Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Little People, Big World New Episode June 27, 2017

Here is a recap/review of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloffs, which aired Tuesday June 27, 2017 on TLC.

Written By Rap541


Ugh… a two hour baby episode. Let me be right up front, I am not a baby person. Babies are squishy and weird looking. I’m happy for Tory and Zach but ewww baby stuff! And without any clever, amusing British midwives or nuns. Oh hey, there’s a good show about babies on PBS called “Call the Midwife” – I highly recommend!

Bonus scenes. Matt asks Jeremy if he dreads returning home. They then argue about tools. Matt loves the idea of Jer and Auj being closer. Jeremy looks like he wants to gnaw his arm off. 

I missed the second bonus scene because I care more about my mom than this show, and the third scene was Matt giving advice. Sorry, my parents trump the show.

For the record, I think Zach’s problem is migraines.

Now Zach has scrubs? To wear? At the house? I am pretty sure they give you scrubs at the hospital. Tory is SO over being pregnant, I mean she’s just about “GET THE KNIFE AND I WILL DO IT MYSELF!!!”. 

Zach sagely notes on the haybale how the headaches are probably migraines and not his shunt. Tory is dreading the c-section and is all “They take your intestines out” and honestly I don’t think that’s a c-section. 

Tory wants Zach at her side for the whole thing.

At the farm, Matt is feeding the goats. Amy and Matt discuss how they will  be grandparents and we get a montage of various old scenes. I actually feel a lil sad during this part, as baby lambs wander about, that the older marrieds are divorced.

Meanwhile in Bend, Jer and Auj are de-pretentiousing the old house. Auj will be signing stuff and Jer will be doing the moving. Oh Jer has a hernia! That’s his mystery illness and he’ll need surgery. They discuss how mom and dad Roloff will want to see them and the kid, and Jer is all about how they will need to set some boundaries! Oh jeez kids, stop BITCHING. Five months from now you’ll be screaming for Amy to take the baby!

Tory and Zach discuss how worried they are about the baby. Zach reassures her that she’s awesome.

At Amy’s house, Amy is making food for the baby couple, and will be teaching Zach how to cook food. Amy takes over a lot. Oh Zach, also try watching PBS cooking shows, they don’t take the knife away from you! But nice of Amy to show him sorta how to cook and he’s so excited.

In Bend – more moving! They might not get the keys that day! Jer thinks he might be moving with no place to go. They’re all uncertain. I’d feel more if Jer and Auj weren’t already bitching about setting boundaries for the in-laws.

So Matt’s extra room is basically an episode of Hoarders and no one better say the giant pile of cluttered shit is somehow Amy’s fault. He brings in his new sidepiece Caryn to actually do the work. Caryn notes that he better get some girl toys, and then presses him about whether he actually bothered to help Amy change diapers. His non answer is not a shock.

Chris takes Amy to some fancy place. In fairness to Chris, he’s clued in, unlike Matt, that Amy likes to eat out. Chris also presses to meet Matt. Chris puts it rather politely. Amy has put off the two of them interacting. Chris is amused but thinks he should be alone with Matt. Amy is all “But you both have been in my vagina!” . More seriously, Amy notes how forceful Matt is, and how charming.

Oh look, no real crisis in moving. Somehow, they move all their stuff in to two rooms because they will be remodeling and such. Jer pointedly notes how glad he is to be near Zach.

Matt shows Zach the hoard room that’s a total sty. In theory Matt may shove all  his crap on shelves but really, Ithink the room needs to be emptied first.

Chris and Amy check out the pool because maybe they will start having parties and also Chris wants to meet Matt. OMG CHRIS AND MATT IN PHYSICAL REACH!!!!

Chris and Amy have dated for eight months and Chris wants to be respectful. They’re pleasant. Amy voices over how charming Matt is. Chris notes how nice the kids are. He’s respectful, in my opinion. Matt continues to harp on how Amy finally let him meet Chris. Chris wants to play on a tractor.

In the debriefing, Chris notes Matt was pleasant. They joke about they won’t be playing cards with Caryn and Matt. Amy really doesn’t want Chris socializing with Matt.
Zach and Jeremy and Mueller are wandering around the farm. They’re having a camp fire. They talk kids and Mueller seems more mature. Unfortunately, the whole scene feels forced and Jeremy looks super bored.

Ugh it looks like the baby stuff is about to start.

Matt wanders in to the work barn aka the men’s crisis center and rants he wants to find his own crib. Matt searches for his sacred crib and yells for Ryan to help, and now another montage as the ratty old crib that in theory Matt used is found but…. Instead he has tiny chairs for the kids and a different crib.

Zach and Tory are one day out from birthing and she is huge. There’s a bassinet thing for the baby in the bedroom. She continues with the “rip the baby out where is the knife??” while Zach is all “oh lets have more.”

Amy throws her dog treats in the early morning. She’s musing on life as the sun rises on the day of her grandchild’s birth. She prays on camera, and its meaningful.

Now it’s baby day and Zach is hauling Tory to the hospital. They’re totally late. They’ve packed the car for an excursion down the Nile. They joke on the drive how they have doomed the baby by being late. Tory seems weirded out that she is soon to be a mom. Amy is waiting for them and is dithering. 

Tory’s mom is on the way. Tory puts on a gown and her mom is there. Zach and Tory are very sweet and apparently, we’re not getting a vag cam so yay!

Matt is waiting on the farm, and muses on life. Amy goes back to the farm because she wants to give them space. Jer and Auj are there. She goes on about the love of a newborn child.  Also apparently Jeremy had no idea that he was a premie.


Aw…. Jackson Kyle Roloff.

Someone calls Amy and everyone heads to the hospital to see the nine pound dwarf. Matt gets notice and tells Caryn and she’s excited. Matt equates this with being kicked by a donkey!

Zach and Tory are super cute with baby Jackson. They smooch and then smooch the baby. Everyone loves the baby and holds the baby.

More baby stuff, Matt and Caryn made a giraffe room. Zach cleans poop off the baby.

At the new Jer and Auj house, Jer and Auj have no stuff and start remodeling. Also Jer’s hernia is no biggy and is really no issue… and he tears stuff up.

Baby stuff with Zach and Tory.  Matt and Amy and Swen make a stork.

The baby was taken home. Tory loves the stork. She cries a bit. A week later there’s diaper changing. 

There’s also stroller walks.

Amy and Jer are in the big house kitchen and they’re waiting on the baby.  Amy holds the baby and loves him. Then they head over to the farm office and Matt also gets to love the baby. 

Then Jer and Auj go on about the baby and how they are part of a grand thing.


I'd Roll My Eyes if They Were Open said...

Did anyone else find this episode to be very boring? I kept checking how much time was left and couldn't believe that I had only watched 10 minutes. I found it odd that Sideshow Jer wouldn't have to be at closing if his name was going to be on the deed. That said, I know that is state specific, so who knows what they let you do in Washington.

How awkward must it be for this family to sit down and watch an episode together? "Mom is overbearing." "We are going to have to set boundaries with Amy."

I found the business about meeting Matt very weird. The encounter was actually very pleasant but the fact that this guy can't understand and respect why Amy would feel the way that she does goes to show you how motivated he is to make drama and be a character on the show. It is one thing to shake hands since you'll be at family events together. It is entirely another thing to insist you go have beers despite how your significant other feels about it.

I thought Amy's excitement about the baby very cute but if I was Tori, I would have wanted to punch someone if as I am approaching the hospital my MIL is standing there smiling and waving. Like, are you kidding me? I guess they need the boundary discussion, like yesterday. Then again, these children really do seem incapable of doing anything without Matt and Amy.

Very, very boring episode. I am so much looking forward to seeing Sideshow Auj in a frumpy hospital gown all bloated.

On a sidenote: Anyone see the half nude photos Mrs. Sideshow has been posting on Instagram/Instagram stories?

Sara said...

If only that donkey would kick a bit harder.

Eye Roller said...

Thank you Rap for a season of witty, honest and funny recaps...

Baby Jackson is adorbs and Tori is salt of the earth...Jeremy's cluelessness and vapidity is truly disturbing. Why would Jeremy and Audrey sit in Amy's kitchen on a weekday morning waiting to be served a pancake breakfast, and yet are worried about her making them dinner and wanting to hang out after the baby is born so therefore boundaries need to be laid out,selfish and ungrateful hypocrite. Jeremy needs boundaries for HIS lazy loitering ass, NOT Amy...Jeremy knocks down a 1/10th of a wall while yammering about his hernia, he is such a little Bob Vila (pbs ref.). He then lies on camera saying he's going to stay with Audrey's parents for a couple of days until they get the keys, but the truth is they've been living with the Botti's for the last two months and counting, I smell a spinoff.....

Anonymous said...

great NAILED IT!! :)

Eileen said...

Anyone notice that Amy cooks and cleans up while Jer and Auj sit on their asses on the couch?

PJ said...

Notice that when Amy talked about Jackson it was about Jackson. When Matt talks about the baby it's about Matt.

Wonder what Jer thinks about his dad giving his old nickname to Zach's son?

I hope Jackson loves books, learning and soccer. And his only interest in the farm is going to visit Grandma Amy and Grandpa Chris.

Spirits Wander blogspot fan said...

I am surprised you didn't mention the Matt/Caryn kiss. That is the first time I recall seeing them be affectionate "onscreen. I know Matt and Amy are divorced and entitled to move on, but it's still a little weird to watch. Someone correct me if I am wrong on my comment. Thanks for the recap Rap541, I always look forward to reading them.

Audrey's Condoms said...

I'm starting to feel sorry for Jeremy...He really seems aimless, unmotivated and just going wherever Audrey seems to want to lead him without apparant mental conviction or emotional investment.It's obvious he is only at Amy's house to film the show and doesn't even seem comfortable or at ease in her home. He doesn't give Audrey or any other family member much to work with, if you know what I mean (Jer, anybody home?)... Yes, finally Matt and Caryn smooch on camera, but was it the first time?

Jericurl said...

That scene around the campfire looked like Jeremy was either A) absolutely ambivalent about fatherhood or B) holding back what he really wanted to say to Mueller that he was the one that got away or C) miserable fantasizing about how he misses the good old days back in Santa Barbara in college taking pictures, and being allowed to talk to girls without it being a sin.

Samthacat said...

I couldn't get over how openly audrey doesn't like Amy (and maybe matt)! Is it because of the divorce? I remember her saying she didn't want her baby exposed to that. Like it is a disease. It is barely covered contempt. Like why would they live at the Bottis which is a construction zone and has a bunch of people there instead of staying at Amy's big empty house? I feel bad for Amy for having a DIL like her.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking Amy is the one that needs to be setting up boundaries....for self absorbed Jeremy and Audrey.

The shark that the Roloffs just jumped over said...

What a boring episode!
The highlight was Amy praying while staring at the sunset with her dog.
I do believe she has turned the corner and has found herself a new reason to live and has re-purposed herself as a single woman and soon to be awesome GMA.
This is a fine example on how money can't buy happiness.
You have to find it.
I think a lot of this show is scripted like Zac wearing scrubs in his house and acting like he was going to where them into the operating room.
I bet those scrubs were covered in dog fur. (RIP Sully)
Jer and Auj whine way too much and I find it hard to believe that they were cutting it that close to being homeless.
It's apparent that they are loathing being close to Matt and Amy and "the farm" which is Dramaville.

sscooter43 said...

"Let me be right up front, I am not a baby person."

I am glad I am not the only one that is not a baby person.

Rap541 said...

I merely note that various people here equate sickness and ill health with God punishing you and who has a hernia? Hmmmmmm. Funny how quiet proponents of this religious theory are being!

I wonder what Jeremy did that made God smite him.

Ann said...

Jer is clearly bummed he is not having a son

Forgot the Condoms Baby said...

Yes, and they look like they can't wait for filming to finish so they can leave. It's obvious they literally have nothing to do or get done while there, it's purely just to get footage for TLC.

They are living at the Botti's the minute the cameras are gone. Why does Jeremy and Audrey say there needs to be boundaries, yet they are sitting in her kitchen and her couch (like to 7 year olds dropped off at a distant relative's house) waiting for her to serve them a pancake breakfast?! Side note: Jeremy says he can't cook and would rather break things before getting in the kitchen, and so they always are eating from takeout containers.

Pumpkin Salsa, Eww said...

Wait a minute, what?!? A hernia, Jeremy has a hernia? And he is holding a hammer while talking about his hernia? Oh, the drama never ceases with that little jewel of a wishy washy, booby prize of a prince!... I hope it's not revealed next season that he has a third testicle or that Audrey is transgender. The Dynamic Duo has already been through too much with receiving house keys a day late, deciding which half a million dollar home to buy, and setting up boundaries with a mommy that still cooks for you.

tictac said...

I think it was telling that Jeremy stated that since he was close by now, he hoped Matt wouldn't expect him to help out more on the farm. That confirmed why they lived in Bend and not closer. The boundaries seem to be they will dump off the baby to be whenever it is convenient for them( and since they travel a lot, the dumping will definitely be often) and don't expect them to be farmhands and work.(Just make sure we get our fair share of the farm at the reading of any will)
How interesting it was to see Jer use the hernia excuse so he didn't have to load anything into the van in Bend for the move and then arrive at the new home and magically a group of volunteers are there so he wouldn't have to move anything into it. Apparently he paid them by giving them "high fives". Then once the move was over, his hernia wasn't as bad as he thought and he could then ply some boards off the wall and tear down half a wall.(for camera purposes only while a hired renovation crew did all the rest, I am sure). Of course Auj uses her pregnancy to also avoid any work which includes not being able to assist with any kitchen duties or food preparations. Her regimen seems to be put on make up, do hair, sit and repeat.
I am glad the TV show and camera time have brought significant others into Matt and Amy's lives. But without the fame, can't imagine Chris or Caryn stumbling upon an unknown Matt or Amy in a Walmart or Home Depot aisle and both saying they sure would like "some of that" and want to start any type of relationship. I can see them both being very nice and helping them if they needed help in getting anything down from an unreachable shelf, but certainly nothing further.
As far as Zach, even though ,in all his years, he doesn't know how to cut or chop vegetables, he managed to learn how to change a diaper. Am sure Tori was so proud but at the same time reminding him never to run with scissors or especially with a knife in his hands.

Happy said...

Rap541, you are entirely correct. God jammed it into Jer and broke it off deep inside. He has gotten so far away from god and his teachings that god decided a hernia was in order. In his wisdom. Amen.

Ex LPBW fan said...

Great review as always!! I think they are staying with the Botti's mainly because Jacob & Izzy and dogs are shacked up (living in sin!!!) in 'the big house'. I imagine there's plenty of room for everyone but I think they are avoiding the support of the kids back home...

I do love the half naked Christian Instagram pic of Oddj.. such a great influence on Godly young wome who are buying her crap...

This show is a waste of air time!!

Red Curly Haired Baby said...

@tictac you are so right about that useless Jer and his hernia as an excuse not to move a box. He conveniently sees the dr. immediately following the use of unpaid underage labor to confirm that he is absolutely able to lift. Weirdest hernia I ever heard of...

Aujball asking Jerball if he was going to have to work on the farm more since they were close was strange to me seeing as how that greedy woman was practically standing on her head to demand she and the hernia husband received the farm as their own regardless of how that cuts out every other child from getting any inheritance. Makes you wonder if the other kids did lawyer up or something and told the Oddballs that they'd have to buy everyone else out. Suddenly they don't care about the farm as much.

Sacred Ground said...

Tictac, this comment is EVERYTHING! I didn't know I was thinking those same things until you wrote it! Your observation and perception is right on the mark! Until the next trainwreck of a season!

Munckinland said...

So Jeremy paid people to move out of Bend, and then got high school students to move his stuff to Portland because his "hernia" (cough,cough) prevented him from exerting himself, yet TWO days later we see him partially knock a wall down with his hammer because "it's okay?" This guy uses situations to suit his convenience over others which shows his incapacity for real honesty, reliability and responsibility.

That was hammering a wall in ftont of a spectating Aupoj seemed gratuitous and only for show so Jeremy could have footage to show his in laws and Audrey that he is not a total deadbeat dullard. Jeremy is such is a sneaky, lazy, freeloading opportunist. Either you can't do stuff due to a hernia or you can, pick one.

Hernia Husband said...

Did Zach drive alone to the hospital and buy a pair of scrubs days before the
c- section to model for Tori?! Yeah right, something tells me Zach didn't come up with that stupid idea on his own. A TLC producer put it in his hands and said "wear these so we can film some cute and funny interaction for the show."

The Roloffs are a bunch of performing monkeys for the TLC paycheck.

Question: Why if Audrey and Jeremy are so concerned with boundaries with their parents why were THEY the ones "constantly traveling back and forth every weekend?" It's obvious the only reason they are moving back is to make it easier to film for the reality freak show because their baby gives them more of a "plot", a larger part/more show material, for the show.

E said...

All these vehicles and yuppy fashion Carhartt clothing but couldn't afford to pay a proper moving company and we are moving but do not have the keys yet. Auj and Jer are riot.
Now they are freeloading on family while they work on the new house. These two couldn't plan a piss-up in a brewery or an orgy in a brothel.

NOW member said...

Just watched this show, or most of it, on Demand. When baby Jackson was still in the hospital, I looked at his sleeping face and saw a miniature Matt Roloff. It must have been the light...Zach does not even look like Matt Roloff. Pretty terrifying though! I took notice of Caryn for the first time, and wonder what she does as "farm manager"...they grow a crop of pumpkins every year, and have some animals around for pumpkin buyers to look at, but what is to manage all the time?

Ex LPBW fan said...

I really enjoy seeing Zach 'winning' so far over Jer(k)! He was responsible & bought a house years ago, has done work on it gradually, had plenty of time to have a nursery very well set up and ready to go before his baby BOY was born. It seems to me the The Golden Couple are scrambling now because they were too busy skiing in Bend and posting pics of themselves on social media.. and Jer is having a girl when we all know he's dying for twins and boys. Zach may have his medical Episodes and not know how to cook but at least he's managed to set he's family up pretty nice and with perfect timing.. kudos and congrats to Zach amd Tori.. Jeremy & Audrey are narcissistic for no good reason. They really annoy me.

Anonymous said...

Audrey and her "always more" cap. Really, does any woman show up at a hospital to see her nephew wearing a baseball cap?? Give it up tawdry! Make the event about the new life and not your frigging hat. She is shameless and self absorbed!

Amber Waves said...

Rap, I am a baby person and I will vouch that baby Jackson is super cute and already looks like a sweet child. Audrey and Jeremy's kid, although they think she'll be beautiful, will probably be beet red and skinny as hell. Look at Audrey, for God's sake. She doesn't look like she's gaining weight at all and she's parading around on social media with her EXPOSED belly, showing off that she has no stretch marks, while down-to-earth Tori was swollen and pale and NOT showing her belly to anyone, thank you very much. Which woman sounds more godly? Hmmmm.

These babies have it made, though. Other than being exposed to the world against their will, they'll have a steady income stream, especially now that the next generation is made up of at least one little person to carry on the show's title for another twenty-plus years. Just enough time for Jeremy and Audrey to NEVER have to think about getting a job before retiring. But stay tuned for "Always More" baby gear and cutesy party dresses, which will be on sale in September as soon as Ronald McDonald pops her out. Ugh, those two!!!

YinzerWoman said...

While switching channels, thought I'd stop and watch LPBW as I hadn't watched the show since Jacob was on and there was a trebuchet accident. After watching the show, thought I might find others with the same opinion and here I am! First, I thought this show was canceled years ago... what changed?

LPBW has really jumped the shark. It's now just another "reality" show with producer-planned drama, along with the obligatory free vacations thrown in. (Just a quick aside here: Really liked 7 Little Johnstons, but they have quickly jumped the shark and the show is now totally scripted. On their finale, they decided to take everyone to Puerto Rico! How does Trent have the $$$ for that!?! Yes, I'm well aware of the freebies in exchange for showing the deluxe resort, but it's all SO phony! Apparently their annual trip to the beach with sister Heidi just won't do! And Trent has changed jobs... guess the college he was working for couldn't accommodate his shooting schedule! It's such a shame, because out of all the LP shows, the Johnstons seemed the most authentic. Oh well...)

Back to LPBW. I just cannot STAND Amy. Or Matt. OR Jeremy and his wife. The storyline with Amy "dating" Chris is revolting. I can't see anything attractive about her except that she's now loaded with reality show money. And it seems that Amy has found numerous normal-height BFFs... where were these people before?? Where did Chris come from? He's a 54-yr-old slightly attractive real estate salesman who's never been married. Hmmm. When will his skeletons come falling out of the closet? The scenes with Amy and Chris are forced and embarrassing. Amy always looks surprised that Chris is interested in her and she always needs Chris to give her reinforcement that he's REALLY attracted to her. Like someone else here pointed out, if Amy weren't on a TV show and didn't have reality show $$$, there's no way they would be a couple. Amy's scenes where she tries to be "all woman" and "sexy" are just laughably ridiculous. Where were all of Amy's little people friends at her producer-created grandma baby shower? All the guests were normal height... were they all paid extras?

On to Matt and his farm manager love. What is attractive about Matt?? Has Caryn ever explained what it is about Matt that she likes? I guess if Amy has a love interest, Matt needs one, too and Caryn probably got a bump in pay to fill that role.

YinzerWoman said...

PART TWO... my first comment was too long

Jeremy and Audrey are just SO phony. I would put Audrey into the failed Kartrashian wannabe category. Why is she always sitting on Jeremy's lap?? And, what's with the AlwaysMore hats? I noticed that Amy was wearing an AlwaysMore sweatshirt. Audrey always wants more... maybe that's what is so unlikeable about her. I would not put it past AlwaysMoreAudrey pushing for her own spinoff show. MORE, MORE, MORE... and Audrey would be the STAR!! As for bunhead Jeremy, what does he do to afford a half-million $$ house?? He left the "farm" and did nothing... except take some photos. Is his photography in demand?? Even if it is, cannot imagine it's worth millions. Jeremy is a perfect example of PajamaBoy who needs to stay in his parent's basement until he officially grows up... and that's where he would be if not for the easy "reality" show $$$ he's getting.

The only person who seems to not have been affected (yet) by the phony reality environment is Tori. What Tori sees in Zach is another mystery. But, her acceptance of being the wife of a little person seems more Christian than anything Audrey says or does.

With these kids coming along, there will be years of storylines... so, daughter Molly needs to get back into the fray soon! Sorry, but Molly is very hard on the eyes; she looks at least twenty years older than she actually is and she's boring.

I'm sorry I stayed to watch LPBW when switching channels as I wasted hours catching up to find out what happened to these people, but very glad I found this site.

Anonymous said...

the only job Jeremy gets for photography are taking pictures of his wife for her blogs, which seem to be few and far between and defined lacking substance. He attempted to run his own website- It was a total bust! He had one lousy run on sentence to describe himself and no real blogs. He added a store to it to try and sell his pictures and I'd say maybe sold a handful before it went belly up. He had an actual wedding photography business with a friend while in college but didn't seem to have to many weddings scheduled when I checked all the available dates. Last I knew his friend was still running it but I'm not for sure if he still is.

I wouldn't be surprised if Tori didn't go back to teaching and live off the show and be a stay at home mom. But give her props for being the only one still on the show to have an actual career and still working even after she became a main fixture on the show.

Sara said...

Tori would be the only one to have a good reason to not work, being the mother of a kid who will likely have loads of medical apppointments.

mittsigirl said...

Well all I have to say is that not everyone is born beautiful in this world of ours. Real beauty comes from within.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

Don't forget they spent a week in Hawaii at a 5 star resort a few weeks before they had to decide where to live, find a new home/doctors, move out, buy a house all the while "worrying and struggling with the intense and crazy decisions!"

I don't know any newly unemployed married couple that goes on a week long Hawaiian vacation weeks before they have to move, decide where to live, and find and buy a home. Those two are liars when it cones to all the drama they portray on the show. What happened to their dream of running and living on Roloff Farms? Amy gets a boyfriend and Matt is dating a farm employee, so now they don't want to be there anymore.

Anonymous said...

Jer is such a douche... Finished watching the episode and did anyone else notice he felt need to point out that the beautiful, new born baby boy "looks like an LP"?!! Jer is a little effer!!

mittsigirl said...

What an ignorant comment to say about your nephew! I just am so shocked those words came out of his mouth, what a JERK Jer is!

Ex LPBW fan said...

...anyone else unable to avoid that horribly PRETENTIOUS video they just put on their YouTube channel? They linked it in an instammercial (their insta-stories nowadays). I thought the baby video was bad but this one takes the cake! Pass the tampon flask please!

Peculiar Dynamic said...

I too noticed he said "he looks like an an LP" as soon as he saw the baby (which wasn't even obvious yet, the baby was hearing a cap!He actually looked bigger than an average baby!) Who points out a newborn's physical "imperfection" as soon as it's born when visiting it at the hospital?!

That is what a six year might say because they blurt out whatever they think, but this from a 30 year old man is a grossly inappropriate comment which demonstrated his immaturity, insensitivity and stupidity. He must frustrate and annoy Audrey with those qualitites.

Audrey will need alot of Jesus and prayer to cope with a husband like that!

Teepee Interior Designer said...

After Audrey gives birth she will have TWO kids to cook, clean and make appointments for. After watching this show I am convinced living with Jeremy is more like caring for a child than living with a mature and experienced man.

Forgot the Condoms Baby said...

So Audrey has just instagrammed how she checks other girls instagrams after July 4th and compares their "tan skin, cheeky butt shorts and crop tops", (which is what she herself has modeled on the show), and says wants to combat that urge by showing her "untanned skin and big belly."

All I can say is if this is what Audrey is concerning herself with: comparisons of cheeky butt shorts are on her mind, then she has alot of growing up to do before she becomes a mother. This girl has no sense of reality or of real world issues if this is what she is communicating to people. Who does she believe to be her audience, if she has any audience at all: thirteen year old girls or grown educated woman who are employed and paying their OWN bills and dealing with reality, not spending their nonexistent free time obsessing over social media?!

wannabe hipster typewriter said...

Yep, I noticed that too. That was so shitty. What a passive aggressive piece of trash. That was even worse than his manly wife wearing her cheesy "always bore" hat to visit the baby. Those two are the absolute WORST.

Tampon Flask said...

How does Jeremy have any idea what an LP baby would look like? That's the first thing he thinks to say in front of the mother?! Even if it were true, no one with any emotional and social intelligence and awareness would say it out loud!

By the way, their frolicking thtough the field video is prententious and very WTF, why do you think strangers give a shit about this from you, it's about you, for you... Just stop with the always more shameless self whoring and self promoting.

Rap541 said...

I found the "OMG look at my pale skin and not so impressive dress and big belly" post odd in part because her belly and the dress were mostly not in the shot at all.

Also for all that she's decrying the wearing of cheeky butt shorts and crop tops - which yes indeed she's been wearing on the show for years now - if you go back to her PRIOR posts on the fourth of july on her blog?

Audrey in multiple photos with tanned skin, cheeky butt shorts and so much makeup.

I Advertise Boots in My Godly Posts said...

Someone please go watch Aujy's Instagram Stories of them at childbirth class - you only have a few more hours before it expires. Her husband is oddly petting one of the exhibits.

Re: Aujy's 4th of July post - she is clearly very insecure, always slathered in make-up, and a terrible influence for young women with confidence issues. She is parading around her social media in extremely skimpy clothes, not to mention what she wears on the show. Just look at the dress she wore for the Beating 50 Percent dinner celebration when they started that blog.

Re: Aujy's husband's comment about his nephew - very sad. Does anyone in his own family even like him? If I was Tori, I would have trouble being around the guy.

Barbara said...

I think the baby and the show are
Atleast it is a clean show with o curse words blood killings rapes
I love it wonderful show

Anonymous said...

Here is something that you all may be interested in, since it's been slow on the Roloff front. : )

Hope your summer is going well.

Anonymous said...

Ronald McDonald 😂 Literally lol

Ecossais said...

I presume TLC paid for Matt's grand extravagant ideas for Molly's wedding.

Dev Grassie said...


Anonymous said...

As did I! 🤡

BigBrother said...

TLC is showing Little PEople Big World again now. Right now, as I'm typing this, they're showing a repeat from June 2017 of Zach with Tori about to give birth to Baby Jackson. I forget whether that's the final episode of the Summer 2017 season or there is one other after the birth, but it's highly likely this is a lead-in to a new 2018 season that will include Jeremy and Audrey with their baby's birth.

(Spirit, please consider creating a new thread with this for coverage of 2018-aired episodes, thanks).