Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jacob Roloff Is Engaged And Back In Tight With The Roloffs

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Garreton announced their engagement. Jacob had proposed while they were on a trip together in Iceland over Christmas.

Like the other Roloffs on LPBW, they kept things quiet for a while -- during an Isabel "Live Story" in early January, her viewers were often asking "when is he going to propose" to which Isabel asked Jacob -- Jacob was next to Isabel in the live video but not on screen as Isabel described him as "unavailable", off camera Jacob could be heard saying "I'm rolling a joint!"

Other than the "rolling a joint" comment in a live and deleted video, the once rebellious Roloff, Jacob (and his girlfriend, Isabel), have morphed into the perfect Roloff Family Friendly character that fits perfectly with the show Little People, Big World.

Jacob once despised the show describing it as fake, phony and once infamously revealed that the other Roloffs were simply playing characters on the show and according to Jacob, nothing like the people he knows in "real life". He once vowed to never sign another contract to be on the show again.

Jacob's online content now fits nicely with the rest of the Roloffs. Jacob and Isabel are now living with Amy Roloff.  Most of his online posts consists of smiling and laughing photos, positive messages often praising the rest of his family. His fiancee, Isabel, following in the footsteps of Tori and Audrey, is often gushing about how blessed by God she is to have such wonderful soon to be family surrounding her and of course - in true Roloff fashion, is usually promoting the other Roloffs products when she is not selling her own items.

That is another similarity Jacob has with the rest of his family. He has cleaned up his social media -- often deleting any "negative' comments which mention his past statements -- and leaving only the comments praising him for being a fine young man. Jacob now is selling his writing, he has a book coming out that he is selling on Amazon entitled "Out to see". Isabel is selling her art work to fans of LPBW.

For anyone expecting a "tell all" truthful book from Jacob, you will be sadly disappointed. In his latest Instagram post, he posted an excerpt from the book in which he praises his parents Matt and Amy Roloff.

Jacob gushes about Matt -- praising him for teaching him practical things like chess, how to build fires, critical thinking and his ability as a story teller.  He praises mom Amy for always making sure the kids knew they were loved, coaching their soccer teams, and for instilling a good sense of manners in him and his siblings.

In the past Jacob has said he wished he didn't feel like he was being "F*cked out of my money I earned from the show" and criticized parents for putting their young children on their reality television shows for ratings. He also once posted a photo of 6 year old dwarf child on another TLC reality show and criticized that child's parents for the decision.

Now Jacob and Isabel are often participating in social media posts with Jacob's nephew, Jackson and niece, Ember. Some people have commented to some of Jacob's ultra positive posts, reminding him of his words that he said about children being exploited for their reality tv family ratings and hoped he would keep that in mind as Jackson is the subject of a story line for LPBW and constantly in Zach and Tori's social media. Jacob usually deletes those "negative" (yet true) posts from his social media and his posts are now "liked" by all other members of the Roloff family.


Peter said...

The word to describe Jacob is "sellout".

It's a shame. He might have been on the outs, but at least he spoke truth and wasn't a joke.

Now he's as fake as $3 bill.

Being genuine and real was pretty darn hard in the real world and it was easier to hitch up with the Roloff gravy train.

Jocelynn said...

I agree, I've lost a lot of respect for Jacob.

Also, I'm glad Spirits highlighted the uber smiley, laughing and always happy online depiction of their perfect lives.

That one particularly stands out to me has hypocritical because Jeremy, Audrey and Isabel all have made posts CRITICIZING social media because people always try to portray their lives as perfect and it presents an unrealistic expectation for others......YET that is EXACTLY what they are all doing on their own social media.

Debbie said...

I think it is terrible for Spiritswander to come back just to write a negative piece about Jacob.

Life is about God, love and family. Shame for any of you to be upset that Jacob and reconciled with his family.

I read a post from Jacob where he basically said he regretted his behavior a few years ago and blamed it on the pressures of high school.

Through God and prayer, Jacob has realized his mistake and come back to his family. Praise the Lord. If the other Roloffs, can forgive Jacob, then so can I.

I am pleased to see God in many of Isabel's posts as well. I support Jacob and Isabel's wedding and wish them all the best.

Christy said...

Jacob's social media was interesting because you actually got the sense he was speaking honestly.

Now it's like he's been bitten by the infected zombie known as Roloff Reality Whore greed and has turned into a zombie...must praise Jeremy, must praise Amy, must sell, buy my stuff, by my girlfriends stuff, blah blah blah.

Fake Isabel said...

Told ya Isabel was fake. She talked about her dream of being famous when she was in school. That was always her goal to fit in with the Roloffs. She's loving it. Did you see her Instagram last night, drinking it up with Amy, Audrey and Tori.

Hey Isabel what happened to defending gay rights? I guess she's too busy selling an Always More sweatshirt for Audrey to mention to her that it's wrong to be bigoted against someone for being gay.

Angela said...

Well said Debbie.

Haters will hate on Jacob as they do Jeremy and Audrey.

It is heart warming to see the grown up Jacob put aside and regret his childish and hurtful words from the past and be 'born again' by having clarity about life and his family.

God is about forgiveness. Jacob and Isabel clearly have made a change for the better and I for one accept and welcome it. I will support them, too.

Denise said...

Congratulations to Jacob and Isabel. Here's to the power of God - when you trust in God good things happen. I am for the Roloffs to not have the stress in their lives.

I also am loving to see Audrey's influence on Isabel.

PJ said...

Debbie and Angela,
did you two get whiplash doing that about face? How totally hypocritical can you be. It was you two (and that brainless twit Anne whatever her name was) who vilified Jacob and Isobel for years. And now that they've sold out they're great? are you really that stupid and unable to think for yourselves?

Too bad Jacob now seems to want to hide from his opinions. Too bad Izzy's hanging with Queen Tawdry. Izzy'll never be allowed to be the center of anything, not even her own wedding, with Tawdry around.

Jack said...

Jacob's "poor me" attitude is hard to take.

Poor me you judge me for being on tv show and for believing it was really me though my family said it was real.

Poor me for judging me for saying they were fake and the show sucks.

Poor me for remembering what I said.

Btw, I've read some Alan Watts and the "new" Jacob would embarrass the daylights out of Mr. Watts.

Brandon said...

The gossip sites that were saying Jacob had a feud with Audrey are doing Jacob a favor.

No, I don't think he does. He certainly doesn't have a problem with someone selling anything they can to make a $, that's what he's doing with Isabel! lol.

And as for it being a religious difference, that's not either. For one, as mentioned he's becoming much more Religious Christian friendly since he's been wanting to get back in. And both Jacob and Jeremy spend time scratching each other's back on Instagram and Jeremy has the same ideals as Audrey. So if Jeremy's bigoted views don't bother Jacob, it's illogical to think Audrey's would cause any problem.

And yeah, I agree with the comment about fake Isabel and Jacob. Remind me to never invite them to be on my side for a social cause. Not much will power there. Oh Isabel supports gays, but she will write a 22 sentence Instagram caption about what an awesome person Audrey the bigot is.

Debbie said...

@PJ, read my post again.

Jacob has made a change. Isabel have made a change. Yes he said horrible, hurtful things years ago, but through people praying for him, he has made a change. He regrets his mistakes. His family has embraced him. I embrace the change.

When you have God in your life, things have a way of working out for the best.

Be positive. I am so happy for the Roloffs that they are one again.

Brandon said...

By the way, just for historical fact, just reminding people that Jacob was never a true advocate for gay people. He did, actually in real life, say that he wanted the gay kid in school to stay away from him and was freaked out because the gay kid called him attractive.

So let's not rewrite history and make Jacob sound like he was a staunch defender of gay people. It's giving him way too much credit. I think he tweeted something like "It's stupid that people get mad about gay marriage" 4 years ago. It's an easy thing to tweet but when that's it and in real life you're refusing to be near someone because they're gay, let's hold off on pretending like Jacob is a great warrior for social issues. He never was.

And Isabel strikes me as a "whatever way the wind is blowing" type of person.

When she was an outsider, it was cool to be for the gays. Now that it's in her best interest to be besties with Audrey, you're not going to hear to much about that.

That's called having a lack of character.

Victoria said...

Best wishes to Jacob and Isabel! I think it's great to see Jacob embracing his family. Sometimes people just need to grow up to realize what an idiot he was being. All good now.

Jason said...

It's almost comical to see what a fraud Jacob has become. I can almost visualize him frantically rushing to press delete on a comment which calls him out for things he actually said and beliefs he actually stated.

He can't argue logic so he deletes him. Read his Instagram posts. The only thing he allows is "You're a great young man! Your family is awesome! God bless!"

It's hilarious to see what a caricature Jacob Roloff has become.

Sarah said...

Congrats to Jacob and Izzy!

Rap541 said...

Debbie said...
I think it is terrible for Spiritswander to come back just to write a negative piece about Jacob.

Wait wait wait - you don't want negative pieces about Jacob? So are you saying for the record that you no longer endorse as Christian the idea of praying to Jesus for Jesus to harm, or kill Jacob? The way you did previously? Remember that? You too, Angela and all you Christians as well.

I totally recall (and can point you to your posts) how it was right and *Christian* for your buddy church goer Shelly to snot how she loves praying for Jacob Roloff to die.

I believe "praying to Jesus for Jacob Roloff to die" was deemed a Christian act. Help me out, Debbie - are you still rocking the "Shelly was right and Christian to pray to Jesus for Jacob Roloff to die"?

Haters will hate on Jacob as they do Jeremy and Audrey.

Does it taste like shit when you praise the brat, Angela? I believe you wanted him on his knees publically begging Audrey forgiveness and that hasn't happened but you *love* him now. Why don't you beg Auj for pictures of Jacob holding Ember since you want to sing the praises of the evil with dark eyes like Satan? :)

If you folks genuinely believe Jacob has crossed over to faith, do any of you want to apologize for the hating you did?

For the record, the "rift" in this family was always grossly overstated. Various people here bitched and moaned over every shot of Jacob with the family, insisting it was a lie. There was also a lot of insistence that Jeremy and Auj should cut Jacob out of their lives, which they never did. Likewise Matt - and that never happened.

Frankly, I'd be shocked if the kid didn't wise up to the reality that posting one's pot use online wasn't terribly clever. What I find hilarious is that he hasn't actually done any of the things so many here insisted they would need to see happen and yet.... Hmmm Angela is calling people who have a problem with *Jacob* "haters"

The Roloffs never had a problem with pot or premarital sex and Amy likes a full house... I really doubt Jacob had to do anything other than ask to move back in and I am kinda amazed that anyone thinks this is a major change in his behavior...

But then I was never on the "Jacob is evil, I see the devil in him, he needs to be silenced" train like some of you. Which of you loving Christians will be telling Anne Bailey you now adore Jacob? ;)

Angela said...

Rap, how does it feel to be such a negative, hate-filled person?

Jacob has made a change within his heart and mind, he has acknowledged his mistakes. God calls on his followers to forgive and love and that's what we are doing. That's what the remaining Roloffs are doing.

You can deny that Jacob has changed, but he has. He no longer says inflammatory things about Christians, in fact, he and Isabel mention God in their posts. He also has dropped his childish anger towards his parents and have come to respect and thank them for all that they've done for him.

See, with faith in God, anything can be accomplished.

Kayla said...

What I find kind of funny is that before Jacob and Isabel had things they were selling, they would always call people "irrelevant" when they were in a disagreement with someone. But now Isabel is whining because she told someone they were being rude for a post about someone else and the girl called Isabel "irrelevant" and she's all upset about it.

Pot. Meet kettle.

Rap541 said...

Angela - I don't think you understand.

I don't really care if Jacob has or hasn't changed. I just find it hilarious that you won't address the "Praying to Jesus to kill Jacob Roloff is Christian!" criticism.

Did you think various people were being good Christians when they openly stated their faith in Jesus told them to pray he was hurt or killed?

How Christlike was the "His eyes are dark and evil"?

Tell me how awesome Jacob is, Angela :)

Tell me how wrong it was for anyone to say it was Christian to pray to Jesus that Jacob be injured or hurt! :)

Whether Jacob has had any sort of religious awakening or not ( I lean towards maybe but as I stated previously, I've always felt the "OMG he's evil because he's questioning his faith" routine was people like *you* exaggerating in order to justify *your hate*) it really doesn't change the fact that you as a Christian openly hated him and encouraged others to hate him. You demanded he do certain things and he hasn't done them and you have flipped like a beaten bitch and are now licking his ass in submission.

Come on Angela - for years and years you told me I was defending the evil brat you hated per Jesus and Jesus told you how right you were to HATE. Now you've flipped on a dime and think I hate him? ;)

I'm not the one who proudly said praying to Jesus to kill Jacob Roloff was Christian, Angela :) And I am not the one who defended that act of hate as Jesus loving Christian behavior. Please tell me why you were perfectly fine with people praying to Jesus for Jesus to harm or kill Jacob Roloff and considered it a Christian act? Your faith for years and years has been "Hating Jacob Roloff is Christian" and now you're eating shit :)

PJ said...

You know what its like to be hate filled. You were one of the "I pray Jacob dies" group.
Just because Jacob no longer posts stuff doesn't mean he's changed beyond figuring out he was losing money because of those posts.
And his "childish anger" HE WAS A CHILD you idiot.

Ecossais said...

The "god squad" is all riled up again against Spirits and Rap.
Apparently for these bigots all you have to do is put the word "god" in your posts.

Angela said...

Rap, you can continue to hate if you want.

I however, commend Jacob for maturing, realizing the error of his ways and learning to love and appreciate his family once again.

Debbie said...

Ecossais, look at the wording of this story from Spiritswander, especially compared to past stories about Jacob when he was insulting his family and posting anti-Christian sentiments.

Support then, scorn now.

It's terrible that some get upset when a family comes back together through God, prayer and love.

Jacob is back on board and that makes the other Roloffs happy. It's something to celebrate, not be upset about.

I also commend Isabel for growing closer with Audrey. She needs her influence.

Rap, Angela is correct. It's sad that you're upset that we have the capacity to forgive. It's what God calls for.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - just say "anyone who prays to Jesus Christ to hurt or kill Jacob Roloff is wrong and was wrong".

Do you agree that praying to Jesus to hurt others or kill others is hateful?

If you don't, then I just don't believe you've forgiven and now love Jacob Roloff.

Personally I think you all need to address how Jacob was never really "off board" with his family and how despite your hatefilled rhetoric, apparently they managed to get past things without "cutting the evil with the hatefilled eyes" completely out of their lives.

You do remember how you proudly advocated that Jeremy and Audrey shouldn't speak to the evil, right? Are you going to acknowledge that you were wrong? That you were hateful?

How about acknowledgeing that you and your Christian buddies openly and actively agreed that praying to Jesus to harm and kill is a proud Christian belief?

Debbie? Are you still proud of all of the people who cheerfully prayed to Jesus that He might harm or kill Jacob in His Name?

I find it hilarious indeed that a) you think your prior actions and comments don't matter and b) that you think pulling a "whoopsie Jesus" makes all your nasty comments go away.

But please do go on how you flipped the switch and now love Jacob and can't possibly understand why no one is buying your "Oh gosh and golly, I have forgiven so all my previously shitty and nasty behavior? WHOOPSIE JESUS! I said sorry so screw you!" routine.

Eccossais - the really hilarious part is that I personally was always of the opinion that no one in the Roloff family was particularly concerned or angry with Jacob and that he was generally on good terms with his family. I don't think his behavior bothered them beyond it being an inconvienance, they certainly did nothing and continue to do nothing about his behavior (apparently its now Jesus cool to live in sin with your girlfriend, I am highly amused at how no one of the Christian crowd is addressing that)

But then, I've never really considered the Roloffs example Christians. ;)

Anonymous said...

Angela said...
Rap, how does it feel to be such a negative, hate-filled person?

(looks at Angela's posting history)

Angela - since your posts reveal you to be a negative hate-filled person, it's sad that you need to ask how you should feel.

Your posts reveal your negative, hate-filled nature.

Debbie said...

It's called moving on and extending forgiveness to someone who has seen the errors of their ways. Jacob has acknowledged he was wrong to act as he did and he has changed his behavior.

I will let go and support his transformation into being a good Roloff and positive force for God.

I will not spend post after post discussing how he acted in the past. He has acknowledged he was wrong. He has changed his behavior. He supports the family, the family supports him. That is good on all sides and I am on board.

Once again, congratulations to Jacob and Isabel.

Cathy said...

I think it is heart warming that Jeremy is supportive of Jacob and Isabel's marriage. Good on Jacob for awakening from the dark side and seeing what is important in life.

Rap541 said...

Come now Debbie, I'm not letting this go.

You previously endorsed praying to Jesus to harm Jacob Roloff as an example of good Christian behavior.

Are you now saying it's wrong?

Were you wrong to insist your lil buddy Shelly was being a good Christian as she openly stated with glee that she prayed to Jesus that Jesus would strike down Jacob Roloff?

I seriously wonder what you find so transformative - I looked over Jacob's Instagram and I am not seeing any concessions of faith. He certainly hasn't begged Audrey's pardon... something I seem to recall was a very significant requirement to any number of Christians here necessary in order to even concede he might be worthy of saving.

Debbie - are his eyes no longer dark with evil and Satan? Why if you are genuinely forgiving will you not say "I, Debbie, no longer think Jacob is evil and I state openly it is morally wrong for any Christian to pray to Jesus to harm Jacob Roloff"? I mean... you do believe these things now, right?

Or are you unwilling to lick Jacob's ass that much? I bet you can't choke down that much shit in order to kiss Roloff ass ;)

Anonymous said...

Where has Jacob acknowledged that he was wrong to act as he did and plans to change his behavior?

Rap541 said...

Cathy - so now Isobel isn't a horrid beast/bitch/monster? I mean, is it ok now that she didn't volunteer to drive from California to Northern Oregon to dogsit for Tory? She's no longer an evil temptress? She's no longer a whore disrespecting her mom's memory by fucking Jacob Roloff out of wedlock and doing drugs?

Jeremy sure picked a real winner to support, right? He's got great judgement, correct? :)

Debbie said...

Anon, Jacob acknowledged his behavior was wrong in the comment section of his Instagram post. He has changed his behavior. That's evident by taking one look at the things he writes. He used to attack his family, now he honors them.

Cathy said...

@Rap541, Isabel (and Jacob) were judged on how they were acting. People grow up and change. Isabel was clearly hurting after the loss of her mother. The love and support of the Godly Roloffs like Audrey, Amy and Molly have done wonders for her soul. Be happy that she is finding peace and becoming closer to the Lord.

Rap541 said...

Cathy - so now even though they haven't disavowed the pot smoking and are living in sin in Jacob's mom's house, you think that is Godly? :)

I mean, she fucked before marriage, isn't that a sin? I'm pretty sure you said that was a sin.... or is this a "Whoopsie, I said sorry so now I am a virgin!" moment? :) Because that makes being Christian so easy - I mean, you sin, you say sorry, you grin! Is that how it works Cathy? Thats the level of effort it takes? You don't have to avoid sin at all, you can fuck and do drugs and say "sorry Jesus!" and Cathy is required to never ever bitch again? Tell me how Isobel is a great Christian girl, Cathy.

Cathy - is Isobel no longer a horrid evil girl? You and your buddies called her every name in the book, now eat shit and say you love her and defend her current status of live in girlfriend :)

*btw it's really noticeable how no one is willing to commit to "Its no longer Christian to pray to Jesus that Jacob Roloff be hurt or killed" and that no one Christian is willing say "Jacob's eyes are no longer dark with evil".

Why won't the Christians say his eyes are filled with the light of Jesus and they see it shining brightly? In place of all the evil and darkness they insisted they saw and felt with their super Christian evil sensing powers?

Rap541 said...

Cathy - part of what I find amusing is that during the time you cite for people to grow up and change - you and your fellow Christians wholeheartedly endorsed a campaign of hate and rage complete with calls to pray that Jesus kill at least one of the pair who per you, just needed a lil time to grow up.

How do you feel about all the hate and rage you helped direct now that you openly concede that you were screaming in rage and hate at two people who needed time to grow up and one who was grieving their dead parent? I mean - over the last three years hardly anyone has given two shits about these two kids, and I believe Christians repeatedly and publically insisted that Isobel - who you say you believe was hurting after the loss of her mother - was an awful hatefilled person who deserved nothing but rage.

Have any regrets now that you're acknowledging you and your buddies staged a hate campaign against a suffering grieving child? Feel proud about bitching the girl out? If you genuinely believe the love of godly Roloffs like Amy, Audrey and Molly is what changed thinsg for Isobel... then do you concede the rage campaign here was wrong? Or was it still Christian to pray to Jesus to harm these kids?

Audrey No-Botti said...

I would loooove for any of the Roloffs to explain their 9 to 5 careers that affords them half a million dollar homes. I don't think selling $50 dollar tank tops on instagram would make a dent on any kind of mortgage.

Also, is it weird that
a man living with his mommy proposes to his girlfriend who also lives with his mommy? If they are so ready for marriage i.e. nest egg, established careers, their own home, shouldn't they be living on their own already? Something is alittle backwards in this situation... This is definitely off script in TLC land!

J45 said...

So NONE of the Christians here remember the "#ForJesusBanJacob" hashtag? You know, the one (I think) Anne Bailey started? No? ... ok.

Oh, and thanks Spirits for making this post! I thought you gave up on the blog. Nice to have you back!

Greg said...

Yeah, good point ANB.
Now that Jacob is indistinguishable from the rest of the Roloffs, how about we comment on Jacob and Isabel? They are 20 somethings, living in his mom's house, I'm sure rent free.

Did the Roloffs or TLC pay for their trip to Iceland to propose? It's pathetic. All of Jacob's strong words about his family and the show, and there he is, back degrading himself because it was too hard to make it on his own.

It's hilarious to me that anyone would be interested in Jacob's "books"? What is there to learn from a 21 year old who gets high in his Mommy's house with his girlfriend? This is someone whom people can learn from? Oh yeah, I forgot, poor tortured Jacob because of being forced on the horrible show...except now the show ain't so bad and his parents are swell.

Denise said...

J45, Debbie, Angela and Cathy have all explained it well.

The way Jacob acted in the past was upsetting. Anne was right to call for Jacob to be banned and for him to stop his negative influence. Whether you want to admit it or not, Jacob's objectionable posts did decrease after that.

Whether that was the reason or whether Jacob saw the light on his own, I don't know, but one thing for sure is that he's a much better person today than he was back then. It doesn't make anyone wrong for saying that the Jacob of 3 years ago was a bad influence. It takes a big person to accept that a person has changed for the better and let go of the past and allow the person to move on and grow.

I think it's great that Isabel is spending so much time with Amy and Audrey

Brandon said...

I think it's great that Isabel is spending so much time with Amy and Audrey

I love how it's Christian to get drunk at the bar. They all looked drunk off their asses in those videos and Isabel even said the next day that she had a huge hangover. But hey, as long as you tweet that God is great, go get drunk!!!

Btw, I'm also remembering how Jacob used to say that alcohol was so stupid and he couldn't stand people who got drunk. Guess he dropped that too.

I sure liked the so-called "immature" Jacob a hell of a lot more than the so called "grown up" Jacob. He used to speak truth. Now he's just another in a long line of fakes.

Maria said...

People need to move on from the past. Let Jacob and Isabel forget their embarrassing past mistakes.

They have embraced the Roloff way of life and that's to be commended. Isabel's posts are mostly inspirational and Jacob's no longer need to be hidden from children. It's nice to see them all on one page.

Rap541 said...

You can deny that Jacob has changed, but he has.

Where have I denied that? I've actually argued for years that he was likely to mature - I know this is crazy but you do need to consider that the kid you've publically vilified as evil and beyond the hope of Jesus's redemption let us all pray to Jesus that he dies so we can laugh with glee as PROUD CHRISTIANS - was ten when he was decried here as an evil force and completely beyond redemption. I've actually been the one to note that he was young and was working out his beliefs and challenging things.

You, my dear Christian friend, have been cheerfully endorsing the "I AM A CHRISTIAN AND WE SHOULD ALL PRAY TO JESUS TO KILL THIS EVIL BOY" view.

Now, for some odd reason, you view his moving back home and no longer being angry with his parents as a proclamation that he has found Christ and is now preaching it to the world. Do I think he's likely grown up a bit and realized some of the reality of why his parents did the show? Sure - thats reasonable and something that happens to a lot of young people. Do I think - based on the meager evidence of his Instagram posts and his family's that he's had a full on religious awakening and is now "yes sir, Matt sir, in Jesus's name I pray"?

No. To be honest, I suspect most of the reconciliation is with Amy, and I don't think Jacob was ever "estranged" from Jeremy, Zach, or Molly - all of whom spoke to Jacob, and referenced Jacob pleasantly and never once catered to your public desire for Jacob to be exiled from their lives until he publically committed to Jesus and until he apologized publically to Audrey for you know, rolling his eyes and damning himself to hell at her wedding.

He's done neither of these things. He's really done a very minimal change of tune towards his parents... and frankly that is why I am so surprised your sudden turn around to where you're applauding him for making a major change and insisting he's now being hated etc etc etc.

I'm always a bit careful about braying my opinions - in Jacob's case? I really don't think there's a whole lot to see as yet. But you're on record that you love the brat now. I sure hope that doesn't backfire on you ;)

And I am still waiting to hear how you now think it's wrong and unchristian to pray to Jesus to harm Jacob Roloff. If you genuinely think he's turned to Jesus etc you should actually be regretting your rather awful behavior.

Rap541 said...

Denise - just say "I think it's wrong to pray to Jesus to harm Jacob"

Just say it. :)

I'm tired of all you Christians merrily ignoring how you praised praying to Jesus to kill Jacob or to harm Jacob as a good Christian act. This happened. It's recorded here. As a Christian, do you still believe it's a Christian act to ask Jesus in prayer to harm Jacob Roloff?

J45 - apparently none of them remember how they all wrote Jacob off as evil beyond redemption because he rolled his eyes and damned himself to hell with no hope of forgiveness.

They've also forgotten their very public demands that they would NEVER forgive Jacob until he publically apologized to Audrey for the eyeroll - "He did it in public, he can apologize in public!" was the cry - and that he HAD TO publically commit to Jesus Christ.

I mean good lord, he moved back home because life got hard and it's easier to appease mom and dad and live the good life - After all the bitching and demands, I am amused beyond belief that Jacob pretty much has to do none of their very public and angry demands and they're now licking his ass for blessings.

Dani said...

These two are kids. They're still so young. I wonder what you all were doing at their age.

Tampon Flask said...

"As long as you tweet God is great, go get drunk!"

So true.. and how about tweeting about Jesus' love while smoking pot in Mommys basement as an unemployed man...and have pre marital sex, and curse, and pimp yourself on "reality" television because it requires nothing intellectually than an actual job. Work outside of a pumpkin patch three weeks a year requires accountability, responsibility and intelligently. What 20 year old Oregonian who has never worked a day in his life proposes in Iceland to a girl that's not even Icelandic?! This cat needs to write an e-book about how to pull that one off. Is that what TLC reality show money gets you?!

Whenever the Roloffs refer to people as "their fans" that's proof this lot is delusional, as they lack talent, charisma and real gumption except for creating contrived scenes for dollar store t.v.

J45 said...

Also, did anyone else wonder why JEREMY the photographer didn’t take Jacob and Izzy’s engagement photos?

Janet said...

"These two are kids. They're still so young. I wonder what you all were doing at their age."

Wise words, Dani. They made mistakes. They repented. They have made a change. I agree that any good person allows a person to grow and doesn't keep yelling at them about their mistakes which are behind them.

They've realized God and Family are where it's at. That takes maturity.

Natalie said...

Rap is in denial, it ain't just a river in Egypt! ;-)

Look at Jacob's online posts two, three and four years ago and look at them now. If you don't see a major difference and change in tone, then I don't know what's wrong with you.

Troy said...

Jacob is becoming like Michelle Duggar, lol. Just another happy TV show kid loving his parents in public, smiling and selling stuff.

Joanne said...

Izzy tweeted she is tired of the "temporary living situation" so if they are living back with Amy, it isn't permanent and I will point out jeremy and Audrey also lived at Amy's for a time and also lived with her parents. The only one who hasn't come back to mommy's is zach who bought his house right out the gate at 23. Molly just rents up in Spokane but still has a room at mommy's in case stuff falls through.

Rap541 said...

They made mistakes. They repented. They have made a change. I agree that any good person allows a person to grow and doesn't keep yelling at them about their mistakes which are behind them.

Then commit to it. :)

If you believe Jacob and Isobel have completely turned around - please say "I believe Jacob Roloff is now a good Christian and I forgive him for the pot smoking and the premarital sex and the open defiance."

Each one of you that complained about it. None of you have actually said this - that you believe Jacob is now a Christian and you forgive him.

Personally I haven't seen Jacob repent publically or commit to Jesus... but then I haven't been the one bitching about him now have I?

Natalie - I never thought he was estranged from the family. I believe it was the Christian crowd who was incensed that he was somehow living apart from the family with no discernable support except from mom and dad, and I repeatedly pointed out that Mom and Dad Roloff must not be that upset if they were cutting him off.

How about addressing the reality here? He's walking with Christi with no job, fucking her girl under his mom's nose in his mom's house and drinking and smoking dope. Are all these things now praise worthy and Christian? He has sex with his girlfriend, praise Jesus for the fucking! He drinks and smokes in His NAME may we praise him! He's still deleting posts MAY JESUS BLESS HIS LIES!

Gosh, this vague maturity means you guys have to kiss his ass for all things you previously claimed were awful :)

Come on Christians, tell me how Christ Blessed it is for two single 20 year olds to fuck outside of marriage. :) Tell me how fine you are with it as it's Jacob Roloff being way different from three years ago... when he was ALSO fucking his girl outside of marriage (which FYI was not considered to be walking with Jesus behavior)

J45 said...

For some reason, I think Baby Jackson looks a lot like Jacob. It makes sense, because I think Zach actually looks quite a bit like Jacob (except Zach had environmental factors like health issues, and maybe the twin thing as well). Anyone else agree?

Barbie said...

A bit off topic but does anybody else notice how hard Matt's mistress I mean girlfriend's daughter Brittney tries to be buddy buddies with the Roloff girls and Isabel? Pathetic if you ask me!

Ashley said...

Count my vote for being disappointed that Jacob lost all his guts and now follows the family BS.

I agree with whoever said Jacob's book is worthless now. His account was so interesting because he was actual real and gave answers that made me think it was actually how he felt. Now he goes along with whatever he's supposed to say not to upset anyway. I get it, but it makes his writing insignificant in my opinion.

Joanne, I didn't see that tweet by Izzy, but I don't trust anything she says. One second she will tweet how blessed she is to be surrounded by awesome people...then she'll tweet that she's tired of being unappreciated by those that surround her, lol.

I didn't see the tweet you're talking about, but I did see yesterday she posted on Instagram that Amy is such an awesome person. She seems perfectly happy to be moochin' off Amy.

Abby said...

Glad to see the blog back!

Isabel said she's staying off Instagram for the rest of the month because she's dealing with stuff...?

@Ashley, yeah I agree. Like the dealing with stuff. That came right after a 'life is so great' post.

If Isabel thinks life is hard now, imagine if she and Jacob actually needed to live like real people and work and stuff.

mittsigirl said...

Rap541-I totally agree with you. I am a Christian woman, but not the type of Christian woman like those on here pretend to be. Nor do I consider the Roloffs to be real Christians. They do not live as if they are, and the ones on here sure have never talked like they really are. So sad that none of them know the difference.

Debbie said...

Mittsigirl, Jacob has made a change in his life and corrected his behavior. Let him be. The Roloffs are a good Christian force. Jeremy was just posting about the Great Billy Graham. Through prayer, Jacob and Isabel are changing their ways. When someone makes a change for the best, you have to let them. Don't continue to ridicule them for their past actions. If you can't understand that it's Christian to forgive, then you need to ask yourself some tough questions.

PJ said...

As always you have no real idea what Jacob and Izzy are up to. You only know they are more circumspect in their social media. It's really creepy the way you project your own religious obsession on total strangers.

Cathy said...

@PJ, Debbie can answer for herself, but I'll tell you that anyone should see a major shift in Jacob's social media. He's stopped saying irresponsible things and he's showing respect to his family. Everyone is commenting on the respect and appreciation he is showing for Matt and Amy.

Perhaps it is you who is having a hard time accepting it.

Ex lpbw fan said...

Yeah Jer posted a picture of Jer praising Billy Graham ... the vanity never ends or says goodbye I guess

Pumpkin Salsa, ewww said...

What do either of these two understand about running a household and supporting a family besides swimming in Iceland and living with mom? These two, like most at their age, are just playing house and doing the easiest thing "grownups" careers allowed to do which is getting engaged, most listless types will do that before establishing careers and their own homes.

Rap541 said...

Through prayer, Jacob and Isabel are changing their ways. When someone makes a change for the best, you have to let them. Don't continue to ridicule them for their past actions.

Show us the way, Debbie - let's see YOUR walk with Christ :)

You have for years ridiculed Jacob and Isobel publically for their actions. Now you say they are different so why don't you show us the way by publically acknowledging you forgive them for all their prior acts.

As a Christian, shouldn't you be willing to demonstrate the very act you demand of others?

As a Christian, do you feel "I Pray to Jesus for Jesus to harm Jacob so I can laugh at his misery" is now NO LONGER CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOR? Because you told me - in a snip snotty superior fashion that the person who said this (Shelly) was a wonderful Christian expressing herself.

Cathy - if "everyone" is commenting on how respectful he is, how about you pony up some links and quotes?

Miriam said...

What you all claim here is false, as always. Isabel has not posted one post about God ??? Which so many of you are claiming. Go look at her Instagram if you don't believe me.

And jacob hasn't really changed his tune that much more drastically than a few years back. He's been slowly coming off of the inflammatory posts. He was a teenager full of angst, of course his social media represented that. He grew in life, in love, and I think Isabel brought him to a loving side of life that he wasn't really used to finding in his own family. He made a way for himself and now he's writing about his experiences. Think the book will be trash? Don't buy it. But look at his comment section talking about the books — he is going to sell lots of copies of that book. People will eat it up. And he will be earning his OWN money, and the shit you talk will have absolutely no bearing on the situation whatsoever. Isn't that funny?

Nancy P. said...

Jacob and Izzy are my favorite roloff couple, if there's any consolation. I'm so happy for them.

Rap541 said...

Mittsgirl - I'm not Christian but I know many genuine Christians, and yeah... the Roloffs in general fall short of that ideal (Amy, Zach, and Tory tend to come the closest).

Personally, I think it's entirely likely that Jacob has matured and realized he doesn't want to be outside the family fold... and that things are now different now that he's an adult. Has he become a Christian? Maybe, but he certainly hasn't made a peep about it, or about his return to the church, and frankly, I do know that such shows are hardly discouraged - my point, in case it's not clear to some, is that people who find Jesus are rarely discouraged from letting others know the good news.

My concern is less whether Jacob is now calling himself a Christian (Faith is a matter of choice and Jacob has the right like any person to decide to believe or not, and I know plenty of decent genuine Christians, it's not awful) and more that the crowd here currently singing his praises are going to flip flop again when it becomes more obvious that his major turn around isn't what they think - and all the protests aside, its very noticeable that the Christians are not fully behind Jacob and are clearly hedging their bets. Not a one is willing to concede their prior prayers to Jesus to harm the kid were wrong and are wrong, none of them are willing to commit to publically forgiving him after all their very public complaints and accusations.

Basically, the Roloffs have taken Jacob back in and therefore, in order to continue licking the Roloffs's asses, as the Roloffs are not turning Jacob away as the Christian fans have demanded, the Christian fans now have to find a way to insist they don't need to see Jacob Roloff on his knees begging Jesus and Audrey to forgive him publically (Christians, I won't be forgetting how you insisted "he rolled his eyes and disrespected Auj in public, he has to apologize publically" because sure enough, now that you're pretty certain it won't ever happen, you're suddenly backing off). So even though the only change being displayed is Jacob being willing to live closer to the family, that is somehow "Jacob seeing the light thru prayer".

I'm genuinely amused and curious to see how much crummy bad behavior will be excused. Apparently fucking one's single lady friend before marriage is not a concern to the Christians here DESPITE Audrey's views on it. I mean, that used to be "disrespecting Audrey's Christian beliefs" and now apparently fucking before marriage IS CHRIS BLESSED! :)

*For the record, I don't care if Jake likes banging Isobel or not as long as they are using protection, but I am not the one who was screaming how it was a sin, and since they're still living together, they're still openly sinning despite this massive turn around Jacob is apparently having.

Brandon said...

@Miriam, to be honest, Jacobs’s comment section looks a lot like Matt’s or any other Roloff. Any comment not kissing his ass is deleted. You’re left with “You’re such an amazing person Jacob!! Love the family!! God bless!!”

If he sells books to the same people who by Matt’s books, Jeremy’s Marriage journal, Audrey’s shirts, Amy’s cookbooks, or Tori’s creative drawings, that’s not much of an accomplishment.

Margaret Blum said...

Let's be real here.

Every single Roloff and their associates want freebies. They don't want to work. They're all entrepreneurs.

(molly is always excluded from this, especially now that she's a Silvius, Not a roloff)

They want a quick buck with little work. Their work ethic is lacking. It's laughable when Audrey claims she's working on the computer. She doesn't know what working is.

None of them are hardworking people. So if you're going to call one something, be smart and call them all. They're all the same.

J45 said...

I actually think Jake has the potential to sell more books/merch/whatever than the other Roloffs, mainly because he has (well, had) a reputation for being at least somewhat truthful. Many of his unsavoury qualities IMO are on par with the other Roloffs (pretending like they didn't say things when it suits them, spinning the truth, dodging questions, their online disrespect for others, etc.) I'm not buying it, because I don't care for what a 21-year-old has to say on Eastern thought or a rose-coloured view of his family, but I'm sure there think it's just peachy to line Jacob's pockets because he's a Roloff and maybe he has something half-truthful to say.

Brandon said...

@Margaret Blurn, I agree with you. I think the disappointment with Jacob is that he appeared, for a little bit of time at least, to be heading in the direction of rejecting the Roloff lifestyle or way of life.

But it looks like to me that real life got too hard so he joined the clan again. Disappointing.

Brandon said...

I actually think Jake has the potential to sell more books/merch/whatever than the other Roloffs, mainly because he has (well, had) a reputation for being at least somewhat truthful

@J45Well, that's just it. He had a reputation of being truthful. In my mind, he has lost that.

Even some of the gossip sites which seem to try to amp up the drama, are saying that anyone expecting a no hold bars tell all will be disappointed since Jacob shared that it's basically just a "My parents are so awesome!!!" sappy BS.

He once told the truth about things, but then deemed that as inflammatory and decided to get back in the good graces of the family and TLC so he could slide in on the family gravy train.

J45 is right on about Jacob's quality being in line with the rest of his family. That became obvious to me when he started deleting and banning Instagram comments who simply were repeating things he had said. 100% factual and he deleted them because it wasn't convenient for him because it contradicted whatever point he wanted to make on that particular day.

Jacob and Jeremy have another thing in common. They both had disgust for "fans" or followers or "the public" whatever you want to call them, thought they were "insignificant" and didn't mind saying so.....until the moment they had something to sell. Now Jacob, like Jeremy, is in full slobber mode practically begging the good people of his page to buy his book and Isabel's art. Funny how people were insignificant until the moment that he realized he needed their money. Exactly the same as Jeremy.

What's even more rich is that Jeremy and Audrey even let it slip, they actually posted a "tip" that to make money online and sell your product you should try to appear as a real person using social media to interact with people to avoid being marked as spam. They even said you should respond to comments to make it look like you are interacting with real people and comment on other pages so social media will think you are a real person and not just selling stuff. Responding to comments is just a business strategy.

There's nothing genuine about any of the Roloffs, in my opinion. There was hope for Jacob at one point, but that's long gone.

Alan said...

Jake realized being lazy and not working is the way to be in life just like Alan Watts taught.

Unknown said...

I think he was just bitter and angry about the situation growing up. now he’s older and realized family is important. i don’t think they’ll end up on the show, but there is nothing fake with being around your family. everything bad he’s ever done was when he was 18-20 which isn’t an excuse, but who does hate the embarrassing things we did at that age. i wouldn’t want a bunch of people—who only know about me because my parents put me on a reality show—bringing it up all the time. we should be happy he’s working on becoming a better person. also they live in oregon and it’s 2018, smoking pot is just as legal as drinking beer.

Ahny said...

Are the "christians" here that claim Jacob has asked for forgiveness for his past behavior willing to ask Jacob & his parents for forgiveness for the hateful things they wished upon him in the name of God? Are they willing to show THEIR repenting of THEIR sins to those they sinned against? Forgiveness for the things they said & wished upon him would need to be forgiven by Jacob & his parents & God. It's not enough to just say "God is good with what I said now that Jacob has begged for his parents forgiveness & joined back with his family". For TRUE forgiveness, they must say it to Jacob & his parents, even if that is just here where they wished & prayed for evil harm to come to him.

You can't have it both ways "christian" folks.

Peter said...

I think he was just bitter and angry about the situation growing up. now he’s older and realized family is important. i don’t think they’ll end up on the show, but there is nothing fake with being around your family

I disagree with that.

Jacob is a sell out, capitals S E L L O U T.

Making it on his own was going to require hardwork. So he took the easy way, went back to kissing the "characters" ass and now is a perfect little Roloff family soldier.

I think the worst thing about Jacob is that he's even participating in the exploitation of his nephew and niece. That was the thing he was most passionate about speaking out against and sure didn't care to criticize other people on reality shows.

Julie said...

Tori is selling He Is Risen Jesus signs. These people are unbelievable. Anytime they talk it’s an effort to make money. Being a Christian is all about making money off selling religious items.

Theresa Lopez said...

And in other world news, Jer and Auj are writing a book! What else could they possibly have to reveal?

Alyssa said...

Isabel is so barf worthy. She thinks she is so important and special now that she's marrying a Roloff. They all suck as people. Most people don't have respect for people who make their living off a fake reality show. I find it hilarious that they all are writing books. lol. The arrogance that they all think they have something important enough to say that people should pay money for it.

They're fake and she's fake, it's a good match. She was fake all through school too.

I'm sure Isabel knows they do the fake crap "sisters for life" to any girlfriend that comes around.

TapThatDancer said...

Thanks for ruining what we had Jacob.


Ashley said...

@TapThatDancer, wow you're taking the news hard ;-)

I guess that means you're not going to buy Jacob's book where he talks about how awesome Matt and Amy are as parents?

Seriously I do find the shift in Jacob hard to respect. Especially given his fondness for doing social media with Jackson. Tori is plugging the new season of LPBW and talking about how Jackson is on it...Jacob sure dropped his "reality tv damages children!" mantra.

All Roloffs are either writing a book or selling art or drawings, lol.

Timothy said...

Wow, who would have guessed that Jacob would turn into the biggest sell out of them all?

In advertising for his book, he posted about a chapter being about a part in the Bible from his great grandfather that his grandma (Peggy and bigot Ron?) gave him about God.

For anybody who remembers what Ron Roloff wrote on the internet and knows how bigoted they are, it is truly disappointing and quite frankly, shocking, that Jacob is now doing a book where he is attempting to sell it by using the Bible and God quotes.


I'm sure none of us have changed our opinions since high school.

It sounds to me like Jacob was a typical angsty teen and is now growing up. How funny that people would hold him to his teenage ramblings.

People change. What a revelation.