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New Little People, Big World Episode May 2nd, 2017 - Recap

Here is a review of the new episode of Little People, Big World which aired on TLC Tuesday May 2, 2017,

Review written by Rap541


As I watch the marathon leading up to the new episode, I adore how Jeremy is not chiding or correcting his father as his father clearly tells him his plan to openly lie to Amy. Way to stand on those principles, Jer!

There’s bonus scenes in the countdown. We start wth Jer and Auj driving up for Amy’s birthday in the 1970s orange car. This is basically awkward as Zach is all “should we bring dad?” and the surprise for Jer and Auj’s anniversary is discussed. Jeremy doesn’t rise above a monotone when he speaks.

Another bonus scene is Zach on an ATV going to Matt’s office. They discuss why Matt is wearing his neck brace. And Zach invites Matt to Amy’s birthday party.

Otherwise basically the same. Sometimes I wonder if Matt and Amy are going to end up on Fear Thy Neighbor. All I know? I am missing Forged in Fire for this! Highly recommend Forged In Fire on the History Channel.

So lets see… Credits still include Jacob. Zach heads into his house. Tory is 20 weeks pregnant. He and Tory do a nice sum up of how they have nothing done and need present parties. I personally don’t care for gender reveal parties. They are concerned about the potential for dwarfism, which I think is mature. I do like Zach’s questioning calling it scary, and Tory’s genuine concern. And Zach nicely sums it up that he doesn’t want to wish his kid has dwarfism but he also doesn’t want to say he wants an average height kid because it has it’s own problems. They seem pretty together.

Matt is chasing his dog down with an ATV. Matt is all “we’re divorced but this is all cool”.  The compound is on the back burner because Zach and Tory are having a kid so the farm must be repaired! Amy meanwhile is hunting for photos of the kids and is very happy. She is worried about starting over and making a living for herself. She’s still dating Chris. Amy tells this all in voice over as she goes thru the baby clothes she kept.

Oh look, Caryn is here, speaking out loud. And Matt’s dating her! She’ll be attending the gender reveal party. Matt did a lot of soul searching “after the divorce” and Caryn offered him “companionship”. He notes he thinks she is cute and he pointedly color coordinates his outfit with her. Then he heads over to the big house
Matt and Amy discuss the gender reveal. Matt wants a BOY. Matt also describes Zach as never quitting etc etc which I really don’t recall. Matt wants the baby to be a dwarf. They then argue about the family photos and scanning and now they’re fighting! Amy haybales how sometimes she does’t like the divorce being totally brought up all the time. Matt asks about Chris, Amy asks about Caryn. Matt haybales how he’s totally not wanting this to be awkward, meanwhile he’s all “WILL YOU AND CHRIS LIVE IN THE BIG HOUSE?”

Amy btw seems to very much think Caryn and Matt’s relationship didn’t start after the divorce.

Zach and Tory are shopping for baby stuff. Yeah this is super dull to me. The big issue is getting a crib at the height Zach needs to access it. But basically they can’t buy anything until the gender reveal.

Amy and Hot Chris are bowling in a nearly empty bowling alley. This feels kinda sorta, actually totally fake because the bowling alley is CLEARLY closed. Amy implies that Chris hasn’t really met the family but feels awkward inviting him to the gender reveal because it doesn’t seem appropriate.. Oh I wonder if that is a problem.

Zach and Matt check out the tree house and muse in voice overs how the baby might be a little person. Matt sagely notes to Zach that he’ll need to actually provide for the kid and demands to know what plan Zach has.

I genuinely wonder if Matt will pointedly sit Jeremy down on camera and ask him how he plans to provide for his family. I mean, Zach deserved that personal humiliation so shouldn’t Jer also get the lecture? Matt reiterates how he desperately wants the child to be a boy.

Amy and Lisa are drinking mimosas and discussing the gender. Amy doesn’t care. She’s more concerned about the LP possibility. The kids, the friends, Tory’s parents, Matt… Lisa thinks Amy should invite Chris and Amy doesn’t want to distract from the gender reveal. Hmm… Amy knows that Caryn will be at the gender reveal party and Amy is trying to be cool. Amy is clearly angry and implies Caryn has been Matt’s sidepiece for a while.

At Jeremy and Audrey’s house! They’re haybaling about how they’ve had their struggles. They’re looking for a place to live because the landlord is selling the place. They’re driving into Portland and Jeremy wants a boy! Also they both seem totally not thrilled about the baby. Jeremy notes how Zach and Tory is ahead and omg what if they have more babies than us! OMG THAT’S WHATS IMPORTANT! WHO HAS THE MOST!

Seriously, it’s a competition. That’s so sad. Jeremy seriously thinks it’s a problem if Zach and Tory are “ahead” of them.

Zach and Tory are at the ultra sound. They don’t want to know the gender!  So, they listen to the heart beat and they take pictures and they’re so clearly happy. The baby may be a dwarf! Or not! I suspect they’re gonna drag this out.

After commercial, yup, they’re really not sure if it’s LP and there’s no way to know this early. They coo over the sonogram photos.

And it’s snowing for the party. There’s pink and blue crap everywhere. This is very elaborate. Oh hey there’s Molly, and she’s getting married. Everyone is there although Jacob is pointedly not mentioned in the discussion of family and Amy notes *Caryn* will be there.

Matt and his date show up. Amy hugs her and voices over how weird it is. Funny we don’t see Jeremy’s response. Or Audrey’s. Matt, in his charming way, is CLEARLY needling Amy about the fact that he’s nailing the employee. Jeremy is all “it’s a peculiar dynamic” and not all “I need to ask Dad some tough questions. 

No comment from Audrey on how she’s still on Team Matt and Amy either, and neither express any concerns about Matt getting “sexual” with Caryn while the precious grandchild is around.

Funny, that. Though in fairness, both have basically been scowling whenever they are on screen so…

And it’s a boy! Everyone is happy. Jeremy notes that he has been beaten by Zach. Jeremy then haybales how the CLOCK IS NOW TICKING AS HE MUST NOT BE OUT BRED!

Something I am now curious about – the gender reveal was at the farm. Did Jeremy and Audrey drive home to Bend and then pee on the stick? Or did they do this at the big house? Maybe we’ll find out next week. I’m actually quite curious if Audrey and Jeremy invite Caryn and Chris to THEIR gender reveal party since they are on Team Matt and Amy and divorce is very very wrong.


Toke A Hontas said...

Could Amy please shut up about how the gender reveal was a "family" event (I clearly saw non family there) and that Caryn didn't belong? Just because Amy chose not to have Chris there doesn't mean that Matt shouldn't have Caryn attend. Besides, Zach and Tori invited her (with Amy's permission I might add). Jealous much?

PJ said...

Wow, Amy made it sound like Matt's been boffing the help for a long time...

Audrey's condoms said...

I love how this recap sees through the hypocrisy, fake and contrived material the Roloff clan packages and presents to millions for consumption and then takes to task all the inconsistencies and contradictions that has made this family seem to be better off off tv after 116,000 seasons.

Matt and Amy are living in a messy "dynamic" of their own making and it will surely leave viewers apathetic and apoplectic to their situation because it makes no sense and they are enjoying it cause TLC is paying them to do it (comprise your integrity 101: have a reality show for 27 years, aka "Jeremey and Matt's Lifetime Plan."

I couldn't beleive Jeremey actually verbalized how babymaking is a race that he " is losing", "get on that train cause Zack will have 3 and he has zero", "Zach beat me."
If I was Audrey listening to my husband talk about having a baby because we need to catchup to his twin and not fall behind his twin because they miggt have three before our first, I might have burst out with," yeah, Jer, we can start popping out kids when You grow up and You find us a house and You get j.o.b.!

I love how Auj exasperatedly mentions to Jer for the third time in the same one minute conversation scene they need to move and find a place to live, and Jer says "yeah, lets have a plan, you write it, Ms. Schedule-er" and then talks about having a baby sooney-soon-soon because Zach is doing it and we can't lose to a dwarf (sorry, but Jeremy always brings up that fact).

Did Audrey take a pregnancy test during her two night stay at her mother in laws house on the night of Tori's gender party, and with film crews literally everywhere at the house, as Audrey has testimonied in her "How I made my baby, step by step" blog?" That is so creepy and attention whoring, it's gross.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

Does Jer "love my dad enough to ask the hard questions" on camera about Matt's girlfriend and family employee? If he doesn't like the idea of Chris for Amy, then Matt with the help/Caryn is downright tawdry and sad for Jesus and Jer-icurl. I love how he throws the word changes around yet hasn't procured any evidence of those changes, no home, no job, no plan.

Did anyone notice next week's episode teaser: Amy gets busy in the sheets while Hot Chris murmurs "read me a bedtime story" in a rustic log cabin, Boomchica wow wow.
Maybe 9 months from now Amy will have another reveal party of her own.

Hurry up Jeremey and "hop on that baby train" you were talking about before your Mom beats you to it!

Jere-my-Curl said...

Elephant in the room: Matt and Jer long overdue on camera conversation: "How will you support your family? What's your plan? WAKE UP CALL!!!

Monotone Jeremy probably subliminally communicates to Matt "farm mine, farm mine, me inheritor of Rolff Dynasty and TLC franchise."

Anonymous said...

People aren't so in love with Jeri-curl and Auj

Rap541 said...

Besides, Zach and Tori invited her (with Amy's permission I might add). Jealous much?

A few thoughts.

Would anyone who watches the show applaud Amy or praise Amy for telling Zach and Tory that she didn't want Caryn invited? Or would the "Jealous much? Amy is so jealous of Matt's new relationship, she won't even allow Matt to bring his girlfriend to *family* functions" get trotted out?

Does it really feel like a polite and reasonable expectation for Caryn to attend a party hosted at her boyfriend's ex-wife's home? The sort of party that does tend to be family and close friends? Does it seem polite and respectful of Matt to bring his girlfriend to a party at his ex wife's house? Particularly when the new girl friend is someone the exwife knows?

Now to be honest, I think this is mostly manipulative filming - I am sure there was production manipulation for Caryn to be invited so I will also just point out that reality - this was probably a fake situation. Although Matt is enough of an attention seeking passive aggressive ass to actually think it's polite and appropriate to take his new girlfriend on dates to his ex wife's house.

Funny how no one has been crying how awful Matt is to disrespect Jeremy and Audrey's view that he should get back with Amy... I mean, he was parading his new lil sidepiece in front of his Christian children with no shame or apology. Isn't that disrespectful? Shouldn't Christians who support Audrey and Jer's covenant marriage views be noting publically how disgusting Matt is to disrespect his son? His SHINING SON?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever figured out who the person was jeremey cheated on Audrey with? In his blog he talks openly about cheating on Audrey. He doesn't say I cheated but he makes it obvious he cheated. Wondering if that might be a story some day on the show. If they ever need a real plot line they should reach out to her.

Eye Roller said...

The double standard Jeremy and Auj have shown for Matt's "courtin'" vs. Amy's sexual healing with Chris is so hypocritical it hurts.

Jeremy was so obvious in mentioning "getting on the map" with having kids- all for the cameras, it's like he's teeing up these life changing decisions as reality show plot points like an associate producer for TLC.

His manic decision to hop on the baby train ( weird metaphor, not get left behind? Join in? Catch up?) when he doesn't have a home (or job) comes off as immature and insecure on his part. It demonstrates a real lack of creativity and imagination to use having kids as a means of getting out of a rut.

Anonymous said...

Where? Can you post links?

Rap541 said...

Btw Jeremy's incredibly successful "OH GOD RAP HOW CAN YOU NOT AGREE ITS TOTALLY SUCCESFUL AND WAS THE INSTANT IT CAME INTO BEING" website, is completely down. So is the website where you could buy his prints,

New himOIII said...

I too was taken aback by Jeremy's race for children remark, but definitely not shocked, so immature, but ei says a lot. However, getting more into reality, I was heartbroken to learn Tori's dog Sullivan passed away. I always enjoyed se

Dlewny said...

I can't say I was surprised when Jeremy made his "race to the finish" type remark about children. He is a selfish kid himself. I have finally learned to take this show with a grain of salt, after watching it from the beginning. However, I must say I was genuinely heartbroken to learn that Tori's dog Sullivan passed away. I always enjoyed seeing him in the show, and how much he was loved by Tori. The last episode he even had a Big Brother scarf on. Not only must have this been a terrible loss for her, but the fact it happened while she was pregnant probably made it that much worse. However, her sweet religiously tinged statement showed her mature graciousness.

Anonymous said...

can I get a link to that blog post? he cheated!?

TapThatDancer said...

The only thing worthwhile in this mess of a show is the 3.12 seconds of Jacob's face in the intro.

Ashley said...

Anon, Jeremy didn't actually cheat, in the sense of having sex with another girl (at least that's not what he admitted to!)

Jeremy and Audrey are like Vice President Mike Pence. They don't believe married people can have friendships with members of the opposite sex.

In one of their blogs on their Beating50Percent, they used Jeremy as an example when he was at college in Santa Barbara and dating Audrey who was back in Oregon.

Jeremy became very good friends with a girl in Santa Barbara. Audrey felt betrayed and cheated on because Jeremy was becoming very close with another girl. The blog post was about how at the time Jeremy was insisting he wasn't doing anything wrong by being good friends with this Santa Barbara girl but now he realizes how wrong he was.

Friends of the Santa Barbara girl started posting comments about how Jeremy was being unfair to the girl in Santa Barbara and I think they ended up deleted a bunch of comments they made about it.

They were basically saying that if you are dating or married and you become best friends with a member of the opposite sex and you share personal details with them and hang out with them a lot, that is cheating on your girlfriend/wife.

Ashley said...

Sorry this is off topic, but I don't see a thread for it yet.

Jacob and Isabel have a You Tube channel. They are road tripping for 3 weeks and say they will make lots of videos. They've made 1 so far.

I find it funny that Jacob is making You Tube videos/vlog. I thought he hated being on camera and now he is filming himself?

I also noticed everything he posted about fixing his truck up for the road trip was all done at the Farm and they seemed to be at the Farm during all the recent filming.

It seems to me like Jacob has decided he wants some attention.

Sara said...

No no, they are also saying that spouses should not have one-on-one time with members of the opposite sex. My mind boggles at how they have SO little faith (!) in one another's fidelity that they must set physical boundaries like that.

For a moment I thought I was reading a Duggar blog.

Rockin and Rollin said...

Thanks for posting, Ashley! I love their video and think they are so cute/natural on camera.

F said...

I agree, Rockin and Rollin. I was hoping Spirit would publish a thread about those two because in my opinion they're the only two with brains in the whole lot... I probably couldn't last 5 minutes in a room with the others (besides maybe Molly) and especially not Ginger curly q and her servant Curly q 2.

JeremyCurl said...

It's really easy to play happy united family when you literally get paid to do it. This crap show is their only job, and no, Jericurl, blogging and doing "photoshoots" i.e. taking pictures of your wife against your bedroom wall with a light socket in the frame is not a photo shoot! If I used that logic everytime someone took my picture, I would refer to myself to others as a model.

And stop referring to yourselves in the third person, "The Roloffs are changing alot this season", it's pretentious and you all ain't as cute or talented as Fifi, Amy's pooch.

Anonymous said...

There ya go

Anonymous said...

Is an emotional affair cheating? And yes he for sure deleted tons of comments in favor of the girl. I would actually think it was Audrey that deleted the comments. I think she has an issue with control. Hence the whole blog post. If he hadn't cheated then why if she was such an incredible girl would he have to tell end the friendship? It doesn't make sense to me. When I read the blog post I was flabbergasted at how that chick he wrote it about must feel. and let's just put it out there, audrey probably didn't like her because she's a better woman then her. And the proof of that is the girl has stayed quiet. When she could ruin a lot of things for them if she opened her mouth. Nobody knows who she is?

Anonymous said...

Uh ok said...

Is it just me or is Jeremy starting to look like a girl with all that hair?

Rap541 said...

No one knows who the girl in Santa Barbara is, Anon, and I agree, she's the better person in this. Jeremy really owes her an apology for using her as a public training aid in his "How I learned to not cheat" post because in discussing this, he opened her up for a lot of abuse.

At last check, Christians here (Angela) without knowing the girl's name or the circumstances were lambasting her as a *slut* while Jer was of course forgiven as he asked Jesus for a do-over and therefore wasn't a slut even though he was a grown man engaging in an emotional affair with a woman while he was in a committed relationship to Audrey.

Jeremy = blessed and with Jesus
Unknown girl who's circumstances and opinions are unknown - "SLUT!"

That's what Jeremy accomplished - he got himself a bunch of praised for managing to not actually cheat, and the girl got slut shamed for being friends with him.

brendast said...

Exactly! I think it has been going on for years. Caryn always talked down to Amy and it seemed pretty clear something was going on.

brendast said...

I am happy for Amy. Chris is cute and they make a nice couple. Being happy is the best revenge!