Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Episode: Little People, Big World On TLC, May 30, 2017

Here is a recap of the New Episode of Little People, Big World which aired May 30th, 2017 on TLC.

Recap written by Rap541

Ah, its Tuesday night and I have tomorrow off! Also had some good news, my dad doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, he has an easily treated B12 deficency that was causing his symptoms and already seems better after having a shot. So, yay! I also became a sustaining supporter of my local PBS station, I am so grown up now!

Jeremy looks like Sideshow Bob these days.  In the reruns, I am struck again by how sweet Zach and Tory are when grieving. I am also struck by how kind the farm worker was to Tory, how heartfelt he sounded in expressing his sorrow. It was very kind and we don’t see enough acts like that these days.

It’s amusing to see Caryn just smack Matt back to work. Bonus scene! Oh look! It’s Matt mourning Sully for the cameras. He does a little confessional on how sad it is. Oh another bonus scene! Amy and Lisa “touring space” for their restaurant that will never happen. Amy basically wants a hobby restaurant. Amy, this is a *terrible* idea, stop it. Please just write a children’s book about your dog or the goats or something. In the end, it will cost less.

New bonus scene – Matt notes how directing the shoot is a big test for Zach and as usual he hopes Zach doesn’t screw it up. Now that we know Matt has an extra bedroom in the double wide, why do Jeremy and Auj insist on staying in Amy’s little sex den of horrors when they could stay with Daddy Matt and avoid all the tensions with Mom?

I’m still struck by Audrey’s smirk upon discovering the reality that Zach and Tory’s baby will likely be LP.

So Tory and Zach are opening baby stuff. They haybale how they are and aren’t prepared. They also rehash that the kid is likely to be a dwarf. Tory looks huge. They put together baby stuff. Basically its silly and kinda cute.

In Bend! Jer and Auj are still referring to the baby as a boy. Auj is 17 weeks and says the nurse offered to tell her the gender but of course they’re copying Zach and Tory by having a gender reveal party! :D Jeremy wants the gender reveal party to be low key. Audrey goes on about wanting a boy, and Jeremy wants a boy to play with Zach’s boy. Jeremy looks like a hobo Sideshow Bob. They go on about loving Bend and their friends in Bend and yet are havng the gender reveal party on the farm. Hmmm.

Matt wants the party to be not at Amy’s house. He then whines that he doesn’t have a nice big house where the kids to have a party. He wants a new house. Amy strongly notes that he needs to do that with his own money and not the farm money and then they have genuine argument about Matt’s constant whine about how he’s dying so he should get his way. Amy calls him on that shit. Finally! Seriously, you go, Amy! He was getting pissed, too and she was having none of that!

Zach moans on the couch and describes basically how he has migraine headaches.

At the farm, Matt is in the men’s adventure hut and talks to Zach on the phone about Zach’s mystery illness. Now it’s stomach pain. Matt chimes how serious medical stuff is and how Zach needs to see a doctor and isn’t this the same guy who openly stated he refused to see a doctor because they were basically butchers who tortured him?

Zach wanders in to ask Amy’s opinion on his fibromyalgia. Amy wonders if it’s his shunt (this seems like the obvious choice) Amy notes how worrisome it was. Amy describes the shunt issue. She then tells Zach to see a neurosurgeon.

Jeremy wanders into Matt’s office. To plan the gender reveal party. Jer notes Mom’s house is practical. Matt shits on that idea and notes how *awkward* it is and offers to stir up some drama. Jeremy haybales that he’s not interested in drama. They check out the wedding barn. I note Matt is getting his way by actually threatening to create a problem. Audrey notes that there’s no bathroom in the wedding barn. The wedding barn is also basically gross and Jeremy finally decides to use “the big house”.

Matt threatened to create drama to get his way. How charming.

Now we’re back to Amy and Lisa making a home business. Amy loves making sweet breads and considers selling them on line.
Matt ropes Jeremy into helping him move the new pirate ship. Matt blames the openly rotting old pirate ship on his neck injury and not on basic neglect. Matt notes how if Jer has a boy, things will be wild! Jer notes how he misses being a man. Matt screeches  and the pirate ship is moved.  Matt notes that recent days have been “dark days”. The pirate ship is placed oddly.

Back at Matt’s office, Amy, Zach and Matt discuss the baby. And baby CPR. Matt relates a story where Zach as a baby almost died until Honey did baby CPR stuff.

At Zach and Tory’s, Jeremy and Auj are there. There’s a cute bear outfit. Jeremy notes that its rare for an LP like Zach to have an LP child and I sort of want to slap him because Zach has a 50 percent chance of having an LP child which means NOT RARE. Then I remind myself it’s Jeremy, who is still expressing shock and “what does it MEAN????” over the very concept that his dwarf brother may have a dwarf child. Jeremy notes how he’s doing the gender reveal at Amy’s and the dynamics are so messy and peculiar! And tough! It’s all so tough for Jer. Audrey btw barely speaks except to agree how the dynamic is awkward and messy and peculiar!

Amy and Lisa continue to natter on about the business they are planning. They plan to sell baked stuff on line. Baker friend gives them some reality checks. Amy? Lisa? TLC? NO ONE CARES.

At Zach and Tory’s. Zach goes on about his vaginitis. Tory notes that she is pretty concerned about this. She worries about the possibility that her child could have similar health issues. Since it’s in People magaizine today, Jackson is a dwarf baby and watching Zach and Tory… I am more and more convinced that they could carry the show. I don’t think that’s a good idea but dwarf babies mean more seasons so…

Amy makes cupcakes for the gender reveal party. All the friends and family except Caryn and Chris – Jeremy doesn’t want drama. And now they insist that they want a girl. Some friend we’ve never ever seen before, Cambria, is in charge of the *smoke grenades*. Auj monotones how cool the smoke bombs are. Matt trots in, guests already there, and Matt thinks it’s a girl. Amy asks after Caryn and Matt notes how Caryn WAS NOT invited (and seems annoyed). Amy notes that she didn’t invite Chris. Matt asks if she needs anything and she notes the party is basically on so no. This is actually quite hilarious as it’s pretty classic Matt  - showing up literally when the party is starting to pretend to want to help and Amy was having *none* of that game playing

Pop and Honey and Molly are there. Everyone discusses boy or girl. They head outside for the gender reveal with the smoke grenades. And commercial!

Oh and there’s a commercial with Jackson! He looks gross and squishy to me but I don’t like children.

It’s a girl, although Audrey’s smoke bomb was a tease. Jeremy monotones how excited he is about having a girl and how his dynamic is changed. Matt facepalms disappointment at the smoke and notes that Zach’s boy will now be king of the farm. Jeremy is stoked and notes it would have been too out of control to have a boy. My goodness they wanted a boy really bad…

For the record, this looked like a MUCH BIGGER party than Zach and Tory's. And did we see special friends Dale and Veronica?


Theresa Lopez said...

OMG you are so funny "jer notes how he misses being a man" I am still laughing. Keep the blog coming- I look forward to reading it. Happy to hear the good news for your Dad!

Sara said...

Jeremy *knows* that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, and there is nothing terribly peculiar about the dynamic at the farm. In fact, the situation is very static. Dude should take physics and stop acting like he's the world's first child of a broken marriage.

Eye Roller said...

Way to go Rap for pledging to PBS, the most truly committed network to providing enlightening and elevated content to the public!

Oh. My. Lord. Does Jeremy's indecisive, wishy washy, jobless, no direction self has manifested in his appearance. Not only is he homeless, he literally looks homeless. I lterally screamed at the tv when Jeremy said "dynamic to navigate". If I was Audrey I would be about two weeks away from beginning to roll my eyes to his face. He is douchey with 7 words in his vocabulary, how can you take his sort seriously?

How many times is Audrey going to start every scene with the "I'm in my 13th week of pregnancy." Okay girl, come back to me when you're at 8 and a half months but 3.1 months? Let Tori have her baby then you can give everone a week by week countdown at every encounter.

It is so pathetic that everytime Jericurl and "Always More" Merchandise Wearing Audrey talk about having to deal with all the changes that come with moving: packing, nesting, yet not once do they ever give mention to jobs, work, employment! What kind of reality are these two living when a job is not even a passing thought when starting in a new city?!

Old Peculiar said...

Rap.....Zach was really complaining about his "vaginitis"? If I were he, I would be complaining too-loudly :). I laughed out loud. Love your reviews :)

PJ said...

Was I the only one who caught that Jer and Tawdry talk about their baby as an extension of themselves? Zach and Tori always make it clear that Jackson comes first.

Glad to hear Dad's okay. I have the b12 thing too and it gets better fast with regular pills.

I'm gonna miss Victorian Slum House.

Lis said...

The bakery(Beaverton Bakery)where Amy's bread is being made was closed for a week to deal with a huge rat infestation. The bakery wrote on their Facebook page that they were closed due to mechanical failure but the bakery finally confessed about the rat infestation after people commented that they were lying.
Link to the article.

Why does Audrey always looks like a clown? She looks like Pippi Longstocking.

Jeremy wants a red curly hair girl but the only way for red hair child is for the father and mother is carrying the red hair gene.

Jeremy and Audrey's jobs are their websites,blogs and the TV show. Why can't you all figure that out? It's not that hard to know that they are making money off their blogs, always more website, TV show, TV show merchandise and every time they give out a coupon code for discount on merchandise. They also get money every time the TV show is aired in reruns/syndicated.

Obviously, Jeremy and Audrey do not care about the environment because they bought the biggest and don't forget the most expensive smoke bombs out there. I don't think the smoke bombs are good for the baby.

Rap541 said...

Eyeroller, PJ, not only is PBS full of awesome shows like The Coroner and Victorian Slum House and Nova and PBS Newshour, and Globetrekker, if you let them charge your card five dollars a month (or more!) you get the PBS Passport where you can stream ALL their stuff! I don't have to miss Frontline to recap LPBW any more!

Pj - Thanks on Dad - I had actually scheduled today as a day off so I could support my mom with finding some solutions and instead get to goof off with good news.

A small bone I will throw Jeremy is that he didn't buy into Matt creating trouble and stuck to having the gender reveal party at Amy's.

And I really adored Amy calling Matt on his "I'm dying" shit.

Audrey's condoms said...

Audrey, you should never have kids because you want them to be "just like me", not only is that an immature,shallow, egotistical and selfish expectation for a human being, it is completely opposite of a healthy reason for wanting a child. No child is ever just like their parents, as a matter of fact, most offspring are very different from their parents.

She may not have curly red hair and like farm things, and resent being on a reality show from the second she's born, and yes, there will be cameras in the delivery room, mark these words.

kp said...

Man, I gasped when I saw Peg AKA Honey at the gender reveal party. She looks really frail. Does anyone know if she's sick or is it just her getting older? Pop and Hon are such a sweet couple.

Ann said...

Rap541-funny recap, Jer and his peculiar dynamics and have you noticed that he will always repeat what the person he is talking to says. Jer has never had an original thought in his life. Jer was clearly disappointed the baby is a girl, he saw the puff of blue smoke and had a look of shock amazement then when it turned pink he put on the fakest reality smile-yet. And what up with the crisssed eyed comment. I truly believe Jer does not like girls. This is why I he thinks marriage is so hard and takes a lot of work and homework assignments.

Forgot the Condoms Baby said...


Does the coupon codes, Always More merch, and blog plus reality show (that they are on for about 10 cumulative minutes per episode) afford them a half million dollar home and four, FOUR cars for two people?! Wow wee, I hope they can keep it up after TLC pulls the plug on Little People, Peculiar Dynamic.

Matt is patronizing, condescending and downright snide to Amy and she is calling him on it everytime, you go Amy and keep instagramming snuggly buggly pics with Chris.

JeriCurl said...

Did anyone notice how neither Jeremy or Zach did anything to help build the pirate ship, I mean, at all, zilch. What did either of those two "farmers" do during all those visits to the farm, if they weren't helping with the big pirate ship project?

It seems the first time they saw the ship was when the viewers saw it. So why is Jermy saying it's good to get "splinters in my hands and mud on my boots." Like he had a hand in building the thing. Did he build the ship and we just didn't see any footage, NOT. Jeremy is such a faker, anyone can drive a tractor and pull an object with it, but why does Jeremy act like he had a hand in creating this ship? He hasn't built, fixed, installed anything.

He is really grasping for straws with this farmer/builder shtick. At least Zach owns up to his inability in the handyman department, he even said Tori is the builder of the family in this episode.

vag podge said...

Jmo, but I don't think those two morons are making any significant bank off of their cheesy blogs and even more cheesy merchandise. I think dumb & dumber are only getting any decent money from TLC. I just hope they are saving/investing well for Jericurl Jr. & their families future because once the TLC gravy train crashes and burns, they will have no idea how to function as adults in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy and Auj wanted a low key, no big deal affair for the gender reveal, yet there were over thirty people there, there were smoke bombs, TLC camera crews, it was at their parents farm. I'm pretty sure there are more intimate, low key ways for a gathering, but Jermy says one thing and then does another.

By the way, according to Matt, Zach's boy is the annointed "King of the Farm" after learning Baby #2 is a girl.

Anonymous said...

I have to fast-forward through the Jer and Auj scenes. I treat this show with a "train wreck" mentality; I just can't help myself. I cannot believe that these two are making decent money from their marriage advice blog (eyeroll), the AujPoj product line (eyeroll) and Jer's photography (?). The money they rely on has to be TLC salaries. How much longer can this show bring in an audience? Will Jackson's story become a new plot line? The arrogance that Jer and Auj show on TV is revolting. They truly think they are celebrities!!! What a joke. What do they have to be so arrogant about??!! Auj supposedly has a college degree that she isn't using and Jer? Photography? Please. Get real jobs!!!!!

Free loading said...

Why don't these free loaders Auj and Jer rent a place if they don't want to put anyone out and can't stand the parental drama? Grow up.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

"It's one of the biggest projects (pirate ship) I have ever done."

What part of the project is Jeremy responsible for? There was no footage of him doing anything but sitting in the tractor with nameless farmhands aka "the real builders" walking alongside the tractor.

How many times did Matt and Jeremy say he was in town to plan the gender reveal party? Sounds like Jobless Jer has literally nothing better to do. No working adult male spends DAYS planning a gender reveal party, what's to actually plan, especially if it's low key? Pathetic WEIRDOS who have no better way to spend their time than to film themselves faking shit but don't own up to their aimless, lazy attitude.

Rap541 said...

"By the way, according to Matt, Zach's boy is the annointed "King of the Farm" after learning Baby #2 is a girl."

I genuinely wonder how the Christian crowd here feels about Matt publically noting that since Jeremy's child is a girl, its now less :)

Paula? Any thoughts on how sexist Matt is being? In his obvious preference for the male grandchild?

Angela, Debbie, Kelly, you guys know who you are, how about it? Matt "WALKS WITH CHRIST" Roloff has publically declared his preference for Zach's child based on the sex of the child? You all ok and "praise Matt and praise Jesus!" for that?

For the record, the only reason I find this amusing and not just sad and pathetic is because it was pretty damn clear that EVERYONE was disappointed that Jeremy didn't make a boy child.

Rap541 said...

Wednesday - More hilariously, I'd like to know what effort Auj and Jer actually put into the party. They bought the smoke bombs. Amy decorated the house and made treats and apparently put on a nice spread for the family and did we see Auj or Jer lift a finger? For their party?

I also wonder why, if Bend is their heart and friends in Bend mean constant driving trips back because the friends are so important, why didn't they have the party IN Bend?

And if they had to film... why didn't they invite their awesome friends?

Sacred Ground said...

Why does Jeremy imagine his daughter will be "cross eyed?" Weirdo.

Why does Audrey always wear Always More merch in every.single.episode. This gal really knows when the cameras are on her doesn't she? Her single motivation on this show is to "build her brand." What happened to spreading the gospel and glorifying convenant marriage on the show?

Those two are never filmed at work or doing work on the show, it's all lazing around, car trips to nowhere, lolly gagging in the big house or double wide with vague, half hearted reasons for being there.

Anonymous said...

Likely their Bend friends are sick of them too.

MOLLY said...

I like how the scenes for next week is supposed to be drama filled with Jeremy and Audrey buying a house. will the get it or wont they? TLC needs a tighter rope around them before this episode and previews for next even aired they already posted on social media they nought it. and on their insta story they showed the whole house, not just the garage with "YAY" balloons. kind of ruined the little drama filled suspense they had.

Hard Knock Life said...

Auj and sideshow bob are buying hardwood floors for their house. Yep, they live in the real world. Don't know many jobless people that buy a house one weekend and re-floor it the next.

Rap541 said...

Hard Knock - its probably a safe bet that we'll see the hard wood floors installed which means *TLC* is reflooring a house. Because lets all remember, Jeremy is a grown man, with no handicaps who doesn't have a job except for selling his private moments with his family. He supports his wife and child by being a reality whore.

I mean, it's fair to bitch about Zach and Tory, so lets get Jer and Auj down off the cross and address how these two grown adults literally do nothing but play at being married on a tv show.

Where does Audrey work?

Where does Jeremy work?

Where will the money come from to pay for the child?

Oh right, the *TV SHOW*. Jer and Auj are just like Matt and Amy, and just like Tory and Zach - they are SELLING OUT THEIR CHILD FOR MONEY.

Jeremy is a man who doesn't want to work. He just wants to fuck his wife and be handed more cars for playing on a pirate ship. I'm tired of hearing his sad little bitch about how its so damn MESSY for him and how he's SO put out by his parents being divorced. Hey Jer? If you don't like it, be a man and support yourself instead of depending on the reality show to keep you taken care of. Since you CHOOSE to be "Daddy's big boy" instead of a man, you need to shut your mouth and stop disrespecting your parents - their *MESS* is why you get to lounge like a bitch and not work.

Forgot the Condoms Baby said...

After watching this show, and especially Audrey, all I can say and feel is "Thank God that's not me."

I can't imagine any intelligent, mature, independent woman not feeling completely exasperated and annoyed by Jeremy who, by the way, says he "now does the dishes and keeps the fridge stocked with gummy bears now that Audrey is in her second trimester", such a catch this Mr. Dirtylocks is!!!

The utter lack of self awareness he possesses to proudly go on T.V. and literally offer nothing to anyone but knocking up his wife.

Anonymous said...

It's been pointed out on this board before but man, Jeremy and Audrey act "holier than thou" when it comes to divorce. While it is certainly not anyone's goal in life to divorce, it happens; and more times than not, there are very healthy reasons why couples end marriages. I feel bad when young children are involved but Matt and Amy's kids were adults when all of this went down. GROW THE "F" UP JEREMY AND AUDREY! Marriage is hard! It takes more than spewing marriage advice after only months of being married! One day, I would LOVE to see Amy tell them to got to hell and wipe those smirks off their holier than thou faces.

Ex LPBW fan said...

Love the reviews! I just noticed Oddjs latest FB/tweet post: in the same paragraph (or 3), the self serving Christian asks how you are serving God? Some scripture follows. An ALWAYS MORE or 2 follows, then there's the link to her online shop! Does this fool think she's fooling us all? Or just the sucker adults who drop hard earned cash on stupid hats or books? Dale Partridge has taught those kids how to hide behind Religion to make money... which he has NO problem flaunting on his Instagram... so humble under God these people... ugh

Munchkinland said...


"Jeremy and Audrey act "holier than thou" when it comes to divorce."

There are exceptions, but who at 22 (roughly Auj and Jeremy's age when they got engaged) knows what they want from life, and with whom they will share it will for the next 60 years? If you make it to 60 years then I will happily listen to your advice because you have LIVED it. For Auj and Jeremy their marriage is their "brand of business" and calling card for their show, i.e. speaking engagements, books, website.

The arrogance that is innately part of those "entering adulthood" years is precisely why alot of people end up divorcing when they really grow up, ie. Amy and Matt wanted to break up 10 years into the marriage but stayed "together" 15 years more for the show and kids!

People like Auj and Jer believe they know what they want now in their twenties (part of which is soceital pressure and brainwash, escaping childhood and the fear of facing the realities/responsibilities of adulthood alone, which most teenagers and 20somethings are susceptible to), and will then in their 30's and 40's realize there is more from life they want to experience, or realize they bought into a fantasy that probably doesn't exist.

Peculiar Dynamic said...

Is there such a thing has "high quality smoke bombs?" Oh, Jeremy you big beautiful dummy. Audrey is going to have to raise two babies very soon. Keep eating those gummy bears buddy!

Susan said...

They make me sick arrogant punks.

Ann said...

Rap - exactly - auj also tries to sale daily devotional text messages, these two have no shame.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Amy's food really tastes good or if people are just being polite for the show?

martin delossantos said...