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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Announce They Are Leaving Little People Big World And Jacob Roloff Bashes President Trump Supporters

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have announced that they are quitting the show Little People Big World.

In a series of social media posts the couple announced that they decided last year that this season would be their final season

In an Instagram story/video that Jeremy and Audrey filmed in front of the familiar barn setting for LPBW interviews they gave this explanation:

Jeremy Roloff: "2 years ago when Audrey got pregnant that’s when I started thinking about how much longer I wanted to do this…when we had Ember it became apparent it’s time to make our exit and pursue other projects we have going. Over the last  8 months the Lord has been calling us out of the show and we’ve been pursuing our businesses and the ministry and Beating 50 percent and it’s been really fun and really excited to start pouring all of our energy and time into these things we have going on [ Audrey: "and to be able to...."] and it feels like it’s the right time".

They went on to say doing the show has been a blast and thanked everyone for watching and thanked TLC.

RadarOnline's article  pointed out that Jeremy and Audrey have been rather polarizing figures mostly due to the times when they've expressed their opinion on subjects such as gay rights/relationships  and gender roles in marriage or vague support of Donald Trump.

Some Jeremy and Audrey fans have commented they are hoping that leaving LPBW will open the way to some sort of spin off show. Others have suggested this will allow Jeremy and Audrey to be even more outspoken about their Christian faith and beliefs about social issues and politics.

In other news about Roloffs who no longer appear on LPBW, Jacob Roloff has once again created some waves among LPBW fans for his recent Instagram Stories/videos.

Jacob who was once very outspoken had almost completely abandoned his controversial ways and words and had morphed into a friendly family Roloff character. Once Jacob and Isabel moved back to the farm to live with Mom Amy Roloff, Jacob's public attitude had changed, expressing regret for the controversial things he had said, quickly deleting references to them, and even speaking about God and spirituality.

Jacob has been promoting his new book constantly on his social media, even the other Roloffs helped promote his book.

Yet last week, Jacob reverted back to his outspoken side to post about political issues and his disdain for President Donald Trump and his immigration policies.

Jacob Roloff posted a picture of himself on his Instagram story holding a sign that said "If you have ever (a) Supported Trump (b) said MAGA, kindly do the following: Unfollow me and GET HELP

He also posted a photo of the immigration controversy with separating parents and their children which said "In sum: FUCK DONALD TRUMP.

After receiving some angry responses, Jacob deleted some of the negative comments and disabled the rest.

Of course one thing Jacob Roloff has never done even when he was in the height of this rebellious stage is to publicly point the finger at brother Jeremy Roloff. Afterall, Jeremy and Audrey have, multiple times, appeared to support Donald Trump. During the Presidential election they posted videos during the debate where they could be heard cheering as Donald Trump spoke and posted positive statements after Trump was elected. However, when they were questioned if they supported Trump by angry fans, they dodged the question and wouldn't explain why they were cheering his words.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

New Episode of Little People, Big World April 16th, 2018

Here is a recap of the episode of Little People, Big World which aired on TLC April 16th, 2018.

Recap written by Rap541


And we’re here for another episode. I didn’t notice previously but the music has changed a bit. We start at Auj and Jer’s house, aka “The Money Pit”. It’s two weeks until Audrey gives birth so we’re skipping over the summer. The house they bought in mid May appears to be completely torn up still in mid August. The sink is working. Jeremy voices over how he’s doing it himself. Auj lets us know how she’s pregnant and now there’s constant misery and this isn’t going to be finished in time for “Baby”. Honestly, I dislike this conceit on a show I like (Call the Midwife if anyone cares) where instead of referring to the baby by name, they call it “Baby” as the name. Even I, a monster who dislikes babies, call the baby in Auj’s belly by a name – “Peculiar Dynamic”. Any way Jer asks Auj what she *needs* to have completed in the house. She wants the stove working and yeah… I think we all know that didn’t happen for hmmm four months. She’d like electricity in the kitchen, boxes unpacked, a liveable house basically. As they discuss it, we see that the house really is totally torn apart. Jeremy notes it will take a week. Auj openly doubts his timeline, as do I. (and spoiler, even with Auj two weeks late, no, this house wasn’t done).

Now we are with Amy and her crowd of female buddies at the big house. They discuss how she’s dating Chris still. Amy rehashes how Chris went to Father’s Day with Zach. While I appreciate Amy taking pains, she’s babying the family along on this. Amy also went to Michigan to see her folks and took Chris but missed Auj’s baby shower that Auj’s sister threw. I assume this was different than the shower Auj’s religious friends threw in Bend and now Amy is planning shower number three for Auj because she feels guilty and likely because the show needs a storyline. Still, multiple showers is very tacky. Amy notes how she is trying to balance things. The ladies hang out in the pool and discuss Amy’s plans for Chris’s birthday. One of the ladies asks about Caryn and the music takes on a serious tone! Amy thinks its different for Chris in that Chris is brand new while Caryn was Matt’s employee and sidepiece during their marriage so Amy is uncomfortable with Caryn turning up at family events. This is reasonable and explains why she also isn’t inviting Chris to a lot of events.

Now Zach is going on about his first trip away from his new family because everything is an event to these people. Zach is playing soccer in the World Dwarf Games and can’t wait to take Jack since playing soccer is so very important. Jackson seems like a nice baby. Tory plans on making Jackson isn’t dressed like a rag bag like Zach was as a child. It’s all so sweet and saccharine. I catch diabetes. 

Now Matt at the pirate ship. He goes on again about the old pirate ship and the new pirate ship and the ship still isn’t done and he’s got a month and a half to work on it. Amy wanders in to check on the progress. Amy muses on how awkward it is in a voice over. She then mentions the baby shower for Auj even though the baby is coming in two weeks and worries Auj might not be cool with it. Amy pointedly offers to allow Caryn to attend to Matt. She mentions it hurts but she is being an adult. 

Back to the money pit! Auj whines that the nursery isn’t perfectly set up yet. Amy shows up to talk about the shower and I notice that the kitchen stove is charmingly decorating the front yard. I bet the neighbors love that! Jeremy ordered the wrong oven for the kitchen and cheerfully notes he has NO IDEA how that happened. Auj seems less than enthused about the shower. Amy notes how small it is. Auj is all “you and Matt can invite your lovers” while Jeremy intones how not cool they really are over it. Auj also humorously notes that she could have the baby that very day! This is hilarious when you know she is theoretically 38 weeks here and had the baby at week 41 and a half. 

Tori bonds with Jackson. Zach calls from the games in Canada and voices over how he misses the family and feels like dirt for not being with the family. Tori then does baby stuff and expresses her worry that she’s not safe without Zach.

Back on the farm, Matt is on his mechanical penis. Matt haybales how Jer and Zach haven’t been working on the farm and dumping it all on him. Caryn drives in and they chat. We get a little montage of Caryn in years past. Matt tells her about the shower with Auj. Caryn has plans with her daughter so problem mostly solved but she does seem pleased that Amy invited her. 

Back at Tory’s, Auj has come to visit lonely Tory. Auj is in her teeny tiny shorts that appear to be underpants. There’s a stroller ride and then there’s poo jokes and diapers and honestly, I start to fantasize about Dan Steven’s firm buttocks on Legion. I come out of my fantasy to hear the two continue to prattle on about labor and delivery. 

Back to the farm! Tory brings the baby over to Matt to watch the soccer match on livestreaming. Apparently, there was a party that Jer and Auj and Amy and Caryn were all invited to at Matt’s and they all bailed. So Tory and various people with dwarf kids show up at Matt’s. 

Amy does a lengthy voiceover on how awkward it is to show up at Matt’s place. It reminds her of the dark times of the divorce. She does show though. Matt notes he doesn’t have any problem, it’s all on Amy. By the way, the double wide is certainly big enough for a bunch of people to have a party. Amy heads back to the big house to have a party for Chris with Chris’s friends and a few of hers. I think she’s trying too hard but that’s me. There’s a lengthy and dull “the party is fun and we’re happy”. Amy does note that her friends were never Matt’s friends and Matt’s friends were never hers and this is different but still. I genuinely don’t care that much about Chris and Amy’s relationship. 

Matt is at his computer in the work barn and Caryn wanders in. Caryn isn’t doing the shower apparently. Matt and Caryn sorta haybale together how Caryn wants this to be natural etc. Matt wisely notes how blending families can be tricky. Funny how we get no plots revolving around Matt meeting Caryn’s family or joining family events with Caryn…

Back at Zach and Tory’s, Zach loves being a dad and being home.

At Jer and Auj’s house, the backyard looks like a junk yard and Jer is building stuff. By building stuff, I mean different scenes with different products in a state of half finish. Hilariously Jer goes over a list of things he’s “finished” while Auj notes on every completed task that he’s left x, y and Z undone. Jeremy responds with “acknowledge that a lot has been done”. Auj notes that the dishwasher still needs to be fixed which spoiler – it never gets fixed resulting in ALL of the remodeling needing to be torn out months later because the leakage led to a mold issue. Way to accomplish things Jeremy! You are just a SHINING CONTRACTER and everyone needs to acknowledge the lovely yet completely crappy and incompetent work you did! Meanwhile in the haybale, Auj just keeps harping on how Jeremy’s completely unfinished as Jeremy brags how done he is. He’s actually a bit pissy with her. Interesting.

They then have a lengthy discussion of blow out diapers and I begin to fantasize about Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley in his morning coat…. I come back to the kiddies still babbling about the baby. Did Zach and Tory do this much handwringing over how they felt about their lives being disrupted by the baby?

It’s the shower day. Apparently, no one at Chez Matt Roloff bothered to rsvp for Caryn. Chris apparently was like “No, I don’t like baby showers, I’m a man”. Everyone piles in. This doesn’t appear to be just ten people. Amy has no idea why Caryn didn’t show. They continue to talk about the baby and Auj keeps mentioning how the baby is dropping and how she feels the baby is dropping and the baby is dropping. There’s presents, including a jogging stroller. It all so treacly sweet, I start having to choose between Dan Stevens as David Haller and Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley to not vomit. 

Next week, Auj is still pregnant and Jeremy is still constantly frowning! Also, Caryn starts demanding Matt’s attention while Amy continues living life. 

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New Episode: Little People, Big World Featuring the Roloffs

Here is a review of the recent episode of Little People, Big World, which aired on TLC Tuesday April 3rd.

Review by Rap541

And we’re back to the land of little people and big dysfunction! Sorry the recap wasn’t in quickly. The big change for *me* this that I no longer have cable and went to antenna and streaming so I had to wait until TLC was giving this away to recap it.

The credits now feature more grown up scenes of the kids. Jacob and Molly are still listed as cast. Tori and Audrey are not. We start with Zach and Tori and the messy baby house and it’s mostly Zach moaning how hard it is to be a mom. Tori gets into how she loves being a mom but it’s a lot of work and she apparently had her own breast feeding issues but gutted it out. Funny how she didn’t whine all over Instagram about it. Jackson apparently has no real LP issues so far.

Tori is planning a father’s day party with Zach, Matt, Jeremy, and grandpa Ron. That sounds sweet.

At Amy’s house, she’s loving being a grandma. We get home movies of the kids. Amy does makeup and notes how happy she is as a divorced woman and is ok with Matt being across the way. Chris apparently still doesn’t have a key to the gate but snuck in. We get a montage of Chris being nice. Next up, Chris and Amy doing a fun bar date. Amy likes going out and doing new things. Chris wants to paraglide and maybe take the boys with him. Amy plans to do Father’s day at Zach’s place and invites Chris along. Chris seems pleased as he does a confession. Huh. Chris is in a confessional holding Amy… Interesting.

At Jeremy and Auj’s fixer upper, Auj whines about pregnancy. Jeremy whines about how the new house hasn’t been updated since the 1970s. Did you not notice that when you were buying it, son? They aren’t living at the slop pile and it’s ten weeks out. He says it will take two weeks, then three. Auj openly doubts that timeline. She mentions how this makes her cry. Ohnoes! Auj had sharp stabbing pains and needs to see the doctor!

Back on the farm Matt is driving an off road vehicle. He loves the farm and loves the kids and loves spending time but life goes fast blah blah blah… He makes a point of differentiating between the lil farmers and lil farmettes because Matt Roloff knows cock is better than vagina, no girl will be a *farmer*, girl Roloffs are consigned to the useless “farmettes”.

He lets us know how he loves Caryn. He then notes how coexisting with Amy has ups and downs. He tells Amy about the low key BBQ he’s having for Zach on Father’s day with grandpa Ron etc. He then whines in the confessional how yet again he’s angry that so many of the events “default over” to Amy’s house. Matt notes openly that while Tori and Auj are invited, Caryn and Amy are not because he *doesn’t want any drama*. He then smirks like a little bitch over it. Amy seems rather chill over it. They head off to check out the pirate ship. Matt makes it about the pirate ship being the heart of the farm. Amy notes that sometimes Matt needs to be reigned in.
Matt moves on to how he’s having trouble with his eyes and Amy is all “you’re always dying”. Matt primly notes he’s not dying any more. Amy shoots back how she had to deal with his “I’m dying” routine for years and years. She decides that’s good that he’s not dying, and Matt goes for the kill with “I thought you’d be disappointed”.
Amy then lobs “No. The kids would be sad.” And Matt loses this round of “Snide Comments”. 😊
Amy begins the “maybe we need to reassess the business arrangement” storyline. Boring.

Auj heads over to Tori’s to make Father’s Day gifts. Tori has an overly craftsy idea for doing a photo. Not my taste but I can see how it would be fun. They also make casts of Jackson’s feet for ornaments.

Amy and one of her friends talk about her plan to make Zach dinner and bring Chris and avoid Matt’s party. She’s overly nervous about Chris popping in. Amy’s friend drinks a lot of wine.

Now Zach is taking Jackson over to Jeremy’s. He notes how the car seat is awkward. Zach openly wonders if Jer’s house is safe for babies. Considering the Instagram reveal of the mold problem, probably not. Jeremy notes how the baby smells of poo. Auj and Jer openly mock Zach forgetting the kid’s diaper bag. Nice.

Now Matt and Zach and Tori are out for lunch with the baby. Oh, Caryn is there and Matt doesn’t mention any concerns about the kids seeing Caryn. Caryn is ALSO in a confessional, btw.

Back at Zach and Tori’s, Jer and Auj watch as Zach feeds the baby. Jeremy notes how inconvenient vomiting babies are. Auj tells Tori her tale of stabbing pains. Tori rather calmly notes in a confessional that it sounds like Auj is pregnant.

Amy takes Chris shopping for deck chairs for Zach. Chris thinks it’s a nice gift. Amy notes how fussy her kids are. Good god, Amy, stop making this particular molehill into a mountain. Chris will get along with the kids or not. Tori and Zach are pretty mellow and love the new deck furniture and Zach loves the speed he is moving at with fatherhood. Chris seems pleasant. Zach’s back yard kind of sucks.

Jer and Auj are off to the doc. She’s worried about the severe pain. She’s also wearing a pair of shorts that would make a whore blush. She goes on and on about how rattled she was. Basically, they’re playing up the drama at this point.
Yeah, nothing is wrong. Also, anyone who wants to argue her panties that barely covered her bits were for the exam only, I note that she walked out the door of the doctor’s exam wearing them. Methinks Auj loves showing her skin. Quite the modest Christian mother she is.

Amy and Chris ride off on Father’s Day. He’s customized his chopper for her. That screams he’s into her, I totally think that. Amy moves the “things are up in the air about the farm” storyline a bit.

At Matt’s place, sure enough the girls were invited so that they could set up the food and drinks and basically be “farmettes” to the menfolk. Matt, who desperately wants events at his place, doesn’t have to lift a finger. Zach wanders in and lets Tori know the new umbrella for the new deck furniture blew away and is basically destroyed. Jeremy and his unkempt hair is flung about. Hmmm basically Matt did *nothing* for this party. The photo idea was really cool in the end. The event gets a lil overblown at the end with more photo takes in the field but nice.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jacob Roloff Is Engaged And Back In Tight With The Roloffs

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Garreton announced their engagement. Jacob had proposed while they were on a trip together in Iceland over Christmas.

Like the other Roloffs on LPBW, they kept things quiet for a while -- during an Isabel "Live Story" in early January, her viewers were often asking "when is he going to propose" to which Isabel asked Jacob -- Jacob was next to Isabel in the live video but not on screen as Isabel described him as "unavailable", off camera Jacob could be heard saying "I'm rolling a joint!"

Other than the "rolling a joint" comment in a live and deleted video, the once rebellious Roloff, Jacob (and his girlfriend, Isabel), have morphed into the perfect Roloff Family Friendly character that fits perfectly with the show Little People, Big World.

Jacob once despised the show describing it as fake, phony and once infamously revealed that the other Roloffs were simply playing characters on the show and according to Jacob, nothing like the people he knows in "real life". He once vowed to never sign another contract to be on the show again.

Jacob's online content now fits nicely with the rest of the Roloffs. Jacob and Isabel are now living with Amy Roloff.  Most of his online posts consists of smiling and laughing photos, positive messages often praising the rest of his family. His fiancee, Isabel, following in the footsteps of Tori and Audrey, is often gushing about how blessed by God she is to have such wonderful soon to be family surrounding her and of course - in true Roloff fashion, is usually promoting the other Roloffs products when she is not selling her own items.

That is another similarity Jacob has with the rest of his family. He has cleaned up his social media -- often deleting any "negative' comments which mention his past statements -- and leaving only the comments praising him for being a fine young man. Jacob now is selling his writing, he has a book coming out that he is selling on Amazon entitled "Out to see". Isabel is selling her art work to fans of LPBW.

For anyone expecting a "tell all" truthful book from Jacob, you will be sadly disappointed. In his latest Instagram post, he posted an excerpt from the book in which he praises his parents Matt and Amy Roloff.

Jacob gushes about Matt -- praising him for teaching him practical things like chess, how to build fires, critical thinking and his ability as a story teller.  He praises mom Amy for always making sure the kids knew they were loved, coaching their soccer teams, and for instilling a good sense of manners in him and his siblings.

In the past Jacob has said he wished he didn't feel like he was being "F*cked out of my money I earned from the show" and criticized parents for putting their young children on their reality television shows for ratings. He also once posted a photo of 6 year old dwarf child on another TLC reality show and criticized that child's parents for the decision.

Now Jacob and Isabel are often participating in social media posts with Jacob's nephew, Jackson and niece, Ember. Some people have commented to some of Jacob's ultra positive posts, reminding him of his words that he said about children being exploited for their reality tv family ratings and hoped he would keep that in mind as Jackson is the subject of a story line for LPBW and constantly in Zach and Tori's social media. Jacob usually deletes those "negative" (yet true) posts from his social media and his posts are now "liked" by all other members of the Roloff family.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Welcome daughter Ember Jean Roloff

Audrey Roloff gave birth to the couple's first child on September 10th --Ember Jean Roloff weighing 7.13 pounds.

US Magazine had an article with quotes from Jeremy and Audrey:


"Labor is such a wild and miraculous process and meeting our baby girl for the first time filled us with uncontainable joy," the couple told Us. "We are so thankful for this little life we've been blessed with and cannot wait to see all that she becomes."

Audrey has since shared that she is suffering from Mastitis. The medical explanation for Mastitis is:

"a breast inflammation usually caused by infection. It can happen to any woman, although mastitis is most common during the first 6 months of breastfeeding. It can leave a new mother feeling very tired and run-down. Add the illness to the demands of taking care of a newborn, and many women quit breastfeeding altogether. But you can continue to nurse your baby. In fact, breastfeeding usually helps to clear up infection, and nursing will not harm your baby. Although mastitis can be discouraging and painful, it is usually easily cleared up with medicine."

Audrey posted a photo of herself on her Instagram story looking glum with the caption,

“I can now sympathize with all your moms out there who’ve had mastitis. It’s no joke,” 

Some people have been commenting on Jeremy and Audrey's Instagram about their lack of baby pictures of their new daughter. Some people were quick to point out that is usually all about money -- they sell the exclusive Pictures to magazines such as Us and People,  and can't post pictures until the Magazine has had time to circulate. 

Audrey seemed to post a rebuttal to that, simply commenting:

"Oh my. I can't believe people think such things" in response to comments about it "all being about money". 

Others pointed out that Zach and Tori also didn't post pictures for several days until People Magazine released the pictures.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Guest Opinion Article: Jacob Roloff's Disappointing Return to the Roloff Ways

Guest Opinion Article Wirtten By Brandon:


As a long time reader and poster to the Spiritswander Blog (who was once falsely accused by Matt and Amy Roloff of working for Washington County in Oregon!) I asked Spirits if I could have an article about what I see as Jacob Roloff disappointing turn back to the Roloff Family and the family business.

I'll start by saying, I can't write a piece about being disappointed by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff or by Matt Roloff, because there's nothing to be disappointed about! They act exactly how I expect them to act. I have no expectations that Matt will suddenly be honest or that Jeremy or Audrey will stop being materialistic or that they won't go 3 Instagram posts without trying to sell something.

But Jacob Roloff is different. I was a frequent defender of Jacob and praised him.

I praised his public rebellion of the Roloff way of life. I respected that he spoke his mind. It needs to be said that it takes character to not automatically follow certain beliefs just because that's how you were raised. And most people are that way. They are a certain religion because their parents were, so they follow.

Jacob was raised in a right wing Christian family and he had the courage to think about his beliefs on issues and form his own opinions. That once led to his controversial rejecting of Christianity, once calling concepts of Heaven and thanking God for nice weather on your wedding day as "stupidity". I'm not suggesting you have to be disparaging like that when you form different views, but it is a positive trait to form your own opinion and voice them when you are the lone dissenter in your entire family.

Jacob did that. He spoke out against against the show. He was regarded by most objective people as the unquestioned "Most Honest Roloff", speaking the truth about the phoniness of the show Little People, Big World.

He slammed the show, vowed to quit it when he could and then moved out of state with his girlfriend Isabel. Appearing to build his own life away from the rest of the Roloffs. Let's face it, the rest of the Roloffs, except Molly, are what most people refer to as "Reality whores". The kind definition for that is that being on a fake and staged reality show is their career. Any side projects they have are all based and stem from their reality show. Zach supposedly works at an Indoor Soccer place, but everyone knows being on LPBW is his career. Jeremy and Audrey say they are "bloggers", but their career is being on LPBW and the blog is to make money off of being on the show. Pay them money to have them preach to you in a devotional about how to have a successful Christian marriage. That's not what is funding their new house. It's their career as Reality TV show whores.

The other aspect about Jacob that separated him from the rest of the Roloffs was that unlike every other Roloff, Jacob came across as being totally honest. You may not have agreed with his opinion, but you couldn't argue that he was saying exactly what he thinks. Whether he was talking about what he thought about religion or atheists his enthusiasm for marijuana use or Donald Trump and his supporters, you generally got the feeling that he was being 100% honest and saying exactly how he felt and didn't hold back.  And that totally contradicted a hallmark of the Roloff family - who are famous for speaking about diversity while privately carrying very un-diverse and supporting groups, politicians and organizations who stand against diversity.

Even during the height of Jacob's Roloff family rebellion period he did always stay away from directly naming his family or calling them out (except for his infamous "being fucked out of my money" tweet". But while he would openly question how anyone could support Trump, he would always refrain from calling out brother Jeremy and his wife Audrey when they posted pro-Trump Instagram stories or pro Trump tweets. I could give Jacob a pass for that, he didn't want to go to war with his family over twitter or Instagram. Ok, I understand that.

However, over the last 6 months to a year, anyone who has followed Jacob and his girlfriend Isabel, on social media has noticed a big difference. Jacob stopped with the honest or "controversial" tweets and statements. They started with the Roloff trademark of posting pictures with other Roloffs gushing about how awesome said Roloff is and how blessed they are to have the awesome Roloff in their lives.
Jacob even toned down his once scathing criticism of the show. In Jacob and Isabel's short lived You Tube Channel (they stopped at 4 videos with the most recent being 2 months ago) he said one way to share their lives is through filming on the show and another is through their You Tube channel and he preferred their own channel. He also said he has come to peace with his parents for putting him on the show and with the producers of the show. I was struck by how he made it sound as though the show was ok now although in the past he had previously said it destroys the lives of children and was completely staged and phony.

Apparently that was signally a change in his life and mindset. Jacob and Isabel left their independence in California and moved back to live in Amy's house on the Farm. So much for Jacob's independence and building his own life. They appear to have been living with Amy for the last 3 or 4 months.

 Jacob even followed the Roloff family trend of trying to profit off his presence from the show and selling his thoughts to his followers (who most know from the show). He's selling his "Verbing" booklet online and says there are plans for more.

Jacob and Isabel are now smiling in pretty much every Roloff social media post. He once referred to the rest of his family as playing Roloff Characters and fooling the audience into thinking that's actually what they are like. Of course, Jacob always did stop short of placing blame on his family who over the years have insisted that the show is real and raw and what you see is the real them.

Is there any difference now between Jacob and Isabel and Zach and Tori or Jeremy and Audrey? I don't see it.

A low point for me was the last week, Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel, proudly posing with Audrey's "Always More" merchandise and telling people where to go to buy it! Because Roloffs are all about making a profit! And God of course.  Even in Isabel's latest round of Instagram stories, she is posting pictures of Jeremy and Jacob arm in arm and full throttle gushing about Jeremy and Audrey, re-posting their post selling something and adding the caption that "these 2 constantly amaze me!" And Jeremy and Audrey are returning the favor!

Jeremy's latest Instgram post is gushing about Jacob!

"Jacob Roloff everybody. We've been in separate states for a good long while so it's been very nice to get some quality time with him again as he's been helping me a lot on our house renovations. Im a DIY kinda guy, so with a little brother and some YouTube, anything is possible. He's a smart dude with a good heart. My mom calls us the bookends, spend 10 minutes with us and you'll know why."

Now if you're like me and you think Jeremy and Audrey are materialistic bigots who are 100% focused on making money and who routinely try to deceive people by hiding their true beliefs if they believe it will hurt their product - Jeremy's endorsement is not a good thing.

Jacob seems to have a job (paid or not, I don't know) working with Mark Watts, Alan Watts' son promoting his work -- I have to wonder what they think of Jacob coming back into the Roloff fold. I'm not sure if helping Jeremy and Audrey sell their right wing Christian products align with someone promoting Alan Watts? Perhaps they want it because if Jacob is back on the show and in the family fold, that means more followers and more followers usually translates into more sales and more money. And that's what everything is about, right?

I think there's a difference between not hating your family because you have different political or social opinions and endorsing them and standing with them. There's a reason why people in the White House and in Government are distancing themselves from Donald Trump right now. If you stand with it and smile, you are complicit and people are going to assume you are ok with it.

Does Jacob's social opinions even differ from his family any more? Jacob's girlfriend Isabel once declared that they stand with the LGBT community. How tall can you possibly standing for them when you're praising Jeremy and Audrey Roloff as awesome people and they said their website was not for gay people because they don't agree with it? It can't be that important to Jacob and Isabel.

What are your thoughts on Jacob's sudden turn back to the Roloff Family? His rebel days are clearly behind him. The days of thinking Jacob would carve out his own path in life away from the Phony and Scripted reality tv show appear to be over. Will anyone be surprised to see Jacob back on the show he once so publicly quit and vowed to never be on again? He's living in the house and has been for a prolonged period of time  and he is constantly with all the Roloffs every day.

Is Jacob now as phony as the other Roloffs? Or did he discover that trying to be independent is really damn hard and it's much easier to hitch himself to the Roloff gravy train and live off Mom and Dad Roloff and to hell with principles?

I'm also curious how the Christian Roloff fans who once hated Jacob now feel that Jacob is being praised by the sainted Roloffs, Jeremy and Matt? Has Jacob seen the light of Christ and you're now ready to forgive him for his once antagonistic statements about Christians?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Little People, Big World New Episode June 27, 2017

Here is a recap/review of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloffs, which aired Tuesday June 27, 2017 on TLC.

Written By Rap541


Ugh… a two hour baby episode. Let me be right up front, I am not a baby person. Babies are squishy and weird looking. I’m happy for Tory and Zach but ewww baby stuff! And without any clever, amusing British midwives or nuns. Oh hey, there’s a good show about babies on PBS called “Call the Midwife” – I highly recommend!

Bonus scenes. Matt asks Jeremy if he dreads returning home. They then argue about tools. Matt loves the idea of Jer and Auj being closer. Jeremy looks like he wants to gnaw his arm off. 

I missed the second bonus scene because I care more about my mom than this show, and the third scene was Matt giving advice. Sorry, my parents trump the show.

For the record, I think Zach’s problem is migraines.

Now Zach has scrubs? To wear? At the house? I am pretty sure they give you scrubs at the hospital. Tory is SO over being pregnant, I mean she’s just about “GET THE KNIFE AND I WILL DO IT MYSELF!!!”. 

Zach sagely notes on the haybale how the headaches are probably migraines and not his shunt. Tory is dreading the c-section and is all “They take your intestines out” and honestly I don’t think that’s a c-section. 

Tory wants Zach at her side for the whole thing.

At the farm, Matt is feeding the goats. Amy and Matt discuss how they will  be grandparents and we get a montage of various old scenes. I actually feel a lil sad during this part, as baby lambs wander about, that the older marrieds are divorced.

Meanwhile in Bend, Jer and Auj are de-pretentiousing the old house. Auj will be signing stuff and Jer will be doing the moving. Oh Jer has a hernia! That’s his mystery illness and he’ll need surgery. They discuss how mom and dad Roloff will want to see them and the kid, and Jer is all about how they will need to set some boundaries! Oh jeez kids, stop BITCHING. Five months from now you’ll be screaming for Amy to take the baby!

Tory and Zach discuss how worried they are about the baby. Zach reassures her that she’s awesome.

At Amy’s house, Amy is making food for the baby couple, and will be teaching Zach how to cook food. Amy takes over a lot. Oh Zach, also try watching PBS cooking shows, they don’t take the knife away from you! But nice of Amy to show him sorta how to cook and he’s so excited.

In Bend – more moving! They might not get the keys that day! Jer thinks he might be moving with no place to go. They’re all uncertain. I’d feel more if Jer and Auj weren’t already bitching about setting boundaries for the in-laws.

So Matt’s extra room is basically an episode of Hoarders and no one better say the giant pile of cluttered shit is somehow Amy’s fault. He brings in his new sidepiece Caryn to actually do the work. Caryn notes that he better get some girl toys, and then presses him about whether he actually bothered to help Amy change diapers. His non answer is not a shock.

Chris takes Amy to some fancy place. In fairness to Chris, he’s clued in, unlike Matt, that Amy likes to eat out. Chris also presses to meet Matt. Chris puts it rather politely. Amy has put off the two of them interacting. Chris is amused but thinks he should be alone with Matt. Amy is all “But you both have been in my vagina!” . More seriously, Amy notes how forceful Matt is, and how charming.

Oh look, no real crisis in moving. Somehow, they move all their stuff in to two rooms because they will be remodeling and such. Jer pointedly notes how glad he is to be near Zach.

Matt shows Zach the hoard room that’s a total sty. In theory Matt may shove all  his crap on shelves but really, Ithink the room needs to be emptied first.

Chris and Amy check out the pool because maybe they will start having parties and also Chris wants to meet Matt. OMG CHRIS AND MATT IN PHYSICAL REACH!!!!

Chris and Amy have dated for eight months and Chris wants to be respectful. They’re pleasant. Amy voices over how charming Matt is. Chris notes how nice the kids are. He’s respectful, in my opinion. Matt continues to harp on how Amy finally let him meet Chris. Chris wants to play on a tractor.

In the debriefing, Chris notes Matt was pleasant. They joke about they won’t be playing cards with Caryn and Matt. Amy really doesn’t want Chris socializing with Matt.
Zach and Jeremy and Mueller are wandering around the farm. They’re having a camp fire. They talk kids and Mueller seems more mature. Unfortunately, the whole scene feels forced and Jeremy looks super bored.

Ugh it looks like the baby stuff is about to start.

Matt wanders in to the work barn aka the men’s crisis center and rants he wants to find his own crib. Matt searches for his sacred crib and yells for Ryan to help, and now another montage as the ratty old crib that in theory Matt used is found but…. Instead he has tiny chairs for the kids and a different crib.

Zach and Tory are one day out from birthing and she is huge. There’s a bassinet thing for the baby in the bedroom. She continues with the “rip the baby out where is the knife??” while Zach is all “oh lets have more.”

Amy throws her dog treats in the early morning. She’s musing on life as the sun rises on the day of her grandchild’s birth. She prays on camera, and its meaningful.

Now it’s baby day and Zach is hauling Tory to the hospital. They’re totally late. They’ve packed the car for an excursion down the Nile. They joke on the drive how they have doomed the baby by being late. Tory seems weirded out that she is soon to be a mom. Amy is waiting for them and is dithering. 

Tory’s mom is on the way. Tory puts on a gown and her mom is there. Zach and Tory are very sweet and apparently, we’re not getting a vag cam so yay!

Matt is waiting on the farm, and muses on life. Amy goes back to the farm because she wants to give them space. Jer and Auj are there. She goes on about the love of a newborn child.  Also apparently Jeremy had no idea that he was a premie.


Aw…. Jackson Kyle Roloff.

Someone calls Amy and everyone heads to the hospital to see the nine pound dwarf. Matt gets notice and tells Caryn and she’s excited. Matt equates this with being kicked by a donkey!

Zach and Tory are super cute with baby Jackson. They smooch and then smooch the baby. Everyone loves the baby and holds the baby.

More baby stuff, Matt and Caryn made a giraffe room. Zach cleans poop off the baby.

At the new Jer and Auj house, Jer and Auj have no stuff and start remodeling. Also Jer’s hernia is no biggy and is really no issue… and he tears stuff up.

Baby stuff with Zach and Tory.  Matt and Amy and Swen make a stork.

The baby was taken home. Tory loves the stork. She cries a bit. A week later there’s diaper changing. 

There’s also stroller walks.

Amy and Jer are in the big house kitchen and they’re waiting on the baby.  Amy holds the baby and loves him. Then they head over to the farm office and Matt also gets to love the baby. 

Then Jer and Auj go on about the baby and how they are part of a grand thing.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Jacob Roloff Selling Booklet Online

Jacob Roloff has written a booklet which he is selling online.

It is available on Amazon.com or Etsy

Jacob describes it as:

VERBING is my first foray into official compilation of my writing. It's split into 3 parts, subtitled: "Ignorance", "Frustration", and "Revelations". The format is essentially 3 short essays on the subject of my growth spiritually, intellectually, and in the public eye. This is my exploratory experiment with writing to get my feet wet with the process and establish the subject(s) I would like to write on in the future. This is a BOOKLET.
I've formatted for regular sized phones. Layout may look funky on tablets and kindle readers.

He also discussed it in an Instagram post:

For those of you curious as to what's in this booklet, it is essentially 3 short essays of reflection on three different seasons of my life: childhood, adolescence, and this current stage, or more succinctly, Pre- Peri- and Post- film. My love for writing has developed greatly over the last year, and I took this opportunity to share a *little* bit of my story directly from me. There are many rumors about me I care not to even justify with a rebuttal, and I realize that when I say I've spoken about film, people expect certain things. I am not trying to fulfill expectations here, though. This is what I mean by the inherent tone of non-seriousness.

This is just a tiny glimpse and truthfully, just the beginning. I hope you enjoy peaking into my mind and my thoughts about growth/spirituality and briefly my experience with filming. There will be more of this. And in greater depth.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Episode Of Little People, Big World June 20, 2017 - Review

Here is a recap/review of the new episode of Little People, Big World which aired Tuesday June 20th, 2017.

Review Written By Rap541

Heh so apparently the new house for Jer and Auj is being remodeled which makes Auj’s starting whine about being 8 months pregnant and having to move really funny since that’s, if the remodel goes as planned, exactly when she will be moving in.

Wait, I apparently missed the grandma shower discussion where Deb and Lisa were joking about Chris attending and coming out of a cake in a thong?

Tory is huge.

I will also throw Caryn a bone in that she told Matt that Amy needed to be involved with the sandbox situation. It’s also amusing that Amy finally alludes to the potential of a prior affair by stating “Matt’s now openly talking about how he’s dating Caryn”. Also there’s a car in the background of the “talk about the sandbox” scene that makes me curious.

I also love Jeremy and Auj’s perfectly clean Carhart jackets – its all so hipster.

Bonus scene! Finally! It’s Matt getting a phone call. Opening the gate and unloading a new track hoe? Matt has a new mechanical penis! :D Matt digs dirt and notes how clever Caryn is.

Another bonus scene! With Chris and Amy on the farm. They discuss the tower of terror. She also shows him the remnants of the grandma shower. She’s made an indoor picnic! They smooch! Amy notes how she feels lighter and alive! Chris is buying a bike and plans to make it Amy ready! Oh they are so gonna do an episode at Sturgis!

I especially like how Audrey whines about how hard it’s been to not live closely to the family for three years when um… yeah, pretty sure that was at their choice. There’s some talk about tearing out a wall and Audrey hopes she doesn’t have to live with her parents…. And guess what? That’s exactly where they are, complete with Audrey in a bikini barely covering her bits that I am sure will be a completely awesome and acceptable way to wish her daddy Happy Father’s day! Go look at her Instagram and tell me how Christian modest she is! 

Am I the only one who thinks Jeremy looks like  a meth using hobo?

Zach has the baby carrier ready for Tory’s c-section. There’s various bags and Zach is all time to welcome the baby. There’s some amusement at how all the equipment will be carried in. Also there’s talk of Zach’s mystery illness.

Matt rolls up to pick up Amy and show her how the projects are coming. The pirate ship and sandbox are delayed due to rain. Matt notes Jer and Auj are coming into town and will have a nice house. Amy is considering a pampering time for the daughter in laws. Matt decides its time for guy time with the twins.

Jer wanders in where it is sad and raining. Jeremy looks very tired. He also looks like a meth using hobo. Matt and Jeremy discuss how Zach is probably having a shunt problem. Jeremy monotones how he feels for Zach.

Amy and Zach mock each other over cooking. Zach notes how he’ll be bringing the kid over a lot. Amy seems to be making avocado toast. Amy notes they are bringing a miracle into their life and her eyes light up and I *believe* her for a moment.

Back at Zach and Tory’s, wait, this is a super extended commercial break!

Auj wanders into the big house. She’s 22 weeks pregnant. Auj is of course in an always more cap. Amy offers to take Auj and Auj’s mom and Tory and I assume Tory’s mom for a pedicure. Auj on a haybale monotones how happy she is for the support.

Matt is making Zach a custom gift. It’s a rocking chair and they have a sully sort of dog. Matt wants the rocking chair specially fited. Caryn notes don’t be an ass, get Jer a chair too because why make things jealous and this feels stages.

Jer and Auj head to the furniture liquidators! They try out rockers. Jer tells Auj about Zach’s mystery illness. Auj is a bit “Yeah its tough for Tory..”

Amy is making chicken salad in Tory’s place for Girl Day. There’s a pedicurist, Carla.  At the farm, Matt notes the girls were doing dumb girl shit and he has cool presents for the twins. Matt gives gifts. There’s two rocking chairs. Interesting note – Matt has a giant fire pit on the porch of the shitty double wide.

Tory wanders in for the pedicure. I suspect Tory is all “GET THE PARASITE OUT!” Amy shares pictures of Zach. There’s scary stories of babies and pedicure pictures.

In the orange bmw, Jer and Auj are taking Zach to their new house and Zach is sick. Zach looks like death and notes he’ll be sick and no one is stopping the car until Zach can vomit in jer’s yard. They turn around and Zach gets a call from Tory and she convinces him to ask Jer to see his doctor. Auj waits in the car. And jeez no one seems to be paying attention to the shunt issue.  Jer leaves Auj in a manly way while he checks out Zach. There were shots. The doctor thinks its anxiety, which isn’t impossible. I will throw Jer a bone here, he seems genuinely worried. Amy also wanders in and has food. Also Amy had an ulcer as a younger person. Matt also wanders in, and Zach explains it’s maybe stress.

Next week, Chris maybe meets Matt? Jer and Auj have a house problem? There’s a baby being birthed?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Little People, Big World: New Episode June 13th, 2017

Here is a recap of the episode of Little People, Big World which aired on Tuesday June 13, 2017.

Written By Rapy541

Ok, let’s see, I totally don’t understand the first bonus scene. Are they looking at the ultra sound picture?

Also, to be fair, I like the house Jer and Auj bought, although I don’t like the cinderblock fireplace in the extra side room. Audrey’s hair in the scene is much lighter than her hair in the haybale. There’s also adorable sonogram photos.  There’s some talk of the c-section.

There’s a bonus scene of Zach and Mueller and the kids on the pirate ship.  It’s cute and Mueller seems like much less of a dick.

Now to the drama of will Jer and Auj get a house???

We’re at the restaurant with Amy and her pals who call each other grandmas. Amy is all “Chris is so cool! He’s like cool! COOL!” Her pals agree that he’s basically ok that she’s an LP. Amy is seeing Chris a LOT per her friends. She’s having a grandma shower, which I find super tacky on so many levels.

Zach and Tori are packing the baby bag. They’re basically packing everything. They talk a bit about the c-section. Zach is basically “You’re having it so you make the call!” She’s huge btw.

At the big house, Auj and Jer wander in and Auj is feeling the baby at 20 weeks. They are buying the house! 

They’re still monotone and there’s an inspection that could make or break the whole deal. To again be fair, having an inspection is such a good idea because that’s how you don’t buy a money pit.

Caryn and Matt plot together on projects. Matt is all “We’re so compatible”. Caryn is like “Has Amy signed off on the giant sandbox?” Matt notes that his facebook relationship status is “complicated”.

Amy notes that this is awkward. Matt notes how awkward this is for Caryn. They discuss the sandbox. Caryn loves the idea of a pumpkin shaped sandbox. So far Amy is cool but then Matt is all “It’s the grandkids! LETS SPEND!” Matt is annoyed that she’s unwilling to spend money. Yeah, this will end well.
Matt chides Amy to reach into her checkbook. She says she doesn’t have the money, and Matt chides her that she has as much money as he does. They scout the sites – they both need to e able to see the sandbox per Matt. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Jer and Auj are in matching Carhart jackets for the inspection. I suspect some of the earlier scenes in prior episodes were from the inspection. . Jeremy looks tired and old. He notes how intense it is.

Amy and Lisa go off to set up a Grandma shower registry. I do get the concept in that I soundly recall my father declaring when the niece was born that everytime he was allowed to have the child, the child would always be 
given a chocolate ice cream cone 20 minutes before pick up.

Zach wanders in to chat up Amy. She’s in an always more sweatshirt…. Zach finds the grandma shower silly. Amy offers a baby outfit that Zach wore to Zach. Zach finds it gross that the outfit is crusty. Also Zach is worried about the c-section. She describes it pretty grossly and in an excited manner.

Matt is now helping Zach install the car seat. Matt decides to test Zach on how pregnancy gets weird. I really really really want Jeremy to have to deal with this same exact scene, Matt pouring water on his crotch and declaring the baby on the way.

Back to the grandma party – it’s silly and stupid and its basically middle aged women being silly. There’s a risqué gift. The gift is pretty lingerie. To be fair, I get Amy’s awkwardness over the lingerie. She is relatively gracious even though I hate the whole concept of a grandma shower.

Zach and Tory are cute for the whole using apps to move the baby bassinet. Tory worries about the operation.

Matt and Sven and Jer and Auj discuss the home inspection. The house is basically fine. Auj has a giant wad of hair on one side. Matt loves how Jer wants to renovate the house while Auj is pregnant in a three week period. NOTHING CAN GO WRONG.

And Zach and Tory schedule a c-section. Honestly this continues to draaaaaag.