Saturday, June 24, 2017

Jacob Roloff Selling Booklet Online

Jacob Roloff has written a booklet which he is selling online.

It is available on or Etsy

Jacob describes it as:

VERBING is my first foray into official compilation of my writing. It's split into 3 parts, subtitled: "Ignorance", "Frustration", and "Revelations". The format is essentially 3 short essays on the subject of my growth spiritually, intellectually, and in the public eye. This is my exploratory experiment with writing to get my feet wet with the process and establish the subject(s) I would like to write on in the future. This is a BOOKLET.
I've formatted for regular sized phones. Layout may look funky on tablets and kindle readers.

He also discussed it in an Instagram post:

For those of you curious as to what's in this booklet, it is essentially 3 short essays of reflection on three different seasons of my life: childhood, adolescence, and this current stage, or more succinctly, Pre- Peri- and Post- film. My love for writing has developed greatly over the last year, and I took this opportunity to share a *little* bit of my story directly from me. There are many rumors about me I care not to even justify with a rebuttal, and I realize that when I say I've spoken about film, people expect certain things. I am not trying to fulfill expectations here, though. This is what I mean by the inherent tone of non-seriousness.

This is just a tiny glimpse and truthfully, just the beginning. I hope you enjoy peaking into my mind and my thoughts about growth/spirituality and briefly my experience with filming. There will be more of this. And in greater depth.


Brandon said...

Any hope that Jacob was going to to turn out differently than the rest of his family have definitely been shattered, in my opinion.

First, just like Jer & Auj, Jacob has learned well from Matt. Sell everything because they're so special and important. This is the family that does actually sell their dirt.

I read the that really any differently than writing an instagram description or on a blog? But that's not as profitable as selling it to make $$$. Everything with the Roloffs is about how to make money off viewers of the show.

Also, I find Jacob's turnaround with fans when money for himself is involved quite cringe-worthy. It's like Jacob is following the Jeremy Roloff playbook.

Fans once "sucked the unsuckable", now it's " Also THANK YOU again to everyone who has bought a copy so far. When you receive them and read it, it would mean A LOT if you posted a picture tagging me or #verbing or #squandernottheseopportunities.

That's quite a deviation from 'You're all significant! Positive or negative, I don't care what you think!

Throw in a bit of money and wow, has Jacob's tone changed for the money.

Jacob also is proving to be classic Roloff when he dismisses talk about him as "rumors" he doesn't care to even justify with a rebuttal. Sound familiar? That's how Matt first responded to the "rumors" that Jeremy was using racist and homophobic slurs.

What rumors are there about Jacob that he doesn't even care to justify with a rebuttal, suggesting that they are totally invented and made up?

That he uses drugs? JACOB was the one who said he smokes weed all the time and experiments with Xanax and Acid.

That he hates his parents? Well, Jacob is the one who tweeted publicly "I feel like I'm being fucked out of my money from the show"...and then didn't care to elaborate but knowing all too well who people would think he's talking about.

That he hates the show? It's Jacob who writes long captions about what a farce the show is, how he hated being on it, how damaging it is, etc.

That he is creeped out by gay people? Well, there was a real life situation confirmed by the other person involved and when Jacob was asked why he wouldn't be friends with a gay guy, Jacob said "because I like girls"...

That he bashed Christians and Atheists? Well, it was Jacob who said it's stupid to "believe in a man in the sky" and then said the only people dumber are Atheists.

I don't think I'm being unreasonable. If Jacob's opinions on those things have changed, he needs to own what he said previously and clarify that his opinions have changed or evolved and he no longer believes those things.

But this garbage of 'Oh there's so many stupid rumors I won't even justify with a response' when they are actually true things that stem from what Jacob has actually said or done is so typical Roloff.

At one point I thought there was some hope of Jacob breaking from the family's habits, but now I don't really see much difference between Jacob and the rest of them.

Angela said...

If anyone has bought it, does he apologize to Audrey and for the nasty things he has said about followers of Christ?

Rap541 said...

I took one for the team and downloaded it to my kindle.

It's actually a rather reflective and mature look at the situation of filming and the conflicts it created. He explains his frustrations and yes, his joys, with his childhood. I'm personally not so into philosophy but I've read some of the sources he cites, enough to confirm he's read them as well.

Unlike Jer and Auj's little missives, he's clearly had the essay proofread - no spelling errors, no glaring grammar problems.

Brandon - to your points - no mention of drugs or gays, some mention of his parents but mostly respectful, while he was assigning blame, he was assigning it on both sides, not exempting himself and it was a fairly small part of the essay. He was also pretty open about his difficulties with Christianity but does discuss it respectfully.

Trust me - he's not going to make a ton of money on this. The average reader is going to buy it thinking it's Jacob going off about his parents, and not find the philosophical talk interesting. I don't find his thoughts on Christianity and Zen Buddhism especially clever but I am also 25 years older and have seen a lot of natterings on Buddhism vs Christianity. Language wise, it's a bit more accessible, he's not using so many "twenty dollar words" and he's explaining his thoughts more clearly and in easier language but honestly, unless you're interested in philosophy, you're probably going to find it dull.

Angela - Audrey isn't mentioned. ;)

TapThatDancer said...

The face of an angel. Long, flowing locks. The gorgeous eyes. Jacob is truly back in my fold.

His beauty makes Jeremy look like Quasimodo after an acid attack.

Welcome back Jacob! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jesus Christy Love said...

Angela, Audrey needs to apologize to the whole world.

Peter said...

Rap541, no mention of drugs?

Then, I echo Brandon's points.

Jacob is officially in the family business.

How can he write an honest essay about the 3 stages of his life and not mention weed when it was/is obviously a big part of his life? Clean it up and sell his writing. And he's not even being honest.

Paula said...

Rap, shame on you for giving Jacob money and buying it.

Have you bought Jeremy and Audrey's Navigator's Council just to be informed?

It's clear Jacob realizes the error of his ways, but he must take responsibility and apologize for what he did, what he said and how he treated people including his own family. He must seek forgiveness. It's not good enough for him to say he was going through a stage and expect everything to be alright.

I pray that Audrey is smarter than Tori and he keeps her child's time spent with Jacob scarce. Jeremy has dropped the ball with Jacob, but I pray that God gives Audrey the strength to do the right thing and limit contact between her daughter and Jacob.

Christine said...

Rap, it sounds no different than one of Jacob's essays on his blog site that almost everyone dismissed as Jacob trying to sound intelligent.

I also think it's pathetic that Jacob is asking his twitter followers to give him a free HBO password because he's too cheap to get his own for the being. He has no perspective. Amazing that anyone would pay for his thoughts.

Rebekah said...

Jacob's sense of self importance is laughable.

Ashley said...

Rap, thank you.

I was actually debating about buying it. But if it is mostly "philosophical talk", I think I will pass because Jacob is too smart for me (I'm basing that on reading his entries on the website he had) and I just kind of glazed over reading that stuff.

But I thought if he gets into actual details of what it was like being apart of the show and then rebelling, the truth of how people reacted, etc., it might be interesting.

It doesn't sound like that's what it's about though.

Rap, you should do a review on Amazon. Jacob asked for people to post a review :)
I'm sure Jacob would be thrilled to see a Spiritswander contributor post a review.

PJ said...

Tawdry is going to dump that kid ob anything that breaths, Jacob, Isabel or their dogs will do if it's all she can find. Why do you think they moved closer to both sets of grandparents? Babysitters.

Jocelynn said...

Thanks for taking one for the team and for the thoughtful review.

This is my take:

Jacob is finding himself in a tough spot. As he's becoming an adult, he realizes he needs money. I think that's why his opposition to the show appears to be softening.
For a Roloff who doesn't really know how or doesn't have any desire to work a traditional job, that means use your fame from the show to sell stuff.

Selling lots of items to make considerable money is a dilemma for Jacob.

He clearly wants to write about philosophy because that's what is of interest to him and he thinks of himself as knowing more than other people, and thinks people should learn from him.

However, as Rap and Ashley both point out in different ways, philosophy is kind of boring to a lot of people and most people don't take a 20 year old's viewpoint seriously, "What can a 20 year old tell me about life?!?" is how a lot of people think.

The only thing that Jacob has that will get attention and sell is if he took the gloves off and was brutally honest (if that's how he felt) and started insulting family members and TLC. More of the "I'm being f*cked out of money" tweet which did get Jacob into TMZ segments and everything.

If Jacob had tried to sell this stuff 2 years ago when he was in his rebel stage it probably would have done better and made for more interesting reading. Jacob's "stupid website" (how he refers to it now) did make for really interesting reading because you got the impression that Jacob was giving brutally honest answers and it wasn't filtered at all. That's interesting to see. Now Jacob is filtered, careful and safe = Boring.

Now he has either mellowed or become more business savvy and he clearly cares about not burning any bridges with family or TLC. Hence, the lack of drug talk and the sudden respectful language about religion and Christianity.

Mellowed and safe doesn't make for as interesting reading as someone rebelling and "going off", also because it doesn't seem to be as honest.

Even look at Jacob's twitter. It was more interesting to keep tabs on it when you weren't sure what he was going to say next. Accuse someone of f*cking him out of money, insult Christians, insult fans, call Trump voters idiots, would he ever acknowledge that Jeremy and Audrey were examples of things he ranted to other people about?

Now by his own admission, Jacob is in safe mode. Safe mode is not as interesting. He is calculated in what he says and is not going to upset the apple cart.

People are probably tempted to get his booklet hoping to read about Jacob gossip about the horrors of being forced by his parents to film or hear about arguments he had with Jeremy about Christianity or that kind of stuff, but that's not what Jacob is prepared to share and seems to be past that stage of his life.

Rap541 said...

Have you bought Jeremy and Audrey's Navigator's Council just to be informed?

Yes. Or rather, I paid a friend of mine to buy it for me as I didn't want the marrieds to have access to my payment information and address.

You probably don't want my review. I actually didn't offer one because frankly, I felt dumb for buying it. It's literally a notebook journal with the same questions you see on their webpage, so you're paying thirty dollars for questions you already know, and a place to write down the answers. There were grammar and spelling errors - not as many as in the pictures but still.

There's little content other than the questions. They're charging 25 dollars for a notebook and questions anyone familiar with them already knows.

Paula - I pray Audrey learns how to put some clothes on, have you seen her recent photo of herself in tiny little bikini briefs and her breasts barely covered by a too small top? Please tell me how that was modest, particularly since she was displaying her wares to her daddy in the photo...

Rap541 said...

Ashley, there's a little bit of what you're looking for but it's not an expose of the Roloffs

Jocelynn - based on the Amazon description, he's not encouraging people to buy it because he was on a reality show.

And call me crazy, I think it's probably a good thing he's choosing to not write a bitter tell all... and I somehow doubt he'd be applauded for it if he did. .

I promise you, he's not going to get rich off the booklet.

Anonymous said...

TLC-- The Living Circus~~past-present-future

Madison said...

The only reason I got it is because Jacob is hot.

TapThatDancer said...

Yes! Ohhhh yes!!!! Jacob is the greatest creation in the universe

Rap541 said...

btw Paula - have YOU bought Jeremy and Auj's book?

HAVE YOU signed up for Auj's monthly testimonials for 4.99 a month?

Stand up and let us all know how you as a Christian monetarily support Jer and Auj. :)

Rockstar said...

I fucking loved it.

Yaja said...

Let's put it this way.

Here's the thing,

Jacob is absolutely the smartest Roloff.

I bought the booklet and was impressed every page.

Kid is going places.

Joanna said...

I truly enjoyed every moment of it written .

He is a bright kid, never had much of an upbringing probably raised himself, his parents were always me me me or money money money and then focused on the siblings, never him he was always quiet probably didn't voice his needs or concerns well now he's grown . And he is for sure voicing what went wrong before. I am really happy he decided to write this book, it is a good thing he did this. I am happy for him and wish him many successes in every avenue of his life.

Cynthia BartonGess said...

Jacob is no dummy.
I bought the booklet on kindle, as I was pleased he added that option. He should be selling it for more. It's that good. Anyone who doesn't like it is just envious he's doing more with his life than they are. He's published a booklet. Wtf are you doing?

Oh if that question gets too hard let me tell you... you are sitting on a computer typing in hate messages about a kid you don't know. Jacob 1 People who leave hate here 0

Anonymous said...

Cynthia, posting here is a small fraction of what I do when relaxing, taking a break from my executive job. I could publish a booklet in an evening.

Megan said...

Cynthia, it is hardly an accomplishment to sell a booklet on the internet. It doesn't mean it is good, worthwhile or successful. There's probably about 500 people in the world who would buy anything from a Roloff because they love the show. Most that would be interested in this are for the reason Rap & Jocelyn wrote...thinking it will be a tv kid telling family secrets and arguments. It's not an accomplishment.

Heather said...

From what Jacob has said he is planning more in depth books later. He did this and selling it for cheap just to learn how to set up online distributing.

Shelby said...

I don't think it matters if people buy it or not. He's probably only going to spend it on pot anyways. My $5 won't make a difference. I want to see how bad what he is saying is.

He's not a good person. He's terrible. He's a selfish liar that only cares about himself and is nasty to God and Christians. I still firmly believe God will cause him an accident that will knock him out because of how he lives his life.

Rap541 said...

And CShelby is a terrible person who wishes pain on others and will actually spend money so she can hate more!

Praise her, right Christians? Shelby is following the Jesus path in LOVING TO HATE!

I mean, Shelby as a Christian is actually BRAGGING how SHE'S HATING!

Shelby, help me out here, do you understand how awful a person you are? You're actually bragging about how you hate and how you wish pain on others. How exactly are you NOT a shitty person?


When you bitch, Shelby, please understand, you WILL be bitching about the exact thing you are just so gosh damn proud to brag that you do. I'm just following your Christian example and you taight me that Christ rewards nasty little remarks!

*Btw since Shelby is a stupid little bitch hater, no, I don't actually ask God to smite her - that's mean and unkind, and this sort of rage has a tendency to double back on you.

I would however love to hear how the other Christians hear genuinely feel about Shelby's plan to give Jacob money so she can hate him better for Jesus. Will other Christians agree that its Christian to hate? It's Christian to hope God hurts others?

Noah said...

I don't believe a word Jacob says. He even wrote don't take this booklet seriously because he doesn't.
Jacob is such a hypocrite by saying that he had no choice of being filmed or not on the show but here Jacob is posting photos of his new nephew on social media. Where is Jackson choice? Jacob shouldn't be posting photos of Jackson because he is doing the same thing as what his parents were doing to him. Let Jackson's parents exploit him not his uncle.
If you don't think $5 doesn't make a difference then you are wrong. You are contributing to his life. If you don't think Jacob is a good person then why are you giving him money. Every penny helps.
Jacob will be back on the TV show. Just wait and see. He needs to promote his writing and youtube channel. According to Isabell,they want to buy some land so they need money.

PJ said...

It's amazing how well you know someone you have never met and never will meet. And how fast you jumped to get your hands on his writings. Hypocrite much?

TapThatDancer said...

You really suck Shelby.

Shelby said...

No one has a right to judge me as a Christian except for God. I am in good with God. I have a good relationship with God and I pray for wisdom often.

Rap, I was at Church today. Were you? If not, then you can shut up.

God knows what I am doing. I have a challenge for Spiritswander.

When I get some more time, I want to write a review of Jacob's "verbing" booklet and I demand for it to be featured and published here. Or is Spiritswander still banning Christian writers after the way Spirits treated Anne Bailey? People will see the truth about what Jacob is doing after I write my review.

Noah, you're right a lot about what you said about Jacob but you're wrong about the $5. That's not going to make a difference in his life. But me having the power to teach other people about what Jacob is doing can do good for God.

You are SO right about Jacob being a hypocrite. All he did was whine and cry about how bad Matt and Amy and TLC were for not giving him a choice and now he's not giving baby Jackson a choice.

I totally agree that Jacob will be back on the show. Most of us knew Jacob was lying and would not follow through when he said he will never ever be on the show again. The devil is devious.

TapThatDancer said...

I have a review of you Shelby: you see the wirld in a really warped way.

Open your eyes to the gitft that is Javob.

Old Timey Bible Man said...

You are stepping over a line Shelby..
It's not a woman's place to criticize a man.

Read the Good Book with your eyes open and your mouth shut.

Glasses said...


I have every FRIGGIN' RIGHT IN THE WORLD to judge you as a "Christian" as long as you use your religion to bash others.

Wake uo.

Benzie Harp said...

"... and I pray for wisdom often."

Apparently those prayers remain unanswered, Shelby.

J45 said...

Rap, what made you comfortable giving Jacob your mailing info but not Jeremy and Audrey?

Anonymous said...

I have never heard about Jacob receiving the funds that were due from the show when he became of age. Was there a trust for him? Did he ever get his share? Just curious.

PJ said...


You have no right to demand anything from Spirts. NOTHING.

Anne Baily was treated better by the group here considering the evil poison she was spewing against a (then) child than she deserved.

I'll say to you what we said to Anne so often. If you want things your own way START YOUR OWN BLOG.

We have as much right to judge you as you have to judge any Roloff without actually knowing them. And church attendance is no guarantee of actual Christianity. My childhood priest said there are more hypocrites in church than out. I think that applies to you.

Rap541 said...

Rap, I was at Church today. Were you? If not, then you can shut up.

Are you my boss, Shelby? No? Then you can fuck off :)

More seriously, Shelby, you're exemplifying exactly why you're a bad Christian.

Your church attendance doesn't matter in the slightest. It's your *actions* that matter, and your current actions - wishing harm on others and proudly noting how your faith makes you better than others, and that you have no interest in saving anyone... these are all bad actions that drive away people from the faith. Your job as a Christian is to be an example so non believers realize how good it is to accept Jesus. But what you've been teaching by your example is that Christians take joy in harming others, Christians say they believe one thing but then do the other, Christians treat non Christians badly and say its because of their religion... and then when you're called on your bad behavior, you snot out a rule change - you attend church so now you can shit where you may! As a Christian, are you seriously saying you are allowed to hate as long as you sit your ass on a pew for two hours?

And you do understand that Audrey and Jer willfully don't attend church?

You're also teaching us all that Christians lie :)

Shelby? Does Jesus want you to lie for him? IS THAT YOUR FAITH?

In case anyone needs a refresher... SHelby is lying about Spiritswander and Anne Bailey. Anne Bailey decided to quit writing a column over perceived slights. Anne was not banned for being Christian. It's actually extremely offensive for Shelby to lie about what actually happened, and also a whole lot ridiculous as all of Anne's posts, including Anne's good bye letter where she states she is leaving because she felt Spirit was rude to her (not that spirit had BANNED HER FOR BEING CHRISTIAN)

Raise of hands, who here thinks Shelby needs to make a public apology to Spirit for her public lie?

I for one would be really amused to see Shelby's review :)

PJ said...

Okay, I read the booklet. Jacob is definately a smart young man. He's showing a growing maturity I never would have suspected. He does need to go to college so he can be forced to read more widely perhaps in time he will.

If he keeps working at it I can see a future as a writer or (if he goes back for his degree)a college professor .

Always radiant said...

Shelby, why do you believe in the supernatural? It's a pretty stupid thing to believe in, ghosts and what not. Learn to think critically and ask questions.

Always radiant said...

Old timey bible "man"....I'm not about to read a book that starts out with a snake talking someone into eating an apple that makes her realize she ain't got no bloomers on.

Veronica said...

Shelby, a quote from Dale Partridge - a very conservative Christian who is friends with Jeremy and Audrey- would have to disagree with your your words and hatred against another human being. "Any Christian who hates another person for anything is standing in opposition of the Bible's position of love and forgiveness".

Rap541 said...

J45 - I could buy the booklet thru Amazon so Jacob isn't receiving my payment information directly.

I had a friend, a Christian friend, oddly enough, do me the favor of purchasing Jer and Auj's little notebook. The payment set up on their website involves giving your address and payment information directly. My friend wasn't uncomfortable (I told them if they looked at the site and weren't ok with it to not do it) but I was.

Shelby said...

I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I don't care what you people think about me. Most people that like Jacob here hate Christians. I wouldn't expect anything different. All I care about is my relationship with Jesus Christ. I know that God knows my heart and that makes me happy.

Veronica, I'm not perfect, only Jesus was perfect. My feelings are thoughts that God has given me for a reason. I don't wish Jacob dead or anything, anything bad I hope for Jacob is because he's a bad person and it would make him less arrogant and maybe egg on him to change his life. For people like Jacob it takes something bad happening for them to change their ways.

I read Dale Partidge and I don't think you are understanding him or taking it out of the right meaning to apply it to me.

I know another Dale Partidge quote I read. I don't have it exactly, but look up his twitter after gay marriages was made legal. He said Christians have a duty to speak up and take action. He wasn't saying love the stupid judges for the decision or love that the country was throwing God's way out. He was saying get angry and do something about it.

I'm sure Dale would not approve of Jacob. Probably the only reason why he wouldn't say something if he was asked about the stuff Jacob has done is because of his friendship with Jeremy. Jeremy has totally choked about Jacob. It's definately Jeremy's weak point as a Christian. He doesn't stand up to Jacob like he should.

Shelby said...

I forgot the other r in Partridge sorry.

Rap541 said...

"I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I don't care what you people think about me"

So we're... insignificant?


You are so much like Jacob! :D

Anonymous said...

Never read - will not dignify by reading this article, but am dumbfounded that there are 49 previous comments? wow---

Benzie Harp said...

Hey Shelby, if you want to live your life by worshipping your spiritual crush, that's fine. But I don't have to follow your mythology.

You understand this is the shit that ISIS pulls, right? Follow our ways or you are a scum infidel.

And your fucking hypocrisy: you moan about Christians being hated but you hate gays.

Your world view is twisted,

I Have a Job to Pay My Mortgage said...

What do you all think about Aujball writing a lengthy biblical devotion as her Instagram post only to follow it up with a sales pitch directing you to her online boutique? Isn't there something in the Bible about Jesus overturning the tables of the peddlers in the church? Surely this translates to her virtual church followers/devotees.

Bread Pimp said...

Xtians, take a page from Hindus and leave everyone alone about their beliefs. I heard a Hindu, or Hindi, or whatever, say, "you can be a Christian Hindu, a Muslim Hindu, a Jewish Hindu, we just don't care".

k has c said...

I am enjoying the you-tube vids that Jacob & his G/F are filming. I cant believe all the so called "Christians" hate towards them. These kids are just 20 years old. So friggin' what if he had some rebellion in his teens...many of us did and do. I just wonder how many of the Christian Hate Club are perfect themselves? Out casting stones isn't very Christian in my book. Just *WOW* sure wouldn't want to be a member of your church and thats if you really do have one, or just flapping your mouths!

Sara said...

"My feelings are thoughts that God has given me for a reason. "

What a cop out. I bet even God himself did a face-palm manoeuvre over that statement.

Veronica said...

I definitely did not take it out of context or not comprehend His meaning. He was replying to someone who made a comment about hating something you don't agree with and that was his reply. He has on numerous occasions stated that even if you don't agree with something, e.g gay marriage, you can still love and serve the person you don't agree with while still having a MATURE conversation with them. And he has commented that he has gay friends. Although I will have to say I was rather surprised that he has gay friends because his writings don't allude to the fact he would actively be friends with people who disagree with his beliefs on such a level.

Brandon said...

Veronica, I'm skeptical of those who say "I have a gay friend!" so I'm not anti-gay or whatever the group it is that the particular discussion is about.

Dale Partridge is definitely anti gay. I totally disagree with Shelby, but I did read the same thing she did from Dale Partridge around the gay marriage decision and around election time.

But even on the "I have a gay friend" issue, I would even apply that to Jacob who once admitted he wouldn't be friends with a gay guy.

I've seen people argue that because Jacob once said he's in favor of gay marriage (which I notice he has stopped as he's actively becoming more Roloff brand friendly) and that Isabel has thrown around Christian quotes and asked for Church recommendations, that hey, they have a gay friend!

I'll point out that the "gay friend" that someone here once alluded to, is a Millionaire Hollywood producer that they interact with on Twitter and on Instagram. Right, nothing else to gain there by being chummy with him. But hey, if they are "willing" to be friends with a millionaire hollywood insider with connections despite that person being gay, then they can't possibly have any biases or be homophobic in any way?

Substitute out the Millionaire Hollywood insider with someone their age who they might have otherwise hung around with and the story is very different.

That's just one example of the flaws with the "but he has a gay friend!" logic.

Shelby said...

Just to update everyone, I have most of my review done. I will update everyone after I email it to Spirits so everyone will know if I am being banned because it is coming from a Christian.

Rap541 said...

And will you be apologizing if you aren't banned?

Come on, Shelby "Just Like Jacob" - you're publically shitting on Spirit and asking for a favor in the same breath!

If Spirit decides to post your remarks, and I hope spirit does, the first words out of YOUR MOUTH better be "I am sorry for lying and defaming Spiritswander. I was wrong."

Anything less is you representing Christians as hatefilled liars.

Veronica said...

Oh, I know he is very anti gay and I don't believe -with his very old fashioned views on homosexuality- he is actually "friends" with any member of the LGBTQ community. He may be friendly to them but that's something completely different.

Veronica said...

Oh, I know he is very anti gay and I don't believe -with his very old fashioned views on homosexuality- he is actually "friends" with any member of the LGBTQ community. He may be friendly to them but that's something completely different.

Ashley said...

Are Jacob and Isabel now living permanently in Amy's house?

Almost every Instagram or Snapchat story Isabel or Jacob have taken just before their road trip and since they've gotten back has been on the farm or inside Amy's the big house. Isabel seemed to go on a trip by herself to visit family for a few days, but other than that Jacob and Isabel seem to be living off Amy.

Abby said...

Isabel is so mean to Spike the cat!

Poor cat, he must be at least 13 years old, and now he has Isabel's dogs roaming around his territory and Isabel is insulting him and using Spike as an example of why she doesn't like cats.

Isabel is ready to be a Roloff with her poor treatment of cats.

Gloria said...

Ashley, "living off Amy"? I'm sure the "big house" has plenty of room for Isabel and Jacob considering Amy offered it to Jeremy and Audrey. And I'm also sure they aren't "living" there, just use it as a landing pad for when they aren't traveling.

They have many of those all over and if amy isn't even there half of the time, I don't see why it's a problem that they use it as a place to stay.

Jeremy and Audrey were going to live there rent free? Where's your beef with that?

Gloria said...

Abby, her snapchats are still up. All she said was "this is why I'm not a cat person" as she was petting Spike. Doesn't make her an awful person. She was still giving him attention, which is something nobody else probably ever does. Wasn't he Molly's cat? She's not there so I bet you Isabel, being an animal lover despite not really liking cats, still gives him love and affection.

That to me, is nicer than just ignoring him or writing him off. She's actually petting him. I saw the snaps and thought they were cute. Tori has admitted to not being a cat person either. Are you yelling at her? She doesn't have to be.

Also she's "ready to be a roloff with her treatment of cats"? Um, think again. all she said were words. She's petting him, isn't she? She's not throwing him like Jeremy throws cats. Your teaching is so sad.

Rap541 said...

To be fair, if they are living with Amy, then Amy is allowing it but really, is that a crime? I mean Jeremy and Auj are living with Auj's parents rather than pay rent on a short term rental apartment. Such things exist, and Jer and Auj are paid to do the show so why are they living off the Bottis?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jacob (and Izzy) is living back at home with his exploitive parents....interesting.

Ashley said...

I agree, Anon. I think it's more interesting or surprising that Jacob is now back living off Amy.

While Jeremy has always made the show his career, it's Jacob who made his reputation from saying how much he hated being around the show and how he couldn't wait to get away, etc.

And now, he's back and living there.

I know Jacob is pushing it as "I've changed" but it still is noteworthy because it is a such a drastic change in philosophy.

I'm torn whether I think it's because Jacob is eager to get back on the gravy train which is fairly obvious given how he's toned down his social media to be more Roloff like or whether it's financial, he realized it's expensive to live like he and Isabel do (no real jobs) and want to play all the time so it's back to Mom to let her pay for everything.

Ashley said...

It makes me sick to see Jacob and Isabel go "full Roloff". They seem so phony to me. I know, I know, they say it was just "phase" and they're "changing" but I think it's going with whatever the way the wind blows and now that they want money, they are ready to be "faith" believing Roloffs.

Am I the only cringing seeing Isabel suck up to Audrey?

Isabel's latest Instagram is picture of herself with Audrey captioned:

"This goddess. If your baby girl is anything like you, she's going to rock the world with faith, boldness and grace. Can't wait to meet her. So happy to shower you in love yesterday! "

And Audrey replied:

"Love you! thanks so much friend! "

That's full scale Roloff right there. The over the top gushing over each other in public comments and of course the "you're such a wonderful person of faith!"

Christine said...

I think Isabel is pressuring Jacob into proposing to her. She wrote on Instagram something like "If Jacob hasn't gotten the hint from me maybe he will from people commenting" and she had shots of people saying Jacob should give her a ring already.

Abby said...

Christine, I think a lot of Jacob's Instagrams about Isabel is too satisfy her. He's done this before after she was upset about something. A few days ago she tweeted stuff that was obviously about Jacob and feeling unappreciated and how you need to love yourself because no one else will love you like you deserve...and then he Instagrams about how much he loves her.

Abby said...

Btw, am I just grouchy or are all these "Gender reveal parties" that the Roloffs and their friends go to every week a little self absorbed?

PJ said...

Where's the review? Was it too hard to stick to the subject and not rant about imagined slights? Or did you just chicken out?

Abby, you're not grouchy. Jer and Tawdry are just people who will party for anything. I'd bet Jer's hernia got a party of it's own too.

Benzie Harp said...

Sounds to me like Shelby has about as much ambition as Jerkemy.

Ashley said...

Isabel is now modelling and selling Audrey's "Always More" shirts.

So much for Jacob and Isabel being different from the rest of the family. Jacob sure regressed! lol

I think he decided being a rebel and being his own person was more costly and was going to be harder work than he thought, so it's back to the family business and live off Mommy.

Isabel's job appears to be a Nanny to her family members kids.

Rap541 said...

Ashley, well sure, and lets all remember, *Audrey* has CHOSEN this :)

Audrey wants Isobel around and a part of her business!

That's the precious Christian judgement of Audrey coming into play!

Hey, you know what I want to know?

Now that Jer and Auj are living in Portland, when will they proudly announce how they are joining and are now members of John Mark Comer's church?

They're having a kid, shouldn't they stop this "we're home churching" silliness now that they are a short drive from spending Sundays and Bible study weekly with someone they respect so highly?

Rap541 said...

And hey, along the lines of "LIARS POST AND THEN REMOVE POSTS" guess what?

Auj posted a photo of herself on her Instagram of her in a black bra and panties, wearing a hat in the house, and of course holding her bare belly.

It's now gone.

Isn't that interesting and what Christian will proudly note how this is Audrey lying as only liars post and tease and then remove posts?

Anonymous said...

Jacob is engaged