Friday, August 18, 2017

Guest Opinion Article: Jacob Roloff's Disappointing Return to the Roloff Ways

Guest Opinion Article Wirtten By Brandon:


As a long time reader and poster to the Spiritswander Blog (who was once falsely accused by Matt and Amy Roloff of working for Washington County in Oregon!) I asked Spirits if I could have an article about what I see as Jacob Roloff disappointing turn back to the Roloff Family and the family business.

I'll start by saying, I can't write a piece about being disappointed by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff or by Matt Roloff, because there's nothing to be disappointed about! They act exactly how I expect them to act. I have no expectations that Matt will suddenly be honest or that Jeremy or Audrey will stop being materialistic or that they won't go 3 Instagram posts without trying to sell something.

But Jacob Roloff is different. I was a frequent defender of Jacob and praised him.

I praised his public rebellion of the Roloff way of life. I respected that he spoke his mind. It needs to be said that it takes character to not automatically follow certain beliefs just because that's how you were raised. And most people are that way. They are a certain religion because their parents were, so they follow.

Jacob was raised in a right wing Christian family and he had the courage to think about his beliefs on issues and form his own opinions. That once led to his controversial rejecting of Christianity, once calling concepts of Heaven and thanking God for nice weather on your wedding day as "stupidity". I'm not suggesting you have to be disparaging like that when you form different views, but it is a positive trait to form your own opinion and voice them when you are the lone dissenter in your entire family.

Jacob did that. He spoke out against against the show. He was regarded by most objective people as the unquestioned "Most Honest Roloff", speaking the truth about the phoniness of the show Little People, Big World.

He slammed the show, vowed to quit it when he could and then moved out of state with his girlfriend Isabel. Appearing to build his own life away from the rest of the Roloffs. Let's face it, the rest of the Roloffs, except Molly, are what most people refer to as "Reality whores". The kind definition for that is that being on a fake and staged reality show is their career. Any side projects they have are all based and stem from their reality show. Zach supposedly works at an Indoor Soccer place, but everyone knows being on LPBW is his career. Jeremy and Audrey say they are "bloggers", but their career is being on LPBW and the blog is to make money off of being on the show. Pay them money to have them preach to you in a devotional about how to have a successful Christian marriage. That's not what is funding their new house. It's their career as Reality TV show whores.

The other aspect about Jacob that separated him from the rest of the Roloffs was that unlike every other Roloff, Jacob came across as being totally honest. You may not have agreed with his opinion, but you couldn't argue that he was saying exactly what he thinks. Whether he was talking about what he thought about religion or atheists his enthusiasm for marijuana use or Donald Trump and his supporters, you generally got the feeling that he was being 100% honest and saying exactly how he felt and didn't hold back.  And that totally contradicted a hallmark of the Roloff family - who are famous for speaking about diversity while privately carrying very un-diverse and supporting groups, politicians and organizations who stand against diversity.

Even during the height of Jacob's Roloff family rebellion period he did always stay away from directly naming his family or calling them out (except for his infamous "being fucked out of my money" tweet". But while he would openly question how anyone could support Trump, he would always refrain from calling out brother Jeremy and his wife Audrey when they posted pro-Trump Instagram stories or pro Trump tweets. I could give Jacob a pass for that, he didn't want to go to war with his family over twitter or Instagram. Ok, I understand that.

However, over the last 6 months to a year, anyone who has followed Jacob and his girlfriend Isabel, on social media has noticed a big difference. Jacob stopped with the honest or "controversial" tweets and statements. They started with the Roloff trademark of posting pictures with other Roloffs gushing about how awesome said Roloff is and how blessed they are to have the awesome Roloff in their lives.
Jacob even toned down his once scathing criticism of the show. In Jacob and Isabel's short lived You Tube Channel (they stopped at 4 videos with the most recent being 2 months ago) he said one way to share their lives is through filming on the show and another is through their You Tube channel and he preferred their own channel. He also said he has come to peace with his parents for putting him on the show and with the producers of the show. I was struck by how he made it sound as though the show was ok now although in the past he had previously said it destroys the lives of children and was completely staged and phony.

Apparently that was signally a change in his life and mindset. Jacob and Isabel left their independence in California and moved back to live in Amy's house on the Farm. So much for Jacob's independence and building his own life. They appear to have been living with Amy for the last 3 or 4 months.

 Jacob even followed the Roloff family trend of trying to profit off his presence from the show and selling his thoughts to his followers (who most know from the show). He's selling his "Verbing" booklet online and says there are plans for more.

Jacob and Isabel are now smiling in pretty much every Roloff social media post. He once referred to the rest of his family as playing Roloff Characters and fooling the audience into thinking that's actually what they are like. Of course, Jacob always did stop short of placing blame on his family who over the years have insisted that the show is real and raw and what you see is the real them.

Is there any difference now between Jacob and Isabel and Zach and Tori or Jeremy and Audrey? I don't see it.

A low point for me was the last week, Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel, proudly posing with Audrey's "Always More" merchandise and telling people where to go to buy it! Because Roloffs are all about making a profit! And God of course.  Even in Isabel's latest round of Instagram stories, she is posting pictures of Jeremy and Jacob arm in arm and full throttle gushing about Jeremy and Audrey, re-posting their post selling something and adding the caption that "these 2 constantly amaze me!" And Jeremy and Audrey are returning the favor!

Jeremy's latest Instgram post is gushing about Jacob!

"Jacob Roloff everybody. We've been in separate states for a good long while so it's been very nice to get some quality time with him again as he's been helping me a lot on our house renovations. Im a DIY kinda guy, so with a little brother and some YouTube, anything is possible. He's a smart dude with a good heart. My mom calls us the bookends, spend 10 minutes with us and you'll know why."

Now if you're like me and you think Jeremy and Audrey are materialistic bigots who are 100% focused on making money and who routinely try to deceive people by hiding their true beliefs if they believe it will hurt their product - Jeremy's endorsement is not a good thing.

Jacob seems to have a job (paid or not, I don't know) working with Mark Watts, Alan Watts' son promoting his work -- I have to wonder what they think of Jacob coming back into the Roloff fold. I'm not sure if helping Jeremy and Audrey sell their right wing Christian products align with someone promoting Alan Watts? Perhaps they want it because if Jacob is back on the show and in the family fold, that means more followers and more followers usually translates into more sales and more money. And that's what everything is about, right?

I think there's a difference between not hating your family because you have different political or social opinions and endorsing them and standing with them. There's a reason why people in the White House and in Government are distancing themselves from Donald Trump right now. If you stand with it and smile, you are complicit and people are going to assume you are ok with it.

Does Jacob's social opinions even differ from his family any more? Jacob's girlfriend Isabel once declared that they stand with the LGBT community. How tall can you possibly standing for them when you're praising Jeremy and Audrey Roloff as awesome people and they said their website was not for gay people because they don't agree with it? It can't be that important to Jacob and Isabel.

What are your thoughts on Jacob's sudden turn back to the Roloff Family? His rebel days are clearly behind him. The days of thinking Jacob would carve out his own path in life away from the Phony and Scripted reality tv show appear to be over. Will anyone be surprised to see Jacob back on the show he once so publicly quit and vowed to never be on again? He's living in the house and has been for a prolonged period of time  and he is constantly with all the Roloffs every day.

Is Jacob now as phony as the other Roloffs? Or did he discover that trying to be independent is really damn hard and it's much easier to hitch himself to the Roloff gravy train and live off Mom and Dad Roloff and to hell with principles?

I'm also curious how the Christian Roloff fans who once hated Jacob now feel that Jacob is being praised by the sainted Roloffs, Jeremy and Matt? Has Jacob seen the light of Christ and you're now ready to forgive him for his once antagonistic statements about Christians?


Peter said...

Jacob clearly decided life on his own was going to be too much hard work and he better get back on good terms with the facade that is the Roloff family and LPBW.

Ashley said...

Brandon, thank you for writing this!

I've totally been feeling the same way and I almost threw up over Isabel's Instagram where she said she is so in awe of Jeremy and Audrey.

Maybe Jacob's rebel phase was just that, a phase and he never actually strongly believed any of the things he said.

The fact that Jacob never crossed the line of calling out the rest of them for playing characters always told me that he would try to get back in good with them.

Jacob was always very condescending to fans who believed the Roloffs were telling the truth when they said the show was real but no blame whatsoever on the people doing the lying and acting for being phony?

Grace said...

Maybe Jacob simply grew up and matured and realizes he was wrong to attack his family who gave him so much?

Who could really believe what Jacob posting twitter? He once said he supports gay people while at the exact same time he was telling a gay guy to stay the hell away from him, lol.

He was a typical liberal wanting to be praised by the liberal leftists. Maybe he's come to his senses.

TapThatDancer said...

That's it!!!!!

I mean, it's over now.

Good riddance Jacob, you betraying sell-out scumbag.

You'll never win me back.


Brandon said...

@TapThatDancer Jacob fought a valiant fight of rebellion and for independence, but he completely folded and now is a good Roloff family soldier.

-Living with Amy on the Roloff Farm
-Spending a lot of time with Jeremy
-Isabel promoting Jer and Auj's products and saying she is amazed by their awesomeness.
-Jacob and Isabel's never ending happy posts that everything is great and how they are so blessed.
-Jacob shutting up about the "fake & staged show" and being very careful not to say anything controversial on social media. It's very bland now.

Like I said, I don't see any difference between Jacob and the rest of the Roloffs anymore.

Ashley said...

Tapthatdancer, I'm shocked! I have a feeling you'll forgive Jacob if Isabel posts a cute picture of him. ;-)

Brandon, yeah I've noticed all of those things. They're mentioning God now too. I'm just preparing myself for when Jacob starts quoting John Mark Comer!!!

TapThatDancer said...

Exactly right Brandon.

But Ashley, I do admit great weakness with the right photo. ;)))

Kind soul said...

Why must you all be so judgmental? It's a TV show people to entertain you, if you don't like it don't watch. Jacob grew up and realized he missed his family, so what. Also don't we all make concessions in our lives, how many people chose their career because they really love all aspects of it? Everyone should just live their own life and stop judging everyone else's.

Aly said...

You are forgetting how the coming back into the family went...
It was because of Jackson. Jacob only started hanging around more because of his nephew. Suddenly he's in every photo and being posted about all over the place. He really loves that baby. It's cute to see, but I think you ought to focus your attention on why he is suddenly hanging around more.

Jackson, Molly. He was born, and then Molly's wedding happened. As you can see now, Jacob and Isabel are back in California. I'm sure they were around for the festivities but fled as soon as they could. And as for Isabel posing for photos for Instagram, I can't say I'm shocked. Most girls love any chance they get to have photos taken of them, regardless of the product they are pushing.

If you actually read Verbing you'd know Jacob is still very different from the rest of the Roloff's. He explained in his YouTube video that he's grown up and does not see the point in saying inflammatory things anymore. That's really it.

And if I recall correctly Brandon, you have not always stood up for him. You've talked low on him before. Who is the pretender now? Shame on you, Spirits. This is not news. Molly's wedding is worthy of a new thread, not this bullshit.

Watts Fan said...


Read his book, you morons. This whole entire thread would be completely discredited if you actually read it.

Jacob works with Mark Watts, son of the great philosopher Alan Watts.

Tell me how he is the same to the Roloffs again. You guys need to open a book.

Debbie said...

As a Christian, I am willing to forgive.

Jacob should apologize and he will lack character until he publicly apologizes to the Christians he attacked and to Audrey and to God for his behavior, however, he appears to be making changes in how he is acting and if he is making positive changes toward a lifestyle that glorifies Jesus, then that is a positive step. Jacob seems to have realized the error of his ways whether he has the character to publicly declare that or not. It's positive.

Isabel celebrating Audrey and Jeremy is a very positive step in their lives. Associating with good people will do a lot for a person's soul.

If he's realized he should stop using his twitter for evil and stopped promoting drugs and anti-Christian sentiments, that's a positive step as well.

Carla said...

A kid gets along with his family again, and it is suddenly news worthy.

Every family has falling outs.

Thank goodness he is back in touch with his family so he can be the doting uncle he was clearly made to be. Have you seen him with that new baby J?!

Brandon said...

@Aly I disagree.

First of all, I think the time frame for Jacob and Isabel moving in with Amy was prior to Jackson, but regardless, it's about principles.

Jacob made it crystal clear, several times, that he believes reality tv is grossly unfair to children and causes them substantial damage.

There's a great hypocrisy. He had no trouble calling out the Hammils for using their children on their LP TLC show and how Jacob felt it was damaging their son Jack.

Now Zach and Tori and the entire Roloff clan are using baby Jackson for money and ratings and what is Jacob doing? Smiling happy. Going along with it. Being totally complicit.

Everything Jacob said he stood for and said, he's dropped to go back to the family and live life the Roloff way.

Brandon said...

@Aly Oh and I did defend Jacob back when he started expressing his opinions and dared to go against the beliefs of the rest of his family.

But any admiration I had for him is gone now that there's no difference between Jacob and the rest of the family.

Rap541 said...

I admit, I really would enjoy hearing the opinions of our Christian regulars who have been so proud to note how Jeremy is a man of Jesus and how Audrey is a woman of Christ Almighty and how America and Auj are PROUD to deny having Jacob in their lives.

Come on, Christians, it sure seems like Jer and Auj are.... embracing the dark evil. Who wants to bet they let the lost to Satan Jacob ( remember, he rolled his eyes at their wedding and per all the Christians here, lost his soul and will NEVER BE FORGIVEN IN JESUS'S NAME LET US HATE JACOB) actually hold the precious NEW CHRIST CHILD ROLOFF?

Can you imagine it, CHristians? The Roloffs embracing Satan, Jeremy is proud to take pictures of himself embracing the Devil and I really am utterly curious to know what Christians think of Jer and Auj .... are you going kiss their asses and praise them and of course not hold them accountable for their decisions?

Enquiring minds want to know ;)

But... I really, really bet you proud Christian kissers of Roloff ass will keep your mouths shut tight rather than dare even imply Jer and Auj aren't entirely pleasing you.

Abby said...

I'm not shocked that Isabel is on the "Audrey is amazing" train and is selling her merchandise for her. It was always obvious that Isabel was jealous of Stephanie when she was in that role and longed to have that relationship with Audrey herself. Flattering Audrey and telling people to buy Audrey's stuff is the best way to get on Audrey's good side.

Aly said...

Well, that just shows how much you know, then. Jacob and Isabel were on a road trip at the time of Jackson's birth. Previously, they'd moved out of their house in California because of personal reasons (as Isabel posted on her Instagram about that house). Then they came to the farm to meet him, and I am sure Jacob fell in love. If they were moving out of their house anyway, living in amy's house was probably next best option because well, it's a mansion and she was going to offer it up to Jeremy and Audrey so why not?
Then it's June and it seems Isabel gets some kind of job keeping her in the area. It looks like a babysitting job.
So, yes, they are seen more frequently in photos and posts because well, there they are. Alive and existing in the same town. I'm sure Jacob just adores his nephew. And so, the accusations begin. However, no one knows if Jacob (behind the scenes, not publicly you know, actually to their faces) may have politely asked them not to or suggested it was a bad idea to have Jackson on the show. Really, we have no way of knowing. And what is disappointing here is, you all assume that since something isn't happening on social media, doesn't mean it isn't happening.
Jacob could have "called them out" or voiced his opinion. We'd never know! Because he decided to stop letting the internet into his business. I call that maturity, truly and honestly.
And lastly, how could Jacob have any control over the posts being made about him? He shows up in more photos because photos are taken of him. The one of him and Jeremy is handsome, and the post is endearing and I'm sure it's very nice those two are spending more time together.
What's sick about your opinion on this Brandon, is, you'd rather see a 20 year old boy live a life of inflammatory rebellion for YOUR pleasure, than see him get along nicely with his family who obviously loves and cares about him despite what he has done or said in the past. I'm assuming you hate your family and have 0 contact with them.
Anyway, have a nice day.

Jason said...

It's easy.

Jacob Roloff = Sellout.

Anonymous said...

To be disappointed in somebody for getting along with their family is just sick...

You are contradicting yourself by accusing him of selling out to be a "reality whore" however, you are letting social media and Instagram dictate how you see him.

So who has a shotty grip on reality now?

The fact that Jacob is not hanging out with the "Roloff characters" because he is no longer on the show, but is hanging out with the real Roloff's, just means he can get along with people.

This whole silly thread proves just that.

Jacob gets along with his family. Wow. The end.

Cat said...

If Isabel got asked to model her clothing, why would she say no?

I don't remember Stephanie ever modeling for Audrey???

P. said...

How was that obvious, Abby? That Isabel was apparently "jealous" of Stephanie? It seems to me that there is mutual admiration happening on all sides. All of the girls, including Molly, seem to adore her. She was invited to her bridal shower and bachelorette party and was in family photos taken at the wedding. Being close with Audrey is, I'm assuming just one side effect of the whole thing. I never remember Stephanie interacting with Molly. I remember Stephanie and Audrey being close because they were both shallow and could talk about things like Free People and makeup. Not anything solid or real. Isabel's closeness seems much more genuine.

Anna Banana said...

You want to hate these kids for the way they are now but never really liked them in the first place. It's hilarious. You know, no matter how many times you say you're disappointed in him, he's not going to do anything for you. He's going to continue being the badass he is. I love Jacob and all that he stands for. I like Isabel enough.

Peter said...

"He's going to continue being the badass he is."

Badass? Bawahaha! He shut his mouth and stopped saying anything Daddy Matt wouldn't approve of for the family image or might irritate the producers. He's gleefully living off his Mommy, hanging out with people who "play characters" that they insist are real, and Jacob and Isabel are advertising Jeremy and Isabel's right wing Christian websites.

Some badass.

Jocelynn said...

What people are taking issue with is that Jacob seems to have abandoned all the principles he was expressing for 2 or 3 years and now is a happy Roloff trooper happily going along with all of their materialism and lies.

Abby said...

Being "close" with Audrey means helping her sell her merchandise. Anyone who kisses Audrey's butt and tells people to buy Audrey's stuff, is going to be praised by Audrey.

It's all so shallow.

"I love Jacob and all that he stands for."

And what does Jacob stand for??? That's the point. It can't be much because he's back to embracing all of the Roloff values.

Denise said...

Well said Debbie. While I'm still skeptical of Jacob, this is certainly a step in the right direction. As long as he's stopped promoting harmful messages and stopped the attacks on his family, it is move in the right direction. Appreciating Jeremy and Audrey shows that he is maturing.

Margaret said...

All I got to say is the rest of the Roloffs are more forgiving than I am! After all of the terrible ways he has slammed them, I wouldn't just forgive him when he came crawling back. It's obvious his life plan didn't work out on his own and now he's back for the money.

P. said...

But you said Isabel acted like she was jealous of that, Abby? How? Where did you see that? If she was jealous of Stephanie and Audrey's closeness, what could she be jealous of if it was all shallow?

Terri said...

You're looking entirely too much into all of it, all of you. Jacob is just growing and changing. Tomorrow he could say "F MY FAMILY" and it wouldn't be surprising. He's doing the teenager - to adult thing all in front of all of us.

Have you seen the way kylie Jenner has changed?! And I don't mean just physically... her opinions and views change so much nobody can keep up. But that's just because she's still a kid, navigating her way through life and changes... it is awful to pin him down to this person when tomorrow and in two years it'll be vastly different from the person you have accused him of here.

Molly Girl Lover said...

Margaret, what did he say that was wrong? You know that post where he accused it of being fake and scripted, Molly commented on and said "totally agree brother". So if they would be holding a grudge towards him, they'd have to lump Molly in too, and well know everyone is just obsessed with Molly (poor girl). You people are absolutely hilarious. The comment is still there for those skeptics.

Jocelynn said...

"that's just because she's still a kid, navigating her way through life and changes... it is awful to pin him down to this person when tomorrow and in two years it'll be vastly different from the person you have accused him of here."

Terri, to be fair, if that's true, why should anyone put any stock into anything Jacob says? Why should anyone care to buy his booklet or read his extended Instagram captions?

Someone whose beliefs, ideals and principles change depending upon what mood they are in or what way the wind is blowing, is not someone of strong moral character, in my opinion.

Rap541 said...

Honestly, Denise, you're proving my point... You're so in love with Jer and Auj, you're now openly praising the devil Jacob. You told me, all you Christians told me Jacob was completely lost and evil and Anne said he was Satan's tool... He rolled his eyes and damned himself and now.... now you're praising his maturity?

Really? When exactly did Jacob get on his knees and beg Auj of Christ for forgiveness of his satanic disrespect? I'm waiting. You said he was damned until he publicly apologized... and now you're praising his maturity without having that moment, that moment you so wanted, where the evil one was forced to admit his sins and beg forgiveness and still know he was forever damned?

Funny how as soon as you have to hold one of the good Roloffs accountable for NOT turning the evil out, then suddenly you have no problem with Jeremy not demanding that apology and not cutting thee line out.... but then whenever Jeremy needs to be a man and fails, you still find a reason to excuse him and praise his failure. Sing Jacob's praises, Denise... by praising his maturity, you've proven how little you stand for. ;)

PJ said...

Debbie and Denise,
You don't want to forgive. you're still trying to bend Jacob to your will. you two need to apologize to the LGBT community and the followers of every other religion on the planet.
BTW why aren't you two out rallying this weekend?

I wouldn't be shocked if Amy asked Jacob and Isobel to move in to keep Jer and Oddj out of her house, after all there is only so much room.

Rap541 said...

Terri, sadly, a lot of people won't listen to your very rational and fair analysis.

Jocelyn, we normally agree but really, people do change and grow and we have to allow for that. Seriously, if we're all held to our stated views at 16-20, and any change ever means we lack strong moral character, then we ALL lack strong moral character. Look at Denise and Debbie in this very thread.... they've been decrying the scum that is Jacob Roloff for years but all Jer has to do is take a photo with him and now they're cheerfully noting and praising Jacob's maturity. Since any change of any opinion means a lack of strong moral character.... I trust we all agree Denise and Debbie have shown how they lack moral character?

I mean, they said Jacob was evil and his eyes burned with darkness and now they're lauding his maturity...

More seriously, what if he did move home? I'm not seeing ANYONE castigate Jeremy for not standing up like a Christian man and barring the younger brother from the family home until that younger brother drops to his knees, on camera, and prays to Jesus..., Nope, Jer hasn't said a word and hasn't stood up like a ChRistian man at all.

Mind you, Jeremy's lack of character and inability to do anything other than nothing is not a new trait at all, now is it?

Jocelynn said...

Rap, as Brandon wrote in the piece, we are talking about a major shift with Jacob and completely going back on everything he was saying before.

If you praised Jacob for "rebelling", for deciding that he would build his own life outside of the reality TV circus. If he would not be owned and controlled by the TV show, if he would not be constrained by the family image and would speak his mind freely. If you viewed all of those as good character traits in Jacob and now he's completely abandoned those things, back to being very careful about what he says, back to being supported by his parents and the show, then I'd think you'd have to acknowledge that the reason why you admired Jacob is gone.

Yes, you can call it a "change", but it's a regression.

Now if you felt Jacob was awful for doing things his own way, you should be elated that Jacob has fallen back in line with the family.

The change in Jacob should be acknowledged and noted.

Debbie said...

Oh Rap, lol. You are so beside yourself when people don't give the answers you were hoping for.

I live for Jesus Christ. I'm about love and forgiveness when it is needed. I wanted Jeremy to call Jacob out when he was doing all of those things that were shaming God and the family. I think Jacob should apologize now that he has realized how wrong he was.

However, he appears to have curbed his behavior. Spending more time with Jer & Auj is obviously good for the souls of Jacob and Isabel.

Megan said...

Money, money, money. Jacob failed at trying to make it on his own and now he's back for the money.

Peter said...

Watts fan,
What would you suppose Alan would think of a 20 year old turning his back on his values and returning to a lifestyle because there is money to be gained from it and it's easy. A fake and deceptive lifestyle. Something Jacob himself calls playing a character and vowed never to do. Now integrating himself in with the people playing those characters and praising the people performing the deception. Speaking out against a vehicle for hurting children and now staying silent while he plays for that same evil camera that is destroying children?

Glorifying Jeremy and Audrey is so cringe-worthy. You think Audrey's lifestyle and Alan Watts' philosophy would mesh together? LOL

Jacob is a sell out. I wonder if he fell to his knees and begged for Matt's forgiveness and promised to follows Matt's rules of how a Roloff should act on social media? That seems to be what has happened.

Rap541 said...

Debbie, your behavior in no way shocks or surprises me. You're not getting your way, the Roloffs aren't calling out the dark one, so, since you have your nose up Jeremy Jesus's ass, you're attempting to smile thru the shit and tell me how mature Jacob is.

Go on, Debbie, praise him some more. It only proves me right. :)

Come on, you want to please Jeremy don't you? :)

If this was genuinely about your moral standards, you'd actually stick to them. And look, rather than insisting he apologize public ally - as you've done in the past, you're now meekly cooing how you adore his total lack of apology. Do you think his eyes are no longer dark with evil and sin? :)

Ashley said...

Jacob returning to the Roloff flock for some reason reminds of that movie I once saw on tv years ago, I think it was called "Flowers In The Attic"

The mother left her strict religious cult of a family to have kids and she was shamed and cut out of the family. Then when she needed the financial support of her family, she returned, did as they wanted to get back in their good graces and attempted to live the life her family wanted for her.

Okay, kind of missing the part about her kids being tortured and held hostage in the attic, but there are similarities with the child leaving the family in shame and then coming back and selling their soul to get back in the good graces of the crazy family!

Rap541 said...

Jocelyn, personally I am in no way shocked or surprised that Jacob hasn't cut ties with his family. I just don't think he's any less than brother Jeremy "I want the image of being adventurous but what I really want is to continue being a child with no job and no responsibilities" Roloff or brother Zach "I don't like the cameras but this easier than working" Roloff.

Jacob finding it easier to be lazy? Disapointing but certainly not surprising and certainly no more disappointing than his brothers.

I'm curious to see if he decides to be on the show but I also point out, since he did quit, it is totally in line for any Roloff who didn't quit to call him out publicly and express their disgust with his morals. So far we have Jeremy embracing him and grinning like a fool. Hell, if this is so morally awful, why exactly isn't Matt Roloff taking a great big moral stand, hmmm?

Funny how yet again the only Roloff ever held accountable for not proudlly standing up for their professed morals is Jacob.

Jocleynn said...

Rap, the difference as I see it, is that Jeremy always happily went along with the farce. That's good in some people's mind and not so good in others.

Jacob spoke out. Made it clear what he thought. That it's wrong and not the way he wanted to be. Now he's back.

For me, that's a big difference.

Emily said...

Shouldn't everyone be happy that this Christian family is getting along again and everybody is happy?

La Resistance said...

It's sad to see Jacob cave.

KhasC said...

Good Job Brandon!

After School Satan said...

Jeremy and Audrey are perfect AMBASSADORS OF LUCIFER.

1. They worship $$$

2. They do nothing charitable

3. They drink like fish

4. They curse

5. They engaged in pre-marital sex

6. They do not honor their mothers and fathers

7. They lie constantly through a fabricated portrayal of their lives.


Rap541 said...

This is nicely written, Brandon. I am remiss in complimenting your prowess... perhaps you should recap? :)

Johnnie said...

Hmm, Jacob's money must have run out.

Joan said...

I'm so glad to see Jacob and Isabel happy together. They are so darling!

Carol pittman said...

Who else agrees Isabel is the best thing to have happened to Jacob?

Anonymous said...

Gosh haha I cringed when I saw Isabel modeling for Audrey and posting the always more nonsense. Not to mention I saw that Audrey posted her Always More garbage came in "all sizes" aka calling her fat.

Side note why and how can Audrey get away with being such a "conservative" while posting near nude photos of herself. It baffles me that Jeremy "allows" it consdering he his the head of the household. I guess we know who wears the skinny jeans in that relationship.

Anonymous said...

It's all about making easy money and not having a real job. Jacob doesn't want a real job where taking orders from other people. The only way to do this is go back on the show and stay in the background, Kind of like what Molly does.
Jacob realize it's hard being on your own and have to make money some how so he started a youtube channel, selling books and going back on the show.
I don't believe a word that comes out of any of the Roloffs mouth. You take it with a grain of salt because it's all about not offending the public.

Sara said...

Okay, who's gonna explain to Jer what Amy means by "bookends".

Rap541 said...

Yeah, if you go to and search for Audrey Roloff, they actually have a pretty modesty free shot of her belly. I trust all the Christians here will tell me how absolutely Christian modest it is to post a picture of your bare belly and bare legs, leaving the impression you are entirely bare because as long as Audrey's clitorus isn't visible, she celebrating Jesus by displaying her skin.

She is also selling a special onesie for babies with "Jesus + Oils + Mama" plastered on it.... I guess Jesus loving Christians oil their babies up? Audrey greases down for Christ?

But then, Audrey is on public that spreading her legs for cock is Christian worship on par with church attendance.... hey, has Auj finally joined the church of john mark comer? Or is it still too difficult to attend a church that she now lives locally to, and has professed to adore?

Christians... will any of you ever admit to monetarily supporting Auj and Jer's "ministry"?

pigeon said...

any one else notice that amy leaves for a motorcycle trip and zach/tori/jackson leave for LA on the week that audrey is due? they're all fleeing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how isobel and jacob met? I think if jacob dump her, she will be devastated, try hard to be isobel roloff one day.. If jacob is not the jacob roloff you think isobel will love her as crazy madly in love she is now.. I dont think so.

Benzie Harp said...

Do you suppose the Roloffs are opening their checkbooks to help any Hurricane Harvey victims?
Aren't Christians supposed to be charitable?
Does Jerkemy's "hernia" prevent him from volunteering?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what happen to isobel now that she's taking an insta break but that didn't stop her from scrolling it.. Maybe she's torn between further her study back to college but she's afraid of being distance from Jacob will affect their relationship now that Jacob is back in the farm and of course on the show she wouldn't let that guy away from her.. I just don't want her to feel regret like Amy does. Remember when Amy said she always wanted to run a bnb, restaurant but that all gone when she decide to settle down with Matt and then life happen kids happen business and everything.. They stop become couple but parents who raise their kids together and that's when it start drift them apart and she kinda like regret it for not doing all the thing she wants to do when she's young..

Eric said...

So...let's see...Jacob is 21? After previously trashing his family and the show, he is now living with Mom and the girlfriend. Smoking pot and playing a character (something he vowed he'd never do) on a fake show he once considered a joke because he couldn't hack it in the real world on his own. What a pathetic loser.

Why would anyone care about his thoughts on the world?

Jason said...

Is Isabel pregnant? Why is Jacob so into Zach's kid, Jackson? I don't like babies. Everytime I look at Jacob or Isabel's instagram, he's with the ugly baby. I don't know any 20 year old guys who like babies.

Rap541 said...

Guess who's had their baby and is keeping everyone in the dark about it for media and money making purposes?

I trust everyone who had severe issues with how Tori irresponsibly showed her poor judgement in allowing the event to be obfuscated will now judge Audrey equally as harshly as her first act as a mother is to hide the birth so that she can monetarily profit by the reveal.

Amber Waves said...

This is how I see it: Jacob has grown up. It's kind of that simple.

He's taken stock of his life, being away from the family for a couple years, matured, and now wants to return. Maybe it also has to do with needing money again, and playing a character on LPBW may be worth it to make easy money. Or maybe the direction his parents have taken, from pretending to be a loving married couple to coming clean and dating other people, including the farmhand, make them more real to him, less squeaky clean and more honest about who they really are.

A lot has changed in the family's makeup since Jacob turned 18 and ditched the farm. Maybe he now sees everyone for who they really are and feels they're more upfront about it: Audrey and Jeremy as Christians who will not relent in promoting right-wing Christian values; Zach and Tori for being solid people who have a story to tell and are using the show as income (plus, they now have a baby Jacob seems to adore); Amy, who is now with Chris, showing that she's a bit more open to a less-conservative lifestyle by "dating" (and presumably sleeping with someone before marriage); and Matt, who is with Caryn and we all know how bad that makes him look--it can't be ignored that he may have had at least an emotional affair with her before divorcing Amy (remember during the "Tell All" episode when Amy said "he's got his prospects," insinuating Matt was already seeing someone?). As I said, they don't seem to be so trapped into being an iteration of a puritanical Christian family.

Porcupine Pie said...

The entire Roloff family are like trained seals! (sorry to offend seals) Audrey had the baby yesterday and radio silence from all Roloffs.... Not a peep from anyone on instagram. I noticed an Us Weekly article today.....quick Jer and Auj, get the paycheck from them and get it in the bank! Money, money, money, ok now lets alert the masses about Princess Ember Jean's arrival.... and then give the command that family members can post now...,cue sappy posts from Amy, Jacob, etc. in 3...2...1...

Set Abominae said...

With his hair that long Jacob sort of looks like Andre The Giant.

Anonymous said...

Omg i thought im the only one notice it.. Right?? Why did try go on a trip on such an impirtant week

Head in the Clouds said...

Beating 50 posted a video on Insty of the dynamic duo preparing to eat dinner out of Rubbermaid containers on their 3rd anniversary and the baby starts crying in background while Auj shoves her face and doesn't even flinch. I'm a first time mom and even when someone is holding my baby and he starts crying, my instinct is to go to him. While it was a bit unnerving to watch her not even care, it's not surprising because Auj is the center of her own universe.

Ashley said...

Has Jacob taken up smoking cigarettes? I'm just surprised because I remember a couple of years he go he was ranting about how stupid cigarettes were (while loving smoking weed)?

Or was it a marijuana joint?

A few days ago, I noticed Isabel had an Instagram story she was filming in the truck. She quickly panned over to Jacob and he had would looked to me was a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. When he realized, she had her camera phone on him, he quickly pulled it away.

I figured it was either a cigarette or he's smoking marijuana while driving.

Abby said...

Isabel and Jacob are becoming as grating as Jer and Auj.
Selling everything. They are so self-absorbed.
Jacob is becoming such a sell out, trying to tease people by saying "we have something really exciting in the works that we can't wait to share with you people!"....Let me guess. It's something that other people will pay Jacob for and Jacob will make money? Obviously.

Then Isabel had the never to do an Instagram story about how you should never believe anything written about people on tv because it's wrong.

I'd say most stuff said about the Roloffs are true.

Anonymous said...

We need a new post regarding Jacob's latest IG post. He is back in thick.