Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New Episode Recap: Little People, Big World, June 6th, 2017

Here is a recap of the new episode of Little People, Big World which aired on June 6. 2017.

Written By Rap541


Let’s see, did you know if you are a sustaining member of PBS you get the PBS Passport? And you can watch PBS Newshour for free! Without being a member!

Hmmm I wonder what kind of bonus scenes we’ll get. Jer in the scenes where he is walking with Audrey in Bend? Totally looks like a homeless bum.

In a bonus scene Jeremy is whining that he wants the party to be low key so even though Amy is offering to make pulled pork, he wants take out tacos as that’s  more “low key”. Also, Jer? Your mom is Mom, not “Amy”. It’s called respect, learn some – especially when your mom is offering to cater your gender reveal party.

Bonus scene – Audrey and Amy talk about the baby. Also Amy shares her plan to have an online business. It’s dull.

Tory is 33 weeks along and Zach’s cystic fibrosis is still acting up and they need to pack stuff. They are more and more “it’s probably a dwarf”. They’re talking about the baby shower. Tory insists that the dad always shows up at the end of the baby shower, which, I don’t know, but customs change I suppose. They discuss how Zach is all “My son!” and “My boy”.

Matt and Amy talk about Tory’s baby shower at “the big house”. Tory’s friends are doing the planning and Amy is doing the food. Matt wonders about the ultrasound and if it’s an LP. For some reason Amy thinks Tory might need a c-section if the baby is LP but is mostly “I don’t care what it is” although she has some realistic concerns.

Auj and Jer are in the orange BMW and they desperately need to move. This is like the fourth car they’ve been driving. The house they are soon to buy seems nice. Apparently there’s multiple bids. Jeremy is worried about the mortgage, and Auj is all “but we need a house you moron!”. Jeremy decides to run it by Matt.

Amy is off to work out on her ballet barre. She worries that Chris is turned off by her being a little person for the umpteenth time. Honestly, Amy working out and voicing over how she’s dating got old a bunch of years ago. It’s up there with Matt’s brutal childhood of horrors.

Tory and Zach are fixing up the nursery. Basically Zach is short and wants to be able to reach the baby in the crib. They’re going to build a step! Because the show needs a project.

Jer and Auj tell Matt about the house and how the price is do-able but not comfortable. Auj looks really tired in this scene. Matt in the haybale is like “they’re asking my advice!” Basically Matt and Auj tell Jeremy to increase the bid and he’s allowed to pretend he made the decision.

Now Zach is with Amy, telling her about the ultrasound. Amy continues pressing on how it doesn’t matter, whether it’s average height or not. Amy wants the baby to be healthy. 

Then Amy begins discussing dating average height people. Zach notes how incredibly awkward this is and leaves to spend time with Dad. Somehow this turns into Matt going on about how he’s now semi-retired and ready for new projects.

Now Amy and Chris are on a date! Its all so exciting and yet so incredibly boring. Chris gave her a card. Amy, stop being so desperate. She’s actually lucky Chris isn’t truly into grifting because she would fall for it. She asks Chris if people laugh at him for dating a dwarf, and he’s like “yeah but I Ignore it”. Honestly, Amy’s insecurities get old.

Tory and Zach are off to the ultrasound. Again, it might be a dwarf! In the haybale, Zach and Tory note how weird it is.

Yeah it’s a dwarf baby and they handle it well. Now Tory is talking c-section as well. She’s probably not taking it as well as Zach but she’s pretty good about it. She’s not too excited about the c-section. Then they tell Amy. Zach and Amy discuss the c-section.

Then they show the baby room off to Matt. Aw, there’s a stuffed dog that looks like Sully.

Next up, the baby shower at Amy’s house which is pointedly not the baby shower that Caryn and Matt threw, since it’s obviously at Amy’s. So basically they had a shower to appease Matt. Amy has some rational views on how they shouldn’t treat the baby differently. Zach and Mueller play pool and talk baby. Mueller seems to have grown up a bit.

At the shower its mostly women despite Mueller in the background. Auj says Jeremy is off putting in a new bid on the house. Mueller changes a diaper and Zach is fairly awed by parenting. Meanwhile at the shower, everyone is giving sage wisdom to Tory.

Yeah honestly, this one was a snooze.


Audrey's Condoms said...

The baby is a little person so here come at least three more seasons of Lpbw. By the way, how irritating was it to hear the sonogram technician say over and over "mee-surements, we're going to take the mee-surements now." Is there such a thing as a Portland accent?

Watching Amy do ballet while narrating her insecurities about shifty eyed Chris was such a reality show hack move, two words:contrived and cliche.

I can't believe how Audrey and Tori don't slap their respective husbands and scream "Be a man you little bitch boy!" whenever they say they need to consult with their dady about something that has to do with their own family i.e. wife. I mean I am kind of curious to hear Mr.Botti and Mr.Patton's two cents, but Matt just needs to worry about spending a whole episode working and talking about working on a stool that literally takes two hours to make.

If that's the kind of house a half a million gets Jeremy in Portland then I'd stay in Bend. I burst out laughing when Aurey said in the house tour that one of the rooms can be their office. I thought "you need an office to twitter and journal in?"

Sara said...

If Auj truly lets Jerrbear make the decisions, she needs to grow a pair and find a good divorce lawyer.

Sara said...

I mean seriously, I got whiplash from being yanked back to the '50s all of a sudden, where the man makes the decisions and the woman grins like the Joker and bats her (fake) eyelashes at him.

And why the actual fuck did they go to MATT for advice? FFS.

Sara said...

Doesn't the USA fight wars with countries who treat their women like this? She might as well throw on a burka with "Always More" plastered on the front.

Anonymous said...

"It's all so exciting yet so incredibly boring"...Life in a nutshell.

Eye Roller said...

I know it doesn't matter because I'm not the one married to them, but doesn't Jericurl and Zacahba seem like a couple of ninnies, dullards, dunces, boring baby boys? I don't see mature, capable masculine men, sorry.

I see just a couple of mommy and daddy's boys tap dancing for change.

MaryAnne29 said...

Zach has cystic fibrosis?

Anonymous said...

So Jeremy and Audrey bought their new home for 465,000, and are currently doing some renovations to it as well. Can someone explain to me why these two are on the show?

I mean it's little people big world. I really don't want to watch an average size rich kid, who went to private schools, who doesn't have a job, and makes his money from a tv show, talk about how stressful his life is with his wife, when they really are just facing rich people problems. He really needs to be sidelined, like Molly and Jacob, and have the show focus on Matt, Amy, and Zack.

Always more condoms said...

Rap, these are two different episodes you are blogging about the first with enhanced scenes and then a new episode featuring the baby shower and finding out definitely that Jaxson is LP. I did not find the new episode a snooze fest. I found Tori and Zach pretty honest in this, dealing with finding out about Jaxson, how to handle it in relation to friends and family.

Pumpkin Salsa, Eww said...

Question: Is there anything the Roloffs won't film for money? Kids, divorce, weddings? Is there any moment or life event too intimate or personal to broadcast to the world? Evidently no, therefore for that reason these people are no different than reality whores and prostitutes.

k has c said...

Here's one Pumpkin Salsa ;)

A Sex Tape...could name it ....Amy does Tall Man! *dont get your undies in a wad people i'm just funnin':)

Benzie Harp said...

So now after Amy's grandmother shower we'll have to live through Audrey's baby shower and of course 1500 of Matt's crazy ideas about whatever shines the spotlight on him.

Oli said...

I am a Portland native. There is no accent. We tell natives from all the recent moveds by their accents. This sounded very mid west or Fargo-esque. BTW, I live near the Roloffs. This blog is fabulous!

Audrey Roll-on said...

Sideshow Jeremy definitely has some kind of nervous condition. His legs are always jiggling, and he can't maintain eye contact. And who can forget that footage of him in high school when he was a smackable class clown on speed.

NOW member said...

Amy is simply going through a phase that many women who have personally ignored and demeaned for decades go through when they are free of all that and available. They want to be asked to dinner, sent flowers, cards, and taken on fun day trips - it has to do with the attention they didn't realize they never had with Mr. Self-Involved. Women are wooed by their ears...not their eyes. She is feeling "popular" if you will for the first time ever, and it's intoxicating. It won't last but it's normal for now.

Jericurl said...

Preach!Canny observation of the Je(r)-ster! I am a teacher and any 16 year old that acts like that is wackadoodle, adhd.

Munchkinland said...

What is stopping Amy, Audrey, Jeremy or even Matt from making a sex tape? It can't be fromevenr of how it looks to the public, it hasn't stopped them from making crappy reality show pornography. They have proven time and time again they will do, behave and act out anything for money.

Don't tell me THAT'S where they draw the line, yet intimate conversations about divorce, nighttime romantic cabin rendevous and taking poops are on the table?!The Roloffs aren"t a "dynasty" as Jerkyboy says, they are a wack pack of certifiable SELL OUTS!

Christian reich, speak up on behalf of your virtuous and humble band of stage players.

Bend Barre Blogger said...

...and Audrey and Jeremy's fixer upper escapades (HGTV, anyone?)...and Tori/ Audrey give birth episodes...and bringing baby home episode...and Amy gets married or breaks up episode...Amy talks about breaking up episode...and Matt learns how to tap dance episode...and Jeremy learns how to properly apply a diaper, that would be a 2 part episode...Watch Jeremy and Zach frolic on the farm while insisting they're actually building projects episode...

Happy said...

I'm thinking about a collapsible spiral stepstool that would be waterproof. For taking camping. The treads could be disassembled and snapped together into a dingy; all the cups could be hung at the same height and then you could go out on the lake and not catch dinner. We'll call it the Billy Barty Decepticon Camping Stepstool/dingy of Awesomeness (not married to that). Hell, if you have a ginormous trailer you could bring the stepstools and gangplankey thing from home and use the dingy to set it all up in the lake, privacy cab and all. Sort of like a big ol' sexy fishing pier.

Ecossais said...

TLC must be finding material scarce when filming the Wonder Couple (in yuppie gear of course)yapping nonsense as they wander around Bend or, genius Jer using his superior skills to drive a bulldozer dragging Matt's latest creation around is the best they have.
It is a nice pirate ship but we know neither Matt nor Jer built it. It is well done and obviously designed and built by skilled people. I wonder who paid for that - TLC or Matt. If it was TLC they better get more than a couple of minutes of film out of it. If Matt paid I wonder what Amy thinks about that necessary "farm" expenditure?
Dream on Matt. It will be rotting away before the newly born and not yet born grand kids are old enough the play on it.
The rest of the episode was mainly aimed at the female audience (which probably is where the ratings come from) to "ooh" and "aah" over the baby, diaper changing and Amy's dating dilemma.
Why does TLC encourage/allow boring Auj to keep flaunting her "Always more" crap. What does she want always more of - money, TV exposure or probably more sex.

Ecossais said...

What on earth are you talking about Happy???

Sacred Ground said...

Why did Matt have to build a pirate ship the minute he found out grandbabies were coming when it won't be at least another four years before the kids can actually play on it??? Don't you just love reality tv logic (basically no logic), which is what that sounds like?

I would love cameras film Jer and Auj on a typical day, it would literally be a day of sleeping in, eating and taking pictures of each other. If Audrey reads this, I would love to know how much profit she nets from the overpriced Always More merch.

Happy said...

The newest and coolest additions to the DAS lineup!

Happy said...

P.S. I started weaving my yarn a couple of weeks ago in a different post.

My husband is a doofus said...

Even the construction of a stool needs the help of dad. Really? If my husband couldn't do a single thing without talking to dad, I'd vomit.

Also, Sideshow Jer couldn't post a photo of his nephew on Insty without mention of how he's not far behind.

Very very sad, folks.

Amanda2 said...

I don't think that's accurate. I've never heard that before.

TheUnrealKO said...

Has anyone else noticed Amy's friend Lisa looks like Motorcycle Chris' sister? Or maybe Chris in drag? Next observation: Auj Poj and Jer Bear are, quite possibly, the most annoying people on TV. What's with the witch wart on Auj Poj's chin? And when will they get jobs? Last - no, there are no accents in native Portlanders. I am one. The accent most likely is a transplant from Minnesota, the Dakotas or Mid West. Great blog!

TheUnrealKO said...

Has anyone else noticed Amy's friend Lisa looks like Motorcycle Chris' sister? Or maybe Chris in drag? Next observation: Auj Poj and Jer Bear are, quite possibly, the most annoying people on TV. What's with the witch wart on Auj Poj's chin? And when will they get jobs? I don't have big issues with Zach and Tori, not like I know them, just see them in the store, but why the whole show about being so stressed, freaking over a c-section. I've had 2, they aren't on my fun list but come on people, women do this everyday! Last - re: accents in Portland... there are no accents in native Portlanders. I am one.
Great blog and comments!

Brent Blades said...

No kidding, first time I've ever heard that.