his parents, Matt and Amy, stage an argument that was based on a real life argument that they re-hashed for the cameras and Amy had tears in her eyes after the staging the scene.  Jacob also responds to the frequent criticisms that he is a "spoiled brat" and ungrateful when he says he hates the show because he is "rich" and has gotten "things" from being on the show.

Here are just a few excerpts from Jacob's writing:

"Here's something original: I was on camera almost every day for at least 13 years. Putting that in the background, I can now talk about old ideas I've found that have impacted me and which have that 'new' quality when put in the context of such an original thing as growing up on TV. 

It takes me quite some time to get through my thoughts on this filming thing because I have for so long expressed myself and been met with an overabundance of people who know who I am, so challenge me, or even ridicule me. Because of this I've learned to some extent to build trapdoors, or rather 'safeties', in my writing

To give you a real example, I just said, "I've always been partial to not doing the show," and I can expect to be met with several of the common — let's say grievances. One of which will undoubtedly be, "Sure, you hate the show, but you're rich! Spoiled! You have things." Or something along the lines of my not appreciating filming to their standards, but still accepting and using the benefits of it.

I see no conflict and I'll try to explain it. First, from a bigger and general view, I was 6 years old when we started filming; what were you like at six years old? Fast forward to 18, when I decided after some minor controversy to not sign the contract for the show. That means: I am not contractually obligated to do formal interviews or show up to film anything, although it was still very strongly encouraged. What I'm doing here, is at 18 years old, making a decision when I legally can to not film the rest of my growing up. People then talk to that 18 year old and accuse him of hypocrisy for taking the money earned from ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 and 'abandoning' the show. Does that make sense? Their reasoning is that during those ages I was a brat, and resisted filming, so I don't deserve the compensation from that period

However, filming is the raw material, production is when they createa story. Obviously I was a brat sometimes, which would be abnormal if I wasn't, but Created Character Jacob from Little People Big World was a brat in totality. Not just simply acting bratty, like normal; production redefined his humanhood to Brat. They did the same tricks with my whole family. I posted once that, "the family that is filmed is not my family. They are the Roloff Characters.." People mistook that and said such outrageous things as, "So who is your real mom?!" Obviously what I meant was that the Characters everyone sees on TV are merely the product of a group of folks in LA editing raw footage into a story that sells. Dad: Creative; Mom: Controlling; Zach: Angry; Molly: Smart (okay that one is on point); Jeremy: Adventurous; and Myself: Brat. That's quite a dynamic cast! It's too bad that people take those caricatures as Gospel. Although it really speaks to the talent of an editor that can sculpt such believable personalities. (As an aside, these characterizations are not only incomplete or untruthful but can be harmful as well. 

This has got me thinking though, what really is an 'innocently experienced' childhood? Which childhood is fair or good, and which is unfair and 'failed'? I suppose the answer to this is one I've already dawned on from a different angle. I say sometimes that my childhood was changed somehow by filming but my childhood was filming. I as ego, that is, as Jacob Roloff, do not have some separate thing that is my childhood againstother interferences to that childhood. They are one in the same. This realization is how I've come to let go of all bitterness in recent years towards both my parents and the production company, as if they had robbed me of normalcy. Ah!, again I am realizing something, a parallel.

You can read Jacob's whole post and Jacob and Isabel's website: here

Here is their 2nd You Tube Video:

Here is their 3rd video


Ashley said...

I like their You Tube channel so far. It's nice, that at least so far, they aren't selling anything! It's hard to read anything from Jeremy, Audrey and Tori where it doesn't into an advertisement for something so they can make money.

Like I said in another comment though, I'm surprised since Jacob hated being filmed that he's now filming himself.

Brandon said...

@Ashley, truthfully I get the feeling that Jacob is realizing he needs to capitalize on any fame he has and use it to make money.

I think that's why he's becoming more and more public. I also won't be surprised to see him back in the show. It's been obvious that Jacob and Isabel have been spending a lot of time at the Farm around filming.

I also notice that Jacob seems to be toning done a lot of the previous "controversial" statements he used to make about religion and such. I'm also curious to see whether they talk about their marijuana use on their You Tube videos or if they make it more "family friendly".

In other words, are they becoming Jeremy and Audrey? Will they "clean up" and dodge their real views to appeal to a larger audience? I notice some of the people commenting on the You Tube channel are the religious types who obviously don't realize what Jacob has said about Christians in the past. This particular person was praising Jacob and Isabel for becoming closer to God during their visit to Yellowstone.

Rap541 said...

His writing has improved, that's nice to see.

Until he's actually back on the show, I am going to assume he's not. Point - all it would take is a "yes, let's film" from either Molly or Jacob, and they'd be back on the show. He doesn't have to make youtube videos to audition. And let's not forget - making youtube videos of trips is well... something the young kids do these days. Shit, weren't Jer and Auj being applauded and lauded for vlogging?

Brandon - I really hope they both have wised up about discussing the pot use on the internet, especially if they are driving thru states where it isn't legal.

Melissa said...

If you're going to do a "bucket list" type of trip, is it really smart to bring your dogs along? There's so many things you can't do or see because you can't have dogs everywhere. I know they love their dogs but maybe they should have left them at home for this?

Natalie said...

I don't think Jacob answered his criticism very well.

He is reaping the rewards from being on the show. And really, get over himself. Look out into the world. He did not have a tortured childhood. His poor pity me attitude is hard to stomach.

And how can Jacob and Isabel afford to take a 3 week road trip when neither have them have a steady job? Because of the show.

Erin said...

I think it's nice they are taking this trip.

I agree with whoever, it's refreshing that they appear to be doing the video for filming purposes and not hocking something. They'll probably make me regret that and pimp their camping gear in the next video, but I've almost completely glaze over Audrey's posts because I'm so tired of the product placement in every single post she does on social media.

Ramona said...

I'm so glad these two decided to do this. They are both so down to earth and really fun individuals, and together they make a good team. Isabel was so cute and likable in the video - it was refreshing to see from all of the robot girls we see nowadays on social media. Can't wait to watch their second one!

TapThatDancer said...

Jacob is the greatest creation.

M. t. said...

Can't WAIT for Vlog 2!!! Love Travel Vlogs and Videos!!

Renae said...

I find it comical that you people make such blatant assumptions about people. Isabel and Jacob has a job. You just might not like what kind of job it is since it isn't "traditional"

Ex LPBW fan said...

I think Jacob has a very interesting point about the actual production of these 'characters'. It is the work of others to present the Roloffs in a certain dynamic (I just had to use that word). It's nice to see the evolution of some of the characters. Matt: whiny little guy; Amy: making the most of things; Zach (and Tori): mature; Molly: still smart; Jacob: book worm thinker; Jeremy (and scary clown face): narcisstic brats. They've all changed.. just not all for the better. I enjoy Jacob & Izzy's efforts. And it's a nice change of pace to not have products shoved down your throat from their social medias.

Rap541 said...

Erin - I believe Audrey's excuse now for constantly pimping out her outfits and where she bought them in every post is that so many of her fans ask and ask that she's just pre-emptively providing the info ;)

Abby said...

Renae, get off it, Jacob and Isabel don't have jobs. Collecting money from old LPBW episodes is not having a job. And it's a stretch to say their RockandRoloff website is a job.

Anonymous said...

Abby, why so jealous?

Anonymous said...

They clearly do not have jobs. That's obvious from their social media.

Anonymous said...

Everyone of you are clueless. Jacob started a YouTube channel to make money. You can make a comfortable living just by making YouTube videos.
No long ago on twitter Isabel was asking people to donate money to her for food.
Their dogs are fake 'service dogs' that is why they take them everywhere.

Jared said...

Izzy is easily the prettiest girl any Roloff boy has chosen. Such natural beauty and so charismatic. Just love her.

Anonymous said...

I think Jacob answered the TLC money issue as perfectly as he could. He was a child, 6 years old when he started being filmed. When he was able to make the decision for HIMSELF, at 18 years old, HE chose NOT TO sign the contract. I am really glad to see him leave the family and start a real life with Isabel. YOU GO JACOB! Also, Audrey and Jeremy not only hock/product place in social media, they are subjecting us to that aujpoj crap on the show. Last week, Jer was wearing an ajupoj cap while his wife was wearing that always more shirt. The way she throws her red mess of hair all over the place you'd think she also was hocking a new hair color for Loreal. Since these are all characters created by production teams, I hope that all of these people recover and become themselves once again, but after all these years, it's going to be very difficult to remember who they were. At least Molly and Jacob will be OK.

Anonymous said...

I used the phrase "rock and roloff" with Jacob when he was doing that thing a few years back. FIGJAM!

Anonymous said...

Everyone of you are clueless. Jacob started a YouTube channel to make money. You can make a comfortable living just by making YouTube videos.


Christy said...

Anon, don't be naive. Jacob and Isabel are doing their You Tube channel for money.

You Tubers don't tell people to "like and subscribe" because they want to feel the love, they want people to like and subscribe because it's more profitable the more subscribers, likes and views you have.

Jacob is in one big bubble. He's so self absorbed. He doesn't even realize that so many people had horrible childhoods. He's so busy trying to get people to feel sorry for him.

Zed said...

I am anxiously awaiting their next video!!!

Zed said...

I am anxiously awaiting their next video! Anyone know when it's supposed to be our?

Anonymous said...

J & I are the best couple and Rock & Roloff is very clever, just like those two. I am so happy for them, they are starting something that is their own and not attached to the show or doing it for money.

Love Red said...

Isabel is so gosh darn beautiful !! She wears no makeup, it's such a refreshing sight compared to clown makeup done by you know who. Both have red hair but one wears it better. Way better

Anonymous said...

I hope he proposes to her :)

Mandy said...

Anon, that was a joke, Isabel doesn't need anybody's money. If you recall, her mom passed away and I'm sure she inherited plenty of money. People ignorantly saying she is using the show money forgot what this girl has been through and what her circumstances have obviously given her.

Anonymous said...

Wtf... Isabelle wrs a lot of make up, just like Audrey! And she's not a real red-head... but still like better than auj

Nuttin'New said...

I hope Jacob does Ok. I think he had a rough road as a kid and having all his business aired or not-that film crew always in his face must have been down right hard to handle for a kid, for a grown up to but they are consenting. Most kids do rebel at times its what we all do at some time or another. He is just out the door so to speak at 18...i cant believe all the crap that is sent this young mans way. Whats so hard to believe about the Roloff Charactors? Thinking most all reality shows-just show what they want with little traces of what really goes on. Nuttin'New!

Melanie said...

Isabel seems nice but Jacob acts and sounds like a total stoner all the time.

Peter said...

Jacob is obviously trying to become much more media friendly. Gone are the controversial statements about religion, he's even refrained from swearing in these videos and no talk or visuals of weed.

Susan said...

It seems like a fun trip to have.

David said...

Jacob should do ASMR videos! He has a nice whispering voice!

Ashley said...

I like how a herd of Bison just casually go strolling by their car on the other side of the road, lol.

It seems like a fun trip.

Jodi said...

Um, Anon, Isabel is definitely a real redhead. Born with red hair on her hair.

Tom said...

Anon how can you say Izzy wears tons of makeup when in their last video she's wearing none lol Audrey wouldn't be caught dead without makeup on

Set Abominae said...


You can make a lot of money on youtube, the thing is it takes years to build up an audience base that allows one to turn it into a job rather than a hobby unless you're lucky enough to have something you've made go viral.

PewdiePie (whose content I can't stand) is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $10.000.000, The Young Turks (whose content has gone down hill in the last three years) rake in something like a million dollars a year of of add revenue, Nerd3 is able to employ three people and makes "a very comfortable living" off of what he does.

Eric said...

Jacob is so arrogant. I hope a bear knocks him out!

Did you see what he wrote for his "intention" for their website?

Isabel's was ok. Wanting to connect and inspire people.

Jacob? "It is also to encourage, in any way I can, the confidence in people around me to share their artistic or creative views of life".

Everything is about him. Everything revolves around him. The people around "him". Jacob has never shaken his childish bratty "You're insignificant" thing.

You would kind of think that doing online content is supposed to affect the reader or the viewer, someone Jacob doesn't know, but nope, with Jacob it is all about the people around HIM because HE has so many answers and can teach people around him so much.

Nobody deserves a haymaker more than Jacob.

Maria said...

Their second video was so cute! Izzy looks so smitten with Jacob. It's very cute and endearing. I'm really looking forward to the content they produce.

Anonymous said...

The reason their videos are so entertaining are because of quality editing and Isabel's humor! Jacob seems so natural and comfortable with her. I'm really happy for them. Wish he'd explain why he chose YouTube over reality TV though.

Rap541 said...

Eric, you're just looking for reasons to be pissed.

I can easily interpret Jacob's words to mean he wants to inspire people to share their artistic or creative views by encouraging them to follow his example. "Around me" easily includes "random strangers who read my public blog". I mean, lets be clear, "people around me" can mean different things to different people. You're choosing to spin it as "I only want to help people I personally know" - which isn't really the tone or in line with the content of Jacob's blog.

I mean, I get it. You're jealous and annoyed that he's still alive and that Jesus refuses to answer the prayers of many Christians here to kill or injure Jacob, but really, this just makes you look like a childish cowardly bully. Really, *nobody* deserves a haymaker more? Jacob is the ultimate evil to you? All over some phrasing that you haven't even asked Jacob to clarify before you deem it so arrogant you wish a bear would punch him?

And really - wishing for actual cartoon violence doesn't make your argument more impressive.

Eric said...

Rap, you can't be serious. But I know you are because you never waste a chance to defend the brat Jacob.

This is what he wrote: "Ìt is also to encourage, in any way I can, the confidence in people around me to share their artistic or creative views of life

Yes that means people he personally knows.

Look at the difference between what Isabel wrote and what Jacob wrote.

"It is my hope that, by leaving pieces of my heart here, I can connect with and inspire people who understand what it is like to know pain and loss while still being madly in love with life and everything it has to offer."

What Isabel wrote includes "inspiring" people reading/seeing her content online. Jacob's is CLEARLY focused on himself and people around HIM. Yes, people he personally knows.

If he meant strangers seeing his content online then he is one horrible writer because that's not what he wrote. Maybe Isabel should tell him how to correctly convey a message?

Jacob has already said anybody who he doesn't know and who is reading or seeing what he is doing on social media is "insignificant".

Natalie said...

I think it's obvious the only reason why Jacob is doing the You Tube channel is because Isabel wants to do it and they want to make some easy money. That's why they are asking people to like and subscribe.

Jacob is a very arrogant and self absorbed person.

Eric, I couldn't agree with you more about Jacob calling people insignificant. Jacob showed his character when he once tweeted that whether people write nice, heartfelt things to him in social media comments or if they write criticism, none of it means anything to him because they are all insignificant and he doesn't care.

What is the word for a person like that? I could think of a few!

Rap541 said...

Eric, honestly your insistence on the point just makes you look more bitter. What Jacob wrote can be interpreted several ways. Insisting your theory is the oy truth makes you look inflexible and biased. I am willing to consider your interpretation but taken in context, a public blog where he's also discussing a variety of topics... yeah, otherwise seeing the intent you're assigning it. If it's just for people he knows, why post publically? His intent is obviously to make his philosophical points known to the public

I mean, bag on it because it's dry and a bit self serving... (that's me not being complimentary btw) but pitching a fit over some thing that's easily interpreted differently just reflects badly on you.

Troy said...

Jacob is so arrogant and egotistical. He has no humility. He thinks he knows everything and other people need to learn from him because he has such a high opinion of himself.

Anonymous said...

wonder where he might have learned this from? (HINT: JEREMY)

Anonymous said...

Troy, you could replace your sentence with "Jeremy" and it would still work.

PJ said...

In other words Troy, Jacob is just like big brother Jer.

Denise said...

I am disgusted with Jacob. I watched those videos Jacob posted to his twitter of the truck in the Walmart Parking lot.

Jacob sounds very drugged up. Very "high" as the cool kids say. You can hear what sounds like Isabel trying to shut Jacob up because she knows how stoned he sounds.

Jacob Roloff is a terrible person and a terrible example for all. I pray that Tori and Audrey will keep their children from Jacob's influence.

Shelby said...

I hate Jacob so much. Hopefully they'll film something bad happen to him on this trip.

He's so fake trying not to sound like an evil drug user and trying to sound all smart and presentable. He's very fake.

Rap541 said...

I again point out that only nasty, ugly minded people openly wish for harm to fall upon others, Shelby. You're so fake saying you're a good Christian and then you say that you wish harm upon someone and that you hate them. You are exactly what you claim to despise.

I seriously suggest you talk to a pastor about your misguided views on how Jesus finds it adorable for you to hate.

Shelby said...

Rap get off it. You can't make me feel guilty. Blame Jacob for making me feel this way. He's a terrible person. Don't pretend like you've never cheered against someone you don't like.

Rap541 said...

No, Shelby, I don't blame Jacob for you spewing hate publically. You are making the choice to prance around in public insisting you're a good person for wishing harm on others. Your gripe with Jacob is that he's fake. You as a Christian should be praying for him that he changes. Don't believe me? Ask your pastor. What you are doing instead of praying is running around in public shouting "I'm hating! And I am PROUD of it!"

I mean, you are proud of your comments here, right? You just said you don't feel one lick of guilt over wishing harm on someone you've not even met and you do consider yourself a good Christian for saying "I WISH HARM ON OTHERS BECAUSE I HATE THEM!", right?

Then *you* are to blame for your own behavior, Shelby. And really, "I'm Shelby and I can't control my rage, Jacob makes me so ANGRY, I am not responsible for my own choices!" really makes you nothing but Jacob's pawn.

He's won, Shelby. You're a shitty person because you have ceded control of your own behavior to Jacob Roloff. You said it yourself, it's *Jacob's* fault you wish harm on others and violate your Christian beliefs. Per your own words, you're nothing but Jacob Roloff's bitch because he controls your behavior, not you. You let him turn you into a monster and you seem proud of it.

So which is it, Shelby? Are you responsible for your own bad behavior, or are you nothing but Jacob Roloff's bitch?

Abby said...

Jacob always sounds high and Isabel seems drunk.

Anonymous said...

Isabel seems drunk??! Come on, she's funny as hell, we must admit it.

Rachel M. said...

I seriously LOVE their YouTube channel. It is so clear Isabel has tapped into such a genuine part of Jacob and "woke him up" in a sense. Truly feels like he's emerged from his shy, hidden hole and become himself. He seems to be so in tune with who he is. Reading, writing, and now pursuing making video. I don't know who edits them but if it is him, he has a real gift with it. Jacob is a very insightful person. Anyone here who says they "hate" him is just projecting their bad feelings towards themselves into him, here. Luckily, Jacob seems to be a very strong individual who, despite efforts made by people fore years, has been able to remain strong. I truly admire both of them and I am thrilled they have decided to open this avenue of creativity for us to follow along with. They are truly both gems among average stone. I can't wait to get to know them even better! Yeah for video 3!

Vanessa said...

You can tell "Shelby" is one bitter old hag who wishes she could shag Jacob. It's okay, girl, I know. He's so hot lol Isabel better understand how damn lucky she is that she gets to cuddle that muffin every single day. Ugh! They are cute. I hate admitting it lmao

Gretta said...

Shelby is your entire existence here one big fat joke? Like "I hope they film something bad happen to him".... You realize if you're watching their videos in the first place and they ARE making money off of them... you're just giving them views. So you are literally helping them. AND You clearly care enough to click on the video and watch them hahahah. And what "bad" could you mean? Are you on Eric's team that you genuinely wish a "bear knocks him out"? Like do you people use your tiny pea brains? You really think if something terrible happened they'd 1. Film it and 2. Post it then? You must be so dense. I feel bad for all the English teachers that had to grade your papers when you were in school.

Dennis said...

My goodness, Isabel is cute. Jacob, you're lucky bro.

Eric said...

There is only one explanation for people who praise Jacob. Atheists (btw, Jacob makes fun of Atheists too) who want to upset Christians by applauding Jacob's immoral life.

Seriously, look at Jacob.

He is a 20 year old druggie (by his own admission, he does drugs).

He has no real job that takes any effort or energy. John Mark Comer once wrote about the importance of having a job and displaying important qualities (dependability, punctuality, staying true to your word, respect your boss) that show's Christ's character.

Jacob has none of that. He is literally living off money his parents provided with him as a child which he has complained about bashed them about (publicly).

His girlfriend, Isabel, clearly has some mental health issues and he uses her. It was said the house they were living in was obtained by Isabel. She is in some state of mourning of the loss of her mother at a young age and Jacob is taking advantage of her and her inheritance.

Jacob is on record saying he respects the opinion of anyone he doesn't know. If it's a compliment or criticism, he says they are all dummies that don't mean anything because he is so much smarter and knows more.

His arrogance is out of this world.

His life is full of hypocrisies. Hate the show, but demand the money and live off it. Even with the gay stuff, tweet like he is a social warrior for gay rights but when the truth comes out in his personal life it shows he too is disgusted by what gays do in our society and how they infringe on the rights of normal people. But he's a hypocrite because he wants to be praised by leftists. Jacob, in a very nasty manner, trashes his parents and then constantly uses them and his property when it benefits him.

He disrespects all of his social media followers and then asks them to follow his You Tube page.

His writing wreaks of arrogance. How can anyone get by how egotistical Jacob is with his writing and thoughts? Everyone around him needs to learn from HIM.

If his name was Walter Smith and he was a 20 year old pot head driving around the country with the money his parents provided him with from childhood and he had such an arrogant cocky attitude, would anybody be praising Walter Smith?

Melissa said...

Jacob is extremely arrogant. He does think he knows more than everybody else.

Isabel seems nice enough, but I did see in her snapchat that she admitted to being tipsy. She's said that several times.

They should try to experience life without drugs and alcohol.

Rap541 said...

John Mark Comer once wrote about the importance of having a job and displaying important qualities (dependability, punctuality, staying true to your word, respect your boss) that show's Christ's character.

And yet Jeremy "I WALK WITH JESUS" Roloff does not and has not followed John Mark Comer's sainted advice. Jacob, by not working, is following in brother Jeremy's footsteps and following brother Jeremy's example.

Remember, Jeremy does not live by John Mark Comer's words. If Jeremy refuses, then why should anyone else?

More seriously Eric, if you don't like Jacob's writing or Jacob's youtube channel... then don't go. He's no longer on tv, and hasn't been for a few years now. You do understand you're entirely the one seeking him out and giving him attention right? I mean, its not like you found it flipping channels. You had to go to his website to read his writings so basically you're choosing to inflict him upon yourself. Sounds like you've got a big old mancrush on someone!

Jacob, in a very nasty manner, trashes his parents and then constantly uses them and his property when it benefits him.

Matt and Amy own the property and can legally restrict him. And don't. Matt and Amy could easily disprove his claims of not being paid. Likewise Jeremy and Audrey - why do you never ever hold the family accountable for what offends you so greatly?

His girlfriend, Isabel, clearly has some mental health issues and he uses her.

Got any proof, big boy? :) You're publically accusing someone who isn't a public figure of being mentally ill, Eric. Come on, got anything other than your obvious jealousy and your tiny little cock as evidence? Come on, you've stood up like a man and said Isobel is mentally ill. Are you going to provide any evidence? Or cry like a little bitch that this is somehow "praise".

I'd really like to see some evidence since you have been man enough to make the claim.

Btw - part of your problem is that you choose to interpret anything other than "I WANT A BEAR TO PUNCH HIM!" as praise. If you'd actually read my comments for example, while I find his writing has improved, I still find it dull and self serving. Lil hint? That's not praise.

PJ said...

In other words Eric you think Jacob is just like Jer, damaged oartner (Tawdry ain't exactly nornal), drugs (booze for Jer), no job. Identical brothers.

Shelby said...

You pathetic Jacob fans can't make me feel guilty. I am a Christian. God knows my heart and I love Jesus. God understands my heart and understands my thinking.

What did you do yesterday? I was at church praising Jesus. Here in Texas Christians go to church and are proud of being guided by God.

You can say 'pray that Jacob suddenly decides to become a good person and live for Jesus Christ" but that's not going to happen on it's own. God works in mysterious ways and none of us knows God's plan. I think God will have something happen to Jacob and the humility of his injury will be what makes him realize how horrible he was. I have not forgotten about the awful tweets he made about Christians on this site and how he treated Anne Bailey on twitter.

Oh and one view on You Tube is not going to make Jacob a lot of money. But of course you are right,, that is why Jacob does anything, for money because that is how Satan attracts people who are after money.

"Are you on Eric's team that you genuinely wish a "bear knocks him out"? Like do you people use your tiny pea brains? You really think if something terrible happened they'd 1. Film it and 2. Post it then?"

Hilarious!! Yes! There's lots of things that could happen to Jacob. As for them filming it and it getting out, yeah it's unlikely but God is great. You never know what can happen. The day will come when Jacob betrays Isabel and when she's going to be looking for revenge and ways to humiliate him.

Shelby said...

Oh and did you all know that Jacob is more likely to be knocked unconscious than most people because of his history? It's true.

If Jacob whacks his head there's a good chance he will be knocked unconscious because of his past. My friend's older brother is into boxing and he said that's right.

I believe because of the way Jacob is living his life and how he treats people that he is on the path for something bad to happen and I'm not going to feel bad because Jacob is bring it on himself.

PJ said...

Your as much a Christian as the squirrel that lives on my patio. And he's smarter and kinder. Attending church is no indicator of belief or understanding. You have no clue what Christianity is or means. Try growing up. And I agree that your constant attacks on Jacob and Isobel is jealousy. Either you want Jacob or you want the teeny amount of fame they have.
You want to talk about people dong anything for money? Look at the TV preachers who have sold their souls for fame and money. Dear god, Peter Popoff is selling "miracle water". Really?

I know this venture isn't a long term profit center but maybe it will lead Jake and Izzy to something better for

Rebecca said...

Jacob is so condescending and full of himself, it's hard not to root against him in life.

Rap541 said...

Shelby, again go to your pastor and tell him or her " I give glory to Christ by wishing harm on others," and see if you are told you're being a good Christian for doing it.

Yes, every time you wish harm on someone and refuse to pray for them, God knows your heart, Shelby. At last check the rule in the Bible was turn the other cheek, not "If he acts shitty , then I act even shittier and Jesus will praise me for my rage".

You can say 'pray that Jacob suddenly decides to become a good person and live for Jesus Christ" but that's not going to happen on it's own.

So you seriously think wishing harm and charmingly snotting publically how as a good Christian you've decided he's not even worth a prayer is *you* being a fine Christian? Shelby, seriously?

Oh wait... you planked your ass in church yesterday and proudly snot how that makes you *better* than someone who didn't attend... In Jesus's name, Shelby went to church and is now free to shit on others? Is that REALLY your faith? Because Shelby, all I've learned from you is that Christians are nasty little haters whoi judge others as unworthy and merrily state they wish suffering on others. Come on Shelby, do you ever actually pay attention to the sermons? What if Jesus decided "screw it, praying for unbelievers is too hard?" As *you* are doing and praising yourself for?

Shelby, you are to blame for your own personal failings. I just find it hilarious that you are exactly what you hate, an arrogant hater who thinks everyone else is wrong. So go ahead, keep on insisting that wishing harm on others is you being a Christian.

With you leading the way, it's no wonder the Church is losing members... and if you ever bothered to read the Bible, you'd realize you're doing the exact opposite of what God wants. You're driving people away from God, which FYI is Satan's handiwork... and exactly what you accuse Jacob of.

That its amusing doesn't make it any less sad.

Grace said...

Those Alan Watts people are crazy to be proud of the connection to Jacob. He is offensive and ridicules the opinions of others. He is arrogant and egotistical. It's cringe worthy to see the assistant to Alan Watts' son suck up to Jacob on twitter. Jacob needs to respect others before they can expect others to respect what Jacob is promoting.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of Jacob. I read that article he just got praised for. It is truly a well written piece. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with down the line. He's a brilliant writer with great strengths.

Gray said...

Has anyone else noticed how gorgeous of a couple Jacob and Izzy are? Jacob is the best looking Roloff.

Ray said...

Jacob tries too hard to sound intellectual in his writing. Instead he comes off as an arrogant kid who thinks he's smarter than everyone else.

Anya said...

I think the two of them compliment each other very well. It's so nice to see Jacob happy. A real treat.

Victoria said...

I disagree with whoever said that Isabel has been good for Jacob. He needed somebody to challenge him and who is not afraid to tell him when he's acting like a bratty jerk.

Isabel is a "Yes Man" girlfriend. Let's not forget that's one of the reasons why Jacob went from Steph to Isabel. He didn't like that Steph was trying to discourage his smoking and tried to get him to be nicer to people online. Isabel came in and with an attitude of "Do what you want, you're awesome".

That's not healthy for anyone. Isabel hasn't been good for Jacob. He's gotten worse.

Trump Fan 18 said...

Jeff Sessions is encouraging the law to be applied at its maximum levels against ALL drug offenses including marijuana. Going after Jacob would be a good move.

Rap541 said...

Shelby, don't forget.

You can act like a genuine Christian or you can insist you can't control yourself because you hate Jacob so much you MUST wish harm on him.

Choice two means all you are is a fool controlled by someone you insist you hate. You said it yourself, you're not in control of your behavior, you act as you do because of Jacob Roloff.

Not sure why you're so proud of that, considering your views.

mittsigirl said...

Dear Rap541-After being away from here for months, I come back and see that little has changed with the small-minded, and those who call themselves Christians.
I just don't know how you continue on here, some people are certifiably nuts!

Rap541 said...

Mitts - I'm subclinically autistic and this is how I stim. :)

mittsigirl said...


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the you tube video Jacob posted then took down on may 16th??? Does anyone know why??
I know he did talk a lot about lpbw and why he's not on.

Nikki said...

Did anyone see the 3rd video Jacob posted on you tube then removed it? He did rant about why he is not on the show etc. Does anyone know why it was pulled???

Peter said...

I didn't see it, but Jacob has a history of posting and deleting.

My guess is he gets in a mood, posts and then realizes he's owned by his family and TLC. It's very obvious Jacob is trying to make nice with the show because he's realizing that's how any money he hopes to have is gonna come from.

Jacob's a slave to TLC, just like the rest of them.

Karla said...

If there was any doubt to Jacob and Isabel's arrogance. Just read their description to their "Episode 003 vlog.

Talk about control issues. Way to start a video with a bitch fest.

" Published on 20 May 2017
For those who can't tell, Izzy is looking at Me, Jacob, in the talking portion of the video. Please refrain from unnecessary judgements and know that criticism is *allowed*; hate-full comments are *not*. Your comment will be deleted and you will be blocked from our channel if you do not abide. Thank you to all for watching.

Okay Mr. Jesus, high and mighty one putting all of his followers in line before they even watch your frigging video.

And isn't it funny that in our society, it is always the ones who consider themselves "liberal" who are most intolerant of anyone that doesn't say what they want to hear?

Ashley said...

Karla, I kind of agree with you in a way.

It depends. If they are talking about mean insults, like if someone insults Isabel's appearance or something, then of course they can and should delete that comment if they want.

But I do get the vibe that Jacob's description rant is about more than just mean spirited insults and it's about just comments/opinions they don't like.

During the driving/talking portion of the video, Jacob spends about 3 minutes ranting/talking about why he's not on the show and how he's annoyed with how people comment about it.

If someone comments and disagrees with what Jacob was ranting about, Jacob will wipe your comment out.

I notice all 14 comments that are left right now are all "Great video. Great scenery. Thank you!"

If they're going to talk about different issues, I think they should allow people to discuss those issues. Something other than "great video".

But that's why I like posting on Spiritswander rather than the Roloffs own sites.

It's always stupid to give the subject (Jacob, Audrey, Jeremy, Matt, etc) control over what people can say.

Darla said...

I honestly think they put that in because they deleted the video before because there were a lot of "Izzy is so vain" "Izzy looks terrible without makeup" comments and I'm sure they were getting to her. I commented that I liked the Vlog, and suddenly my comment would not send. I realized the video was taken down. I think that's what they are referring to. Which you're right, they have every right to take down if they want if people are bullying Izzy. That isn't fair.

Ashley said...

Thanks Darla. If that's what they are talking about, then I agree with that. It's not nice to post to a video to tell someone that they look terrible. The vain part of it is more of a grey area. "You seem a little materialistic or in love with yourself." That's an opinion. That's how I see comments like that.

When Jacob starts talking about the show as a hardship and stuff like that, if someone thinks it makes Jacob sound sheltered or out of touch or if people think Jacob sounds open to doing the show again and they think he will be a sell out and a hypocrite, then that's their opinion. People say Audrey and Jeremy seem very full of themselves and I think that's a legitimate comment!

If Jacob and Isabel only want people to comment "Great video!" which is basically what ALL 14 comments are right now, almost all identical, then why even enable comments at all?

I get the impression they censor anything that annoys them which basically is anything that Jacob disagrees with. I've seen Jacob delete Instagram comments from people who were just posting what JACOB SAID about Christians and religion before.

JJ said...

I don't like stubble on his chin. Jacob is going for Jeremy's hairstyle.

Alyssia said...

Why is Jacob's white shirt all ripped around the shoulders? The driving part when he's talking about the show. Is that a new hipster brand of clothing?

Jocelynn said...

When Jacob talks about not wanting people to recognize him from the show and would rather them ask "What's your name", I can't help but think about how all the Roloffs must be very naive and "snowed" by their friends.

Don't they realize that people who meet them who say they didn't watch the show or know who they are, are just lying??

The Jeremy Superfan Jerslund girl who used to talk to everybody who hung out with the Roloffs at any events or conferences or anything, did a post on that once.

People who befriended the Roloffs at stuff like that had a rule, fake and pretend like you don't know who they are. If one person says "I like the show", the Roloff would want to get away from that person. But if someone else said "Who are you, oh you're on TV" completely lying, then the said Roloff would hang out with that person.

I always thought that made the Roloffs kind of dumb and kind of sad that they basically are drawn to people who are liars rather than honest people who are coming from a good place.

Peter said...

Jacob should be grateful that people are about his opinion at all.

Stop It, Please said...

Eric wrote:

He has no real job that takes any effort or energy. John Mark Comer once wrote about the importance of having a job and displaying important qualities (dependability, punctuality, staying true to your word, respect your boss) that show's Christ's character.

Well, right on, bro. The only problem is that you just described Jeremy and Auj, alleged fervent followers of your hero Comer.

TapThatDancer said...

Jacob is a living, breathing MASTERPIECE. His eyes are truly mesmerising. His voice is music.

Jesus hater said...

Texans are huge cunts. Shelby, looking at you....

Rap541 said...

so please be respectful and merciful when posting comments. We understand that you may disagree with us. If you would like to debate please do so with class.  *We reserve the right to delete comments that are crude, degrading, abusive, or extremely disrespectful.

is not so different from

Please refrain from unnecessary judgements and know that criticism is *allowed*; hate-full comments are *not*. Your comment will be deleted and you will be blocked from our channel if you do not abide. Thank you to all for watching.

is it?

Jocelynn, I actually had the opinion that Jacob knows that he is typically recognized because of the show and would just like to not deal with the pre-conceptions that the show causes... that that he blindly assumes that everyone who says they have no idea who he is are being truthful.

Based on some of the attitude here, I can see why he's not welcoming "I saw you on tv and I think you're an ungrateful brat and I HOPE YOU DIE AND I PRAY JESUS KILLS YOU AHHAHAH"

I'm pretty certain if someone approached Jer-bear with "I saw you on TV and I think you're a jerk for going on vacation instead of being by your dad's side during surgery!" that Jeremy would snot back "do you KNOW me?" and dismiss them and various fans would applaud Jeremy for doing so.

They seem to be having fun.

JJ - I totally agree on the scruff. I hate it on Jeremy as well. Shave or grow a beard, but the lingering scruff just screams "I don't give a shit".

Eric said...

Hands up if you were secretly hoping Jacob would slip off the pile of rocks? :)

Jacob's intro is all arrogance. Hear me Roar, I command you ::eye roll::

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Sorry I'm been away for awhile. There's been a lot happening that I would like to take a little time to catch up on.

Hey Rap, in your 2017/05/20 @ 12:29 PM, you forgot about Matt's entry a few years ago on his Facebook fan page;
"My Facebook page is NOT a Democracy!! (He went on in the style of) I can delete any hateful comments if I want to."

Also, on his personal blog, he welcomed comments UNLESS they were too critical or 'mean'. So Matt, his golden son and his wife are all "Hear me Roar, I command you ::eye roll::" Matt has trained his sons well.

Thus, these people that find Jacob's intro arrogant or offensive, have no choice than to think the same as Matt or The Auj Couple. I will not, nor have ever, post any comments on any 'blog' by Auj and ofAuj, daddy Marr, or Jacob so I really don't care what they write.

I personally think the reason the vlog ep. was up, then down, was because Jacob wanted to add the preamble about being on the show. We are not privy to the timing of the explanation recording, so who knows, They might have borrowed that technique from being on the show. I'm sure some posters will be upset that Jacob is using his years on the show to avail himself of the skills that he learned(?) about timelines and editing lol!

Safety Sam said...

No seatbelts :(

Rap541 said...

Podge - I agree with you and I suspect the bitchers will not want to acknowledge how MATT ROLOFF told people his social media was NOT a democracy and that he'd be merrily controlling how they posted.

Brandon said...

It's quite clear to me that it's only a matter of time before Jacob is back as a "cast member" of the show and happily going along with the sham that is the show.

His reasoning about "The show vs His own You Tube channel" was not that strong. I would have expected him to say "Hell no, I'm not going back to that fake ass lame "reality show" that is totally fake. Instead it was a very tame 'we have a bit more freedom doing a You Tube vlog'

Ann said...

I think it is really easy not to respect this family because they are only successful because of the show, they didn't work hard farming and building their pumpkin business, it was all TLC. And now they are just phoning it in to keep the gravy train going. Now if they had truly farmed and built there business organically and Tlc came in to show what they had built as a family that would be respectful. Now they have the youngest son saying yes this is all fake and made up to make money. Good for him. I hope he stays strong and doesn't turn out like his bullying brothers

Pooki said...

I really enjoy izzy's personality. So spunky and hilarious!!!! J you did good!!!

Anonymous said...

I think they have something really special. You can just see it in the way Jacob glances over at her during the talking portion. Honestly each scene feels very natural. Izzy is clearly still nervous in front of the camera, it's normal. Jacob has had years experience, he seems so calm and confident in who he is. I'm proud of him. I love their love, it's so cool to watch.

Set Abominae said...


I know many people who smoke pot on a recreational basis and they're without a doubt some of the nicest most chill laid back people I've ever known, the idea that pot is a gateway to things like heroin meth and cocaine is nonsense.

In fact the Rastafarian Religion considers pot to be a sacred herb that helps them stay in contact with god.

The real gateway to those drugs lies in alcohol because alcohol has many of the same extremely dangerous addictive qualities that coke meth and heroin all share, especially the way the body builds up a tolerance to them so the addict has to use more and more of it to get high, whereas pot generally makes you mellow and give you the munchies unless you're smoking it to relieve pain from cancer.

I personally don't care what Jacob does in his free time so long as he isn't physically or emotionally harming anyone because it's not my place to judge what he does in private.

I just don't see jacob becoming a drug addict because he seems to be smart enough to know where the line is and be willing to say no and is more than willing to stand up and think for himself.

I recently went to my fifteen year high school reunion and surprise surprise the kids who were most like jeremy (Ie: the popular in crowd kids) are now divorcee drug addicts or alcoholics whose lives fell apart in their late twenties because when their status as top dogs in the social pecking order disappeared they couldn't hide their insecurities anymore and chose to medicate them away with booze and drugs.

Jeremy is one of the most intellectually and socially insecure people I've ever seen in my entire life, he's completely used to having everyone kissing his ass because of the show when he was in high school because which gave him the cover of money from the show to literally buy friends off but now that he's in the real world and is being told that he's "minimally exceptional" by everyone who isn't his daddy he's completely lost and doesn't know what to do so he's just sleepwalking through life completely unwilling to admit to himself that he's going to be thirty in three years and he hasn't achieved anything of note or value beyond playing the fool on television and being a fool in real life..

This is why I see jeremy eventually becoming an addict of some sort, he has the exact sort of addictive personality of the sort of person who would do whatever his friends are doing just to fit in because he's too stupid to know how to say no to anyone who he sees as "being cool".

Tampon Flask said...

I've missed your recaps, Rodge/Podge Groupie.
I'm happy you are back, and hope you can recap in the future along with Rap's recaps.

Thanks for the added insight into the Roloff comments censorship sham, not surprising at all.

Rap541 said...

When Jacob starts talking about the show as a hardship and stuff like that, if someone thinks it makes Jacob sound sheltered or out of touch or if people think Jacob sounds open to doing the show again and they think he will be a sell out and a hypocrite, then that's their opinion. People say Audrey and Jeremy seem very full of themselves and I think that's a legitimate comment!

In fairness, Ashley, making such a comment - Audrey and Jeremy seem very full of themselves - is deemed "HATING" by certain fans and those fans insist Auj and Jer have every right to remove any comments that even hints of criticism and that Auj and Jer are CHRIST BLESSED for doing so. So if Jer and Auj aren't horrible people but in fact are deemed morally right to remove comments they feel are "hateful" no matter how factually correct they might be, then I see no reason to take Jacob to task for following the Christ blessed example of Jeremy Jesus.

In other words, people can't have it both ways - if it's wrong to remove legitimate critical comments, then Jacob is wrong to remove a comment like yours, and Jer and Auj are AS WRONG to remove your example comment as well. The problem is that these discussions always boil down to "Jer and Auj are right to remove all critical comments and if Jacob removes ANY critical comments, he is morally wrong" - and it doesn't work that way.

Brandon, I just think until Jacob actually returns to the show, it's not worth debating. He said he didn't want to be on the show, as soon as he could, he quit the show. YouTube videos are not Jacob returning to the show after saying he hated it. Trust me, if he returns to the show, that's a much different story.... but until then... what difference does it make that he puts up youtube videos?

Ashley said...

Rap, but that's not me.

I'm talking about what I think is right or wrong.

I think it is fair for someone to say Audrey and Jeremy are self-absorbed. And I also think it's fair to say that Jacob is sheltered, ungrateful or whatever.

I think the thing with Jacob's you tube channel is if he hated the attention and stuff, then why put yourself on video? Jacob definitely seems annoyed that people have opinions about him, even when they're not being mean. Just things like "he's a rebel". Considering he said he tweeted he was being fucked out of money, said the show was fake and staged, wrote about how damaging and horrible it is to put children on TV shows, I think it is fair to call him a rebel.

I think the point about that is if Jacob doesn't want people to have opinions about him, probably the best thing was not to put himself out there. Only have private social media. If you hate having people comment and form opinions about yourself, you probably shouldn't put yourself out there.

Rap541 said...

I do understand that you, Ashley, aren't walking down the road I described... but the problem is that we both know that the road is out there and what happens.

Personally, I don't find Jacob's warning that he'll remove hateful posts any more offensive than Jer and Auj's up front statement to the same, or more offensive than Matt Roloff's "my facebook is not a democracy"

If Jacob is wrong, then Jeremy and Auj are wrong, and Matt is wrong and they should all get off public social media. I think we're in agreement. Where I have the problem is that crowd that insists "Jacob is WRONG and OH JESUS AUDREY HAS THE RIGHT TO HER OPINIONS!" when in fact, they're doing the same thing.

I'm cynical enough to question why Jacob is doing youtube videos beyond its fun... but its not so out of the realm of "things millennials do" that I can't assume it's entirely a bid for fan support. I mean, there's vlogs everywhere. It's what the young kids do these days.

Set Abominae - I wouldn't go as far as to assume an addiction problem, but the last couple of episodes... I have to be honest, Jeremy and Audrey look tired and cross. I wonder if having a baby because they couldn't let Zach get too far ahead was such a great idea for their marriage.

Rap541 said...

I've missed your recaps as well, Podge! Write some, please :)

N. said...

I think it's more like... He didn't ask for this platform. It happened. He was literally born into this. A brand name slapped on him before he could even walk or comprehend things. Suddenly there are cameras in his face. All the time. His family is destroyed. His once happy family mind you. TV seems to be the evil force behind most things in his life, that is up to the viewer and opinion holder. However, Jacob had every right to back out of it when he became of age. Every right. Have you SEEN the shit show that is not only LPBW but TLC as a network these days? It's mock/worthy. Pathetic.

Jacob choosing to now continue using this platform in a fun and creative way is really nowhere near the same as being forced to film on a scripted, dying out reality TV show on a network that gets paid to exploit people for their shock value. Jacob left the circus and started a new company. It is really, really simple for all of you pea brains. I commend him for not only taking ahold of his own life but turning out to be an excellent person in the process.

Ryan said...

N, anybody who is watching Jacob's You Tube channel is watching why? Because he is Jacob from LPBW. I know this one hurts Jacob, but why did Mark Watts' assistant find Jacob and connect them? Because he is Jacob from LPBW.

Calling Jacob a hypocrite is a fair label. He's now asking people to watch and subscribe to his videos, however, gets annoyed when people form opinions of him that he doesn't agree with.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap/Tampon Flask - they're going to be a couple of days late. I took on instructing a night course to try to make ends meet, and in the meantime myself and my satellite provider parted ways, so I have to wait for streaming. No problem.

Set Abominae - I spent 29 days in hospital treatment 24 years ago for alcoholism. One of the lectures concerned certain enzymes found in the brains of heroin addicts that matched exactly with the same enzymes found in the brains of alcoholics. Unfortunately, the only time to do a biopsy for the enzymes is after an addict is dead. Deceased. Is no more. Bereft of life. Passed on. Expired and gone to meet their maker. Shuffled off this mortal coil. Ceased to be. Bleedin' demised. Resting in peace. Pushing up the daisies. Run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. And that is, possibly, after performing The Fish Dance before heading home after their day job at the Ministry of Silly Walks.

I can't see the equality of "hating" with "forming an opinion". Matt himself to this day outwardly forbids "hateful comments" so I guess he also does not allow anyone to "form an opinion" of him. It has taken a few years to train his Sheeple, and I truly wonder if his 'farm manager' is allowed paid time to scour and edit his more-than-one social media accounts and blogs. Except when he/she missed the "Suing Google is one of the most fun things I've done in my life". Oops.

Paley Murrow said...

TLC stands for Totally Lame Crap

Ashley said...

Isabel just did my pet peeve!

Why do none of the Roloffs or their spouses/girlfriends have any manners??

I'm torn whether the reason is they were never taught to have any manners by their parents or whether it's a pseudo celebrity power trip thing.

I'm talking about Isabel's OMG, something so scary happened to us. I'm feeling extra sappy towards our dogs. So scary what happened!!' Of course people ask, what happened? And she doesn't answer.

Please don't give me the "it's none of your business, they don't need to tell you' excuse. It's having no manners!

As a comparable, imagine you see your neighbor getting home from work. And he says "OMG, you will never believe what I just saw driving home, WOW! Never seen anything like that before. WOW!"

So you ask "Oh, what happened?"

If the neighbor replies "It's none of your business!! It's private! I don't need to tell you! How dare you ask!"'d probably say your neighbor is a jerk. He is the one who brought it up, egging you on to ask and then fires out with "It's none of your business!"

It's basic manners is it not? Don't say stuff like that unless you're prepared to answer when people ask natural follow up questions.

Anonymous said...

I can't watch the videos in there entirely because of Isabel. I have only seen little bits of two videos to see what they are about. She so annoying. She plays with her hair too much.
They are making the videos to make money and that's how they will make a living. If you think otherwise then you are ignorant.
Jacob is such a wanna be and has no thought of his own. You can tell in his writings. He wants to be that guy from 'Into the Wild' who travels and does things on his own but he dies at the end. Also, he wants to be Alan Watts.
Isabel promoting Amy's food.
You can tell Jacob has been so sheltered and closed up in his room growing up. For example, He has never seen a 'Stellar Jay'. They are all over Oregon and I have seen in Hillsboro and Portland Metro area.
If you don't think Isabel doesn't have mental issue then you need to read her tweets. She clearly has mood swings, body image problems and depression a lot of times.
Also, did you know that Mueller, Jeremy's friend, has a YouTube channel? Yes, him and his wife have a channel. Making money only way the Roloffs and their friends know how. Pimping the family and their kids on social media.

Anonymous said...

Ashley sure is a high strung coot is she not?

Perhaps they're waiting to talk about it in a episode 4? Don't get your panties in a wad. Whoops too late.

PJ said...

You obviously have manners. Would you date a Roloff? I wouldn't.

Ashley said...

Anon, it kills me how some people will defend anything one of these people do, whether it's Jeremy and Audrey or if it's Jacob and Isabel.

Seriously, what they do is just plain rude. My example is a perfectly good comparable.

If your neighbor comes to you (which is what they do, by putting it on social media without being asked about it) and is all "OMG!!! You wouldn't believe what I saw on the way home. Shocking! WOW. Never seen anything like that! OMG!"

I am sure you would say "Oh, what happened"? If they respond with "I'm not telling. It's not of your business."

You and everyone else would think that person is a rude jerk.
Like why would any person with manners blab about something just to get people to ask "What happened" if you're not going to tell them.

It's completely rude and disrespectful. I don't know how anyone can defend anybody that does that.

Ashley said...

Good point, PJ!

Katherine said...

But they're not your neighbor, they are putting up YouTube videos. I think calling them completely rude and disrespectful is a bit of an overreaction.

Jocelynn said...

Ashley, I'm with you. It is very immature and rude. What motive is their to post something like Isabel did, saying something so scary happened, but not say what it is?

To your point Ashley, I think I learned before I was 10 not to tease people.

Unless Isabel and Jacob are morons, they know that people are going to ask "What happened?" If they didn't want to say, she should have kept her mouth shut/twitter quiet.

Rap541 said...

But they're not your neighbor, they are putting up YouTube videos. I think calling them completely rude and disrespectful is a bit of an overreaction.


I have a friend currently pulling something like this - a bit of a more grown up situation, she found out something about a somewhat mutual friend's marriage situation, accidently blabbed it to more mutual friends, and wanted my advice on how to apologize to somewhat mutual friend, all without telling me which friends she was specifically talking about because "I already am in trouble for blabbing". Now, in giving advice over the vague scenario, I know all the players well enough that I know with mutual friend that I am not especially close with has discovered her husband (also someone I know but am not close with)has been cheating and my friend accidently blabbed it... but it is a bit annoying because this is an actual friend that she's so worried about pissing off friend A further, she won't trust me NOT to blab even though I'm not in their circle....

Someone on youtube? Especially young adults prone to dramatics? Rudish but not worth a lot of rage, if you get me.

TapThatDancer said...

Jacob haters are losers.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

You know, in a way, that kinda reminds me of Donald Trump. "WE have a GREAT plan to make america great again! Wait until you see what we're going to do about Immigration. You just wait. Wait and see."
That's ALL we got during the election campaign. What IS your plan? How WILL you handle Foreign Affairs? He didn't say. About as much concrete as a mud puddle.
Nobody is calling Trump immature and rude. Why?

Anonymous said...

When is episode 4 coming!!!!!

Karen Beth Courcy said...

I agree with everything Jacob Said. I knew someone who was in a reality show, and they completley took the character of them and made it into what the producers wanted for the show. I totally agree with Jacob here!

I dont blame him ONE BIT for being bitter towards what the show has done. YES he got paid money, YES the family made money, we GET THAT, you can't tell me you wouldn't want the money too - - but I agree with Jacob, it totally turns the family into what the producers want the fans to see, not what is truly REAL.

ABout his YOUTUBE channel... good for them, at least its something he has control over to show the world who JACOB really is.. good for him!

Ashley said...

Jacob is saying on Instagram that he is making a "booklet" and wants to give it away for free or sell it for cheap. He asked everyone to comment and tell him if they want it so of course everyone is saying yes!

I'm starting to get the feeling that Jacob is a lot more like Jeremy and Audrey than you'd think at first glance.

Jeremy & Audrey have their "Navigator's Council" book to buy and now Jacob wants to sell a "booklet".

I don't really get it. If he was going to "give it away for free", why not just write it on his blog? Why sell it as a booklet? Obviously money, which is fine, but I'm just noting that he's turning out to be a lot like Jeremy and Audrey.

Jeremy and Audrey also did the You Tube Vlog channel for a bit before turning their attention to selling their "writing".

Peter said...

Shout out to livelifeelevated on Jacob's instagram for putting it to Jacob. Love how they correctly cited Jacob's hypocrisy of criticizing the Hamlins and how victimized he felt Jack Hamlin was. But Jacob seems perfectly swell with Jackson being a tool for a pay check.

"So how do you feel now that Jackson has officially "earned" his first pay check from People Mag. Parents held out for the exclusive.

He, like little Jack Hamlin, will be directed, produced, just like you, except from birth. Every medical procedure televised, every hardship, because that makes good tv.

Tori and Zach don't bother me, certainly not like their counterparts Jer and Auj.

Just wonder what your thoughts are on being employed as a newborn? "

That was awesome (except for letting Zach and Tori off the hook) and perfectly fair question for Jacob given his past comments.

Predictions on whether Jacob will ignore, delete or answer?

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. I wonder when or is it gonna happen.