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Little People, Big World: New Episode Recap - May 16, 2017

Here is a recap of the new episode of Little People, Big World, which aired Tuesday May 16th, 2017.

Review written by Rap541


Hey, if you need something way interesting to watch, let me recommend Victorian Slum House. Also I am missing Frontline for this recap.

I’m also amused at how Audrey’s hair goes from straight to curly in different scenes. 

 First bonus scene is Matt on the Mule heading into his office and opening bags of stuff that Amy brought over. Apparently these are all precious possession that he didn’t know he had until it was deposited in his office. Matt has deep feelings about a water cooler full of change.

Matt just loves noting he has no regrets over anything.

Good lord, Amy and Chris have a ton of stuff for an overnight. Also, amusingly, Jeremy is referring to the baby in Audrey’s belly as “he” all the time in the rerun. Oh hey, I am utterly certain that TLC’s show “Nate and Jeremiah” is about two gay male interior decorators with a baby! Huh! So, that’s Christian programming!

I also still love Tory’s very honest “God, I want it out!” views on pregnancy.  And Amy…. Who makes pot roast on a date??? And Amy, stop musing on how many women Chris has had. Another bonus scene, also with Matt. He’s talking to the dog and going through more boxes of stuff, complaining how the dishes were packed.

So we’re at Zach and Tory’s house. The new kitchen looks nice. They can see the baby’s face on the ultrasound. Tory wants Zach to cut the cord. Zach is grossed out but Tory notes she has to push the baby out her “hoohaw” so he WILL be cutting the cord. They have deep thoughts on the haybale about c-sections.

 Hey kids, don’t watch season three of Downtown Abbey – nothing good comes from birthing babies.

Auj and Jer assure the audience they will name the kid weird but not too weird and they AREN’T likely to have a dwarf. And they have to move. Auj is pro farm, but Jer notes that the dating situation is awkward and messy. Auj is all “I’m nesting!”.

At Zach and Tory’s, Matt shows up to look at the ultrasound. Matt notes how expensive the kitchen looks. 

Zach asks Matt about cutting the cord and Matt was all “oh god no, NO!” Matt is all “do you think its LP because it looks LP!” Zach thinks it’s not. Matt resumes the lecture on how expensive the baby is. Matt is all “live within your means!” – which is great advice and really, I just question Matt saying it.

Amy has her lady friends over and they’re all “did you bang???” Amy is all “it was comfortable…” Then she drops the “he thinks I am angry!” She has no idea when he ever saw her angry and I am like… there’s dvds, Amy. TLC is actually streaming episodes. Amy is worried! Chris is invited to Soup Night! It’s some sort of get together with her friends. 
Yeah, I dunno.

Dale and Veronica! Are visiting Jer and Auj. Dale gets right to the point, are you moving??  Jer monotones how the farm is there and also problems. Jer and Auj frown and frown. Jer worries about travel. Auj haybales how they have to move! If they are gonna buy, they have to do it soon!

Meanwhile Zach wanders into the sacred office. Matt wants to hire Zach into DAS, the stool business. Basically, he’s offering Zach a job and Jeremy can’t run DAS because he’s average height. Zach hems and haws. If Zach wasn’t on a reality show, I’d be all “take that job, yer having a baby!” Plus I think it’s an honest offer.

Amy has invited Chris to “Soup night!” I think the concept is interesting. Chris seems irked. The soup looks good. Chris makes some rude comments. Amy and Chris are going to Idaho.

On a side note, I think this is the first time DAS has been mentioned since Mike died.

Jer and Auj roll up in a white SUV.  Amy is happy to see them and is all “Yay baby!” Amy wants the kids nearby. They are “just starting” and Amy offers them temp housing. Jer haybales how that’s a worst case scenario. Jer heads over to Matt’s office. This is a desperately monotone talk. Matt mentions the moving. Matt notes how they’re having a baby. Jeremy looks depressed.

At Zach and Tory’s, they’re making a mural of mountains. Zach mentions the DAS offer.  Tory is like “Cool!” and notes that she may prefer to raise children. Zach still harps on soccer but notes that babies need stuff.

Amy and Lisa discuss how awesome soup night is and how awesome Chris is. Lisa is pushing Chris on Amy hard. Personally, I think Amy needs to date more. Lisa tells her to talk to him. I’m getting bored, to be honest.

Zach heads in. Apparently DAS needs to be rebuilt and rebranded so basically the business was shut down for ages and Matt is making Zach a job. Then Matt pulls out some creepy pig guts for Zach to practice cutting the cord. Yeah this is weird and it makes a huge mess.

Jer and Auj are looking at houses. Auj wants a new house.  They notice immediately that the house is on a flight path. The house is a split level and the realtor is Auj’s buddy. They hate the enclosed kitchen. Auj refers to the entryway stone floor as “gross”. They are shocked to find out that the house is already in a bidding war. 

Oh the kids are seriously contemplating living with the folks! Poor lil bitches. Hey Jer, as a Christian Man, aren’t you, and not your momma, supposed to provide your wife and your daughter a home? Also, maybe you could afford more house if you weren’t “babymooning” at a luxury resort in Hawaii

Amy has a date with Chris. Chris brought flowers. Amy wants a “conversation” about their relationship. Chris wonders if Amy wants to commit. He couches it in whether she needs space. Amy wants a marriage and sharing her space. Chris seems off put by that. He lived with someone long term… I wonder if that someone is dead. Dead and secretly buried in the desert! Chris isn’t terribly into commitment when Amy is already making yummy meals for him. They have coffee.

Next week – Amy is considering opening a restaurant. Sully has cancer.


Anonymous said...

Jer and Audrey say that staying at Amy's is a last resort? What ungrateful, self righteous assholes. I wish my parents were BOTH ALIVE to make such a generous offer. One day you idiots, Amy and Matt will be 6 feet under and you will both wish you weren't such assholes to them. I can't stand these two. They really need some reality shoved up their damn butts.

Eye Roller said...

Thanks Rap for the Victorian Slum show recommendation, it is fascinating.

Oh my, does Jericurl look more depressed and bloated than ever in this episode! Perhaps the "reality" of life and adulthood, and all that it entails has finally caught up to him. Audrey mentions for the seventeenth time that she has reached the end of her first trimester, uh, Auj, so you've been pregnant for three months and you are telling Tori who can barely waddle and needs help putting her pants on that you're "right behind her" in the baby race. We get you've got a bun in the oven, now what, boring!

Why does Zack keep saying it's a tough "de-shi-sion" to accept the job offer, as if he doesn't already earn $100,000 a year doing the reality show. How else can he buy a house as a night soccer coach? I love how no one in the Roloff family ever mentions how doing the reality show is how they all solely earn a living. Don'tbask, don't tell, I guess.

My thoughts on why Audrey deleted her post with Jackson: you can see the baby's head from the angle of the photo that he appears to be LP. Why delete the photo, she never does that. I have no respect for any of these people because they conspire with TLC and allow producers to dictate their lives and how they express themselves, it's such a complete sell out, no integrity in going about your life as a plot line.

Amy is getting her freak on, Roloff Farms is officially a looooooove shack, baby!!! (cue the B-52s). Does Amy say to Matt "No soup for you!" on soup nights?

Sara said...

Jer needs to grow the fuck up.

That is all.

Audrey's condoms said...

It seems that Jeremy and Audrey' grand master plan to "take over the farm" has been foiled, or at least put on the backburner due to the parental's love lives with interlopers instead of each other.

What will happen to Jeremy's pumpkin dreams of booby traps and grounds too sacred for anything other than fires to drink beer around, someone please tell me, TELL ME NOW?!
How many episodes are we going to get of Jer mumbling we have to make a decision and then reminding Audrey to make the decision while he stares off into space.

Parker House Roll Off said...

Jeremy looks like shit!!!!

Ashley said...

[b]My thoughts on why Audrey deleted her post with Jackson: you can see the baby's head from the angle of the photo that he appears to be LP. Why delete the photo, she never does that. I have no respect for any of these people because they conspire with TLC and allow producers to dictate their lives and how they express themselves, it's such a complete sell out, no integrity in going about your life as a plot line.[/b]

Eyeroller, very well said. I actually disagree about the baby looking like a LP, I don't think he is, but I totally agree with not having respect for any of them for how they conspire to make their lives a plot line.

I know some people defend them with the attitude "it's their choice to tell or not tell", but is it ever TACKY!!! They are using the welfare of their baby son as a cliff-hanger.

They knew everyone is wondering....because they go on TV and talk about whether the baby will be dwarf.

If not revealing if the baby has dwarfism or not because their entire life is a plot for their TV show (something that Amy got defensive about in her most recent post with Chris, someone said it's a plot line and she responded with 'I don't live my life for TV' or something like that!) then what is tacky? If there is a chance of the baby being blind, is it tacky if you play a game of "Maybe the baby's blind and maybe he's'll just have to wait and see, tune in next October on Tuesday to find out if the baby is blind!!! Hahahaha!'

So tacky in my opinion.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

Is Chris' former lovah buried in the desert? Oh Rap, you're too much, thanks for the evening chuckles! Amy sounds like me at 20yrs. old when I would ask my stoner boyfriend if I was someone he wanted to keep seeing, and if he liked me better than the "other ones. Alas, he didn't seem that motivated to proffer me any reassurance, until I realized I could do so much better. Chris seems to like her enough, but their dates seem to always coincide with film crews at the farm, so maybe that factors into some of Amy's insecurity.

JeriCurl said...

So Auj and Jer have three cars: the old blue jeep,the old orange jeep, and the white SUV. Jeremy must have sold alot of marriage workbooks to afford mutiple cars, hawaiian vacations at 5 star resorts, and a brand new half a million dollar home!Dude, you ain't foolin' anyone, lazy no talent.

If this guy didn't have TLC money he would be couch surfing in Santa Barbara, skateboarding to Taco Bell for brunch, and base jumping for the company.

OkMcKay said...

Jeremy and Audrey are ridiculous. They are the absolute worse. Someone needs to let those two smug self righteous little shits that if it weren't for daddy pushing his story they would be regular nobodies working for a living instead of behaving like some annointed royals. I see them around a lot as I live near them. Those two are almost unbearable with their over inflated egos and holier than thou attitudes. Their making a huge point of their child not being LP, as if.... I wish TLC would dump "Auj Poj and Jer Bear".

Ann said...

We all know this is fake and they don't have jobs and rely on the TLC paycheck, but those boys sure do come across as lazy little shits. Zach just wants to pretend work coaching soccer and how many times did Jer yawn and stretch this episode. He obviously doesn't want to film knows he has to or he will have to really work. He actually looks like he is resenting the show now, which is so peculiar, his fav word. And please that is not a real farm and would have gone into foreclosure without TLC. Chris is an ass, I can see why he has never married or had a family. Amy please watch the show, you have really sold your soul, it is actually sad to watch. It will be really interesting once they no longer get money from the show.

Rap541 said...

I agree on the massive disrespect and the being ungrateful, Anon. Jer and Auj often act like entitled little assholes.

Now, I do think some of their house hunting woes are TLC's way of giving them a storyline but....

Jer? Auj? Amy doesn't have to invite you to stay at her home. You're both adults, adults who think they're mature enough to have a child. That means YOU and not Jer's parents, have to provide room and board for yourself. Because you're adults.

And if the homes you can afford are "gross" then YOU need to find a way to afford nicer homes. Jer and Auj are *adults*, not children. Neither of them are handicapped or unemployable, and they are not owed anything. As adults, they are expected to provide for themselves without putting their hands out to their family.

And if they DO ask their parents for help, the only words out of their mouths should be "We are grateful that Amy is allowing us to move in". No commentary on how they're worried about Amy setting a bad example or partying too much because if it was a genuine concern, instead of mooching off Amy, Jeremy should learn how to be a man and get a job rather than be a slackass loser living with his mom because its easier, all while merrily bitching how he doesn't approve of his mommy's lifestyle.

Even allowing for TLC manipulation, Jeremy's not doing himself any favors in acting like a whiny little bitch. Likewise Auj. Hey kids? Guess what? *You* forgot the condoms. You now have to provide a home for a child all on your own and if you can't manage that, people will judge you. And seriously, knocking up the wife and moving with Mommy cause you can't afford the house you want versus the house you can afford? Maybe Jer and Auj should stop vacationing in NYC/the ski slopes/Hawaii and learn how real adults function. Lil hint hipsters - its called "get a job" not "bitch about the lifestyle of the person offering to support your lazy ass and your baby since working is too much for you".

Rap541 said...

Thanks Rap for the Victorian Slum show recommendation, it is fascinating.

No problem. I thought it would be dumb but it really is quite fascinating, especially when they have the kids in play and they're kinda sorta living on bread and butter and whatever parts of the animal they find in the trash.

Sacred Ground said...

Is it me or did Audrey and Jeremy seem kind of aloof and indifferent to their Bend friend's kids during the visit at their home? Neither seemed very excited by the kids presence, but it's probably just bad editing, wink wink.

I was slightly horrified when I caught a glimpse of the dinner table Audrey and Jeremy had prepared for their dinner guests, I think I spotted a roach and a couple of plastic forks thrown on there. Not what I would expect from a couple who claim to have an asthetic eye, and are extremely visually driven in their work and interests, i.e. modelesque instagramming, photography, hair curling tutorials, teepee interior design.

I_Am_Not_Cutting_the_Cord said...

The interpersonal relationship in the Roloff family members leads a lot to be desired!!! and its is getting worst with each major life event.

You have Matt being a puppet master, this who mess. Matt needs to learn how to deal with his ex-wife if he wants to make this Farm work. Also has Matt considered that his office lover is opening the farm and the family up to a potential lawsuit, were they all could loose. I can not image what Matt is like in the sac, maybe he is wild, but I am thinking it is more like old man sex, were he complains that his hip hurts.

Then there is Amy, the pretend a chef. Amy is acting like a loved crazed 50 year old girl. I honestly do not care if Amy is banging the white hair guy 8 times a day. Actually I say you go girl. I think she deserves good sex, considering she had to have sex with Matt. If Jer had been my child and sat me down to ask the tough question, I would of told him,to mind his own bloody business.

Jer is a man-child that acts like a spoiled brat who had his plans for world domination derailed because of Matt and Amy's interloping lovers. He needs to take the stick out of his ass and see that his christian life is not so christian. Jer is a want to be hipster. I actually can not wait until Babygirl Roloff shows up because watching Jer take care of her will be like a watching a train wreck happen. Audrey and Jer "perfect" relationship will take a hard hit.

Then there is Audrey the Odd-one. Where to start with her... First she acts like her family is the best when she has admitted her parents almost split too. I think Odd-one always has her bitch faced on. What is with her, even when she is pretending to be happy she looks bitchy. Odd-one is so money hungry and she thought Jer would make her rich, yet now she is the only one working in that household. Also her whole I am "nesting" just needs to stop. I bet she will never be with out condoms again. I am thinking Jer will never be in-charge of stocking the drawer again. Also do we need to know their choice of Birth Control? These two just want to move closer to the family so they can get free babysitting from Amy, Matt's lover, Tori and maybe Audrey's parents. Odd-one will only do photo shoots with her child then pass her off to the babysitter.

Zach is so emotional/mature stunted. Cut the F-ing cord. Get a fulltime job, or be a full time stay at home job. Just stop being a teenager... Soccer is a hobbie, and extra job not a career. Also stop saying Twinning. But on a side note Congrads, on having the first Male grandchild, I am sure your brother now hates you.

Tori.... I do not have much to say about her. I like her, she reminds me of Molly. And since she just had a child, who may or may not be disability I will keep the few snarks I may have for her private.

Anonymous said...

@ Sacred Ground

I wondered if i was the only one who thought Jer and Auj were just down right strange and cold to the child over for din din. Thought childs parents were strange as well. Dont think the whole lot of them need any kids. STRANGE! Poor Kid!! Poor Future Kid(s). These people *all of them* seemed kind of heartless like zombies . Get over yourselves Dumb Asses- Kids need attention or they will turn out just like YOU!

Anonymous said...

Amy and Chris have a more palpable sexual energy and chemistry than Audrey and Jeremy seem to have. Audrey seems over the whole thing and Jeremy looks like "holy smokes" what am I doing? The honeymoon is o.v.e.r.

Bend Barre Blogger said...

Jeremy looks like an absolute douche with that straggly hair hanging all over his expressionless face. He stated he wears it long because Audrey's all about the hair as if it looks good. Audrey's obsession with curly hair is bordering on pathological at this point.

I bet she literally prays to Jesus her daughter looks like a Disney cartoon with red coils of hair the minute she's born, otherwise what was the whole point of this baby thing if the baby doesn't look exactly like a hybrid of Aujpoj and Jericurl?!

Sarah said...

in audreys latest instastory jeremy is driving & texting. with his pregnant wife in the car. way to be.

Ann said...

I was thinking the same thing, that couple was very strange, the dude was such a know it all and you know jericurl knows all so he was having none of this guy telling him what is up with car seats. Jer is a douch and has douchie friends

Peculiar Dynamic said...

I'm just waiting for Jeremy to have the obligatory reality show sit down with Matt about how dishonest and betraying TO THE ENTIRE FAMILY it is to be intimate with an employee of the FAMILY while they are still an employed!

The double standard Jer and Auj have shown Amy on camera about her relationship versus the obvious silence about Matt and the Roloff employee, Caryn is warped. Their hypocrisy in this situation is laughable. What if Matt's intimate relationship had been with Camerino, would Jericurl have Audrey have expressed "concern on camera" for that, as it is an affront to their personal beliefs?!

Ann said...

Sarah - there is a video on YouTube of him driving and taking pics at the same time, the guy is a total douch who thinks he is above it all

Ryan said...

On a totally unrelated note, does anyone know who the Little Person is on the Nashville Predators bench? They advanced to the Stanley Cup tonight and during the celebrations there is a little person behind the bench.

I assume he either works for the organization or is a family member or friend of one of the coaches or players?

NOW member said...

I just watched this show. Then I read the synopsis and the comments. I find conversations between Zach and his wife and Jeremy and his wife to be of no least to me. I found Amy's analyzing her "relationship" with Chris to be extremely stressful to listen to and watch. In fact, I wanted to pull out every hair from her head, and mine, too! Frankly, I doubt Chris is "in love" with Amy or even that attracted to her in any way except casual dating. It was good that she put an end to her constant fretful, yearning, questioning by revealing what she needs and wants, and I thought it was fairly obvious that what he needs and wants do not match. That was painful, and I don't think she got it either.

robert bjerning said...

I think Chris got what he wanted and is just hanging around for the entertainment - Zach should show Tori more of his feelings, if he loves her he should really show her.when scully died I was devastated... they are so young more showing how they feel towards each other would be nice... keeps things together..

Anonymous said...

What is most distracting is that we all know these conversations are scripted! Chris is getting paid to appear as Amy's "boyfriend". The others are in it for the paycheck and will do and say whatever necessary to carry on with the show. It's disgusting that this is called reality. I watch this show OnDemand as sitting through this live is too much to bear. I guess it's the train wreck mentality-you don't want to see, but you just can't help yourself. Thank goodness for this blog and recaps. I can remain somewhat sane by sharing!

Tdearles24 said...

I think the whole stress factor coming from Audrey about moving back is not about what's "best for the family" I think she was squirming in her pants because, the closer they are to the farm and/ or when they take over, then that will give her the best chance to remain on tv. Sorry. She could've found her "nest" in Bend. Did anyone see her face when Jer just mentioned the idea of not wanting to be close to the farm/mess? Her face immediately went dark. She doesn't care about any complications or conflicts that being there might bring up for Jer. I mean please! Her face said it all, she thought she just might lose the opportunity to be the "new stars" of the show for the foreseeable future. Sad. Ps...I do think that part was unscripted

Oncefan said...

So Jeremy and Audrey are looking only in the Rockcreek area. Not surprising! It's only about five miles away from the farm, and the homes that they were looking at, that are too old, and too much of a fixer up, go for a little over 400,000. TLC must be paying them well!