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Little People, Big World New Episode May 09, 2017

Here is a recap of the new episode of Little People Big World which aired on TLC Tuesday May 09, 2017.

Review written by Rap541


So there’s a cool show on PBS called Victorian Slum House – it’s fun, please try it. 

In re-watching the last episode, I still kinda find it telling that Matt and Amy immediately are fighting. 

New bonus scene – Zach likes the man baby vests that carries the baby.
I still find the empty bowling alley date creepy. But Chris is growing on me. He’s a silver fox. New bonus scene – Zach makes a box. Tory basically does it for him. Zach thinks it’s a girl. Tory thinks it’s a boy.  To be fair this isn’t terribly deep – girls are harder when they get older. Now they debate names. Zach likes traditional names. Tory likes weird names, and they start doing religious names like Malachai and Boaz.

Jeremy and Audrey in the car on the way both look so irritated. And Jeremy the brain trust is all “I really hope the first Roloff grandson is a boy”. Oh Jer, you big dumb crazy diamond!
I’m still sad seeing poor Sully with his Big Brother scarf :(
The “previously” is endless. So we’re at the doublewide and Jeremy is breaking in? Setting up a camera. Oh there’s exciting news and Matt is given a card and yup, Audrey is prego. It’s a surprise to them, so please don’t tell me the kiddies prayed and planned, they are having a baby on accident with no thought.  They don’t deserve to be lauded for how they sit down, get on their knees, and pray over every single family decision, as they are having a baby they didn’t plan for. 

Matt mugs for the camera. 

On the haybale, the kids admit how they didn’t plan it. Then they run off to tell Zach and Tory, and Tory and Zach seems happy. Jeremy is glad to note they are still twins and its not totally awful that Zach is first. Then they tell Amy and Amy is happy!

Matt and Amy confab in the office. He plans to turn his extra bedroom into his nursery. Amy plans to turn his old office into a nursery in the big house. Matt continues to harp on how the family photos per the divorce need to be copied by May. Honestly Amy? Just send someone to Kinkos. Its not that hard. I seriously have a trip planned to my parents home where my chore is taking our family photos to Kinkos to make copies so that my siblings and I each have copies. This isn’t that hard and its not worth the bitch point Matt is making it into. They harp at each other over the potential joint bank accounts.

Amy proceeds to pack all of Matt’s crap up.  She notes that she has to be on guard with Matt as she dumps his stuff in his office. She notes she is much happier.
At Zach and Tory’s, they are redoing the kitchen and making a baby room. They’re taking out the tile counters. They head off on a “babymoon” to some place with snow. 

Oh hey the Tower of Terror is still up.
Now Amy and Lisa are confabbing. Amy has a date with Chris at Mt. Hood. Amy is all woo but then Lisa presses her, and she falls apart and admits her insecurities. Amy calls herself a diamond in the rough that people don’t notice. The date is overnight and Lisa helps her pack. Lisa notes that her lingerie choices bite. Amy, go read Auj’s blog about taking slutty photos of yourself and dress accordingly. Seriously tho, this is amusing.

The mcmansion is so huge. Zach is taking Tory out and asks Amy to keep an eye on his house but Amy is going to Mt. Hood! Its so weird. Zach is weirded out by it but seems cool.

Zach and Tory head to Black Butte? They tease each other over reaching for stuff. Zach worries about being a good dad. Aw, Tory tells Sully to go find dad, referring to Zach. My mom does that with her dog.

Now Matt and Caryn are in the office examining the stuff Amy brought over in a weird way.  Matt has NO REGRETS over the marriage and basically Caryn mocks the stuff Amy brought over.

Zach and Tory are going for a walk and Zach is tying her shoes. They call each other “baybah”. Tory is all “Its an adjustment being kinda helpless”. Tory is fairly honest about being not in love with pregnancy.

Chris wanders in and smooches Amy. Amy is packing a giant cooler of food for the trip. Amy finds it to be scary to be vulnerable.
Amy is so nervous. I personally totally believe that Amy is totally into this. She’s not that good of an actor. Chris seems nice as well. And I really adore the cabin. Chris is all “ARE WE SHARING THE BED??” Its actually funny.

Matt and Caryn are going out with the Auction House Couple. Its all so fresh and innocent. Caryn is all “if we stay in a relationship, you’re gonna need to shut up about work”. Caryn also notes that its awkward to work with Amy.  Matt is all “Caryn’s the boss “ and frankly that’s so different from Matt and Amy.

Auj and Jer show up to the winter babymoon. Jeremy is quick to note how they ARE RIGHT BEHIND THEM. Zach and Jer walk in the snow. Zach gives a really good talk about the difference issue.

Back at the cabin, Amy and Chris have a snow battle in front of a large machine vehicle. At the young people cabin, Tory and Audrey talk about being pregnant. Tory clearly had morning sickness and wants the alien in her body out.

At the sex cabin, I mean Amy and Chris’s, Amy fucked up the roast. Chris tries to appease her ego but she worries endlessly. Now they cuddle on the couch, and Chris gets all flirty and I bet they banged.

Back at the nice cabin with the young marrieds in Black Butte, Tory and Zach eat cereal and load up the dog.
At Mt Hood Amy makes her man a fortifying breakfast. Amy is way too much of a nervous mess for dating I think. Chris worries that Amy has some anger towards men in general and worries. I actually like that he is willing to discuss it. At the same time, Amy?  Remember this is the first guy ever after your divorce. You don’t have to marry him.


Ann said...

Amy is embarrassing herself, this was so awkward to watch. Amy truly believes she is perfect and does not have anger issues. This guy will gone soon

Tampon Flask said...

Everyone is getting frisky and freaky all over the state of Oregon in this episode as evidenced by log cabin getaways, babymoons, and whatever Jericurl and Auj call it, manifesting the spirit via intercourse?

Watching beautiful Sully and Tori's devotion to him is heartwrenching.

Hearing Jeremy and Zach go on and on about twinning through life at almost thirty years old sounds juvenile and silly. Jeremy has lost any looks he might have had in his early twenties. He looks craggy and schlumpy, like he has no real thing to do or place to go when he wakes up in the morning.

Matt is a complete tool towards Amy. I see why she is so snarky and pissy around him. His tone is patronizing and is very snide.

Does anyone find it fishy Audrey and Jeremey find out they are pregnant LITERALLY THE SAME DAY TLC starts filming?!

Anonymous said...

I don't care what anyone says Amy is embarassing herself. It's tough to watch. She's free to date or whatever but it's the way she is behaving it's pathetic. Auj or should I say Oddj was acting so superior while Tori was telling her how her pregnancy was going. You can tell she thinks she's better than Tori and does not want to be there.

On a side note it's mind blowing after looking at her social media that she doesn't dress more conservative.

Anonymous said...

AMY will be a 1 nite stand; he probably just was curious....
She is no "catch" nor is he.

Anonymous said...

This show has become such a joke! Chris is getting paid to appear as Amy's boyfriend. I see/feel absolutely no chemistry between these two. Tori has become yet another character that I do not like anymore. Jeremy and Audrey make me sick with their crap. I only watch now to see how the production teams create this mess and try to hock it as the Roloff's real lives.

Fun and Games said...

Jer made it so obvious that he needed to have this baby for his ego. I thought the scene where Tori was being honest with pregnancy to "Auj" was pretty funny because Auj made a social media post about being upset over people who want to tell you all the bad things about pregnancy. Finding the golden duo to be a bit unbearable to watch something as they make it so obvious they are gold-digging.

Fun and Games said...

Jer made it so obvious that he needed to have this baby for his ego. I thought the scene where Tori was being honest with pregnancy to "Auj" was pretty funny because Auj made a social media post about being upset over people who want to tell you all the bad things about pregnancy. Finding the golden duo to be a bit unbearable to watch something as they make it so obvious they are gold-digging.

Ecossais said...

What is beautiful about Sully? He was the worst trained/behaved dog I ever saw.

Tampon Flask said... Is he supposed to open the car door or take out the garbage? The only truly "trained" dogs I've ever seen are the service dogs that help the blind or the paraplegic. He is a beautiful breed imo, and he gives those around him joy and love. What can be more "beautiful" than that? I am obviously a dog lover, so I'm alittle biased. RIP Sully.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

Jeremy stated on his instagram that he took the day off from work on his birthday. Please pray tell, it's been five years and and I'd still like to know how he spends his weekdays earning money!

Audrey stated in the episode they've lived in three states and tried out lots of jobs in two years of marital bliss, but now it's time to nest, and take the plunge into home ownership.

Three of Jeremey's besties' wives are preggos. Jeremy is such a copycat.

Ann said...

Totally agree, and most likely he will want a son and want her to get pregnant again right away to keep up with Zack, this will be the end of their relationship, they are way to self absorbed for children

Stephanie said...

That dude just stood around while Amy cooked, if he was into her he would of at least helped out a little bit, you know just to enjoy the moment with her, so awkward, she seems really naive for a 50 Something, strange people

rainclouds said...

I saw that post. You could tell she was over it. I really think they don't have anything to do with each other except for being on the show.

Anonymous said...

Robot Chicken Star Wars III recorded the other day, much better than LPBW.

Eye Roller said...

The second anyone gets paid to be on camera, then any doubt is justified of their intentions and motive. What is Chris and Audrey and Tori doing reality tv for, cause it's part of the Roloff relationship bargain?

Why be on camera for ANY reason if it isn't solely for wealth or publicity?!

Audrey's Condoms said...

I can imagine Oddj and Jericurl cringing under the table and cowering in the corner of their rental during Amy's lust in the log cabin scenes. Amy's horny giggles must have sent Jeremy ready to ski off Mt.Hood for good.

Audrey looks like she's about five minutes away from giving Jeremy the "get your act together for our baby" throwdown, like seriously, like.

MissC said...

To me Amy looks pretty happy with Chris and vise versa. Yes she might be over the top but just maybe she never dated before Matt R ...or perhaps Chris wines and dines her and treats her well. A big change from Matt I bet. Seen lots of pics of her and Chris on facebook. They look and act happy. Anyways Goo Amy have a blast!

Ecossais said...

No Tampon Flask - Of course Sully is not supposed to open car doors or take out garbage but he does appear to be prone to running away.
In the great "gate engineering" project at Zach's house there was near panic when Sully "escaped" then when Tori and Zach are walking on the private property Zach has Sully on a leash.
I love dogs too but there are simple commands to train a dog like "come", "heel" and "sit". Sheep dogs are usually intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Are people mature enough to parent if their every third word out of their mouth is "like"? I fear for future generations whose language will be modeled after this bastardization of the english language. Even some surfers don't abuse the word as much as Jeremy does, and it's an indicator of limited linguistic capacity.

NEWS said...


Anonymous said...



is here :) Congrats Zach and Tori!

Janice H said...

I thought this show was about Roloff Farms. Looks Like Amy wants all the attention ( bike ride with boyfriend, pool party for HER friends, weekend with boyfriend behind closed doors, boat ride with HER friends for her birthday Chris & HER out to eat, Chris at Her place for meals & nightcaps & who knows what else) You don't see Matt flaunting his girlfriend around in every episode. Matt wants the farm to be nice but don't sound like she does. If he has the money to make it nice for his children & grandchildren let him do it. Amy makes sure her money is spent on her friends Me & all my children & their family, brothers & sisters LOVE the show & watch it faithfully. Lets get back to the Roloff children, grandchildren coming, & the farm with improvements & pumpkins etc. If Amy can't agree with that for the show maybe she should leave the farm and WHY all her female friends on there giving her advise > ATTENTION ON AMY ROLOFF < Ugh!! From " Minnesota "