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Little People, Big World: New Episode June 13th, 2017

Here is a recap of the episode of Little People, Big World which aired on Tuesday June 13, 2017.

Written By Rapy541

Ok, let’s see, I totally don’t understand the first bonus scene. Are they looking at the ultra sound picture?

Also, to be fair, I like the house Jer and Auj bought, although I don’t like the cinderblock fireplace in the extra side room. Audrey’s hair in the scene is much lighter than her hair in the haybale. There’s also adorable sonogram photos.  There’s some talk of the c-section.

There’s a bonus scene of Zach and Mueller and the kids on the pirate ship.  It’s cute and Mueller seems like much less of a dick.

Now to the drama of will Jer and Auj get a house???

We’re at the restaurant with Amy and her pals who call each other grandmas. Amy is all “Chris is so cool! He’s like cool! COOL!” Her pals agree that he’s basically ok that she’s an LP. Amy is seeing Chris a LOT per her friends. She’s having a grandma shower, which I find super tacky on so many levels.

Zach and Tori are packing the baby bag. They’re basically packing everything. They talk a bit about the c-section. Zach is basically “You’re having it so you make the call!” She’s huge btw.

At the big house, Auj and Jer wander in and Auj is feeling the baby at 20 weeks. They are buying the house! 

They’re still monotone and there’s an inspection that could make or break the whole deal. To again be fair, having an inspection is such a good idea because that’s how you don’t buy a money pit.

Caryn and Matt plot together on projects. Matt is all “We’re so compatible”. Caryn is like “Has Amy signed off on the giant sandbox?” Matt notes that his facebook relationship status is “complicated”.

Amy notes that this is awkward. Matt notes how awkward this is for Caryn. They discuss the sandbox. Caryn loves the idea of a pumpkin shaped sandbox. So far Amy is cool but then Matt is all “It’s the grandkids! LETS SPEND!” Matt is annoyed that she’s unwilling to spend money. Yeah, this will end well.
Matt chides Amy to reach into her checkbook. She says she doesn’t have the money, and Matt chides her that she has as much money as he does. They scout the sites – they both need to e able to see the sandbox per Matt. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Jer and Auj are in matching Carhart jackets for the inspection. I suspect some of the earlier scenes in prior episodes were from the inspection. . Jeremy looks tired and old. He notes how intense it is.

Amy and Lisa go off to set up a Grandma shower registry. I do get the concept in that I soundly recall my father declaring when the niece was born that everytime he was allowed to have the child, the child would always be 
given a chocolate ice cream cone 20 minutes before pick up.

Zach wanders in to chat up Amy. She’s in an always more sweatshirt…. Zach finds the grandma shower silly. Amy offers a baby outfit that Zach wore to Zach. Zach finds it gross that the outfit is crusty. Also Zach is worried about the c-section. She describes it pretty grossly and in an excited manner.

Matt is now helping Zach install the car seat. Matt decides to test Zach on how pregnancy gets weird. I really really really want Jeremy to have to deal with this same exact scene, Matt pouring water on his crotch and declaring the baby on the way.

Back to the grandma party – it’s silly and stupid and its basically middle aged women being silly. There’s a risqué gift. The gift is pretty lingerie. To be fair, I get Amy’s awkwardness over the lingerie. She is relatively gracious even though I hate the whole concept of a grandma shower.

Zach and Tory are cute for the whole using apps to move the baby bassinet. Tory worries about the operation.

Matt and Sven and Jer and Auj discuss the home inspection. The house is basically fine. Auj has a giant wad of hair on one side. Matt loves how Jer wants to renovate the house while Auj is pregnant in a three week period. NOTHING CAN GO WRONG.

And Zach and Tory schedule a c-section. Honestly this continues to draaaaaag.


Kathy said...

This show is so boring that we play a game. Count how many times Jer says the word intense and Amy says the word exciting.

Sara said...

Seems Tori is the first woman to EVER have a c-section. It isn't even 1/10 as scary or dramatic as they are making it out to be. The way she was talking, monkeys would be doing it with rusty scalpels and she'd be bedridden for weeks as a result. Nope sorry'll be walking within six hours of the slice 'n dice.

Most women feel their baby WAY earlier than 29 weeks. Auj must be *that* vacuous that she can't feel God's progeny tap dancing on her cervix.

And why are Amy's friends so god damned horny about Amy being horny and dating? Why not just buy her sex toys and have at 'er.

And for the love of all that is holy, I hope someone gives Jer a thesaurus. Soon. Enough of 'intense' 'dynamics'.

I can't even talk about Matt simulating labour yet. So incredibly insulting and degrading to Tori and women in general. Good thing Caryn seems too stupid to be offended.

Ecossais said...

The most boring episode ever.
Grandma shower -sand box - Amy and Chris - Matt screeching "my water broke" - etc.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I was distracted and didn't go full on rant, but yes, Matt's lovely, sexist ass depiction of how completely hysterical and ridiculous he assumes women in labor are was not a shining moment.

Funny how all the Matt lovers have had not a word to say about Matt declaring Zach's child King of the Farm because Jeremy's child doesn't have a penis. Dang, funny how some people just don't seem to care in the slightest that Matt openly favors male children over Audrey's precious blessing.

I wonder, do you Matt fans think Audrey appreciates knowing Matt thinks she as a pregnant woman just loses her intelligence and will become a hysterical incompetent that can't be trusted to do anything but scream and cry.

But honestly they are dragging this out. The C-section talk is dull. The house buying talk is dull. And on a farm where everyone takes pride in the chickens roaming free, and the goats getting loose and the dogs and cats running about... a giant sandbox becomes a giant animal toilet.

Samantha Catalano said...

This was a really boring episode!
I hardly even remember it.

Also, the Jer/Auj story line of WILL THEY/ WONT THEY get the house is dragging on too long. I would rather watch them struggle with renos haha

I wonder what PECULIAR, DYNAMIC, INTENSE name they are going to pick for thier baby girl.
I like Jacksons name, thought they went cute, and with an easy to say/spell name that is very popular right now haha

Jeremy is wierd with money, he always looks super stressed but then spends money on extra cars and carhart gear. Boy needs a class on practical budgeting and a career. Is he actually a photographer? I feel like taking pics of him and his wife dont count.

Ann said...

Jer get a clue, you are way too old for the skinny jean unkept long hair beanie thing and way too old for a three word vocabulary, dynamics, messy and intense.

Samsam said...

This was a really boring episode!
I hardly even remember it.

Also, the Jer/Auj story line of WILL THEY/ WONT THEY get the house is dragging on too long. I would rather watch them struggle with renos haha

I wonder what PECULIAR, DYNAMIC, INTENSE name they are going to pick for thier baby girl.
I like Jacksons name, thought they went cute, and with an easy to say/spell name that is very popular right now haha

Jeremy is wierd with money, he always looks super stressed but then spends money on extra cars and carhart gear. Boy needs a class on practical budgeting and a career. Is he actually a photographer? I feel like taking pics of him and his wife dont count.

Munchkinland said...

Does anybody else watch just to see how long Jeremy can go without ever acknowledging where his income is derived because he does not have a daily j.o.b.? I think it's been 5 years since he has mentioned an occupation, last time he said what he did he was in college in Santa Barbara. What about now husband, father and homeownera? You can tell us where you make babies, but you dare not speak of how you get your millions, literally millions?!

It's ridiculous how he skates around questions like what he does all day yet affords a $4,000 a month mortage plus property tax plus 4 vehicles plus a child plus 5 star resorts in Hawaii.

Address the elephant turd in the room: Jeremy, Zach, Matt and Aujpoj all have turned the deflection of the money question into an artform.

Jericurl said...

Grandma Baby Shower??? I smell desperation for episode material!
I swear, the TLC producer that comes up with these lame show plots has about as much talent and imagination as a high school dropout that failed the summer! A grandma shower is such a hack move. Does Amy's "show friends" (the ones with speaking parts) actually sit in on the script meetings with the men and their wives, and chime in with "can episode 12 be about us having a party idea???"

In Jeremy and Audrey's smoke bomb party episode you can actually see a TLC crew guy going oversome notes with Jermey in the background. This was when they were setting up the table and before any guests had arrived.

When will Matt and Caryn actually touch on camera, if at all?

PJ said...

I understand Tori ' s reluctance with the C section. Not only the operation fear but she may feel a little like a failure that she cannot just push the baby out.

I'm glad Tawdry got the house she wanted. I just wish they were more excited about it.

Tawdry said she was 20 weeks when she was talking about the baby moving. That seems a little late but maybe she didn't realize it was movement she was feeling.

Amy may well have as much money as Matt. But be less willing to waste it.Matt has no business talking to Amy like he did in front of Caryn. And it is not Caryn ' s place to chime in to try and shame Amy into any thing.

Aren't sandbox really just a big potty box for any and everything that piddles outside?

Stop It, Please said...

So boring as to be painful.. Don't bother to even watch anymore. Rap's reviews are sooo much better than the actual show.

Safado said...

Have you considered changing the name of this group to "Hating the Roloffs"? It's a reality show, for crying out loud. It's not a documentary. Of course its shaped, even possibly scripted. But the humanity of this family comes through, and their home is beautiful. Enjoy it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

@Ecossias - I agree that is was one boring episode.
@Sara - I agree with every word. I am a "dating" grandma too but I would not want lingerie given to me by friends a a grandma shower. I buy my own! Tori explaining what a C-Section is and why her doctor is suggesting one, etc - blah blah blah! Jer and Audrey explaining why you need a home inspection, etc! I have wondered for a while what age group TLC is targeting and after this episode apparently anyone who has just crawled out from under a rock. These people need to GROW THE HELL UP, including Amy! NOTE TO ROLOFFS: YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST AT ANYTHING! Amy, Matt is going to date just like you! GROW UP. I know it's Caryn but who the hell cares. Roloff children: PARENTS GET DIVORCED!! YOU ARE ALL LUCKY THAT YOUR PARENTS ARE CIVIL TO EACH OTHER AND BY THE WAY, GROW UP! Amy, worry about your relationship with Chris. Worry about keeping your relationships on a positive keel with your children and grandchildren. Don't be afraid to tell off Jer and Auj and Zach and Tori when they overstep boundries and JUDGE YOU for having a life!; just like they would tell you off should you ever overstep boundries into their lives. Honestly, I have never such immature, uneducated children in my life!

Amber Waves said...

Regarding the house purchase, I wonder if the neighbors are aware that these quasi celebrities who have cameras following them around quite a bit of the time are moving in. I know of homes in my area that were used as film sets and it pisses people off when they can't get into their driveway because some sound truck or camera crew or whatever are blocking it.

The production crews on this show do such a good job of blending in and not becoming part of the filming (versus other shows I've seen where the producers appear on camera or their voices are recorded) that we viewers sometimes forget how many people are actually behind the camera.

It would be interesting to know their point of view in such a neighborhood compared to the farm, which is private and filled with wide-open spaces, or even Zach's house, which is on a straight suburban street, where there may be more parking, etc.

The sandbox is so stupid and contrived. A sandbox is a few feet wide by a few feet wide. It doesn't warrant a three-person discussion. Matt has a storage shed of lumber to pick from. Just grab a few pieces and a set of nails and a saw and go to it! How dumb. I was just hoping Amy would have smacked Caryn when she made the pumpkin-shape suggestion. Shut the eff up, harlot!

"Amy, is there a better direction I can walk...?" Caryn asks.
"Yeah, off my f#$%&en farm!" Amy should have answered.

Woodsy said...

I love Zachary: "I never heard of a grandma shower. I never heard of a gender reveal party til we had one."

Seriously, it seems everyone is on stage these days, especially younger people, primping for social media, trying to come up with crap to post.

And, Sara, you made me laugh. Maybe Amy should reveal to Tori how she felt as a Little Person giving birth to TWO babies at one time, one of whom was LP too and had a big dome. Sheesh! But I think this younger generation just makes a bigger deal about everything (see my first comment).

Carol Lee said...

When did Amy become such a potty mouth? Using the eff word when opening her "dating grandma" present, shouting, "Are you %@#$ing me?" when opening the baby T-shirt announcing Z&T's baby? Maybe she should stop accepting gifts!

My Husband is a Doofus with Clown Hair said...

Do you think the dynamic duo have any idea how moronic they seem whenever they complain about how intense or dramatic their lives' events are? It is neither intense nor sympathetic for two unemployed 20-somethings to be purchasing a half million dollar home and renovating it right away. How many times must she ask/state that there are hardwoods under the carpet?

Every week: "Things are really getting intense!!! I am ____ weeks pregnant now and I'm starting to feel the baby's curly hairs."

We will literally be watching paint dry in their new home for the next few episodes. You thought these shows had been snooze fests until now...

Re: Amy - Did anyone else catch that it was HER idea to have a granny shower? As if the thing couldn't be tackier - she asked for the gift grab. I just feel like people would throw this for a lady who has been awaiting grandchildren forever or is poorly. This woman does not need charity for things to have around her house for grandchildren. I hope that TLC footed the bill for this ridiculous thing.

Very telling how Zach commented that he hoped Amy wouldn't get the wrong idea and that they baby was his and Tori's, not Amy's.

This is becoming too much of a charade and everyone is becoming unlikable. But it is still a train wreck we will all stop and watch.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

You forgot Jericurl's favorite and most abused word: DYNAMIC!!!It's the only word he uses, along with 'like' after every fourth word.

This manboy is the most unstimulating and boring guy. How does Audrey keep a straight face when he babbles nonsensical gibberish while imperiously intonating like it's a profound thought.

hair today gone tomorrow said...

what's with Jeremy's hair???

k has c said...

I have tried to watch this episode 3 times, and 15 minutes into it i fall asleep each and every time. Borrrrrrrring!!!!

Sara said...

"I understand Tori ' s reluctance with the C section. Not only the operation fear but she may feel a little like a failure that she cannot just push the baby out."

PJ, the only reason why women feel like a failure is BECAUSE people like you say shit like that. Reluctant, sure. I was when I had my first, but knowing he was over 11(!) pounds, I didn't have any other option, so hand wringing and pearl clutching just didn't happen. Around 50% of women have sections, Tori is being a delicate snowflake about this. If she's gonna be tough enough to be a special needs mom she needs to suck it up.

Eye Roller said...


Although your premise is accurate, the fact that they manipulate and dictate their lives for money and beleive they are great television material when none of them work and freeload off the is hard to appreciate THAT kind of humanity without calling out on it and this blog allows for that as well.

Am I supposed to absently smile and robotically nod
(like Audrey does in her haybales) if Jeremy goes on national television claiming to do photoshoots as a job when really it is pictures for his instagram?! That bullshit needs to be exposed, not admired!!!

BTW: The Roloff property is beautiful, the house itself not so much.

Forgot the Condoms Baby said...

I think of the Roloffs as part of the same Duggars, Amish, 600lbs life, Hoarders TLC species. Freaks, and it's not because three of the 9 people on this show are little. Dwarf prejuidice is so last century. This is about a married couple who lives off a reality show so they can instagram and travel all day long maintaining an image of photoshoots and sponsored product placement disguised in a marriage and now baby .

The filming for money rehearsed and choreographed scenes for cameras about personal shit no one gives a shit about, yet THEY beleive we give a shit about is what makes these people egomaniacal freaks.

Rap541 said...

Oh I think the big house is a lovely home, Eye Roller. A little big for one person, I agree, and a tad McMansion in looks, but it looks like a comfortable, pleasant house.

And the property is lovely with a couple of exceptions. They can whine on this point all they want... but they aren't taking care of the structures. The church on close ups? Looks decrepit. Old Western Town? Looks decrepit. We haven't seen the Ark close up in ages and guess what? I bet sitting a wooden structure out in the open for YEARS with no maintenance. I also remember the episodes where they were digging out wrecked cars, and dealing with piles of sofas... the cameras keep away from the trashpiles, I have noticed.

PJ said...

My comment came from what hundreds of women said to me during the time I managed a maternity clothing store. I don't see it that way but it is/was not an uncommon attitude.

Ecossais said...

How stupid do Matt and TLC think we are?
If Tori is having a C-section the surgery will be scheduled so all Matt's crap about rushing to the hospital while screeching "my water broke"and wondering if Zach - who has lived in that area all his life - knows the way to hospital is pure scripted rubbish.
Same with all the sand box rubbish of having to see it from both Matt's DW and Amy's house. Will Matt's new 'mansion' not be built in a different location on the farm by the time the grandkids are old enough for a sand box?

Pumpkin Salsa, Eww said...

Okay, full disclosure here, I did not watch this episode but had to read Rap's recap, and I stopped when I read "Matt helped Zach install the car seat."

That sentence is just so laughable and stupid on so many levels where do I begin? What grown man runs to daddy about putting in a car seat, that was a joke right? Also why would Matt, who is basically an invalid, even remember how to put a car seat from over twenty years ago?!

I wonder somtimes if either Zack or Jeremy had married their mental and emotional equivilants they wouldn't be able to find their way out of a paper bag. Audrey and Tori are more savvy and mature than those two bumps on a log.

How could any woman get excited by those two bumbling bafoons that don't even know what refinancing means or how to change the filter of any household item.

Anonymous said...

There can be 24k gold under those carpets and I still wouldn't pay half a million for Jerky's house! Is he going to clean the 7 rooms in it or is Aujpoj?

Pumpkinland said...

Thanks for the tip! Next time I can't get to sleep I'll watch an episode... I just ran out of melatonin.

I might have nightmares though if there is an episode of Matt "telling bedtime stories" to Caryn in a remote log cabin tucked away in the Oregonian Alps!Way to make the kids proud!

Tampon Flask said...

"Enjoy it for what it is":

Greedy people who pimp their private lives for cash.
Delusional people who think they are special, and doing this world a service as to be on a show for half their lives with no ambition except for another t.v. season.
Lazy loafers riding the gravy train provided to them by the porno channel of weirdos and freaks, aka TLC.

ferry said...

i loved this show when it first came out because i could relate to them. now that none of them (aside from tori) work, i cant relate. i was really interested in seeing what jeremy ended up doing with his life because he was so lazy and melancholy. alas he is still the same but with a large allowance.

Peculiar Dynamic said...

Isn't it ironic how everything in life is so "intense" to Jeremy yet he is so very un-intvery, you almost feel labotamized in his presence!

In addition, no matter how many times Jeremy repeats the word "dynamic" it will not make up for the utter lack of it in his personality, touche'!

k has c said...

@ PJ & Sara

Regarding ....Not being able to push a giant kid out ....I agree with Sara about idiot comments such as yours. I had a C-Section--So glad for it!!! Oh and PJ- think you might be able to push a kid out your pee pee area place? ROFL...

Neighborhood Watch-the-hell Is Happening? said...

I sure feel sorry for Sideshow Jeremy and Kabuki Audrey's new neighbors.

Always More Condoms said...

I get real tired of reading over and over on this site that no one works. At least give Tori credit for being a teacher, having a real career, a normal job, and not quitting it for tv. Waaay better than Auj who has done nothing than market herself and products thru the show.

Ann said...

Can you imagine if Zach or Jer really did have to deal with a "real" stressful situation? Something tells me they would ball up in a corner and cry, the older they get the less capable they seem. Am I being too tough what do you all think?

Anonymous said...

Anyone here know why Amy can't seem to pronounce "grandma" properly? Is she imitating how a baby will say it? Is it an LP speech production issue? GraMMMah.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Tori works... You happy now?

Sacred Ground said...

Audrey's "products" are just generic shirts with two words on them. This is not design, nor does it require any creativity, talent or ingenuity. All of us can literally make our own "Always More" tank top and sweatshirt if we wanted and pay about 75% less too! I'm a teacher and we are always getting shirts made for events and charge the kids about 5 bucks.

Does Audrey donate half the money she makes off the tank tops and baseball hats to social causes, like Paul Newman did with the salad dressing? That would be the only way her product peddling/ promoting on the show would have any redeeming value.

Bend Barre Blogger said...

You are right! I would not want to live near their home where those crazy fans that fly to Oregon just to catch a glimpse of Amy in a bumble bee costume might drive by and stalk them for autographs and pictures.

Anonymous said...

@Always More Condoms - RE: Tori's job as a Kindergarten "teacher". First, she takes a lot of time off to got to Hawaii and all the other trips TLC films. Second, in the state where I reside, Kinder teachers do NOT require a 4-yr degree so basically she has a certificate. And third, her salary is no way near being able to support that house, 2 adults and 1 child. She "works" for her school part-time and for TLC basically FT. Add in her $$ for all the media stories and PRESTO - not really working.

Anonymous said...

I hope these two young couples are planning ahead and saving some of their "reality star" earning s because they have committed themselves to 18 years of child support.
The way the show is heading I doubt it will last another 18 seasons. Matt and Amy are on separate paths and Zach and Jackson will be the only little people.
Jer and Auj have no place on the show and "farmer" Jer shows no sign of taking over from Matt.
I wonder how much longer this "reality show" craze will continue to be in fashion with TLC, Bravo and Discover?
I doubt that Auj can make enough off peddling stuff and "devotionals" on line to support a 7 room home, multiple cars and a family. Jer certainly doesn't look like contributing much.
At least Zach likes to work but being a little person does make it more difficult for him and I doubt Tori will have much time to keep teaching with a special needs youngster.

Audrey No-Botti said...

I think the state of Jeremey's jericurl's is a reflection of his state of mind: unemployed so who cares whatevs, kind of depressed and unkempt... He and Audrey probably think it's hot and hippie, but he just looks like an unwashed hobo caught in the rain.

Anonymous said...

I think it is telling that they refer to dwellings as the "big house" and the "DW" instead of Mom's home or Dad's home....empty, just hollow in feeling~

Audrey's Condoms said...

Ann, you are partly right. Zach and Jeremy have always been this incapable, it's just more glaringly obvious now because they are almost
30 years old and no longer teenagers.

I bet if they weren"t married they would still be living on the farm sleeping on sheetless mattresses in their bunk beds.

Ex LPBW fan said...

Yeah... she can't say 'Parmesan' either...

Anonymous said...

An Oregonian is a person from Oregon, or the daily paper. We also do not have the Alps, which are a mountain range in Europe. Matt would have to take Caryn to a cabin in the Oregon Cascade Range. We Oregonians can get proudly particular about our geography, as much as cringing whenever people pronounce it Ore-gone instead of Orygun.

Rap541 said...

Anon, where to begin?

Tori IS a college graduate. That's been reported many times, she has a four year degree. That in YOUR state, teachers may not have degrees does not mean Tori is not a college graduate.

Tori works in Beaverton School District and is currently on leave of absence. For benefits like maternity leave and leave of absence, Tori would need to be considered a full time employee.

Tori teaches kindergarten, not pre-school. There is a difference, and you are well aware of it because you're clearly shitting on her for how you perceive her to be not a real teacher. But be assured, if you go to the Findley Elementary in Beaverton OR website, she is clearly and openly listed as a kindergarten teacher.

Beaverton School district offers full day kindergarten.

Teachers in this school district start at about 39k.

I actually don't disagree that Tori and Zach are making more money doing the show, but "she's a part time preschool teacher with no college, just a certificate" is unfair.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI - In the state of Oregon you need a Masters degree to be a public kindergarten teacher. And the school she teaches at is ranked one of the highest and most reputable elementary schools in the state...

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI - In the state of Oregon you need a Masters degree to be a public kindergarten teacher. And the school she teaches at is ranked one of the highest and most reputable elementary schools in the state...

NOW member said...

Anon--your demeaning of Tori's work disgusts me. You do it and see if you feel it's "not really working". She loves working with young children, and you'd best be glad there are people who still love to do that for the paltry sum people like yourself seem to feel they deserve.

Ann said...

Audrey's Condoms- LMAO at your name. Eeeeeewwwww I remember their discussing room. And yes no sheets that is so trashy.

Ecossais said...

Audrey's Condoms - I always wondered about that. Living in a pigsty of a room on bare mattresses in a mansion.

Ex LPBW fan said...

Will all you suckers please stop buying their products!?! All you're ding is making them feel like they have a job! And thanks to so many absent minded sheep that already bought that damn book! Self help books = SUCKA!! get a clue folks!!

k has c said...

@ All the Folks Grossed out by the pigsty room/ no sheets- Add me to that list! The whole house was a pigsty back then. Amy must have hired help these days. What grosses me out is her wanting to have a restaurant and the salsa nonsense- all i can think of is how nasty and dirty they were/are...ughhhh. Oh yes please i will take a plate of that..Nooo Thanks!

haybales said...

i would LOVE to see jeremy & audrey have to deal with being $30 000 in student loan debt (each) & have to find real jobs, a place to live & everything else that comes with life when you're not paid to mope around mumbling words on haybales. now that would be an intense dynamic.

haybales said...

i dont think she has a masters.

PrettyinPink said...

@Rap541 and others:

Re Tori and her teaching: Kindergarten is not required in OR. Scroll down to OR in the following guide:

Rap541 said...

PrettyInPink - this is what I got from your url.

Not Found
The requested URL /reports/Report.aspx was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

She does have a college degree so she's not "teaching preschool with some certificate".

Or are you still insisting that? That even though she's been cited as a college graduate, she's not, and even though she's listed on Beaverton School District website as a kindergarten teacher that she isn't, that she is teaching preschool, not kindergarten?

Because my objection was the claim that she's not a college graduate and that she's not a kindergarten teacher, but is some girl with a trade school certificate working at a preschool and CALLING herself a teacher when she really isn't.

She's obviously employed by Beaverton School District as a kindergarten teacher. She has a college degree. You just look dumb when you push the "shitty liar says she's a teacher when she's really just a preschool aide with nothing but a certificate" agenda.

mame3388 said...

I want to know the institution that gave these two non-working idiots a mortgage. As a retired banker I'd LOVE TO KNOW!

Amber Waves said...

To the person who made the anonymous comment about Tori, she does have a college degree, remember this from when she and Zach were dating? Give her some credit. She's not into the "show as my sole source of income" mantra that Audrey and Jeremy recite. All they do is promote the crap they sell. When is the last time Jeremy has taken a photo shoot for money? He could be running a really profitable photog business just from people who would hire him to be at their wedding or to shoot their babies knowing he is a minor celebrity. Truth be told, they rake in a ton of money from the show. There's no other way they could afford a half-million-dollar home.

J Korta said...

I don't very much care for either Chris or Caryn . . . I would so much like to see Matt and Amy back together, but I know that is none of my business. Still, I get the feeling they miss each other . . . I get it. I truly wish Jabob well. I really wish Jacob would come back to God - no judgment, no pressure. Jacob reminds me of my own son . . . sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, adorable . . . my son is finally finding God again - my heart was broken and I almost lost him. . . my heart now feels hopeful for this young man whom I adore. . . I wish, hope and pray for Amy and Matt to have their son once again answer God's call. Jacob, I will pray for you. May your life be filled with happiness, success and joy - in Jesus name and through his father's love and undeserved kindness.