Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jacob Roloff: "I said inflammatory things" - Implies He No Longer Hates The Show And Is Not Against Christianity: New 'Rock&Roloff" You Tube Video

Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel, have uploaded the 4th episode/vlog of their recent road trip. This episode follows them through their travels in Utah.

During their videos, while driving, they speak to the camera about different topics.

In this video, they talk about growth and Jacob reflects on things he has said in the past. He is mainly referencing his thousands of answers on the website

This is conversation from the video:

Isabel: When you have an online presence, everybody has a fixed idea of who you are in their heads. You Tube can either reaffirm that for them or break down these ideas and you can really get to know someone differently. So why do you think people are shocked to know that you have grown even a little bit?

Jacob Roloff: People reference things that I said 2 years ago on this stupid website...

Isabel: Even more than 2 years ago

Jacob: Even more than 2 years ago, 3 years ago, 4 years ago.They'll reference things that I said and I remember at that time, I was very....what's the word?...Causing strife...what's that word?

Isabel: Inflammatory.

Jacob: I said inflammatory things. Yeah.

Isabel: Our generation, without a doubt grew up in the technology world, the social media world, so we had to navigate who we are in front of a lot of people. He (pointing at Jacob) had to navigate who he is in front TV...

Jacob: And even as I said those things I would admit, yeah in about a year, I will probably regret some of this, but these are the thoughts I'm having so I'm going to work them out, I guess out loud with you folks 

Isabel: And the beautiful thing about life is everybody changes so much even day to day. I'm not who I was yesterday, who I was a year ago and that's a beautiful thing. You need to give people the room to grow and change and become who they are going to be.

Jacob: People have to be allowed to "go out of their minds" for at least a second in order to gain their bearings. For instance, I "rebelled" and I left the show and I left the religion I was brought up with. And I left it in a pretty flamboyant way or whatever and now I'm kind of like...I don't need to hate it. Essentially all that is just to say I sort of grew up.

I started reading a lot. I went more internal than external. I stopped saying more things out loud and started thinking about things more, because there's lots of old wisdom that says the more you talk the less you know. I took that to heart and stopped saying as much. Started being more deliberate and calculated about how I express myself. That's why we started this website and why I write longer blog posts now instead of stupid tweets for a second. Now it's more calculated and thought through.

You can watch their whole video on You Tube below:


Peter said...

I know some will praise Jacob for this, but I disagree.

Being "calculated" is not necessarily a good thing.

I'm not saying you have to blurt out every single thought you ever have, but if it's how you feel about a topic, it's called being honest and transparent.

I think the "growth" Jacob has experienced is he has realized he wants to make money and the easy way for him to make money is to use the family business (the show) as his career. And he's realized saying controversial things that could offend some people is not "show" friendly.

Kind of exactly why Matt, Amy, Molly, Jeremy and Audrey are all very "calculated" in not vocalizing their views on homosexuality, etc.

This is not a good development in Jacob's "growth", in my opinion.

So does Jacob share his religion's and his family's belief that homosexuality is wrong? Does he still believe he was fucked out of his money? Does he still believe it is wrong to put kids on reality shows? Is he okay with his nephew earning a paycheck as a newborn for his parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts?

I definitely agree with Jacob that he is more calculated now, I just don't agree that is a good thing.

Christine said...

@Peter - I agree. What's wrong with saying what you really feel about things?

I think this is a way for Jacob to go back on his vow that he will never be on the show again. He wants the money like the rest of the Roloffs.

Anonymous said...

"He (pointing at Jacob) had to navigate who he is in front TV..."

Bitch, please. The sum total of Jacob footage on LPBW is 90 minutes, tops.

Quit being such a whiny baby. Stop being jealous that YOU were not the focus on LPBW.

Angela said...

I don't think it's good enough for Jacob to say he's 'grown'.

He should apologize for all the inflammatory things he said about God and followers of Christ.

Seek forgiveness, take responsibility for what he said in the past and that will go a long way in showing that he has grown.

Annie said...

I'm confused, is Jacob a Christian now?

In the some of the things he said he has hinted that yes he believes that Jesus was real and he believes in Christ.

Is that why he reconciled with the family and doesn't hate the show now?

Brandon said...

Anon, in fairness, they are talking about the fact that Jacob is known (or else we wouldn't be talking about him, he wouldn't have Instagram followers, etc). because he is on television. That is a valid point.

Peter, I find myself agreeing with you.

I think he is being less transparent and his motivation is the same as Jer & Auj, it can hurt your brand.

Btw, some of the really anti-show stuff he said was not that long ago. I kind of find it hard to believe that if that's how he really felt, that he's completely over it and now is totally find with his parents and TLC/production company. Or more likely, he's over it because he wants a piece of it.

I don't find not saying what you think of gay rights or whatever, as a sign of growth. They aren't saying it because it offends people who don't agree and that can hurt your product if you're in the public.

Kelly said...

I call a load of BS on Jacob.

Hey Jacob, do you still think anybody who disagrees with you is "insignificant". Do you still not care what anybody says to you, positive or negative, because they are stupid and you are so much superior.

Is that one of the inflammatory things you said that you regret? I doubt it.

I think that whole speech was his way of back tracking on his foolish vow that he quit the show and would never be back.

Janet said...

I think Isabel is bipolar. So happy and positive in some tweets and videos, and then so angry and insulting in others. That she usually tweets.

Not saying what you believe and being calculating is also called being fake and manipulative.

Ashley said...

Peter, in answer to your question in the other thread about the comment from the person asking Jacob how he feels about Jackson being used to make money...Jacob is ignoring the comment/question.

Ashley said...

"So does Jacob share his religion's and his family's belief that homosexuality is wrong?"

Well, Peter, some of us never believed that Jacob was ever that much different from the rest of his family on the gay issue. I think he tweeted once that being against gay marriage was stupid but then he had a real life instance of encountering a gay person and his homophobia came out full flight.

When somebody has that kind of homophobia, I don't think it just goes away.
I just don't think Jacob has ever done much to say he was ever not homophobic.

DJ said...

Isabel seems nicer than Jacob. He seems full of himself.

Rap541 said...

He should apologize for all the inflammatory things he said about God and followers of Christ.

Serious question, Angela, and I'll include you other Christians as well.

Would you accept such an apology if he made one?

See, my feeling, based on how you react, is that Jacob could be on his knees, tears in his eyes, weeping and begging forgiveness, and you'd still be "I don't trust it!".

I mean, the whole lot of you still thinks Tory married Zach and now had a child with him, not because she loves him but because she a)wants to be with Jeremy b) wants to be friends with Molly and or c) wants to be on tv. I mean some of you are still rolling your eyes and saying "we'll see, I don't trust Tory". So I genuinely question if any apology from Jacob would ever appease you.

Has he grown up? Maybe. It's certainly not unusual for someone to look back on their teen rebellions and accept they could have handled it better. Time will tell. His writing has improved, so there's that.

Porcupine Pie said...

Money, money, money, money......and one more time, MONEY. Every single member of this reality shit-show family is pimping out whatever they have for money. I even used to think maybe Zach and Tori were ok, but not one peep from them after announcing the birth, and once the People article comes out ($$$$$) now everyone is allowed to post......disgusting! Puppets controlled by TLC.

Jacob needs to have his nomadic hippy-dippy road trip lifestyle funded, hey don't bite the hand that feeds you! He needs money!! Better get back on the show, Jake! Apologize and suck it up, so you can get your share of REALITY SHIT-SHOW MONEY!

Greg said...

I totally agree with Peter and Porcupine Pie.

It's not called "growth", it's called love of money and doing what it takes to have your lifestyle funded without ever really working.

Erica said...

He doesn't really say what he thinks on social media anymore. That's maturity? Not sure I agree with that.

Rap541 said...

Erica, do you? Really say what you think on social media with your real name attached?

Do any of us? :)

Greg - I've said this before. When he trots his ass back on the show, I'll be more judgemental but until then, what is there to bitch about? If his parents don't want to support him, they don't have to, and I *really* doubt he's making any money off the youtube videos or the blog. Until he's actually back on the show, it's a bit pointless to complain about it.

Erica said...

Rap, yes, people say what they think on social media all the time. Political, social issues, and any number of issues.

Actually, Isabel is pretty good at that. She makes her views known on being a vegan, animal rights and things like that.

But Jacob is "calculating" in what he says because he doesn't want to be banned from the show when he chooses to return?

And Jacob and Isabel are making money from the You Tube channel. That's why they are asking people to like, subscribe and share their video. If you notice, an Ad plays at the beginning of the video. That means they signed up for Ads and receive a check every month. How much depends on their number of views and subscribers.

Ashley said...

Rap, from what Jacob has been saying recently (and all the time he's spent on Roloff Farms), don't you get the impression that it's only a matter of time before he's back on the show? I think so.

Call me cynical, but I agree that's the reason Jacob is now "calculated" with what he says and why he has cleaned up his social media and no longer talks about smoking weed or anything derogatory about religions.

Rap541 said...

Erica - do you? Yes, some people do speak their minds using their real names on line. You're chiding Jacob for being guarded with his words now... but you're personally not posting with your first and last name, your real name, which means you are making a calculated effort to conceal your identity so your opinions don't have a derogatory impact on your life. I do it too, but I am not the one whining how awful it is that he's not. You are, and you're hiding your opinion behind a fake name as you complain that Jacob Roloff isn't willing to do what *you* aren't willing to do.

And trust me, with 940 views, they're not making money to live on with these videos. And if you're really really worried about that, then stop watching their videos. Its really that simple.

Ashley, I think it's possible he might be back on the show but until it actually happens, it's all so much handwringing and rage over... something that actually hasn't happened. I don't see the need to expend any energy over an event that has yet to take place.

Erica said...

Rap, this might shock you, but I have a twitter and Instagram with my name and family and friends on it. I don't link it here because things get heated here and I don't want someone harassing me because they don't like my religion or that I said something about a Roloff they like.

But seriously, people saying their opinions on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is not unusual. It is kind of the point (especially of twitter).

It seems cowardly for Jacob to intentionally conceal his opinions.

Michelle said...

Jacob is a hypocrite.

In the last video, he was whining that people called him a rebel and said he thought it was funny that people think he's a rebel.

Then in this video, Jacob says of himself..."I was rebelling"...people calling him a rebel were right. Why was he laughing at them when he later agrees he was being a rebel?

Rap541 said...

Erica - this may shock you, I totally understand the concept and don't reveal my various blogs here because I don't want to deal with any number of unpleasant people who make threats here.

Jacob is in the public eye and has learned that actions have consequences. I notice Jeremy doesn't leave up ANY post he makes where he has an opinion on gay marriage. Why is that? Actions have consequences. Even tho I am told again and again that Jer's use of the n-word was charmingly innocent and sorta precious, he has learned to not express himself that way. Isn't that cowardly?

You're basically wanting it both ways - you want to complain how awful he is as he takes pictures of himself smoking joints and calls people names, and then when he remarks how he's figured out that draws negative attention, you're complaining that he needs to be honest. But if he's honest, you bitch. If he tones down his words, you bitch. Help me out here, Erica - what can Jacob do that won't have you bitching?

Because right now, there's literally nothing that won't have you raging how you hate. Have you thought about that?

TapThatDancer said...


Ashley said...

Tapthatdancer, what???? I'm in shock!?! You've turned against Jacob? Why?

Paula said...

I won't believe Jacob has changed or grown until I see a public apology from him to Audrey for publicly mocking her thankfulness to Jesus for her wedding day.

He mocked Audrey publicly, he can apologize publicly.

Rap541 said...

Paula - in all seriousness - what exactly does he have to say?

Because you obviously want to hear something exact and if you don't, you will insist on your right to hate so I think we all need to know exactly what you need to hear.

BTW Paula, will you ever be apologizing for your public pronouncement that Jackson Roloff was a lesser Christian IN THE WOMB?

You remember that, right? Where you publically stated an unborn child would always be less than another unborn child? In Jesus's name you prayed, you wished ill on an unborn child so when will you be publically apologizing?

Or is a "I said sorry to Jesus privately, so you can all go screw!" moment for you? :)

PJ said...

No one, least of all the Roloffs, or God for that matter, give a shit what your requirements are for Jacob to be redeemed.

TapThatDancer said...

Ashley, I love Jacob's eyes and nonconformity.

He's conforming.

But I still love his eyes.

He can win me back.

Benzie Harp said...

Jacob has ZERO reason to apologize to Audrey.

Audrey should aplogize for her entire being.

Rap541 said...

Meanwhile, in their quest to appear clever, Audrey and Jeremy are now quoting Nietzsche in their Christian marital Instagram.

Who here knows why that's utterly hilarious and an indicator of how little effort these two idiots put into their blog? :)

Anonymous said...

During Matt and Amy divorce it mentioned the "trust fund" for Jacob which I assume was his earnings from being on the show. I know Jacob was angry cause at the age of 18 he wanted the money and his parents did not give it to him because they felt he was not mature enough. I'm laughing now cause I assumed Amy ended up giving him access to it, and I thought to myself with no job, he will have it all spent within three years.

Now these youtube videos and everything, I suspect the money's dwindling down now he's trying to win favor with viewers and his family again.

Anonymous said...

@Rap541 re: Nietzsche. It is believed he was homosexual. Which is why quoting him in their marriage blog is, as you put it, utterly hilarious. It also shows just what kind of an education these two have. Unbelievable.

NOW member said...

Jacob Roloff, a young man who is still in the process of evolving into adulthood, should NEVER attempt to explain himself about anything to a public, many of whom are much older than he and still haven't managed adulthood, and who are quick to offer up their esteemed "opinions" on his efforts. Waste of time.

Rap541 said...

Anon - you win the bag of Smartfood Cheesy popcorn!

But let me sum it up the way I did on a different board so that all the Christians can see how idiotic Auj and Jer are.

1. Jer and Auj running a Christian marriage blog and portraying themselves as covenant married

2. Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher, coined the phrase "God is dead" and while he didn't out right call himself an atheist, he was HIGHLY critical of Christianity.

3. He never married.

4. He dies of syphilis related complications. In case this needs to be spelled out, syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease.

5. He likely caught the syphilis in a male brothel he was known to frequent.

6. Along with decrying religion, and establishing a philosophy that the Nazis unfortunately co-opted, Nietzsche also seriously viewed the mass culture forming as the downfall of human civilization. Put another way - he probably would have been against being cut and pasted on to a blog made by some reality tv show whores.

My firm belief is that Auj or Jer found the quote and thought "Oh, a philosopher! We'll look smart!" when they made the call to use the quote. This basically proves how little they bother with their "deep thoughts on marriage".

Particularly when it's used as a part of yet another "OMG you have to DATE as a married couple! MAKE TIME FOR DATING!" post. I mean, come on Christians, you're the ones who LOVE their advice - how many times do you need to hear this until you understand and don't need it repeated? Let me help you - when you're married, MAKE AN EFFORT TO DATE!"

Auj and Jer must think their audience is pretty dumb since this particular gem is on constant reruns. Now with Fred "God is Dead" Nietzsche endorsing them from the grave.... Jeez Louise! :)

alex said...

Jacob may not need money but Isabel does. One time On twitter she ask for people to send her money through pay pal.
I agree Isabel is bipolar or has some mental issue because she is depressed one minute then she so happy the next on Twitter.
They are making money off YouTube. It may or may not be a lot but they just started. They want you to subscribe, like and watch the videos so YouTube can see people are entered in their channel. If a lot of people watch their videos YouTube will give them more exposure by putting them on main/recommend page. If their video has an ad then they are making money. YouTube pays them for the ad.
Just watch Jacob will be back on the TV show. He likes the easy money. Keep the residual checks coming in each month for life.

Paula said...

I'm really disappointed in Jeremy. His inability and unwillingness to speak up against Jacob is very disappointing.

Jeremy, I don't want to see "brother Jacob" on his boosted board or not, in your Instagram feed.

Ashley said...

I think Jacob and Isabel are trying really hard to be "Roloff Ready" so they can be on the show again.

They seem to be constantly on the Farm. Most of Isabel's social media stories are from the Farm, you can hear Amy in the background. She just did one at Matt's place.

And then the sure sign that they Jacob and Isabel are trying to make sure they are TLC Friendly, Isabel is asking people to recommend churches for them to attend.

How long before Jacob starts quoting John Mark Comer and Isabel starts suggesting that gay people go to the "De-gaying" place that JMC is so fond of.

Jacob and Isabel thinking they are experiencing "growth", I think it is pathetic.
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I thought it was genuine, but it seems to be it's a deliberate move to get in good with the Roloff Brand and the family business.

Complete jokes, in my opinion!

Amber Waves said...

Jacob, aside from Molly, is probably the most mature and intelligent of the Roloff gang. Jacob needed time away to figure things out, while Molly had the sense to get a real job as an accountant and live away from the family and only show up on occasion.

Yes, people say stupid stuff in their youth, but they mature and gain a perspective, at which time they are able to put themselves in others' shoes. It's called empathy. Please don't hate Jake and Izzy. They are bright (Jake is educating himself, which takes a lot of patience and perseverance) and want to make amends.

Let's give them the space to do that.