Sunday, September 24, 2017

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Welcome daughter Ember Jean Roloff

Audrey Roloff gave birth to the couple's first child on September 10th --Ember Jean Roloff weighing 7.13 pounds.

US Magazine had an article with quotes from Jeremy and Audrey:

"Labor is such a wild and miraculous process and meeting our baby girl for the first time filled us with uncontainable joy," the couple told Us. "We are so thankful for this little life we've been blessed with and cannot wait to see all that she becomes."

Audrey has since shared that she is suffering from Mastitis. The medical explanation for Mastitis is:

"a breast inflammation usually caused by infection. It can happen to any woman, although mastitis is most common during the first 6 months of breastfeeding. It can leave a new mother feeling very tired and run-down. Add the illness to the demands of taking care of a newborn, and many women quit breastfeeding altogether. But you can continue to nurse your baby. In fact, breastfeeding usually helps to clear up infection, and nursing will not harm your baby. Although mastitis can be discouraging and painful, it is usually easily cleared up with medicine."

Audrey posted a photo of herself on her Instagram story looking glum with the caption,

“I can now sympathize with all your moms out there who’ve had mastitis. It’s no joke,” 

Some people have been commenting on Jeremy and Audrey's Instagram about their lack of baby pictures of their new daughter. Some people were quick to point out that is usually all about money -- they sell the exclusive Pictures to magazines such as Us and People,  and can't post pictures until the Magazine has had time to circulate. 

Audrey seemed to post a rebuttal to that, simply commenting:

"Oh my. I can't believe people think such things" in response to comments about it "all being about money". 

Others pointed out that Zach and Tori also didn't post pictures for several days until People Magazine released the pictures.


Debbie said...

Finally. I've been waiting to post. My God bless Jeremy and Audrey's family and their beautiful baby girl. I am praying for Audrey and now she is strong enough to overcome anything that is thrown at her.

Peter said...

Who is not surprised that Audrey is creating drama and attention for herself? Oh she's suffering. Pray for her.

Ashley said...

Yeah, I noticed the same thing with the comments.

Gotta be fair, Tori was equally as guilty of selling out. They didn't post any pictures, Audrey even needed to delete a pic of Jackson because she obviously jumped the gun before the magazine and websites that paid for it. Gotta have Tori and Zach make money off Jackson. And now it's Jeremy and Audrey's turn. But they all did the same thing.

I don't know if this is a bad thing to say or not, but I won't be surprised if we hear that Audrey is suffering from postpartum depression.

Did you see Beating50Percent's Insagram stories recently? Jeremy is filming himself and talking to the camera, while Audrey is standing on the counter staring down blankly appearing to do nothing. Ember Jean can be heard crying in the background and no one is doing anything at all. Most first time parents I know are more doting, especially mothers. It was weird to hear the baby crying and Audrey just standing there staring at the counter or her food or whatever.

Rap541 said...

Gotta be fair, Tori was equally as guilty of selling out. They didn't post any pictures, Audrey even needed to delete a pic of Jackson because she obviously jumped the gun before the magazine and websites that paid for it. Gotta have Tori and Zach make money off Jackson. And now it's Jeremy and Audrey's turn. But they all did the same thing.

Agreed, Ashley. I just expect every person who threw a fit about how awful it was for Tori and Zach to do it, to have equally harsh feelings about it when Audrey and Jeremy are the ones selling their baby out. If I don't see the same people harshly castigating Audrey and Jeremy then I will have yet another example of hypocrisy to cite.

Personally, I dislike the kid's name. I mean... Peculiar Dynamic is actually not as bad as Ember Jean. Ember Jean is like a whitetrash stripper name.

Soup chef said...

God fucked her tits up! Lol! Speaking of tits, did anyone notice that Molly looked like she was wearing falsies at her wedding?

Denise said...

"Personally, I dislike the kid's name. I mean... Peculiar Dynamic is actually not as bad as Ember Jean. Ember Jean is like a whitetrash stripper name."

Rap, you should be ashamed of yourself. That's a terrible thing for you to say about an innocent baby. You're a bully and a very hateful person.

Rap541 said...

Oh Denise, I just feel bad for the kid. A name like Ember Jean screams "Looky at Ember Jean! You boys best have your dollars handy! Ember Jean is riding the pole next!"

Btw spare me the "innocent baby" nonsense. You proudly sat silent as your buddy Paula stated firmly that unborn baby Jackson was always going to be a lesser Christian. If Tori and Zach had a girl and named it Ember Jean, you'd be merrily snitting how you knew they'd give the baby an unchristian whore name.

PJ said...

Actually Denise that's more a comment on Tawdry and Jer's lack of taste and common sense.
I am finding it interesting that they haven't sell baby pictures yet. Jackson appeared far more quickly. And Matt has only now started talking about little Charcoal Briquette.

I see the same attitude in Tawdry that my cousin had. Her kid's 40 and she's still claiming postpartum. Hopefully that will change when Tawdry is over her illness.

NOW member said...

Let the bullying begin, eh? The woman posts for fans who watch this show and follow their lives, not for obsessive malcontents who follow her like sniffer dogs all the while claiming she just going for their attention. Very convoluted thinking. They get to name their own child, put up pixs of the child and of them wherever they wish. Going after these people like jackals is in such poor taste. It's not a question of "will this child grow up?" is more like will sniffer trolls do so? My money is on the kid.

J45 said...

Rap, I usually agree with you. But, I think calling Ember Jean a "white trash stripper name" is out of line, even if the name isn't my style, either. To me, it isn't much better than those who called Jacob a "skank" years and years ago. I know Ember's name reflects on Jer and Audrey's personalities and values more than herself, but still.

I hope Jer and Audrey don't do to death how Baby Ember will be a "shining light for Jesus followers" or whatever, because I'm sure that'll be annoying for her and everyone else.

Also, she looks small for 7lbs IMO. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Maggie said...

How is Ember Jean a "stripper name"? I think it's a beautiful name and I have no idea how someone would think as twisted as what Rap suggested.

You're hating on a baby, you're disgusting.

Lauren said...

Ember is a crusty hookers name. Disgusting.

Rap541 said...

Maggie - I feel sorry for the kid. That's not hate. Ember by itself isn't terrible, although it edges toward too cutesy hippy for my taste, but Ember Jean brings up all sorts of negative connotations. Like that it's a stripper name. I also say the same thing to you - if Tori and Zach named a child Ember Jean, I know exactly what you would say. And it's not "What a lovely Christian name!"

j45 - to each their own - I'm not calling the poor child a skank, I feel sorry for her because her parents have given her a name that pretty much guarantees she'll be fending off pole dancing remarks.

Peculiar Dynamic said...

Why is Audrey offended that people are stating it's all about the money as to why baby pics haven't been posted yet? Is she feigning shock and dismay so as to insult our intelligence, which is her usual modus operandi?

This woman posts EVERYTHING about her life, pregnancy and relationship on the daily, therefore it is safe to conclude that no posted baby photos is because she is under a contractual obligation with the rag mags, i.e. Us Weekly and the like, to hold off until a certain date which mean it is about the money!!! She said so herself, "I can't post pictures yet, sorry, but I will as soon as I can!"

Ex LPBW fan said...

I hope she likes being called 'Amber'.... just sayin..

Stacey said...

Rhymes with Norma Jeane.

Ecossais said...

Trust these two attention seekers to choose a baby name that will attract comment.

Rap541 said...

Why is Audrey offended that people are stating it's all about the money as to why baby pics haven't been posted yet? Is she feigning shock and dismay so as to insult our intelligence, which is her usual modus operandi?

This woman posts EVERYTHING about her life, pregnancy and relationship on the daily, therefore it is safe to conclude that no posted baby photos is because she is under a contractual obligation with the rag mags, i.e. Us Weekly and the like, to hold off until a certain date which mean it is about the money!!! She said so herself, "I can't post pictures yet, sorry, but I will as soon as I can!"

Peculiar, basically because she doesn't want to acknowledge that she is yes indeed withholding baby photos for money. I seem to recall any number of fans up in arms over how baby Jackson wasn't photo displayed and how AWFUL it was that Tori allowed TLC and others to dictate news and pictures of the baby being released. I think someone said she failed at her first test as a morally decent parent over this.

Now Audrey, a PROUD CHRISTIAN WOMAN, is allowing someone else to dictate the release of photos? She can't post yet? She's clearly failed that same moral test and like Tori, has shown her true colors as a selfish money grubbing reality whore.

Right now I am more amused over her Instagram where she's loving the baby but you know, every time the child feeds, Audrey is left in tears and agony that in her words is worse than her natural and unmedicated labor (she very much likes noting her labor was natural and unmedicated). So basically, every two hours, she's in torturous pain and agony and praises to Jesus to see her thru the horror of feeding her child.

So rather than be unkind and say "Audrey's a new mom exaggerating her woes" - which a lot of new moms do, I'm actually going to give a piece of really fair and kind advice.

If the baby latching on and nursing REALLY causes more pain than actual labor,and it's been two weeks now, or even just one week, go see a doctor NOW.

PJ said...

Tawdry is saying every time she nurses the pain is as bad as labor.
If you can't do it Auj it's okay. Stop bitching and start feeding her formula,she'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the comments here are disgusting. I have an ethnic name and I wonder if you people would say horrible things about me based off of a name you don't like. I think Ember is a beautiful name. They love camp fires, Ember fits perfectly. How they make money is none of our business, who are you to judge. If you were in the same position I'm sure all of you would "sell out".

Happy said...

Yes, Audrey, Botti is an ethnic name.

Rap541 said...

Oh Anonymous, please get down off the cross. Frankly, Ember isn't an "ethnic" name in the slightest and really "they like campfires so they named the kid after that" is about the dumbest reasoning I have ever heard and I really hope that this is *really* why Jer and Auj named the kid Ember because it's hilariously stupid. I assume the next two babies will be Oils and Christ since they love essential oils and Jesus? And you'll be proudly - yet anonymously since you're not actually brave enough to be accountable - insist how beautiful the name Oils is. As it is, I don't like the name North West either, and since much like the Kardashian clan, the Roloffs are making their money being public figures and shilling their kids out - if they want the dollars, then they are going to hear opinions they don't like. This is true of Zach and Tori as well - these couples are planning to display their children for money to live on and guess what? That means they are going to need to grow thicker skins because they aren't precious little innocents themselves any more.

And anonymous - you just said it yourself - they're sellouts. They're reality whores selling themselves and their children. How they make money is displaying their lives for the public to observe and watch. And judge. That's what they get paid for. If they don't like it, they can choose to walk away and live away from the tv show. Jeremy is not "being forced" to be a reality whore. Audrey is not "being forced" to blog her sex habits and her erotic moments for money. If they choose to be reality whores displaying their lives, they have to take the good with the bad, and the bad in part is that not everyone is going to agree that naming a kid Ember is just dandy.

Forgot the Condoms Baby said...

So true, if they would only be honest about their "selling out" of themselves and their kids (which is really kind of gross and disturbing) and how the reality show is how they afford everything and they don't work because instagramming and blogging does not pay the mortgage.

They want to pass off to the public as hardworking writers and farmers and that is what is disingenuous because they wouldn't be on this show if they had real careers. They are no different than a Kardashian in that sense.

Audrey's Condoms said...

What self respecting ADULT with any sense of discretion and modesty would ever publicize for monetary gain that their boobs are diseased from breast feeding?! Only money hungry, self exploiting and attention starved Audrey aka "author" and television "star" (insert eye roll here).

Is ANYTHING off limits or is everything on the table when it comes to easy money, i.e. not working a job that requires intelligence and/or hard work, responsibility and service?

They make money solely by literally having their picture taken talking endlessly about themselves doing n.o.t.h.i.n.g.

Markie said...

She is a sweet looking little baby. Hope her parents have drifted to a more accepting and warm sort of Church by the time she is ready to learn.

Ashley said...

So why was Audrey passive aggressively denying the money theory? Her response? "Oh my God, I can't believe people actually believe that!" when people were saying there were no pics because they sold them to a magazine and as soon as the magazine released them then they would post pics.

Yep, that's exactly what happened!

The day that US Magazine had the pictures, Audrey posted links to the magazine with lots of pictures of the exclusive pictures.

So why was Audrey trying to deny what people were saying?????

Eye Roller said...

One question: what is the point of parading your 10 day old newborn for millions of strangers to ogle for a magazine like
"Us Weekly?"
Answer: Money $$$!!!

Audrey and Jeremy are two hypocrites, instead of owning up to their insatiable greed and desire for attention, they preach values and then sell photos of their ten day old baby which is antithetical to integrity and sancitity of home and family.

It's one thing to put your no talent lazy self on display for cash, but your innocent baby that has no choice?! This is on another level of selfishness and self-centerdness.

Are these the times we're living in where this kind of hyperactive ruthless self promotion where babies are dangled/offered to generate income for parents as a means to maintain their lifestyles, is this normal, "godly" behavior?! Where do these two draw the line?
And no, I wouldn't sell photos of my baby to strangers for money, that's why I have a job.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - because Audrey prefers lying to telling the truth.

This isn't even a tough one. We all know that it was an option on the table. People asked if she was holding off in order to sell the photographs. That's exactly what she did and why she wasn't photobombing the world with pictures and why her family wasn't photobombing the world with pictures of the new baby.

Yes, Audrey, people actually believe that because that's *actually what you did*. If you're going to whore out the kid - and you are clearly planning to whore your kid out to reality tv - then you're going to need to own it. No one is making you make your baby a reality show topic.

NOW member said...

If Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are indeed "publicity whores", are THOSE who apparently

follow them obsessively, write about them, pore over their every word, gesture, clothing,

posture, and hairstyle then "publicity whore camp followers", and those who read THEM then

become "Publicity whore camp-followers'readers"? Looks like unclean hands giving thumbs

up to the passing on of unclean hands.

Rap541 said...

I hope they didn't pay a lot for the kitchen remodel. The baby photos revealed a lot.

The tile grouting on the wall is messed up.

While all the cabinet doors are white... one is wood panel brown.

In order to fit the farm sink, whoever installed the cabinets literally just chopped the bottoms off the cabinet doors.

Dev Grassie said...

Ember sounds like something you'd stumble over on the floors of HELL.

Flip Bilson said...

EMBERS of hell

Amber Waves said...

Some observations:

Like many of you, I found "Ember Jean" (is "Jean" Audrey's mom's name?) an odd and attention-seeking name, but if it's what they like....

And, I too noticed the radio silence from the two of them on social media and realized it was because the baby was born and they had to give exclusive coverage to trashy US Magazine to make money. Isn't that akin to selling your (baby's) soul?

The baby is scrawny, sorry to say, even after a month. She should be filling out by now but is still undernourished looking, not like plump and gorgeous Jackson. This child has Audrey's worst features, too, poor baby. That's not to say Audrey is homely, but she has a largish nose, which the baby inherited, and red hair, and skinny limbs. Hopefully, the kid will fill out and/or Audrey can lend it some makeup.

Ember often looks tired and has her eyes closed. She should be more alert by one month old.

I love all the self-promoting they're already doing, dressing the child up in all the Always More gear crap. They've got themselves a live model.

As for Audrey's breast problems, a lot of us have had those issues when first breastfeeding. It goes with the territory. She's a small-chested woman and the baby must have had trouble latching on. Anyone who's given birth and breastfed will have to agree with Audrey that it hurts like hell. Breastfeeding causes the uterus to contract, which is a good thing, but the cramping is difficult and when you can't take painkillers because you're nursing, you have to deal with the pain. But if she's still having problems feeding the baby, she could switch to formula. The baby looks like it could use some calories.

observer 1 said...

Hmmm. Interesting how Zach and Tori got a People exclusive while Audrey and Jer got just a lowly US Magazine exclusive.

Child Labor Laws for Reality Stars said...

Did anyone else notice that Ember appears to be wearing bright res lipstick in half of the US Weekly photos? This is very disturbing. I feel sorry for that baby. Her parents have no bounds to the things they will do for image and money.

Rap541 said...

Did anyone catch Jeremy's instastory where he bragged about picking up the magazine US Weekly, thumbed thru it pointing at various celebs saying "Nonsense! Nonsense! Nonsense!" and then pretended surprise that his baby was in a two page spread?

I mean, lets see - he completely disrespected the people who were paying him, US Weekly, by calling the rest of their content "Nonsense" to his fans and then brags about how famous he is. You know, because the nonsense magazine with the nonsense stories he dislikes ALSO featured him?

I can't wait to hear how "Nonsense! Nonsense!" was Jeremy showing Christian respect and I ask Jeremy's fans how deeply offended they would be if someone pointed to pictures of fame whore Jer and baby Ember and used a gleeful tone to call them "Nonsense!"

Btw Jeremy is perfectly free to say the stories in US Weekly are nonsense. I just point out that he accepted money from that magazine that runs nonsense stories and cooed with glee over his baby being displayed in that magazine of nonsense.

Now Member - Your clean hands post is delightful in it's lack of self awareness ;)

Samantha Catalano said...

Yes!! That's exactly what I thought too!!!!! They went with the white trash version of a very popular basic white girl name from the 90s. I guess they don't know what peculiar actually means.
I thought they were copying their idols the partidges with the unique names, but they really missed the boat.

Rap541 said...

Has anyone been reading their instagrams about how they are sad little hipsters who were proudly boycotting Starbucks... for a reason they will not clarify, and yes, Christians, they have been asked politely by many people - but because they now live in the nightmare hellscape of suburban Portland, they have been FORCED to resume drinking Starbucks?

Now while it's obvious that they aren't boycotting Starbucks for Starbucks's coffee farming practices, but their stance on holiday themed cups, it actually doesn't matter why. It is just yet another example of how shallow as fuck they are. Let me explain.

They were boycotting Starbucks when they lived in Bend and merrily went to other coffee shops. Boycotting Starbucks was *easy*. They get all the kudos for standing tall on principle and they can still enjoy fancy coffee drinks.

But hmmm... now that they have moved and getting fancy coffee from non chain shops isn't easy and convenient... why, despite how they hate Starbucks for *whatever reason*, rather than continue their boycott, they aren't willing to take a stand if it means they are deprived of fancy coffee drinks.

What warriors for Jesus they are! :)

Debbie said...

It's well known that Trump supporters and Christians are boycotting Starbucks. They are anti God, anti Christmas, pro-gay and pro refugees.

I'm glad Jeremy and Audrey have been boycotting. They said it was their first Starbucks in years. That's good, I don't care if they had one now, that's still a lot of money they haven't been spending on a Godless company.

Dill Pixels said...

Hi Debbie,

I just orgasmed a sweet mocha from Starbucks in your honor.

You are FUCKING GODLESS because you have as much hate coursing through your body as Dotard Pussy-Grabbing Drumpf has stupidity coursing through his.

Then again, the shit you say is so fucking inane I wonder if you're not just lobbing stuff out there to get a reaction.

Yep, I reacted, but I'm doing it as I laugh AT your very existence. Baaaaahahahahaaa

A True Jesus Lover! said...

WTF, Debbie! Why can't you small-minded people get behind something that promotes love and acceptance of others instead of hatred and WHITE POWER?!? I'll tell you why, because you, the f'd-up privileged white bitch and manbun, and that fat ass in the White House are all afraid of people who are not like yourselves, so you PRETEND this is what Jesus wants. How DARE YOU speak for Jesus with such venomous hearts!

Guess what?

You're completely backwards. Jesus wasn't white. Jesus was born a Jew, and Jesus had friends who you would never hang out with. So, stop speaking for Jesus. He was for acceptance of others and only He will judge us, not you, not manbun, not his bitchy wife, who looks miserable since that baby was born, I might add, not fatass in the White House.

I'm a real Christian, and now I'm going to buy several cups of Starbucks a day since it pisses off you fake scared Christians, who use the name of God in vain to promote your hate-filled rhetoric. Can't wait for that steaming cup of venti whole milk macchiato! Yumm-o!

Go, Starbucks! said...

I think they're boycotting because they don't think it's fair that Starbucks employees make more per hour than the two of them could if they were to ever work an honest day in their lives.

NW Beaver said...

Hahahaha..."forced" to drink Starbucks because they live in NW Beaverton? They don't get around much. There are coffee shops on practically every corner that have coffee far surpassing that of Starbucks. Their excuse for patronizing Starbucks is thinner than single-ply tissue paper.

Happy said...

Hey Debbie, god is 1/3 ghost who does magic. Magic and ghosts are not real. Neither is living with a monster in a cave without any entrances after one dies. Also, what kind of moronic adult can’t figure out the coffe pot at home? I’ll tell you, Ron Cadillac.

Rap541 said...

No, Debbie, on so many points you're utterly wrong.

Auj and Jer have not stated why they were boycotting Starbucks. They are not proud Christians declaring they love Christ too much to support Starbucks. They, Auj and Jer, are yet again saying nothing at all because they are too afraid of the consequences.

Second, they *aren't* boycotting Starbucks any more because their love for convenience and coffee clearly outweighs their love of Christ. Nothing, Debbie, is stopping these two from NEVER buying a drink at Starbucks again. NOTHING AT ALL. Starbucks coffee is not a dietary necessity, its a luxury... a luxury they choose to indulge in.

They even took pictures of themselves spending money and supporting a Godless company and you are "oh no biggie but JACOB ROLLED HIS EYES AND MUST PROSTRATE HIMSELF TO AUJ DECLARING FOR ALL TO SEE THAT HE DESERVES HELLFIRE!!!!"

Come on Debbie - Tell me how Auj and Jer spending money and giving money to a Godless company is Christ like and behavior you will now emulate - you're praising them for their dropping their boycott purely for selfish reasons after all.

And let me explain what I mean, since you're pointedly ignoring what I said earlier.

They quit boycotting Starbucks because they like fancy coffee and they no longer live close to non Starbucks coffee shops. Supporting Christ got hard, and inconvenient, so they quit standing on principle, and spent money, money they earn because of your support, at pro-gay, anti-God company because it was easier than driving further downtown. Standing up for Jesus got mildly difficult so they quit.

Let me repeat that Debbie - They were standing up for Jesus as long as they could still have fancy coffee. Once they moved to an area with only Starbucks, their deep religious objections were no longer as important as having a mocha latte. Jesus or a latte - we know who Auj and Jer pick, and it's NOT Jesus.

Rap541 said...

Also Debbie, Jer and Auj deny being Trump supporters. Or rather they passive aggressively whine when asked. They aren't proud to stand tall for anything but essential oils.

Happy said...

Debbie: Oh, and not caring how someone achieves orgasm doesn’t make them pro gay. Wanting refugees treated as if they are fellow humans doesn’t make them pro refugee. Wanting to stamp out refugees and gays makes one genocidal. Stop being a genocidal Christian.

Ashley said...

Rap, just wondering, why do you think Jer and Auj were boycotting Starbucks? They won't say, so we're left to guess.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - probably the holiday cups that don't say "CHRIST IS THE ONE TRUE GOD".

I mean, it seems pretty obvious that it's likely that or the whole "Starbucks is liberal" thing. I genuinely don't know why they feel it's very important that they not publically state their reasons for boycotting Starbucks - they're calling themselves covenant Christians which does lead to assumptions being made about their views.

But like I said - it really doesn't matter if they were boycotting over the Christmas cups or just the unfortunate fact that Starbucks tends to burn their beans.

They took a minor stand (lets not kid ourselves, avoiding Starbucks coffee isn't that hard, they actually own a 500 dollar espresso machine for Christ's sake) and refused to give Starbucks their business... when it was easy and convenient. Once it got mildly difficult, look how they dropped whatever their moral point was. Standing up for whatever they thought was right got hard, so they quit.

chilchil said...

Of course, the ones who have deals with magazines not to post baby pictures also contractually have to deny it. The Roloff family has been about making money by exploiting their children for over a decade now.

Sacred Ground said...

Audrey started her baseball hat business because it sounds better at parties than "being followed by cameras while I take a dump and shove food in my mouth on a Tuesday afternoon staring into the vacant eyes of my no talent jobless Jericurl.

Jeremy is a complete idiot slug with a nine word vocabulary that literally doesn't know how to grow a pumpkin without his daddy holding his hand through it and a TLC edit!!!

Bet their next daughter is bestowed the name Cinder Ella to continue the campfire theme to their burning love of pumpkins, insipid reality tv and trashy gossip magazines like Us Weekly.

Audrey No-Botti said...

Question: How long could anyone stand being married to Jeremy before wanting to slap his face and tell him to get a job, grow the hell up and learn some new words besides intentional, holy smokes and dydynamicHow can a semi intelligent, self aware woman like business driven,
type-A Audrey look at this man-bun boy and take him seriously, right?

There is no way you can listen to two sentences from this shallow listless vagabond without wanting to laugh hysterically in his face from his malapropisms, mispronunciations and ridiculous affectations.

NW Beaver said...

"How can...Audrey look at this man-bun boy and take him seriously?"

That's easy - money and "fame"

Bread Pimp said...

Audrey No-Botti for the win!!
"There is no way you can listen to two sentences from this shallow listless vagabond without wanting to laugh hysterically in his face from his malapropisms, mispronunciations and ridiculous affectations."
That is gold!

M said...

I noticed that too!

Pumpkin Salsa, Eww said...

"There go the sons repeating the sins of the father"..., i.e. exploiting their children and family privacy for money to support a lifestyle that working a modest regular job doesn't provide.

That family doesn't want to earn a living, they want to maintain a lifestyle that includes public attention and adulation, free stuff to pimp and self promotion.

It's weird that religious centered adults/parents would use a ridiculous and vapid reality show to insulate themselves from the real responsibilities an adult has to face when they are employed which means going to work everyday, thinking, contributing and earning a salary that is not $200,000 an episode.

Ecossais said...

If TLC doesn't run an episode soon these two will drift into anonymity where they belong.
If that happens companies like Essential Oils, and other products Auj peddles, will quickly lose interest in them.

NW Beaver said...

"If TLC doesn't run an episode soon these two will drift into anonymity where they belong."

Shhhhhhhh! Let it happen...

Rap541 said...

Oh hey, Audrey and Jer, who both profoundly love and believe in Pastor John Mark Comer and his church, now live within *easy driving distance* of the church they so love. I wonder, has anyone heard any talk of Jer and Auj... actually attending the church they love so?

They are planning to raise that baby in a church community, aren't they? Sure, there might be filming but I somehow doubt all 52 Sundays are completely busy! And you know, I think lil Ember is a wee bit young for Mama Auj's pithy "making love to my man is a form of Jesus Worship, Ember can you chant my wedding vows with me so I can get erotic for Daddy?"

Is that how ember will be raised to know Christ?

*Lest anyone start bitching, let me remind you, the Blessed Audrey has stated publically that fucking her husband is a worthy form of Jesus Worship that she and Jeremy substitute for church attendance as when they were living in Bend, they couldn't properly Sabbath on Sundays. Audrey has also stated that her wedding vows make her intensely horny for Jeremy's cock. And I've been repeatedly told how these two are not members of John Mark Comer's church only because of the distance. Now they live close by and they have a child - are they really going to raise Ember to believe fucking is the way to love Jesus?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else catch the instastory of Audrey IN HER LACY BLACK BRA?

Rap541 said...

Red alert Christians!

Jeremy has posted an instastory where Jacob is clearly holding Ember! Jeremy is allowing the evil with dark, soulless eyes to hang around his daughter!!!

Horzt from Nederlands said...

Disgusting bigot freak show

Anonymous said...

Why no thread for Jacob's 21st birthday ?

Donya said...

New thread for Jacob's engagement?

J45 said...

Apparently Jacob is engaged to Isabel now. He proposed to her in Iceland, according to his Instagram.

margi bruton said...

Is this site permanently gone??

BigBrother said...

Confirmed from TLC's LPBW webpage: Little People Big World's new season starts Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 9:00 PN .