Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Zach & Tori Roloffs Son, Jackson, Has Achondroplasia Dwarfism

It was finally revealed in a People Magazine article on Tuesday May 31st, that Jackson Roloff, Zach and Tori's son, does indeed have achondroplasia dwarfism (the same as Zach).

Fans have been speculating about whether Jackson has dwarfism or not. The Roloffs kept it a secret until the People Magazine article. They also were secretive with pictures of the baby (some Roloffs posted and swiftly removed pictures featuring Jackson) until the People Magazine article was published. It is common for celebrities and people on Reality TV Shows to sell the "Exclusive" First Pictures of babies, weddings, etc.

Zach tells People Magazine:

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” says Roloff. “But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy. You have to earn it.”

“The world is changing. People are more open to diversity,” says the reality star and soccer coach, who hopes nothing will impede Jackson from achieving his dreams. “Whatever he wants to do, we’re going to find a way to help him do it. That’s our job in life now.”

The full People Magazine article is Here


Ashley said...

Well, I was wrong. I didn't think from the Instagram pictures that the baby had dwarfism. I guess I don't know too much!

Peter said...

Yep, all about the money.

Zach and Tori, aren't off to a good start as far as I'm concerned.

They use their son's dwarfism as a crutch to make money by doing the "reveal" with People Mag.

They've already made the baby a plot line for a bad reality show. Jackson will obviously be the main story line for the next couple of seasons.

I think this is step up or shut up time for Jacob.

He didn't mind trashing the dwarf parents on another reality show for putting their 6 year old on a reality TV show.

Will Jacob speak out as his nephew is used for Reality TV money and ratings? Nope, probably not, just like he doesn't speak out against Jeremy's bigotry based on his "Christian faith".

Debbie said...

I sincerely hope that Jackson will grow up to love Jesus and live for Christ. He definitely has a hard road ahead.

Zach has never been very impressive and Tori's character is questionable.

I agree that it was not right to play a game with their son's dwarfism. It was one Tori's first decisions as a mother and she dropped the ball.

Rap541 said...

I agree that it was not right to play a game with their son's dwarfism. It was one Tori's first decisions as a mother and she dropped the ball.

Audrey was part and parcel to the deception Debbie. She posted a picture of the baby nd herself and then took it down because it made it clear that Jackson was little. Audrey could have told the truth and instead she cowered behind TLC and helped spread the lie.

Debbie - at last check, don't you constantly prat that people who delete social media posts are liars? Because that means you think Audrey is a liar! And you think Audrey's character is questionable since Audrey has participated in the cover up of Jackson's condition rather than turn her back on TLC and tell the truth! :)

PJ said...

What is questionable about Tori? That she loves her husband, loves her son or actually works a real job?
that's right Debbie you are again totally prejudiced and un-christian. If Tori hadn't allowed Jackson to be shown and had kept his condition away from the public you would have been bitching to high heavens about how selfish she is. She allows it and she's still wrong. Pull your head out of Tawdry's butt and get a look at reality you idiot.
I don't like Jer and Tawdry talking about their baby only in terms of how she would reflect them. Seriously crappy parenting and she's not here yet.

Sara said...

Think about it. Why NOT hold out for $ for an exclusive...that will pay for a hell of a lot of medical treatments/therapies that Jackson might need in the future.

NOW member said...

Debbie, if "living for Jesus" means making comments such as your post "Zach has never been very impressive, and Tori's character is questionable"......then I hope he will grow up knowing people such as yourself preaching nonsense are ignorant kooks. If YOU are "living for Jesus" dropped the ball. What a horribly judgmental and small minded person you are!!

Anonymous said...

Bless their hearts~

Rap541 said...

Sara, I will be honest. I'm not especially bothered by the baby stuff - and I will shocked if Audrey and Jer don't have a special little People layout as they have been front and center on camera with Audrey's belly pooched out. Since it's clearly good and well for Audrey and Jer to sell ringside seats and describe in excruciating detail how they fucked in a treehouse to make Peculiar Dynamic Roloff and how Audrey peed on a stick to discover Peculiar Dynamic's existence and how they have no problem displaying their pregnancy for money - I see no reason to chide Zach and Tory for the same things that Audrey and Jeremy are lauded for. At last check, Audrey was fully participating in what Debbie refers to as an immature and character lacking farce so either we condemn the lot or we accept its not that offensive.

I do worry about displaying the kid on tv and I worry about Jer and Auj's kid as well as it's really damn obvious everyone but Amy really wanted another boy. But in the grand scheme of things - yes, Jackson being a little person means money is more of an issue so I'm not offended.

And if Jer and Auj have a spread in People, I *expect* people protesting now will be as unhappy then, particularly since it's very unlikely for Pecular Dynamic Roloff to have any money consuming health issues.

Happy said...

I'm 6'5 And 350#. I grew up being bullied because I was, and am, an outlier. I hope that this Christian nation can leave Z and T's kid alone about his height.

Happy said...

Jeremy got his wish, that was televised - "midget babies running around"! I thought we weren't supposed to use that word....

Brandon said...

"Think about it. Why NOT hold out for $ for an exclusive...that will pay for a hell of a lot of medical treatments/therapies that Jackson might need in the future.`

But Sara, that's how all of these families who have done reality shows justify it.

It's providing vital money. It gives the family a better life. Gives the kids opportunities they wouldn't have had otherwise.

It's still using your kids to get a paycheck.
Jacob obviously resented it

And now Zach and Tori seem very happy to use their son as their cash cow (to keep their show, which is their career, going).

Sara said...

I disagree Brandon. Look at The Little Couple. They're affluent without the show, and do it to educate and, frankly, for the entertainment.
It's been 'out' for <24h and already we know that Z and T are happy to use their achon kid as a 'cash cow'? Please.

And Jacob is a snotty, ungrateful little douchebag, so not exactly a good example to counter my arguement.

ann said...

Peter - I agree 100%, these kids were raised to use their family and relations for monetary gain, it is pretty disgusting. T and Z using their son, Jer and aud using their marriage, but supposedly their marriage is a covenant one, right except when comes to money.

Alexa said...

Let's be real here - they are continuing the exploitation of their family in exchange for money. The baby has absolutely no say in any of it. They will now be generating an income off of their child - basically making the child their employee. Just like Matt and Amy did to their family. No kids participating in the show - no income. ALL of the Roloffs are disgusting for doing this to their own families - just like ALL the other families that sell out to TLC. The Johnsons, The Gosselins, The Busbys, The Arnolds......and on and on. Let's film our kids doing the following: going on the potty (Gosselins), dealing with severe injury or major surgeries (Johnsons, Busbys, Rolloffs), parents going through a very acrimonious divorce (Gosselins), very normal, but what should be very private toddler/kid meltdowns (All of them), and I'm sure many more moments that should be private. I have no sympathy for any of them. They reap what they sow.

Amber Waves said...

It's obvious that TLC has some sort of deal with People. That rag is splashed with the likes of the hideous Duggars every time one of them has a kid or gets married, which is every other month, it seems. So, don't blame Zach and Tori for selling their story. It comes with the job.

I'm sad that Jackson is LP because he will face disadvantages in life, but I do think he will be much loved. Hopefully, he will have few physical problems like his grandma, Amy, who never faced the surgeries Zach did. Let's hope for that. He is adorable.

I also am sad for him and for Z and T because the little guy will constantly be compared to Jauj's perfect daughter, who no doubt will be a gorgeous child. Audrey will outfit her in Free People and the most fashionable stuff, while poor Jacksy will be wearing clothes that'll have to be altered and will still never fit right. A couple episodes ago Audrey seemed so smug explaining to the camera that they don't have a chance in hell of producing an LP child. Well, aren't you lucky? Maybe their kid, though, will have the brains of his father, which would level the playing field between the two kids.

Anonymous said...

Why is it wrong for the Roloffs to earn a living with their show and magazine articles? Just because it isn't traditional doesn't make it wrong. I don't understand why people on these boards take issue with how they make money.

Benzie Harp said...

Zach saying the world is more open to diversity?

From this anti-gay family?


Tired of this family said...

What's with Auj constantly showing her bare belly on social media. Some things are meant to be intimate. One or two shots, maybe... but every day she's showing us the belly.

Barb said...

Izzy posted the cutest photo of Jacob holding Jackson. So so sweet.

Happy said...

Ok...two spiral steps at each end of the kitchen counter....ya design a gangplankey sort of thing that could be hooked onto each stool....make it legit so that it won't tip over and dump somebody on their ass....then you can have the effect of a lowered counter without having to renovate when you want to an option, design what I'm calling a "privacy cab"....I'm thinking a black, squareish, tent like device....that way you can have sex during, let's say, a dinner party...when you're done, think about how much closer you are to that inevitable post coital snack....I'm not the only one here who likes a sammich after, am I? Make an average stature version...I'll never join the mile high club so that would at least get me some sex on an elevated surface.....well, we do have a bed, and there was that one time on the slide at the playground, and the back of a Suzuki samurai...ok, so maybe it wouldn't be all that novel for me, but think of the others, won't you?

Rap541 said...

Why is it wrong for the Roloffs to earn a living with their show and magazine articles? Just because it isn't traditional doesn't make it wrong. I don't understand why people on these boards take issue with how they make money.

Anon, to be clear, basically the problem here is that it's Zach and Tory (with Audrey's help and approval) who are being targeted as bad people for accepting payment for an exclusive in People. Basically, certain people here just hate the fact that Tory and Zach have dethroned Jeremy and Audrey for a moment and are getting some attention. In three months, when Jeremy and Audrey are in People, displaying their baby for money (and they will be) these same people will coo how awesomely Christian and Jesus loving it is to accept money for baby news.

If Jer and Auj get down and dirty and talk about how they chant their wedding vows to have erotic moments - that's Jesus blessed, tasteful, and Christian. (Big Jer and Auj fans, prove me wrong)

Like wise, Auj bragging how Jer slid his cock up her vag in a tree house while they were in North Carolina as Christian speakers is good Christian sharing - as a *Christian* Audrey is totally appropriate and righteous in detailing to strangers exactly where she did the hot fucking that knocked her up with lil Peculiar Dynamic.

And Tory? Asking people to pray for her dog and not responding for a few days because the dog *died*? She's an attention seeking bitch, and Audrey is a Chrisitian being Christlike for the public discussion of how Jeremy fucked a baby into her.

Its a ridiculous hypocritical double stand and we will soon see various people bitching here praising Jer and Auj for the same thing.

I find myself wondering how the Christians here feel about Matt's obvious disappointment in finding out Jeremy's boy doesn't have a Roloff penis. I mean, he openly declared to Zach how Zach's boy is now King of the Farm since Jeremy didn't man up and make a boy.

Anonymous said...

So sad here, sad for Jackson, as he will have no choice with every and anything ahead of him. Bothers more so knowing how mean little spoiled pampered girls can probably as we ALL expect in Joddballs case:( This news just cemented another few years on The Living Circus. I will from here on out read this post and NOT watch the show- they all blew it BIG time,
The Living Circus paycheck IS their income. Pathetic. So sad for the baby who will be soooo E X P L O I T E D, :(
I am Christian and Amy(Chris) Matt (Caryn), Jeremy, Audrey can all go to hell.

Benzie Harp said...

Hey Angela, Debbie, and the rest of the Jesus Posse--

What's God's plan here? Does he favor Jeremy and punish Zach?

Does Jeremy get it on better with Jesus?

I await your answer. I thought only great things came to Jesus lovers.

Why does God make little people?

Woodsy said...

Well, this settles it. Zach and fam should get the big house since it's set up for LPs.

Ashley said...

Rap, I appreciate and agree with your anti-Baby cuteness feelings from the episode review thread! I totally agree.

Nothing against Jackson specifically, but yeah, I'm not feeling it!

Now that the People Magazine article is out, the flood gates are off and Tori and everybody are posting pictures every hour.

While everybody is saying "So cute" reaction is "Ewww"...babies aren't my thing, I prefer the cat and dog pictures.

Billboard said...

I suffer from a hereditary neurological disease and when I considered having children I was told of a new procedure. Somehow the defective gene can be removed from your man goo
and inseminated thus a child is born completely healthy. Why didn't Zach and Tory explore this option when starting a family? Zach and Matt hoping for a dwarf baby seems completely unacceptable to me. It's a deformity dumbasses. No sane person wants a unhealthy baby.

Sara said...

Christians don't play God, that's why.

Rekane 97 said...

Is there a chance Jeremy and Audreys baby could be a dwarf? Jackson is adorable.

Debbie said...

Wow, Zach and Tori continue to be unimpressive as parents.

What the heck do they think they are accomplishing with their classless "1 Month" instagram post about Jackson?

Where do I start with what is wrong with it.

First, not very classy to have a special point that says "Loves Uncle Jacob", but doesn't mention Jeremy or Audrey at all. Like what the heck???? Totally classless. What are they trying to prove?

Secondly, they aren't showing much sense. It is a huge mistake to encourage interaction. And it doesn't say much for Jackson if he is taking a liking to a bad influence like Jacob. Let's hope that doesn't continue.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - wrap your mind around this - maybe they aren't mentioning Audrey and Jeremy because Audrey and Jeremy aren't that into baby Jackson?

I don't actually assign a negative thing to that - they are probably focused on their own child and their new home and aren't spending time with Zach and Tory. You're the one stating it's wrong that the baby "Loves Uncle Jacob".

Maybe they are trying to prove that Jackson loves all of his aunts and uncles?

And I leave us with Debbie's gentle Christian wisdom - in Christ's name! Jackson better HATE Jacob! HATE FOR JESUS! HATE HATE HATE! :)

RIght Debbie, you do want Jackson to hate Jacob for Christ? You do want Jackson restricted from Jacob?

Oh goodness I pray there's pictures of Jacob holding precious Peculiar Dynamic when Audrey gives birth - you WILL hate Jacob holding Audrey's precious child, right?

Debbie? Christ expects an answer, since you're publically stating Jacob shouldn't be allowed around the children.

Ex LPBW fan said...

Debbie... you are an idiot!! You are actually calling out an INFANT for something!?!? Have you read oddjs and jerks igrams where they have to talk about them being an aunt or an uncle and the baby will have a cousin soon... oh and congrats to z&t.... talk about classless!
what in the world is wrong with a baby being comfortable in his uncles arms?? Sorry it's not the uncle you have on a pedastle for absolutely nothing.. unless yawning & stretching on tv is some sort of skill or Christian quality in your brainless mind....

Anonymous said...

Please Tori grab your. Baby and run Away as far as you can get from the Rolloffs Dump,that ugly llazy loser Zach and build a new life for you and Jackson. You are the only one in that mess that acts like a nor,al person!!!