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New Episode Of Little People, Big World June 20, 2017 - Review

Here is a recap/review of the new episode of Little People, Big World which aired Tuesday June 20th, 2017.

Review Written By Rap541

Heh so apparently the new house for Jer and Auj is being remodeled which makes Auj’s starting whine about being 8 months pregnant and having to move really funny since that’s, if the remodel goes as planned, exactly when she will be moving in.

Wait, I apparently missed the grandma shower discussion where Deb and Lisa were joking about Chris attending and coming out of a cake in a thong?

Tory is huge.

I will also throw Caryn a bone in that she told Matt that Amy needed to be involved with the sandbox situation. It’s also amusing that Amy finally alludes to the potential of a prior affair by stating “Matt’s now openly talking about how he’s dating Caryn”. Also there’s a car in the background of the “talk about the sandbox” scene that makes me curious.

I also love Jeremy and Auj’s perfectly clean Carhart jackets – its all so hipster.

Bonus scene! Finally! It’s Matt getting a phone call. Opening the gate and unloading a new track hoe? Matt has a new mechanical penis! :D Matt digs dirt and notes how clever Caryn is.

Another bonus scene! With Chris and Amy on the farm. They discuss the tower of terror. She also shows him the remnants of the grandma shower. She’s made an indoor picnic! They smooch! Amy notes how she feels lighter and alive! Chris is buying a bike and plans to make it Amy ready! Oh they are so gonna do an episode at Sturgis!

I especially like how Audrey whines about how hard it’s been to not live closely to the family for three years when um… yeah, pretty sure that was at their choice. There’s some talk about tearing out a wall and Audrey hopes she doesn’t have to live with her parents…. And guess what? That’s exactly where they are, complete with Audrey in a bikini barely covering her bits that I am sure will be a completely awesome and acceptable way to wish her daddy Happy Father’s day! Go look at her Instagram and tell me how Christian modest she is! 

Am I the only one who thinks Jeremy looks like  a meth using hobo?

Zach has the baby carrier ready for Tory’s c-section. There’s various bags and Zach is all time to welcome the baby. There’s some amusement at how all the equipment will be carried in. Also there’s talk of Zach’s mystery illness.

Matt rolls up to pick up Amy and show her how the projects are coming. The pirate ship and sandbox are delayed due to rain. Matt notes Jer and Auj are coming into town and will have a nice house. Amy is considering a pampering time for the daughter in laws. Matt decides its time for guy time with the twins.

Jer wanders in where it is sad and raining. Jeremy looks very tired. He also looks like a meth using hobo. Matt and Jeremy discuss how Zach is probably having a shunt problem. Jeremy monotones how he feels for Zach.

Amy and Zach mock each other over cooking. Zach notes how he’ll be bringing the kid over a lot. Amy seems to be making avocado toast. Amy notes they are bringing a miracle into their life and her eyes light up and I *believe* her for a moment.

Back at Zach and Tory’s, wait, this is a super extended commercial break!

Auj wanders into the big house. She’s 22 weeks pregnant. Auj is of course in an always more cap. Amy offers to take Auj and Auj’s mom and Tory and I assume Tory’s mom for a pedicure. Auj on a haybale monotones how happy she is for the support.

Matt is making Zach a custom gift. It’s a rocking chair and they have a sully sort of dog. Matt wants the rocking chair specially fited. Caryn notes don’t be an ass, get Jer a chair too because why make things jealous and this feels stages.

Jer and Auj head to the furniture liquidators! They try out rockers. Jer tells Auj about Zach’s mystery illness. Auj is a bit “Yeah its tough for Tory..”

Amy is making chicken salad in Tory’s place for Girl Day. There’s a pedicurist, Carla.  At the farm, Matt notes the girls were doing dumb girl shit and he has cool presents for the twins. Matt gives gifts. There’s two rocking chairs. Interesting note – Matt has a giant fire pit on the porch of the shitty double wide.

Tory wanders in for the pedicure. I suspect Tory is all “GET THE PARASITE OUT!” Amy shares pictures of Zach. There’s scary stories of babies and pedicure pictures.

In the orange bmw, Jer and Auj are taking Zach to their new house and Zach is sick. Zach looks like death and notes he’ll be sick and no one is stopping the car until Zach can vomit in jer’s yard. They turn around and Zach gets a call from Tory and she convinces him to ask Jer to see his doctor. Auj waits in the car. And jeez no one seems to be paying attention to the shunt issue.  Jer leaves Auj in a manly way while he checks out Zach. There were shots. The doctor thinks its anxiety, which isn’t impossible. I will throw Jer a bone here, he seems genuinely worried. Amy also wanders in and has food. Also Amy had an ulcer as a younger person. Matt also wanders in, and Zach explains it’s maybe stress.

Next week, Chris maybe meets Matt? Jer and Auj have a house problem? There’s a baby being birthed?


Sara said...

You forgot the DYNAMIC entrance to Aujer's new 'hood.

And why the fuck didn't they stop when Zach's monthly PMS migraine made him pukey? Way sensitive, hipsters. Does barf come out of Carhart easily? And why the hell do the hipsters wear Carharts? Totally felt for Auj in those scenes. She couldn't muster empathy for Zach if she tried. Shouldn't she have been covenant praying over her brother in law or something? And why the fuck was she yammering about Amy being LP sick? What a bigot. Know your audience, Auj.

And why didn't Tori know her own damned birth story, collapsed lung and all?

I hereby declare this was the most BS episode of LPBW ever.

Anonymous said...

Stress my ass----trip to ER now. I want too see Chris and Caryn meet in person, eye to eye...and Matt and Amy's faces when this happens~~hmmmm, i can smell a new season~~Zack and Tory, now lil Jackson: Jer and Audrey ALL do have an income folks...TLC IS their income~pathetic

Audrey No-Botti said...

Anyone find it interesting the minute cameras stop rolling Jermey moves in with Audrey's family. After all, Amy is all alone in the big house and offered the upstairs to them which makes sense with all of their talk about envisioning themselves on the farm and being farmers. Does Jeremy refer to himself as a literal farmer, or is it just a state of mind with him?...Instead they are living with Audrey's parents and her siblings.

I wonder if Mr. and Mrs.Botti are a little freaked out that Jeremy doesn't go to work when he gets up in the morning as he is now living under their roof. There is no way he can weasel out of making himself look busy on a daily basis now.

Ann said...

Pretty much done with this show. They are just not likeable anymore. They hit the lottery with this show, they do not have the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job, they obviously have money they vacation constantly, they get to dabble on fun careerish type stuff but don't have to rely on making a living from it and all they talk about is how stressed out they are and how tough their project and remodeling is, it is insulting and ugly, they have no appreciation for the luxuries they have.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else find it strange when Zach called his mother after the doctor appointment asking her to bring food over? I mean first either Jeremy or Audrey couldn't whip something up at Zach's home? Or couldn't they have gotten him home one stay with him while the other go pick up food? Audrey and Jeremy act like they can't be seperated or even tasked with getting food?

Cause I noticed Audrey chowing down the pasta Amy brought over for Zach. I've never seen grown children acting so child like.

Jericurl said...

I knew it! I knew it! TLC is milking this birth into a 2 hour Zach and Tori Baby Special next week!!! Any nimrod can produce this show. Everything about it is such a forgone conclusion.

The Roloffs probably equate any milestone in their life as an episode opportunity which equals "easy and fast"cash, i.e. cash derived from an activity that does not require effort, intelligence, hard work and responsibility.

I can't see Matt, Jeremy or Zach ever pulling the plug on this show because it is literally how they can afford their homes, cars and travel. What's creepy is they probably aren't willing to work because they have been coddled, spoiled and deluded by TLC renewing their contracts for the last 15 years.

Munchkinland said...

Why does Amy say "sah-um" instead of "something?" She's always asking her adult sons "want me to make you a sandwich or sah-um?"

I'm not buying Zach's histrionics either, when he felt like he was dying in Jeremy's car. This is all for the cameras because in the previous scene Matt is talking to Jeremy about Zach's health issues and to help him out. Such perfect timing, and it all plays out in one tidy episode!!!Manipulating the truth much, Roloffs?!

And there goes Audrey again talking about her unborn child's fiery red hair. Do pregnant women really envision and fantasize baby hair texture this much while gestating?

mittsigirl said...

That definitely was Not a modest bathing suit, farthest from a Christian-appropriate bathing suit possible, and in front of her Father! "Hey Dad, Happy Father's Day, see how modest I am dressed for this family gathering?! Just the way you taught your daughters to be!" My goodness, not much shocks me, but this sure did! Even the other girl in the photo put a cover-up on!

Jill said...

Wasn't it funny when Tori asks Amy "is the chicken cooked?" In the salad at pedicure party?

Portland Polly said...

Why does Matt live in a double-wide?
Because he blows his hard-earned (hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa) dollars on useless toys?

Or is he plotting to get his paws back on the big house?

It's just odd to me that slacker Jeremy just bought (hahahahahahahahaaaaaa) a real house and his father lives in a (sort of) glorified trailer.

Sick and Tired said...

This episode was the epitome of out of touch. Stress attacks because you are bringing a baby home, White girdle-wearing Auj riding shotgun for an entire episode with her monotone commentary, Amy making her married children meals at least three times in a 40 minute episode because they can't cook for themselves, the Dynamic Duo rocking in chairs at the liquidators where the couches are too "traditional." They should have filmed Zach speaking to Tori before he called his mom because it seemed really weird. I'm sure he did call to tell her everything was fine but the whole depiction of Tori being 9 months pregnant and her husband needing to be coddled by his mommy because he is stressed leaves me quite frankly worried for these folks about their abilities to cope with reality. Amy summed it up quite right, "he has a lot to worry about, with work and the baby coming." Trust me, this is any husband who has ever had a baby, EVER. The irony in Tori being the only person with a job really stood out as all the reality stars were gathered in her home while she was working. These episodes are seeming more and more contrived as they progress.

Tampon Flask said...

Jeremy may be a self described "farmer" but he sure ain't the sharpest tool in the shed!

What's up with Zach and Jeremy asking their mom for some cooking!? These are grown ass married men, learn to cook losers, shiiit.

Why didn't Zach just say he wasn't feeling good and not go with Jer and Auj? You know they did that whole scene because they contractually have to film that scene or they don't get paid. How forced and fake did Jeremy and Audrey look sitting on the couch next to a sleeping Zak staring into the TLC camera doing nothiar. They literally look like they are being held hostage and hoping that someone pays the ransom to set them free, the Botti family perhaps?

Man, Audrey and Jeremy sure look depressed and lacking their pre-nuptial mojo. And Jeremy used the word dynamic again to describe a neighbors driveway, uhhh! Auj and Jeremy use words like "intense" and "dynamic" instead of actually using words that mean and accurately describe something because they're robotically fufilling their reality show business so they can cash their checks... Jeremy looks like a hobo caught in the rain when he wears his hair down.

Audrey's Condoms said...

The way Jeremy, Zach and Audrey putz around from house to farm to house to car to house (never to work) is how I move when I get out of bed in the morning, half asleep.

Those three need a little spring in their step because their lethargic "dynamic" is off putting. How have those three gotten anywhere in life when they behave like they just rolled out of the afternoon!

And Jeremy, Tori is not at "school" like you often say, she's at w-o-r-k, you know, that thing people do during the day that pays for things like food and diapers! Why are you sitting on a couch in the afternoon?!

Pumpkin Salsa, Eww said...

@ Sick and Tired!!Preach it...I thought the same exact things as the episode unfolded... It was creepy and made no sense how these adults handled themselves, and there seemed to be alot of TLC production involved in telling them what to film, where to go, who to call, when to stay, what to do and where to even sit.

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

If I was Tori I would be creeped out and a bit pissed off if my husband and his parents and his brother and his wife are sitting on my couch in my home while I'm at work. Does it take 4 adults to sit with a 28 year old married man because he has stress headaches?! Have none of these people have something other than being on camera that they are responsible for getting done on a weekday afternoon?!

Wednesday Ski Racer said...

This episode is *almost* tied with the end-of-the-world acopolyse preppers box as the most BS episode ever.

Sick and Tired said...

Anyone else catch how Sideshow Jer was insulting all of his neighbors' homes? Hope none of them watch the show and realize the bum was driving past their home in his clown car spewing insults.

Teepee Interior Designer said...

Yeah, why would she ask that? Is raw chicken ever an option? And that pedicure party was lame. Doesn't Tori's mom seem like the coolest though. I hope TLC mission het as much as they pay Audrey. I would listen to her martial advice rather than Jeremy talk about keeping your wife satified.

Why listen to someone who claims to "know less than" you do which is Jericurl and Audrey's intro to their matrimonial mission. It's not the age of the person's advice that bothers
(Jeremy's retort to criticism) it's the lack of knowledge, experience, study and hard work that invites dubiousness.

Stephanie said...

I found it quite odd how Jeremy drove through his new neighborhood pointing out all the work that needs to be done on everyone else's homes and properties. I'm sure the neighborhood is thrilled to have these two move in.

Anonymous said...


Always Radiant said...

Funny that Zach needs food cooked by mommy when there's a craft services table nearby with all sorts of snacks and drinks.

Hillie said...

"Audrey and Jeremy act like they can't be seperated"

I doubt Auj ever lets Jeremy out of her sight. He might meet another female like that "harlot" in California who once had the nerve to interact with a single man who had a kind-of, sort-of, maybe girlfriend in another state. >eyeroll<

Eye Roller said...

So Zach has experienced medical issues for five months but doesn't go to the doctor until the one day that a TLC camera crew is filming?! Not. Buying. It....That whole set up is so bogus, and to call your mom and tell her it's a "code red situation" after the doctor tells you it's just stress?!... I guess these people are a product of what happens when you have cameras literally filming your every vomit and poop since you're fourteen years old....And to matter of factly say to your mother "can you make me food, whatever you feel is good for my stress". Go make something yourself at home or get some takeout on the way back to your home purchased by TLC. Any normal adult would never ask their parents to go out of their way when he can/should do it himself.

Ann said...

I have started watching 7 Little Johnstons, does anyone on here watch it? Boy what a difference between Trent and Matt as fathers. I hope reality tv doesn't mess up this close family. So far they seem like a nice closenit family with good parents. Unlike Matt Trent isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and he is totally involved with his kids and wife. And he has a great sense of humor.

Workingforaliving said...

I thought perhaps Tori had a prior bad experience where Amy served raw chicken. Wouldn't surprise me. For a woman whose only job is to be filmed for TV she keeps an awfully messy house and the kitchen counter clutter is distracting. OMG do some housework already, Amy! I also thought that grandma baby shower was terrible. For shame Amy, you have the $$ to buy whatever you need, do you really need your friends to gift you for the sake of a TV segment? How about donating those gifts to a women's shelter?

Most Peculiar Dynamic said...

@Portland Polly. I saw this on Matt's FB page. Not sure if he planning on moving in to it or just making a rental. But seeming it's in a suburb, I'd say It's going to be a rental.

Ann said...

I agree that was by far the most pathetic scene. I think TLC is trying to show that the family will rally for each other, but it clearly back fired. Jer and aid looked stiff and unnatural, they did not want to be there and it showed. Zack balled up on the couch waiting for mommy was disturbing. Matt saying they are a family no matter what, hello, you are divorced and your family only comes together to film for a paycheckpay. Big fail TLC. I predict a cancellation soon

Ann said...

Yep, he already thinks he is superior to his neighbors. SMH

Ecossais said...

Looks like TLC is getting desperate for material for this failing show.
There is no reality any more. It is all so scripted.

Gender reveal shower. Don't forget the "expensive" smoke flares. Only the very best for yuppie Jer.
Grandma shower.
Custom rocking chairs.

Amy argues with Matt over the sand box and says she cannot afford her share. Well who paid for the ridiculous pirate ship? That must have cost thousands more then a sand box even if it is "pumpkin shaped" at Caryn's suggestion just to annoy Amy.

Zach needs Mommy to bring him food. We see him eating from a pile of unappetizing looking slop piled on a plate. If that is what Amy calls food Zach would have been just as well off making himself some Ramen noodles.

Zach is supposed to be having severe migraine and probably needs peace and quiet so we will have a "pedicure party" fill his house with cackling women and a film crew
while TLC pays them all for their appearance and to have their nails done.
Then Tori comes home from work (this must have been filmed a long time ago)and doesn't look thrilled. Either she didn't know about it or is a terrible actor.
If I was Zach I would have told them all to "get out of my house" but then we know ALL the Roloffs are bought and paid for by TLC.
Then there is finally the drama of Zach looking like death warmed up, puking outside and eventually seeing the doctor and a totally inconclusive result. I have to agree with Eye Roller on this.

Jeremy Jesus adds to the episode with comments about the "dynamics" of the street he has just purchased into. As someone else mentioned - I am sure the neighbors are going to be thrilled. Hopefully there are some zoning regulations about using residential property as a TV studio.
To me it is a hideous property for half a million. Projecting garage that looks like an add-on and vinyl siding.
These two couldn't organize an orgy in a brothel. They had 8 months to get organized and knew their lease was ending. Now it is a panic to get the house ready because nothing "off the shelf" is good enough for these snobs so now they want to remove a wall, re-lay floors, etc. and it is stressing Auj.

Ecossais said...

But Ann - you don't understand.
Jer is superior. He is a reality show STAR and wears Carhartt.

Portland Polly said...

@Anonymous Most Peculiar Dynamic. Hm. Interesting. I wonder if Matt will critique the neighbors too.

k has c said...

Looks like Zach is following in his dads little foot steps-- Oooh im going to die...Come on TLC Really? People with migraines to the point of puky- usually DO NOT go out riding here and there unless it is straight to the Doctors for a shot-Then back home to a dark room/ no noise no eating and no famdamily hanging out Geesh ! What a load of crapola! The Dynamic Trio- all look dazed n confused, living in Oregon living the dream;)! And the is the chicken cooked bit ...uh oh gotta go this is giving me a big ole migraine...

PrettyinPink said...

I think most of what we see are re-enactments of events which is understandable to some extent, however, Audrey comes off as she could care less about what she is supposed to be doing/acting. She gets paid either way but it is really hard to watch.

Forgot the Condoms Baby said...

So true, or he could ask a TLC intern to go fetch him some chips and pumpkin salsa from the local grocery story...You know he probably lives within 5 miles from the only grocery store in America that sells Roloff salsa!!!

Sacred Ground said...

Does anyone wonder or know why the "writing" and the publishing of the Navigator Council workbooks never made it into one of the episodes? It would give Jeremy and Audrey somthing to do other than say for the 100th time how "intense" it is to move or house hunt while loitering at the farm.

PJ said...

"Does anyone wonder or know why the "writing" and the publishing of the Navigator Council workbooks never made it into one of the episodes? It would give Jeremy and Audrey somthing to do other than say for the 100th time how "intense" it is to move or house hunt while loitering at the farm."
Fear of plagiarism charges?

Audrey No-Botti said...

Don't forget Jeremy's youtube tutorial on how to "just say no to porn in 3 steps". It's a classic watch for anyone who posts on this board!!! I think he did that video when he was an energetic,
pseudo- ambitious newlywed, and the subject matter was obviously influenced by his mentor Dale.

Ann said...

Oh yes, my apologies, I forgot Jer is the hero, the ⭐️ Of the fam oops I mean show.

tictac said...

The show should change it's name to Big People, Little World. No one in the family is married to or dating a dwarf. I don't see Matt or Amy hiring any dwarfs to run the farm. Don't see any dwarf couples or friends dropping by the farm or anywhere else socializing with any Roloff. Don't see anything about the dwarf stool business Matt had, besides Matt asking lazy, stressed out Zach to help start it up again(yeah, right). No mention of Zach helping coach a dwarf team anymore.(for his "official job". No more dwarf conventions. Also seems like Auj and Jer are just over any dwarf contact the way they feign any interest in Amy ,Matt or Zach anymore, just enough contact to get the TLC check and eventual farm inheritance. Of course there is the new dwarf baby , but honestly can't see Tori ever going back to work again and have to rely on a husband who doesn't want to work, can't fix any food for himself, has the maturity of an eighth grader and rolls up into a ball on the couch if he feels any stressors at all. She will be out of there in no time flat along with the baby.

Ecossais said...

I have to agree with Tictac -
There are only 4 little people on the show if you count baby Jackson and none of the show is about the problems little people have in the big world any more.
All the hangers-on on the show - Chris, Caryn, Amy's friends, Matt's friends and of course the principal parasites Auj and Jer - are average size.
With Zach proving himself to be so incapable of doing anything Tori will not be able to go back to work and leave him in charge. To be fair perhaps Zach's health is the problem so I hope for Tori's sake that LPBW lasts long enough for the baby to grow up a bit so that she and Zach can continue to pick up a big pay check for doing next to nothing and maybe get some free expensive filmed vacations.

Happy said...

Why would I say no to porn in any number of steps? That shit is informative! If somebody cums up with a new manouver I don't want to be the last to know. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Does Audrey know in order to have a red headed child both parents need to carry the red hair gene.
Jeremy and Audrey must not like Amy enough because they rather stay at Audrey's parents house even though that house is under construction too. Audrey's family is rich and seem to be stuck up.
Have you notice that every time Jeremy enters a scene he seems to be annoyed or doesn't want to do the scene.
Jeremy is not a farmer. He just plays one on TV.
The grandma shower was so stupid just as stupid as having the husband show up at the baby shower.

Anonymous said...

I agree the TV episodes are more of reenactments and scripted storyline. I remember a while back in the beginning of the TV Show, Amy visited a local Portland radio station that I listened to at work and the DJ's said the show is not real life. Amy had entered the room several times (more than one take) to make it look good for the camera. At City Liquidators where Jeremy and Audrey looked at furniture, I'm sure they called the store ahead of time and had their parking space reserved because parking in the front entrance is rarely easy to get. Parking for that area is hard to come by. Why does Jeremy need to have some kind of drink in his hands?
Jeremy commenting on his neighbors yards is not very nice. Some people have to work all day and can't afford a landscaper. Also, you don't prune trees/shrubs any time you want. There is a certain time of the year to prune. Also, some people keep the trees and bushes high for privacy.

Munckinland said...

I will laugh so hard if People magazine declines Jeremy and Audrey's publicity agent's offer of selling their baby pictures to enrich their pockets.

People magazine to Jer and Auj: "Sorry, we've already had two Duggar babies and a Bachelorette baby on our covers this month... The no talent, no ability reality show star market is saturated and played out.

What has happened to entertainment culture in America has devolved to Orwellian proportions if a Roloff makes it to a cover of any entertainment magazine!

Ann said...

TicTac sadly I was think the same thing about Tori, she doesn't seem the type to put up with helpless BS in Zach, hopefully he will step up and take care of business

Ann said...

None of them are farmers, it is a glorified playground. Beautiful property, but hardly a farm

Becky said...

Do we know if Amy's food really tastes good? I'm really dubious about her talent. I think people don't want to hurt her feelings.

Sara said...

The food she posts on Instagram always looks terrible....about 5 more ingredients than she needs in any dish, everything just scrambled together. Much like her life.

Bend Barre Blogger said...

I honestly don't think I have ever in my lifetime (40 literate years) used the word "dynamic" as much as Jeremy has used the word over the course of one season of the show which is two months long of "filming." He truly is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

disgusting plot(that is a stretch) line... This is exploitation worse than I have seen in many years.....anyone remember Honey Boo Boo...? Poor Jackson...:(

Samthecat said...

Does anyone know what is up with Jeremy and Audreys "home church" why dont they go to a regular church? Do they not identify with any particular sect? I thought Jeremy was raised Catholic?

Anna Digregorio said...


Hillie said...

Does anyone know what is up with Jeremy and Audreys "home church" why dont they go to a regular church? Do they not identify with any particular sect?

Because they're too lazy to get up and go? Because having sex or hiking is more fun than sitting in a pew for an hour? Because they know everything there is to know about being "Christian?"

I thought Jeremy was raised Catholic?

Evangelical Protestant. Google Faith Bible Hillsboro if you want to know more.

Jaylin Quinn said...

Love you Roloffs...dont care if it is scripted or whatever like most your farm and your pumpkin season...geez alot of haters out there...nothing wrong with making some money to pay the bills...why do most of you watch this all sound angry and jealous...funny!!!

Jaylin Quinn said...

I think the Roloffs are their farm and pumpkin season...dont care if they make money from this programme...good on them...dont even care if its scripted like most reality tv shows...thats why i watch it...hopefully there is a new season coming soon